NY Times Columnist: Racism is What Drives Trump Supporters

Paul Krugman, the “liberal” columnist for the New York Times (as though there are any other types), wrote last Friday that he was very concerned about how the media would cover the general election. Is he afraid that too much anti-Trump coverage will produce a backlash? No, no. He’s worried that the media won’t be anti-Trump enough for his liking.

Krugman’s biggest concern is that the media will engage in “false equivalence”:

I’ve already seen pundits suggest that both presumptive nominees fight dirty, that both have taken the “low road” in their campaigns. For the record, Mr. Trump has impugned his rivals’ manhood, called them liars and suggested that Ted Cruz’s father was associated with J.F.K.’s killer. On her side, Mrs. Clinton has suggested that Bernie Sanders hasn’t done his homework on some policy issues. These things are not the same.

That’s true. They aren’t. On the other hand, pundits have also tried to suggest that Donald Trump’s off-color, “sexist” remarks make him a reprehensible misogynist. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton’s lifelong practice of using political power to get women into bed, emboldened by Hillary Clinton’s lifelong practice of viciously silencing these women later on – well, all of that is simply off-limits. That’s personal stuff. That’s “below the belt.” Uh-huh. Sure.

Oh, but Krugman is on a roll. Driven to the brink of sanity by this man they call Trump, he predicts that the media will “sanitize” the real truth about the billionaire’s supporters and “downplay the racism that is at the heart of the movement”:

Trump support in the primaries was strongly correlated with racial resentment: We’re looking at a movement of white men angry that they no longer dominate American society the way they used to. And to pretend otherwise is to give both the movement and the man who leads it a free pass.

Rest easy, Mr. Krugman, because the media is going to (continue to) paint Trump and his supporters with the same racist accusations they’ve been using for the past year. And they’ll have as much justification for it as you do: None.

For the journalists out there who think Krugman has a point, be careful. The more you try to craft a narrative that contradicts the obvious truth, the more irrelevant you become. Just for fun, why not report this election straight down the middle for once?

Well, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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  1. I just do not imagine how anything Obama says or does will surprise anyone! His Agenda has always been an anti- American agenda! His beliefs are those like living under Communism ! This is why he and the corruption in Washington want to close down Gitmo! They do not want to end up their. Frankly if any US Citizens would behave in such a radical way, they would have been arrested and charged with terrorism! I pray that He and Hillary will be held accountable for their dangerous and irresponsible behaviors.

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      • Retired Marine

        When we all know that only LIBERALS can be victims, poor downtrodden peasants. Everyone else just works hard without the time to be a liberal, that would be conservatives. I only hear whining from the left, for more free stuff. Stupid liberal values.

  2. Krugman……of course. Pity he gave up economics for this drivel.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist

    The only racists are the people crying racism,

    Like this liberal scumbag

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      Thank you for a Christian god who made liberals and Allah who made conservatives.

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        • Well said, Paul.

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          • Look in the Concordance of God of Israel Bozo And remember. that allah was not known by Abraham as allah and that all he knew was the false religion… It had no real name except through the evil rulers and kings and those who practise paganism and the worship of satan

          • Pagans don’t acknowledge a satan or evil for that matter. Do you know the name of all 77?

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            Nope, what are all 77?

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          • No, but I do worry about those who have less than me. I have basic necessities, barely,but many disadvantaged have less than basics. In the worlds wealthiest country families should not seek shelter under bridges or cardboard boxes. We have shallow citizens in positions to help/hire who require candidates to have clean stylish clothes; be bathed and healthy looking individuals with a home address and a phone number and the appropriate education/work background and references. How and where does a human being with the will to provide basic needs for a family begin ? Staring into the winds of bigotry and profiling and societal judgment is daunting when one is hungry and hopeless. Gerald, I’m sure you are a good man and your heart is not so cold that you would wish that situation on anyone but those situations are real not only under our American noses but in incredible numbers worldwide. Handouts turn into steps … https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c532180cc69c14b7736c06645ef8c4357f55ea1e7ee5c29a6fb3b8df69f9b8a6.jpg

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            Just a matter of time till we separate ourselves from you ersatz life forms and applaud as you starve to death.

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            The tower of Babel is where they all met and God divided them. He only chose one people, the rest worshipped idols and such, and so were not God’s chosen people.

          • The Democratic Parasitical Party is built and predicated on steaing from working people and using it to buy votes with handouts,
            Soon, we dump you parasites and watch you starve.

        • Michael Dennewitz

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      • Hey you should change your name to something more honest like Scary(or Dangerous) FascistValues, call it what it is.

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          • Steve Crawford

            You’ll need to get off that BS liberal crap. You have a Republican led Congress and Senate that has increase the amount of technical skill foreigners under the H-2B Bill to take over the technical jobs at a fraction of the hourly wages paid to the American workers. Give much thanks to that azzhole Bill Gates who push the H-1B and the H-2B Bills. (GOOGLE THE BILLS AND LEARN). It started when Gates claimed that there was Not enough of American skilled workers. Rather than informing the education system of the future skills needed and help providing training. GREEDY Corporations that Have NOT moved to overseas operations are under laws bringing in Cheap skilled Labor. The leaders of the American manufacturing companies and other corporations are REPUBLICANS. Just take the time and observe who are working on the building and road construction jobs, NON AMERICANS, and the damn unions are quiet about it. The only Americans working on those jobs are the White bosses. No Illegal Immigrants and non Americans should be working on State and Federal contracts, however the US contractors fight against the E-Verification of who they hire.
            False information and rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.

          • We also have a liberal dictator…I mean president, that over rides everything with EO’s !!! He has used the EO more than all other presidents put together! That proves he’s a dictator. He can’t work with anyone, even his own party…and HE’S responsible for all the damn foreigners, not Republicans. Why can’t you libs ever say something that’s true for a change?…

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I read your comment above and boy are you one dumb goat fucker.

          • One of Obama and Hillary’s #1 backers are the Unions. Republicans would like to do away with many of the unions. Don’t tell me that Hillary and Obama’s campaigns were not supported by unions and their special interest groups who control Washington’s politics, and cost the taxpayers billions every year; while Washington politicians get rich on Kickbacks and under the table deals, or they wouldn’t be there.

          • There is a brain drain in the United States and it will continue because it doesn’t value education. It doesn’t help when smart people are called elitists and Scientific fact is not acknowledged. This mentally will bear fruit in the future.

          • Just a troll

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Drumf said in his book: “I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.”

          • yeah…and Odumbo said…”you can keep your current health plan! You can keep your current doctors! Both lies! Just like everything else the turd has said…

          • current plans…sorry for the typo.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            I love currants; especially, Mohonia trifoliolata commonly referred to as the Currant-of-Texas or Wild Currant. They are really tasty! In your imagination, what do currants have to so with the ACA?

          • Posted correction right after the typo…let me help you with the meaning…you idiot!
            cur·rent (kûr′ənt, kŭr′-) adj. Belonging to the present time: current events; current leaders. of being in progress now: current negotiations.
            Now I understand why liberals have trouble

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yea sure, it was a typo. Nice try! Besides, your assertions about the ACA are incorrect, perhaps due to you being ill-informed (ignorant), or just a garden variety stupid as a rock conservative?

          • How immature! Like I said, I have no time for someone who just wants to argue. With every reply, you prove my point about liberals.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            For someone who has no time for this, you sure are spending quite a bit of time on this. Idiot!

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            “Low energy.” Wow, copying Trump’s stupid ass sayings already! I thought it highly amusing when he said: “I like the uneducated.” He was referring to you and most the people on this board. What a bunch of rubes! Trump admits he’s taking you for a ride and you all willingly jump in his car at the first sign of candy. Does he whisper in your ear he won’t hurt you?

          • StupidConservativeValues

            “The worst failed President?” What, as opposed to “The best failed President.” I would hope you see that your thought processes are not wholly intact. However, as long as you want to play your silly game, I’ll accommodate you and acknowledge that George H. Bush was “The best failed president.”

          • GodBlessRealAmerica!!

            WORST FAILED PRESIDENT of ALL TIME Barrack Hussein Obama! Go down in History as the worst President Eva!!

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          • GodBlessRealAmerica!!

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          • StupidConservativeValues

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          • You are so delusional. Liberal Founding Fathers? Now there’s an oxymoron.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            And your reasoning could only come from a moron. Picture this: The American Revolution was led by the Torries, who would shit their pants when faced with the reality of fighting for liberty (for whites…no blacks or Native Americans or any women). Yea, the conservatives of the day led the revolution!?! During Viet Nam, conservatives just got draft deferments and had others do the “dirty work” of fighting for our freedom. Bush went missing so he didn’t have to actually fight. Cheney had how many deferments? Conservatives always shit their pants and are obvious cowards. It will be up to liberals to save America from all the damage the Republicants have inflicted over the past 35-years. Obama has started the recovery and it will be continued by Hillary. The American public knows this and this fact is why November is going to be a blow out. Then the conservatives can wee wee their diapers again and again.

          • Troll !

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Wow! That is perceptive…and hurtful!

        • GodBlessRealAmerica!!

          TRUTH is you are low energy! Get some common sense will ya lol

        • GodBlessRealAmerica!!

          Truth hurts The only racists are the people crying racism,

          Like this liberal scumbag

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    • Then you are racist ? Your screen name cries racism.

      • MuslimLuvChrist

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        and probably gay,

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        • “You love” is the only accurate arrow that you use to define me.

        • StupidConservativeValues

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          • I think I am going to start sending all of your posts to every military site in the country, 3 to 5 weeks, they will publish your name and address.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I see yo momma’s coat hanger abortion failed!

          • Oh good, another candidate, yours too, punk, 3 to 5 weeks they will post your name and address

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • Better spit, your teeth are getting brown

          • Michael Dennewitz

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      • Why don’t you take your liberal dem bloodsucking fanny on over to MSNC and stay there, parasite.

        • It is the goal of all American citizens to explore the ideas of all voices isn’t it? Personally I don’t ever turn to major media for news, why would anyone ? If we only watch/listen FOX then we become fascists; MSNBC we become lazy centrists; CNN well, govt. pocket like others ; ABC is the CIA truest voice. Why would I talk with like minded(which is what you implied)? What do I learn from hearing my own thoughts repeated from another? There is no expanding myself or my understanding if I cling to momma’s teat? That is a position of fear and non assuredness. I may prefer Almond milk, Soy milk; Cow’s milk or goat’s milk better or maybe a combination but how will I know if I don’t seek them out? Segregating only creates deeper division no matter if its physical or mental. I’m not afraid of a new or differing opinion, not afraid to consider changing my thinking or having it moved by rational voices and anything less is a childish narrow approach to interaction and life itself . Who knows perhaps today you’ll spread your wings and leave the nest.

          • Your description of MSNBC as “centrist” says everything that needs to be said about you.
            I repeat, take your low life fanny on over to MSNBC and stay there.
            Segregating,,wait for it liberal dem bloodsucking parasite.
            Dec 2014 11.4% of the people polled said that their state should secede from the union.
            Dec 2015, 23.9% of the people polled said that their state should secede from the union.
            About 2 more years we will close off the borders to our states, station marksmen at the borders shooting anything crossing illegally, then we will kick back and watch you leeches starve to death.

          • Well you have certainly made my exact point in a stellar manner. Thanks for acting out. Waaa..sniff sniff…waahaaa! Drop the fear and hate and walk in faith and peace.

          • Your only discernable point is the one on top of your head
            Fear is a useful emotion , it alerts you to possibilities, for instance any time a known liberal dem bloodsucker gets close to me, I get one hand on my wallet, , so far hasn’t failed me, everytime they try to steal from me to fund their handouts.
            Faith, I have a deep and abiding faith, I have faith that every liberal dem bloodsucking parasite alive is an ersatz life form, with out value, morals, honor or integrity.
            Hate, I cordially despised you liberal compost heaps for 50 years.
            I have evolved on that, however, over the last 7.5 years I have come to hate you with a depth intensity and bitterness, that has no bottom.
            My most fervent hope is that we will separate ourselves from you and watch you die in the streets from starvation and lack of medical care.
            If you domnn’t like my posts, feel free to KMA

          • Grow up.

          • What, and quit talking to liberal dem bloodsucking parasites

          • Please seek out a FOX detox center, your fear should alert you to the main source of hate and division in our country, a voice of propaganda. Its, as they say, hard to see the forest when you’re stuck in a bear trap.

          • Fear is a useful emotion it is normally generated by experience.
            When a liberal dem bloodsucker has robbed you every time he got close to you, for 50 years, you expect it to continue happening and start making the necessary plans to stop it, we are doing that now, soon you scum will no longer be a problem for the decent people of the USA

          • StupidConservativeValues


          • Not conservative that spend their life on public forums, whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them.
            Might want to look for a job, as soon as Trump takes office, all of your handouts go away.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Hey jerry…. GFY !?!!

