NY Times Admits: Many Experts Doubt Mueller Can Prove His Case

When Arthur Sulzberger retired at the end of 2017, handing off the reigns of The New York Times to his son of the same name, President Trump tweeted that he hoped the change in publishers would put the paper back on firm, factual, and fair ground. While we didn’t have any more hope for that than the president likely did, maybe we were wrong to be so dismissive of the idea. Could it be that the Gray Lady is actually turning over a new leaf? We don’t expect to read the columns of Pat Buchanan in the paper anytime soon, but is it possible that the paper will actually bring SOME degree of fairness back to their coverage of President Trump?


But maybe?

We’re still deeply skeptical, but we have to admit we were surprised to read their coverage of the Mueller investigation on Thursday, because it was like nothing we’ve seen from the liberal press in a long time.

Granted, the story’s headline and lede are firmly in the Times’s traditional “gotcha” journalism pattern, claiming that President Trump’s lawyer tried to keep Attorney General Jeff Sessions from recusing himself from the Russia investigation last year. The story is the same as one you’ve read a million times before – oh my God, Trump is mad with power and scared to death that his collusion with the Russians is going to doom his presidency and send him to prison. He’s trying to take full dictatorial control over the very rule of law itself, and lordy, we might be looking at America’s answer to Adolph Hitler, if not some other infamous strongman of the past.

You know, the usual BS that gets liberals all excited for the weekend.

But if you are brave enough to dig beneath the dung, you’ll find that the Times actually hides some gold in them hills. Later in the story, they admit that not everyone believes in this Russian collusion fairytale.

“Legal experts said that of the two primary issues that the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, appears to be investigating — whether Mr. Trump obstructed justice while in office and whether there was collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia — there is currently a larger body of public evidence tying the president to a possible crime of obstruction,” they write.

The tone of the paragraph says: Look out, the president is guilty of obstruction. But the subtext says something far more interesting: Legal experts don’t really believe that Mueller can prove a case of collusion. And since collusion is THE crime at the center of this investigation, this is tantamount to saying there’s nothing there. Let Mueller try to accuse Trump of obstructing an investigation into a crime that didn’t occur. We’d love to see how far he can fly on those wings.

Even on the subject of obstruction, the paper is forced to acknowledge that Mueller has an uphill climb ahead of him.

“The experts are divided about whether the accumulated evidence is enough for Mr. Mueller to bring an obstruction case,” they write. “They said it could be difficult to prove that the president, who has broad authority over the executive branch, including the hiring and firing of officials, had corrupt intentions when he took actions like ousting the F.B.I. director.”

The question is: If your FBI director is spending all of his time pursuing an investigation you personally know to be nonsense, is it “corrupt” for you to fire him? We submit that it is not. We submit that President Trump has a responsibility to the country to make sure his leadership is not diminished because a partisan FBI director is chasing down wild geese at the behest of the Democrats.

Upon closer examination of this article, we’re forced to conclude that no, nothing has changed at the New York Times. It was big of them to admit (without admitting) that the Trump/Russia investigation was made up of so much fluff and smoke, but until they make the same point in banner type at the top of the front page, they’re still nothing more than a cog in what appears to be (sing it with us) a vast left-wing conspiracy to take down the president.



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  2. Mueller could prove this same case against Hillary with very little effort.

    • I thought the same thing, but Muller cannot “go there”. Reason: He would have to recuse himself … as he is ‘tied at the hips’ with some of H.R.C.’s dealings.

      • Mueller is definitely complicit in Hillary’s crimes and thus has failed to prosecute her, yet he continues to drag on the Trump/Russia collusion farce and obstruction of justice and whatever else he tries to stumble on–Mueller is unfit and dishonest.

        • Let’s not forget Mueller was FBI Director & Eric Holder was AG during the sale of Uranium to Russia . They closed their eyes to this TREASONOUS & are complicit . IRT the Russian collusion Killary & the DNC should be investigated not Trump. All the evidence is there & does not have to be manufactured. Most of all the investigation for COLLUSION should be of the DOJ, FBI, & Intelligence Community. It is COLLUSION within the USA. Serious!

          • Mueller & Holder Hid the Russian Bribery from Congress !!

          • AMEN TO THAT………….

          • You are right from all the stuff I read.

          • In the uranium one debacle all that needs to be done is follow the money and there was plenty spread around to follow. I guess back track is a better description. It will be difficult but it will be possible. No doubt they all got some payoff. There has to be some motivator to get involved something so crooked. Find one rat and they will all begin to run!

          • Provide proof, you lying sack of shyte

          • Be patient Larry proof is coming likely it will start this week or next. I can see why you have almost 6000 comments and only 322 up votes.

            Every time you progressive socialist don’t like the argument or you are losing an argument you get nasty and vulgar. For your information all that does is prove you are no good.

          • So you have no proof and a LIBERAL caught you lying. Just like I said.

            I have only 322 up votes because this is a fascist, America hating FAKE news site. I am not arguing with anyone. I am proving you NAZZIS to be liars and you don’t like it.

          • You will see in time. hillary and the crooked DNC are being investigated right now. Time will tell.

          • I will see Trump impeached, that is for sure, you Russia/Putin loving scumbag

          • Larry, you are either a Russian bot or a real American liberal. The name calling and lack of facts favor liberal.

          • Prove me wrong. But you can’t.

          • …………..right wing cranks actually!

        • The only way he can protect himself is never come to a conclusion.

          • Mueller is as big a fraud as John Kerry who was responsible for negotiating the Iran “sale of the century”. Over the years the US has bought the phony friendship of many countries. But to pay an avowed enemy and help arm them with nuclear ability is really something only liberal cowards are capable of engineering.

          • The whole Iran deal is so nutty that the most amazing thing is that a large fraction of the American population bought into it. They had “Death to America and Israel Day” while it was being negotiated. It’s like the Night of the Living Dead, with FibLibs taking the role of brain-hungry zombies.

