NY Times Writer Uses Truck Attack to Go on Bizarre Anti-Gun Rant

You would think that in the hours after a terrorist uses a rented truck to kill eight people, anti-gun liberals would have nothing to say about the state of gun control in this country. Since, after all, the incident has absolutely nothing to do with their pet hatred for the Second Amendment. But you would be wrong, as the NY Times’ Nicholas Kristof proved shortly after the news broke.

“The NYC terrorist had a pellet gun and a paintball gun,” Kristof tweeted. “Good thing that in NYC he couldn’t buy assault rifles, or the toll would be higher.”

This one tweet is almost a masterpiece in liberal idiocy. In such a small number of words, there is so much stupid to be discovered. First, subsequent reports showed that the terrorist – Sayfullo Saipov – did not live in New York City, but rather New Jersey and Florida, so the point about NYC banning assault rifles is nonsensical and has no bearing on Saipov’s ability to get his hands on a gun. Even a liberal as dumb as Kristof must surely know that cops do not stake out the bridges into Manhattan to make sure people aren’t bringing in guns from other jurisdictions. Well, not yet anyway.

“Vehicles can be lethal, which is why we highly regulate their safety–including requiring licenses to drive them,” he wrote in a follow up.

Hmm, looks like that high regulation really helped in New York on Tuesday. Besides, Kristof’s claim here – the insinuation – is that guns are not as highly regulated as vehicles, which is similar to the nonsense Obama used to peddle about it being easier to buy a gun than a piece of fruit in some neighborhoods. It’s hype and exaggeration used for the purpose of creating hysteria. Plus (does it really need to be said?), there is no constitutional mandate affording Americans the right to operate a motor vehicle.

At a time like this, right-thinking Americans need to have their focus on one issue and one issue alone: The threat of Islamic fanaticism in all of its forms. Whether we’re talking about organized terrorism like ISIS and Al Qaeda or supposed lone wolves who get their inspiration from the online writings of jihadists, it amounts to the same problem. Burying our collective heads in the sand and talking about distracting issues like gun control will not help us prevent the next attack. We need to keep our eye on the ball and we need to shame liberals like Kristof who try to give shelter to the Islamists.

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  1. “Assault trucks” should be banned.

    • ………….and decent education for all should be enforced. At least you’d know how the country works then and what the Constitution means. Save us all from the deranged, morons and the inept. Take your pick, you can probably claim all three.

      • Forget “decent”; how about ACTUAL education instead of indoctrination?

        • Absolutely. They no longer try to teach the young how to think, and learn facts, just how to spew THEIR ideology.

          • Ha, ha, ha! Give them an encyclopedia then dummy!

          • I agree with your first comment, mph. Too many deranged morons and inept, on the left AND right. All about divide and conquer while the status quo of the 1% and “entitled” continues.

          • An encyclopedia Dated pre-1960 that is. Anything after that is BS.

          • Think you’ll find the pre-’60’s ones still have same facts as the current ones – up to that date of course. Hitler still a bit of a shit, KKK still asses. Still have borders with Mexico and Canada.

            Don’t suppose you can disprove any of the BS – thought not. At least I can think. Think you forgot “an’ done nothing” at the end of your moniker.

          • I could name quite a few examples but I will not be conned into doing your homework.

          • Please humor me – reputable based reference that is a con. Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica. We both know I’ll be waiting forever – you got nothing because you’re a dummy!

          • And you are inept.

          • You are definitely taking to many drugs Moorehead.

          • dear Dave Gonzales-

            This is what America’s education teaches…


            What College/university did you attend?

          • That’s the ideal, which would be great, but not what seems to be the norm in a lot of places now.

            I’m old, so there is no comparison of what was being taught in the 70’s when I went to San Diego State and Fresno State to what is taught now. The world turns and things change in the blink of an eye, relatively speaking.

            When I started college, the pocket calculator was a new innovation. Heck, we used slide rules in high school. ;o)

          • I think it is , but many folks don’t want it to be.

            Thank you for a civil response. Respect.

          • Thanks to you as well for the same.

            Spouting ideas/opinions without the willingness to have your mind open and listening to differences just leads to the divisiveness that is all too often displayed by too many. The antithesis of civil discourse and discussion. Respect returned.

          • Not anymore, started indoctrinating children in grade school.

          • Jaybird-

            Your response is so vague ,I can’t understand it…no one could understand it.

            “Not anymore….”

            Not anymore ,what?

            “indoctrinating children in grade school.’

            Indoctrinating children in what?

            Please explain. I ask civilly

            Thank you

          • You said that “this is what America education teaches” and gave a web site.

            I said “not anymore”, to what was on the website. The teachers/schools are indoctrInating the children in grade school to be snowflakes.

            I don’t think that was hard to understand. Sometimes you have to go back and read what “you” posted before you can understand someone’s reply to it.

          • I don’t understand critical thinking and you claiming all they teach is “snowflaking”…explain.

          • I am sorry, I don’t have time to teach you what you should have seen on Fox news, they talk about snowflakes all the time. You need to research more and watch Fox News. You should know by now that the colleges teach trash to the students.

