Not ALL Shooting Survivors Want to Ban Guns

With the way the media has been carrying on for the last week, you would think that there is a one-to-one correlation between those who survive a harrowing mass shooting and those who want Congress to pass sweeping gun control legislation. We’ve heard from dozens of kids who attended that school in Parkland, Florida where a psycho opened fire last week, and they all have something rotten to say about guns, Republicans, Trump, and the NRA.

Of course, until we speak to every single student there, we don’t know the truth, which is that many of the unheard-from students may feel completely different. The media has no interest in talking to them, though.

But there is at least one mass shooting survivor who is speaking out in favor of a solution that has nothing to do with banning guns. Patrick Neville, who attended Columbine High School when two of his classmates went on a murderous rampage in 1999, now sits in the Colorado State legislature as Minority Leader. And in the wake of the Parkland massacre, Neville is introducing legislation that would allow concealed carry in public schools.

“This act would allow every law-abiding citizens who holds a concealed carry permit, issued from their chief law-enforcement officer, the right to carry concealed in order to defend themselves and most importantly our children from the worst-case scenarios,” Neville said in a statement.

“As a former Columbine student who was a sophomore during the shootings on April 20, 1999, I will do everything in my power to prevent Colorado families from enduring the hardships my classmates and I faced that day,” Neville said. “Time and time again we point to the one common theme with mass shootings, they occur in gun-free zones.”

Democrats have tight control over the legislature in Colorado, so it’s unlikely that Neville’s bill will ever get a fair vote. But at the very least, his proposal shows that not every mass shooting survivor thinks the answer is stricter gun control. You may remember, actually, that we didn’t see this kind of reaction from those in Las Vegas last October. Well, of course not: That was a country music concert, filled with red blooded, conservative Americans who know damn well that you don’t respond to terror by giving up your only protection AGAINST terror.

We won’t disparage the high school students in Parkland who have been exploited by the left over the last week. They’ve earned their right to have an opinion and, hell, if we went through that kind of chaos and lost friends last week, we might be angry and irrational as well. Half these kids are probably still in shock. It’s the Democrats who ought to be ashamed of themselves, using these poor children as puppets for their Big State agenda.

Never let a good tragedy go to waste, they say, and boy, Democrats don’t.

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  1. Not all shooting survivors want to ban guns.
    But those that want to get on TV do….
    It is the only way they can get on TV.

  2. So the MEDIA and the Left think Trump is Hitler…..
    But the Left also wants Trump to disarm Americans?

    This shows me just how brainwashed they are, They don’t know the difference between a semi automatic rifle and an automatic rifle.

    The SECOND the Lefts Politicians get a ban on “Assault Weapons” they will point out that an “assault weapon” IS a semi-automatic rifle and since there is a precedent that semi-automatic (assault Weapons) have been banned, They will go for all semi-automatic guns. Rifles, handguns, nothing will be safe.

    Without the second, we are slaves. It is that serious.

  3. People need to calm down and be made aware of the statistics.
    There is one town, Kennesaw Georgia, where it is mandatory for everyone age 21 to take classes and own a gun. There is no crime. None.
    Chicago Illinois has very strict gun laws and is in the top five cities for crime in the country.
    You decide.

    • The same can be said of Switzerland. I believe every home is required to have gun. They have the lowest crime rate in the world.

      • Since they all, who are able bodied, go through military “boot camp” and are issued a rifle during that time, which is kept for life, yes virtually all households have a gun; they’re Switzerland’s military

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      • And all the Swiss men go on a 1-2 week military week every summer to hone up on their shooting skills!

    • Absolutely correct! But the Left does not function on logic, only hatred, emotion and how fast they can relieve law-biders of their very important means of self defense.

      • They are afraid that we will catch on to what they are doing to our country and eliminate them.

      • the left only want people control they dont care about safety you cant have communism & have a bunch of citizens running around with guns. they could over thow a communist govt.

    • At the beginning of WWII ( at an embassy party) a German Field Marshall was having a conversationwirh the General of the Swiss Army. It went something like this : German ” General , I have 1 million men under my command. You have only 500 thousand men in your entire army. What could you do if I invaded?” Swiss general ” I would order my men to shoot twice.” Every able bodied swiss mai is required to serve 2 yrs active duty and is in the reserves until age 50. They are required to keep their service rifle (fully automatic) at the ready and with the mags loaded. Home invasions are very rare if at all. You don’t hear of mass shootings in that country either. The nation of Switzerland IS NOT A GUN FREE ZONE. The left is now using Australia and the UK as examples of how gun confiscation can be used to control mass shootings. I suggest using Switzerland as an example of how to control mass shootings and preserve our 2nd amendment rights as well.
      AR15 owner and Concealed Carry License holder and NRA member.

