Not a Tough Choice: Democrats Are Evil

It has been astounding to see so many conservatives wringing their hands about the prospect of voting for Donald Trump. It has been unbelievable to see so many Republican women say they would never vote for him. It has been depressing to watch conservative icons draw a line in the sand and insist they will stay home or vote third-party in November if Trump is the nominee. Some have even gone as far to claim they will vote for Hillary Clinton.

What could possibly be going through the minds of these people?

There are two certainties developing among Republican voters: You will never convince Trump’s biggest supporters that he should not be the nominee, and you will never convince his biggest detractors that he is an ideal candidate. These two extremes have dug their heels in, and they aren’t going anywhere.

But let’s talk reality here.

Trump may not be a conservative by strict definition, but he is certainly not a liberal in disguise. As Rush Limbaugh has said many times, he’s not an ideologue at all. He’s a pragmatic businessman who thinks he can restore our country’s economic standing with the principles that made him a billionaire. He may not understand the core values that separate liberals from conservatives, but he understands intuitively that President Obama has wrecked America with his policies.

When you spend a lot of time obsessed with politics, you tend to forget that most Americans aren’t. Most Americans don’t listen to Glenn Beck. They don’t read Drudge. They don’t have dog-eared copies of William F. Buckley books on their shelves. They don’t know which party controls Congress, and they don’t care.

Instead of looking down on Trump supporters who are excited about politics for the first time in their lives, conservatives would be better off taking advantage of this unprecedented opportunity.

What’s going on now…it’s like a man lying on the floor of his home, weak and desperate. He hasn’t had anything to eat in a week. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. He musters the last remnants of his strength to open it. On the front porch stands a pizza delivery man. He offers the starving man a piping hot pie.

The man looks at it with disgust. “The toppings are sliding off the pizza,” he whines. “Onions? I hate onions! Oh man, and it’s deep dish, isn’t it? I don’t even consider that to be pizza.”

He sends the delivery man away. Better to die with principle than to settle for an inferior pizza.

Our nation is starving and Hillary Clinton will not feed it. Let’s not forget where the real evil lies.



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  1. the only form of information I receive about this nonsense is from moronic journalists and the MSM

  2. The REAL evil lies in a nation’s people, whatever the party, who have forgotten their roots. Their heritage. The judeo christian ethic has done more for the advancement of rights than any other institution in the history of the world. We’ve traded Hollywood nonsense for common sense and have ended up with no sense at all. Those that tout drugs, and morals as loose as mongrel city dogs are fast destroying everything that has ever protected them. People worry about war, financial collapse. climate change and a host of other imaginary apocalyptic scenarios, but the most destructive factor, as has been in all past societies, is the decay that’s happening within.

    • The real evil lies within the Obama White House! Also with all the Wealthy Globalists like Gorge Soros for one that control all of out criminal Lawyer Politicians as well as Obama.

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      • What a shame you have no common sense.

      • Daniel seem to be unaware that the RNC are deciding WHO gets the nomination?
        is that because your party is BOUGHT and PAID FOR?

        • YOUR party (DEMS) is bought and paid for by the CPUSA (which includes Soros). AND, yes the establishment GOP are also rigging the election to favor the candidate of their
          choice – not what the people want.

          • “CPUSA”
            what the hell is THAT

            I hate to break it to the silly kitty, but the bought and paid for party IS the GOP.
            lets look at the TPP vote in the house.

            the BOUGHT and PAID for voter YES

            190 GOP and 28 Dems in the house voted for the take over of the US
            economy by corporations.


          • Reality Check – YOU NEED a “reality check”. First of all, CPUSA is the Communist Party USA, of which Bernie, HC, BO, Pelosi etc. are long standing members. Second, re: TPP and TPA, you fail to mention the TAA bill: ‘ As promised by Republicans, a vote on Trade Adjustment Assistance, a program aimed at helping displaced workers from increased, trade looks like it will pass both chambers.’

          • “of which Bernie, HC, BO, Pelosi etc. are long standing members”

            more proof kitty’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

          • Clearly YOU are not the sharpest knife – you are a brain-washed drone. One of the “low information” voters Rush talks about. You don’t have a clue – you need to live in a socialized or communist country for a few years then tell us how you feel. Yes some of the “establishment” GOP are to blame for some of the job loses to overseas corporate expansion, but the bigger problem (re: jobs) is the demorats (not a misspelling) who are the ones bringing in all the illegals who are stealing jobs from the American workers. Corporations rather have this illegals who get paid off the books, then pay an American and have to pay min wage plus benefits. So that is fault of your dumb dem party.

          • you got RC’s number Kitty-does it surprise you that he lives in California? He is a paid troll who loves to hear himself type.

          • I see where California just passed the minimum wage to $15 per hour. I wonder if we will have to be getting our hamburgers from Mexico. It sure looks like it.

          • Having lived in Mexico for several years, they are more into tacos and no hamburgers, however, Europe and Asia are.

          • Boy are we in trouble then. It would be too expensive to import our hamburgers here from Europe.

          • No, some fast-food restaurants will go out of business, others are turning to
            robotic machines (to serve/make burgers) and so all these stupid people will
            lose their jobs in the end. They will never be satisfied, even at $15 next they
            will insist on $18 and so on.

          • Said in jest. “I wonder?”

          • Kitty, I lived and worked under socialism, and my spouse under socialism and communism and that is happening in America on a daily basis and actually started back in the 1800’s altho they then and now call themselves progressives. To us both parties are evil and owned by the almighty donor dollars to ruin and take over America. So, we blame both parties who are milking America for riches and all the while ruining America. I was once a democrat and once a republican, but then I grew up and became an Independent, or now like Trump a populist to take back this country, even if we have to again nurture the Tree of Liberty. Both parties are privately owned businesses and don’t give a hoot about you or the country, just themselves and are looking to a One World Government like Cruz/Heidi, or call it what you want, New World Order, or just plain old communism where again the elite have it all and the rest of us living in the Middle Ages.

          • She is soooo right and you are sooo ignorant. Are you aware of how many REGISTERED socialists and communists are in Congress? Time you got a checkup from the neck up and find out the real world!

          • why don’t you try proving that loony shit?

            odd how you cons just FLAP those GUMS while pretending to be informed.

            you thought you were informed about the GOP being “for the people”
            How is that going to work out for you, fool?

          • The democrat party is the party of socialism. Free healthcare for illegals?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I can readily see yo momma’s coat hanger abortion failed! !