          • And the Muslim/Commie should have met a firing squad for TREASON in the Iran deal as well as many other things he did against the Constitution.

          • It was the culmination of Oblowhards “Islamanation” of America. He has always wanted to punish America for his being “black” and being given every opportunity imaginable and what better way than to bankrupt the country and arm our enemies with nukes?

          • It looks like we pay every country in the World besides paying the UN!

          • Just read that our POTUS put a hold on any $$$ going to countries that are putting our country at risk………..The first one was Pakistan……….

          • Yeah, I read that also, 1 country is a start, there are plenty of others we can at least reduce the funding.

            I just read that an Iranian oil container and a Chinese ship collided and the oil tanker was going to South Korea, are they buying oil from Iran behind our back??

          • Good question. However, I’m not sure HOW much the sanctions were reduced under Obama &/or the UN.

          • Obama has nothing to do with what just happened in the tanker collision. Trump has since put more sanctions on these countries.

          • I didn’t say Obama had anything to do with the collision. I said that I did NOT know exactly WHAT restrictions were currently in effect, d/t changes by previous administration, UN restrictions, & what dates they would have gone into effect! IF you order a “supply of petroleum products” when the restrictions were eased, it may not ship until later, when restrictions are back in place. I’ve Never, to seldom, seen restrictions that go into place “immediately”.

          • Speaking of the creep John Kerry he was a phony “supposed” war hero & should not be in the Senate. If you remember, the Swift Boat Veterans outed him for running away from battles on the sea & writing his own after action reports for medals. He was outed when he was running for president. He is the clone of the other “supposed” war her John McShame who was given the name “Songbird”. His fellow POW’s at the Hanoi Hilton called him a traitor.

          • I never trusted Kerry. He looks shady!

          • Beside creepy & shady he looks like “Mr Ed” the horse.

          • Ooohhh Wilber!!

          • No no. He more closely resembles Lurch from the Adam’s Family program of years ago.

          • That is true. Thanks

          • Looks shady, talks shady, acts shady. I do believe he’s shady.

          • John Kerry, that Frankenstein Mother Fer Signed the small arms trade treaty with the UN. And for you that don’t know what that is, It’s Global gun control, basically it would have given the UN the right to control the American peoples gun rights is that TREASON?.

          • But did he lie about an injury to avoid being drafted to Vietnam like Trump did?

          • No one remem,bers that but you lying, America hating nazzis. And Bush and Trump are sissy draft dodgers.


          • Larry Why do you call everyone who posts the truth(s) liars, NAZI’s, senile old fool, scumbag, etc.? Seems like you are arrogant, ignorant, a limited vocabulary, & most of all not really informed about anything! Would it be correct you are a far out left wing liberal? All those who post truths & facts who you call childish names can’t be wrong! You are dismissed.

          • No one here posts any facts or truth. They don’t know any facts or truth.

            You are reading a racist, alt-white, fascist propaganda site but you are too stupid and poorly educated to know it. Patriot News posts the lies that you want to believe.

            Now prove anything that I wrote that is untrue. You can’t.

          • You cannot prove anything that you just wrote. You cannot argue the facts, so you call people names. Are you sure you are not in the leadership of the Democrat party or an editor at MSNBC?

          • And you can’t prove me wrong, can you, you filthy animal? Why is that?

          • AMEN to that!!

          • Actually, it’s called TREASON!

          • It seems treason has been removed from the vocabulary except for ordinary citizens. Everybody involved in the Oblowhard administration could be tried for treason, especially BHO, Hildabeast and Holder. .

          • Yeah–just keep on investigating because we the people are footing the bill and making him rich with this hoax. He’s involved with crooked Hillary up to his eyeballs so he has to be sure to keep all her crimes under wraps, and that is why she continues to get away with all her corruption. She uses blackmail and scare tactics against anyone who dares to expose her and thus they all back off and she struts around proud as a peacock. Anyone else with her background would not have dared to run for president lest her scandals face more exposure; not her and this was proven by how the FBI and DOJ failed to properly investigate and prosecute her. Never in the history of our country has anyone gotten away with so much.

        • I agree. Get rid of him Sessions or Rosenstein!!!!

        • This is getting very interesting. If another special prosecutor is brought in to investigate hillary’s scandals they will be investigating Mueller because he was head of the FBI who ignored or perhaps hid is a better explanation of what part the FBI played in the uranium one scandal.

        • And which crimes are these, you Russia loving Putin loving traitor?

      • Or maybe he’s afraid of turning up dead some where.

        • Preaching to the choir here … A lot of people live in FEAR of the Clinton’s and there is good reasons why!

          They don’t have you sign a NDC … they just ” hint ” – ” If you talk, …. well …. ”

          I really think Muller is doing nothing more than trying to “buy time”, in hopes that the other Deep State Workers are deleting and removing all evidence ASAP.

          • How true. Just ask that guy who shot him self in the back of the head. Twice.

          • Exactly .. it’s “strange”, the body count of people who were about to “speak out against the Clinton’s” … die of 1 of 2 ways.

            1. Suicide with shots to the back of the head.

            2. Burglary gone “bad” and yet NOTHING was taken from the body.

            Very “strange” indeed.

          • Or the barbell falls on their neck. The Clintons know no one will question them. If you can get away with what Bill Clinton did and what him and Hillary have since Arkansas then most anything can be covered up. That is why Bill wasn’t afraid to go onto Lynch’s plane in Arizona. They don’t have to face consequences like us normal folk

          • Poor Scalia went into Obama’s plane before going to TX!

          • Glad you pointed out that fact! I simply didn’t understand WHY Scalia’s children didn’t demand investigation of their father’s sudden death!

          • I had never heard of a SCOTUS meeting with a President before going on vacation in the past and everything was very unusual about the death after it happened.

          • maybe the kids will ask trump to look into it.