        • What indoctrination – you mean here on Alt-right “We just make it up as we go along news”. Bang on!

      • OK I have the ultimate banned item. Seeing as the NYC officials made a gross error (on purpose) and originally called this terrorist attack on the bike path an ‘incident’ instead of what it really was, I propose that we need to BAN all left wing liberal dumbocrat politicians as of 12:01 am Saturday the 4th of November in the year of our Lord 2017 and henceforth proclaim this day to be a National holiday to be celebrated throughout the land. What say ye?

      • Moorehead, go take a shower you are really starting to stink the place up.

      • There a lot of educated idiots out there and you are living proof of that.

    • Dang, was you in my brain assaulting it and got what I was thinking.
      Better get the forks out of NY. They are assaulting all the people and making them fat! 🔫🇺🇸🤠🇨🇱

      • That’s not the forks; it’s the food industry itself. Our foods are intentionally loaded with additives that are as addictive, or more so, than narcotics. Take away forks and there are still fingers and spoons.

        • Fingers and spoons are next. We’ll follow with chopsticks at a later date.

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          • Hey bitch I block your sorry ASS.

          • The add just comes back with a new name .

          • BUT being the same STUPID COW .. that was he give away…..STUPID CAN’T BE CURED

          • Thank U !!

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        • BS!! Self control is all!!
          This goes back to childhood. Everybody is A winner, bull shit!! Eat in moderation. These fat people have been told all their lives that it is ok to eat when depressed or scard or their team lost. BS
          Theach them that for every action there is A reaction. You eat to much you get fat! I eat 1 meal A day, then in the evening I may eat 6 donuts or A third of A cake. I am 62 and have not gained A pound in 50 years. I also work and not sit on my Ass and bitch!
          Just like planned Parenthood you don’t want to have a baby keep your damn legs closed and your pecker in your pants. It’s not hard self control learn it.

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          • maybe you can explain to all us fat people that if we stop taking certain meds for nasty health conditions it will make us thinner, some of us will also be dead. You asshole

          • Shit happens!!

          • Yes it does happen: however, I sincerely hope that it does not happen to you. We need the laughs (joke intended).

          • Evidently you do not have diabetes or some other serious illness and are taking meds that cause you to gain weight. Some of us are not as fortunate as you.
            I am 73 and I also eat 0ne meal a day, take vitamins and still work, do not eat sweets nor white carbs, but unlike some of you sanctimonious, judgmental idiots I cannot lose weight.

          • I am sorry about that! My dad died 22 years and 3 days ago with diabetes. Two days before my 40th birthday and we baried him on my 40th birthday. Nope I am 62 and 1 day old. Heart rate is 50 and blood pressure is 110-60
            Worked my ass off all my life!
            I have had 12 surgery’s in the last 8 years. Just 12 weeks off my 3rd back surgery. So I do know kinda what you are going through.

          • Sorry for my most curt and disrespectful comment. I just get upset when people have a tendency to generalize.

          • As am I🙏

      • Furthermore, because of misspelled words we need to outlaw pens and pencils.

      • Dang Norman, you are stupid

      • i bet he’s been committed a few times.

    • Especially those ‘Heavy Duty’ ones from Home Depot

    • Democrats should be banned as well.

    • VANS are NEXT!!!

    • Maybe a 5-day waiting period for renting trucks? Or cars? That would work out really well for business travelers who fly into an airport and need rental cars while on business travel, wouldn’t it? Liberal stupidity, now there’s an example of redundancy.

  2. On the bright side according to the Alt-right media we are to have a anti-fascist up-rising this Saturday. I’m offering good odds if folk wish to bet on this happening – it ain’t.

    • Here are two links to the RefuseFascism website:



      You better sign up quickly, poophead; Saturday is almost here. The leftist radicals are depending on deranged morons like you.

      Great timing! YOUR morons waited til November when we’d have our rifles recently sighted in and ready to go for deer season.

      • Well they sound as stupid as you and your cronies. Not sure why they call it anti-fascist, seems more like anti-Trump. He might be a moron but he ain’t a fascist – they have power, he’s got none thankfully.

        I’m offering 10/1 odds on it not leading to a take-over or anything else. Trump bothers me not in the slightest – he’s great. Everyday you can rely on him to have said something stupid and keep us top of the Biggest Joke in the World League, even topping N Korea. On the bright side he has no power – thus; no wall, repeal, ban or mass deportations. Funny as! Cracks me up everyday!

        • With support and encouragement from the demonicrat party, that lawless bunch of thugs is unknowingly working hard to ensure PRESIDENT Trump’s re-election in 2020.

          • Why remove the biggest joke ever? No matter the Russian investigation result I’m amazed Putin is still alive – the fact that he hasn’t had a heart-attack from laughter shows how strong his constitution is. Trump – the worlds joke! Funny as!

          • Are you an illegal?

          • Have been deported from a few places, not the US though. Worked “illegally” in Australia and South Africa; got caught twice in the former. Life is for living! Had fun!

