Now It’s “Racist” for Border Agents to Ask You if You’re a Citizen?

A middle school teacher is making a big fuss because she was pulled over and detained by Border Patrol agents last week in New Mexico, less than 100 miles from the border. Shane Parmely was incensed that the agents asked her if she was a U.S. citizen, as it is their right to do. In fact, she was so incensed that she refused to do so and began accusing the agents of violating the law, harassing her and her family, and engaging in racial discrimination. The agents, accustomed as they must be to white liberal women and their theories about the law, maintained their cool and eventually let Parmely go on her way. Now this idiot, clearly with too much time on her hands this summer, is telling anyone who will listen about how she was oppressed.

From the San Diego Union Tribune:

“Citizens?” an agent asked her as she drove up to the checkpoint.

“Are we crossing a border?” Parmely responded.

“No. Are you United States citizens?” he repeated.

“Are we crossing a border?” Parmely repeated. “I’ve never been asked if I’m a citizen before when I’m traveling down the road.”

As the agent continued to repeat his question, Parmely told him that he could ask her the question, but she didn’t have to answer.

“You are required to answer an immigration question,” the agent said. “You are not required to answer any other questions.”

When Parmely refused to answer the question, the agent told her that she was being detained for an immigration inspection.

“So if I just come through and say, ‘Yes, I’m a citizen,’ I can just go ahead?” Parmely asked.

“If the agent is justified by the answer, then yes,” the agent responded.

“So if I have an accent, and I’m brown, can I just say, ‘Yes,’ and go ahead or do I have to prove it?” she asked. “I have a bunch of teacher friends who are sick of their kids being discriminated against.”

“Ok, I’m not discriminating against anybody,” the agent said.

Parmely was lucky to draw an agent with considerable patience, that’s all we’ll say. She should be ashamed of herself for draining federal resources with her nonsensical line in the sand. Instead, she’s all over Facebook comparing herself to civil rights icon Rosa Parks. Immigration laws protect all of us, Parmely included. Sometimes the price you pay for a society with laws is that sometimes you’re going to be inconvenienced by the men and women we pay to enforce them. You can do your part by submitting to their (lawful, reasonable) requests, thanking them for their service, and moving along with your damn day.

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  1. James W Alloway

    She need to get a life.

  2. Another liberal POS who hasn’t got a clue!

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    • I was thinking the very same thing.

  3. I don’t think so,they are only doing their jobs. The NIGGERS, the WETBACKS, the TERRORIST, and the rest of the LIBERAL ASSHOLES want to prevent someone doing their job.

    • Christinammorales

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    • While I agree, in large part, with your premise, that does not take away from the fact that your use of racial slurs is low-class.

      • Low class people pay taxes, too.

        • So? Paying taxes has nothing to do with my comment, and paying taxes does not excuse gutter behavior. I guess you had nothing substantive to add, so you made an irrelevant and nonsensical comment.By the way genius…low-class financially is way different than being low-class as a way of life, and acting low-class…sort of like your comment, which was some kind of mindless attempt to defend a foul-mouthed racist.But that will probably go way over your head.

        • When?? After they get charged with TAX Evasion!

      • I SPEAK THE TRUTH!!!

        • Well, of course you do vinny…I should have recognized that you are THE ONE who speaks the truth. Here is some truth for you…you are a vile, gutter mouth, racist and moron. Truth enough for you?

          • Sticks and stones my break my bones BUT ASSHOLES NEVER HURT ME!!!

          • I understand…it probably hurts enough living with yourself….I give you credit for your playground rhyme…you outdid yourself.

          • Mathematical certainty

            OH alpha, can’t WE NIGGERS, WETBACKS, TERRORIST, and the rest of the LIBERAL ASSHOLES live together?

  4. A new IRS investigation SCAM is currently being operated (202)4599868 or other numbers… You’ll receive a call from a heavily accented or not – individual claiming allegations against you….. This is done through internet calling – or even mobile numbers….. currently it’s from a call center established in pakistan (dem IT) or india ——- DO NOT USE YOUR REAL NAME – USE AN ALIAS – PLAY with them – THEY READ FROM A TERRIBLE SCRIPT – but when possible – ASK ABOUT YOUR 411 IN THE ALIAS NAME – CONFIRM the scam……The IRs used these people as contractors to process tax returns over the years – besides that 411 and in conjunction with the DC leaks and hacks – they have limited 411….Use an alias – find out what they want – ask if they have your file before them – CONFIRM that this is BOGUS – Have a little fun with them – PLAY AWAY – FEDS CANNOT AND WILL NOT HELP YOU….

    • The IRS will NEVER contact anyone by telephone, they send their communications by USPS or they visit you in person!

      • I got one of those phone calls about two years ago. Since it was on my cell phone, will I was talking with them I walked down the hall and handed my phone to the IRS agent in charge of security in the building we were in. We both enjoyed it since the idiot scammer was actually using a traceable land line

      • Thank You —— I know – I was playing with them and LOVING IT…..

    • My standard reply to them is “F*** OFF AND DIE!”, because I am confident in my knowledge that they are not legitimate.

  5. The SORRY part of this story to me is ——— SHE’S SUPPOSED TO BE A SCHOOL TEACHER ——- NOT NEAR MY KIDS…………….

  6. Just ask for picture ID.

  7. Another west coast dummy

    • We on the west coast are NOT all dummies, You F****** IDIOT! I’m am a Republican who detests the California government!! I am not a dummie!


      • Mathematical certainty

        Jeffrey, you may not consider yourself a dummy but you need to brush up on the English language.
        “I’m am a”…what???

        I am not a dummie!..It’s dummy!
        That is why people don’t take you seriously.

      • If you are a Repub that’s great I understand there are some as I lived there 45 years, but you probably need a Chill Pill.

  8. You KNOW you hit a bullseye when they start crying “racism” or “-phobic”.
    It’s their last refuge.

      • Ernestinarvictor

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      • Ernestinarvictor

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      • Not “amen” don’t let fools like “patriot47” and trump cause you to get your dumb ass kicked. You better wake up asshole, before you get yourself hurt.

    • I think that it is really funny how they yell “racisim” and “phobic” everyone a white person breathes,when they are really the ones who are these things with their hatred of all white people.

      • Cathy, I think it’s more so directed at anyone that disagrees with their ideology, the socialist that they are.

    • Then make me a border guard and call me a racist because I am for the American race!!!

      • And what color is the American race, what nationality, what religion, what accent is acceptable as the American race, southern accent, NE accent, and all the other accents? Do you see how ridiculous your statement is?

        • That depends on how you interpret the statement. Sounds to me like he is saying he is for Americans and it does not matter if you have an accent or what color you are. Maybe you interpret differently because you are looking for racism. I think you may find it if you look inside.

          • No, I don’t have an inkling of racism inside me. I am a very proud liberal female Democrat. And I have been trying to unsubscribe from this hateful site, but this Patriot News Daily will not stop sending me their trash.

          • Yes, since the liberals are the only ones whom practice hate openly. They want to help people with everyone’s money except giving all their own money first. Hatred for Trump, is baseless and folks like yourself cannot handle truth, that is why Obama is your hero a pathological liar and sneaky rat that sold out our nation.

          • Yes you are the #1 example of the failed libtard dem & no thought to stop posting .. ! “Stupid is as stupid does” & first in line for the dem logo of a stubborn ignorant ass !

          • Don’t read it and you will not be forced to answer it. Like most libs you cannot keep from butting in where you are not needed or particularly wanted.

          • yes! It’s like a sane person trying to get into a mental institution!!!

          • Very proud liberal female democrat. Accusing others of being hateful for having an opinion that differs from yours on a site you apparently believe you must continue to comment on just because they keep sending you what you call trash. I guess it never occurs to you to just ignore the email’s. What part are you so proud of? Being born female, or being part of the fastest growing and dumbest hate group in America?

          • Excellent question, Nat. Maybe in her heart she knows it’s time to leave the Democrat Party.

          • IF she doesn’t know that the 8 years of bo’s duping dems is a gate way to his dictatorship then bo’s indoctrination to libtard has destroyed any logic to escape from dem commies !

          • Being a libtard socialistic, commie, muslim supporting democrat that condones treason of bo type & his cronies is nothing to be proud of & makes you as guilty of treason as bo … !

          • And you being a mindless lib troll can not resist clicking on this site. I can only imagine you clicking on every e-mail you receive.

          • Copied from your post: ” I am a very proud liberal female Democrat.” Two things, you spelled Democrat wrong! IT’S CORRECT SPELLING IS DemoCRAP!! Number 2 guess who started the KKK???? Almost forgot! Your Party picked the correct icon (Jack Ass) for it’s logo!!
            The trash is your posts!! P.S. on the bottom of the page with a new post from PND is an UNSUBSCRIBE link/ button, USE IT!! If that doesn’t work in your email program have it mark it as junk mail or spam and to send it straight to the TRASH!! Not to hard is it??? If so ask the neighbors 10 year old to help you!!! LOL!

          • addendum ad homminen

          • Voted for the lying, guilty of 5 negligent homicide overseas along with the pay to play donations to “Foundation and with more attachments with the Russians than 50 Trumps, Hillary (all suicide before testifying against me) Clinton, did you Jerri?.

          • do you have proofs for any of these charges? If not , then so quietly into the night-

          • I did my research, you do yours to prove me wrong.

          • And off into the night he quietly goes.,,,

          • If you don’t like it and don’t want it simply mark it as Spam in your email window. It will get rid of it for quite a while.

          • Wow. You don’t have “an inkling of racism” inside you? I guess you read HuffPo, Vox, Salon? Where the “good” people nod their heads in unison about evil white right wing fascists? The hypocrisy is so astounding.

          • Typical dimwit liberal….can’t figure out how to

          • Beyond “dimwit” & rapidly sinking below whale shit with other dem libtards … !

          • I understand how you feel, I was a Dem Lib for 45 years and recently left the party because of irrational policies and their treatment of ordinary, hardworking Americans. I’m one of those elite university types, but I stand with the plumbers, nurses, painters, electricians, garbagemen, secretaries, and many others whom the DNC and Clinton (whom I donated to in 2008!) have disparaged and demeaned the last decade. I have never witnessed such vitriol as was hurled at Trump and his supporters. They outdid Trump by a factor of thousands, and never noticed they were acting in an absolutely deplorable manner! I advise you to quit, too. Don’t join the pubs, though. Be independent or libertarian.

          • When you declare yourself a democrat you are proven as a libtard liar & #1 enemy against U.S. Patriotic Citizens ! You are a bo duped crony racist idiot that is internally destroying the U.S. with your asinine whims & ways from bo’s commie, muslim hell !

          • Being a U.S. Citizen is not racist but the racism created by libtards & illegal foreigners is the normal dem socialist scape goat for being stupid asses representing the dem logo of an ass

          • I love it, in fact I bought a T-shirt recently that’s got a picture of a rat leading a donkey on a leash, with the caption of “I don’t give a” for the libs that have a hard time understanding this, it means I don’t give a “rats ass” what your thoughts or ideology is !

          • Thank you Shawn. and you are correct.

        • If we are all the same why does the racist keep labeling white people racist. “White Privilage,” Is a racist term, since most white people are not privileged. It is totally out of control, now you cannot ask if someone is a citizen? Who created that rule Obama?

          • Who else but the big O? The big O is a big A.

          • No the communist puppet masters who run the so-called Democrat party that being the 1/10 of a percent billionaires of the world won’t 60% of the money is in the world.

          • The New World Order preached by Obama, or the Globalization of the world by Merkle are both ideological plans for world socialism. To achieve this goal they must destroy their nation’s economically and force it upon the the people. Remember Obama speech to the UN, we must give up our freedoms to achieve this. However Obama and Merkle are not included in the plan the elites get to keep their wealth and the entire planet suffers. Media are running off the wall stories with no proof that the DOJ is working secretly to end affirmative Action in colleges and jobs? Their threatening other non-earned entitlements granted by our former Dictatorship to voters. There is no proof, just their word. The left being as stupid as Obama believes will buy into this bull poop.

