Now Hallmark Christmas Movies are “Fascist” (Along With Everything Else)

Never tiring of labeling things “fascist,” or “white supremacist” in the Trump era (and slightly before), liberals are now going after Hallmark Channel Christmas movies as subtle “fascist propaganda” meant to indoctrinate Americans into accepting “shiny-teethed, blow-dried heteronormative whiteness.” That’s the take on it from noted idiot Amanda Marcotte, who writes for

In an unhinged, nonsensical attack on the channel, Marcotte (clearly still butthurt over the network’s flip-flop decision to ban a gay-wedding commercial) takes Hallmark to task for filling their movies full of white people, saccharine romance, and other things that somehow oppress…well, everyone who votes for the Democratic Party.

“Their money comes from selling a vision of America that increasingly authoritarian conservatives wish to believe once existed and can be restored again — an America that excludes most of an increasingly urban, racially diverse, cosmopolitan nation,” Marcotte informs us.

Don’t be fooled by the seemingly-harmless messages in your favorite Candace Cameron movie, ye unintelligent plebeians!

“There’s plenty of reason that empty-headed kitsch fits neatly in the authoritarian worldview,” she writes. “It’s storytelling that imitates the gestures of emotion without actually engaging with real feeling. The Hallmark movie steers clear of the real passion or deeper emotion that tends to be the engine driving more artful fiction. Characters who have real feelings, after all, can prompt empathetic reactions in the audience, and empathy for others is the greatest single threat to the authoritarian mindset. And so schmaltz walks through the paces of ‘love’ without touching on any of the messy but compelling realities of it.”


Are these people actually okay?

But we can’t even really be surprised anymore. These leftists have turned office air conditioning temperatures and subway posture into feminist crusades. They’ve condemned everything from The Lion King to Star Wars as “fascist.” Racism, sexism, and every other kind of terrible -ism is baked into our nation’s DNA, they tell us. All you have to do is open your eyes and look around.

Well, it’s true that you can kind these -isms just about everywhere you look if you really try to find them; certainly, a legion of liberal writers have proven at least that much over the last ten years or so. But you can also turn on a Hallmark Christmas movie, watch The Lion King, or ride the subway without that mindset, and you can live a much more fulfilling life while doing so.

We don’t doubt that people like Amanda Marcotte “get something” out of being constantly miserable, but we’re not convinced that what they’ve traded their happiness for is as valuable as they think.

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