NY Times Wants Credit Card Companies to Restrict Gun Purchases

The progressive, anti-gun left is beginning to realize that the pesky, elderly, out-of-date rag called the U.S. Constitution will forever stand in their way as they try to disarm America and turn us into a totalitarian, socialist State once and for all. Knowing that a fight to repeal the Second Amendment is beyond their means, they are doing their best to enact a kind of quasi-gun control – one that doesn’t require congressional action, executive orders, or referendum votes. As such, they are pressuring retailers, industry leaders, and even banks to sever their relationships with gun manufacturers, and doing their best to turn the National Rifle Association into America’s bogeyman.

And now, thanks to a feature report in The New York Times written by Andrew Ross Sorkin, they are targeting credit card companies – accusing them of “unwittingly financing mass shootings.”

From the Times:

Two days before Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 more at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, he went on Google and typed “Credit card unusual spending.”

Mr. Mateen had opened six new credit card accounts — including a Mastercard, an American Express card and three Visa cards — over the previous eight months. Twelve days before the shooting, he began a $26,532 buying spree: a Sig Sauer MCX .223-caliber rifle, a Glock 17 9-millimeter semiautomatic pistol, several large magazines, thousands of rounds of ammunition and a $7,500 ring for his wife that he bought on a jewelry store card. His average spending before that, on his only card, was $1,500 a month.

His web browsing history chronicled his anxiety: “Credit card reports all three bureaus,” “FBI,” and “Why banks stop your purchases.”

He needn’t have worried. None of the banks, credit-card network operators or payment processors alerted law enforcement officials about the purchases he thought were so suspicious.

Sorkin goes on to do a similar tally with various other mass shootings and finds that many of the killers financed their arsenals with unusually-large credit card spending sprees. He ultimately makes the case that credit card companies should be closely watching (and flagging) these purchases, perhaps with the end goal of alerting law enforcement.

It’s a persuasive argument, but it is badly flawed. To give that kind of power over to corporate America would be a terrifying violation of our freedom and would – as per usual when it comes to the left’s gun control schemes – punish law abiding citizens for engaging in an entirely legal exercise of their rights.

Democrats are the ones who usually want us to give the government more power and corporations less. Here, given the various blocks in front of them preventing their gun-grabbing aspirations, that calculation has been reversed. But that only shows how desperate they are to turn the Second Amendment into a relic of the past.

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