          • bo & NWO dictators are the totalitarian asses that believe they can enslave the world for their own greedy whims but they will create their own demise just like WW 2 nazi hitler.. !

          • bo & his cronies created 90% of the problems in the U.S.A. with his 8 years of treason & abuse of power E.O.’s just to create his wannabe dictatorship over the U.S.A. in a NWO !

          • Your right however, the only reason Obama is still walking around laughing while we are paying for his vacations under his Former Presudent’s Act 2012 secretly passed by Obama democrats for there master, is congress is scared shitless of making him accountable for his deeds. We are scared of the left and the left knows we will do nothing to stop them if they turn to anarchy. We are prisoners of Obama goons, anarchist, communist, socialist, out sourcing billionaires, and folks with special personal agendas. We have the power, we lay the taxes, we even own more weapons than the military in small arms, we have millions of combat experienced veterans, yet we are scared shitless of one man and his armies of morons?

          • No fear of bo or his cronies but getting through the libtard dems that supported the abuse of power traitor is a difficult task because there were so many criminal E.O.’s that have to be uncovered when dem libtards supported every crime bo committed … ! The democrap socialistic stench of dictatorial treason is creating its own demise to be eradicated soon !

        • Any U.S. Citizen can see how ridiculous your statement is … ! This illegal foreigner to be in the U.S. is an assault on National Security so why would a U.S. Citizen object being asked a simple question that only illegal asses would object to as racist … ! This is a crock of shit with a stench of libtard dem illegal foreigners from bo’s abuse of power E.O’s !

          • Who cares what the left thinks they will always beat you into submission if they can shut you up. It’s time to shut them up!

          • The dem libtards duped by bo in 8 years are creating their own deserved demise … !

        • I think what they meant was legal American of any race. Calling it ridiculous because you misunderstood says more about you than it does about them.

          • Read this and learn–

            The president is the nation: The central metaphor Trump lives by

            Metaphors in the brain

            We know from neuroscience that most thought is unconscious, carried out by neural circuitry. In Metaphors We Live By, Mark Johnson and I showed that much of that unconscious thought is metaphorical, and further, that we often live our lives according to those metaphors. A simple example, we understand time as a money-like resource, seen in expressions like saving time, wasting time, budgeting our time, and putting some time aside to see friends. Many of us budget our time, worry about wasting time, and try to save time. We not only take the metaphors as real but we act according to the metaphors — and in fact much our social and business reality is structured by those metaphors, which reinforces their effect. Given human brains, living by metaphor is normal and probably unavoidable.

            The central Trump metaphor

            Louis XIV, King of France, was famous for saying, L’état, c’est moi — I am the state — a metaphor that a king could live by, or at least try to. Roger Cohen, on May 19, 2017, in a NY Times op-ed titled L’état, c’est Trump, pointed out ways in which Trump has acted as if he had absolute power, like a despot. True. But there is a lot more to say. When John Lengacher and I closely analyzed language coming out of the White House, it became clear that Trump has internalized and has been living by a central metaphor: THE PRESIDENT IS THE NATION.

            What ideas and actions follow

            The job of senior government officials is to serve the nation. Under this metaphor, their job is to “serve the President.”
            The American people swear allegiance, that is, support to their nation. Under the metaphor, the phrase “the American people” comes to mean the supporters of the President. Thus, “The American people want …” means Trump supporters want…” “The American People love the President” means the President’s supporters love the President.
            National security becomes the security of the President. The security of the President can be threatened in many ways.
            He could be shown by the Mueller investigation to be a criminal, doing money-laundering and associated racketeering with the Russian mafia and American mafia figures.
            He or his closest associates and family members could be shown by the Mueller investigation to have colluded with the Russians in their attack on the 2016 election. The Mueller investigation thus becomes a threat to the President’s security, and an enemy attack to be countered and ended. That his why he has attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself, which led to the appointment of Mueller. The President sees the Attorney General as having the job of protecting his security.
            Since revelations by the press also endanger the President’s security, the President sees the press as his enemy and, via this metaphor, calls the press the enemy of the American people.
            The President’s tax returns could show Russian involvement or money laundering in his business, and so the revealing of his tax returns would be a threat to his security.
            The legitimacy of his election could be questioned, for example, by the 3.5 million vote majority of Hillary showing that he is a minority president. The facts of Hillary’s majority must therefore be shown to false, say, by show that the votes were fraudulent.
            Trust in the President could be undermined by revelations of underhanded immoral or illegal things he is doing.
            The Emoluments Clause of the Constitution makes it crime to profit from the Presidency. Therefore, showing that the President purposely acts so as to profit from the Presidency is unconstitutional and a possible basis for impeachment.
            “Leaks.” The “leak” frame is about national security leaks: truths that could harm national security is revealed to the public or enemies of the nation. Under the metaphor, “leaks” become truths that could harm the security of the President. Since national security leaks are crimes against the nation — unpatriotic and un-American, so under the metaphor, “leaks” threatening Presidential security become crimes against the nation that are unpatriotic and un-American, matters for the Justice Department and the FBI to look into and for the Justice Department to prosecute.
            This explains the much-publicized call that then-communications director Anthony Scaramucci placed to Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker, which Lizza recorded and later published. Scaramucci had gone on a rampage to stop leaks. Lizza had tweeted that “ a senior White House official” informed him of an important meeting at the White House with Scaramucci, the President, Sean Hannity, and others. Scaramucci called Lizza and demanded that Lizza name his source. Lizza refused. Scaramucci then said, “You’re an American citizen, this is a major catastrophe for the American country. So I’m asking you as an American patriot to give me a sense of who leaked it.” This makes sense only if you assume that the “leak” was a breach of national security. That follows from the metaphor.
            The President and the conservative members of the Republican Party share what I have called Strict Father Morality and all the policy positions that follow from that view of what is right and wrong. But the Republican Party does not believe in the President-as-the-Nation metaphor, since it elects legislators and the Legislative branch is a check within the nation on the authority of the President. This created a potential threat to the security of the President and a tension between Reince Preibus and both the President and Anthony Scaramucci. The President depends on the Republican Party both to carry out the policies he shares with conservative Republicans. But, since they failed on health care, his rationale for keeping Preibus was no longer operative and Preibus had to go. He also depends on the Republican Party to help maintain his security. But in the case of Jeff Sessions’ recusal, Republicans support Sessions, who is a former Republican senator and one of their own.
            What the metaphor explains

            From all of these considerations, it seems clear that the President is living by the metaphor, with enormous repercussions for our nation and the world. We see this in his speeches, his tweets, and his official actions. It also explains the tension with Reince Preibus and why Preibus had to be replaced.

            How can progressives counter the metaphor and its effect.

            As one of the discoverers and principal analysts of conceptual metaphors and their power, I have an obligation to report how this metaphor works and the effects it has. As an American citizen, I have the obligation to make these findings public so that it can be countered.


            We need to reveal the existence of the metaphor. That is why I have written this paper, and why the paper has to be sent out far and wide and its contents spread both by the mainstream media and social media. Pass this paper on to both the mainstream media outlets and to your friends on social media.
            We need to shift the frame to undermine the metaphor. We and the media have messages to be communicated. Each message must point out to the White House staff and members of the administration that they serve the nation, not the president, in a myriad of ways. Go through the list of nation’s needs:
            On health care, the duty to the 22 million people whose needed care would be eliminated under republican plans
            On the environment, global warming, weather disaster, and sea level rise. Cite examples.
            On the rights of transgender people, 15,000 of whom are serving in the military.
            On gun violence and the need to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill and criminals.
            on Russia’s threat to democracy both at home and in many other countries, from Ukraine and Georgia to the Baltic states;
            and on and on, go down the list.
            In example after example, the job of those in the administration is to serve the nation first in all cases, rather than serving the president. The message must be constant in mainstream and social media every day, in every part of the country. And it has to become part of electoral campaigns in red districts. Patriotism is about the nation.

          • Read this and learn, your an idiot who continually embarrasses himself putting childish, nonsense liberal verbal vomit on a site meant for grownup’s. Like I said before, why don’t you go color, or take a nap, or make Playdoh peace signs with the other little liberals and let the grownup’s talk in peace?

        • I can tell you what the American race is. Its anyone who is a legal citizen of the USA. Chris Robinette was trying to express her/his love for the American way of life and its values and culture. Every country I have been to around world, I am asked if I am a citizen. I see nothing wrong with that. What amazes me are two things or should I break it down into three things, 1). Entitlement. Just because I breathe I am entitled to whatever I want without striving for it. NOT!!!!! 2.) Illegal entitlement. Just because I have entered the country illegally, I am entitled to everything the Citizens have. I don’t have to answer any questions if I don’t want to because I am entitled, I can get a FHA loan because I am entitled even though I am not a legal citizen(someone actually told me that btw) NOT!!! and 3). I love it when tolerant, liberal, accepting, kum by yah , and I am not trying to disparage anyone here, people express their opinions about whats right or wrong but usually when the issues they are confronted with is in their back yard they are not having any of it. Most liberals talk the talk but dont walk the talk.

        • How about I am for legal aliens and not illegal aliens. Will that meet with your approval? Probably not.

        • It is but a simple question.There is no color in American society, simply put. Individuals can be racists but there is no reason for that. The officer was just doing his job that was all.The lady in question just wanted her 5 minutes of fame, and like must white women today believe that to other colors need to be apologetic for the past.If a regular patrol officer had stopped her she would complain about the same thing, but now for stopping her because as she said she was brown. People need to obey the commands and move on, it is that simple.

        • Hey dimwit….the American race is a “legal resident”. Blind to ethnicity…religion or any other group.
          Problem is, those that don’t want to live by our Constitution or laws. Don’t want to live by our Constitution? GTFO
          Don’t want to live by our laws? Go to jail OR GTFO
          Being an American is a privilege not a right.

        • It’s not at all racist to question people’s nationality in areas with a high volume of offenders from a particular nation. It’s simply a regrettable necessity. All accents are welcome in America, as long as the owners of those accents have proof of citizenship. Good citizens understand that and cooperate with the police.

        • No, his statement is not ridiculous. It just means that there is only one race in America: the American race, people who ARE Americans; LEGAL American citizens.

    • You know that you WILL get hurt. If you try to bring your racism out in to the public arena. Don’t let trumps ignorance cause YOU to get YOUR ass beat. He has SS on his side, YOU don’t!

  9. What gave him the RIGHT to stop her when they were NOT even at the border? That SO CALLED border patrol should be admonished .


  11. Traitors are against protecting America from illegal aliens and Koran reading Muslims, and they need to be hanged from the nearest tree.
    These people are Obama and Hillary supporters, who will gladly destroy America and legal Americans.
    Absolutely Disgusting Warped Trash!

  12. This is the moronic PC crowd who get their panties in a wad every time they imagine themselves to be victims of a micro-aggression. Like if they hear the word “illegal alien” they go into orbit screeching, “These are people, too! They’re not illegal, they’re just undocumented citizens in waiting. People should be able to go any where they want to go.” Obviously these people are fruitcake leftists who don’t follow any laws except those that raise taxes on working people, believe in open borders, sanctuary cities, and that a baby in the womb is just a bunch of cells grouped together which can be aborted anytime including the third trimester. And they demand that government should be responsible for providing them contraceptives. Free! Just like Obama phones, food stamps, and a Bernie Sanders free education at an institution of higher learning. Every thing is free. Nobody pays for nuthin’…

  13. She got her 15 minutes of fame because you people decided this was news worthy!

  14. It is not discrimination if everyone is ask the question. You do not have to answer but there are consequences for not answering – Many state require you to carry ID at all times – you do not have to show it ot the police but they can take you into custody until they determine who you are. This is not different.

    • That law only applies to “white supremacists,” didn’t you know that. This stupid woman is a wonderful, loving, and tolerant person, so she thinks!

      • panchoVilladeltren

        So called ‘White’ Supremacist are most likely to still be illegal, as they have not yet assimilated to American ways. After sneaking in , either through Mexico or with a temporary visa, they still feel that they are in their ‘Fatherland’, abusing Jews.

        • Mathematical certainty

          So pancho, how many white supremacists have entered the US through Mexico in the last 20 years, MORON.

