Not to Defend “The View”…But Get a Grip

It feels gross to sympathize with pampered celebrities, grosser when they are unabashed liberals, and sickening when they are panelists on ABC’s The View. But hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins are the victims of this country’s hyper-sensitivity.

Ugh. This sucks.

In case you haven’t seen this story, this absurd controversy stems from last Monday’s show when the women were discussing the previous night’s Miss America contest. Apparently one of the contestants – a nurse in real life – came out wearing her scrubs. Joy Behar – a comedian in real life – asked, “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on her neck?”

Collins said, “She basically read her emails out loud and surprisingly did not win. She treats patients with Alzheimer’s, which is not funny, but you have to Google it.”

Okay, so that’s the extent of it. No one suggested that nurses were bad people. No one wondered who would clean Donald Trump’s toilets if there were no nurses. The worst that can be said is that Behar’s comment was somehow sexist or misinformed. So fine. Send her a tweet and get on with your day. The other woman actually goes out of her way to separate her critique of the performance from any commentary on the contestant’s profession.

As of now, at least five major sponsors have pulled their advertising after the public freakout. The View hosts have apologized again and again, even dedicating an entire episode Friday to “everyday heroes” to bolster their Pro-Nurse position. God knows what would have happened if they made fun of a teacher. ABC would have been burned to the ground.

What’s been most annoying about this idiotic story is how eagerly conservative news sites jumped to bash Behar and Collins. It was just too tempting for them to resist. And in one sense, that impulse is completely understandable. It feels too good to see liberals get a taste of their own medicine. It happens so damn rarely. Stick it to them!

But don’t we lose something when we do what they do? The same writers who have spilled gallons of computerized ink defending Donald Trump’s outrageous comments are now suddenly calling for a boycott? Over this? You would think Behar went on a 10-minute expletive-filled rant against the nation’s venerable nursing profession. Life Tip: If you don’t say something at least this offensive once or twice a day, you’re not living life.

Go to the Self-Help section of Amazon and you’ll find a million books promising to show you the way to happiness. If Americans are really that desperate to find joy, they might start by taking a chill pill every now and then. If you’re so upset about something someone on TV said that you want to boycott a product, your life is probably missing some pieces. Do yourself a favor, unplug the box, and put your energy toward something more productive.

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