          • hey mrpoohead,its obvious you have shit for brains and not much else ,why not stfu,before you really prove how ignorant you are

          • No ignorance here – facetious and irreverent somewhat. Disprove something I said with reputable reference and I’ll pay $10,000 to a charity of your choice.

          • You are the joke and who really gives a crap what the rest of the communist world thinks, by you’re words it is obvious that you are most definitely a left wing communist, have a nice day. Oh the airlines have really good fares to Russia.

          • Russia is a democracy – not communist. In fact communist countries disappearing; China, Vietnam and Cuba moving into socialist/free market which leaves you with Laos and N Korea.

            Recommend you improve your reading material. Been to Russia – took train from Beijing to Moscow and got off in Ulan Bator and Irkutsk. Bit chilly but enjoyable. Get a life dummy! World ain’t that scary.

          • To coin a phrase from Lincoln ‘Oft times tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt”.

          • ……..and yet you joined in and Trump continues to talk out of his posterior. Funny as!

          • Still no concrete proof of your accusations.

          • Ha, ha, ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And no “up-rising” as expected by the fruit-bats.

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms

            I pray for him to be our President for EIGHT YEARS.

          • And I also.

          • ………………or until he’s convicted of employing “illegals” again or tax avoidance?

          • If you really look at the demorat/communist party they are truly trying to destroy America. They would rather take sides with illegals than our own citizens. Have you ever noticed when Trump gets off Airforce 1 he salutes those Marines showing the respect that they deserve, OBUNGHOLE never did that, what’s that show American people.

        • Better than you’re crooked Killary.

          • I’m male – dreadful woman. Last election what a choice – a pig or a cow. At least the most entertaining won – biggest buffoon ever to hold office. Funny as!

        • You must be an illegal?

        • A moron with a 160 IQ, that’s a stupid statement.

        • Build that wall! Build that wall! Build that wall!

          • We’re bankrupt- hurtling towards $21 trillion in debt, GDP not keeping up. Trade deficit continues to grow. Are you paying for it or Trump? Illegal numbers have been falling for the last ten years – get a life!

          • Illegal numbers falling? They should be zero, ding-a-ling. Obozo rang up $10 trillion of national debt in his 8 years miserable years. The GDP is now growing, not shrinking. You sound nuttier than squirrel droppings. Wake up!

          • “Illegals”, well we have changed our stance over the years, we have invited them to come and now the economy is lousy we don’t want them. Who’ll do those jobs? Can’t afford to send them back we’ll have a wage war and inflation; struggling to cope as is – duh!

            President has zip power – Congress legislates. Duh! Debt was being introduced as Bush left, repeal of Glass-Steagall Act start of undoing, nowt to do with President – any of them!

            GDP is growing but as previously stated not at the same rate as debt. Duh!

            Wall won’t be built – can’t afford it! Duh! Also, makes us look like the USSR.

          • “We have changed our stance over the years” regarding ILLEGALS. Who’s “we” ding-a-ling? You and the libs? Since neither have a lick of common sense, it makes no difference what you think. You’re merely an insignificant piece of fly-flecked horse manure in a dark and dreary place of the nation’s history.

          • History not your thing I guess. Up until 1924 we pretty much had open borders unless you were Chinese, clamped down during Great Depression – self imposed idiocy, the Depression that is! Open during WWII to bolster factories and very lapse thereafter until current economic woes – again, self imposed! On the bright side numbers have been falling since 2007.

            So in reality we like ’em when economy is doing good – cheap labor. Who’s going to do the pool? But, cry like babies when not. We used to have amnesties too and a lottery system for winning a Green Card.

            Facts is facts – doofus!

        • Francisco Machado

          The chilling reality is that there were two viable choices in the presidential election – we could have come out of it a lot worse than we did. The Democrat party, as revealed by Brazile, had been bankrupted by Obama and was bought by Hillary. Part of that big joke is that Hillary has still not accepted that she was a bad candidate that made awful decisions, the most significant of which is not having a platform and running on the Obama administration programs that had already lost the Democrats the house, the Senate and, critically, most of the states – because it is the states that elect the President. What would she have been as a leader on the world stage? Remember her testimony before Congress? Her mind is mush. She can’t remember a damn thing.

          • Please explain how Obama could bankrupt Democrats – he’s not spending their money. Party isn’t physically for sale – votes are bought on the sale of image.

            “Presidential platform” – the President has zip power, head of state and administrator. You are voting for an appropriate person to be head of state. Trump sold himself on repeal, wall, ban and mass deportations – how is he going to do that when he has no legislative power?

            Without a doubt she’s more eloquent than Trump and statesman-like but still a poor choice which she has hubby to thank for. The President has to play a game and deliver legislation passed by Congress, we’ve got a complete fukwit who has at least made us the biggest joke in the world. Unfortunately this does not bring in revenue.

            Personally I’d have preferred Mickey mouse over either of them.

            “Her mind is mush” – doubt she’d rant on Twitter and Reagan used to fall asleep. Wow!