          • that the best you can do Mikey?
            when do start demonstrating you have a brain instead of the stereo typical meat head?

            These are serious times and this is your contribution?

          • Michael Dennewitz


          • Michael Dennewitz


          • THE FACT remains that 87% of conservatives voted to ship jobs overseas and 14% of Democrats.

            So tell me again which party is the one bought and paid for by corporations?

          • That is because the Dems are forcing them overseas. Higher taxes, Unions, you name the cause.

          • Germany is 60% unionized and has serious taxes.
            you want to pretend that Germany has lax REGULATIONS as well?

            any other stupid theories you want to put forward.

          • Where do you get that from. I said nothing about Germany. But then again Germany has always been our friend, hasn’t it?

          • See fool,
            YOU blame unions and I give you an example of a country that is HIGHLY unionized and the corporations DIDN’T leave.

            too complicated for Paul?

          • And don’t forget that Hillary has been a communist since her 20’s and all that talk about the “little people” is communist (progressive) talk since the 1800’s. If we let it, history will show we backed down and allowed our country to be overtaken.

          • But Soros also invests money in the GOP establishment creeps’ funds, so to me they are just the 2 parties in 1 to take over America and its wealthy for themselves and screw you!

        • Ya! all of the Democrats and the Republicans but not Trump.

          • actually, one of the two Democratic candidates will get the nomination.
            none of the GOP candidates will.

          • It won’t be Bernie, but that’s OK he knew he had to take a dive for killary before he ever ran, after all he’s been bought and paid for by Soros!

          • “he’s been bought and paid for by Soros!”

            are you capable of just ONE original thought?

          • more silliness.

          • A starving porn writer before and during his political career?

          • Bernie loves being a communist and lived on the dole until age 40. He has said before he is a socialist, then an Independent, but all along a communist who actually has a very hefty bank account, and his wife in a lawsuit for a naughty she did to the bank she used to work for! However, unless we real and patriotic Americans get it together, it will be Hillary thanks to the 2 parties in 1!

          • Might be what’s needed not only to wake up the zombie nation, but to let everyone know our elections are fixed to keep the elitist in power and their globalization going!

            Unfortunately PC will replace free speech it can only go downhill from there, as 45 percent of democraps want to change the constitution and about the same amount of globalist, which include Returds!

          • All you’ve stated is true,
            I don’t know if you noticed the steal is in all five major news groups buying the big lie

            The Lie

            “Go, soul, the body’s guest,

            Upon a thankless errand;

            Fear not to touch the best;

            The truth shall be thy warrant.

            Go, since I needs must die,

            And give the world the lie. “

            Sir Walter Scott

            Cruz can only win the delegates where he’s the only candidate handed to him by the fair and just RNC!
            Hillary is predestined to be president by RNC and DNC, CPAC!


          • And unfortunately so have GOP candidates because their loyalty doesn’t live for America but their future and more riches.

          • Amazing how many parasites can be purchase with the citizens taxes,to bad loyalty is not one of those items!

          • Trump is a saleman.
            You are hearing what he thinks you need to hear for him to be elected.

          • The same with obama, how did hope and change work out?

        • Try no representation in either party now go back to sleep, and AKA will rub your belly!

        • Unfortunately, on this I agree, but it isn’t over until fat lady sings! The DNC and RNC are privately owned by supposed elitists living off donor dollars, so cannot be trusted since the mid-1800’s. We were stupid and thought everyone loved America and for what it stood, but then, again in the mid-1800’s they pushed to make America A CORPORATION and then that allowed the progressives (it really means communists) to start taking back our country piecemeal and with “social organizations”, i.e., SS, war on poverty, etc., and we thought that they loved America. We have been royally duped but we are not dead and out and that is why these 2 parties in 1 are running scared and pushing their usual bought and paid for establishment – Cruz and Kasich, but will ignore them and Trump at their illegal Convention and we will get Hillary and death to our America. We have choices and one is to let the 2 parties in 1 they are not going to win, WE ARE BECAUSE WE ARE THE GOVERNMENT and we will run their behinds into prison thinking they own us any longer. They are running scared and so are we, but we more and meaner than they think we are. Shall we show them a thing or two? I sure hope so.

          • “and then that allowed the progressives (it really means communists) to start taking back our country piecemeal and with “social organizations”, i.e., SS, war on poverty,”

            well there goes your credibility.

          • we seem very confused about the country you live in.

            You been brainwashed by commies or something?

            YOU were BORN INTO a Democratic Socialist country, fool of the right wing.

            Social Security is Democratic Socialism.
            Medicare is Democratic Socialism.
            Medicaid is Democratic Socialism
            Post Office are Democratic Socialism. (and in the Constitution, fool)
            The US highway system is Democratic Socialism (and in the Constitution, fool)
            our electric grid is Democratic Socialism
            Public Utilities are Democratic Socialism

            That road in front of your house is Democratic Socialism

            AND here we have our first example of Democratic Socialism.

            “An Act for the relief of sick and disabled seamen was passed by the 5th Congress. It was signed by President John
            Adams on July 16, 1798. The Act authorized the deduction of
            twenty cents per month from the wages of seamen, for the sole purpose of funding medical care for sick and disabled seamen, as well as building additional hospitals for the treatment of

            SO low info conservative, EVEN THE FOUNDING FATHERS were Democratic socialists.


        • Yours isn’t? Wall Street owns Hillary. Wheres the speech transcripts, Hillary?

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Ahhh, and if you thought AKBITCH needed help, here’s her little brother, lost in total UNreality!! HAHAHAHAHA

    • Right you are, but the sheep aren’t totally to blame. The majority of fault is with the corrupt media and the daily leftist onslaught of misinformation and half truths, pushed as legitimate news.

      • Sooooo Right you are!!!!!

        • Elizabethtwilliams2

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      • You couldn’t be more correct. The liberal progressives strongest tool in the box right now is the corrupt liberal media… The people trust them, and they don’t even suspect that the MEDIA is leading them astray.

        Fight the Liberal MEDIA at:

        • ..
          “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
          Joseph Goebbels.

          • And that is exactly what the left is doing through the left stream media. Following their dead leaders advice.

            “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

          • Q: And, what kind of a person intentally tells lies when they know the truth?
            A: A mentally ill person.