          • Sorry low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scum bag not able to, I am a conservative

          • No, you are simple ignorant and childish.

          • I?
            You are the one that spends half of your life whining and begging for handouts and tryin to raise taxes on some one else to pay for them.
            I work, earn and pay for what I want

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • Spit the feces out,I can’t understand you.

          • History forgotten is bound to be repeated.
            The rest of us will sit back and watch while you are bombed back to the stone age.

          • Start when you are ready liberal dem bloodsucker, you garbage thing that you will sit on the sidelines and watch, thew government is not where it will start where it will start is making sur that you scum pay the price for all that you have done to the USA

          • And you are full of S.H.I.T.!

          • StupidConservativeValues

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          • StupidConservativeValues

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          • One can always tell when school lets out.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Yep, someone with brains figured out what a school bell means.

          • Hmm no, on balance, i think I would prefer that to being the result of an incestuous interaction between a liberal dem bloodsucker and any thing

          • Immature male focus on sex.

          • And if you had any feminine attributes you could focus on sex, before you die.

          • That is an adolescent male trait.
            Take a Psych 101 course.

          • and you’re proving you’re a sexist with those comments!

          • Not trait, gnarly one, perception. What credentials do you have to advise my future? Tarot card reading, clairvoyance, ouija board translations, channeling, and tea leaves just some of the many credentials you may not use to buttress your gimpy arguments.

          • My, i hate to think of what you do if you think of that, as sex.

          • Probably as close as she ever gets to sex….LOL!!!

          • Yeah, i still remember, when I was stationed at Camp Pendleton, the liberal women used to hang around the main gate, when they wanted to get pregnant, the liberal men have no testicles , they were all virgins.
            They went crazy after their first orgasm.

          • So immature.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Thanks waddle wacker, it means so much coming from you.

          • Grow up.
            Come talk to us when you can play like an adult.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Okay, I’ll grow up so I can play like an adult. I’ve heard adult play can be real fun if everyone is respectful, they use condoms and no unwanted baby batter “face shots.” Is that right? Is as fun as it sounds?

          • One does not need to look at the clocj to see what time it is.
            There is never any doubt in anyone’s mind when the elenmentary school gets out.

          • StupidConservativeValues

            WTF? Are you high? One can tell by reading one’s message. Does thou know what one means?

          • So roobs of a feather stick together, that’s your philosophy ?

          • You are well-brainwashed.
            Your vulger language is very childish.

          • MSNBC is centrist, eh? Yeah-the center of Communism. Fox News is Fascist?? Highly doubtful, to say the least. The majority of people I’ve seen and heard on that network recognize the natural right for human beings to work, to buy and sell, and invest for themselves and their families, without any government regulating, harassing, banning, mandating, or taxing them incessantly. That’s NOT Fascism. In fact, it’s the FREE MARKET, which is an enemy of Fascism. “Progressives” are Fascistic. They want to control businesses and the economy.

          • Lord, lord its always about the money … sad. This is why we need equal everything across the board; 2 home runs or 50, doctor/street sweeper = $xx,xxx per year, 2 children, 1,500 sq. ft. living space; $xxx a month per person in foods; healthcare; tough required standards in education with every possible personal freedom that doesn’t inhibit the freedom of another ….. MSNBC is centrist, you say its liberal and that is now a center/right think tank. The Democrats were liberal during the Eisenhower /Kennedy years but we have been pushed right to a conservative position by those far right villains who orchestrated the coup in ’63. Reagan would be considered liberal today as well as Nixon. The right has moved right as well, to the point of full blown fascism as “we the people” sheepie along. Those talking heads can chant “fair & balanced” all they want, it doesn’t make it so.

          • You are trulyu a low life lieral dem bloodsucking parasite.
            The liberal dem bloodsuckers are the only known parasite that feed on their own species, hope all of you die in the streets soon.

          • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          • Why don’t you garbage work, earn and pay your own way, it wouldn’t be necessary.
            Going to be fun watching you garbage starve to death after we close off our borders.

          • Sorry dumb ass! If it is not about the money, why do Liberals keep trying to raise taxes to get more of it? It is totally about money, power and control. That is exactly what Democrats and Socialists are all about. They just do not want to work for it. They want to take it from those who do work.

          • Republicans cut taxes.
            Then they start wars and barrow money to pay for them.

          • ….to benefit the ‘ALL’.

          • Eisenhower was a Republican.

          • Yes Lady but there was a democratic party then and it was more liberal than today’s democrats, that was the point, I was framing a time period. All we have to choose from is the fascist republicans or the conservative democratic party which is center/right. I consider Sen. Sanders center/left . We need true liberals again. The far right of course murders liberal peace minded leaders I guess that’s a deterrent to thinking out loud the precepts of the Christ.

          • Fox is fascist, i.e., far right, ultra conservative, sexist, racist …

          • Fascists and Communists/”Progressives” are so close, that if they’d turn around, they can all shake hands. To Be a true CONSERVEative, means in the U.S. to CONSERVE the U.S. Constitution, and all of the State’s Constitutions, thereby CONSERVING the Free Republic that was founded by our Forefathers and Foremothers.

          • How long is your menopausal crisis going to continue? Is there a correlation between the number of posts and pain? Perhaps the vicious content is represented in the frequency of symptoms? And perhaps a combination of the two represents the reason you post so frequently?

        • Why don’t you learn to play by adult rules?
          Conversation is a give and take,
          not a sermon that someone preaches.

      • charles johnston

        Muslim is not a race.

        • duh herr duh huh.

          • charles johnston

            Brilliant comment. Now go suck an egg.

          • You’re a Yale graduate no doubt.

          • charles johnston

            And you’re a stupid troll. Suck that egg yet?

          • he may have to spit something else out first….

          • charles johnston

            Yep, Kent. A distinct possibility.

          • Why do you embarrass America this way?

          • ..Why do you embarrass America this way?

          • Hag, you have more hangups than the local laundry. Asking questions, knowing you won’t accept any answer differing from your bias, repeating yourself over and over, thinking, like a BurmaShave ad that frequency begets impression, claiming to be literate, in a most illiterate way. I doubt even Huff “N Puff Post will accept your trite and jaundiced POV. But you do offer a lot of posts. Nothing else comes to mind.

          • der huh duh hu hu… go ood Wan chchch ukie um jahn stun!

          • charles johnston

            Looking at your profile, you CAN write, other than making stupid, juvenile comments, but then that’s typical for a liberal pigeon. Too bad that pigeon I compared you to has more brains.

          • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          • But my point is that you don’t .

          • charles johnston

            No, sorry, but you never made a point, still haven’t, instead trying to be cute like a 10 year old. Juvenile at best, stupid at worst.

          • You mean like Mr. Drumpf?

          • See! Another liberal calling names! How typical! I agree with Charles, you haven made no points on the subject! All you have done is bad mouth and put people down. I think you, like AK(notso)lady, just enjoy trying to piss people off. You’re childish…

          • Really ? There was no name calling, Drumpf is his real name . Haven’t done much research on this guy have you?

          • Yea…I know that he has NEVER gone by that name. IF it was an early family name, it was changed long before his birth. And, I also know that many people used to change their names when entering America to better blend in with the rest of America. Not like the immigrants today! So, since when did changing your name become a crime? I also KNOW that he is much better than anyone the democrats have put up. Hell…Bernie the socialist (just like Hitler) and Hillary the traitor/murderer!

          • Yes I know about name changes. You have voted for murderers in the past, I mean you are a republican. I don’t know of any evidence against Secretary Clinton beyond hearsay, propaganda and spin. Obviously Hitler must have had conservative looking at the right wing American Nazis who supported him financially. I would certainly choose the continuance and expansion of our socialism than endure a return to the ugliness of fascism.

          • Wow…using my Hitler and murder to counter me?! What’s wrong, cant think on your own…oh yeah,that’s right, you’re a liberal, of course you can’t! LOL!!! You are a fn idiot!

          • Your curve ball was fat n juicy I couldn’t do anything but hit it. What I offered is fact, which I know you Reich wingers don’t like, and facts supersede opinion, facts create conclusion.

          • My point about your pointless post was included and concluded in the first reply.

          • charles johnston

            “duh herr duh huh.”? That’s a rational comment or response? You’re even sicker than I thought, and more arrogant too. Your warped liddle brain coming out of your fingers is not even funny, although you probably think so. No matter your intent nor perversion, you act like a 10 year old. Have a nice day.

          • U 2 Charles, a great day !

          • hummer’s point is on top of his head…probably has a radio receiver embedded in order to receive special instructions from kenyan boyo directly to his two remaining brain cells.we know that the hoak69ersucker does….right now she is getting updates from her boy’s latest apology tour where the african clown is over there in japanville to apologize for bombing the enemy that started a war….actually in 1931, but it took the slopes another 10 years to find the USA…

          • charles johnston

            Love it, Kent. Thanks for the chuckle. Great humor. Wish I could write like that. Be well, my friend

          • appreciate the kudos Charles…what a shame that the truth and evidence of the hatred that clown boy has for the USA has not manifested itself sufficiently to wake up the troglodytes….look at the following that the ho clintoney has…of course we are dealing with another one of those misguided campaigns to achieve another “time to elect a something or other”….that happened in 2008, now we have the PMS vote…in 2019 the scum sucking pigs will be running a transsexual for the oral office…

          • charles johnston

            Chuckle. Amazing that the Hildabeast has managed to stay out of prison this long, while the line of body bags behind this pair of miscreants continues to grow, it’s even a fact that their foundation was caught laundering money from overseas, not reporting to the IRS and the excuse that, “Oops. . . we forgot,” is blithley accepted by the sycophants. Your comment about the transsexual brought another grin, but sad to say, it would take even more than that anymore to surprise me. Be well.

          • I wonder if hummer rowboat is actually another profile(sic) for that other idiot redbuttboy69er….

          • charles johnston

            Wouldn’t doubt it. Just don’t get all the alternate profiles. Guess if you’re getting paid to troll, you gotta work at it. Be well.

          • ””
            Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
            Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          • charles johnston

            Trolls deserve no mercy nor consideration. Grow up.

          • Ask your liberal friend h m rowland…he seems to be doing a lot of name calling….

        • Nor is Illegal alien.

        • Nor is it a religion. It’s a theology. It dictates how to live and what to think with a definite slant to men as women and children are possessions of the husband, father or brother with whom they can do anything.

          • charles johnston

            Definitely, Lady. Actually, far from being a religion, theology-whatever, of peace, it is anything but. The foundation documents were fabricated by a man with more hangups than the phone company, sexual slavery for women without any concept of love or compassion. To me it is a cult of death codified and directed by its founder.

          • All religions are theology.
            All theoligiea are part of a religion.

          • charles johnston

            To an extent, yes. Islam is a death culp posing as a religion.

          • Wow! That’s deep. Who are you plagiarizing?

          • well said Charles…

          • It’s not a theology either, it’s a political system hiding behind the banners of theology and religion; get it right!

          • It is a thocracy.


            noun: theocracy; plural noun: theocracies

            a system of government in which priests rule in the name of God or a god.

            the commonwealth of Israel from the time of Moses until the election of Saul as King.

          • the·ol·o·gy
            noun: theology
            the study of the nature of God and religious belief.
            religious beliefs and theory when systematically developed.

          • Religion is theology.

        • billdeserthills

          If two muslims was running, that could be a race

    • true more times than not

    • Elizabeth Davis

      I agree

    • Michelle Minze-Bryant

      What do you mean by your screen name? Are you one of the few Muslims that believe that every religion has a right to exist? I have a friend like that, riding the fence. It’s not a good thing, but much better than wanting to kill all the Christians and Americans.

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        its a pic of muslim traitor in his NATIVE kenya,

        and he hates Christ as much as he hates America!!!

        • True dat!!

          • ???
            Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • billdeserthills

            Might be the same reason You do
            Why do You do it?

          • Because what they said is true, you dumb lib! Go troll elsewhere…this article says that conservatives are racist? Against what race? As a minority myself, Cherokee, and have seen what the Democrats have done to many Native Americans tribes, I KNOW the Democrats lie their a$$es off!!!

          • Even more than usual recently, now that many of their political leaders have leaned toward socialism and have become more anti-American.

