NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Sued Over Rejecting Blue Lives Matter Mural

Pro-police groups warned New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio that his government could not show preference for one form of speech over another, but the far-left mayor refused to listen. Now he’s going to have to explain to a court why the First Amendment only applies to messages he deems worthy. Two groups are suing de Blasio in federal court for rejecting their “Blue Lives Matter” mural after thoroughly endorsing a “Black Lives Matter” painting on Fifth Avenue.

From The NY Post:

The lawsuit, filed late Monday by Blue Lives Matter NYC and Standing up for NYC in the Southern District of New York, accuses de Blasio and Department of Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg of violating the groups’ First Amendment rights by allowing “city property to be used by private speakers” —  yet forbidding a similar mural supportive of cops.

“The ‘Black Lives Matter’ message is highly political and is generally understood by the public to be and support a general anti-police message, include some extreme measures as defunding the police and ending police activity,” the suit reads.

Blue Lives founder Sgt. Joe Imperatrice told The Post on Tuesday that he simply wanted “to be granted the same privilege to bring to light a cause that we so believe in would change the trajectory of equality for all those with the same interest.

“Certain politicians have gotten away from equality and fairness for all and have given the privilege to certain groups,” he added.

Asked at a press conference last month if he would allow other groups to paint messages on the city’s streets, de Blasio came right out and admitted that he was giving the Black Lives Matter message special preference.

“The original sin of the United States of America, slavery, and all of the effects over 400 years being brought out in the open in a new way and a chance for this country to get it right, to address this problem, to move forward and it’s summarized in the three words ‘Black Lives Matter,’ so this is about something much bigger than any one group, this is about righting a wrong and moving us all forward,” he said.

But Imperatrice told SILive that de Blasio’s theory of unique oppression is a false one.

“There’s all different types of heritages that have been discriminated against, and I don’t like how some people just make it seem like one group was only involved in slavery throughout the whole history of time,” Imperatrice said. “It’s false, almost every single background had a hardship, but for you to pick and choose who you’re going to stand up for and not support others, that’s wrong.”

Exactly right. What’s more: It’s blatantly unconstitutional.

De Blasio continues his quest to be named the Worst Mayor in American History.

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