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            Or, in religious terms, a person possessed by satan (evil spirits)

          • Smart Southerner

            A: Ted Cruz, he’ll say anything to become prez, a step closer to his youth’s dream of world dictator:


          • I am certainly not impressed with any of our politicians but I have to ask this of you… The video here of Ted is maybe 25-30 years old or more is it not? I don’t know of anyone that hasn’t said something really stupid and done something really stupid at one time in our lives. Now if this was only 5 years ago that would most definitely be of some concern.

          • Smart Southerner

            How old was George Soros when he decided he wanted to dominate the world. He still does.

            Soros is the epitome of evil & he and his Foundations fund Black Lives Matters,, the ACLU & many more. He funded ACORN to get Obama elected twice & is now funding Hillary’s campaign with $Millions. He has to destroy America in order to complete his goal of a a One World government, police force & monetary system.

          • There is no doubt in what you are saying here except Satan is behind it all…. and I try to make it as plain and as I can by saying if you are not with Christ Jesus then you are with Satan.. Many there is who claim to be Christian but when we look at their actions it is proof that they are not one of us..

          • I’m not sure where you came up with that idea. Every person on Earth intentionally tells lies when they know the truth. I suppose you believe that every person on Earth is mentally ill.

          • We must not have read the same article.

          • Sheri Spillane Goldie

            or an EVIL person

          • ..or a ScumboRAT politician!! LOL!

          • Smart Southerner

            Like Hillary & Cruz.

          • Thanks for posting sanity.

          • Thank you for your support and kind words.

            Please consider fighting the liberal media with me at:


          • this (slightly off the mark) phrase has become the mantra of liberal tools such as yourself! zip it commie

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ahhh, I see the commie, troll bitch is back! AKBITCH is trolling every site!!!!

          • I know that is exactly what You are up to, what I don’t understand is why you keep revealing Your evil agenda.

          • AKLady IS evil. She also is lonesome, to ugly to get a husband and has nothing productive in her life. She wants everyone to hate and be miserable as she is.

          • Smart Southerner

            Goebels’ quote aptly applies to the Liberal Main Stream Media.

          • Sheri Spillane Goldie

            yeah, like global warming

          • Now we know exactly where you are coming from! Evil, Evil, is what the kinds of people like you ARE. EVIL!

        • The media is made up of people but still behind it all is evil perpetrated by the god of this world….. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)
          Until everyone realizes or understands that the non-Christians are blinded by the god (Satan) of this world, apart from Christ: The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9 (KJV)

          God’s WORD will be fulfilled just as it has been written… All the world will enter into the final Seven Year Tribulation Period as told in Revelation and no man nor nation will stop this from being played out upon all the world.
          Christ Jesus is man’s only hope.

          • Thank you for your words of wisdom.

          • Thank you but I give God the glory for It is just wisdom from God’s WORD.

          • May God bless his messengers.

          • True.
            Either the followers of Jesus The Christ haven’t obeyed Him while watching America (as I knew it) crumble, or this is really close to the end times.

          • We as followers of Christ have all failed at one time or another… Remember how quickly the Israelites forgot the mighty miracles which God done to bring them out of bondage…

            With human nature as it is the vast majority fail to keep God first above all else in their lives… Daily struggles with the kids, the bills and work take a great toll upon the mind… We need to remain in His WORD seeking to be more and more like Christ in our daily walk…

            There has been persecution against the Christians for the last 2,000 years… but in the pass several years with the persecution of the Christians around the world and the attacks on Christianity even here in US we are certain we are close to the final days…
            Mary, stay strong in prayer and reading His WORD, and seeking Christ with all of your heart.
            God Bless

        • I just joined.

      • When the free independent media is this country were subverted by allowing huge media conglomerates to gobble up small independent news organizations that spelled the beginning of the end for the US of A. Just as small business creates the majority of jobs in this country so too did the small independent news organizations allow the free flow of ideas and absolute truth. Retractions back then were a rarity, because these independent news watchdogs made sure what they released was verified and fully documented. This kept the big dogs in the field from smacking them down hard and fast but it also ensured that when something that was uncovered that was rife with the stink of corruption, cronyism, dirty dealing, etc. it ensured the integrity of the small news company since they would have nothing to gain (i.e. political favoritism or fat contracts) by impugning major players reputations and careers. We must redefine and retract the ability of a handful of companies to own/run our news organizations and we must do it immediately.

        • Michelle Minze-Bryant

          Not to bring religion in on your concept, but realistically I would think the only one capable of such media would have to be ran by TBN or another Christian network.

          I guess it would be biased in a way. But wouldn’t be nice to have news based on the morals of Christians, rather than no morals at all?

        • Michael Dennewitz

          And geo soros OWNS them all, including the piece of shit in OUR white house!!

        • Mr. McConnell,
          Thank you!!! You are RIGHT ON. During my first years of working for a living, I was impressed by the Liberal bias of the media but their were some that offered real news. FOX NEWS is the best example of the present-day media – extremely biased and misnamed and News instead of Opinion Networks.
          This is the first election in essentially 70 years during which I won’t be able to vote FOR anyone but will be forced to choose by voting against one.


        • Well, the Evangelicals, whose vote might make the difference are sleeping also. The ones I know and read about won’t vote for Trump.

          • Mary, I wrote the following a couple of weeks ago to another comment which I thought you should read…
            So, how do you think God would look at Mr. Trump who says “he has nothing to ask forgiveness for?” Or when he says that he is “firmly pro-choice on abortion” and then the next month says he is “against abortion but he does think Planned Parenthood does a lot of good?”
            With Mr. Trump reasoning we could say…. Let’s just assign for Planned Parenthood 90% of good work and 10% bad. With this said I am assuming that you would be okay with Planned Parenthood killing of one life for the good of nine lives, is that right… But than we know that the percentage of good that the Planned Parenthood does is nearly non-existence… My wife worked for a major hospital for 43 years and she has told me that the vast majority of the tests that Planned Parenthood offers to their clients are referred to clinics or hospitals to do.
            Mr. Trump will say whatever he needs to say to get the votes needed. This behavior clearly reveals he is no true Christian and his god is money and power.
            Evil exists in this world and no mere man nor woman can overcome the lying, cheating, stealing and killing in politics today to win the oval office unless God wants it to happen.
            If you are a true Christian then you should be aware that: He(God) changeth the times and the seasons: he removeth kings, and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise, and knowledge to them that know understanding: Daniel 2:21(KJV)
            God gave unrighteous leaders to the Israelites because of their sin of worshiping false gods and USA has been extremely unrighteous in embracing the abominations of evolution, homosexuality, abortion and the rejection of God’s Holy WORD. Thus you are seeing a nation in judgment and this nation will continue to spiral out of control by extremely unrighteous leadership and terrorism…
            God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping the hearts of the people might turn to Him that He might save them from the evil one.
            God has clearly been giving USA warnings of her destruction but there are very few seeking His heart that they would receive these warnings, let alone to understand these warnings. Google: “watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101.”