          • I think they were warned not to because they made a statement afterwards to the effect for the people to let them grieve and stop pushing for an investigation! They are not kids they are adults.

          • And many other suspicious deaths. Think the Clinton body count is now around 70?

          • There was no autopsy either. There should have been.

          • Yes there should have been! I think jaybird may have a point when he said they were probably told not to have an autopsy!

            The world in which we are living is becoming stranger every day to me!

          • Maybe they were paid a visit by the MAFIA.

          • Andy R., there are so many suspicious happening in today’s world! I just hope our POTUS has good success in draining the swamp. My Government has become more scary to me than the Mafia!

          • Yeah another suspicious death!

          • Yes & Comey & Lynch should be in jail for obstruction of justice. If this email case is reopened, maybe both of them will end up in jail.

          • We can but HOPE!

          • The Clinton Crime Family were pulling the exact same stuff while back in Arkansas. Yet the MSM never did any serious vetting of the Slickster. He was the “anointed one” of the DNC and therefore nothing about his real history was printed or reported.

          • They don’t want to go there, it’s too “risky”. Too many “accidents”.

          • Many met suspicious deaths in AR when he was the governor. Two deaths were attributed to two kids smoking marijuana & they fell asleep on the rail road tracks where they were hit by a train. Truth is they happened on to a drug drop in Mena, AR.

          • I read that they were up to their necks in the drug business from South America.

          • Yes drug drops in Mena, AR.

          • Oh yes the Clinton’s should have been in prison dating back to AR.

          • I bet they told you that up in the UFO.

          • Good morning liberal. Losing a lot of ground lately, huh?

          • LOL, Jim – and like the Media – you create FAKE NEWS, based on pure imagination.

            So, ya, keep drinking your kool-aid and keep create FAKE NEWS based on your imagination ….

          • Don’t forget the planes going down killing witnesses,

          • And suicide by decapitation.

          • Post proof.

          • Deeper than that. If I remember correctly the police called it suicide. Right! Two in the back of the head.

          • how do you do that? nearly impossible!

          • Provide proof that it is BS. But you can’t.

          • He will keep it up as long as he is on the SOROS payroll………..

          • God will get him for all his wrongdoings!

        • LOL We all turn up dead someday. If your physical health is as bad as your intellectual health, you could be expiring soon.

          • The Clinton’s just killed another. Check yourself into rehab Bozo.

          • Jim, you really need to stop being ” spoon fed ” and going to your ” sources ” to get your canned ” copy/paste ” posts.

            They are getting a bit OLD …

      • Hell, Mueller would not recuse himself he would gladly take the job to exonerate Killary just like Comey & AG Lynch did.

        • Trey Gawdy would gladly take it as well i believe. Hillary and all of them would just love that. Ha-Ha.

          • From what I understand his Committee cannot do anything but find evidence and it is up to the DOJ to prosecute.

            I saw a video of him at a Townhall meeting with my Congressman in VA and he was asked that question.

          • If Trey Gowdy did the investigation of Hillary, she would be in jail and not above the law. He and Jason are the most honest politicians I know.

      • Comey did not include Clinton in his scheme because it would have meant bring BHO fingers into the investigation. BHO allowed Clinton to use the unsecured servers and private email addresses because his emails were found on her private server using her personal email address. Didn’t he come on TV and claim as he always did, he knew nothing about it? Our politicians and government officials need to be taught what the “rule of law” actually means. And it should be taught to them the “hard way”. That means by actually holding these criminals personally accountable for actions against the public whom they are supposed to serve.

        • Any scandal which happened Ovomit always said he found it out from the news! What a crock of crap. IRT the IRS felonies Ovomit said “Not a smidgen of wrong doing”. He should have met a firing squad for TREASON for many things he did.

        • You can’t believe anything Obama says because he learned how to lie like Hillary or taught her how to do it.

      • If he is “tied at the hips” with any of H. R. C.’s dealings, he should recuse himself….yesterday!

        • He is, and yes he should have, but for very obvious reasons did not, would not.

          See, he, Comey and H.R.C., Lynch, and so on … all see themselves ABOVE THE LAW, because they see they ” ARE THE LAW” …..

    • Right–the evidence is overwhelming against her, yet she still walks free. Must be nice to be able to blackmail everyone into leaving you alone. That’s what the Clintons did when they first came into power–gather all the dirt on any potential enemies and use it against them to ensure they never face charges against them. Is there anyone free of guilt who can go up against the crooked Clintons?

      • Several probably. But they fear for their lives. The Clintons kill you know.

      • This “free pass” issue is the result of many years of rigging elections of judges at ever level. I read about that plan by the democommies 30 years ago. And it was obviously very successful. The first time a federal judges decision is reversed or thrown out is the same day that judge should be removed from the court.

      • Yeah, Trey and Jason nd scalia.

    • does anyone believe that this would ever happen

      • Eight years ago I never thought that public figures could commit obvious open and shut crimes and skate in full view of the public, and with acclamations from the treasonous media.

        • That seems to be what politics is all about. Do whatever you want knowing you can get very very rich without any interference from law enforcement. That is why we need term limits of “one term only”.

          • Convention of States!

          • Totally agree. The Article V is the only thing the Founders left us to deal with a “rogue, out of control government”. We know it would be successful just by considering who is most opposed to it. They are working around the clock to prevent it by using their usual “scare tactics”. Need to get under the skin of our state legislators to demand they agree to support the process. The alternative is just more of the same or a new revolution.

          • Supposedly a convention of states would allow a total rewrite of the constitution, but there are limitations. It’s not like they’re going to advocate dictatorship. And the scare tactics, as you say, are ridiculous: “A convention of states might change things, it’s better to have 142 trillion plus in federal liabilities, a totally corrupt Congress, and laws that don’t mean anything.”

