Noted Economics Expert: The Plot to Overthrow Trump is VERY REAL

Economist Martin Armstrong has a checkered legal past, but his Economic Confidence Model has been heralded as one of the most impressive prediction-tools in modern financial history. Best known for predicting the 1987 stock market crash to the day, Armstrong has found himself on the fringes of mainstream economics due to his legal troubles and his conservative beliefs. Nonetheless, this controversial reputation has allowed him to say things that other economists wouldn’t dare to say, and it’s always worth taking note when he speaks on American politics.

He did so last week in a blog post where he warned that the deep state/media/Washington establishment plot to overthrow President Donald Trump was no joke.

“This is not simply speculation – this is the real deal,” Armstrong wrote. “Of course the Washington Post and New York Times are in full swing to get rid of Trump. No matter what it might be, the twist is always against Trump right down to the story how Sean Spicer wanted to see the Pope because he is a devote Catholic and was denied.”

Armstrong went on to lay out the case against CNN and the rest of the liberal media – nothing that would qualify as “news” to any conservative who has watched these scum-suckers take potshots at Trump for the last two years straight, but always worth reiterating.

He then turned his attention to Republican turncoats in Washington.

“Behind the curtain, Republican elites are conspiring to overthrow Trump to protect the establishment,” he wrote. “McCain and Graham are the worst of the lot in office. The Republicans have lost it. They think this ‘populism’ is over with Macron’s victory in France so it’s time to get rid of Trump and it will all be OK again.”

But, he warned, these elitist Republicans were quite mistaken if they thought the rise of Trump was just a momentary lapse into bad judgement on the part of American conservatives.

“I have never seen such an all out effort on a massive coordinated effort to reject the people’s demand for reform,” he wrote. “This is HIGHLY dangerous for we can very well move toward civil war. These people think getting rid of Trump and it will all be roses and raining money for them once again. They are DEAD wrong! Our model also warns that that United States can break up as a result of this by 2032-2040.”

You can see the tangled web Armstrong speaks of at work in our politics, and it’s just like we’ve said: Sometimes it feels like no one in Washington learned one damn thing from the 2016 election. We fervently hope that things won’t end the way Armstrong thinks they will, but when you thwart the will of democracy, something’s gotta give.

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