          • I have to agree with you on that point.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Obviously, YOU and your kin are still trying to dodge Interpol for your war crimes.

            If I were to give you a number, you would not understand, as you cannot count more than the amount of your fingers and toes,.
            Denying your illegal status will NOT make it so, IMMIGRANT.
            B.T.W. Not so long ago, I saw a border patrol refuse entry to a —guess what?— GERMAN., as he was trying to sneak in from the Mexican side. You need to educate yourself, most Krauts are here illegally., such as Trumps parents, wives, etc.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            After you, OLD FART.

          • Go back to Mexico and pimp out your mother and sister!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            If it wasn’t for your mom, daughter, and all your sisters, I would have no one to pimp.
            Bet your mom was the one that fornicated with the donkey on the stage in Tijuana, right? You , I believe, are the one that sat there cheering her on.Right? You were wearing a cap with a swastika with YOUR Mexican flag as a background.
            In the back, I believe, it said “Made in Romania, but I got here as fast as I could.”

          • No that was your mama with the donkey, your sister was waiting to clean up the mess!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Wrong again,weirdo. It WAS YOUR mom, and that is why you are such an ignorant JACKASS.

          • I heard your sister said she liked the taste.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You must have hearing problems! That was YOUR aunt talking. (Bet perversion runs in your family!)

          • Nope! It was your sister! I heard it correctly!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            I heard ‘NOTHING’. I only SAW your whole tribe, fornicating with the donkeys. (Your mommy, sister, aunt, and even your gay brother.)
            Your brother kept screaming, “I likes it like that”.

          • Such a shallow mind! Is your IQ larger than your shoe size??? All you can do is try, while failing miserably, to insult people! That’s a sign of MAJOR insecurities!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Now, now, old geezer, being unkind to your betters does not make YOU intelligent. But being a past professor at Harvard does , in your mind, make me UN-intelligent. Let’s get on to I.Q.s At 160, ( on a day with 106 degrees fever), that would make my shoe quite large, don’t you agree?
            Now, let me tell you what IS stupid. The present state of many of you immigrant’s minds.
            You all want to pretend to be Americans, that like a pack of hyenas, your tribes don’t try to better yourselves, but try to downgrade your betters.
            When you see a REAL AMERICAN name, you FEAR it.

            Why don’t you attack SCHMITZ, Kelly, Abbot,, etc, as these are the IMMIGRANT names? Because like the pack of coyotes you are, you need a pack to feel safe in your ILLEGAL ALIEN world.
            While Pancho (Frank) & Villadeltren, (of Royal status) is MORE American than those immigrant names, you all pond jumpers feel that if you cannot be as good, (like the African tribes), you will try to tear it down.
            F.Y.I. This name was used as an experiment on the low mentality of the EURO-TRASH, so I can teach my students the brain dead status America is heading towards.
            Y’all just proved my point.
            Have an educated day, and try to have someone read to
            you ‘DALE Carnegie’s book, ‘How to make friends and influence people’. It might make you humanj.

          • ROFLMFA at your narcissistic attitude! ROFLMA! You’re truly a legend in your own VERY shallow mind! You, a teacher????????????? That explains a lot! JA!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Your condition is becoming quite common, it is mental deficiency.But there is help for you, still.
            Personally, I would just put you in the corner till class was over, but its gotten where nowadays they pump more drugs in you, and finish making you a mindless idiot.
            You will notice that all your fellow inmates are also, like you, liberals, which is the end result of your condition.
            You stay content now, you hear, and maybe by the time you make parole,, they will have cured you.
            You are not really that bad, just mindless., uneducated, (And harmless.)

          • You just described yourself oh a–hole of low self esteem!!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            What an ingrate you are. I try being kind to you, as I was always taught to be kind to dumb animals, but even my dog shows more gratitude. Maybe there is NO hope for you at all, after all, many dimwits (like you) go completely over the edge when they are too old for their nanny to care for them.
            ARE you in the old folks area of the correctional facility?
            They usually have treatments for your condition.

            In the facility I overlooked, we tried to get you back to be self sufficient, but some of you were too far gone. SAD, but true.


            It is said dumb can be corrected through education but “STUPID” is forever. Hows it feel to be stuck in forever?
            When God was passing out brains you thought He said trains and you replied, “No Thanks I’ll Walk”!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            So now you try to be a comedian, but are instead a ‘commode-ian.

            Bet you get constantly ‘flushed!. L.O.L.

          • Nope!! But I did flush you earlier today!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            wash your mouth out in that there commode, again, dirty old man/boy.

          • I don’t have to!! You were the one licking out the toilet bowl!! LMAO!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            But you were drinking from it!

          • No the sound you heard was me taking a dump, THEN you licked the bowl clean!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            When you take a dump, and you being ‘just crap’, bet you always wind up in the sewer., replenishing yourself.

          • No room!! You and ALL your “ILLEGAL” Alien Family have used all the available space!! ROFLMAO!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Oh, you squareheaded sewer rat, all that sauerkraut has made you brain dead, why you roll in sewage laughing.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Gustav, mind telling me what state you might be in? Don’t worry, I wont sent the border patrol in after you. I just want to know what state has ‘Critters’ like you with so low an I.Q.

          • “Good” Sauerkraut beats tacos any day of the week SnowFlake!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Twinkletoes, there is NO good sauerkraut, just like there are NO good Krauts. And you only put the sauerkraut on your plate, so you can ‘grab that wiener’, which is what you really wanted.

            Twinkletoes, do you wear a tutu at rehab?

          • No the Tutu and wiener grabbing is your shtick. P.S. there is now go tacos, taco bender!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            So, you would bend over for a TACO? What king, sauerkraut taco?

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Hey, ole fart, do they have you in isolation down at the pokey? Or did ‘mommie’ forbid you to use the computer any more? Just tell me you did not just up and die already!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Good, you still live.

            What do you mean by J.A?
            Is that for ‘Just alien?

          • For someone who claims(?) to be so intelligent and you can’t figure out J.A.!!
            Is that for ‘Just alien? Ah NOPE!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            An intelligent person realizes he does not know everything, and is not too proud to admit it. Even a rocket scientist may not know how to bake a cake.
            Better to sound ignorant and ask, than to remain silent and stay ignorant.

          • Three strikes!!!!

            You’re OUT!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Kamarad: I knew that JA meant ‘Yessaboss’ in German, but J.(Period) A.. (Another period) did not compute.
            As an instructor in foreign languages, such as German, Italian, French, etc. I am accustomed to proper punctuation, but I failed to realize that you had limited schooling.
            But I still wish you well in your ‘School for senior dummies’
            Tell me, old cooter, what state do you reside in? ..I have properties in Texas, Montana, and Utah, so i travel around quite a bit, checking on my square headed ‘boys’, as they will rob you blind if you don’t stay on top of them.
            Have a good one, and keep dodging I.C.E. but they will still get you in the end.

          • I don’t have to dodge ICE. I’m trying to get a fix on you to get them to deport your a s s !

          • panchoVilladeltren

            So, just like all the other squareheads working my stables, you feel that if they have not found you yet,they will not?
            Come payday, just like Trump, I will call I.C.E. and send them packing , UNPAID. We will find you ,m also.
            A Kraut free country, is a decent country.

          • Watch out!! The knock on your door could be ICE coming to get ya!!! A Spick free country would be a “GREAT” country! Later “Taco Bender”!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            If it is I.C.E. knocking, it is because they want me to show them where you are hiding, as i am the one that turned them on to you.
            A KRAUT free country is a maggot free country.
            And a PRICK’ free country would be one without you ‘PRICKS.’
            vira san comrade dumkoff.
            Duo ferrik shein hund. YA? Sheisenkup.

          • Go bend some more taco’s “TACO BENDER”!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Go shove another ‘Salami’ uppah yours, weiny eater.

            Forget the sauerkraut, and the bun.

          • I can’t Taco Bender! Typical of your kind you already stole the salami and hid it uppah yours! ROFLMAO!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Salami & Kraut, go together like a German immigrant in the back seat of a green and white SUV. (SUCKING ON A WIENER )!

          • You need fresh material! Ah Yep YOU suck the wiener after it’s been up your mamma’s
            a s s!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Old pervert:
            Every one had their wiener up your Mom’S ass, that you came out as a ‘TURD’., SHEIZENKUP.

          • Evelyn Woods reading and comprehension time!! I’ll type it slow so you can read it!!
            “Ah Yep YOU suck the wiener after it’s been up YOUR mamma’s a s s!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            While YOU lick all weiners that have been up yours AND your families asses. including your ‘MOMMIES”
            Bet you even eat ‘MIGUEL’S Chile also.

          • No that’s your chore!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            But you staked your claim to it.

          • No I didn’t! You were reading from your own job description!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Now, now, OLD GEEZER, seems you are getting senile.
            MAN up, and admit your addiction to the big salami.


          • panchoVilladeltren

            You just can’t see the forest for the trees, now, can you?
            It is.was your kinfolk that , greedy as you are, push you aside to get theirs first.
            Sauerkraut and salami, a German’s delight.

          • You goofed again it was your slimey ancestors slithering on the floor STEALING everything in site!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Liar, liar, pants on fire. A liar is a thief also, and you proved it, thieving liar!. And Salami Slurp er.

          • B.S. IF your ancestors DID NOT steal everything they’d have starved and lived in caves! Nice try A–HOLE O.C 1 pV 0(zero)!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            While your thieving tribe not only stole , y’all are still living in caves.

          • While your thieving tribe not only stole , y’all are still living in caves. You’re looking at your family tree in the mirror again “Beaner”!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Wrong again, Wiener eater. The way y’all are stacked up with your square heads, you cannot be mistaken for ‘people’. It is KRAUTS in a round cave stacking their Square heads in a corner.

          • Wrong again A__HOLE!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Did you go to church today, HEATHEN?

          • YEP! Did you?

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You bet! I go pray for your misguided soul to be forgiven, even if you have Islamic tendencies.
            Are you Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Catholic, or Jewish?
            I jam what a Jam, a Methodist. Just not a Baptist, as I cannot lie.

          • When are you going to STOP lying??????? You’re just another Satanist!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Old LUCIFER, tell me. Did you get arrested in Virginia for acting like yourself? Bet you were the one carrying the swastika flag and a halo on your head. For an old fart, you can still goosestep, while using a cane.
            May the birds of paradise fly up your Wurzburg wuss.

          • Hey Taco Bender/ BeanerValladeltren was that you in the red tights with the pitch forks??????

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Yep, that was me, Salami Sucking twinkletoes.
            I was the one poking your butt while you were in your usual tutu. YOU LOOKED SO CUTE. Tutu and a swastika flag.

          • Nope that was your sister, we switched outfits!! How’d it feel to “POKE” your sister!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Wrong again, blind wiener eater, My sister was at the office monitoring your rioting behavior, and I would recognize your varicose vein-y legs anywhere. Did YOU enjoy getting poked? Bet you did.

          • The varicose vein-y legs? That would have been your moms! Beaner! LOL!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Love to educate you! The neighborhood kids would check your legs out, thinking it was a world map.

            Ps-s-st Have them checked, you look horrid barelegged in your pink TUTU.
            ( I don’t dislike you cause you are a kraut, only because you are a STUPID kraut-TWINKLE TOES).

            Has meals on wheels been by yet? Bet you get up looking out the window , hoping they hurry. That is a Kraut THANG.

          • Don’t forget to get your SNAP card recharged even if it is illegal!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            I might, but all your Kraut relatives are in the way.

          • Hey A–HOLE!! Your kind NEVER stand in line, the wait and see a little old lady and steal her card.Cheap BA-TARDS!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            That was your reflection on the glass window, German Mafioso libtard.

          • Whatever A–HOLE! There’s NO cure for STUPID!
            “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You got it . STUPID. Sewer swimmer.

          • You daddy jerked off into a flower pot and you were born a “BLOOMING IDIOT”!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            While YOUR dad butt fucked a donkey, and you came out a turdy JACKASS.

          • No that was your family portrait! LOL!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Want a fix on me? I may just be the person in the green and white SUV that has been keeping you under surveillance.