          • I totally disagree with opening Article V Constitutional convention especially at this time as we have to many socialists and even conservatives hell bent on usurping our rights because once that proverbial door is open they can go after any Constitutional rights and liberty’s. But people can stand up all it takes is organizing a protest or even phone calls to dictate what they will do or else. We the people have the power we just have to use it whether it’s a march or flooding them with phone calls or petitions the last resort would be revolution and the government know’s it and we must reaffirm that. .


        • AIN’T that the truth……..

        • If you hire lawless people why would you expect them to follow the law. That’s why you vote in Constitutionalist regardless of party not the hacks (mainly lawyers) we have in office. Then if they do nothing good vote for some one else How many times have we settled for the lesser of two evils don’t you people realize that’s by design. The party’s give us the candidates they want THE DEEP STATE.


    • The case has already been proven against Hillary and is public knowledge. And then what about Obama? “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” What was he doing, conniving with Putin behind the backs of the electorate?

      • He needs some jail time too!!

      • Rhetorical question? Right?

      • It was proven that Obama “stole” his re-election,and that there were many precincts that had 100% votes or Obama but not one for any one else,” A STATISTICAL IMPOSSISIBILITY” also many states had more votes than eligible voters,another statistical impossibility. THE DNC HAS BEEN STEALING ELECTIONS FOR MANY YEARS, and because of all the BOUGHT AND PAID FOR JUDGES,nothing has ever been done to stop them!!!

        • I’ve heard of those cases and am wondering why they never came up into the public eye. I speculate that the newspapers didn’t carry them because they supported the election result, and that the conservative press didn’t do much with it because they’d just be accused of racial prejudice.

    • It’s already proven Hillary obstructed justice, Same as Comey, Lynch, Holder, Maybe even Obama you could also put Mueller in there too. They all covered Hillary ass and Hillary probably Covered there asses as well. One criminal ring of Traitors.

      • I know. And why Trump doesn’t order Sessions to go after them all is beyond me. Put that bunch you mentioned behind bars and you cut off the head of the snake.

        • I hate to say it but I feel Sessions is tied up in the Clinton mess or just doesn’t have the balls to go after them

          • What mess is this? Provide proof. But you can’t.

          • If I had to choose, I’d say the latter. I hope anyway. I think Sessions is a good man. And I know he was one of the first to hop aboard the Trump Train, but I wonder sometimes if he has the intestinal fortitude for this job. Or maybe he’s just been in DC too long.

          • I agree he was a good man but something’s changed in him. Not sure what but he needs to start acting like an AG instead of sitting on his hands. You may be right on being in DC to long. I have said term limits for a very, very long time now but it will never pass thru their vote. Way to many would lose their cushy positions.

          • He is a racist. That is a good man to you America hating scumbags.

          • We will never see term limits unless we flush the entire system in one fell swoop. And that won’t happen without some sort of “revolution”. The Founding Fathers of our country were not asked to serve, they were more “thrust” to serve. That is what is needed now. Men, or women for that matter, who see a duty to be done and do it.
            Adams, Hancock, Jefferson, Franklin, Washington, etc., knew the risks they were taking, yet went ahead. These were men. Real men.

          • I totally agree it will take cleaning them out. Very few that are now there will go for term limits. The rest will kick and scream about it. Sad thing is they are supposed to work for our interests not padding their wallets which has become common place with way to many of them anymore. Time for the citizens to stand up to them and Make them understand “WE THE PEOPLE” are sick of it. Its time to make positive changes for OUR country.

          • Why do you big govt loving fascists always want new laws and bigger govt? We already have term limits. It is called VOTING!


          • Oh I see, you would rather they keep filling their pockets with “OUR” money and never really doing the jobs “WE THE PEOPLE” of this country vote them in office to do. The longer they are there the richer they get on a salary that doesn’t come close to their bottom line? I really don’t care which side of they are on, IF they are not working for the people they need to go. We have term limit on Presidents for a reason so why is it wrong for the rest of them in government? You won’t answer it just give me more BULL replies as usual.

          • So you are against the electoral college too, right snowflake? Since the last 2 Republican presidents were appointed by the EC against the choice of the American people you want the EC gone, right Ruskie? After all, “WE THE PEOPLE” chose Hillary by 3 million votes, right Boris?

            Of course you don’t. Without the EC the last Republican president was elected in 1988.

          • Not at all. The EC is the way Presidents are elected, Not by popular vote as YOU would like for it to be. As far as “WE THE PEOPLE” I am part of that and the right person was named POTUS. Your candidate didn’t think she could lose but didn’t campaign in the critical states she should have. Hence she lost the election. Some say the 3 million votes were illegal, I can’t prove that anymore than you can’t prove they weren’t. Trump out maneuvered her in his campaign by going to the critical states that she didn’t think would be an issue. She lost in the end plain and simple. Just the way it goes sometimes. I don’t always vote a straight party ticket either so stuff your hypocritical B.S. where the sun don’t shine.

          • I can prove they weren’t because no votes were found to be fraudulent.

            So you believe in “WE THE PEOPLE” except when it comes to electing a president because there aren’t enough of you Republicans to win the popular vote.

            You prefer a Russian way of running elections.

          • Did you not learn anything in Govt class? The POTUS is and always has been elected by EC, also IF as you say that you CAN prove there were no fraudulent votes I would like to see your proof.
            Not sure why in not just this discussion but in most all of your posts you are calling many people liers, Nazi, Russian, with not one bit of proof of that fact.
            You are the one hiding behind everything and proving NOTHING that you claim you can. Nows your chance. I bet you DON’T. Your reply will be you don’t have to prove anything yet your above post said you could. So which is it???

          • Which is exactly why we need term limits.

      • Name the date that she was convicted.

    • The sad part is, you actually believe your “could” statement not only might be true, but that it probably is. You’re ridiculously wrong, though. Might as well face it, your Fuhrer wannabe is in deep trouble.

      • We’ll see fuckwad.