          • He has a a 160 IQ, what is you’re IQ?

          • Can you prove trump has a 160 IQ? No.

          • Who does? The author of the piece who doesn’t wish to be named, Obama, Trump or yourself? Doubt the first or the latter two – think you’ll find it is “your” and not you’re IQ. Duh!

            Never tested myself nor remotely interested in doing so. Suspect father-in-law above 160, but he was a rocket scientist and frequent visitor of CERN and ran another particle accelerators lab. Obviously I am smarter than you – “you’re” indeed. Fukwit!

          • Same to you,asswipe.

    • Had to call it off didn’t ya?

  3. NY Times writer no doubt thinks he is tweeter brilliant…
    I am surprised it only took him two tweets to figure out that the killers weapon of choice was a truck…
    Can’t fix stupid.

  4. Another nut job that has the brain of a pea.

  5. Liberals should be banned

    • I hope not. “Liberal” is a misused word. The people who call themselves “liberals” are not liberals at all. This goes back to post-Wilson America and the MSM has kept the “re-branding” without question. “Liberals” as misused today actually means progressive-marxist-totalitarian.

      I wish people studied language and history to a greater depth.

      • I remember being what I thought was “Liberal” back in the 70’s it was more of a live and let live attitude – these left wing loons today are in no way shape or form “Liberals” – there is no other way but their way – that’s more like the Nazi’s not Liberals.

      • Terminology has morphed in recent times, and if you want the average person to know and understand what you are saying, you have to use terms that they understand. We are not in a college classroom, we are talking on the street here. Get with the program

        • Procius (Pro-kee-us is how Latins would pronounce it) — Would a “street person” not know what a totalitarian is? What a Marxist is?

          Words mean something and I am with the program. It’s time people referred to self-proclaimed “liberals” for what they really are. Nothing elitist about that.

        • we are all adults here and should know if we don’t understand something, we have learned through education and experience regarding things of interest we ask questions or research the issue- you sound like a”liberal” that you claim wants someone to do everything for you….or do I not understand what you re saying?

  6. The left wing loons are seeing their agenda slipping away and are losing their minds. Just like the Russian collusion investigation – they don’t give a damn what ALL the evidence says they want Mueller to find President Trump guilty.

    • The funny part about the Mueller investigation is, everything he’s finding, point to Killary, and the gay boy, Barry

      • But they don’t care – Trump is guilty in their minds – or lack thereof

        • With all that has come out now, and adding in what Brazile has said, you’d think they’d catch on. Like you said, they are so fixated on their hate for Trump, that justice will not be served. Trump needs to clean out the Department of Joke, completely. I remember fat assed, black Maxine calling for impeachment before he was in office. Then I tracked her investments. She has her investments in…..Russia! I’ve mentioned it before, Mueller was the gut that went through the door at Solyndra, to grab all the records, to protect the brown gay boy Obama.

          • Mad Max also was the senator that led a panel that approved a bailout loan for a bank her husband sat on the board of – they had made a lot of bad investments – as she bailed them out her husband must have had a significant role in the bad investments the bank had made. She is an affirmative action moron and always has been – I remember when she first got to Washington and called for the limo to take her directly across the street – there was also an indoor walk-over available but she “had” to have a limo. You can imagine all the trouble involved in bringing the limo in going down the street and making a u-turn to get back in that type of city traffic. May have even had to call in the police to direct traffic.

          • No doubt, she’s a low life! Did you see where the black caucus made her woman of the year?

          • Thank God not all black people are fooled by them have you seen this? A very interesting perspective from a BLM member


          • That is a lie…do some research.

          • You go call him a liar then.

          • Yes, it actually made it on a news site.
            I’m very familiar with just how evil George Soros is.
            As are his sons.

          • Did you know Chelsea’s husband Marc Mezvinsky is somehow related to Soros?

          • FALSE….but who cares

          • IF ITS FALSE PROVE IT!!!
            You must be following me around – I’m not gay so back off troll you wouldn’t want to get hurt

          • Not a troll. Just a human patriotic American that speaks the truth to ignorance.

          • wow….you are not only willfully ignorant but you’re also a bigot.

            Rumor started by super genius Scott Baio and quickly spread by zero cred right wing nut job websites.. Mike you need to check things out before to spread falsehoods. You seem like a sad guy-


          • You live in your little dream world and believe what ever you want. The truth is coming out day by day and soon you may find yourself “enlightened” beyond your wildest dreams. The closer they get to proving these things the more – people like you come out screaming in denial. What is in it for you? All of the things that have been called lies for the past 1 – 2 years and more are proving to be true. Just like Bill’s famous – I never had sexual relations with that woman. The Left first denies – then lies – then blames it is a consistent pattern.

          • So, to be clear, it will come out that Chelsea Clinton’s husband is George Soros’ nephew …Right? And what else do you think will “come out”?

          • Add Schumer and their family backgrounds are from the Ghetto . She did have her wedding at Soros place .

          • Huh…what are you saying?