          • AK, give it up. Your opinion not respected, because, no one is interested in your opinion at these sites. Why don’t you go over to Huffington, or one of the other liberal sites where you can find like minded anti-Americans, socialists, heterophobics, kool-aid drinkers, true racists, and haters, who hate almost everyone, but especially anyone who doesn’t agree with them, especially heterosexuals, pro-Americans, anti-abortionists, women who do not want men with mental, emotional, and gender confusion in their bathrooms with them, true Christians, and white men, their number one targets of their hatred.

          • billdeserthills

            Why do You?

          • You just copy this little phrase into every conversation don’t you?

          • Hag lady has limited time, limited energy, limited vocabulary, and limited memory. That limits her to repeating the same trite socialist gabber ad infinitum.

        • Michelle Minze-Bryant

          Thought it looked like Obama. 😉

          • I think it is an early photo of Obozo!

          • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?

            That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.

            Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

          • You agree with Obama…correct? So ask that same question of yourself! Why do liberals call names! Look at the stuff liberals are saying about Trump with NO PROOF! I bet, like Hillary, you want to see Trumps tax returns too, don’t you!? Like you, or Hillary, could understand his tax returns! Gezzz….

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Do you know if people have seen those pictures of you fucking a goat while your Thai house boy took pictures and kept everything lubricated?

          • wow…can tell you’re a liberal. tell me…was the goat your girlfriend, and now you’re mad. Look, if you want to discuss something fine. But if you’re here to insult, give up. Nothing you say matters to me. And it just goes to prove who immature you liberals are!

          • StupidConservativeValues

            Wow, you can tell I’m a liberal Sherlock!?! Nothing I write really matters to you and it goes to show how immature liberals are!?! Bur you’re the one who proved my point! Of course, you’re too dumb to know you’re dumb so that’s a bit of a problem in explaining how the America works to idiots like yourself.

        • Why do you need to tell this lie?
          Why do you embarrass America this way?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • billdeserthills

            Could it be that the third time is the charm?
            Maybe you should write that bs again

        • Absolutely right!

        • ”’
          Why do you need to tell this lie?
          Why do you embarrass America this way?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
          Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

        • so that traitor is jealous of the American way of life then. I get it.

        • GodBlessRealAmerica!!

          Great analogy of Obama the traitor and low energy President

      • FACT: Not all Muslims are illiterate, backward extremists.

        • Just the ones we read about every day. The ones you mention are too timid, illiterate(?), and fearful to stand as a US citizen and denounce terrorism.

          • Amen to that, mesaman!!! If someone say they represent me, then trash my beliefs, you bet I would be out there loudly disowning them…just saying. That’s why I hate liberals saying I’m a racist because I’m a conservative. They don’t even know me! I judge people by their character, not their color! It’s that plain and simple…

        • billdeserthills

          Do you mean,
          Not all the intolerant muslim terrorists are illiterate, backwards extremists?

    • robert waddell

      Muslim love Christ! Is murdering innocent children, raping school kids, and burning people alive, Christ Like? NO!

    • Perfect. What the Left and Krugman, the personification of all things Left), is that far worse than their kind racism is political correctness. Little Paulie and his disciples never learned what most parents taught their kids before sending them off to kindergarten: “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me.”
      P.S. Paulie: Playing the racist card is as low as using the “N” word.

      • Michael Dennewitz

        And how would you know what the “N” word even was, unless you’very used it a few times yourself???

        • I’ve only used it when reading Huckleberry Finn out loud. I haven’t a clue what you’re driving at.

        • Wow! Really? That has to qualify as one of the most stupid things I’ve heard today! LOL!!! You actually think that people have to have used the word to know what it means? Really? Well, it does seem that you know the meaning. So…how often do you use it?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Pssttt.. Stand on your head, wait 20 seconds, then see if you can STILL KISS your own fat ass…. ?

          • Haha…you’re wrong again! I’m far from being fat! Sorry you can’t handle the truth.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Atleast three times in EVERY sentence, but only with regards to drug dealers and Haitians… ?

        • StupidConservativeValues

          Do you know if anyone has seen pictures of you fucking a goat while a Thai house boy took pictures and kept everything lubricated with his tongue and sponge?

    • no fool, calling all Mexicans rapists and murderers is pretty racist.

      • sorry dic weed he did not do that….of course you wanted that to be true in order to get all of your parasite buddies to go “demonstrate” in the streets with their pants down around their knees and their panties that you bought for them showing…you and the jerikoffsky pmbale69erinsky are too fools in a pod….

        • I can quote him if you like.

          “And it’s people from countries other than Mexico also. We have drug
          dealers coming across, we have rapists, we have killers, we have

          • yes and that was not saying that “all Mehicanos” are…….keep making things up…you know like kenyan boyo was born in the USA and loves America…maybe someone will bonzi that rat while he is apologizing the japs for bombing the enemy…

      • What do you call a mexican that is assaulting and raping women. liberal dem bloodsucking ascumbag?

    • We knew all time that Trump really woke up racists in this country. You can see all people at Trump rallies are Caucasian-Americans. You wonder what these are after – entitlements! They want to go back to the 50s and 60s when they were told by their parents that they only owned this country. At that time White women, Blacks, and other racial minorities were 2nd class citizens. Now we have a racial minority family in the WH; we have 1 Black US Supreme Ct justice; One Latina Supreme Ct justice etc. That has been hurting them for the last 7 years. Trump is giving hope that the 50s will be back. It is too late now. People of all races are now in same boat under the law. They will be disappointed after elections. Hillary will be the President.

      • You are a low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical liar, I went to a rally 3 days ago, stood next to 7 black people

        • You’re lying. I have caught quite a few Repubs and TPs lying not only to one another but to me. I told them to get a life.

          • Okay liberal dem bloodsuckers, let’s see what you have?
            We will both send $10000 to Paypal with instructions to determine which post is
            If mine is true, $2000 will come to me, if yours is true they will send you $2000, what do you have big mouth, low life liberal dem bloodsucking scum?

          • Bad news for you, TPs and Repubs. Americans took to the polls during a Gallup survey and polled Barack Obama as being the most admired man in USA and the World! That is going to hurt Repubs and TPs who wanted Obama ‘s presidency to fail. These morons tried hard to make President Obama miserable. These morons did not know Obama has blessings from his grandfather in Africa. They staged a fight in 2008 the they lost; they again through TPs and other extreme Repubs staged a fight in 2012, they again lost. Now the economy is at full employment and TPs and Repubs are crying foul. Some are praying to their little gods like Peterson and Graham why Obama won every time. Now we have to wait for Hillary to be on board. Like Obama, she is not a push-over. Please vote for Hillary.

          • Liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical scum bag, the Clinton Outlaw and the inept lying outlaw in the rainbow house now, will both go in front of a GTrand Jury with in 30 days of President Trump taking office.
            With in 60 days of President Trump taking office, all of your handouts go away.
            We will watch and applaud as you garbage starve to death

          • Unfortunately Trump will not be the next president. Hillary will take over from President Obama. Please prepare to cry your eyes out before November elections.

          • You have a navel, you have an opinion. Your navel is full of lint, your opinion if full of holes. Now go vote for Hildebeast, the wicked witch of the south, and enjoy your welfare check.

          • Hilarious, smoking those little skinny cigarettes again eh, ,liberal dem bloodsucker?

      • Michael Dennewitz

        Not this asshole again!? WHO THE HE’LL FORGOT TO FLUSH ??

    • the trolls from the huffy puffy posty have cruised in….pmbalele69erinsky and her buddy realitypeckerchecker have taken a break from co editing their column at the puff entitled “how to tell a stranger that you want to suck their —-“

    • Well said!!!!!!

    • Brains are terrible things to waste on liberal columnists. They are an utter waste on democrats but, even lower than that are columnists. Not journalists, I remind you, columnists. Columnists are journalists with their brains removed.

    • FACT: Trump’s father was founding member of the KKK in NYC. In 1927, he was arrested at a KKK riot with police. The KKK’s whine at that time was that there were too many Catholics on the poluce force.

    • FACT: The first fatality in the American Revolution was a Muslim. Islam has been part of the Unitwd States since before it was a nation.

    • FACT: the first country to formally recognize our new nation was Muslim. Morocco has now been our ally for over 225 years.

    • Why do you embarrass America with childish name calling?
      That is something most children give up by the 2nd or 3rd grade.
      Why would anyone agree with a adult who is that immature?

    • Poor Krugman, only 22 and he’s already grey and withered. Must be difficult, coming from a sheltered environment for those with mental handicaps, and rising near the absolute bottom already. His parents (he did have two, one of each sex, already) never thought he would be this successful, which he is not by general population standards, but which he is by the dung beetle party’s standards. And yet so compassionate to worry about the biased, slanted, pravda-like media and it’s treatment of the people’s choice; not Bernie, not Hildebeast, YES, TRUMP. He will give you whining, bellyaching dungers at least four years to ventilate your pre-pubescence anger.

    • —-
      Why do you need to tell this lie?

      Why do you embarrass America this way?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
      Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

    • StupidConservativeValues

      “I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.” Herr Drumf

    • Why do you believe it is acceptable to insult 1.7 billion people?
      Islam is the second largest of the world’s religions.

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        looking at all your post, you are liberal scum, but
        When will liberal scum realize that we cannot coexist with any ideology that requires our submission
        (islam’s definition, submit or die).

        Why should a “religion” that has proven itself intolerant, violent, and hostile be rewarded with the same allowance as other religions that not only oppose this, but are also victim of it?

        We must refute the belief that islam is a religion (of peace),
        it is a political ideology and a cult of death,
        and no behavior is tolerated outside of it’s murderous directives.

        do yourself a favor a read the quran, I have, and after reading over 20 verses of death to Christians and Jews, I burnt it!!!

        just read surah 3:32, 48:29, 5:33, 9:5, 9:29, 9:73, 9:111,
        to see how sick this “religion of peace” really is!!!

    • You can’t be serious? Ha ha ha ha ha …This is the new one MuslinLuvChrist the stone racist calling others racist..Ha ha ha man you are hilarious, check this out nitwit or should I call you Brainy ha ha ha Muslim, Traitor, and Hitler do not have anything in common, the biggest problem facing America today is Stupid, Ignorant and Dumb people now those three have something in common they are all Trump supporters and believe it or not sport Trump loves the poorly educated ha ha ha ha , you people( shaking my head)

    • Your post was deletes, but I’ll answer anyway.
      Christianity is a cult of death.
      Do yoursefl a favor, actually read the Bible.
      Do yoursefrl a favor, actually study history.

      • MuslimLuvChrist

        i’m sorry, and I thought it was a good post, let me try to remember.

        When will people realize that we cannot coexist with any ideology that requires our submission
        (islam’s definition, submit or die).

        Why should a “religion” that has proven itself intolerant, violent, and hostile be rewarded with the same allowance as other religions that not only oppose this, but are also victim of it?

        We must refute the belief that islam is a religion (of peace),
        it is a political ideology and a cult of death,
        and no behavior is tolerated outside of it’s murderous directives.

        I have read the Bible and the quran, but after reading over 20 verses in the quran of the teaching of killing Christian and Jews, I burnt it. You should try reading it, especially the following verses
        just read surah 3:32, 48:29, 5:33, 9:5, 9:29, 9:73, 9:111,
        to see how sick this “religion of peace” really is!!!

        whoever deletes this post, please tell me why???

        • The Bible teaches killing in both the Old and New Testaments.

          Why do you find that acceptable?

          • MuslimLuvChrist

            Jesus wasn’t a psychopath like you
            and mu-ham-mad didn’t teach peace he was a psychopath like you, he was a barbaric warrior who abducted a 6 year old girl and raped her, that is why muslims and you are psychopaths, you all approve of raping girls in the name of your sick prophet, and I don’t care if you delete this post you sick mother fucking cunt

          • Deuteronomy 13
            Deuteronomy 17
            Zephaniah 2:12-15
            Zephaniah 2:12-15
            Ezekiel 9:5-7

          • Child marriage — suggest you read the Old Testamwnt with a calculator in hand.

            Rebecca was three years old when she married Isaac. (Genesis 25:20).

          • In the Book: ‘The Comparative Hermeneutics of Rabbinic Judaism: Seder Tohorot. Tohorot through Uqsin.’ The Jewish oral Torah i.e. Mishnah states,

            M. 5:4 A girl three years and one day old is betrothed by intercourse. And if a Levir has had intercourse with her, he has acquired her. And they are laible on her account because of the law [Prohibiting intercourse with] a married woman. And she imparts uncleanness to him who has intercourse with her [when she is menstruating] to convey uncleanness to the lower as to the upper layer. [If] she was married to a priest, she eats heave offering. [If] one of those who are unfit [for marriage] has intercourse with her, he has rendered her unfit to marry into priesthood. [If] one of all those who are forbidden in the Torah to have intercourse with her, he is put to death on her account, but she is free of responsibility. [3]

          • Joseph, Mary’s husband, was “90 years old” when he married 12 to 14-year old Mary!