      • You’re as clueless as the rest of the mindless liberals that drank and probably still drinking tn the koolaid the DNC has been serving. You need to get out more and do real research NOT just what the MSM feeds you.

      • The fecal matter that you use for brains, has again betrayed you. The masses will flock to DJT when they realize he is their fiscal savior. And you, dirtbag, will be left in the wind.

    • Then why doesn’t he, Cletus? Mueller is a life long Republican.

  3. Simple refocus to plan B – incompetence. Gotta get everyone on the same page of the playbook.

  4. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    UHHH WHAT CASE? No evidence on https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa6c801d06f7deb66d2c0e48a34092b9e37beb55ee1e82ce2dc05e48ba3e0a06.jpg Trump as of yet, but plenty on Hillary and Obama.

  5. why not fake ass gdumer and crocked Hillary to criminals

  6. should say odumer

  7. NY Times – had delivery from 1950 until 2011 couldn’t take the lying anymore. Times went from fine Silk to an oily rag. The only paper I believe today is the Wall Street Journal. If the Times sales are up a bit it is like the ultra rag MSNBC Trump firing back. What will you do when the rest of the Communist are tired of it and want fresh meat.

    • When I was in high school we subscribed to the NY Times and received it daily because it was “All the news that’s fit to print.” Since then, the NYT has deteriorated and is now all the news that’s unfit to print. What a decendence into hell. I wouldn’t accept its printing of fake news for free.

      • M. Many like us, I kept longer than most of my friends (I did it by not reading the editorials) When I was in Junior High we were given an assignment to do a report on a book reviewed in a nutshell. The report was due every Monday morning. Good training, my father taught us how to read the stock listings etc. The times was great, now weirdo’s due their reporting and usually wrong like Kruger who is in love with himself and really is an ugly human. If they were the paper they were in the 59’s he would have been fired the first day. Newspaper are obsolete but for me I still like to hold a real one each morning. I get it online which is nice, but I am old fashioned I reckon.
        I am starting to just laugh at the liberals with all the things they come up with, I am serious as several months ago I caught myself chuckling over their craziness, coming with far fetched silliness. The Socialist/Democrats have become a laughing stock and it is now laughable to listen and watch their antics except when then are destroying property.

        • Well, it WOULD be funny, cathy, if the Commucrats and their Leftist LOON followers were not hellbent on Communizing and DESTROYING our country. They control the schools and colleges, and are BRAINWASHING one generation after another of our kids to be good little Communist sheep. THAT is no laughing matter, and if we do not wrest control of “public education” away from these LOONS, our country is done for, because nobody will have to STEAL the freedoms of those brainwashed snowflake kids–they will willingly GIVE THEM AWAY like the good little Communists they’ve been taught to be!

          • Of course.

          • And don’t forget all the people that willingly have turned over their privacy to the government by using all the stupidly named social media apps and sites. Does anybody not know that all of your personal information for FB, Twit, Insta, and whatever else is out there goes straight to the government? Ed Snowden told and warned us. We are living the “big Brother” nightmare.

          • Maxx, could you explain just exactly what kind of info about me that FB could have that could hurt me personally? I have wondered much about that, but I can’t think of any info I gave them that could hurt me. I don’t even do online banking or anything with which anyone could use to harm me.

          • What you post is sooooo TRUE! I am very concerned about this!

      • Isn’t Jeff Bezos of Amazon fame the owner?

  8. Prove what case? THERE IS NO CASE!

    • You are correct. Always taught there had to be known felonies committed to run an investigation, & not an investigation (COUP) looking for evidence or manufacturing it?

      • The very first rule regarding the appointment of a Special Counsel is just that. The person being investigated must have been charged with a crime. The MSM is not going to bring it up and so far neither has anybody else; including the corrupt Republicans. Don’t ever forget people like McConnell and Ryan were part of the #Never Trump gang. When they were basically told to “go to hell” by the public they had to put their tails between their legs and shut up. But they have never really changed their agenda. Ryan and McConnell are the two most despicable lying SOB’s in the GOP. It’s a shame that the people of their home states don’t seem to be able to recognize the treachery of these two bottom feeders. Shame Wisconsin. Shame Kentucky.

  9. Francisco Machado

    Prime witnesses for the defense on the Obstruction charge: Comey and the team investigating Russian collusion. Both said the investigation would go on. Both said the firing had no effect on the investigation.

  10. “NY Times Admits: Many Experts Doubt Mueller Can Prove His Case”

    The REAL CASE to PROVE is: The Dirty SWAMPers, MULE-er, J.Edgar COMEY, HELLary, and O!

  11. MULE-er wants to keep this ‘thing’ going through the 2018 Mid-Term Elections.
    MULE-er should be INVESTIGATED ……. He was FBI Head-Honcho under O!
    and, O IS the Manchurian Candidate.

    • Nailed it, RightVote. The dems are hoping to re-take the house in 2018 and impeach Trump. Mueller wants to keep the pot stirring until then. So far, all Mueller has accomplished is to waste over 7 mil of taxpayer money on a fairy tale concocted by the Hildabeast’s campaign, Podesta and the DNC. Be well.

    • And Mueller played a significant role in the sale of uranium to Russia in exchange for hundreds of millions donated to the Clinton “Foundation,” of which barely 10% was used for charity and 90% used for the Clintons.

  12. The propaganda outlets of the Obammunist left are preparing their base for the inevitable announcement that not only is there no “there” in the “Russian collusion” canard but that there is enough evidence for indictment of The Witch and The Rapist and a strong indication of various kinds of espionage and treason committed by Hezbollah’s cocaine-selling partner in the Mulatto House. They are trying to control this and transition it to something (anything!) that would keep the “resistance” going, although for the moment all they have left is the increasingly preposterous delusion that the President will be found insane or stupid or something by the eminent psychiatrist Dr. Streisand, and can then be taken away to the Twenty-fifth Amendment Funny Farm. The greatest fear of the exposed and disgraced oligarchs is that their hard core will take to the streets as they have been planning since last November 8, and that the fed-up American normals will in that case just shoot them, as should have been done last January when the dogs, dykes and dingbats first put on their vagina hats and set out to blow up the White House.