          • Smart Southerner

            How could you get Trump’s message so screwed up?

            He was very clear that Planned Parenthood had done a lot of good in the areas of testing for cervical cancer & breast cancer, but as long as they perform abortions he wouldn’t fund them.

            What you said about Trump & PP sound like one of Cruz’ many lies & distortions about what Trump really stated.

            TRUMP 2016

          • I also wonder how could those that are Christian not understand the truth behind PP… This is an evil organization from it very beginnings founded by Margaret Sanger to promote her way of thinking, which mainly was to limit the birth rate of the African race and making money. The vast majority of testing they claim to do is nothing but lies because they refer their clients to other medical facilities to do these screenings and tests.
            Blinded are those that wish not to see or hear the truth of the evil within this organization and those that support any part of this organization.
            And just for your information, I am definitely not a supporter of Ted Cruz

      • But the sheep, the leftists, as has been said, do not know what is going on and do not want to know. They are wrapped up in their daily lives and do not want to know about anything else. Yet, they are the ones who rant and rave and cuss because they do not know what is going on. All they have left is calling conservatives names and worse while they have no knowledge at all. They eat up what the liberals have to say without doing any research to find out the truth.

      • The sheep get what they deserve. Sow to the wind, reap the whirlwind.

        • And it rains on the just and the unjust, so all will pay.
          Thankfully I am just passing through this world. But, I am concerned about my progeny.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      My God Don, you hit the nail square on the head. I couldn’t have said it better. You’really totally correct, as far as people are concerned. That’s what has upset me like you wouldn’t believe. It’s “WE THE PEOPLE” that are sitting on our dead asses, doing nothing and complaining about everything.
      You would not believe how many fellow enlisted men STAYED in Vietnam when we hauled ass outta there. I’D even thought sometimes that even I should stayed. This country is on the fast road to hell, and WE THE PEOPLE are doing NOTHING to stop it. GOD HELP THIS ONCE MIGHTY COUNTRY!!

      • I agree with you Michael and Don about the situation in America. I have even started looking for a foreign county to find as a new home. The moral decay and deception by all of our elected officials is just disgusting. No truth any longer and our news media is just feeding the public the lies they want to manipulate them with. The media and all the politicians are very scared of Trump because he does not need any of them or their lobbyist so a lot of their perks would disappear if he was elected. Politicians have so many perks and extra benefits like the unbelievable retirement salaries it blows me away. Then to opt themselves out of this socialist health care system is just another true example that they feel they are better than the general public. That is why I say no retirement for any of them. Term limits (4yr) needs to be the new policy to stop a lot of the corruption in our elected body. When you see Obama dictating the unconstitutional laws and mandates that he dictates and our elected officials not standing up to him that tells me America is on a collision course. When he tells the U.S. Border Patrol they are no longer allowed to stop illegal aliens from coming into the U.S. and no one in Washington objecting what he says I can can see he is trying to destroy the country. Why do we even have congressmen and senators? They are not representing the American culture or system of law.

        • While I agree with most of what you just said, I take serious exception to the comment, ‘I even started looking for a foreign country to find as a new home’.
          This is America…granted,not what America was intended to be, but this can change, and it CAN be restored, and brought back to what it was intended to be, but this will never happen to this country or it’s people if people just lay down and die, or give up, get disgusted (and believe me,you would be hard pressed to find someone more disgusted then me), and move to another country. That does not solve the problem, it just serves to help make it worse.
          You were lucky enough to be born in what was once, when ruled by sanity, the greatest country ever on this planet. It can be that again, but it will take WE, THE PEOPLE, to make that happen. And, if you, and others of like mind, are not willing to stand your ground and fight for your rights as an American, not only do you disrespect every person that ever shed blood for this country, but you never deserved to be born here and have those rights to start with.
          Rights mean nothing, and can and will be easily taken from people willing to capitulate, and not fight for them. We are starting to see that now, once again, as a people.

          • What exactly was it intended to be in your reality?

          • You know what? You are ignorant. good bye and be gone to you, enjoy your foreign country, and don’t forget to leave your American citizenship at the door. You never deserved it to start with.

          • I agree with you, arthur, and we are still millions who will stand by America and remember we are the GOVERNMENT and from time to time the Tree of Liberty must be nurtured. Unfortunately, we have way to many who have brainwashed that America is the evil one, a warring country, a country that has allowed some to actually follow the Constitution and took advantage of the right to happiness and wealth, which others think they should have that wealth and no responsibility in getting a job or a career to build their own happiness, who think life doesn’t begin at conception although it has been proven time and time again, that morals can change anytime they want to change them, that evil really can and does exist, that liberty is theirs but no one else’s, and moving into a One World Government with the Cruz’s, or call it New World Order, or UN, or whatever will end their lives and they will be the common fodder for the elites who have encouraged them to be less than true and patriotic citizens. Can we awaken these idiots? I pray that we can and save this country and the only one I have seen is Trump, who I call the trumpeter – you know, the one that blew down the walls of Jericho? No one else out there is our newest Moses but Trump, but the brain dead, ignorant and selfish can’t see anything else but their hate, greed, lack of morals, ethics, and that America is facing its death!

          • TRUMP 2016!

          • You are right!
            I will stay here and fight and go down with my country if need be.

        • You are so right. However, sadly, there is no “other country” to go to.. they are either
          dictatorships or totally socialist governments worse then we have. We are following in the
          footsteps of Europe and will be destroyed same as they are. Very tragic indeed. So
          this is why Americans must wake up NOW – we need to vote accordingly – not sit home
          because your first choice didn’t get in, then vote all the RHINO’s out in congress. This
          is the best we can do. If we lose at this effort, then you know what the next step would
          be — can’t say it here..

          • All modern, industrialized countries have mixed economies. It is necessity.

            However, of that group, America is the only nation which permits people to die — simply because they cannot afford to buy health care.

            Many Americans, especially the so-called “consrervates” are simply fine with that situation.

            Are you?