      If this post upsets all the snowflakes…..To bad….So sad…… Get over it!

    • And to add a little more FACT, Not one law on the books has effectively PREVENTED a shooting nor eliminated the “street sale” of guns. Street sale advantages: No background checks, no waiting period no tracking of serial number to individual and cash sales are not traceable. These REAL problems, law makers have not solved yet.

  4. Well these kids are suffering from trauma after spending an hour or so hiding and running for their life. The teacher who stood his ground in front of his kids to protect them did little to protect as he was unarmed. Yes he tried his very best under the circumstances since he was unarmed. Just goes to show if he was allowed to carry concealed he might well have saved ma

  5. YOU NEVER HEAR The TRUTH on national media or in the press: They are of their father the Devil and are just LIARS as their father! John 8:44 KJV….he was a liar from the beginning, and adode not in the truth, becuase there is no truth in him. Expect only lies from a liar!!

  6. Those hand picked by the All Bad Communist channel (ABC), the Communist Broadcast System (CBS), the Nothing But Communism channel (NBC), the Misogynist Socialist – Nothing But Communism Channel (MSNBC), and the Communist Nitwits Nagging channel (CNN) do!
    The socialist “Gleichschaltung”, a National Socialist German term from the past our left wing media should be familiar with: the total, and rigidly coordinated standardization of opinion within our main stream (and there isn’t much else in the area of TV) media would have made their propagandist heroes from Bernaise, to Goebbels, to the editors of the Pravda (‘The Truth’ in Russian, when all it ever printed was lies) so proud. The exploitation of a tragedy via the airing of those survivors willing to turn themselves into tools for the left and their ultimate goal to disarm America, destroy our Constitution and replace it with a communist dictatorship a la Venezuela, is sickening to watch. What did they ever do to prevent any of this? Murderers, who will always find a means to kill, guns or not, send out warning signals (as did this one); we need a responsive FBI that actually does its job and is less interested in being Clinton’s or any other left wing nut’s, campaign helpers. Teachers who are less interested in getting kids with ADD on drugs, but to find out if those kids with whom no one plays might need help; curriculum wise, through integration into the class community via mentoring, or by a mental health professional. Teachers who are armed to be able to defend kids, and cops who are authorized and present in schools to maintain order (maybe then even Chicago inner city schools might be able to provide an atmosphere more conducive to actual education). The Christian faith built upon the Bible and Christ, the left is always crowing about used to provide kids with a solid moral compass of right and wrong; a good foundation in teenage years when you are trying to find out who you really are. A much better moral compass than the one the left wing teacher’s unions today peddle to our kids which leaves them not only wondering what is right and wrong, but even who they are physically, and if they should use the women’s, or the men’s bathroom. What we don’t need is more Communist activism on TV calling for legislative action to dismantle our Bill of Rights bit by bit, and leaving America unrecognizably disfigured and defenseless against criminals and politicians with criminal intent!

    • “VERY STAND UP”!! I profoundly CONCUR!!

    • And how much are you Russian trolls being paid? Your trolling has no
      effect but you don’t care as long as you are being paid.

      • National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (NSDAP) and since you are already struggling with English I’ll translate it for you: National Socialistic German Workers Party. And now the key words “Socialistic Workers” where have you heard that before.
        By the way fascism was founded by the Italian Giovanni Gentile, just like Mussolini he was a Communist who believed Communism wasn’t radical, and socialistic enough by itself.

        How you like them beans Soros paid Communist Bot? Oh right “socialism” was never done right before:

        Socialism/Communism’s Death Toll

        Mass Murderer by name & (Country) Number of victims
        Lenin (Soviet Union) 5,000,000
        Hitler (National Socialist Germany) 40,000,000 – 68,000,000
        Stalin (Soviet Union) 50,000,000
        Mao (People’s Republic of China) 69,000,000
        Ho Chi Minh (People’s Republic of Vietnam) 7,500,000
        (2,000,000 of which in re-education concentration camps)
        Kim Il Sung (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea) 5,000,000
        Pol Pot (Khmer Rouge/Cambodia) 5,000,000
        Castro (Communist Cuba) 35,000 – 141,000
        Walter Ulbricht & Erich Honecker (German Democratic Republic) 14,000

        Just these amongst many more pocket sized mass murderer dictators amount to 205,655,000 victims in the 20th Century alone.