            Muslims would never call Joseph a Child Molester, nor would they refer to the “Holy Ghost” of the Bible, that “Impregnated” Mary as a “Rapist” or “Adulterer”.

          • In Exodus 21:10, a man can marry an infinite amount of women without any limits to how many he can marry.

            In 2 Samuel 5:13; 1 Chronicles 3:1-9, 14:3, King David had six wives and numerous concubines.

            In 1 Kings 11:3, King Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines.

            In 2 Chronicles 11:21, King Solomon’s son Rehoboam had 18 wives and 60 concubines.

          • Webster’s Bible Translation Numbers 31:17-18
            Now therefore kill every male among the little ones (taph), and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. But all the female children (taph), that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

        • You seem to have missed:

          Deuteronomy 13
          Deuteronomy 17
          Numbers 31
          John 15:6
          2 John 1:9-11
          Luke 19:27
          1 Corinthians 7:13-14
          2 Corinthians 6:14

          There many more examples, but that should make the facts very clear.

          • MuslimLuvChrist

            Jesus wasn’t a psychopath like you
            and mu-ham-mad didn’t teach peace he was a psychopath like you, he was a barbaric warrior who abducted a 6 year old girl and raped her, that is why muslims and you are psychopaths, you all approve of raping girls in the name of your sick prophet, and I don’t care if you delete this post you sick mother fucking cunt

        • Here are 14 examples of non-Islamic terrorism that have occurred in the United States in the last 30 years. All of them are related to the religious extremists, none of which is Muslim. The list is simply a sample, it is not all-inclusive.

          1. Wisconsin Sikh Temple massacre, Aug. 5, 2012.

          2. The murder of Dr. George Tiller, May 31, 2009.

          3. Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church shooting, July 27, 2008.

          4. The murder of Barnett Slepian by James Charles Kopp, Oct. 23, 1998.

          5. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing, July 27, 1996.

          6. The murder of Dr. John Britton, July 29, 1994.

          7. Planned Parenthood bombing, Brookline, Massachusetts, 1994.

          8. Suicide attack on IRS building in Austin, Texas, Feb. 18, 2010.

          9. The murder of Alan Berg, June 18, 1984.

          10. Timothy McVeigh and the Oklahoma City bombing, April 19, 1995.

          11. The Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church Shooting

          12. The Campaign of Terror Against Abortion Doctors

          13. Everything The Ku Klux Klan Has Ever Done

          14. The Massacre At Zion Emmanuel AME Church in Charleston, S.C.

          The rampant xenophobia that has taken hold of the Republican Party is an affront to everything this nation stands for. Terrorism spawns from the desperation of humankind, and for that, we are all guilty.


          Robert Lewis Dear — 3 dead, 9 injured – Colorado
          Christopher Sean Harper-Mercer – 9 dead, 9 injured – Oregon
          Dylann Storm Roof — 9 dead – S. Carolina
          Elliot Rodger – 6 dead – California
          Aaron Alexis — 12 dead — DC
          John Zawahri – 5 dead – California
          Adam Lanza – 27 dead – Connecticut
          Radcliffe Haughton – 3 dead — Wisconsin
          Andrew Engeldinger – 6 dead — Minnesota
          Wade Michael Page – 6 dead – Wisconsin
          James Holmes – 12 dead – Colorado
          One L. Goh – 7 dead – California
          Scott Dekraai – 8 dead — California
          Jared Lee Loughner – 6 dead – Arizona
          Omar S. Thornton – 8 dead – Connecticut
          Amy Bishop – 3 dead — Alabama
          Jiverly Voong – 13 dead — New York
          Steven Kazmierczak – 5 dead – Illinois
          Robert Hawkins – 8 dead — Nebraska
          Seung-hui Cho – 32 dead – Virginia
          Charles Carl Roberts IV – 5 dead — Pennsylvania
          Jennifer San Marco – 6 dead – California
          Jeffrey Weise – 9 dead — Minnesota
          Doug Williams – 5 dead — Mississippi
          Robert S. Flores – 3 dead — Arizona
          Charles Andrew Williams – 2 dead — California
          Michael McDermott – 7 dead – Massachusetts
          Bryan Uyesugi – 7 dead – Hawaii

        • U.S. Terror Organizations (mostly Christian):

          Animal Liberation Front
          Alpha 66
          The Jewish Defense League
          Omega 7
          Army of God
          Aryan Nations
          Black Liberation Army
          The Covenant
          Earth Liberation Front
          The Sword
          The Arm of the Lord
          Ku Klux Klan (Now International)
          May 19th Organization
          Occupy Wall Street
          The Order
          Phineas Priesthood
          Sovereign Citizens
          The Crips
          Symbioses Liberation Army
          United Freedom Front
          The Silent Brotherhood
          Phineas Priesthood

    • GodBlessRealAmerica!!

      second that!

    • Religious bigotry is an insult to our Founding Fathers.

      Religious bogitry is an insult to everyone who fought and died for America.

      Freedom of religion is the very basis for America’s existence.

      You are also insulting the 1st fatality in the American Revolution — Crispus Attucks.

      On top of that, you are also insulting America’s longest ally, and ally extremely important to us in these years of terrorism — Morocco.

      Your religious bigotry is an insult to everything America stands for.

  4. I wish I had a penny every time a libTURD accused someone of being a racist! National debt: GONE!

    If I had a penny for every act of violence against a White: free health care for everyone!

  5. Michael G. Del Rossi

    Krugman is a spineless weasel..he cannot even look people in the eye when he spews his vile opinions…he is one of the reason the NY Times has become a joke

    • StupidConservativeValues



    • Daniel F. Melton

      krugman is a failed economist too. The totally inappropriate award of a nobel prize proves it, just like that same prize awarded to “o”boy.

    • Michelle Minze-Bryant

      Yea, all the name calling is a joke. I mean really, do republicans ever call out any race? It’s all the people that crossed the border without going through the proper channels to get here. It’s the people who follow the idealogidy that all religions but Muslim should be destroyed. Nothing to do with race. All races are on the same playing field with republicans, the only ones to seperate ARE the liberals, ARE those races. The people not on the playing field are the people NOT legal, and the people who hate America and all the religions. Christians don’t want to rule the world for themselves, they want for others to follow Christ so they too will know peace and love through Christ and not live on hate for others and the end of others existence.

  6. David Arthur Anderson

    Back to the shtetl, Krugman!

  7. Krugman hasn’t been paying attention!!! This election has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with racism!!! It has to do with a failed government administration that is out of control in size, in debt, in ridiculous ambitions and being completely out of touch!!! It has to do with the economy that has NOT recovered in the manner in which it should have because of this administration’s imposing of ridiculous policies and regulations!! It has to do with the unemployed people and the elite officials lack of concern for the people they affect every day but they have no problem voting themselves a hefty raise!! It has to do with the immigration problem that there was a promise to take care of that and this administration can’t even enforce the laws that are on the books!!! It has to do with all of the bailouts that were completely unnecessary, about a President that is constantly screaming about climate change while he and his wife are fluttering around the world at huge expense in separate planes vacationing, having a grand time under the guise of foreign policy and on our dime (thousands of dollars)!!! It has to do with being lied to, taken advantage of and betrayed by the elected officials from both parties!!!!! We are fed up with the whole bunch of them and their arrogant, irresponsible attitudes!!! We are fed up with their selfishness, their uncaring, their not listening to their constituents!!! That, Mr. Krugman, has barely touched the surface but it has NOTHING to do with racism!!!!!

    • StupidConservativeValues

      I wish you were my daddy.

    • Don’t forget the fact that due to the fact he’s a Muslime, which typically think of dogs as in the same family of pigs, during his first administration, Ted Kennedy had given him a dog, which his children loved, but it wasn’t allowed to fly on Air Force One, instead, had to be flown in an Osprey helicopter to them while on their vacation in Martha’s Vineyard.

    • I agree 100%

    • Elizabeth Davis

      Ya!! you said it all. I am tired of the word racist. To the left everything is racist and anyone not believing them are idiots, so they say.

  8. Please tell us who sold out the Jews, Obama/Clinton or Trump!!! You actually believe this shit you write!

  9. We need to start calling the left “Moronic Robots” cause once they get a talking point that is all they know how to say……”you are a racist”, “you are a racist”, does compute, “you are a racist”. It’s like watching a bad 60’s TV show.

    • StupidConservativeValues

      Because that’s what you are, a racist.

      • And you are a stupid pussy. Race got nothing to do with it. The “elite” are going to kill you too, or try. Don’t you understand they think that this planet belongs to them and you are a “useless eater” just like us. Politics are being used to divide and weaken the People. So, unless you are a Rockefeller or a Rothschild you are screwed. Wake up. And I say this sincerely from my heart. They don’t care any more about you than they do about me.

        • Elizabeth Davis

          All you know is how to pour out bad words. Doing so, how do you think people will listen to your dumb a##If you have something to say, Speak out with out scumb or shut up.

          • Retired Marine

            Look in a mirror much? Read your own post.

          • So you think you have the authority to shut down my free speech? Should I call you Elizabeth Hitler?

          • Elizabeth Davis

            Did not try to shut down your free speech just said you could use better words and be more believable. Everyone has the right to free speech even those that think some don’t

      • Sgt. Charles Treadway USMCR

        You don’t even know what a racist is, it’s just a name to you, it’s just something you can call a person without knowing the meaning.

  10. StupidConservativeValues

    Trump’s rump is toast.

  11. Paul Krugman. Say no more.

  12. StupidConservativeValues

    Krugman is spot on! I’m voting for Drumpf and hate woggs more than anyone. Too bad we can’t buy and sell their lazy butts no more. It was fun to breakup up families and watch them wail like they have feel8ngs. Fu#king animals.

  13. NYTimes, the official rag for the Lefties.

  14. Why is it racist for white men to feel bad about losing power and not bad for black men to feel
    bad because they don’t have power?

  15. StupidConservativeValues

    I can’t stand linetals. All they want to do is stick to the side of the bowl.

  16. Paul Krugman should have been fired years ago for his socialistic views and articles. He’s a complete and total douche bag.

  17. Daniel F. Melton

    Does that racism charge include the black and latino Trump supporters?

  18. When, oh, When! are you going to learn? There is no such thing as a different race of “Conscious Human Being” (I include here those that have a potential to be).

    The only true divide in society is Conscience…those that have and those that have not.

    The have not’s are usually at the highest levels of government.

    To Every bleeding liberal/progressive screaming Racism at every turn: “You become what you think about most of the time”.

  19. Yasuko Kearney

    What planet is Paul Krugman living? He is an extreme left.

  20. What this imbecile of a person needs to do is to face all the people harmed by the illegals , and the working Americans who have been screwed over by the corruption of the Government and their donors! Are we not entitled to have some prosperity for all the hard work we do!

  21. The king of racism is living in our White House at this moment..

  22. Racism and lies are what drives the NY Times and their liberal followers. Like Lenin said, “if you tell a lie long enough, people start to believe it.” That has been the mantra of the liberals and democrats for decades.

  23. Who even bothers to read the NY Times? People like them should be put out of business. Of course I’m sure Obama loves them.

  24. These Dems are a one trick pony. Nothing new so they always play the race card.

  25. Stupidity is what drives the NY Times rag! I wouldn’t use the Times for butt wipe!

  26. What a crock of Donkey shyt. Krugman, I am ashamed to share a first name with you, you fukwit POS.

  27. This Krugman looks like he belongs in a closet.

  28. Michael Dennewitz

    Coming from the NY Slimes paper, what would anyone expect? georgie soros probably wrote that out for him to say – HE owns the media, corrupt bastards! !

  29. robert waddell

    When all else fails play the race card! I don’t see future president Trump, giving commencement speeches telling kids to “embrace their whiteness” the left wing media can’t help but to intraject the race card, Mr. Trump, uses common sense, when it comes to closing our borders. Obama’s opening borders isn’t for the good of those entering, if only Christian, white people, were coming in through the borders, it would be the most protected, highest wall, ever seen!

  30. Michael Dennewitz

    The only good mooseslime is a DEAD MOOSESLIME!!!?

  31. Morons always answer others that disagree with them by calling them racist. There is nothing racist about wanting to protect America, taking care of vets, and taking care of our seniors first. That’s called common sense. Something this bullshit artist has no clue of.

