Not to Defend “The View”…But Get a Grip

It feels gross to sympathize with pampered celebrities, grosser when they are unabashed liberals, and sickening when they are panelists on ABC’s The View. But hosts Joy Behar and Michelle Collins are the victims of this country’s hyper-sensitivity.

Ugh. This sucks.

In case you haven’t seen this story, this absurd controversy stems from last Monday’s show when the women were discussing the previous night’s Miss America contest. Apparently one of the contestants – a nurse in real life – came out wearing her scrubs. Joy Behar – a comedian in real life – asked, “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on her neck?”

Collins said, “She basically read her emails out loud and surprisingly did not win. She treats patients with Alzheimer’s, which is not funny, but you have to Google it.”

Okay, so that’s the extent of it. No one suggested that nurses were bad people. No one wondered who would clean Donald Trump’s toilets if there were no nurses. The worst that can be said is that Behar’s comment was somehow sexist or misinformed. So fine. Send her a tweet and get on with your day. The other woman actually goes out of her way to separate her critique of the performance from any commentary on the contestant’s profession.

As of now, at least five major sponsors have pulled their advertising after the public freakout. The View hosts have apologized again and again, even dedicating an entire episode Friday to “everyday heroes” to bolster their Pro-Nurse position. God knows what would have happened if they made fun of a teacher. ABC would have been burned to the ground.

What’s been most annoying about this idiotic story is how eagerly conservative news sites jumped to bash Behar and Collins. It was just too tempting for them to resist. And in one sense, that impulse is completely understandable. It feels too good to see liberals get a taste of their own medicine. It happens so damn rarely. Stick it to them!

But don’t we lose something when we do what they do? The same writers who have spilled gallons of computerized ink defending Donald Trump’s outrageous comments are now suddenly calling for a boycott? Over this? You would think Behar went on a 10-minute expletive-filled rant against the nation’s venerable nursing profession. Life Tip: If you don’t say something at least this offensive once or twice a day, you’re not living life.

Go to the Self-Help section of Amazon and you’ll find a million books promising to show you the way to happiness. If Americans are really that desperate to find joy, they might start by taking a chill pill every now and then. If you’re so upset about something someone on TV said that you want to boycott a product, your life is probably missing some pieces. Do yourself a favor, unplug the box, and put your energy toward something more productive.

Patriot News Daily is a Pro-Nurse website.
Patriot News Daily is not pro-Alzheimer’s.
Patriot News Daily is a Pro-Teacher website.
Patriot News Daily is not Anti-TV.
Patriot News Daily is not responsible for any prolonged boredom which may result from turning off the television.


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  1. I don’t believe it was just the nurse comment. Most decent people have a tendency to hold back on public criticism. But it builds up over time. I think the comments about the contestant were the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. The ladies of “the View” are well known for their caustic remarks and often demeaning comments.As time went on, it was bound to catch up with them. My Mom always said, “Be sure the words you utter are always tender and sweet. Because some day you may have to eat them”

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    • The ladies of “the View” are pigs.

      • Spare the pigs! “Ladies” was an *undeserved* compliment.

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    • Alas, attempting to defend “The View” and to suggest that it has bona fide credibility is akin to finding a cow pie and trying to make it into a banana cream pie.

  2. The view is nothing more than poor entertainment for the bored.

  3. The View! Who’s View? Oh! Always been Communist Marxist. (ABC)

    • “what goes around, comes around” they are getting a taste of dems PC medicine, and cry be cause they can’t deal with it.

      • Hate to glote, but ….. when they do another whole show to “apologize”, then make another snide comment about nurses as soon as they get off the air (thinking they were off the air, but still still being recorded) from their “apology” show…. kind of glad they lost advertisers from this ongoing lack of respect!

  4. #BoringLiberalBitches

  5. I have never watched it and never will but I think it amounts to people are sick and tired of these ” pampered jerks ” saying whatever they want and then just saying –oh we’re sorry and everything is supposed to be forgiven. BS. Now EVERYONE should be held accountable for their actions and words and that includes ALL these career politicians and so-called celebrities who think they are above the law and above the rest of us..

  6. So, I think their just getting a taste of their own “medicine” administered by the doctor’s nurse.
    Seems appropriate to me. And consistent with their “views”.
    Perhaps this incident will cause the ladies of the view to “see the light” and have a heart, but I doubt it.

  7. The MSM doing what they do! Which is mostly nothing more than more “knee-crawling” to the “Dear Leader”. I guess that the several hundred who watch this tripe must be offended that anyone would not love their hero’s!