          • Yes, I am ok with not having socialized medicine. People don’t die because they can’t afford to buy health care. They go the emergency room or to the free clinic or have their obamacare subsidized in various ways. I live in California. Even the prisoners in jail get free healthcare, that is better than mine which I pay for, and I pay for theirs with my taxes The problem is not enough people are working, and the freeloaders are going to collapse the country if they don’t get to work. AK lady=Bleeding heart liberal.

          • You are totally wrong AK. In American NO ONE dies from lack of health care. Have you ever been in an emergency room? Why do you think you are waiting hours to be seen — because there are so many illegals and others without health insurance and by law they cannot be turned away. Of course, in the end, working class Americans are paying for this out of their taxes. In your socialized medicine nations, yes there is government provided healthcare, however, the type of treatment allowed is dictated by the government not your doctor. Many elderly in need of standard treatment to keep them alive are denied and left to die. Many new cancer treatments (expensive) are denied to all who need it as the government healthcare system refuses to pay. This is why most seriously ill citizens in these countries (that have the financial means) come here to the US for surgery and other advanced treatment. Get your facts straight and stop reading or listening to the socialist garbage.

          • And, Kitty, that many hospitals and ER’s have closed down because they had no money to continue. That the illegals (I call them invaders) are using up the “covered” healthcare in these places? That drugs are too costly and not all generic can do the same as drugs, but also don’t forget that Big Pharma is a big part of the so-called healthcare in this country and killing millions and with no recourse thanks to Obama. Also, Kitty, since I studied in China and have visited often, that more people are going to China or Singapore because far cheaper and better than in America? We have lost our way and now must stop and get a real map to move ahead and get our America back!

          • Kitty,
            The French spend the least, in the world, on Health Care per person and yet they live the longest. They have a single payer system. I SUGGEST THAT YOU GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!!

          • You are wrong. The fact they may live longer then Americans has nothing whatsoever to do with their healthcare system. They tend to no be obese or even overweight like most in the US. So if Americans would eat less many would live longer healthier lives. Canadians and most others come here to the USA for any major health issues (surgery), that my friend is a fact.

          • Kitty,
            I don’t want offend you but you are wrong!! But, you are right about people from other countries coming here for complex operations, etc. But, that doesn’t mean our Health Care System is superior. Our FDA is as corrupt as they come along with both sides of the Isle in Congress. In the Good Old USA it is MONEY, MONEY, MONEY that counts. Sad!!!

          • Ever hear of the two year waiting list in order to get an operation done? Thought not.
            But then of course those that die while waiting will be listed as dying of natural causes.

          • Another brainwashed victim.

            Elective surgery has a waiting list.
            Medically necessary surgery does not.
            In American, the elective surgery rarely gets done.
            Medically necessary surgery gets done when it becomes an emergency or the person becomes eligible for Medicaid and/or Medicare.

            In American, 60% of people totally disabled to work would not be disabled if they could have received timely medical care.

          • Would you consider an appendectomy elective or medially necessary. In Australia had a friend who needed one and was put on a waiting list. But he lucked out and a person who had been waiting two years died a week before his operation came due so he luckily got bumped up.

          • That is completely untrue.

            Appendicitis is requires an emergency procedure. Either you didn’t get the story straight or you’re deliberately prevaricating.

          • Relayed by me as was exactly told to me by the horses mouth. I had appendicitis and did not have any time to dilly dally but not all cases are the same.

          • Appendectomies are one of the most over-performed surgeries there are. They are only second to hysterectomies.

          • That is one of the most asinine comments I have ever heard. I can tell you have never had appendicitis and really do not care for people’s health. You want a person do die just so you can justify your figures. You are one sad case.

          • I had an appendectomy at age 11. I am also a retired surgeon.
            Recent studies indicate that just under two-thirds (64%) of all appendectomies are probably unnecessary. That study indicates that treatment with antibioltics should be undertaken before the decision for surgery is made.

          • Maybe so but your point is still moot. You want the 36% to die just to fill your statistics. Some doctor you would have been. And I cannot see a retired surgeon being for Obamacare.

          • Michelle Minze-Bryant

            What are you referring to when you say die because they don’t have health care? With Obama care running the show, the government is in charge of everyone’s health, not the doctors. Luckily I’m on the Medicare boat in the sea of government crap. God please don’t send a title wave to destroy my boat. And to those that have insurance through jobs, don’t let people lose their jobs because of unemployment and have to drown in the sea of government crap.

            Anyway, do you just love being the liberal devil’s advocate to stir the government sh*t pot, or what?

          • Uhtreated hypertension is fatal.
            Untreated diabetes is fatal.
            Untreated COPD is fatal.
            Untreated respiratory infections can be fatal.
            Untreated cornary artery disease is fatal.
            Untreated diarrheal disease is fatal.

          • The average emergency room visit costs $3,000 to $5,000.
            In Alaska and Hawaii, that cost is $7,000 to $10,000, not counting the air ambulance fees.

          • Exactly so who is footing the bill for all of those illegal visits. Every time you post you dig your hole a little deeper.

          • And why I stopped being a conservative because they betrayed their oaths, promises, us and America and did nothing but actually agreed to allow this administration to move along the communist movement. If they call Trump a populist, meaning only for America, then I am definitely a populist as well. I also see the DNC and RNC/GOP as 2 parties in 1 leading Americans down the road to death, camp or enslavement and living back in the Middle Ages while they continue to be the elites!

          • I have to step over the dead bodies on the hospital steps just to get in! “Conservatives are simply fine with that situation.” No moral high ground for you, take a hike.

          • Try visiting an ER in one of the hospitals in your area — a public hospital.

            Private hospital ERs are only required to treat the dying. They transfer patients to a public hiospital ER as soon as the patient is stable enough not to die in transit.

            The waiting time at a public ER can exceed 8 to 10 hours.

            Ignorance is quite blissful.

          • how about Switzerland? supposedly “neutral”-but you are right-we the people need to make our votes count this year more than ever. so all you “independents” and lazy butts get out and VOTE AGAINST the Democrats

          • Switzerland: possibly the most conservative country in the world in all the right ways. Morals are strong. It’s a strong democracy. It also has the highest percentage of firearms ownership due to the fact every man is in the army, which is really a well organized militia. But you won’t be able to live there, because of its strong border protection and control.