  32. Paul Krugman does not like Trump! Yet another reason to like Trump!

  33. There may be some racism but that is not what drives the Trump supporters. The corrupt government on the liberal and GOP side is the driving force Protecting our borders is not racism, just good common sense Sending illegals home is following the law instead of ignoring it Keeping Muslims out of our country who may or may not be isis rebels is a good idea until full background checks are made Keeping Muslims out of our country who want to be in America but do not want to live like us and obey our laws is a great idea and not racism. When Muslims come here and want to follow the teachings of the Koran, and kill those who do not believe in the cult God Allah and want Sheria law over our Constitution, need to stay out of this country That is not racism, just good common sense.

  34. I have voted Democratic, republican, and third party with the same feeling that I have now and nothing to do with Donald Trump. No matter what your race, this is a Christian country and if you want to live here, work here, raise your family here and live your life with American values, welcome. However, if you want to bring your cult religion and habits into this country or you think this country owes you a free ride—-go home and that is not racism but American protectivism.

  35. Every liberal be it actors or members of the media or the general liberal population is fixated on racism, at least as long as it’s convenient. Is the NAACP racist? Is the Miss Black America contest racist? Is the black chamber of commerce racist? Any organization created to support one race over another is racist be it black. white or other. Do conservatives cry and moan about black racism? No because they accept it as fact, as a part of America. But liberals see everything not to their liking as racist. They just like the sound of the word. If, and I suppose there is, racism in America, I think the liberals have helped create most of it.

  36. robert waddell

    The racist is Obama! Blatant racism so obvious he doesn’t even argue about it! Obama knows he’s a racist, and anyone who can’t see it is blind, or hypnotized by Satan! Islam is a satanic religion! God chose Abraham because of his faith, and obedience! God also had a plan, when he told Abraham to lay with Hagar! Everything happening in the Middle East now, ISSIS, HAMAS, ALQEDA, is part of that plan. The fact that Gods chosen people are the Jews, is leading up to the spot where the Euphrates meets the Tigress! It is going to be evil vs Israel
    It’s all a plan that has been in place since the beginning! God, is the great I Am! Before time, there was God! Before darkness and light, there was God! We don’t even know the void before light, and darkness, except for the fact that God was there! Instead of hating each other, we should be helping each other, because never before, have we been so close to the end, if you only believed, you would know the time, is near! Islam is Satan, and Satan knows his time is at hand, he has had free reign over the earth since being thrown out of heaven! This is satans final chance to take your soul to hell for eternity! Gods spirit is going to leave this world until his son Jesus returns! Imagine people without a conscious, talk about riots, talk about murders, talk about fear! Just believe, and you are free!

  37. I agreed that the real racists are those in power. Obama is a racist. He is promoting division. Klugman is a racist against conservatives and anyone who disagree with him.

  38. James in Texas

    If Krugman called for a Convention for support of his statements, he could hold it in a phone booth and have enough room to invite the Editor of the New York Slimes!

  39. robert waddell

    The good ol days are gone in America! We will see nothing but chaos, and it will get worse, in America from now on! There may not even be an election in November, the people responsible for Obama weren’t thinking eight years! He will be Americas first, and last, dictator! This election is the big distraction needed for Obama to do things unnoticed! He has pretty much done anything he has wanted without any push back by anyone! That is simply amazing! “We The People” have remained passive, except the ones backing Obama! Do you really think he is going away?

  40. Mr Krugman, if you are applying the term “racism” to mean pundits and talking heads like yourself and politicians who get paid way more than they deserve, then you are correct, and if not then you should be fired immediately because you are just another ‘talking head’ for the status quo, and those who want to keep the People of the United States silent and confused. Well, that used to work, but we, The People, have collectively ‘grown a pair’ and support a man who has shown that he always had a “pair”, please don’t look to see if you have “a pair”, the disappointment and your reaction will lead to having you committed to a rubber room.

  41. Why do we continueto suffer the liberal dem bloodsuckers, why not just close off the borders to our states,, kick back and applaud as they starve to death,.

  42. Paul must have a severe mental problem. It’s the dumbacraps that are the racist ones but they like to make the other ignorant dumbacraps think we are. And the other dumbacraps are actually ignorant enough to believe it.

  43. robert waddell

    Obama is Islamic, he has Muslim brotherhood in his administration! Obama is gay, he has had as many as 15 men in one day, according to an ex-secret serviceman who was witness to the disgusting things happening in the people’s house! Obama wears his Islam clothes when cameras aren’t around! He has a tranny wife, and two adopted kids, whom by the way are being groomed by the same people responsible for Obama! Soros, has been paying out money for years to bring down the American financial system and it is very close to happening! The chaos soros pays for is the people in the streets, rioters, the trouble at Trump rallies! Soros is the anti-Christ!

  44. This is a Democrat tactic. It comes from Alinsky. Blame the evil you do on someone else. Projection has been used for years, Like the Democrat Klan is blamed on Republicans.

  45. robert waddell

    Obama will declare marshal law, and bring in the United Nations military to police the U.S. while gun confiscation is finished, and people are rounded up, and put into fema camps, then given a choice to convert to Islam or be beheaded! You can believe this or not, it doesn’t matter, it’s going to happen!

  46. Krugman lives in deception. The biggest one is that he works for a legitimate newspaper. The second biggest is that he has talent as a reporter or commentator. He is just a plain old BS spreader. He could do better working on a farm.

  47. It is not racism which is at the core of the support for Trump. It is a desire for difference. When failure is what characterizes an entire administration, the natural reaction is going to be a strong desire for “hope and change.”
    After all, that is what Obama promised in 2008. We got “change,” apparently, many feel that “hope” was not a sufficiently large part of the fulfilled promise. People, frankly, have grown tired of the repetitious behavior of the inner-city, African-American community reacting as an incoherent whole to government security and law enforcement officers in the performance of their duties to maintain law and order. We have put up with the exploitation of skin color for decades and it is a tiresome issue, along with the ignorant, petty issues, mostly related to people having problems with their sexual identity and behavior. Society’s security is maintained on obedience to fundamental, ethical and moral standards, without which, justice is sacrificed at the altar of “freedom of choice.” The left has long been out of step with the notion that the Laws of God are universally applicable, just as the free-moral agency of man is an accepted reality. It is the left which needs to get on the right side of God, and stop the drive to “make history” with completely idiotic and purposeless revisions of the historic definitions of evidence, identity and purpose in order to allow behaviors which jeopardize the security of all. We have never endured an administration which is so entirely out of touch with the will of the majority of the people of the United States as is the current.
    Hopefully, the democrats will receive the greatest shellacking of their ignominious history in the election of 2016.

  48. The liberals wouldn’t know a raciest if Berry aka obama pissed in their coffee!

  49. What an ass. We are not racist and how easy you throw that remark around to cover your hate and stupidity. We stand up for America because we love our country. You are the racist and stupid besides.

  50. charles johnston

    First we hated Obama because he’s black, just ignore the fact that he’s up to his neck in socialist/Marxist policy. Now all Trump supporters are racist? As usual the NYT cares nothing about facts, only liberal spin.

    • robert waddell

      I’ve never hated Obama for being black! I hate him for being a fraud, and trying to destroy my homeland!

      • charles johnston

        Me too, Robert. But the liberals can’t admit that he’s done more to negatively impact job growth and the economy with his faulty socialist dreams, more to harm race relations by displaying his own racism and more to harm the country’s image with his apologies for America’s greatness. They can’t grasp any of that because it takes common sense. . . so it’s gotta be racism. Be well.

  51. robert waddell

    If it weren’t for the anti-Trump mobs at his events, you wouldn’t hear a peep out of Trump supporters! A black cop from Texas went to a Trump rally and reported, truthfully, of what he saw as Trump supporters being assaulted by the Soros paid crowd!

  52. Well I think this guy needs to go to a trump rally and see for himself where the hate, anger, racism is coming from !
    The left so called peace loving people
    Are not what this desk jockey is portraying

    I have first hand have been to a trump rally
    It s not coming from the Trump supporters
    I can tell you that .

    So glad this guy gets paid for spreading his false information .
    If I was to grade his article it would be a (F- )

  53. I don’t hate anybody for their color but I do hate liberals of all colors, so I am a equal opportunity liberal hater.

    • TheSkalawag929

      Interesting that you take pride in being a “hater”.

      • Really libturd interesting, well dealing with dumbass ignorant senseless morons like you spewing hate to anyone that doesn’t have your values or the lack of values, patriotism and Americanism. It gets old dealing with scum

        • TheSkalawag929

          REK you are projecting.
          All I did was comment on what seems to be your pride in being a hater.
          I haven’t said one hateful thing.
          You on the other hand are calling me a “moron” and accusing me of not having values, not being patriotic and questioning my “Ameicanism”. Whatever that is.
          You are truly living down to your professed level of hater.
          How can one not find such irrationality interesting?

          • I read your post before i commented I know you are liberal scum and thank you dealing with liberal insanity has honed my hate for loser mooching lying turds.

          • TheSkalawag929

            Maybe it hasn’t been pointed out to you but you wouldn’t have the freedoms that you enjoy today had it not been for the LIBERAL founders of our country.
            And FYI. There are also a lot of conservatives taking advantage of the same things that you call Liberals “loser mooching lying turds” for.
            But I guess that’s okay because they’re conservatives.

          • The Founders…. liberals? Ha Ha Ha Ha… an obvious public school graduate who know not of history.

          • TheSkalawag929

            You’re laughing.
            So would I be justified in believing you must be a product of home schooling because you don’t know that the Founders were Liberal? The ideas at the time of our country’s founding were NEW and rebellious. Not something conservatives are known for.
            My proof:


            These are just two of the Founders of our country. And as you conservatives love to point out we Liberals all like to hang out together. So yes the Founders were Liberal.

          • Wait…. you’re basing your false assumption on the thoughts of others on a forum? 99% of the Founders were Conservatives/capitalists. One only has to read the history of each one to see that.

            True, Conservatives are not known for being rebellious, but that’s because we/they prefer to stick with the principles and ideals that took America from worst to first in less than 180 years.

          • I am inclined to agree that the founders were capitalist but nothing in their actions or words at the time of the founding of this country leads me to believe that they were conservative.
            This country was founded on the liberal ideals and principles of the time and building on those liberal ideals and principles is what has propelled us to our current greatness. It was not the stagnation of being fearful about change or innovation.
            Being conservative, to me, is synonymous with fighting change which is a no win situation.

          • …. you don’t know the idea of what being an American is? Why am I not surprised. There are many “citizens” but not all are Americans.

          • “….you don’t know the idea of what being an American is? ”
            Surely you are not going to tell me that it’s calling people “”morons” and accusing them of not having values, not being patriotic and questioning their “Ameicanism”.
            What is Americanism anyway?
            Why don’t you enlighten me?
            I don’t know what definition of citizen you are using but this is the one I am using.
            citizen: a legally recognized subject or national of a state or commonwealth, either native or naturalized.

  54. robert waddell

    Trump supporters go peacefully to listen to what the man has to offer, a normal event during an election. Anti-Trump, crowds supported by Soros, go to Trump events to intimidate, and assault, peaceful Americans! Remember the 60’s when blacks wanted to attend college? Violent troublemakers were there! Bias and hatred know no color, it is just hate! One hateful group using their constitutional rights to block another groups constitutional rights! Different scenario, same hate!

  55. This guy is one of the reasons people are for Trump. He is and works for the most racist paper in the country. This paper is owned by a rich Mexican that thinks Mexico owns America. We are Americans and we have a right to run the illegals out .

  56. robert waddell

    Black people wanting an education should not have been assaulted by haters! Trump supporters should not be assaulted by haters! There aren’t any violent black people at Clinton events! None at Sanders events, common denominator, SOROS!

  57. robert waddell

    Soros as a child in Hungary, during Hitlers Jewish roundup, (Soros is a Jew) knew where hiding Jewish families were, he would rat them out to nazis, and wait for them to be removed from their homes, then he would go and steal their valuables! People, it doesn’t get any worse than that!

  58. TheSkalawag929

    Why is Trump being called sexist, misogynistic, racist, bigoted, and not qualified, by any terms, to have the country’s missile launch codes.
    What has HE said that would make people say such mean and hateful things about him.

    • Lets make America great again,thats what he said

    • the idiots on the left do not and have never needed a reason to call any conservative they HATE, names. Trump is being trashed by the biased liberal-to-the-core media for saying what he thinks, rather than pander to people. he also defends himself when trashed-a new twist the media hasn’t dealt with previously. the names he is called is the pc police trying to persuade the public he is what they SAY he is-and up until now, it has worked.

      • TheSkalawag929

        I would not describe the majority of those who ran for the republican presidential nomination as being on the left. Nor would I describe a number of right-wing pundits, radio and tv personalities as being on the left either.
        They were the ones trashing Trump. The “Liberal” media, as you call them, was just reporting on what you republicans were doing to yourselves.
        Trump has already begun to backtrack on a number of things he has said during the campaign.
        Over the years Trump has shown what he is. And I believe him.