  13. How can he prove his case when it was started and is ongoing based on a document that is known to be made up??? The real issue at hand is why this is still going on when it’s now known to be bogus???

  14. One year later and who knows how many millions of tax payer dollars spent, mueller has absolutely nothing on Trump or his Administration. What he accidently dug up is the truth of clinton and abedin espionage! For more than 2 decades, abedin has been feeding classified and top secret intel to the muslim brotherhood and other world terrorist organizations. All approved by clinton. Clinton’s part in uranium one and all of the pay offs and money laundering! Talk about collusion with the Russians! The clinton foundation! And all involved.

    • And don’t forget that MUELLER was the BAG MAN in that Uranium One deal. HE is the one who should be investigated, along with Hillary, Huma, Obama, and all the OTHER lying, CROOKED Commucrats in the Commucrat Party “leadership.”

      • Thanks for remembering the truth of Benghazi and those that paid the ultimate price for an illegal operation.

      • You are exactly correct & you are echoing what I have been saying for years. You should have more thumbs up so i will give you 100.

  15. Mueller never could win the case. There is no case. Trump did not collude with the Russians. Plus, there is no crime for collusion in the first place. This is a liberal democrat farce and hoax!

    • Exactly. And a Democrat farce and hoax which is wasting MILLIONS of dollars in taxpayer money. THAT is what the Dems do BEST, after all.

  16. Well, considering that he had ZERO EVIDENCE–much less PROOF–to begin with, and that “collusion” is NOT a crime, except in certain limited instances in anti-trust cases, I’d say “many experts” are right! Mueller needs to close this biased, partisan WITCH HUNT and stop wasting the taxpayers’ money trying to, you should pardon the expression, “trump up” a criminal case against President Trump when he has not committed any crimes!

  17. Carol Juliano Popp

    There is Nothing to prove. There was no Russian collusion by Trump. The only Russian collusion was the ongoing instances by Clintons, Oscumer and company. Lock them up.

  18. Unfortunately Hillary and all the rest of the corrupt democrats and Obama will never pay for the crimes they committed even though the have enough evidence to put them all away for the rest of theire lives.

  19. Mueller and his Liberal buddies are all where people of their caliber love to be, with their straws dipped into the endless funds of the US treasury. They are being paid top salaries to prove the unprovable. They will not be wrapping up any time soon,

  20. Mueller himself is Fake news—Dan French

  21. Collusion is not a crime, but I believe selling American Uranium to Russia is a crime.

  22. Yes the Mueller investigation has gone so far off track.
    Now can the American peoples treasury be reimbursed for the money wasted. As well as the Administration’s agenda being kept from fulfillment due to Mueller’s disinformation.

    • Trump should tell Mueller to put up or shut up , and if he cant put up fire him this really has gone on too long
      I have heard that mueller has spent something like 7 million on this “investigation” where is tis money coming from and who doles it out and how is it spent

      • Are you from Mars? 3 people in the Trump administration have been indicted, you reality challenged numb skull.

        • who are they the indicted ones you liberals are all alike insulting people that love America and want to see it great again you simply can,t get over the factthat you lost

          • You illiterate Russia loving scum. Hillary won by 3 million votes, you ignorant nazzi.

          • Popular vote doesn’t matter in Presidential elections and you SHOULD know this. Hillary lost, you can’t get over the fact ,Trump is POTUS

          • The American people chose Clinton by 3 million votes. A fascist like YOU only cares about the Russian people.

          • Still doesn’t matter and I’m NOT a fascist. I’m an American and damn proud of it. Unlike YOUR whiny ass crying over something you should have learned while in high school that the President is NOT elected by popular vote. Never has been. Also you are now blocked since you can’t discuss without name calling, you must be like 4 yrs old. SMDH

          • You are a Trumpanzee, not an American. You serve only Mother Russia.

          • I hear Your mommy calling you, its time to change your diapers. If you hate it here so bad LEAVE. If not then deal with it since it was YOUR party who colluded with RUSSIA. THE DNC, HILLARY, OBAMA freaking scum of the 🌎. The DNC paid for the Trump dossier which is proven to be FALSE. Better get YOUR fact straight before you start spouting off with that diarrhea mouth of yours..

          • The Republicans paid for the dossier and it has been proven to be true, you lying sack of shyte. And you have no proof otherwise, you stinkin anti American garbage.


          • Gee that’s funny , evidence provided by Muller has shown it was paid for by the DNC .

          • No, it wasn’t, you are a liar.

          • Where is your proof? Come on snowflake prove me wrong… You can’t as you have none. The DNC and the Clinton’s who are getting more investigations on them everyday. Provide links of YOUR proof. Otherwise STFU and get off this site TROLL…

          • You can’t provide proof of your statements. No proof exists. You are a liar.

          • Just exactly what I thought that you would say. I asked YOU for proof first and you come back calling me a liar. All talk and NOTHING to back it up… Don’t go away mad just go away TROLL

          • I did not post the lie, YOU did. Now post proof that backs up your statement. But you don’t have any proof. None exists.


          • Lame stream media fool. We shall see who gets the last laugh puffball. You CAN’T prove shit is why you keep slamming me for proof. Lets let the lawsuit that is filed speak the truth..

          • You are old, you will be dead soon.

          • Boy you have a lot to learn

          • You have not learned that lying is a sin, you evil, Russia loving fascist.

          • Idiots like Farry Puff don’t learn or don’t want to it’s a liberal disease.

          • I agree. He is so full of DNC koolaid he doesn’t know right from wrong. You’re right it is a liberal disease

          • I just caught you in 6 lies, scumbag.