          • As an ongoing election officer, DO NOT mail in an Absentee Ballot because #1 no enough postage in spite of what you are told, #2 must put it in the Ballot Box personally at any polling station, #3 use only a paper ballot and avoid the computers, #4 insist that our votes be counted in OUR districts/states and not allowed to be shipped off to a foreign country as last time to the Soros owned company in Spain. But VOTE for sure and remember you are voting for America and does your candidate actually have the “bottom”, skills, abilities and not just another conservative junkie who betrays you every time. I am voting for My Americ and Trump, the non-politician, the man who gets good things done, and obviously loves America and has no hidden agenda to give our country over to communism!

        • We seem to be reverse it somewhat but they have much control and influence. We need good people like you to stay here and help do the fighting.

      • “Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.”
        ― Fyodor Dostoyevsky

        • You just described Obama and Hillary!1 LMAO

          • and herself!!! she is a pathological lying little troll that one!

          • The more I read from this AKLady, the more I believe that she has some serious mental issues. I mean SERIOUS mental issues!

          • and you would be right! she did mention at some point (many posts ago) something about being a disabled vet-but am pretty sure the disability in her case is mental-not to mention she can’t type or spell worth a dam either. don’t think I believe a thing she writes really.

          • Thanks, I kind of thought she might be needing some mental medical help. I guess I will just let her rant and rave and feel sorry for her, since she doesn’t know what the heck she is talking about.

          • I really believe that she is a he incognito. Anyone else?

          • Extremely good possibility for sure!

          • AK Lady is a delusional nut case. Unfortunately when the gov’t shut down services for the mentally ill, AK Lady was no longer able to receive the care she so desperately needs. Many have advised AK Lady to simply off herself and so end the suffering she has inflicted upon honest, hard working citizens, but to no avail.

          • AK is a party hack, obama’s perfect and everything’s Bush’s fault.

          • Thing is I find the endless finger pointing is simply annoying. It does nothing to address the current situation in any way. I’m not blaming anyone for obama’s failed policies, lets just all agree that he has had 7 years to do anything better, that he has failed and that it is time to ‘change the channel’ , that is impeach him & move on.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I just call her DIZZY BITCH!!

        • Take your own advice. Look in the mirror and quit lying to yourself.

      • America is to fad conscience. They want to do things correctly but are led by fads. We must elect a woman as President, not because it is the right thing to do but because it is hip. Forget going along and vote for the country, values, moral, ethics are supreme.

        • When the right woman is running, we are voting for her. No one sane person would vote for Hillary, the communist since her 20’s, because #1 she does not have the abilities nor desire to restore America, #2 she is on a boatload of meds, #3 she is mentally and physically disturbed. If that is the woman they want in the WH, they need mental health care NOW! We have many good and strong women who wanted to run for the WH but were put down by idiots like the women supporting Hillary, the nothing but hate-filled creature, who also pays her females 38% less then the males, all because she is a female? That is sickening!

          • I would hope you are correct but from what I have seen and we have had some good women run but the media pushed right back into oblivion and they keep touting the destructor in chief. I too would vote for a good woman but will not vote for that person that want to continue to destroy this country for dog catcher.

    • Don,
      I have to agree. Many Democrats that I know are no different than anyone else. They do see some things differently than I do. But the out-of-this-world liberal nut cases are more than I can stand. I also agree that we are getting away from our roots. I come across many well educated and read folks who do not have very much knowledge of the Constitution or Declaration of Independence and take sides on issues that are in violation of our basic laws.

      • I run across many people who think they know more about the law than people who have legal training and experience.

        Interestingly, they are the ones who are too lazy to read case law.

        • ALKady,
          I am a historian. I deal in historical facts, not opinions. I have searched for Supreme Court rulings but there are none. Apparently the Supreme Court has kicked the can down the road to the states, which could easily lead to 50 different stances.
          I believe that what is needed is a 21st Century Amendment to deal with the issue in today’s terms. But the key problem on this political issue in the past has been the concern that a foreigner could gain control of the country and the military. That was the concern in 1787. It has remained dormant since then. The last paragraph of the Declaration of Independence states that all those who were in the colonies at the time ceased to be British citizens and became citizens of the colonies where they lived. as such, the first Presidents were US citizens, period.

          • And unless you know this, America was made a “corporation” in the 1800’s just to avoid following the Constitution but we were never taught that, were we? Man, have we been duped royally but the story does not have to end here because we can take back our Constitution/Bill of Rights and America if we have enough guts to do so.

          • Rosech,
            I am doing all I can to take back the Constitution. That is why I have spent so much tome on this issue and abortion. That one comes from the Bible, though, and not the Constitution. I am standing on it as well just like I do the Constitution. I take both very literally.

        • Showing stupididty again, AKL, because having worked in law for over 50 years I am sure I know a lot more than you and how our laws have degraded due to brainwashing by fed-owned public education, teacher unions, and people with more money than brains. I can assure you I know more about law than the robots that have graduated from law schools over several decades. And then, of course,there is Obama who says he was a lawyer but never seen in class, and obviously doesn’t have a clue about the Constitution which is why his lecture class was closed as students walked out. And what about these supposed lawyers saying the Constitution is not real in today’s world? Get a checkup fromt he neck up please!

    • Those that mislead on purpose are far more evil than those that are mislead.

      Liberal Progressives have been attacking morals for a billion years now. And it is working. They have taken up key positions of importance in our schools, Unions, Both Political parties, Courts, Businesses, and most important the MEDIA.

      We must fight their lies and attacks on our morals on all fronts.. My fight is with the MEDIA.

      Please join the fight.

      • Our Founding Fathers were liberal progressives. The United States would not exist if it were not for liberal progressives.

        • You are so full of nonsense. Do you actually believe what you are writing, or are you just a troll on a conservative site attempting to disrupt?

        • “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

          Your comment is an excellent example of a liberal practicing what a socialists guideline.

        • Not by today’s definition of a liberal progressive.

        • Progressive is the term to cover the word “communist” having had experience in this as well as my spouse. NO, our Founding Fathers were for liberty, sanctity of life, freedom to believe as you chose, that everyone to take responsibility for the country and their welfare, and the right to pursue happiness (meaning as a laborer or a business person but not to rely on others to take care of you – which is why so many Pilgrims died thinking that the communist way of life was best. They got a real wakeup and went then to reality of taking responsibility for yourself and sharing charity when needed but not pushed as a “good thing” which made so many of today’s Americans leeches on the public dole. You obviously have bought into the current “liberal way of thinking” and no knowledge of America’s history and the Founding Fathers. They were laborers, farmers, some wealthy and many not, but all believed in having freedom and choices and not owned by any kind of government. Wake up and smell the coffee because if you are on the dole, it may soon be ending whether with Trump or Hillary, the communist who takes all and gives nothing back.