        • nice try-true some conservatives have trashed Trump for his outspokenness and lack of political correctness, but it is indeed the LIBERAL media who continuously hammers all things conservative and tries to twist issues to suit their real agenda-electing Clinton. over the years, Clinton has shown what a lying cheating POS she is and none of you idiots believe it. here’s what I believe-you are a troll with no real opinion of your own-just the propaganda-driven garbage your idols in the media feed you.

          • TheSkalawag929

            I wonder what your excuses will be when conservatives lose big time in November.

  59. robert waddell

    Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Soros, Valerie Jarret, Van Jones, Susan Rice, the Sunsteins, Geitner, Eric Holder, Rahm Emmanuel, and 70 members of congress belonging to the “Democrat Socialists of America” as well as the Nation of Islam, have attacked America from the core! It was brilliantly followed through, and because Obama is half black, gay, Islamic, and a communist, well they covered all the bases! They Hate America, they hate
    capitalism! The Constitution that they want to destroy is the very thing that has allowed them to flourish! That is brilliant, and you have to give them credit for pulling the wool over very stupid liberals, and weak minded Americans! If you give half of the citizens basically everything they need to survive, and be able to vote, you will have them for ever! Throw in some ignorant white women, and stupid liberal thinking white men, open a border or two, you can divide a society and have you’re slaves, and stay in power indefinitely! Ignorant people who are given a section 8 housing project, free utilities, free food, free cell phone (so they can be tracked) and a little left over for dope and booze, all you need then is 666 and you have the carnal life sewed up! Poke anything that moves, stay stoned, be loyal slaves, and kill all who disagree! Democrats!

    • TheSkalawag929

      I googled your claim.
      The result was :Your search – Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Soros, Valerie Jarret, Van Jones, Susan Rice, the Sunsteins … – did not match any documents.
      Besides even if it were true what difference should it make, considering that the Constitution allows for and promotes equality for ALL?

      • robert waddell

        Don’t blow sunshine up my skirt you liberal piece of shit!

      • robert waddell

        Are you actually telling me that the people I mentioned had nothing to do with Obama becoming the fraud he is?

      • robert waddell

        How about the 70 members of congress? Their names are all over everything!

        • TheSkalawag929

          To which 70 members of Congress are you referring to and what is it that they have their names all over that has you so perturbed?

          • Why don’t you google the “Democrat Socialists of America?”

          • TheSkalawag929

            Okay I did.
            Yes according to (http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2010/08/american-socialists-release-names-of-70-congressional-democrats-in-their-caucus/) what you said is true. But my question still stands. “…even if it were true what difference should it make, considering that the Constitution allows for and promotes equality for ALL?

            D.S.A. “”fights for reforms… that will weaken the power of corporations and increase the power of working people”. These reforms include decreasing the influence of money in politics, empowering ordinary people in workplaces and within the economy”.

            I’m not saying that I agree with everything that they stand for but I don’t have a problem with this. Do you?

      • robert waddell

        You are one of the misled! I’m sorry you are so stupid!

      • robert waddell

        Then why are they trying to change the constitution?

        • TheSkalawag929

          The only people talking about changing the Constitution have been conservatives.
          I don’t recall any recent Liberal initiative to change the Constitution.

          • Really? The second amendment? Come on!!

          • Let me rephrase my statement.
            The only people actually introducing legislation moving to change the Constitution have been conservatives.
            I do not deny that there are some on the left who would like to get rid of the Second Amendment and talk very loudly about it but that is not the pervasive idea among Liberals and there has been no actual legislation put forth to do anything to the Second Amendment by Liberals that I’m aware of.

      • robert waddell

        Google “Dick-Head” you’ll see your picture!

      • Of course not silly-POTUS was smart enough to have all ties, references to him (and the other wh traitors) disappear when Googled. However if you actually read some real history not spoon-fed to you by the biased media sources you seem to prefer-you too can connect the dots to see how Soros, Alinsky and Bill Ayers have indeed influenced the current POTUS into deceiving the American people with policies that have begun our descent into hell.

        • TheSkalawag929

          It is amazing how right-wingers change the narrative to fit their conspiracy fantasy.
          Where might I find this “real history” that you speak of?
          I don’t believe in guilt by association as you appear to.
          If you believe that we are descending into hell and that the current administration is responsible you are deceiving yourself. That activity was set into motion by eight years of irresponsible and deceptive republican government. This administration stopped it.

          • wow you are truly brainwashed libbie-and lazy to boot. the “vast right wing conspiracy theory” rhetoric pushed ad nauseaum by you leftist idiots is tired and completely inaccurate and you know it. when a conservative disagrees with your narratives of “truth” you trot out the conspiracy crap. grow up. as to where you find ‘real historical information’-try books, not the internet. this administration was supposed to be the most ‘transparent’ in history-riiiiight. all it has done is blame it’s failures on previous administrations (like you just did) and previous presidents with different ideologies, and you lap it up and spit it out on blogs like these. save your bad breath dude. wise up.

          • TheSkalawag929

            It’s not us on the Left who are the ones trotting out the conspiracy theories. It’s you on the right.
            You right-wingers have been the ones instigating harmful acts against the Clintons as far back as White Water not based on any credible evidence. You right-wingers are the ones who trot out the conspiracy crap. We on the Left, being politically correct, feel obligated to respond.
            What I’m hearing from you is that you believe that because the lies you believe are written in a book that somehow makes them true. But if I were to read that same information on the internet that would make it untrue.
            As far as transparency goes NO administration has, is or will be as transparent as the public wants. To be perturbed over such a fact in the political world is a waste of time. It will not change no matter whose administration.
            The condition of the country when one administration takes over from another is solely the responsibility of the outgoing administration. Period. W left us on the skids toward a cliff. President Obama, with very little help from conservatives, stopped the slide over the cliff.
            The facts do not back your narrative.
            Your hate clouds your judgement

          • hey, liberal tool-save your moronic opinion for someone who cares what you think-I don’t because you are merely an instigator spewing hate, blame and lies here with absolutely no facts to back it up. stfu zipperhead-you are a waste of time.

          • TheSkalawag929

            You should get a job at a movie theater. You one heck of a projector.

  60. robert waddell

    Consider the source! It is the Marxist divide and conquer technique every card carrying liberal is brainwashed with!

  61. disqus_e1rjNMkUay

    Paul, That wont work, no more than the “Stop Trump” campaign. That was a dismal failure. Nor will the evil of the 0.03 % of the liberal press, that is no match for the Truth The one point, that “you” can never comprehend, is that the Trump Supporters are all too Smart, to be hoodwinked or deceived by your congered up lies. Count on it Paul.

  62. robert waddell

    For some reason, and I can’t grasp it, American Patriots have been sitting on their hands for nearly 8 years! Some say they are afraid of blacks! Ha, have you seen the people rioting, and marching, shouting “kill the police?” Some say we are going to elect a new president and defeat them the right way! Ha, good luck! People who have attacked America, using only their twisted minds, (brilliant) are not going to allow a person to get elected unless he, or she, are of the same mindset! You don’t conquer the greatest nation on earth only to hold power for eight years! Stop thinking like the Cleavers! It’s time to get the big picture! The black people you are afraid of are not going to lay down and lick their balls in the shade if their meal ticket is in jeopardy! Throw in angry Mexicans, Muslim brotherhood, and well, you get mass chaos! Only one way to American greatness to continue, engage! Fight, or die!

  63. He’s sort of right about conservatives being driven by racism. The liberal ranks are so full of angry bigots that I wouldn’t want to be associated with that segment. And that IS part of what drives me to the conservative mindset, that and their batshit crazy candidates!

  64. Ladydonnalands

    Liberals are Luciferians and I am racist against evil. Liberals have destroyed our country.

  65. robert waddell

    Obama has used race as a weapon! He has divided this country on racial lines, you must admit we were getting along great, until Barry came to power!

  66. And what drives Liberals are ignorance and treason.

  67. What in the world would the New York Times know about news? Their liberal left bias is their trademark. They’re nothing more than a progressive miss-information dispenser. They lost their credibility as a new dispensing organization long, long ago. They rank right up there with old Mother Earth News and Mother Jones.

  68. The entire corporate news media is controlled by the satanic new world order government. If you are a conservative and wish to report the news honestly, you won’t be hired by the vile corporate news media. If you wish to hear the true news, check Caravan to Midnight on line.

  69. I’m a Trump supporter, racism doesn’t drive me, my black driver does!

  70. The NY Times, and all liberals, need to be educated on the real definition of “racism”. Just saying the “R” word doesn’t mean it is true.

  71. America is the greatest country on earth! It is pathetic how we allow a hand full of people drag us down by this antiquated race issue! Every educated person breathing capitalist sweet air knows that the actions of the past were terrible, and we’d really like to put it to rest, only the truly ignorant won’t let it!

  72. That’s all they have besides lies, fraud, and cheating!

  73. There is an old Hebrew saying… ” Bo-lo-gna”… BOLONEY!

  74. Where did all of these Idiots come from?

  75. krugman is the IDIOT that firmly believes that DEBT is no problem, just run it up! SO full of shit!

  76. I bet that the majority of people like this doofus, live in areas that have relatively very few non-whites. Take Vermont, for instance. The voters there elect far-left and socialist candidates, and the state is about 95% white.

    • Most wealthy liberals don’t live anywhere near poor blacks! Nancy Pelosi lives in a mansion, John Kerry too, Hillary and Bill, as well. Hypocrites, they keep black people in the projects and don’t want to see them, except on voting days!

  77. Every American Jew who is a liberal, is a traitor to Israel. Liberals hate Jews! They support everything anti-Israel! Obama hates Jews because he is a Muslim, and Israel is the apple of Gods eye! Jews are Gods chosen people! You can’t support a liberal agenda and support Israel, a house divided cannot stand! Ayers, Soros, Van Jones, all support Hamas! If you are an American Jew, and support Obama, you are a traitor!

  78. How can someone as intelligent as Krugman appears be so dumb?

    • He is just doing his part to help the cause, when you’re down, don’t wear a frown, play the race card!

  79. The educated African Americans should be appalled by the way liberals treat poor blacks! That is one thing about them I’ll never understand! They have done what it takes to educate themselves, some made their opportunities, by hard work, and determination! They know if they could do it, so could so many others! They also know that liberals have poor blacks enslaved, by giving them a free ride that only gets them to the voting booth! They should be angry as hell at the democrat party for treating blacks as slaves!

  80. People like Al Sharpton, call themselves fighting for the cause! Well, when MLK was fighting for the cause, it was a cause! Everything MLK was seeking, has come! The only thing Sharpton, and the like have now, is race! Blacks can have everything they want if they work for it. It’s the WORK for it part, that keeps Sharpton fed! Fraud, cheating, taking, demanding more, and all under the heading of race! If you hit a bit of a wall, instead of conquering the obstacle, cry racism! It is so old it carries dust! Sharpton still looks like a pimp, because he is one!

  81. Racism is promoted by the government, the democratic party, and the mainstream media, and it’s all directed at white people…so yes, it is a factor.

  82. People who break the law must pay for it! When a man, or woman, has done their time, they have a clean slate, they have paid for their crime! The Felon stamp is not exactly fair! There are some people who really do become aware that they did wrong, and accept responsibility! From that point on they deserve another chance! If they break the law again, and it is a felony, it should then be treated with harsher scrutiny! Some people come out of prison worse than they were when they come in, usually the ones that could care less!

  83. The New York Slime. Irrelevant piece of crap paper.

  84. Another media nitwit. The open borders, hordes of illegal aliens and nonvetted refugees (all non citizens) on welfare and loose in this country to do whatever harm is in their unvetted hearts has nothing what so ever to do with our discontent. And the fact that it is our tax dollars supporting these hordes should have nothing to do with it too. Additionally the businesses hiring these illegals and refugees do not pay into the welfare kiddie guaranteed. That means we get screwed twice. One they take the jobs from legal citizens and two we get to foot the bill for the welfare doles including but not limited to housing, food, healthcare, schooling since most including adults are illiterate and non english speaking (this cost much more) and we should smile about it? NOT! Sounds like this Idiot would fit in over in the EU! They are drinking the koolaide of socialism and New World Order.

  85. Can we get off this ‘white privilege’ crap already? ENOUGH name calling-the libtards are scared to death a real patriot is going to sit in the Oval Office for a change and are spitting out their only defenses like the rabid dogs they are. Real Americans who want our country BACK from the socialist, commie muslim-loving hater occupying his throne, finally have a real chamce for that actually happening– and the demonrats can’t handle it. Tough, I lived through obamanation (barely..) so just deal with it.