          • I would not call the residents of los angeles county americans I wonder how many of them can prove they are legitimate citizens the same goes for people living in NYC , you have a hard time facing reality

          • No , California chose Hillary not the American people . And popular vote does not decide electoral collage votes . You need to win the state’s giving you the most electoral votes .

          • California is part of America. Take away Texas and Hillary won by 8 million votes.

          • Do you own research retard . It was all over the news when she first started her whining and crying . And if you knew anything you would know it is Electoral Votes not popular votes that decide who wins in presidential elections . So Boo Hoo cry all you want . Killary Lost ! Live with it . America had to endure eight years of the Kenyan Fraud who tried his damnedest to destroy America and turn us into a third world nation . President Trump has accomplished more in a single year than Obama did in four . Had Hildabeast been elected you’d probably be starving in the welfare lines . Like all liberals , Democrats , or Communists (which is really what you all are) you fight against anything that strengthens America . And like that clown Muller , you look for anything that does not exist in your efforts to dominate the Citizens of America . You want that form of government ? If so move to Somolia , Venezulea or perhaps one of the Islamic nations .

          • So you have no proof of fraudulent votes and a LIBERAL caught you lying, you filthy Russia loving liar.

            Provide proof that Obama was born in Kenya. But you have no proof of that either, you disgusting piece of shyte.

            We already dominate you Trumpanzees. Clinton won by 3 million votes.

            Dems will run both houses of congress next year and your urine drenched Dear Leader will be long gone.

          • theonly fascist I ever heard of was benito mussilini

          • That’s because you read and believe FAKE news. Trump and all his racist, America hating, Russia/Putin loving supporters are fascists. And we all know what happens to fascists and Nazzis, don’t we Skeeter?

          • Maybe you should look at the policies of the democratic party since the time of Lincoln a Republican, Their racist socialist (communist) views are irrefutable They disguised them selves as a party of the working class and minorities all while undermining there ability to make a decent living and raise a family just look into the party? Look at there attack on christian family values promoting gay and transgender rights abortion?. Look at policies LBJ started supposedly to eliminate poverty but did just the opposite? also his escalation in Vietnam War and how he was connected to it financially. It was the republican party that was against Jim Crow and segregation remember senator Robert Byrd a democrat that Obama praised was a grand cyclops of the KKK. Look at there policies on free trade that were better deals for the other country than the US costing millions of American jobs starting with Bill Clinton administration? And if you want to talk of Russian collusion the facts are there out in the open, Hillary allowed the sale of 20% of American uranium deposits to Uranium 1 and it was brokered indirectly by Bill Clinton because of his relationship to Kazakhstan’s president in allowing Russian mining of uranium in their country by the Russians. Bill received speaking fee’s by the bank involved in the deal along with the Clinton foundation receiving millions in donations. Are the Russian’s an enemy of the USA? tell that to the Clinton’s and the democrats the real TRAITORS. The fact is was the Obama administration and state department FBI all involved? but President Trump hell no it’s all about covering up and shifting the attention off the real Traitors. Follow the trail of facts look at the Iran deal who were they looking out for the USA? to me or anyone that has a brain at all should be thinking it stinks to high heaven.

          • REAL Christians do not have a problem with gay and transgender rights or with a womans right to privacy. You right wing FAKE Christians just want to force your evil beliefs on NORMAL people just like your Arab terrorist brothers do.

            The War on Poverty programs dropped the poverty rate from 26% to 13% from 1960 to 1970. You are a liar.

            It was LIBERAL Republicans and Dems who were against Jim Crow. You “conservatives” were all for it. You are a liar, AGAIN.

            Reagan’s policies started the loss of millions of jobs. You are a liar, AGAIN.

            Hillary had nothing to do with the sale of Uranium and all that Uranium remains in the United States and can NOT be moved. You are a liar, AGAIN.


          • Patriot News Daily??????? HAHAHAHAHA!!!! LOL!!!

            You America hating Nazzi piece of shyte!

          • Fascists get defeated!

          • I know that there are not enough Republican voters to win the popular vote. Republicans have not won the popular vote since 1988.

          • larry you really think america would be better off with hillary as president?
            we would become a third world country with open borders global government
            now back to election Trump won 30 states , hillary won 20 , , and of all the counties that
            make up the states Trump won 83% of them , I know its not the proof you are always talking about but it is facts and thats just as good , oh yes , if it were not for los angeles
            and NYC hillary would have lost the popular vote big time thats why wehave the electoral college

          • The American people chose Clinton by 3 million votes. Trump finished a distant second.

          • And those votes were proven to be invalid and all were in California (duh) You just can’t accept the fact that the sacred cow lost . The election is over move on fool. Dispute Georgie Sore Ass owning the company that supplied the voting machines she still lost

          • Provide proof of these invalid votes. You can’t, you are a liar.


  23. Experts also include Bannon, Manafort, Flynn, Papadoupolos and Sessions. Would we expect less from them. A cover up with a thick tarp

  24. Is Lurch Mueller looking in all the wrong places, Intentionally ? To draw fire from other Demo-Commie dirt?

  25. Very hard to prove a case where there is no case, but only a COUP! Hope Mueller & the other conspirators go to jail for a long time, if not executed for TREASON.

    • The only way that will ever happen is if “we the people” rise up and start physically collecting these criminals and locking them away ourselves. Don’t forget we “subjects” are being protected by the very foxes and weasels we need to fear.


    I remember that trump Jr. released a very incriminating e-mail of his father telling him to lie to the senate intelligence committee. and the next day Trump Sr. and the White House CONFIRMED what his son said! Those experts seem to have a memory problem.

  27. What has happened to doing the PEOPLES work? When has any of the “Investigations” of the past 10 years resulted in anything more then a parking ticket? Meanwhile, we have real crimes that have been committed by the left side of the isle. Personally, I think too much of all the anti-Trump hate has been in the effort to getting the water so muddy, the mediocre media can get the populace so frustrate that they can print false or very misleading headlines knowing full well the public will pass on reading the whole article or even look for the truth.