          • Where did you get a license to drive??? One of the freebies from Kalifornication???? Do yo drive sitting in the child’s booster seat???

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Unlike you, my ‘IMMIGRANT’ antique, I did NOT buy it at Montgomery ward.
            Are YOU in Mexifiornia? It would explain you crossing over through Tijuana, and why you are one of their nutty fruits.
            F.U.I. I used to drive 40 footers at one time, also double bottoms, have a pilot’s license, used to race my dragster, could drive a diesel railroad engine, and last but not least, used to bring the cattle truck (white and green) to little Berlin,m to load you IMMIGRANT KRAUTS and ship you to the deportation center.
            You might remember seeing me, as you jumped fences eluding my boys from immigration.

          • Yeah, yeah more B.S. If you did all that then I’m the Pope!! Taco Bender!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Well, Pope S.S.
            Did you you know that s.s. stood for
            SALAMI SWALLOW-ER?

          • Whatever “TACO BENDER”!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Glad to see you are learning the history of your tribe.
            Gestapo S.S.

          • Whatever “Taco Bender” Beaner! Who got their WORTHLESS asses kicked by Gen. Sam????

          • panchoVilladeltren

            As you will agree, Frankfurter eater (You eat Frank’s Farts),
            that a handful of my fellow Marines just stomped your kraut asses in Normandy, causing you to run to Mexico to hide.
            No brag, just fact.
            If you had gone to school, you would also know that it was mostly WHITE AMERICANS ( A.K.A. The Latin Americans) that turned the tide against the Mexican troops. The Anglos were staying in the rear where it was safe.
            Seguin, Menchaca, et al, are not anglo names.Those were the heroes that saved TEXAS.
            Then your cowardly butts sneaked in here. Go back to Frankfurt via Mexico, just the way you came.

          • Go suck some diarrhea through a straw!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Diarrhea—Is that not a Krauts favorite drink?
            Hans & Fritz invited Goosetav to go to a ball game. Goosetav replied that he had a case of Diarrhea. Fritz than chimed in.”Bring it with you, so we can have something to drink.”
            Tsk tsk.tsk.You boys go get tour drinks.

          • Ha, ha NOT TacoVilladeltren.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Hey, wienie boy, as a courtesy to your ignorant ass, i am going to give you a ‘heads up’.

            Know why Krauts are so hateful? Well, I will tell you. (Promise me you won’t cry.)
            Krauts are almost rabid due to the fact that there are at least two things they want , and cannot have.

            First, they want to be ‘Supremacists’, but we both know y’all are a sub species. Two, you want to be ‘white’, but we all know that the White man came from Spain, and while they did spread their seed, they were so contemptuous of the fraulines, that y’all remained ‘OTHER’, or plain ‘Anglo’.
            So, you are neither WHITE, nor Supremacists. Just a common SUB-SPECIES.

            And why do you hate Mexican nationals? Because even the Mexicans are also the white race, and Y’ALL are not.

            And many Latins , both from Mexico, and central America, are mixed with the Native Americans, making these people the true WHITE AMERICANS, which does NOT equate to U. S. citizen, only us of North America , and U,S. Citizens are that. Y’all, however, if you were born in Mexico, which most were, are NON-WHITE, NON AMERICAN. But just a subspecies.

            Now that i have bought it out in the open, be what you are. A sleezy off breed illegal.

            Remember, God knows, so let the whole world know.

          • You mean EXACTLY/ PRECISELY like the Mexicans/ Spic’S?????????

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Yes, YOU Mexicans ( by nationality), German (by heritage,) and Illegal by being border jumpers.
            Do you know where ‘Spicks ‘originated?
            Seems that in the 1800, a bunch of them there Mexican Nationals were in some ‘holler’, where there were a bunch of your kin, the blacks.and just like you Krauts that only spoke Krautillia’, they spoke Spanish. Well, your black cousins, being as STUPID as their Kraut kin, did not understand, so they would say to other members of y’alls tribe, “They speak—– and left it hanging, for as like Y’all they were sub stupid.
            Now, your STUPID KRAUT members then would say of the WHITE MAN, “They spic’, because AGAIN, you showed your German tribal ignorance. So, while you primates try to make it derogatory, what you were actually saying was that the WHITE man was too smart for your ignorant asses to understand.
            But Kraut dumb ass is not derogatory, it is descriptive.

          • You’re a legend in your own amoeba mind!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Amoeba mind, if you will, with a history background.
            You, are an ALIEN in real time.

          • With a history background, way, way, way in the background!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            But not yet ‘UNDERGROUND’.!
            Your ‘History’ is in the future? Can you see that you will soon be deported?
            By , by, U.S.A. Hello Frankfurt and/or Mexico.
            Asta la vista immigrante. Don’t forget to take your sauerkraut with you.
            (Write sometime from your native country,

            I collect them there foreign stamps.)

          • The only history you know is when your mamma’s last illegal welfare check and renewed SNAP card was due!!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Oh ho ho. You German Miskin wetbacks sure learned quickly about welfare and Snap, what ever Snap is.
            But is is a KRAUT THANG, right?

          • Can’t even read! Request a refund from evelyn Woods reading and comprehension school!

            Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) |
            Good God how FREAKING STUPID are you??????????????????????????????????

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Aha. Got you to admit that even though you ‘KNOW NOTHING’, you certainly do know about the programs we Americans supply for you starving, thieving Krauts.
            And while I may not be privy to your welfare programs, my area of knowledge is too complicated for your SIMPLE MIND.
            I belong to the group of ‘HIGHER LEARNING.’
            C’mon, you can tell me. When did you slither into my country, and can you tell me from where? Mexifornia, Arizona, Texas, or did you make it in from Mexico into Florida? I’m not going to turn you in, I am just curious.
            Psst. Get a job, I am tired of supporting your dried out old ass.

          • NO, no, no, no!! Ya got it all wrong as usual again Taco Bender/ Beaner!!! They implemented those programs so you and “YOURS” would not starve!!
            Your country again s h i t! Not yours a–hole!! It’s NOT Mexifornication, It’s the United States of America! NOT Taco Bell!!!!
            You said “I belong to the group of ‘HIGHER LEARNING.” Is that from the University of Amoeba?? That’s not saying much!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Try as you might, Berlin wiener eater, you cannot hide you being a liberal, and as such, are a parasite, leeching of off me.
            First you sneak in here, then you head for the welfare office, pushing your black kin aside, then, just because you are in a herd, you start believing that you ‘MIGHT ‘ be able to fool us AMERICANS into thinking you belong here.
            But ‘MY’ country is not yours for the taking, and if you did not learn once that one good American can whip a whole herd of you krauts, then it is time to forcefully eradicate you.
            ( I keep my herd of Krauts plowing my back 40, as that is all they qualify for.)
            The reason i refef to your black kin as such, is that in my college days, we were taught that if you grab a ‘blackie’ by the butt, reach up his anus, grab the gizzard and pull, it will turn him inside out, and that is where a Kraut comes from.
            So, I have to believe that you are a LIBERAL black inside out.
            Wave by to Al sharpton as you get deported.

          • Shows EXACTLY how ignorant and STUPID you are!! I’m a WHITE and proud of it, Constitutionalist, CONSERVATIVE, Red White and BLUE PATRIOT, hot dogs, baseball and moms apple pie guy!! PROUD VETERAN not some taco bending a–wipe like you! Go back to Mexico and take your slithering “ILLEGAL” border crossing family with you! Your Country my a–! Mexicans NEVER, EVER owned America dick head!! If they did it would be just like Mexican 1 all F–KED up, run by drug lords and a TOTAL sewer!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You STUPID, STUPID, wanna be alien! You are NOT from Spain, so no matter how many times a Latin butt fucks you, you will remain ‘JUST A COMMON ANGLO’. And just because you get bent over, and Francisco slaps the SPANISH-CILLIN in you , you will still remain a NON-WHITE KRAUT. Why are you proud of something you are not?That, immigrant, is STUPIDITY at it’s best.
            Red white, and blue is who whipped you Kraut NAZIS. So now, you want to jump sides? We don’t want you traitors hers.

            Hot dogs is still your one desire, baseball is where we shove the bat up your ass. And apple pie? It would have to be stuffed with sauerkraut and wienies for you to enjoy.
            Proud veteran? Of what, the NAZI gay pride corps?
            Go back to your backward , Muslim infested Germany, and take all your parasite kin with you.

            We did not defend this country against the likes of you dirtbags, to just let you sneak in here and think you are as good as we are, and making yourselves comfortable in MY COUNTRY, a place you don’t belong in
            So take all your crappy SQUAREHEADED Trash.with you back to Hum berg.

            GO, GO, you are stinking up a good country, ‘Black boy’.
            Al least I, and many of my ancestors can trace our history here for over a hundred years, and I PROUDLY server in the U.S. Marines for eight years , so as to keep you miserable aliens at bay.
            And i have a good mind to find you and deport you myself. YOU maggots will never be part of America,

            My America is too good for you.

            Germans are the maggots of the earth.

          • Goes to DEFINITELY prove one thing taco bending beaner, YOU can’t f–king read!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            And it shows, Baloney munches, that you cannot LEARN.

            What is it going to take to make your black ass understand that you are an ignorant ALIEN off breed?

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Are you proud, wienie eater, that you showed your butts in Virginia? Black thugs, verses immigrant Krauts, (all related), Both sides of your family so screwed up, that you all know nothing about American History, and that you Nazis are not in any way connected to the confederacy. And your black relatives, in their utmost ignorance, want to believe that the South would give a rat’s ass about them.The war was about the South defending themselves against the North’s aggression, not about your stinking black kin. Your negro relatives needed the plantation , the plantations were just another titty for your cousins to suck on. The plantations did better without all those parasites, just as America can do better without YOU KRAUT parasites.

          • Yo, El Stupido whats it gonna take for you to learn how to read???????????????????
            I’m WHITE, Jackass! NOT BLACK, jerk off!
            As Bill Engvall would say, here’s your sign:
            “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

          • panchoVilladeltren

            So you claim to be a White jackass? And a black jerk off?

            Are you also color blind, Kamrad Dumkoff , or just stupid ?. A kraut is a negro inside out, as you are, reason being why you try to pass for white. But as I have tried to educate you, unless you are of SPANISH Heritage, you can only dream of being white. Being in a gang in the ghettos, telling your skinheaded mongrel friends that you are ‘White, free, and 21’ will not make it so.It only makes you look even more stupid.
            Accept that there is a reason why you are called ‘Black Deutch’, and be happy being yourself.
            Do feel for you, but just can’t reach you.

          • Spicks ain’t White A–HOLE! They’re just Negros that have been bleached!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            If you are referring to Krauts as ‘spicks’, then you are correct , as you will never find a ‘WHITE GERMAN’, that is why y’all are BLACK ASS DEUTCHguys”. Cannot call you men.
            Take a Kraut, reach into his ass, grab the gizzard, turn him inside out, and his black relative pops out.
            If the Conquering Americans, (us), had not fucked your brains out after you cried, ‘AMERIKANEER,CAMARAD”, maybe you could understand that by y’alls black asses WANTING to be White,, it can never be. You are doomed to be just what you are , three steps below cattle, and black..
            (It is S-o-o-o hard to not dislike KRAUTS.) They are on the same level as their cousins, the BLACK Muslims.
            Go to Spain, kill yourself, and hope that you can be re-incarnated into a WHITE SPANIARD. Then you won’t be living in SHAME of being a BLACK DEUTCHBOY.

          • Yeah, whatever A–HOLE!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            I do believe it is starting to sink in. Even a primate like y’all can eventually be taught, if we repeat it enough.
            Now, be a good-a boy, and sit on the corner, and stop sucking your thumb.
            I have something you can such instead.

            Gestapo kid, I have enjoyed messing with your puny pickled non mind, and i will probably miss that when you get deported. In the meantime, LET THE GAMES CONTINUE.

          • Not really A–HOLE!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            With YOU filthy IMMIGRANT NAZI wanna be White Supremacists on one side in Virginia, and your Black relatives on the other, both sides trying to tear down My country, and neither side knowing anything about AMERICAN History, as both tribes are Illegal and uneducated. And YOU wish to be AMERICAN, FOOL? You need to take your slimy, stinking , festering ASSES back to your sewer country, Germany, which now is Muslim infested, and wallow in your filth.
            Go, Go, and take Gustav, Fritz, and Hans with you, you stinking salt water WETBACKS. And don’t come back.