            “Add Schumer and their family backgrounds are from the Ghetto”
            What the helldoes that mean”


            “She did have her wedding at Soros place.’

            No -the wedding took place at
            Astor Courts in Rhinebeck, N.Y. .


            You are willfully ignorant…consider yourself educated on this point-

          • Maybe you should learn about the Ghetto people and how they were treated , just like how Russia treated them . They did have a reception at Soros place .

          • I taught Middle School in Chicago’s inner city for 7 years(’68 to ’75) so I may know more about life in the ghetto than you-

            So, you have gone from Chelsea husband’s being Soros’ nephew to them being married at Soros’ home and now you are claiming he had a reception for them. All with zero proof and I have given proof you are wrong/ignorant.You are really pathetic.

          • For Claiming to be a educator , you have no knowledge of the Ghetto people .Must not have had any European History in your life as well as the background of Soros – Schumer and Marks family background .

          • what the hell are you referring to? What does this have to do with what we are discussing?

          • Because you do NOT know what you are talking about . how the hell did you get a teachers license ,did you buy it on Maxwell street in Chitcago . Anything and everything was for sale there .

          • If you would civilly explain to me what you are referring to ,I would gladly respond. So please frame you query and I will respond.

          • I gave you the answer , seems you can not follow . Learn about the Ghetto people and how they were treated . Soros – Schumer and Marc’s families originated from there . Now what is so hard to understand ???? Soros is wanted in his homeland and several other countries .

          • Mike , what did you expect from a Educator who does not know the Background of Soros – Schumer and Mezvinsky along with the relation to the Clintons . Must get all his knowledge from the educators Union .

          • He’s a teacher? That explains a lot – another tenured moron.

          • If memory serves, she’s married to one of his Nephews.
            Chelsea Clinton Mesvinzky.

          • They all originated from the Ghetto ,just like the Schumer family .

          • That is what the Muslims would do to him .

          • ” I remember (deleted ignorant racist portion) Maxine calling for impeachment before he was in office. Then I tracked her investments. She has her investments in…..Russia! ‘

            Any proof?-if you can’t back up this claim you are mentally ill.

          • LMAO…you know Rich, there’s nothing funnier, than a low IQ, low information, lazy DemonFUCK. You fit that description to a tee! Here’s one site that shows it. There about 50 of them. You spent to much time on the snotty end of the coons fuck stick. It corroded what little brain you had.

        • she is stating the obvious-she used legal means to establish her power within the party as it’s obvious candidate at the time…who cares-

          BTW -I supported Bernie .

          • Who cares? YOU should – if they are blatantly stealing nominations what is the purpose in voting at all? The DNC came out after Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired for her “involvement” and said they have no obligation to produce any candidate other than one of their choosing. Then they come out and lie right to your face and say “every vote counts”. If you really supported Bernie you should be highly pissed. In California for example Bernie won – when you look at the turnouts for the conventions – Bernie was filling stadiums and Hillary couldn’t fill a classroom. Why didn’t Bernie win? Because California has what is called NPP tickets – instead of Independent – NPP means No Party Preference – California poll workers have been interviewed and have said everyone knows in California that NPP tickets are thrown away not counted. You really should look into some of these things before you find yourself living in a communist country. Look at the numerous examples of how countries that are now communist were taken over – you will notice they were all taken over the same way. Take away their guns – take away their religion – take away their free speech – take away their access to information.

          • This doesn’t prove that any votes were suppressed for either Hillary or Bernie…so what’s you point -There is no credible evidence of this-

          • You could be watching it happen and deny it – You say this does not prove it happened – OK – the Washington Post does not prove it didn’t happen either. When you have stories and claims like this the normal thing too do would be to investigate.

          • I did investigate it-I find no evidence of it-Can you?

          • You must be blind – there so so much evidence against the Clintons and Obama or whatever the hell his real name is. But you simply refuse to see it and hope like hell it all goes away. I did not mean an investigation by you or me – I mean a legal investigation by non partisan people. If they find dirt on President Trump he should be charged too – that is how our system is supposed to work.

          • True, there is no hard evidence of any wrong doing by Clinton ,YET, but, if it makes tracks like like a duck, sounds like a duck and swims it surely could be a platypus. If it is a platypus, some of you are going to be embarrassed.

          • I would not believe the Washington Post for anything.

      • really ? Explain

  7. I wonder why this idiot hasn’t read the Koran? If he does, he will see that Islam is a violent, hate-filled way of life that stands against everything in the Ten Commandments! The god of Islam is not the God of the Bible! It goes all the way back to Abraham and his two sons, Ishmael and Jacob. Ishmael is the “father” of the Arabs, while Jacob is the “father” of the Jews. There was never peace between the two, and this has continued to the present. Christianity comes out of Judaism, and therefore, all Christians are also cursed in Islam. This is why Islamics kill anyone who converts to Christianity! It doesn’t matter whether they are killed by a gun, a knife, poison, crucifixion, or a rented truck! Gun control will never stop hatred or killing of this type! Wake up, America!