  28. Fire mueller. He has wasted enough of our tax money. He will try to keep this going intell the Democrats wins a bunch of seats and impeach president trump, so he and Hillary and the rest won’t be Investigated.

  29. The purpose of Mueller’s Russian investigation is three-fold: (1) protect himself (2) bring down Donald Trump for the Democrats (3) Keep attention off DNC/Democrat malfeasance, including Seth Rich. I don’t know why Trump has not launched more investigations against Lynch, Clinton, Mueller, Obama, and the whole bunch of perps in DC. Too many to handle, I guess.

  30. Mueller is Milking the system, he is drawing fire to keep other Demo-Commies from being pointed out as corrupt as Obama and Hillary are.

  31. Mueller is a HRC accomplise, together in crimes, lies, and trying to derail the USA safety! Time to get rid of this monstrosity! And time to say Goodbye to The NY Times with its Death Wish for America!

  32. Prediction for 2018. Mueller and his entire team of democrat communist party supporters will leave in disgrace. His conspiracy with Comey, however, to undermine the 2016 presidential election should cause a special council investigation of both Mueller and Comey’s time as FBI directors.


  34. You people are pathetic….and the most pathetic is Rex McMillian. What a idiot-

  35. No sh** Sherlock!

  36. Completely ridiculous witch hunt and it is wasting taxpayer (us) money! I have heard so far 7 million dollars! WTH?

  37. When are we going to have a special prosecutor investigating Mueller and his Russian collusion? Mueller is a proven traitor to the USA and deserves to be in prison. Trump never did anything so sinister as what Mueller did.


  38. Of course he cannot prove anything. There is noting to the whole shebang.


  40. In over a year nothing has been found. Not one iota. Enough is enough. Get on with what you have found to incriminate BHO and HRC.

  41. The Trump admin. Is riding an economic wave and showing great successes while under the most intense personal attacks from the establishment and their pit bulls in the Main Street media. This is amazing. The left is being incredibly petty while excited for their chances at the midterm elections. The voters will determine that. The one thing I can tell you is the coming election will gauge the electorate’s intelligence. If the left wins the borders are wide open and we’re back to 1.5 growth and the “new” economic reality is real again. And we’re back to giving our wealth to other countries. Oh joy! I just think voters are smarter then that.

  42. It is my understanding that collusian is not a crime in the first place. How can there even be an invesigation into collusian when that is not even a crime. The entire investigation is bogus and there is no possible way for anything to come from it. Even if he does find something, it came from an illegal investigation. Manafort and Flynn should have their charges dismissed, if Flynn had not already plead guilty. I fully expect to see mueller possibly doing some time though when all the smoke has cleared. His part in uranium one makes him a traitor along with hillary and obama ad far as I’m concerned. Lock them all up. Got to be at least about 20-25 democrats and a few republicans that need about a 10-20 year break.

  43. It is also hard for me to believe that he hasnt uncovered any wrongdoings by a democrat during his investigation. He is not even trying to make this partisan crap look like anything close to an honest search for truth. It is obvious what is going on and he doesnt even care. Our govt. is about as low as it could get right now. Thank God for Trump. He is trying to drain the swamp anyway. He can only do so much. The rest is up to us voters.

  44. Let’s see, Mue-lier was the guy that went through the door at Solyndra, to grab all the records, to protect Barry. I don’t know how he can breath, with Barry’s dick so far down his throat.

  45. Hillary was the one that had collusion with the Russians…………Bill did also……..Hillary made sure that the Russians received 20% of our Uranium……….Bill made $50K on speeches, and the Clinton Foundation became richer…….

    Seems Congress was to afraid of the Clinton Hit Team and voted the way that Hillary wanted……….What Hillary did was an act of Treason against the USA……….

  46. WHAT F*****g Case??????

  47. The Times story doesn’t say anything like what you say it says. The minions here won’t check your misinformation, but swallow it whole. Still, many readers find your headline to be a load of crap.

  48. Mueller is a true liberal though. He has spent over forty million taxpayer dollars on his witch hunt with no value to the taxpayers.

  49. How do you PROVE a LIE??
    BULLSH*T doesn’t cut it!!

  50. oprah would have to remove herself from her empire to run for prez like trump had to do. .will never happen. just thought i throw that out there since nobody is talking about that

  51. Isn’t it ironic that Mueller IS proving Deep State involvement and collusion of the DNC, FBI and Clinton Campaign? There is no other way so many working for Clinton would have been so fully exposed.

  52. Get rid of Mueller and his leftists and use the money for something beneficial for our people. I assume a lot of people feel the way I do that Mueller is a demo puppet because he was part of the crookedness, i.e. uranium 1, etc. so he won’t investigate Hillary and pretends to be looking for something to hang around trump’s neck, but everyone has been told numerous times there was no collusion with Russia. What a waste of money!!! Do your job and get rid of him, Sessions.

  53. The whole farce here is the fact Mueller was actually assigned to find a crime and then go after it. Usually for a special prosecutor to be brought in there has to be a evidence of a crime not so in this case. Mueller’s job is to find the evidence to justify his present.

  54. Mueller should be charged with a crime , No many crimes from when he was leader of the FBI and his dealing with the uranium deal. I believe that the money that we paid out to him should be taken away from Hillary Clinton and let her pay for her she created a problem let her pay for the problem over $250 million that she got from Brooklyn foundation and put it in her own pocket.

  55. Why isn’t Mueller investigating the Clinton connection to the Russians, all Mueller is doing is STEALING TAX PAYER MONEY.

    • Because we the people would find out they all were involved in covering up the Uranium 1 deal along with blatantly covering up the email scandel and obstruction of justice in full view of the public. Possibly even the attempted coup of President Trump before and after the election.

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