          • Taco bell, go take a F–KING leap A–HOLE!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Took your advice, and i tool a leap at a herd of krauts. They are still running. It’s fun to jump Krauts and chase them all the way to the immigration station.

          • Oh to be as F–KING STUPID as you!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            If we could get rid of STUPIDITY, we would be rid of all you BLACK AS Krauts.

          • Whatever A–HOLE!
            Here’s your sign:

            “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein

          • Hey dickhead…. How about if you shut up!

          • Hows about you suck on TacoBenders Wiener!

          • You need a good ass-whipping!

          • When you think, oops oh wait you can’t think!! I was going to say till I caught myself is when you think you’re up to it, come on down!! But then I realized “YOU DON’T know how to think!! LMFAO!!

          • That’s right cracker… I DON’T GIVE A SHIT! Ignorant old bastards like YOU are a dime a dozen.. You hide out on the internet and talk a lot of shit… Take it out in public and see what happens to your dumb cracker ass, mother fukker!….

          • When you think, oops oh wait you can’t think!! I was going to say till I
            caught myself is when you think you’re up to it, come on down!! But
            then I realized “YOU DON’T know how to think!! LMFAO!!!

          • That’s right cracker… I DON’T GIVE A SHIT! Ignorant old bastards like YOU are a dime a dozen.. You hide out on the internet and talk a lot of shit… Take it out in public and see what happens to your dumb cracker ass, mother fukker!….

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Wow, mental midget! In reality, YOU are BLACK, and not too proud. A commie, a liberal, Black on white swastika, wiener schnitzel eater, bat and balls up your butt, and Gertrudi’s Kraut and apple pie.
            Draft dodging coward, thinking that ringing a bell and begging for money at Walmart, as a SALVATION ARMY misfit, makes YOU a veteran? Go back to Germany, and stop leeching of us AMERICANS. There, you can bend over for the German MAFIA and the Islamists.

          • Whatever A–Hole! BTW USAF ’69 to’76 not that it’s any of your F–KING BUSINESS!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Air Force? Ha Ha Ha, that is the same as the waves, or the W.A.C.s. All unisex , as there are NO men in that ‘ladies;’ outfit.

            So you did not have the (1) BRAINS, (2) manhood (3) patriotism, (4) Loyalty to country to at least try to join a MEN”S unit? No wonder you are still a tutu wearing girl.

            But that’s O.K. WE Marines (1957-1965) could find some use for you, bringing us supplies. Maybe you have a picture of me, hanging in your wall, that you look at and wish YOU had had a pair, and the intelligence to be one of us.

            Bet you bow your head in front of a picture of the corps, and say, ” Proud to shine a marine’s boots”.
            And it IS my business, as I have to be a little kinder to the ‘LADIES”.
            Give me your address, and i will send you a pair of my shoes for you to shine, O.K.?
            Krauts, gotta love to hate them.

          • Whatever A–WIPE! You wouldn’t make a boil on a TRUE Marines ass!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Aha a little girl showing her jealousy.
            What does the Army, Navy, and Air force say when there is trouble?
            YEP! Call the Marines.
            By the way.
            They used to use me as a model to others about what a MARINE SHOULD BE.
            Eat your heart out, Flyboy I mean, FLY in the ointment.

          • You omitted one crucial word … MARINE SHOULD not BE. I corrected your post!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Old critter told a ‘funnies.’.
            Were you in Lackland in the sixties? That was when they had all that gay problem in Kelly ,Lackland, and Randolph.
            Was that when you started wearing your tutu?

          • I’ll bet they loved you in the showers!! You kept dropping your soap! Did they give you a free shimming??

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Actually, most of my showers were with the Frauleins, as I was an honored guest there. (They said you micro equipt krauts were a joke.)
            But you still drop the soap when you get in the shower with your boy friend. Do you take turns rubbing each other’s anus?

          • The only reson you showered with the Fraulein’s was because you were a pansy! Your the one drops the soap and says ante up boys!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You got that wrong again, twinketoes. I was constantly being asked by the Fraulein’s to showered with them, as I was the ONLY man i around, the rest were Krauts, smelly, and shorthorns. The Fraul’s wanted a LONGHORN with them.
            You, on the other hand, intentionally dropped the soap so you could bend down for the BOYS.

            Old Fart, do you realize that I am over ten years your senior? Were you never taught to respect your elders, AND your betters?
            Krauts are three steps below a wart hog.

          • And spicks even lower!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            And you should know, you being a Mexican born Kraut wetback. (Or was that Guatemala?) The original square headed Mexican.

            Are you proud of your kin embarrassing my country in Virginia? On one side it is you STUPID, STUPID kraut misfits, (NON AMERICAN), chanting, ” we killed x # of jews, but Y’all seem to forget that ‘WE’ Americans turned your butts inside out, then you slither here, and quickly forget that we can whip your tails again.

            On the other side, your African ‘Brothers’ are acting just like you all. BLM & NAZIS . One and the same, both retarded, both aliens, and mostly, both STUPID!
            Stay proud, BLACK KRAUT MISFIT.
            What a joke you anuses are.
            I have a good mind to come to where you are, and put you over my knee, and administer a good, old fashioned American spanking! Just being a sicko Kraut makes you deserving! L.O.L.

          • Big talk behind a keyboard.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Yeah, yeah, pretend some Marine every so often did not put you over his knee! Act like a little girl, and get a spanking.
            But you are so KINKY that you like getting spanked.
            Did they put the play cuffs on you at Lackland and then spank you? Bet that was the highlight of your stay there.

          • Nope that’s your gig!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Hey, hey, my little frauline, are you hiding your head in shame due Your ‘fearless’ NON WHITE INFERIORlist crying in public, that he does not want to go to jail, and AGAIN be Bubba’s boy toy?’ Is he a close family member? Bet it makes you ‘PROUD” to be part of a Kraut immigrant , cowardly group. And you want to be just like him when you grow up?
            Take him back to your Germany, as you head back to your sickly ‘Fatherland’
            Vera San, adios, GO,GO,GO,.
            Don’t forget to write, I want to know you did get back.

          • Hello pigeon!!!

            “Arguing with leftists is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it is victorious.”
            All you do is name calling which is typical Demonic-RAT tactics! I may(?) let you think you won but that is NOT the case. Einstein must have had you in mind when he penned these as a tribute to you!!
            “The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein
            “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein
            He nailed you to the wall!!!!
            Out of respect for other “INTELLIGENT” bloggers, I will just block you. If you think you won you’re even dumber and more STUPID than even I thought you were! You’re a bigot, racist person who thinks his ancestors own the U.S.A. when they lost to Gen. Sam!
            If Mexicans/ spicks are so smart why do they leave Mexico in droves?? Why don’t they stay and fix that which is wrong in Mexico??? Because they’re lazy and it would mean they’d have to put forth a little effort! It’s far, far easier to ILLEGALLY cross the border and sign up for all the freebies and not have to do a F–KIng thing other than check the mail for their welfare check! I’m done with a name calling jerk who thinks he’s God’s gift to the Universe!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Wow, my little IMMIGRANT. You DO want to pretend you are an American, do you not?
            First of all. I am not a bigot, as I love all my fellow beings. Trouble here is , you are not a human being.
            And Unlike you, who thinks that having his asses whipped in Normandy by AMERICANS, makes him an ‘American’ by being conquered? And disliking imbeciles does not make me a racist. I dislike MORONS regardless of race or ethnicity.
            And Unlike YOUR ancestors, who got their tails busted by Americans, My ancestors were never in a fight with the U,S,A. My ancestors were on this side way before any problems arose, and it was many a ‘true white American’ fighting Santa Anna, with such names as Seguin, Manchaca, Gonzales, etc.
            Show me ONE Kraut name associated with fighting Mexico?
            If Krauts, squareheads, and NAZIS are in any way smart, WHY do y’all leave Germany and sneak in here, mostly through the Mexican border?
            Why did y’all not stay and fix up your American and Jewish whipped country?
            Because you all are too worthless to do anything constructive, you would rather bring your whole herd in here to suck of America’s titty.
            Germans equals PARASITE.
            And about you equating any AMERICAN name with a Spanish background as ‘MEXICAN’ is ludicrous,
            but that would, in your way of thinking, make Nimitz a German spy, illegally here. Is that what you believe?
            Have a better day, I don’t hate you, because being stupid is not your fault, it is ‘HEREDITARY’, as you ARE a KRAUT.
            Have a wonderful day, and behave in the old folks home.
            (Gotta LOVE MORONS)

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Asta la Viasta, Prick licking, ass sucking, mindles, uneducated immigrant Kraut piece of ‘Sheisen’. Go stay in your country of birth, Krautilia. GERM-many) or your place of hiding, (Mexico), and stay away from a decent country. And take your crying, want so bad to be ‘White’ but are not, and are just like you, INFERIOR Maggots trouble making kin with you.A Kraut free America is a DECENT America,.
            Last email. You are beyond sub stupid, and way so low, it strains my eyes to look down that far.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Goodby, SCUMBAG. Go back to your country, and take the Kraut stench with you. Maybe by now, they have your queer ass in jail, ready for deportation. Hope they keep you locked up a while, Bubba likes Kraut ass.
            When they drop your ass of in Berlin, don’t look for a coyote to get you back. YOU ARE NOT WANTED HERE. You are slime like all the other CRYBABIES that thought they were tough NAZIS. Yep, real tough puntangs,..
            America is better off wihout YO)U kind.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            I have been more than kind to you, for instead of ridiculing you for having shit for brains, I let you pretend you were only a ‘Mongolian.;

          • You’re lower than whale shit on the ocean floor!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            And if you were any lower, you would be in China.

          • And if you were any further out in left field you’d be out around Saturn!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Good to see you do have a sense of humor.
            I always suspected you were ‘high’, but now you ascertain that you are ‘SPACED OUT’.
            How old are you, ‘COOTER?’ Just curious, I would guess 12..

          • Well if I’m 12, as you assume, that would make you about 4 or 5! Go tell mommy to change your diapers!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            If you really were older than me, then you must still be in Mexico, dodging Interpol. As a young man, I remember when ‘WE’ wiped Europe with your butts. Then you headed south of the Texas Border to hide for your past crimes. COWARDS all. Stand up, and meet the firing squad you terrorists deserve.

          • You post like a 12 or 13 year old! Insults only, inferiority complex shinning like the sun, narcissistic attitude! Did mommy cut off your breast feeding early????

          • panchoVilladeltren

            It takes talent to imitate a 12 year old. The inferiority complex i see is coming from your side of the fence.

            Where I am not a narcissistic, it IS hard to be humble being this great.
            Bet you were the only 18 year old still being a titty baby in Harlem.

          • First off you’re not imitating a 12 year old! YOU ARE ARE a 12 YEAR OLD! You’re only great in your own pea sized brain! You must spend hours upon hours preening in front off the mirror as you are so in “LOVE” with yourself! Spending that much time in front of the mirror how do you find time to read and respond to blogs???????????????

          • panchoVilladeltren

            DON”T hate me cause I’m beautiful !

          • Beautiful??? As compared to what?? A city dump??? A pile of dog S H I T?????

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Old RETARD:
            You remind me of those ‘immigrants kids of long ago,’ (Like you ), that while we were concentrating on the class subject, you all were pulling the legs of crickets, and while we normal kids were eating goobers, you immigrants were eating your boogers.

            No wonder you are brain dead, and never got past the third grade. That is why you were called ‘booger brains’.

          • “Arguing with leftists is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it is victorious.”
            from RealScience.

            Better to remain silent and thought a fool , than open your mouth
            and remove all doubt !

          • panchoVilladeltren

            My dear liberal:
            Some, like thou, are known as the silent fools. Even with your mouths shut, you show ignorance galore. ( is that a talent? Only in your eyes.)
            Did your parole officer allow you to go to church yesterday?
            You need to cleanse your soul, (If only you had one).