  86. It has long been a communist tactic to accuse an opposing person of the very thing for which you are most guilty!

  87. “NY Times Columnist: Racism is What Drives Trump Supporters”


  88. Both diapers and politicians should be changed frequently and for the same reason! Congress frets over bathrooms while the country’s debt skyrockets and we in the middle class have the exact or lower lifestyle than those receiving all the benevolent benefits they continue to give away. That is why Trump is so popular because to continue on the same path is sure to lead to war and bloodshed!

    • watch out the circus migets pmbalele, realitypeckerchecker, and hm rowyour thingydingy will be jumping on you and calling you names….like racist or homophobo, or worse yet they may accuse you of being a conservative the loves the USA and has no use for the stupidity that has been shown by kenyan boyo and the democrapo clowns that share his hatred for those things that make the USA great….they just want more parasites, rags, and commies to be allowed to invade our beautiful part of the world….

  89. The race card has been played too many times.
    Guess the haters don’t seem to realize the American people are fed up and want their country back from the whining PC crowd.

  90. To the left wing liberal/socialist idiots, everything one does not agree with, is almost always a ‘RACIST’ issue. When Obama is gone and the next Conservative (Trump) gets in. We need to curtail the use of the word ‘RACIST’ and restore it to it’s true meaning. No longer can we relate ‘RACIST’ to someone who does not like the color of the uniform of a Park Ranger, the National Flag or a historical flag of the Confederate States of America. Or being against the LGBT, which is not a racially oriented organization, there are LGBT members of all colors, creeds, religions and genders. Not black against white against brown against yellow against blue. Not straight against gay against transgender, against male, against female or whatever. There is more to declare as a problem but not as a ‘RACIST’ issue. The welfare system is not ‘RACIST. There are people of all races on welfare. The problem is not a race or color thing, it is a ‘FREELOADER’ thing. Minimum wage is not a ‘RACIST’ thing. If you want to earn a decent living, get an education and use it to better yourself. If you don’t want to work at making your life better, stay with those minimum wage, entry level jobs. It is not the fault of racism, it is the fault of personal choice. This is 2016, not 1965 and it is about time ALL people living within this once great nation realize that. When it cones to real racial strife, we have gone backwards some 50 plus years. It is time to hit the brakes and make a U-turn and get back on the right road while we still have a nation to make great again.

  91. Want to end a rational discussion… cry “Racist”!

  92. I actually agree with the headline. Racism is the root cause of Trump’s rise to success. How so? The racist policies, statements, and actions from OBAMA have driven decent Americans to decide they have HAD ENOUGH! We Americans feel NO need to apologize continually to the rest of the world – for what, saving the world from Nazism, Italian Fascism, Japanese Imperialism, not to mention Soviet Communism? Trump’s message of “Make America Great Again!” resonates with a very large number of frustrated American citizens who are SICK AND TIRED of our own government committing national suicide (against our will!) with every idiotic trade deal they can make (NAFTA, GATT, TPP) and every ridiculous TREATY they want. The “Iran Deal” is a treaty, as it is an agreement between nations with certain provisions and requirements, except they don’t call it a “Treaty” because then it would require 2/3 of the Senate to “RATIFY” it in order for it to go into effect, so they call it something else so Obama can have his way again, and we can’t oppose him, because that would be “racist!” What bull crap! As Mark Levin has pointed out, this is serious business folks. Its not about immigration quotas, its about NUCLEAR WEAPONS being allowed to a stinking, Islamic Fundamentalist regime that hates Israel, and the United States (mainly because we support Israel). Obama claims that this deal will prevent Iran getting a nuclear weapon. Right – that is equivalent to Neville Chamberlain claiming that his little “piece of paper” assuring peace with Hitler will give us “Peace in Our Time.” Any NOBODY knocks this ass-clown Obama down BECAUSE he’s BLACK. I call THAT RACIST!!!

  93. Paul Krugman is a very unhappy man, he makes a living by lying, and spreading BS. He has a good education but waste it by writing vile garbage never looking into the good side of anything. Even as a critic he was hateful and harmful. He is one of the reasons I stopped delivery of the NY Times 5 years ago. I was a customer for 54 years. The last 5 years as a reader was only because I stopped reading their editorials.

  94. I disagree that racism is driving the Trump supporters – people are sick and tired of the “elites” who do not hold allegiance to the American public. Trump is a great success because he has tapped into the zeitgeist of our society – People want to feel secure and safe in this country – something obama has failed to do miserably. He is not leader – Trump could write the book on being a leader and he is being that as we speak. How can he be racist when he has the support of most blacks in this country? Trump will trounce Hillarious in the fall election.

  95. As usual, Kruman is full of shit!

  96. Here’s a huge FACT for that whiney New York liberal who is shaking in his boots because Trump scares his pocketbook: Latinos, Asians, Blacks and many Democrats from his own party ARE SUPPORTING TRUMP!! GET OVER IT! Either join the pack or get stomped under as we take back our Country!

    For his clarification, it isn’t about the White Race who is tired of the liberal party constantly raping our nation, but it IS about Politicians in general (who he supports endlessly) that have forced ALL Americans (all Races) to accept their twisted values that they have no business doing!

    “We the People” are done with politicians and anyone that hangs with them. Time to “clean house” starting with the White House and remove all the TRASH. Can’t stop there because we have a non-functioning Congress that no longer cares abt Americans but only $$. America needs to start over…Revolution may be the only way to do it.

  97. Right – that’s why there are blacks, hispanics, asian and mid-eastern people in the group.

  98. Listen you dumb FU*K I am a Trump supporter and how dare you call me a racist!!! You don’t know ANY of us!! Pull your head out of your ass and Start dealing with the real problem!! YOU!!! You and the the brain dead people of this country that look somewhere else to blame for the state of this country. Krugman It’s you and your racist president!!! Back the heck off!!!

  99. I’m a Japanese American, I know what real racism is. I support Donald Trump because I don’t like the status quo in our country with our politicians, the political correctness ,racists like Krugman. How dare you Krugman, Democrats put my mother, her sisters, brothers and my Grandma and grandpa in internment camps.. My uncles then fought for this great country in WW II. Did you fight for your country Mr. KRUCHEV?. How dare you bring up race . Go hide in your hole and disappear. People like You are the problem with this country .

  100. No “white angry men” has nothing to do with racism. It has everything to do with ILLEGAL aliens coming across our borders, committing crimes against our citizens, taking American jobs, and affordable housing. These people are criminals as soon as they cross the border (broke a law) and should be deported or put in prison. They are criminals. Where is the racism? You know full well there is none – you are using this BS to attack Trump who simply wants to enforce the laws we already have. And yes Muslims should be prevented from coming into our country at this time until we have a system in place that can assure they are legitimate reasons for coming here and they can be tracked. So many are coming in and then supporting ISIS we cannot tolerate that any longer.

  101. PPaul Krugman





  103. When Krugman is deceased,…….they’ll open up his stupid, ignorant, liberal, head looking for a brain, & they’ll more than likely find a glob of maggots sucking on a blob of pure pus!!!!!!!

  104. Paul Krugman, embodys the extremist, leftist, “I know better than you do; don’t do as I do, do what I tell you”, mantra, prevalent among the, liberal elitist who “have arrived.”

    He feverishly, disillusionally believes he knows all the answers based upon his Pulitzer Prize. Much the same as others of his ilk. From Oscar winners, Whoppy Goldberg, George Cloony, to that Disgrace currently occupying the Oval Office, who was infamously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing except spewing lies.

    Krugman should get back! It’s not a race issue, although his “Hero” in the White House has divided our country by class, color, religion, ethnicity, economically and socially, to name a few.

    Americans of all stripes, including this proud Black American, are fed up with racist crap from Krugman and that of other like-minded demagogues such as he.

    May The Donald prevail in November; May Krugman and others like him crawl back under the rock or into the sewer from whence they emerged.

  105. Krugman is and ALWAYS HAS BEEN a totally idiotic moron and dumbass jerk with no brains. Proof is his working for the new joke slimes.

  106. We’re not racists; we’re just people who are tired of our taxes going to support illegal aliens and our own citizens that won’t get off their butts and make their living themselves. We’re also tired of people like this idiot using this outdated accusation to take no action to resolve these issues while we have people of our own living on the streets, eating out of trash cans humiliating themselves and our country by having to beg for their very existence. Most of all we’re tired of supporting countries around the world whose agendas are to wipe us out with our own money, food and military support. Look at ISIS idiot; they’re using our own weapons against us while murdering benevolent people trying to help them and plotting to commit terrorist actions against us and our allies. We aren’t the world’s police force; we’re the world’s suckers thanks to the politicians and their focus on lining their own pockets while doing nothing to benefit the common people who gave them their jobs. Life long thieves; all of them.

    • I live in a military city and I’m also tired of seeing so many of our vets out on the streets, many without the benefit of mental healthcare.

  107. This columnist Is a liberal democrat spewing liberal propaganda, reality Is what drives Trump supporters, reality something liberals know nothing about……..

    • All those morons know is delusion. They’re told that they can have everything for free and they believe it. Once their deranged leaders get into office and they’re told it’s not going to work like they were promised, they simply move on to the next deranged moron who makes false promises to them.

  108. Its time to call a spade a spade – lets be truthful! New York Times=Mexican Times – owner is billionaire Mexican with his own MEXICAN agenda of open borders. NYT is NOTHING about America.

  109. As a follower of Trump that Is called a “racist” will stand face to face with any of Hitler-y’s followers any day any time. As far Krugman (supposedly reporter) of the liberals liberal of the NY Times), he is a nobody trying to get his name out there or else he is trying to get favors from Hitler-y. He certainly is no one that anyone really cares about.

  110. This guy is just another liberal LOON. If he thinks calling us racists is going to hurt our feelings he should hear a few of the things I call him and the gaggles of morons that support the lying, cheating, corrupt, scandalous Hitlery. He and his stupid rag are owned by a Mexican billionaire who wants to have our country open its borders to the illegals. If he likes them so much perhaps he should move there?

  111. what a liberal dipshit POS

  112. The only problem I can see is the biased media.Get rid of them and things would be much better.Go trump!!!

  113. ANOTHER UNTRUSTWORTHY REPORTER. Never believe a liberal news reporter

  114. Does anyone read this daily rag, other than brainwashed progressives and those with low IQs and not a speck of common sense? Doubtful; the real racists and reverse racists can be found within the Democratic and Socialist parties! Sheesh.

  115. For this communist idiot he needs to go back and find a new word or new phrase from his Communist Party has a buzzword. There are many black truck supporters many many I guess they’re all racist how about that you’re coming t for this communist idiot he needs to go back and find a new word or new phrase from his Communist Party has a buzzword. There are many black truck supporters many many! Iso-called Marxist Democrat party started the term African-American well that’s a racist term in my thoughts as they’re saying that the Africa so called Marxist Democrat party started the term African-American well that’s a racist term and my thought as they’re saying that the Black person born in this country is half African he’s not All-American that’s what this implies if I wear the black people I would be really highly upset that they will call me African as it is just day coded word,for black people are only half American. I would be appalled if I were you black people.

  116. While I am sure that Paul Krugman is a good man, he is still a Liberal who will say anything in order to help Hillary. The sad thing is that when Liberals can’t find anything real to criticize about their opponents they make up things, distort the facts or, as a last desperate move, they scream “Racists”. The Democrats even use the this approach against each other, like Obama did when he played the “Race Card” against the Clintons in the 2008 Presidential Primaries.

    The Liberal Left Media is running out of ideas and since they can’t find anything of substance to use against Trump, they are now scrapping the bottom of the barrel by claiming that he is a racist. However, their claim has absolutely no basis in fact. In reality, when it comes to the women in his organization, Trump’s hiring and promotion practices have been well ahead of the curve for years. Anyone who doubts that fact only needs to copy and paste the site shown below into their browser. This short youtube video tells you more about his treatment of women than you will learn if you scour the internet and print media from now until the November election. It is a lot different than the lies that all too many people want you to believe about him.


  117. Has Krugman ever written a column calling out Louis Farakan (Nation of Islam) or Reverend Wright (pastor of Obama’s church in Chicago) for being a racist? Or is it that in the fantasy world inhabited by liberals like him, Pelosi, Reid and others of their ilk, only white people can be racists?

  118. It was the demorats who kept the

    South segregated for 150 years after they were freed by Repubs. The demos were the KKK. The demos then decided that they needed to buy a lot ol votes and could use taxes in various ways. So they ‘bought a lot of groups including your know who. I would like to hear Killary talk in private. A hate filled Wicked Witch.