  8. Its simple Joy Behar is a lying SOS. She asked for this reaction accumulated over time…and liberals are always calling for boycotts…….if she’s upset tell her to leave TV and work for a living…

  9. Can’t have it “both ways! Can’t “NIT PICK”, CONSERVATIVES, & give Libtards a pass about trivial comments!

    IE: Dr. Ben Carson, says he can’t support a Muslim for President? let it go at that! makes a lot of sense!

    Radical Muslim……regular Muslims……..will “Lie”, to get their way……{ kill, maim, rape, destroy?}………it’s “OK” with the Koran?

    { SOME “RELIGION” }!……………..:o{{{{{

    • Liberal hypocrites want it both ways…

    • Not a religion, it’s a CULT. No real religion would advocate chaining a 9 yr old boy to a bed and use them ad a sex slave. Islam does ,and ovomit tells our military to look the other way, because that’s their culture. That’s nasty,sick, and disgusting. The true meaning of islam is…

  10. Agreed. It is a little ridiculous/amazing that, with all the crazy sh!t that has come out of the mouths of Behar, Goldberg, Walters, O’Donnell, etc. on this insipid show… THIS is what gets people to finally pull sponsorship from the show?!?
    This is more ridiculous than getting Al Capone for tax evasion. Granted, it’s an accomplishment in the right direction… but this kind of round-about faux outrage is what finally does it for people?

  11. I will never feel sorry for a libtard that chokes on their own foot.

  12. I think it is God’s way of letting the “View” women feel the pain of judgment and controversy they themselves usually cause for others.

  13. I have never liked the View, they all talk at the same time, and when something is said it is gossip, or one of the women speaking critical of someone. I DON’T WATCH THEIR GARBAGE I THINK IT SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE TELEVISION.

  14. Let them feel the heat!

    Behar, Collins, and the View are getting a little dose of what they have been puking out since that show has been on the air…

    Political Correctness.

    I say, what goes around comes around… Treat others as you would treat yourself, and they are getting a little dose of the treatment they have been dishing out of years now…

  15. The View is just a liberal preschool for future antiAMerican speach. It should be zonked from TV

  16. None of these regulars are worth a sh&t and are smearing every one they can for their own satisfaction feeling they are superior to all. A totally worthless piece of TV Bullsh*t

  17. Is this some sort of TV show being discussed?

  18. uh, Admin – this piece did not go over well with your readers… As you say, “Get a grip.”!

    “Patriot News Daily is not responsible for any prolonged boredom which may result from turning off the television.”

    Or from reading this tripe you just spewed? Give us credit for brains enough not to be bored if the boob tube is turned off. Frankly, my books are far more entertaining/educational/mentally stimulating. This piece falls into the former. I only continued reading to see if you had anything worthy of reading. Nope, no valid point. Waste of my time that I’ll never get back.

    You insult your readers; I may unsubscribe.

  19. They misnamed that show. It should have been called Mean Girls. I have avoided women like that all my life. Like velociraptors, they always travel in packs.

  20. As stated in article: Joy Behar – a comedian in real life – asked, “Why does she have a doctor’s stethoscope on her neck?”

    Well, Joy as usual OPENED HER BIG MOUTH ‘BEFORE’ she even knew WHY the nurse was in scrubs. By comments made the following day, she never did bother to listen to what the nurse said or figure out WHY she was wearing scrubs and a ‘DR’s’ stethoscope around her neck!! The staff on The VIEW are despicable to begin with. Can’t figure out why it’s still on the air.I don’t know a soul who can stand the show or cast on it. I was stunned when I happened to see Rosie O’Donnel back and then even more stunned when I saw Joy. I haven’t watched this show for years, I only see what I do in a few seconds if I don’t switch channels fast enough.

    – See more at:

  21. I agree pulling the advertising is a bit of over-reaction, but it sure is nice to make the liberals squirm by utilizing their own tactics against them. *MAYBE* they’ll see how wrong they are to do this to others. – – – Nah, that’ll never happen.

  22. I don’t know for sure about the view, but many “Off The Cuff” programs are somewhat scripted. They’re given heads up and pertinent facts to throw into the mix. But at some point, common decency should enter into the conversation. So let us be nice. Pigs is not a nice thing to say. Find a more genteel or picturesque expression like Pampered Porkers, or Sleazy Swine.