          • Oh “STUPID” one!! I’m NOT a LibTURD like you!! I’m a diehard Conservative, PATRIOT and Constitutionalist!! Not some SLEAZE bag, LibTURD, SnowFlake, crossed the U.S. Border illegally slime ball, A S S wipe like you!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            No, Mongolian-ite, you are not A lib-turd, as that is singular, and you being a pile of crap, you are a Lib-TURDS.

            You can never be a conservative, as you don’t have the mental capacity to function without the ‘benefits’ that us U.S. citizens are doling out to your immigrant ‘refuges’ clans.
            I’m surprised, KAMARAD, that you found someone to write for you, as I doubt you will ever learn the English language..
            You sleazy illegal pond jumpers are not only here illegally, but like your Fleur, Comrade Trump. you try to deny what you are by accusing others of being what you are.

            And as a REAL American, I AM a conservative, but intelligent enough to know that ‘DONNIE’ is nothing but, at best, an anchor baby, (His parents, both, were KRAUT wetbacks, and he is no better than Hillary or Obama. )
            Although I am not an independent, I can never be so STUPID as to blindly follow an IMMIGRANT mobster, whose only intent is to keep doing what Obama did, and that is financially rape this country, and while Obama allowed his Muslim brothers in, Trump is turning a blind eye to all the disgusting KRAUT WETBACKS, and the fact that 2 of his three ole ladies WERE wetbacks.
            Kraut and wetback go together like a horse and carriage, NEIN, FRITZ?

          • How does it feel to be unbelievably stupid??????

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Gee, I would not know. Would you tell me, your ‘STUPIDNES?’ Then we will both know.

          • Since you are immensely more stupid I asked you so that I would know!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            For an IDIOT, you are humorous, but STUPID nevertheless
            Did you take your Geritol this morning yet?.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            While playing with my computer last night, I somehow came up with all your rantings!. What a sick ‘old geezer’ you are. Tell me, are you in a mental institution YET? Really, you should be getting some treatments, it wont help you , but might keep you safe and off the streets. Remember, I ‘care’ for the dumb and sickly.

          • Nice try, NEXT!

          • “Arguing with leftists is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon is going to knock over the pieces, crap on the board, and strut around like it is victorious.”
            You do know they have a “NEW” procedure out for people like you! Don’t know if it’s covered under Oblozo’s “LACK OF CARE” but you should really look into it!
            It’s called opticrectometry. It’s where they cut out your navel and replace it with a clear glass orb about the size of a marble. They do this so people like you with your head up your ass can still see out. Alas, even with this you would still have a shitty outlook on EVERYTHING but it’s better than nothing!
            Curtesy of magno et malo lupo

            How can you hear anything with that case of CCRIS (Chronic Cranial Rectal Inversion
            Syndrome) impacting your auditory meatus with fecal matter ??

            By Mayo Clinic Staff
            “Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an
            inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of
            empathy for others.
            But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s
            vulnerable to the slightest criticism.
            A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of life, such
            as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. You may be generally
            unhappy and disappointed when you’re not given the special favors or
            admiration you believe you deserve. Others may not enjoy being around
            you, and you may find your relationships unfulfilling.”

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Old feces, I will make this short.
            It is hard to be humble when you are as GREAT AS I AM.
            At least, that is what my admirers tell me, that I am ‘GREAT GREAT GREAT’! And secretly, you have a great admiration also, as you would like to someday be like me.

            And since GOD knows it, so let the whole world know.
            PSST: Today is Sunday, don’t they have services at the correctional facility you reside in?

          • Ya but “great A–Hole” is not to be jealous of!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            That, ABYSS, is why no one is jealous of you.
            Just so you know, I sometimes feel bad for you, as being on the bottom of the shit pile, all you can do is look ‘UP’ toward your betters.

            Accept what you are, just ‘sewage’, and try to not be bitter.
            It is not your fault that you were born brain dead.

            No , get back to reading your Koran.

          • I’d look up to my betters but YOU SURE AS HELL AIN’T ONE OF THEM! Try again A–Hole!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Denying the truth will not change it, abyss.(That is Giant ass hole to you.)
            When you are, as you are, at the bottom of the pit, You HAVE to look up to, see me, and pay homage to your better.
            Did you go to Church today? You need salvation.
            Maybe I will have some of my concubines pray for your twisted soul.
            Vera sen, Asta la vista, sayonara. aloha,
            Arriva dechi, Paisan.

          • You know if you were any more “STUPID” they’d have to get you an amoeba so you could function!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Looks like they gave you one ENEMA too many.

          • Well they gave you a couple of dozen to many! They cleaned you out so well you S h i t your brains out!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            And they did not give you enough, that is why you are still so full of ‘shitsky.’

          • I’d rather be a little backlogged than to have s h i t my brains out like you! Next!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Hans, Better to have control removal, , than to have shit for brains., yah.
            Do you still goosestep when you walk, comrade.?

          • Reread what I posted A–HOLE! I said YOU S H I T yours out ergo you DON’T HAVE ANY BRAINS!! Read much?????????????????????

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Have to run now, have a hand to hand combat class to teach to some rookie cops. (I’m trying to make them be less reliant on guns, except as a last, not first, resource.)

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Old retard!
            What do they feed you in that old folks home? Bet you ask for donkey dicks daily, your favorite.

          • Ah yep, I do ask for them daily so I can slice and dice them for your whole perverted family! Nice try but you lost again!

          • Mathematical certainty

            pancho, you have already exhausted your one-digit-IQ. How unfortunate the border patrol did not stop your illegal az from entering the US, now return to the sewer in Mexico and take all of your wetback, welfare recipient friends with you. And don’t come back until I tell you to do so, I am sure I can find a job for you cleaning up the filth that you and your kind leave at the border sites.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You worth;less piece of IMMIGRANT, Law dodging sewer trash. You are not now, nor will you ever be good enough to think that you can write to me without my permission. All you filthy immigrants are such such subspecies, that the ONLY way you can feel halfway human, is to try to badmouth your betters. And Mexico? That could very well be YOUR country, as many of you scumbags use that way to sneak , uninvited, into my country. YOU need to take your festering behind back to your country of origin, like yesterday.
            You are only ten fingers and ten toes ‘mathematical’, more than that, and you are lost. And that twenty is about what your
            You and your slimy family of REFUGEES’ are not welcome by us citizens, your uncle Obama is gone, and you need to be gone also. Your kind only smells up the country that is mine, and will never be yours, imbecile.
            Go now, and don’t come back, SEWER RAT.

          • Mathematical certainty

            poncho, you are a loser and a coward, slime like you cross the border illegally to usurp the welfare system, reproduce more illiterate scum and you contribute nothing to society…you’re filthy trash who rob, rape, destroy, and murder innocent US citizens. You and your scum friends hide out in sanctuary cities because all of you are like sewer rats who scurry when confronted by law and order. So do the US a favor and return to the filthy hole that bred you, or commit suicide and provide the satisfaction that you and your illiterate sub humans will never return.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            I don’t doubt for a minute that sewage like you is t living off my dime.You sneak into my country as ‘refugees ‘ from your third world countries, and expect decent Americans to support you. If, and when one of you happens to get permanent status, like the COWARDLY bitches you are, will not enlist in the service, as you gay bastards are afraid to break a fingernail. But all you benefit seekers are first in line when the welfare office opens. Then, y’all and your filthy tribes try to convince your IMMIGRANT , yellow selves that you are American, because you stupid slime balls believe that if you say it often enough, it will be accepted.

            But I , and other REAL Americans do not accept you.

            Whether you came from the continent of Africa or not, or some European third world place, you certainly give reason to believe that you are still a long way from evolving into ‘people’ So crawl back in your hole, like the disease spreading rat we both know you are. AND GET OUT OF AMERICA, YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO BE WITH US.
            By the way, unlike you IMMIGRANTS that have to sneak in here on a garbage barge, I, as an American, can travel most anywhere I wish, (Barring Iran and North Korea.)

          • “Your Country”, what is “your country”?? Don’t say the U.S.A. as wetbacks only got as far as Texas and then Gen. Sam kicked your collective asses!
            Try again a–hole!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You ignorant old RETARD. ‘My Country’ is not your country, as I am a U.S.Citizen, as have been my ancestors have been before you and your ‘filth’ sneaked in, most likely on a garbage barge.

            The trouble with you garbage is that you have tried, (in vain) to convince others and yourselves that you are (1) White, and (2) American, neither of which is true.
            Unless you can prove that you have SPANISH blood coursing through your veins, YOU are only a measly Anglo, three steps below Africans, there with the Krauts.
            (2) because you sneaked in, and tried to convince yourselves that you ‘might’ be as good as us, will not make it so.

            And FOOL, Mexicans come from Mexico, just as EURO-TRASH such as yourself are from Romania, or some other 3rd world country.
            So take your ‘DELUSIONS’, and shove them up as far as you can, where the sun don’t shine.

            Begone, IMMIGRANT,. You are not welcome with civilized folks.

          • Go pimp your mother, sisters and aunts out you STINKING WETBACK!!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            You write ‘wetback’ well, as you are the one, you miiserable piece of immigrant dog doo doo, Go suck on another ‘WEINERSHNITZEL, again without the bun, like your ‘m0mmy showed you.

          • Ask your mother and sister to demonstrate on me the proper techniques! My mommy wasn’t a SLUT like yours!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Old Geezer, Just HOW was your mommie a slut?
            Not only was your ‘MOMMIE’ , then, now, and still the neighborhood’ COMMUNITY PROPERTY’, looks like you are following in her footsteps, as the neighborhood gay.
            You are one sick transgender.

          • All you can do is to try and post insults! That equates in psychological circles to VERY low self esteem! Mexicans/ Spanish NEVER, EVER owned the what is now the U.S.A.!
            NEVER!!!! Pancho Villa was a lowlife criminal and never a hero! He got assassinated alas NOT SOON ENOUGH!
            Now go be a good little Mexican and wake mommy up so she can stand on the corner!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            I am surprised that for an immigrant, immature pond jumper, (A.K.A. ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT), you found someone to spell psychological for you.
            Spain is a country in Europe, the one that discovered and at one time , Owned the AMERICAS.
            Mexico is a country in Central America, along with Guatemala & El Salvador, Honduras, and the others from are in South America.
            Spain, and France, colonized the Southern part of what is now the U.S.A. from Florida all the way to California, Oregon, and into Wyoming.The French at one time had Louisiana, which the U.S. later purchased.
            Mexico won it’s independence from Spain.
            Later, Mexico wanted to colonize Texas, so it gave land grants to any who wished to come, and many came.
            That is how so many greedy Anglos rushed to Texas, and joined with the white man, (The white man came from Spain, not England nor Krautville), and after they were unhappy with Santa Anna, they signed the Texas Declaration of independence, and when the fighting was over, Texas was an independent nation, with the WHITE men (Spanish descendants,) and Euro-trash, Anglos, who have to this day attempted to pass for White were now part of the Republic of Texas.
            Yes, Pancho Villa was an outlaw, just as was Frank (pancho) James. , brother of Jesse was. Does that make all named Frank, Francis, Francisco criminals? And for your low information mind, Villa is a very common name, part of those named Villanueva, Villarreal, Villalobos, Villapandos, etc. And VILLA is related to Royalty in Spain. I don’t know your country of origin, but it is not the U.S.A., as here , you would have learned world history, and be aware that at one time, Spain conquered Europe, and later found and claimed the Americas. But as the cockroaches you are, you all sneaked in here.
            Now, tell your boy friend to explain to you that Spain is one country, Mexico is another, Krautville (Germany) is a shithole, and why YOU are a moronic immigrant infiltrator.
            Now, in your RETARDED state, you want to believe that any true white man is from Mexico, and all the Euro -trash is American. Are you really that stupid, or just UN-EDUCATED?
            Have they taught you nothing in prison, for as dumb as you are, you must be an inmate.
            Have a better day, and quit embarrassing your family with your illegal immigrant bull-crap, ALIEN Moron.

          • Now see if you were “REALLY” smart you’d know the vikings were her first!