  8. The only background check I had to pass to buy a truck was the credit check. No waiting period either.

  9. I remember when New York mayors and governors were tough and smart and cared about the city, Whats his name is more worried about the size of a soda and no one in the city having any rights, ef that nasty mf

  10. The media sometimes gets it wrong but Trump is even better: he always lies and even when everyone knows he is lying, he just keeps on lying. It is like Arthur Miller’s Willy Lowman became POTUS. This needs fixing, JOIN THE IMPEACHMENT MOVEMENT TODAY!

    • Impeachment for what? Name one illegal thing that he has done that warrants impeachment. Name one law that he has broken. You cannot; therefore your rants are total BS. You cannot impeach an elected official just because he lies. If you did, you would have no person left in Washington DC.

    • Comrade you keep referring to Trump lying, just because his thinking and yours don’t coincide, most certainly doesn’t mean that he is lying. And again, an elected official has to commit a crime, to be impeached. This country has places, that can help individuals like you, they are called mental institutions, you should commit yourself and try to get some help, you desperately need a whole lot of help.

  11. Any fool can easily steal a vehicle. Unlike guns, they are carelessly stored out in plain view on streets everywhere. Perhaps we need even more laws demanding that cars be stored in a secure manner. Why not? The left love useless laws as long as they infringe on a citizens’ freedoms. I wonder if this Times writer ever considered that if someone is bent on killing people, they might go so far as to steal a vehicle and then be bold enough to drive it without a drivers’ licence. Say it isn’t so! It’s against the law to steal and drive without a licence, isn’t it? And don’t laws cure all social problems? In a word, no. In two words, hell no!

  12. liberal circuitous logic…pure manure freshly spread

  13. What else could you expect from the New York Slimes! The Democrat Party has long been deep into “mind-melting Stupidity”, it is the way they get folks to vote for them. Nothing new, just the everyday DNC talking points, and the “Slimes” speeds-up the presses!

  14. This idiot should be promoting an “Anti-Truck” campaign! How is this piece of human excrement comparing guns to trucks? He also should remember that “Anything” can be used as a weapon,

    • What these progressive nuts don’t realize is the law abiding citizens that have guns and support there right to bear arms will not just say take my guns. You dopes can pack it in you’re ass.

  15. Another loon from the left goes wack job on us. And Kristof ranks right up there with de Blasio as a world-class loon. Hmmm…must be an infectious bug running loose in the Big Apple. Don’t the Clintons hang their hats there too, along with their private server hidden away in a closet containing all those purloined Top Secret messages on it? I rest my case…

  16. Again, the NYT goes out of its way to look foolish. Just cannot ignore an opportunity to be stupid.

  17. Worry rocks and prosaic should be banned. Oh, and there should be a ‘brain screening’ apparatus required to enter a news media facility right before the metal detector and just after the ‘gender checker’ and ‘positive I.D.’ desk; It is evident that more vetting should be done for members of the main stream media particularly in New York because obviously some don’t know the difference between New York and Florida (or is that some borough on the South side ?). I have seen rapid fire paint guns, are they ‘assault paint guns’ ? Maybe we should require all terrorists to identify their stolen or rented vehicles with Farsi emblems or sect flags and bullhorns for Arabic. How about vehicular camouflage to match their headgear ? It appears it is cheaper to vet who comes in to the country is a tiny bit more practical. Don’t worry Nicholas ( Kristof, what’s that Ruska?), we’ve got your back but don’t eat the yogurt.

  18. I forgot, he received his journalism degree from NHU with a major in ‘buzzwords’, minor in Leftjargon and certification to practice freelance from Sears; geeesh what an ultramaroon.

  19. New York… millions of people and NOT one with a gun to stop the oncoming crazed truck driver.


  21. NYT used to be news that was fit to print.Today they are another Communist Propaganda outlet with brain dead reporters that are DEMOCRATS

  22. It is facinating what goes through the minds of liberals, starting with jibberish on input and slush on exit. Only in New York could a left winger not check to verify the perp came from Jersey and Florida (or maybe he thinks Florida is a borough in the South of the city); The main stream news media obviously needs more vetting before entering their facilities. There should be a ‘brain check detector’ right before the metal detector, then proceed to the ‘gender checker’, followed by racial qualifications verification, then I.D. checker and fingerprint/ eye scan desk. It would appear that vetting individuals prior to entering the country might be a tiny bit more effective and even efficient if not cheaper than banning all guns/bombs/trucks/ trucks (with bombs) trucks with ISIS drivers/ knives/baseball bats etc. has he thought of requiring all stolen or rented vehicles driven by terrorists be marked and identified for public consumption ( Silence-I’m Going to kill you ); perhaps stickers with Farsi characters, truck camouflage to match the driver’s sect identifying headgear, Bullhorns mounted for Arabic whaling and chants demanding all Infidel sheep to convert or die, preferably just die. Gees, what an Ultramaroon, I forgot, he received his degree in journalism from NHU with major in ‘buzz words’ and Middle Eastern Propaganda, minor in Leftjargon, certification from Sears, and online degree in Sharia Law. Don’t worry Nicholas (Kristof, is that Ruska ?), we have your back, just avoid the yogurt.

