NY Times is Still Treating Factual Nunes Memo as “Conspiracy Theory”

The mainstream media has a lot of bad habits, but one of their worst is not knowing when to throw in the towel. It’s one thing to report fake news. It’s quite another to report fake news, then report real news later when the facts come out, and then revert back to the fake news once the furor has died down. We see this time and time again from the media.

There’s no immigration crisis. Oh wait, yes there is. Two months later: The immigration crisis was manufactured by Trump.

Obama never spied on Trump. Oh wait, yeah he did, but it was more of an informant than a spy. Two months later: Obama never spied on Trump.

We could come up with a million examples from the past, but why not come back to the present, where they’re still pulling this crap.

From The New York Times:

Richard Grenell’s tenure as the nation’s top intelligence official may be short-lived, but he wasted no time this week starting to shape his team of advisers, ousting his office’s No. 2 official — a longtime intelligence officer — and bringing in an expert on Trump conspiracy theories to help lead the agency, according to officials.


One of his first hires was Kashyap Patel, a senior National Security Council staff member and former key aide to Representative Devin Nunes, Republican of California and the former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Mr. Patel will have a mandate to “clean house,” CBS News reported, citing a person close to the matter.

Mr. Patel was best known as the lead author of a politically charged memo two years ago that accused F.B.I. and Justice Department leaders of abusing their surveillance powers to spy on a former Trump campaign adviser. The memo was widely criticized as misleading, though an inspector general later found other problems with aspects of the surveillance.

Here we see them pull off the remarkable feat of wavering between the fake news narrative and the real news narrative…within a single article!

Patel’s pushing conspiracy theories! He wrote a “politically charged memo”! It was misleading! Um, but yeah, there, uh, were some…uh…other problems.

Come on, guys.

No, the fact is that the Nunes memo, which was lambasted at the time by The New York Times, Democrats, and every other liberal with an outlet, turned out to be 100% on the money. He stood alone at the time and accused the FBI of lying to the FISA court about the Steele dossier, its Clintonian pedigree, and its basis in fact. All of this – ALL OF THIS – was confirmed to be true by the Inspector General’s investigation. Nunes and Patel deserve to be honored and celebrated, not smeared by a newspaper that can never, ever, ever admit that it got something wrong.

Fake news, then real news, then back to the fake stuff. It’s quite the amazing pattern when you look out for it.

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