          • panchoVilladeltren

            And if YOU had any brains,m you would know that the story about vikings was but a fairy tale. Scandinavians wanted their 15 minutes of fame, and started this crap. But if they had actually been real, they would have still been here, for with their immense stupidity they would never have found their way back. Only the Spanish were able to navigate the world over..
            But they were murderers and ‘rapists’ in their corner of the world. (Kind of like your family)

          • Such a shallow mind! Is your IQ larger than your shoe size??? All you
            can do is try, while failing miserably, to insult people! That’s a sign
            of MAJOR insecurities!!! Native American (Indians) beat your spanish whores here also! Stick your sombrero up your a–!

          • Bwahaha..
            All mexico needs is a lid to keep the flies in and a lever to flush it every once in a while.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            While YOU need to cover your festering ass, so you can stop spreading all those flies.

          • Your slow on the draw aren’t you? Bet your mom had to tie a pork chop around your neck to just get the dogs to play with you. Now scoot along and try matching wits with a 5 year old and leave the adults alone….you don’t fair well up here.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            AHA, chucK-up, I guess I am being abusive to you, , as YOU have the mind of a 4 year old, and the brains of a JACKASS.

            Does your Nanny know you got out of ‘TIME OUT’?
            Bet you have NO trouble getting dogs near you, as they are most likely chasing you down, just to keep their turf clean of ‘YOU’.

          • lol…okay, you win. Just when I thought maybe you would come up with an original reply.

          • Wow!! Talk about ignorant…lol
            Typical parrot.
            Poly want a cracker?

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Come shakey this salami, as you eat your cracker. BRAIN DEAD INBRED IMBECILE.

          • So you are queer and want some man to shake your junk huh? lol….by the way, your response shows just how low that single digit IQ you have is….probably lower than your shoe size.

          • panchoVilladeltren

            Bet you are from California, you are as queer as a three dollar bill. And YOU I.Q. is not even single digit, it is a negative, But that is the norm with you inbreds.
            And queer as you are, bet you are ‘Shaking ‘ with excitement at the sound of the word, ‘SALAMI’.

  15. Vincent Marcantelli

    This is one of the many reasons why we are having such problems with our attempts at the securing of our borders, that’s both the Southern and the Northern borders. And, this person claims to be a school teacher, is it any wonder that we are having the problems in our schools and in the country in general that we are dealing with. Just a small bit of general information – That border control officer, is a REAL LAW enforcement Officer, and if one is not careful one can be placed under arrest, yea, just like the police officer who rides around in that {black and white} on your cities streets. This woman, should have been detained, and made to get a lawyer, then she would REALLY understand what it means to ANSWER a simple question, [Are you a U.S. Citizen? ] Stupid ass woman, and, again, she claims to be a school teacher, (United States……we have a problem!!!!!).

    • What annoys me is that such people are teaching our children.


    • Lets just call it for what it is. On the northern border there are not so many problems as there are with the southern border. Even though that is about to change with so many illegals coming from the south to go to Canada then come back north. Canada is having a problem now because it looks like its third and growing language is spanish and speaking with friends of mine up there, its starting to have some effects which are not for the most part positive. We need to as Americans hold are officials for this mess. Tell your officials to curb H1B visas and follow the laws of immigration that were amended during Reagans term. What is interesting is that companies are allowed to hire foreigners without looking for Americans or firing Americans because foreign labor is cheap is not right. America is the richest nation in the world and there should be no excuse, non as to why we can’t educate our kids to do these jobs. If India one of the poorest countries in the world can do it, then so should us. Also a lot of companies trained in the past. Just look at any old newspaper’s help wanted ads and you will see companies in the sixties, seventies, eighties, hired and trained you for positions. We need to get back to that.

      • panchoVilladeltren

        You are correct. In the fifties, there was not as many going to college, and folks would go apply, with the understanding that you were willing to learn, and most companies were willing to teach. Then started the ‘Experienced only need apply’., leading to many of those with the skills to learn, but not educated, being left out.
        Where education is beneficial, many places now also require you to go to a trade school first, and get certified. Again, this sometimes leaves out good, hard working help that is wasted.

  16. Typical BS rude & disrespectful response from an elitist left-winger. In any other country, she’d be whining from jail.

  17. She should shut up or lose her teaching job ,we don’t need this attitude fed to our kids in middle school ~~ and you can bet your last nickle she’s not shutting up in class

  18. It’s easy enough to just say, “Yes, I’m a U.S. citizen”, and judging by your non-accent, they should let you go, but the next step will be, “your papers please”, and that’s where our rights will be violated and where I would take a stand !!

    • A VALID U.S. drivers license should be proof enough. To simply accept what a person ‘SAYS’ as valid proof is pure folly in the eyes of any LEO trying to properly do their job!
      A true American citizen would not be offended by LEO’s trying to keep their country secured!

  19. Just another socialist puke sent out on a mission financed by George Soros!

  20. I think I will refuse to answer the question to me when I cross into California “Do you have any fruit and vegetables?” It’s discrimatory against tomatoes!

  21. My kids would not be in her class.

  22. Just as a lie frequently enough repeated is eventually perceived as truth, off-repeated misuse of words erodes and changes their definitions. Thus, the word “racist” has come to mean “in disagreement with the Globalist CABAL or its agenda”.

  23. JUST AS I THINK I HAVE I HAVE HEARD THE MOST STUPID THING THAT THE COMMUNIST DEMOCDRAT CAN DO, THEY COME UP WITH THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    NEXT THEY WILL CALL US RACIST IF WE ASK IF SHE IS WEARING A DRESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OR YOU A WOMAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. She should have been arrested for refusing to answer legitimate questions. The Border Patrol showed great restraint in not doing that. She has a chip on her shoulder and someone needs to knock it off, and give her a couple of b-itch slaps.

  25. Can these idiots just be shot. At least it will put them out of their misery!

  26. Well..she just qualified to be a college professor at berkley !

  27. I didn’t notice, was her picture posted??

  28. Just another liberal loon who is clearly off the rails.
    And she’s teaching youths of america.
    My god…so scary!

  29. Bet that bitch would yell from high hell if they let an illegal through, and even more if that illegal were to hurt her. How stupid. He is their to protect and defend the United States. If she does not like it get the hell out of my country. Go to another where you have to carry proof of citizenship then see how she likes it

  30. Stephen Griffith

    Still another very good reason, to homeschool kids today. With Leftist Liberal Teachers like Ms. Shane Parmely. I for one would not want this woman anywhere near my kids, if I had any. But the public school system is broken, when they have teachers that react this way to authority & Law enforcement officers. I feel sorry for the Border Patrol agent that had to endure this crazy woman’s Liberal meltdown. God save the kids of today from this Liberal Looneyness.

  31. He should have placed her under arrest like the police do if you won’t sign a traffic ticket. The signature is only a promise to show up in court. If she continued to resist arrest, he should have body slammed that f*cking liberal. This is what’s in public schools teaching children. Immediately fire her and never let her hear a school again in her life time.

  32. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  33. Typical Liberal. She thinks she’s above laws — even though she doesn’t seem to know them.

  34. Her husband must be a Saint

  35. Brain death is a horrible thing to witness. An oc urance that today is all too common. When are they going to realize that accusing someone of being racist just because you don’t agree with a policy implimented by the country you live in, is racist. Efing morons.

  36. She should have been arrested for refusin to answer the Officers question . and mad to pay a fine,maybe next time see would think twice before actin like a MORON !

  37. I have been through the exact checkpoint dozens of times . The reality is they don’t ask every car to stop and all one has to do is simply state they are an American citizen and they quickly go through the checkpoint . There’s absolutely nothing racist at all about federal agents doing their job . Obviously this liberal whiner was looking for confrontation when all she had to do was ask a simple question . As far as her assertion that brown people are unnecessarily singled out that is also bullshit .my daughter-in-law is Mexican and has been through the exact same checkpoint dozens of times and never has had a negative experience. But then again she is always respectful and answers to simple question .

  38. The left will do or say anything to regain power what worthless people they are.

  39. I am white and when i go into Canada i am asked the same questions BUT i can NOT refuse to answer … Racism NOT .. and she is a school teacher,, OH OH

  40. Mexican is not a RACE


  42. Asking someone 100 miles north of he border, who does not look like a Hispanic, and in a car with state registration is inane. No answer the simple question is also inane.

    Sol One inane + another inane = insane!

    Having said or made this equally inane statement – I am sure that the border patrol questions are merely rhetorica
    l and what they really want to to is stop the cars and look at the situation to see if they intuit something amiss.

    Therefore, to have a teacher not understand this is inane. For the border patrol not to explan this is quite sane.

    Therefore: 1 inane + 1 quite sane = another bane of waste of time

  43. what can I say …WHITE WOMEN!

  44. If you have nothing to fear, why be afraid? The question is for your own protection. If it were up to me, the Border Patrol agent would have been justified in shooting her.

  45. I traveled the I-10 Interstate west thru Al Paso TX. many times. If you are an American you will ask be something most of the time at the border station. Couple of times I felt insulted by asking if I’m a citizen of USA. I have DAV plates on my truck and once I open my mouth any sane person would know I’m American or they should. But this is the job they have so I take another route now. That border is full of bad hombres so I mind my business and stay clear.

    • Where, prey tell, is Al Paso Tx? And what will you be asked to be at the border station? There is no “border station” on I-10, liar. I have been thru there multiple times. If you have DAV plates, they are likely stolen.

      • Apologize for typing error about El Paso Tx. But yes there are border stations on interstate I-10 east of EL Paso and 1-10 west of El Paso. If you don’t know that means you never traveled that Interstate. And I did not steal my DAV plates I earned it.

        • I was just yanking your chain about El Paso, I knew what you meant. After I thought about it, you’re right. There are border patrol check points on 10. I drove it from Jacksonville Fl. to L.A. and back. That was about ten years ago. There are also checkpoints on I-8 between Casa Grande Az. and San Diego. Also on I-5 as far north as Oceanside if my failing memory is correct. Thank you for your service and have a good day.

  46. The agent should be severely reprimanded for letting this woman go. He should have taken her into custody until she proved she was a citizen. For all we know she could of been a russian spy or worse an Obama sleeper agent planted in the school system to poison our school kids minds.

    • I don’t know about “severely reprimanded”. He should be flogged and put on bread and water for a week. Also I would require him to bring in the heads of 10 illegals a day for a week.

  47. Some people need to stay home and take a course on the law. You can be stopped at any time just on suspicion and it’s legal. Don’t act suspicious and your chances of getting stopped are lessened.

  48. Sharrell Burcham

    If she is a teacher and asks the students a question I wonder if she expects an answer from them???? When Border Patrol asks me if I am an American Citizen I am proud to answer “YES”. Everyone gets asked the same question, there is no racism.

    • Mathematical certainty

      “If she is a teacher and asks the students a question I wonder if she
      expects an answer from them????”
      The answer would probably be wrong, but she would not know the difference, because she has a degree in education which is only offered to people with one-digit-IQ’s.

  49. I am white and I was asked if I was a citizen at the border with Mexico…..every single time. I don’t, even remotely, look Mestizo.

  50. Stephen Kirtland

    What is the problem with being questioned by an officer of the law at any time? Maybe he was looking for a murderer or child molester; maybe he was taking a survey to determine customer satisfaction. Who cares? Answer the questions and move on. Get over it. No one can give offense if you don’t take offense. I’ve got no use for people who hate themselves so much that they take every opportunity to be a victim of discrimination.

  51. Being a fourth generation American, I, too, would irate if I am questioned as such. Example, I’m sitting in a restaurant eating, the place has several other diners. Some are blond, blue eyed and fair skinned but an agent picks only me, was it because I’m tanned, brown eyed? I would be embarrassed to be singled as “different”. I am tri-lingual and oft times I speak an other language to friends because I don’t want busybodies to know my business. So, where does it stop. I would yell holy hell and complain to the ACLU and MALDEF and retribution.

  52. I grew up in South Texas. A Texas Ranger acquaintance told me this years ago. If a Ranger asks everyone he/she meets if they just robbed a bank, it’s just routine police work. If a Ranger asks only the “Mexicans” they meet if they just robbed bank, it’s racism. If a Texas Ranger (not exactly the most liberal of groups) knew this 30 years ago, why don’t INS agents know it today? Are just dumb, or what?