        The reason why socialists keep sticking to their murderous ideology:

        “It has never been done the right way.” and they hold dear to “The ends justify the means!”

        The dictionary defines insanity as “Doing the same thing over, and over and expecting different results.”

      • all of this is why he took guns FROM THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!???????

  7. …but all of those who did not survive do want to ban assault rifles

  8. Most of you reading this may not be old enough to remember, but even though Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, the Japanese military decided against a ground invasion because they knew that EVERYONE in America had guns and if they tried, they’e be outnumbered, outgunned, and slaughtered.


  10. Richard Bagenstose

    only thing that stops bad guy with gun , is good guy with gun

  11. You can bet your sweet a-s the media is not going to cover these people .

  12. Too many people “just do9n’t get it” and the females outnumber the males by a huge percentage. The simple fact is,

  13. The reason it sounds like a one to one correlation is that the anti-gun students, who have been coached by their lefty teachers and the propaganda arm of the democrat party are the only ones getting any air time.

  14. Get rid of gun free zones…..and Demo/commies at the same time……

  15. Have you ever heard how any member of congress who ran to their children’s schools because of a mass shooting? Could it be because those children have armed guards, who are carrying guns not sticks, to protect them? Congressional members and their families have armed protection, banks have armed protection, museums have armed protection, elected officials have armed protection. Our children, well they get this little tin sign that says “gun free zone”. How’s that working out? What is it with idiots. The more you disarm law abiding citizens the more crime and murders you have. DC, Chicago and other strict gun control cities prove that. Our schools prove that. Get a little bit of that brain cell working and use it. Mass murders happen in all those places protected by that tin sign telling everyone it is a “Gun free zone”.

  16. Of what I heard of the President’s meeting he had yesterday nothing was said about the real cause of the shooting. Which was the FBI neglect of dong what they were suppose to do. And as of yet NO ONE has been held accountable.

  17. My pickup had a rear window gun rack (loaded riffles) at school parking lot and never locked the vehicle.
    . Before 1960, we had just as many guns per person without any massacres but that was before the anti-God educators ripped God out of schools and society.
    . The greatest divide between people is over their belief that the Bible is or is not the ultimate authority and truth on every facet in this universe.
    . Here is your challenge. Read the evidence at GodAuthoredBible and then diligently prepare a similar page for the evidence to support your authority for anything that challenges the Bible.
    . Satan’s dream for each person is to seek wealth, power, fame, luxury and immediate gratification of every lust and desire regardless of costs. His goal is to destroy any and everything that resembles or is Godly.
    . God wants each person to live the healthiest life with love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control to ultimately bring praise and glory to God for eternity.

    • “geneww”, everything all of us know about religion, we have learned either directly or indirectly from “others” and unfortunately, “ditto” for ALL of those “others”. Keep in mind, back in “those ancient days”, there were several languages and many thought the earth was “flat” and the Sun revolved around this planet. Also, there were many tribal dialects and frequently a tribe could not fully understand what was being said by neighbors. I have no doubt Jesus, as a man, existed, but just where was he from in his early teen days until his mid life? More importantly, where has he been for the few thousand years wherein no one has proof that he has spoken to any body on this planet .And, let us not confuse “miracles” with the “law(s) of large numbers, pure happenstance and the power of just “positive thinking” and wanting to be part of “the group” I believe it is the general consensus of all religions (that have gods) that their “god” is omniscient and can do anything and everything. Such a “power” would negate the need to have “prophets” as such a god could communicate with the masses—-which we mere mortals can now do. Those of the Islamic Faith relied upon hundreds of thousands of “Hadith” as part of their religion. and Islam dictates that the Christian God and their God, Allah, were “one and the same”. Any high-school student comparing the Qur’an with a Bible can see their authors are as different as night and day. Also, our Bible has an entire “Letter” that is obviously a clear forgery—will let you ask Google which “Letter” that is. There are obviously thousands and perhaps millions of “objects” in space, where such a god would also be in control, and we have been attempting to contact other “entities” by communication for many years but have not been able to contact anyone. As a Deist, I believe “there is room out there” for a Deity and if he (she or it) exists, such a Deity has not bothered to contact we mere mortals. Their is a lot more but I suspect I am putting a lot of readers to sleep. Ciao

