NRA Warns of Democrats’ “Ambitious” Agenda Against Guns

In a recent blog post, the NRA-ILA, the legislative watchdog division of the gun-rights lobby, warned that despite holding a minority in Congress, Democrats were taking full advantage of the Las Vegas tragedy to push as much of their gun-banning agenda as they possibly can. While most of the sponsors of these bills recognize that they have no chance of turning them into law, these bills help them to force Republicans to vote “against common sense gun control legislation” in the hopes of spinning ads and energizing anti-gun whackadoos in the upcoming midterm elections. Plus, they’ll undoubtedly get plenty of positive media coverage in the meantime, influencing those Americans who don’t have a stake in the fight one way or the other. Or at least, not consciously.

From the NRA:

Gun control advocates are nothing if not opportunistic. With recent events again focusing the public’s attention on the criminal misuse of firearms, anti-gun members of Congress have dusted off longstanding proposals that would burden innocent Americans at every turn. Never mind that the proposals would have had no effect on the criminals they purport to address. Instead, the object remains their long-term commitment to the idea that firearm ownership among common law-abiding Americans must be curtailed, derailed, and ultimately, ended.

The list of recent bill introductions is instructive.  “Universal background checks,” de facto semi-auto bans, removing protections against junk lawsuits to bankrupt the firearms industry, banning magazines, waiting periods, and even basing firearm prohibitions on incomplete evidence.  All of this in the name of protecting against criminal activity when it’s clear that criminals will simply ignore the new restrictions with the same regularity as the old ones.

The blog points out several examples of legislation Democrats are trying to pass: A repeal of the PLCAA, an important law that protects the gun industry from frivolous and nonsensical lawsuits that attempt to hold manufacturers responsible for the crimes committed with their products; “universal background checks” that would criminalize and regulate the sale or transfer of guns, even between neighbors and family members; large-capacity magazine bans that would immediately turn millions of American gun owners into criminals overnight; and bump-fire stock bans that would give the government unprecedented authority to regulate any accessory that changes the way a semi-automatic firearm behaves.

“All of this just goes to show that even with pro-gun majorities in Congress and a pro-gun White House, legislative assaults on the right to keep and bear arms continue,” they write. “The ultimate goal is neither crime control nor holding evildoers accountable, it’s to chip away at the right to keep and bear arms until it becomes out of reach to the average American.”

Even with virtually no power in Washington, the gun-grabbers are busy doing their thing. It just goes to show: Complacency is never an option.


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