  53. Diane Ross Eslinger

    OMG! few years back, we made a family trip to Canada for Niagara Falls……at the border crossing into Canada, agent asked if we were US citizens, what our purpose was for coming into Canada, asked our sons IF they were actually related to us…’s a border crossing you answer their questions unless you have something to hide….our vehicle has US plates…guy in front of us had Ontario plates…he got pulled off to the side for giving the agent a hard time…this is not the 50s where pretty much everyone was honest & trustworthy….times have changed..people don’t treat each other with respect anymore…rather than “agreeing to agree to disagree” if someone doesn’t like someone else’s opinion, they want to start a fight……..really? Is your opinion more important than the other person’s opinion?…….NO! It’s just an opinion, not the end of the world if someone doesn’t like what someone else says

  54. I wish we could just ship these Liberals AZZ out of the US since they do not like a civilized society!

  55. ONLY racists WOULD SEE IT AS racist!!

  56. Amazing.. a thousand possible responses she could have made …she’s a teacher…this was certainly a teaching moment…and she failed…and disresoectful…teacer..hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmm…hahahhahha

  57. Another liberal fucking moron.

  58. Trashy logic from a trashy “citizen”. Damn the agent was trying to do his job.

  59. THIS is a teacher?! No wonder American students are getting dumber and dumber, while at the same time becoming more and more disrespectful of authority!

  60. Timothy Thompson

    Just another disgrunteld teacher who came out of our leftest colleges who bring to our kids this sense that the law is against everyone. We have news for her, she’s way off the chart in stupid I want 15 minutes of fame, althought she has drawn more than likely to us patriotic Americans 15 minutes of shame. Shame on her, she’s a typical nonsensical pathetic leftest.

  61. Racist? If you disagree with the left you are always some kind of “ist” or “phobe”. I guess they are all “irrational”ist” – brain-a-“phobes” – commun -“ist”.

  62. panchoVilladeltren

    Back when I was a young Marine, and we wondered away from base, and came upon check stations, the agent would politely ask us if we were citizens, and sometimes if we had fruits or veggies. Then they would say, “go ahead’. I never felt there was anything wrong with asking us all if we were citizens.

    For the information of those agitators, illegals do stand out, more so then than now, and whether you were a Latin or an Anglo did not matter, all had to be asked. (Blacks also),

  63. Do NOT insult Rosa Parks by comparing you to her. She is a person who refused to obey an illegal order, and went to jail. You on the other hand is an officious feminazi who is a liberal and a pain in the @$$.

  64. sandraleesmith46

    It’s not “racist” it’s NATIONALIST. Do try to learn the difference. He didn’t ask her race.

  65. she needs to go and sit on a dildo.

  66. I am a racist I grew up on the streets of Compton,Ventura, LA, Pomona, California. I used to fight the blacks on the way into school selling meth & cocaine. I would fight the mexicans on the way out selling reds / weed / heroin ! You can understand why they were late risers. If I wasnt in a couple of fights within a weeks time something heavy was about to go down. They got tired of getting their asses beat senceless and left me alone. It has become very convenient when these do nothing people bring out the race card.

  67. Oh, please….

  68. This is what we have in the class rooms…leftists who feel they are above the law?? Are they conveying to their students it isn’t necessary to obey the law??

  69. This is a teacher — someone who’s paid to instruct impressionable children? Yikes! She certainly fits the
    profile of belligerent, sanctimonious left wingers….If I were a betting person, I’d wager a few bucks that
    she was an ardent supporter of Hillary, and (of course) Obama.

  70. Mathematical certainty

    Just another left-wing-one-digit-IQ-white-liberal-hack who is a flunky teacher torpedoed from one of the schools of education to indoctrinate your kids with her liberal crap.

  71. She has just taken away the “Butthead and Beavis” award that’s been held by obamba-phone idiot for a few years. 🙂

  72. This lady needs to be transferred to a position in a MEXICAN SCHOOL IF THEY WILL HAVE HER! If not it should be illegal for her to be within one mile of any public school!

  73. If I were the agent, I would have cuffed her until she showed some respect and her identification. Any law enforcement officer has the right to require you to show identification, no matter where you are in the country.

  74. Malcolm Davidson

    Way too many whiners and snowflakes in this country. I used to live in California and do business in Mexico. I was always asked what my citizenship was. Unbelieveable.

  75. Having lived in El Paso and traveling to Juarez with my parents, I always had to let them know that I was American when I crossed back to El Paso. This is the first I have heard that it’s racist. It’s so stupid, it’s funny.

  76. tatoo citizen on her forehead then they might not ask

  77. Ever notice the loudest screamers about entirely imaginary oppression of ‘brown people’ are always smug white liberals who then go on social media and portray themselves as martyrs to a cause that has nothing to do with them. That they created themselves with their belligerent disregard for reality? See the common thread here? It’s all about the smug white liberal. And their determination to sniff out imaginary oppression they can then use to draw attention and accolades from other smug white liberals to themselves. Which I suspect was the original goal.

  78. The Lib-Dems will do anything to redefine words to suit their agenda. It is obvious that the tide is turning against the Lib-Dems. Actually, the tide is more like a tsunami. They will be sorry come 2018 and again in 2020. We are watching the demise of the Demonrat Party right before our eyes.

  79. Do they not have the right to ask people entering the country from a foreign nation for their passports????

    For U.S. citizens traveling to or from Mexico, the requirements of the recently adopted Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) state that all travelers should be prepared to present a current United States passport book or other official travel document accepted by the provisions of the WHTI.

    The woman is delusional!

  80. Another “blivit”.

    YES,it is a needed question for anyone, anytime.
    I was born here, lived here for life so far, served army here and I have been ask same thing. Are you a citizen? (yes i said) Then went thru, no problem.
    What has it become, just to ask a question?
    If questions are racist, illegal or dumb, then you stop all learning actions. “JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION” and stop wasting time and tax payers money !!!!

    It is ridiculous to continue the racist claims. Only non whites and illegals are the claimers of such racist terms…

  82. While traveling in Southern California I noticed that Border Patrol stations are often times located 100 miles north of Mexico. even in New Mexico and Arizona. I have had to stop at these check points and have had my vehicle checked out, even though I am a citizen and had proof of that fact. Seems there were then before Obama people who gave sanctuary to illegals even then. So what has changed? Obama changed America in fundamental ways as he promised.

    I blame the Bible belt for his election because they could not vote for a Mormon. Well as it turned out we would have been better off with the Mormon than the socialist Obama. So if you are a Bible Belt Christian hang your head. You should have been out there supporting a Christian for the office of president. now we have to listen to these nut cases calling us phobic this and phobic that and have Socialist Jurists supporting them. Go figure stay at home nonvoter. Yes I’m pissed.

  83. Don’t ask if they are a Citizen they are going to lie. If they are Male 18 or over ask for their Selective Service Card that they are required to have on them at all times not only will net illegals but Antifa also.


  85. Ignorance again raises its ugly head. Racism has nothing to do with citizenship. Give me a break! These folks screaming this are actually racist fir saying it. That’s so stupid. Oh, I want to see your driver’s licence to make sure you are a legal driver. Dah. Those that constantly fight the system cry about everything. Oh, by the way, you are either a citizen or you are not.

  86. People like this hag are the reason our once-great nation is in the toilet. These psychos are on the constant alert for any comment that can be misconstrued to “violate” them. My palms itched to slap this lady while I was reading the article, but unfortunately I just had to grin and bear it. I’m not sure how we will make it out of the financial devastation that is coming, because so many of our citizen brethren are asleep or are part of the problem like this woman. Virtue signaling, engaging in anti-Trump “Not My President” BS because they heard some talking head on the idiot box make up another lie that he said something racist but can’t name it, something sexist but can’t articulate why, etc. It’s so sad how our fellow citizens have been dumbed-down through brainwashing and deliberate communist indoctrination. It’s a lot of dead weight, and it’s going to cripple us so we’re fighting with only one hand against the leftoid, anti-white, pro-brown/black, antifa (LOL more like Pro-Fa or True-Fa) jackasses who are escalating violence against the last group of Americans that pay taxes. If we don’t pay the taxes how will social services feed the 50% of dindu lard-ass protestors? George Soros bonus checks run out after a month or so, and if the EBT isn’t working what then???

  87. If they answer “NO COMPRENDE, AMIGO” Then you arrest them. Case closed—-NEXT!!!

  88. People need to get a life they have to much time on their hands

  89. The communist a.k.a. Democrat party thinks they can play the race card anytime, they want to shut people up ,well guess what, we’re tired of the bullshit the whole race thing you’ve used it so much, it’s kind of like the Henny Penny the sky’s falling, we’re tired of hearing, it you loser Democrats!

  90. Another case of panties to tight. Every time I was asked that I said hell yes man I’m from Oklahoma. usually they smiled and said have a nice day .also I have had them search my rig and cargo and even my person. When they finished I said thanks and have a good day .I normally told them be careful man. Hey I appreciate what they are doing. Make me feel better about the safety of my family . You all keep on keeping on and hell with the do gooder you know what folks.

  91. The left is unhinged and it is getting worse. The dimbocrats are scared they will lose their voter base.

  92. this is what the border patrol is paid for. its not racist for them to ask, and its nobodys dam business how these guys do there job. MAGA

  93. It is time to tell anyone who uses the word Racist to take that word and shove it back up where the sun never shines, since that is where it came from. I would also tell these A##holes, that if they don’t like being asked that, then maybe you should pack your bags and get the Hell out of America, since it seems that you are an American Hater.

  94. Felipe Gomsz Jr.

    First of all? If they can’t ask that question? Then why patrol any boarder? Doesn’t make any sense? That’s their job! 🤔

  95. Leave it too the leftist, liberal,snowflake socialist, dumocrat crybabies to come up with this stupid thought. They must stay up nights trying to figure out something stupid and hateful. Hey you idiots who think all this up, I have an idea. Why don’t you first throw Websters Dictionary out the window, AND YOU write a new dictionary with all your spelling and definitions and of course words that are acceptable to you so as not to step on any snowflake socialist toes. Second start a NEW LANGUAGE so you can put all the politically correct words and sentences you made for your new dictionary. Then find an island you can start your own country and get the hell out of the United States of America ..

  96. I say this over and over again. When a white person over exagerates their fight for us minorities in a way that is so absurb, i believe they do so because they are so guilty because they have underlying racism that they are trying to fight and go overboard.

  97. Jerry Marlatt Pierson

    Is she ashamed to say I am an American Citizen. He has a job to do and I do not think he was being racist it seems Obama taught his people well everyone yells that word out now. Someone wrote an article awhile ago and they said the one or groups that yells racism the most is usually the racist. What ever happened to you do the crime you do the time? Now they yell the race card or racism to hope to get off like Maxine Waters Democrat who uses the race card. She has colluded with Russia and The Muslim Brotherhood a known terrorist group. She told The Muslim Brotherhood she would try to get Sharia Law in the United States. I am proud to be an American and if any asks I will be happy to tell you.

  98. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    When will some of you wake up to what is happening here in AMERICA?

  99. Why don’t you stay in Mexico, and you don’t have to worry about what the Boarder Guards say.
    Bobby ~!~

  100. This idiot just goes to show how it is that teachers whine about they’re conditions and we believe them whether true or not. Way to go teach show the world what a real mental midget teachers are.

  101. When a Border Patrol agent rightly asks if you are a citizen or where were you born you have to wonder why the left doesn’t want to answer that common sense question?

  102. you should be proud to say YES , when asked. You should worry if you have to say NO.


  104. Middle School Teacher? Acts more akin to a KG level student in the sand box. I would have answered with the presentation of my drivers license, retired military ID and my newest PASS PORT and said, I think so. Add some humor to the officer’s day without being nasty. Bet she heard “RACISM” on the TV and thought it was good and used it. AND SHE IS A TEACHER and walks among US??

  105. Did they ask to see her green card? What a load. That woman needs a lobotomy. All liberals need one.

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