  23. The danged idiot liberals and Media cannot get it through their thick heads that Terrorists and criminals DO NOT OBEY LAWS!

  24. This guy missed the point. NYC should ban all trucks, because they are really weapons. In fact, all of the baseball bats at Yankee Stadium and the Mets should be confiscated immediately. Actually, just about everything should be banned, including stupid writers.

  25. Brainless liberals should be banned.

  26. Given this piece of nonsense comes from the NYT…this sort of lunacy is to be expected. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b7140073a0542a52cb171d0cd4f54a5dfb79b9062222a9fb1371111eac1f473d.png

  27. Asshole liberal!

  28. It’s not a rotten apple, it’s a banana. CNN.

  29. I fail to see how a truck attack relates to gun regulation, but clearly we do NOT regulate truck or other motor vehicle operation nearly enough; else there couldn’t be truck/car bombs, and using motor vehicles as battering rams into crowds of people around the world. Looks like it’s time to ban all POVs, and severely restrict all companies utilizing motor vehicles for any reason.

  30. Nicholas Kristof is a communist, always has been.

  31. You can’t fix stupid.

  32. I invite all Right thinkers to take a look at my blog when you get a chance – know you will like it – and thank you Patriot News! http://www.TotallyRight.us

  33. The old adage particularly applies to the NYT … “There’s no fixin’ stupid”.

  34. Readers, get yourselves a PDF copy of an English translation of the Qur’an that with the Adobe search engine in the Adobe Reader you can search for the times that the Qur’an states “slay, kill and death” to all infidels, yes to all non-Islamic/Muslims. Then understand why the ISIS Sunni Muslims were killing the moderate Shite Muslims for not living per the edicts of the Qur’an. The Islamic/Muslims are using the internet to recruit followers and are giving instructions to “lone wolf” attackers to instill “FEAR” around the world. The Islamic/Muslims are here in the United States and the Qur’an guarantees to their martyrdoms a front row seat in their after life which is why the “lone wolf” attackers are growing in numbers in Europe and in the United States. If you can survive the manufacture of Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP) explosive for a suicide vest then in a crowd you could kill a large multitude of people. The manufacture of TATP is a dangerous evaporation process that has resulted in explosions killing the terrorists attempting to make it. TATP is not detectable by explosive sniffing dogs, which is why it is the explosive of choice.

    • also known as tri-cyclic acetone peroxide and is very unstable hydrogen explosive. I do not recommend anyone trying to use or manufacture this compound. Many terrorists in the middle east have and have blown themselves up in the process.

  35. These lefties are stark raving mad. A truck was used as the murder weapon and this moron uses it to attack firearms ownership?

  36. I love it when the Liberals demonstrate to the world just EFFIN stupid they are. The real problem is that there are a**holes out here who believe those a**holes. If we had any other person as President we would be in a real jamb, but with the one we have now, He’s not afraid of the a**holes out here or in the MSM.

  37. And I’ll bet if there was a devastating windstorm he’d declare war on windmills reasoning that wind is manufactured in windmills. It’s right out of the liberal Fire, Ready, Aim tactical handbook!

  38. Good thing they didn’t find marshmallows in his truck we would all be doomed….Some reporters are in name only they lack skill as writers but use the printed media as a soap box for their demented values and to rant against America ….

  39. Hmmm, Brainless NYT writers. Obviously leftists who are without logic.

  40. I am waiting on liberals to ban trucks.

  41. This clown belongs In Gitmo.

  42. Some Musie swine runs down a bunch of people killing 8 and injuring many other so we need tighter gun control? “Yes, we have no bananas”.

  43. I suppose this idiot thinks that if the 9/11 hijackers would have flown those planes into buildings in another state, they would have had “assault rifles”, and the death toll would have been worse because they would have been shooting from the plane on the way down.

  44. The NY Times have dozens of morons like Nicholas Kristof who know nothing, do nothing & mean nothing!

  45. I am incensed that the truck in question was probably fully automatic. If it had been equipped with a stick shift, he would have had to work the clutch after every pedestrian, so the toll would have have been fewer. Isn’t it ironic that the policeman who stopped him used .. . . a gun! Who would have thought?


  47. These left wing morons are the definition of stupidity. They want to stop ordinary Americans from defending themselves so they want to outlaw guns. And at the same time they want wide open borders so that foreign muslim criminals can come in at will and murder us.

  48. Last night I stayed up ALL NIGHT spying on my guns!! NONE of them snuck out and did ANYTHING violent or Dangerous!! They just lay there all night and day!!! As a matter of fact that are so LAZY I may get them signed up on Welfare!!

  49. New York… millions of people and NOT one person with a gun to shoot one deranged driver. Sounds like a liberal heaven.

    • Even worse the lame stream media is more concerned about “islamophobia” than they are about the victims – their families and friends. Another shining example of the medias lunacy or agenda.