  119. What a NINNY >>>>>He should have just taken the day off. He was obviously devoid of a legitimate thought and making up CRAP is not attractive….KRUGMAN GO HOME….you have outlived your ability to form a clear thought.

  120. Can’t fix STUPID with libturds….has nothing to do with racism…but this idiot oxygen thief is like the rest….he calls islam a race and wanting to stop criminals from illegally entering the USA is not racist unless ALL laws are raist today???? STFU fool!!!!!!

  121. billdeserthills

    Trump is the Only choice, hillery must be a criminal, nobody has that much poo flung at them without some sticking & bernie has unAmerican ideals, in fact the only real American left in the race is Trump. Not that it matters to me, as I already voted and besides it’s the electoral voters who elect a president…

    Vote Trump 2016– We’re tired of polished professional politicians lying to Us

  122. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Times Communist instead of Times columnist, PATRIOTISM instead of Racism. Seven years of a black Arab Muslim “messiah” at the helm and every liberal turned holier than thou. Trump is the trump for the USA.

  123. It is amusing how people here are using racist comments to disagree with Krugman’s comments. It’s like how Obama is responsible for making angry whites racist. They never were before he became President. The bile that I see posted by readers in the comments every day here is truly disgusting. You are the ones who really hate America, because you are afraid you can’t dominate anymore. The country is changing. Learn to adapt to those changes instead of bitching like a bunch of babies. If you can’t grow up like the rest of us then get the hell out of my country.

    • I will NEVER surrender to Muslim laws…My wife means to much for me to ripe her of her rights….And another thing…this racist bull…I’m Native American married to a Japanese! Raised my kids as racists too…must have as one married a Chinese and one married a black! Sounds like a pretty racist family…doesn’t it? My son-in law who is black says the democrat is the party with the most racist people in it…And yes, Krugman is a race baiting idiot!

      • What Muslim laws? You’re living in some fantasy world. What is it like to be brainwashed by lies? Krugman is only stating what is obviously true, and the only people who get angry are the ones who are guilty.

        • The Islamic law…Sharia Law! That is what they’re trying to get excepted here. Women considered as possessions…a law where rape is okayed. Krugman is an idiot. I have no more time for someone as dense as you. Oh, and by the way, this is my country also. In fact, even more, unless you’re also Native American Indian.

          • That didn’t actually answer my question. What Muslim laws are HERE or are really coming HERE? You have to be a complete idiot to believe that crap. Republicans live in total fear of fake boogymen. I should pity you, but I actually think it is funny.

  124. Vangie Martinez

    No it’s not racism that has fueled the fire it’s being fed up with a Big Fat Bloated Government that is being told what to do, when to do it and how to do it by those ie Illuminati according to JFK and by those who want to destroy America and the American People as well as Israel and the Jews. It’s not just the “White” Men that are angry, Women and College Age ie the Millennial’s are angry too. And it is not just “White” that are angry. I’m Hispanic, a Jew and a Women and I am pissed mad angry about what is going on in our Country. It has nothing to do with Racism. It has everything to do with People who are trying to rule and reign in this Country who does not have America or the American People’s lives at Heart much less Israel and the Jews. It has to do with People trying to destroy America and Israel who do not Love America or Israel. It’s about People who think that they are god and HE is Not and who doesn’t even exist. But I got a News Flash for those who think they have the Power and the Money to Destroy America and Israel. Your days are Numbered because HE will show up and Reveal to you who HE IS and when HE does I pity the Fool who would even think to come against THE ARM OF THE LORD.

  125. It appears that the Iranian Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s not the only culture seeking the end times. The more Christians sit back and allow our own corrupt godless government, other godless countries, a godless news media, homosexuals, atheists and sluggards rule the day we too are pushing the end times and demise as well.
    God will not see us unaccountable for not standing our ground in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He desires but does not demand our accepting His Son Jesus Christ. He desires but does not demand our love for Him. He desires but does not demand our loyalty to live for Him. These truths bring the promises of an abundant life that brings about peace within, joy within, strength within and love within one’s personal life.
    Let us not stand with the world as the world implodes. Stand against the evil and the doers of it in word and action by sharing the Good News of salvation at the cross of real love. We may not change the timing God has established for our Savior’s return but we may plant a seed that stirs the heart of our neighbor to be prepared for His return.

  126. John E Strom Jr.

    There you goes again, Paul Krugman, the Jewish pot calling the kettle black. Hey Paul Krugman, how does it feel to know that every fourth person in New York City [yes, ALL five boroughs] is Jewish? You’re a pontificating ass.

  127. The only “race” issue is the radical Islam one and that is because of safety concerns. The only other issue with Muslims is that they seek to push their agenda for living. As long as they mind their own business the public takes them in stride, just as they do any other religious group.

    As for black people, we all know that their plight is due to the government position of sustaining them with welfare cake and ignoring them otherwise. There are plenty of black people who have done well for themselves and certainly are respected for that. But the people in the poor neighborhoods suffer because there is a huge lack of jobs. So how does anyone expect more from them? The potential for them is there. We need to work on solving that problem and we are not.

  128. Democrats and the left are the only RACISTS that walk this earth.

  129. Garry A DeManty

    The racist dirtbags are the political reporters and politicians who talk about it because these cowards have nothing else to talk about.Do we as a country need four more years of racism and sexism by people who have nothing else to talk about.

  130. The only racist / race baiting people are some of these columnist most seem just to report on other peoples columns
    they really need to get off their butts and get out and see what’s really going on !

    GOOOO TRUMP ! ! !

  131. The New York Times and other media outlets are the ones causing the problems . The New York Times is owned by a rich Mexican which he is probably not legal either. So if he can push his racial issues here in this country he can use the idiots here to become rich . You know there is no money in Mexico ! Don’t buy their papers or use their services . Stop falling for this propaganda America .

  132. Just to change the topic. Clinton wants Mr. trump to lease his tax form, I could care less, but I would like to see the speeches that she gave.Must have been great for 250,000. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, or something. But the lib’s won’t push for that release and she said she wasn’t going.

    • Isn’t it just plain stupid for people to want to see Trump’s taxes? Do you realize the enormous size of that file? I’ll bet it takes an entire staff of CPA’s to just file it! And these libs actually think they can decipher his tax return! Fat chance…Hell, Hillary can’t even figure out government email rules! LOL!!!

  133. Krugman has an inferiority complex or maybe he is just inferior. He seems to be on the wrong side of right and wrong.

  134. It was “racist” when people voted for an unvetted, inexperienced, foreigner because he had a bit of pigment in his skin!

    • of course now the twits and twats over at the washington compost toilet paper rag is devoting 20 reporters to finding out things about a real American of course these same $luts were unable to find out anything about the racist leg humping rag loving communist illegal alien….oh wait just a cotton picking minute now they did not look in the clue closet….and they remain clueless to this day

  135. This probably true about racism driving the Trump supporter but the racism is Obama’s dislike of the white race that is the cause not Trump backers disliking blacks or any other ethnic group.

  136. That is what the liberal pundits said about those who opposed Obama, yet Obama has played the race card the entire term of his presidency. He is more racist than any whites, but that is what the Democrats always fall back on when they don’t have positive messages of their own.

  137. Actually, Paul Krugman, it’s idiot liberal columnists like you that drive all Trump supports. We are many races working in harmony to defeat the slavers in our culture.
    We are the freedom people. You, and all Liberal Dems, You are the true slavers in our culture.

  138. Outright Lies & Phony Numbers is what Drives the New York Times & most all other Newspapers their Editing Room is at the White House if you want News look to Foreign News Papers or the Web. I cancelled my 28 year Local News Paper subscription two years ago & Regular TV four years ago also quit going to Hollywood Movies eight years ago. The Civilized World must have reached a peak as we are now becoming Uncivilized at an Amazing speed. My Country has been taken over by Immoral Lying Thieving Atheists Degenerates

  139. Another idiot speaks! He knows not of what he speaks, unfortunately some people will swallow his stupid comments as truth.

  140. Krugshit is a moron,ignorant of his arrogance,scumbucket. There is no racism with Trump supporters,there are many Blacks and Hispanics that like him. Myself not a big Trump supporter since I am a die hard right wing NYC God fearing Conservative,but I will vote fur him. Look up about the poor black kman that was killed ay one of his rallies,killed by lowlife (blm N#@@$#S)The only racists are ,libretards ,muslimes and elitists they are equal opportunity haters.

  141. Progressives Bane

    Krugman is a liar and an idiot. If he says it, you can bet your sweet @zz it’s a lie.

  142. StupidConservativeValues

    Quote from Herr Drumf’s “book,” The Art of the Deal:
    “I play to people’s fantasies. People may not always think big themselves, but they can still get very excited by those who do. That’s why a little hyperbole never hurts. People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration — and a very effective form of promotion.”

  143. Krugman has been a jackass for years.

  144. Fine, call me a racist, I don’t care one bit!! Kick out the illegals, if that is racism? Fine, I don’t care! Kick out ALL muslims? is that racism? Fine! I don’t care. This drip is a liberal loser, and anyone with half a brain can see it is the liberals who have ruined this country!!! If that makes me a racist? I DO NOT CARE!!

    VOTE TRUMP!!!! The career politicians and FOR sure Hilary do not care one bit about the American People!!

    TRUMP IS A REAL MAN, NOT AFRAID TO SPEAK UP AND SPEAK THE TRUTH!!! We NEED that wall, we need to close our borders!!

  145. OldHighlandGuyOne

    Mr. Krugman, half of my family is Latino, many native Americans and a couple of Asians….and thats just on the blooded side of the family. The in-laws are even more diversefied. Now, I am 100% against illegal aliens, ALL aliens. ALL illegals must be shipped back from whence they came! That does not make me a racist since illegal alien is not a race.
    Face me and tell me that I am a racist and the family will whip your little buttocks for you, with a big stick.

    • I get the same crap on the web all the time from libs…funny, since I’m 100% Cherokee, and my wife is Japanese. I have two children, one married a black, and one married a Chinese. So you see, not only am I racist, I must have raised my kids the same way…LOL!!!

  146. krugman is an idiot

  147. The democrats are the true racists and always have been against the equality of any race except their own.Hell the democrats are just using blacks just for their votes. When they finally get their way. The blacks will be the first to get dropped because all public welfare and aid will stop.

  148. Killary is the one who seems to be filled with hate. Oops, Pinocciobama is so filled with hate, he is trying to destroy the country, $19+ trillion debt and he’s giving money to Iran to give to Isis muslims to kill.

  149. All Great Empires eventually fall, I’m predicting if Trump is elected our time is up, and most great minds have said 200 years are the limit of most great empires, looks like we’re behind schedule.

  150. journalist seem to be the ones driving racism. They see it everywhere.

  151. thugman you and ovimit are the raciest asses!

  152. Holly Cow now people don’t even know what Racism is. Throw away typewriter and get a honest Job.

  153. Deborah Oscarson

    It’s too bad the we can’t sue this asshat for libel!!!! A class action suit would be so very fun!! Pauly needs to go back to his safe zone and chill!!!!

  154. Hey dumb chit, what drives the “trump” voters is the “grubers” and “rhode-y’s”! Ya know, the “ones” that weren’t “buying” into “keeping” your doctor and the “leadership” of iran is “friendly”. God, democrats are just plain “stoopid”!

  155. If you’re racist, you see racism. I don’t see any racism in Trump – I see a successful, brilliant, honest nationalist who loves America and what it represents. We are not Europe and that seems to be what Democrat Socialists want this country to be.

  156. GodBlessRealAmerica!!

    NY TIMES is racist, low energy and ignorant! The Democrackhead party is alive!

  157. GodBlessRealAmerica!!

    Everything is RACIST if you disagree with the Liberal Democrackhead party! These Liberals are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo ignorant is makes me lol NY TIMES is the Mouth piece that is bought & paid for by the DNC

  158. GodBlessRealAmerica!!

    Obama and he hates Christ as much as he hates America!!! OBAMA A TRAITOR~

  159. Robert A Hartman

    Where did you get your Journalistic degree, in a Cracker Jack box? I thought Journalism was to report the news. But, you’re not satisfied with that. Negativism and personal attacks is your forte.

  160. GodBlessRealAmerica!!

    Racism and hatred Drives the Liberal Democrackhead party…that’s what they do if you speak out against Obama you a racist! Obama is a disgrace and this guy Paul Krugman is a liberal ignorant low energy moron! Ny times is a disgrace!

  161. Does anyone really take anything Krugman says seriously?

  162. We must ignore the loudmouth troll here. It’s probably one of these Clinton paid for goon trolls, working for minimum wage. I’m sure you all know who I mean.

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