          • Every generation has its “liberal rogressive”.
            The defining focus of that group changes with each generation.

            You are terribly confused when it comes to the Founders.
            What they knew, and what many Alaskans still know is that our very lives depend upon our neighbor’s willingness to help in times of emergency.

            You made the leeches. You sent their jobs to India and Asia.

            The reality just does not dawn on you.

            You may be buying low cost products, but you are still paying the full price. Same, if not higher, out-of-pocket expense.

    • Dead on, Don! The Progressive left have understood for well over 100 years that to change a nation you must change society. In the 1950s the Soviet Premier PROMISED the U.S. “we will bury you and we will do it from within”.
      But we cannot blame the lion for killing its prey. We must place the blame where it truly belongs!
      The unfortunate burden of seeking the Truth – the REAL TRUTH – is that when you find it you MUST accept it for what it is! (Truth is NOT relative but a constant much like gravity.) This time the Truth is that we have been a Nation of Stupid people. I’m not talking about I.Q. I’m talking about Wisdom and the slothfulness of NOT USING IT! WE have let LIARS raise our children from Kindergarten (or so-called “Head Start”) to A-B-C, C-B-S, N-B-C, and Tombstone Pictures!
      We have let them trash our values and steal our Virtue!
      They have stolen our Freedom one day at a time for decades – generations. We are faced with the same task to win it back – or face something far more horrific! There is no nice and fluffy quickie answer to this…!

    • you are correct on all counts-but I must point out that you have also accurately described the progressive liberal movement happening in our country since Bill Clinton’s presidency, and now obozo’s pathetic attempt at leadership. I agree with the writer of this article-we need to focus on exactly what Trump is proposing he will do-Make America Great Again and vote for the Republican nominee–WHOEVER that may be.

    • Another one confused with the Judeo-Christian ethic lie.

      American law is based on English law, which is based on Roman Law.

    • My father was a very active Democrat following his laudable service in WWII and Korea. He helped many returning soldiers as well as people trying to obtain housing, jobs, register for the proper schools for their children, obtain school supplies, etc. Our household was always busy helping families and individuals. Things continued that way until the 1960s when the racist Johnson became POTUS, and government dependency was promoted by the Democrat Party. Before we heard Ronald Reagan say it, and before years later we heard Senator/Governor Zell Miller repeat, my father voiced the same sentiment: “I did not leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me!”

      Since that time in the 1960s we have seen the Democrat Party in our state and in our nation degrade in the debauchery and perversion. A Democrat was elected as governor of the state of Louisiana. Immediately, he followed Obama with “executive orders” preferring the demented and morally perverse in hiring for state jobs and prohibited any work requirement for able-bodied welfare (taxpayer supported) takers.

    • Don Adkins , You seem to see it very very clearly -Documentary Film -Agenda ,Grinding America Down by Curtis Bowers

    • Paraphrasing Stalin: America will fall from within, and that is what we have and are seeing and it scares me to death that our Founding Fathers died and/or lost their fortunes to found a Republic for and by the people, and as a people we have sat back and allowed it to be lost! We created the problem, but are there enough of us willing to nurture the Tree of Liberty and others who are not willing to vote for Trump, the only thing that has happened to America since Reagan. They prefer to call everything a racism thing, stop believing in God, but believe in cannabis, weird acceptance of non-sexual changes, protest against the good and support the evil. My God, my God, where are you? You sent us Trump but to the blind and allowed Satan to be strong again. Destroy Satan again, please, and wake up America citizens!

    • It’s been the Communist agenda to destroy America from the inside and it’s working just as designed. This actual process started decades ago. Liberism is one of the main tools to get this accomplished. If voters vote anyone on the left into office this deterioration will definitely continue. The establishment candidates will also fail America. Who’s left?

    • Mr. Adkins,
      Your comment is very disturbing!!! Yes, the Judeo Christian ethic has had a very positive impact on Civilizations. But you are TOTALLY WRONG in your comment “People worry about war, financial collapse. climate change and a host of other imaginary apocalyptic scenarios, —” Climate Change is a very real problem and our continued expenditure of more than we take in as tax revenues, is also major problems. We should tell Israel to stray within the boundaries we established when we created Israel and many of the hates would disappear. I once had dinner with two Israelis, Chief Engineers of their companies but we couldn’t discuss our common technical issue because one was a Netanyahu type and one had lived there for years and observed that they (Jews and Muslims) all got along before the Netanyahu types moved in,
      During 20 years of representing Bell Labs at Data Communication Standards Mtgs. around the world, I learned that, while every culture has its share of religious whackos, most people have the same basis wants and respond positively to a show of a little respect.

    • the financial collapse will happen because of all that you had said, but it will happen soon. when it does there will never be freedom again in any nation for the rest of the world.

  3. The article is right on. Trump isn’t perfect, and neither is Ted Cruz, the candidate I support. However, I’ll support either one in November as opposed to either a Socialist Santa Claus wannabe or a pathological, lying hypocrite.


    • Socialism, communism, and liberalism can only exist where dishonesty and corruption are the driving forces behind any political movement. Always was, always will be.

      • Jesus and the Apostles practiced communism and socialism. Jesus was so liberal, they nailed him to a cross.

        • Bull chett! Render unto God what is God’s and to Cesar what is Cesar’s.
          He was nailed to the cross for being king to the Jews!

        • LOL!! Thanks for the laugh. Christ said that if you give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for the rest of his like. Jesus was a liberal, HARDY HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!

          • What has that to do with either Communisn or Socialism?

            Eating has nothing to do with education.
            Eating has nothing to do with medical care

            Before one can fish, there must be fish available for catching. Every time you buy a foreign product, you lessen the “biblical” fish in American waters.

            By the way, public education is Thomas Jefferson’s Socialism.

  5. Yes, democrats are evil, or I should say the leading stars of the party are at any rate. Their policies are disastrous. However, so is Trump. He is evil to the core. He is ruthless, amoral, and did not get to be a billionaire by his financial savvy. According to some financial wizards, he would be just as rich if he just responsibly handled the money he began with all these years. He did go bankrupt 4 times. That is totally irresponsible. There was a time when we looked at bankruptcy as a failure and would do almost anything not to stick it to the little guy and just walk on. Could go on and on, but is this really presidential material? Judging by his many off the wall statements, he does not have a clue about being president. He just cries about all the hard knocks he is getting just because he just does not understand and makes no effort to learn. Could I vote for him? Hardly. It is up to us to try for a reasonable candidate like Cruz. Failing that, we are down the tubes with either Hillary or Trump, and I would not dignify such a president by adding my vote to the disaster.