  18. The idea that the way to keep guns out of schools is to welcome guns into schools is as ludicrous as the silly notion that a shootout in a school is better than a rampage. Besides, cops are clear that they don’t like the idea of arming teachers and students. What are they supposed to do when they roll up on such a melee? Which shooter is the bad guy? Play it through. It’s a stupid idea, and a sorry substitute for a solution. Every independent analysis of gun violence around the world points to the fact that the sheer number of guns in circulation is the problem in the US. Drop the paranoid delusions and fantasies of brave NRA members squaring off against the military, and the solution is plainly to get a bunch of guns out of circulation. The right of the general population and of children in particular supersedes the pleasure gun fetishists get out of being armed like ISIS.

  19. Before 1960, we had just as many guns per person without any massacres but that was before the anti-God educators ripped God out of schools and society.
    . The greatest divide between people is over their belief that the Bible is or is not the ultimate authority and truth on every facet in this universe.
    . Here is your challenge. Read the evidence at GodAuthoredBible and then diligently prepare a similar page for the evidence to support your authority for anything that challenges the Bible.
    . Satan’s dream for each person is to seek wealth, power, fame, luxury and immediate gratification of every lust and desire regardless of costs. His goal is to destroy any and everything that resembles or is Godly.
    . God wants each person to live the healthiest life with love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control to ultimately bring praise and glory to God for eternity

  20. I’m amazed by our forefathers; they put aside differences to draft the Constitutions, which is as good today as the day it was signed, if we’d have followed it. But politicians have agenda’s which weren’t for the betterment of America, it was for their personal power and their party at the expense of the citizen. Back in those days the civilian population had better weaponry than the military, and this is why I believe the second Amendment was written the way it was, because they believed the civilian population would be able to afford better rifles than the military. It was all designed so our Government couldn’t overpower us. Take away the guns and we’re a police state going to socialism.

      • Before you bad mouth someone you need to check all your bases. You are just the kind of Dem I’m afraid of, you confuse the issue, lie as always and demand you are correct. But you forget to consider all the facts and possible situations. There are many ways to silence a weapon, which can be done by the President, politicians, Federal and state governments. During obama reign of terror he did just that, making ammunition almost impossible to buy in certain calibers, which in turn make approximately 40% of our weapons unusable. California has put a number of restrictions on buying ammunition, amounts, recording, and disallowing some all together. By reading some of your other comments I can see you believe Bill and Hillary are outstanding citizens; and that to me speaks volumes about you. Please go join Nancy and continue to tell the illegals they are the real and true Americans !

      • No you are being conned. Ever hear of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”? Read it and see how close it is to the Democrat’s platform. Rule #4. Gun Control – `Remove the ability to defend themselves from the government. That way you can create a police state. In the 20th century 170 million civilians died AFTER their governments enacted and enforced gun control. Hitler (didn’t need the gov’t. he ordered it), Stalin, Mao, Cambodia, Rwanda, Uganda, etc. Gun control is done in steps: register guns, ban certain guns, register ammo but the last step is always to CONFISCATE ALL GUNS and the you have a police state. You Libs always think you can build a socialist Utopia. The Webster’s New Dictionary and Thesaurus: Utopia ,,,, 2. any idealized of perfection 3. any VISIONARY SCHEME for a perfect society.

  21. Why are the Liberal Left so gun shy? Because if everyone owned a gun, the Left couldn’t be the irrational perverts they want to be. They would have their butts full of buckshot! End of story.

    ★God Bless the 2nd Amendment★

    Without our RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS, our Nation would be overrun with mentally degenerate Liberals wanting to take our FREEDOMS and our RIGHTS! THANK GOD THEY ARE AFRAID OF GUNS!

  22. I was in the service in 63-65 had a chance to visit Switzerland great and beautiful country. They do have the lowest crime rate and every family has a weapon. I had contact with a family there and spent some days visiting with them was told some interesting facts. Hitler didn’t try to invade their country because every family was armed something else I was told were the roads and bridges were mined and at the time I was there still were almost 20 yrs after the war

  23. It is shocking how many of these criminals were on psychiatric drugs either before or during the time they committed the murders. Why isn’t anyone calling attention to this?

