NY Times Writer Uses Truck Attack to Go on Bizarre Anti-Gun Rant

You would think that in the hours after a terrorist uses a rented truck to kill eight people, anti-gun liberals would have nothing to say about the state of gun control in this country. Since, after all, the incident has absolutely nothing to do with their pet hatred for the Second Amendment. But you would be wrong, as the NY Times’ Nicholas Kristof proved shortly after the news broke.

“The NYC terrorist had a pellet gun and a paintball gun,” Kristof tweeted. “Good thing that in NYC he couldn’t buy assault rifles, or the toll would be higher.”

This one tweet is almost a masterpiece in liberal idiocy. In such a small number of words, there is so much stupid to be discovered. First, subsequent reports showed that the terrorist – Sayfullo Saipov – did not live in New York City, but rather New Jersey and Florida, so the point about NYC banning assault rifles is nonsensical and has no bearing on Saipov’s ability to get his hands on a gun. Even a liberal as dumb as Kristof must surely know that cops do not stake out the bridges into Manhattan to make sure people aren’t bringing in guns from other jurisdictions. Well, not yet anyway.

“Vehicles can be lethal, which is why we highly regulate their safety–including requiring licenses to drive them,” he wrote in a follow up.

Hmm, looks like that high regulation really helped in New York on Tuesday. Besides, Kristof’s claim here – the insinuation – is that guns are not as highly regulated as vehicles, which is similar to the nonsense Obama used to peddle about it being easier to buy a gun than a piece of fruit in some neighborhoods. It’s hype and exaggeration used for the purpose of creating hysteria. Plus (does it really need to be said?), there is no constitutional mandate affording Americans the right to operate a motor vehicle.

At a time like this, right-thinking Americans need to have their focus on one issue and one issue alone: The threat of Islamic fanaticism in all of its forms. Whether we’re talking about organized terrorism like ISIS and Al Qaeda or supposed lone wolves who get their inspiration from the online writings of jihadists, it amounts to the same problem. Burying our collective heads in the sand and talking about distracting issues like gun control will not help us prevent the next attack. We need to keep our eye on the ball and we need to shame liberals like Kristof who try to give shelter to the Islamists.

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