  23. These OLD, UGLY, BRAINLESS, BUFFOONS on the View need to be bashed for a change. They are constantly bashing others so maybe they need to know how it feels to be bashed for awhile. Left up to me, I would kill this show immediately and send these old pigs on their merry way. They deserve exactly what they are getting, especially that fat, ugly, old, pig, Joy Behar. Behar is a mean, nasty woman and deserves every ounce of meanness that is coming her way. Needless to say, I despise that nasty pig.

  24. Those that defend people like this are the enemy in my opinion. These women on view are nothing but hookers for liberals.

  25. It cheapens our stance when we stoop to the Liberals/Progressives level. Their hypocrisy should have been noted, then thrown on the ash heap of liberal nastiness. Nothing new here.

  26. The show and it’s “celebrities” stink, but every TV has an off button.
    I’m proud of the sponsors, though. I understand that they would be in breach of contract if they simply pulled sponsorship entirely, but pausing their ads certainly made a statement to me.

  27. We dont have to call for a boycott, the Left eats their own. They are hardly a united front and they constantly try to one up each other as to who can come up with the most outrageous greivance. the Right would never call for a boycott of the View because a real consevative would never watch that crap to begin with.

  28. The View ,I have never watched just when its posted on other shows,Its never good .Its all lying bullshit liberals whores.

  29. Oh my God I hate that show. Talk about racist! Whoopie especially. If your’re reading this view bitches I AM A RACIST AND PROUD OF IT! They are a disgrace to women,America.

  30. i agree. i just don’t watch them. i say, if you don’t like something, change the channel! we got hundreds to choose from nowadays! haha!

  31. The problem with the “comedian panelists” on the view was the same as the author’s of this column. It wasn’t funny, therefore it became a cheap shot at the contestants of the Miss America pageant.

    In your attempt to comment on a legitimate concern that everyone in this country wants to be offended all the time, you missed the mean spirited behavior of the “View’s” called hostesses who first of all are a bunch of twits rather than comedians or any sort of legitimate commentators.

    It would have been a far better use of your time to write a column specifically about our “constantly offended” culture.

    Fred Speckmann

  32. People who watch The View are either retarded, liberal, or don’t have enough to do in life. Pathetic.

  33. 1st Amendment. They have constitutional right to have their opinions. If we jump all over them, if we try censoring them, then we are hypocrites. Remember, guys, we’re Conservatives. We uphold the Constitution.
    If we give liberals/progressives enough rope, they’re going to hang themselves! Starting now!

    • Sorry, Mark!
      The 1st Amendment works both ways. Just like it was intended.

      • Li’l Dickie,
        Read for comprehension! That’s exactly what I said – the “sorry” is yours alone…

      • Your name says it all …. D I C K !

        • I see you agree that you’ve lost your argument, Mac Boy (Boy being the operative descriptive word, here).
          Statements like yours above are always used by the lowest form of Liberal-us Progress-EVIL-us when they’ve run out of ideas. Personal attacks and insults are always used when they (and you) lose!


    I stopped watching the View shortly after it began to air on CBS years ago when Joy Bahar called GW Bush a very vulgar name over and over. I called their web site phone number and told them I would never watch their program, that they were liars and un-American. I have never seen it since….never will.

  35. The View needs to come clean and change the name to Liberal View, since it is 120% pure liberal crap.

  36. As a nurse, it is already forgotten. Besides I hate listening to ignorant people. Unfortunately they are everywhere.

  37. The comment was not vicious but they deserved to be called out. They freely make derogatory remarks about anyone who disagrees with their liberal philosophy, mostly conservatives. Let them see how it feels to be “misunderstood”. Look at what the entire media is doing to Dr. Carson because he said he wouldn’t want a Muslim to be President. I think more people agree with that remark than those who don’t but the Reporter acted like he had committed a mortal sin.

  38. The fact that there are so many stupid-ass women that attend this crap and even more that watch this sh^t is a testament to just how decadent this country has become! Really, these women can’t find a better way to do something with their time than to patronize these b(w)itches?

    • Did ya notice MSNBC’s ratings?
      They just keep on tanking!
      Don’t get your panties in a ringer over anything you hear or see on MS-NBC.