  24. I was listening to the Joe Pags radio show last night, and he played sound clips from one of the girls who had so much negative to say about guns and the NRA. But, there was another sound clip the leftist media has not played. This same student went on to give thanks to “Mr. Foster, who taught me everything I know, and without his notes, my speech would not have been possible!” Can you believe it? This girl thought she was “giving credit where credit was deserved,” but she actually let it slip how she was coached. Who the HELL is “Mr. Foster?” According to Joe Pags, who did a little digging, there is only one “Mr. Foster” at that high school: some social studies teacher – probably some left-wing, Trump-hating, gun-hating, NRA-hating, “Social Justice Warrior.” Mr. Pags tried to contact “Mr. Foster” for comment, but with no response. No shit. Some conservatives have been criticized for claiming these students were actors. Well, maybe they aren’t “actors,” but they ARE acting like actors, in that they are reading scripts prepared for them by their leftist, card-carrying-NEA-member teachers. Finally, there was another student who claimed that he wanted to go to this “Town Hall” and give his own comments, but he was instead given a scripted comment by some CNN guy who was covering the event. It was anti-gun, and he did not want to read that comment, as it was contrary to his own comments. He wound up not speaking, and went home instead. The left-wing propaganda in this country is really getting out of control. These people (CNN, etc.) are guilty of sedition, subversion, treason, conspiracy to commit treason, and need to be shut down. Yes, we have a “Free Press,” but like Hillary Clinton herself once said, “No constitutional right is without reasonable regulation” (but, of course, she was talking about the 2nd Amendment!). I say this assertion applies to the 1st Amendment as well, and “Free Speech” does NOT include sedition and conspiracy to overthrow the legitimately-elected President of the United States just because these pigs failed to win the 2016 election!

  25. William L. Ramsburg


    Adolf Hitler — Took The Guns
    Nazi Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.
    Joseph Stalin — Took The Guns
    In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. By 1987 that figure had risen to 61,911,000.
    Benito Mussolini — Took The Guns
    “The measures adopted to restore public order are: First of all, the elimination of the so-called subversive elements. … They were elements of disorder and subversion. On the morrow of each conflict I gave the categorical order to confiscate the largest possible number of weapons of every sort and kind.
    Mao Tze Tung — Took The Guns
    China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952 10,076,000 political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated in Kuomintang China, and by 1987 another 35,236,000 exterminations were carried out under the Communists.
    Pol Pot — Took The Guns
    Cambodia established gun control in 1956. Between 1975 and 1979 2,035,000 “educated” people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. During the short four years of its rule in Cambodia, Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge government murdered over 31 percent of the entire Cambodian population.

  27. William L. Ramsburg


  28. If the powers that be ( chucky, nancy, dianne, dicky boy,etc. etc.) had paid more attention to making the schools as safe as the congressional building and their offices ,instead of promoting their passion of destroying the second amendment they could have saved many innocent lives. They stopped hijackings at airports by concentrating on prevention rather than confiscating weapons. Shame on them. Remember the best defense from a BAD guy with a gun is a GOOD GUY WITH A GUN.

  29. DACA ILLEGAL ALIENS=$135 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR IN WELFARE, FOOD STAMPS, SEC8 HOUSING, FREE PUBLIC SCHOOL WITH MEALS THERE ALSO. So why are we talking added expense to the States and Federal Government to protect our kids in school when we have $135 BILLION DOLLARS PAID to ILLEGAL ALIENS AND DACA, at our expense to pay for protection in school. NOT $1 DOLLAR should be paid to any ILLEGAL ALIEN to live here, these ILLEGAL ALIEN PARASITES should all be DEPORTED and the TAX PAYER MONEY put to use to protect AMERICAN CHILDREN.

  30. Every time I hear or read someone using the term “gun violence” I find that they really are not interested in finding an intelligent, workable solution to the problem. The term itself is idiotic and revealing of the mental deficiency of the user. I do not think that anyone, anywhere outside of a video game, has ever seen a gun walk out into a public place and begin to commit acts of violence. There is always a human with evil intentions behind the gun and pulling the trigger. Right now there are more people killed with automobiles in a day than there are in a month with guns, but we don’t have demonstrations against automobiles. Instead we focus on the human behind the wheel. I therefore conclude that the demonstrations and televised outbursts of anger are focused deliberately on the wrong target. Those who coach the students to say certain things on TV and the politicians, always leftist, who beat the same drum every time are pushing an agenda that has nothing to do with guns as actual mechanical devices and everything to do with controlling people. Socialists are constant liars who never give up their campaign to put the people under their boots.

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