  50. The marxists and looney left are bound and determined to confiscate our guns so that they can control the good old USA. Anyone with some knowledge of history can see the pattern: register guns, confiscate guns, gain absolute control of the people, murder or imprison their enemies.

  51. Muslims have more rights in this country than those of us who were born and raised in the South.

  52. Pravda, I mean the NY Times spins lies just like the “Communist do, a la CNN MSNBC Washington Post, Obama and the rest of the disgraceful people of this ilk living in this country. Divide the motto of Lenin and Marx.
    I am starting to believe their own B. S. Lock them up, no not in prison, in an Insane Asylum.

  53. This NY Times writer Nicholas Kristof, like most of the liberal left MSM cretins, has his head filled with shit. What would it matter to the terrorist what gun he had? Why would a different gun make it worse? He mowed the people down with a rented truck, stupid.

  54. terrorists should not be allowed to have driver’s licenses_-_- does this sound stupid?
    Of course it does, it runs with the same idiotic thinking as taking guns away from lawful citizens, 80% of the cops in the USA think the same thing, if it weren’t for armed citizens with watchful eyes a lot of crimes would go unsolved and unpunished, but only the ignorant cant understand that cops aren’t always able to respond within 2 minutes!

  55. The progressives tend to lose all critical thinking skills.

  56. Banning trucks would not be considered politically incorrect but banning the people most likely to use them as weapons of mass destruction would. Political Correctness – The antithesis of common sense!


  58. Liberals only want the crooks to have guns. That would further reduce the population don’t you think??

  59. This is yet another good reason why open carry should be mandated. A 5 round .308 clip with full metal jacket rounds wound have shredded the engine and stopped that truck in its tracks.


  61. Most economist think that whatever stimulation to the economy lowering corporate taxes brings wont offset the shortfall in taxes collected from the economic growth= $1.5 trillion added to the federal deficit.

  62. Kristof is not the only liberal idiot to put gun control at the fore front following murder by truck. Mayor DeBarfio and governor Cuomo also blamed guns for this truck attack. This just shows how stupid and mentally deranged those on the left tend to be. The left is just a bunch of sick individuals trying to take freedom away from the rest of the country.

  63. These people are after the overthrow of the legitimately-elected President of the United States and the establishment of a Soros- and Steyer-controlled peoples republic, with either The Mongrel or The Drunken Lesbian Witch as puppet ruler and power permanently in the hands of a limp-wristed aristocracy of pointy heads, hanky heads and kinky heads. This can only be done by disarming the American people and then replacing them with an obedient and dependent brown Third World lumpenproletariat. Krystof and the rest of the aspiring oligarchy of satanists, socialists and sodomites must be told again and again that any attempt to abrogate the Second Amendment and confiscate lawful firearms from law-abiding citizens will lead to a civil war which most of them will not survive.

  64. ..meanwhile the fix for my greatest and most dreadful mistake… GENESIS 2.22.. ..that has brought you ALL to this point in my time.. GENESIS 6.6.. remains as planned.. GENESIS 6.7.. with the *BANKER$* that BUY & $ELL their dumb a$$e$ in$pired to DO IT as planned.. REVELATION 17.17..

    • ..but NOT to WORRY.. because in the END
      I will watch over ALL of you.. a$ the burning cloud$ the *BANKER$* and both $upporting and oppo$$ing force$ on BOTH $ide$.. generate.. a new place like the morning of the fifth day.. GENESIS 1.23.. and then in accordance with ..REVELATION 20.12.. I will drop the not really dead off… somewhere between then and another place like now .. maybe better.. MATTHEW 25.40… maybe wor$e.. REVELATION 21.8.. depending on your score..

  65. How do you fire a truck, fire a knife, etc. These NYT editors need to be replaced. That kind of article not only shows them to be liars it also shows them to be stupid. It is just like the polls that they have been fooling around with. Go into a heavily Democrat (not democratic) neighborhood and take a poll on any President that is not a Democrat. Please! They have not dumbed dow,n the public enough yet.
    Preserve the USA. No global government.

  66. Stupid is as Stupid does…

  67. When are the demonicrats going to demand a ban of “assault” trucks?

  68. I wonder of this NY SLIME ILLUMINATI PRESSTITUTE confused PICK up TRUCKS with GUNS??? and YET not a word about Chicago with the STRICTEST GUN LAWS and the HIGHEST DAILY SHOOTINGS IN THE WORLD>>( CRICKETS THAT IS)
    Will Progressive IDIOTS ever
    “GET IT”?????>

  69. Kristof is a very poor writer I say writer because Journalist is obsolete. He left out important facts as what Caliber the Engine was and most of all did the Truck have a Bump Seat what was the Gallon Capacity of the tank. This Commie Rat just had to bring in Gun Control !! If there was a Concealed Carry in the Crowd Fatalities would have been lower. This is just one of the Rats in obama’s Civilian Army there are over a Hundred Thousand more !!

  70. Great idea for liberal minds( excuse the oxymoron.)

  71. It’s been a long time since The N.Y.Times needed any sort of excuse for anti gun/anti gun rights diatribes.

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