      • it is not just them but all of the state-run, fifth column propagandists and that includes the FOX FAKERS! The sheeple had better start getting more than their panties in a ringer as they will have their heads on the chopping block very soon as this Muslim-Marxist jihadist, Devil’s Advocate is overtly and successfully turning “US” into a caliphate! They are pure EVIL as is continually DEMON-strated by their policies! I had just perused a scroll on the state-run media that they threaten to stop food stamp payments (a majority of them should be stopped) if the GOP shuts down the “Regime” if “Planned Executioners” funding is stopped … how about that! They want to continue dismembering babies for body parts but have the evilness to accuse the GOP of starving the mostly fat-ass food stamp recipients! The sheeple had better start uniting, getting their heads in the game and march on “Moscow West” by the millions! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! mInr, NSA!

  39. Unfortunately, in this case, it is TOTALLY justified!!!!! “The View” is mindless liberal GARBAGE!!!!! They deserve EVERYTHING THEY GET!!! Hopefully, the show will lose MORE sponsors AND be pulled off the air permanently!!!!! The person who wrote this article is wrong in this particular case!!! Fight fire with fire!!! Over reactionary response with boycotting is the ONLY tactic that the HATEFUL left understands!!!!! USE IT ON THEM!!!!! Makes my day!!!

  40. Ziva (Candace) McCabe

    Consider the source! Stopped watching the view when it surpassed Jerry Springer’s show on the irrelevant scale… (years ago)…Behar is a legend in her own mind.

  41. I do not know why conservatives feel that other conservatives should be held to a higher standard than liberals. I think conservatives should be calling out liberals when they say something that is politically incorrect since liberals are the ones who are so into the pc crap!! This is a big problem with conservatives – feeling like we should keep our mouths shut because it might be beneath us!!??? Seems like this is what got us into this mess in the first place. I say: Let’s start playing a little bit dirty too. Let’s start calling out liberals every chance we get. Maybe, then, conservatives would get the respect we deserve.

  42. This is so little compared to what they do all the time, but it was fun to get to see them squirm.

  43. People are so stupid that they think nurses are maids? Give me a d–n break! “A doctors stethoscope”? Nurses use those stethoscopes 10 times more than a doctor ever thought of. If it wasn’t for the nurses the doctors wouldn’t have a clue about what was going on with the patient.I’m glad the dumb a–es got boycotted!

  44. We nurses have worked hard to make and keep our profession a honorable profession for both women and men. They defamed the profession.

  45. Not surprising these females (not Ladies) have never added anything beneficial to the airwaves. They think (as well as the View’s producers) that they are so special and loved by the TV audiences, but typical of most liberals, they are clueless! No one with a sane normal mind watches that show of narcissistic women, each trying to out do the other one…pitiful, high schoolish antics. Removing them from the air would do us all a favor!

  46. The remales on the View are so far out in the ozone that I’m surprised they aren’t wearing oxygen masks yet. They just seem to have been passed by when it came to take a helping of common sense! I don’t understand how they think; only that they don’t think.

  47. But Donald Trump tells the truth whether you like it or not.

  48. I understand what you are saying about Give it A Rest on the View subject. BUT I am just so sick of them saying whatever they want and never getting called on it. I say ENOUGH OF THE VIEW. there has to be something more intelligent to watch during the day. I used to watch them a long time ago and I don’t know if I changed or if they changed. Surely they weren’t always like this. Chopping this person down or that one because of their belief in God or didn’t believe in abortion. I am sick of them and their mean girl personalities of them acting as if they are better than others. So I just turn them off. But it doesn’t seem enough. I think they have run their course their message has been repeated enough times. It’s time for these old cows to head on home. Turn ’em out to pasture. Enough is enough

  49. And THAT is how you ‘take care of business’! If we would ALL respond whenever we see/hear of this type of criticism, things might get better.

    Losing sponsors and an audience really got their attention! That shows that the ‘bottom dollar’ is being watched by someone who REALLY runs the show. The women hosts responded quickly when they were told to.

  50. I defended the view myself when some one said they ate $hit sandwiches, I said that’s a lie they don’t like bread.

  51. The liberals attack others for their politically correctness. It is about time that they too were included in their farce.

  52. You can try to disregard what is being said on this highly offensive show all you like but the fact is that the nurses are out saving lives while these women sit there and say stupid offensive remarks. This network has been told time and again these women are offensive to a fault to millions of people who would like to have quality time to sit and see some people that held quality views ,about a number of real topics that were actually understood by the people that were talking about them. Not to mention seeing some attractive faces again. With all of the well qualified people that this Nation has to choose from why the network continues to use these unattractive/offensive/unintelligent women with nasty dispositions and ugly ways is beyond lunacy and runs into downright insanity.

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