    • Actually, Trump would be much better than hilly or bernie. He is at least pragmatic, not an idealogue.
      BTW according to you Linclon would never have been elected.

      1816 His family was forced out of their home. He had to work to support them.
      1818 His mother died.
      1831 Failed in business.
      1832 Ran for state legislature – lost.
      l832 Also lost his job – wanted to go to law school but couldn’t get in.
      1833 Borrowed some money from a friend to begin a business and by the end of the year he was bankrupt. He spent the next 17 years of his life paying off this debt.
      1834 Ran for state legislature again – won.
      1835 Was engaged to be married, sweetheart died and his heart was broken.
      1836 Had a total nervous breakdown and was in bed for six months.
      1838 Sought to become speaker of the state legislature – defeated.
      1840 Sought to become elector – defeated.
      1843 Ran for Congress – lost.
      1846 Ran for Congress again – this time he won – went to Washington and did a good job.
      1848 Ran for re-election to Congress – lost.
      1849 Sought the job of land officer in his home state – rejected.
      1854 Ran for Senate of the United States – lost.
      1856 Sought the Vice-Presidential nomination at his party’s national convention – get less than 100 votes.
      1858 Ran for U.S. Senate again – again he lost.
      1860 Elected president of the United States.

      • Heavens above, you are not comparing trump with Lincoln are you????? Note how he spent 17 years paying off his debt. Trump just walked away and stuck the poor slobs who trusted him with the debt…… 4 times. Lincoln was poor and worked hard to get ahead. Trump, well no comparison at all. How can you even suggest any comparison?????

        • according to you trump should be disqualified because of his personal and business failures. Then so should have Lincoln, pretty dang straight forward.

          • You must be a liberal, don’t bother to look at the facts or even try to disprove them. No point in providing you with facts, your mind is made up.
            If there are records that PROVE Cruz is even a US citizen, Why don’t you post them?

          • Can’t imagine how a Cruz supporter could be considered liberal. He is the only conservative left in the race. By the way, Cruz was born an American citizen by way of an American mother, so there are no other records available because none were required to be filed. What facts are you referring to? Lincoln went bankrupt and lost elections. He worked 17 years to pay back his debt from going bankrupt and kept trying until he succeeded. Trump on the other had started life with lots of money. He also went bankrupt (over and over again), but he stuck the little guy with his debts even though he had more than enough to pay them. What facts are you saying I won’t look at? How does all this say I’m liberal. Oh yeah, you are a trumper, so you just throw out accusations and hope some will stick without bothering about the truth.

    • By not voting, you are supporting Hillary; a much worse disaster.

      We have Obama because people like you stayed home on principle.

      • Didn’t stay home, voted republican both times. However, I do not see Hillary as a worse disaster than Trump as I see Trump as just as evil as Hillary. He lies just as well as she does. He is just as ruthless. He puts on a good face but is a lying cheat underneath. What’s to choose?

        • You’re certainly entitled to your opinion.

          I think Hillary is much more dangerous to our Republican form of government, and the few liberties we still enjoy.

        • It’s a choice between two opposite ideologies. Donald’s trumps Hillary’s.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Weak minds are poisoned easily, TRAITOR!!

      • Just what of the above is considered “poisoned easily.” It is all true as you well know. How can I be a traitor when I was never a blind trump wind-up toy? He says a lot, but has little if any substance. he was born a rich brat and acts like a teenager. Why would I want such a jerk for president?

        • So you won’t be voting for Clinton or Sanders I take it. & you clearly couldn’t have voted for Obama. Because they’re ALL zero-substance, all-talk, immature jerks.

  6. The Dopeycrat party is the biggest crime syndicate in the nation. It is no longer the party of Truman, Kennedy, et al, but the party of free stuff, weaken America, denigrate America, anything goes America, do anything and appease any group to get their vote to remain in their tax and spend mode. They do not understand, nor want to understand, the threat Islam is to America. Just as long as the Muslimes vote Dopeycrat that is all that matters. Same for illegals from everywhere. God help us if Hildabeast somehow cheats justice (which is a likely possibility) and is President. Kiss our country goodby. Bathhouse Barry began the dismemberment process, is being very successful in his efforts to bring us to our knees (which he most likely spent time doing in Chitown bathhouses) and Broom Hilda will complete it along with a liberal Supreme Court and a passive Congress.I just hope Sharia bites the liberals (as it kills homosexuals) where it hurts the most. But, never worry, we will go bankrupt before the process is ended and chaos will ensue. Revolution?

    • DEMONocrats- also known as Gimmiecrats

      • There is a problem with your statement: The “red” states receive the most government handouts.

        • Not true…Blacks and Latinos do…bloodsuckers all.

        • No they don’t. California and Hawaii have a majority of the welfare recipients as well as democrat controlled inner-cities. We’re talking blue here.

          • Typical example of how to lie with statistics.
            California is the second larest state in the Union. It has the largest population. Hence, it has a large number of poor. However, the welfare recipients represent only 16.25% of that population.
            On the other hand. Mississippi has highest percentage of its population on welfare.
            Alaska and Hawaii have the highest pay-outs for food stamps. That is a function of cost, not the number receiving benefits.

  7. The article is right on. Just goes to show we have sheep on our side too!

    Trump has never been my first choice, but I’ll vote for him if he’s our nominee. I don’t believe our country can handle another hateful, divisive, lying Progressive/Democrat president.

    • What lies?
      State one — a factual one.

      • Benghazi, Clinton foundation, reset button, Lybia, emails…..need I say more?

      • “If you like your doctor, you can keep him.” Obama
        “The police acted stupidly” Obama
        “I said it was a terrorist attack from the beginning”

        • Why do you lie?

          The ACA did not require you to change physicians.

          Your insurance company did that.

          The U.S. Government does not tell your insurance coapny what to do.

          • Gruber, the ACA was sold on one big lie. Even the ACA architect Jonathan Gruber said that if people who knew what it was all about it would be rejected. He also said that we will need the low information voter in order to pass the bill. He sure found one in you! It’s on YouTube.

          • Congress makes the laws.
            We the People do not vote on them.
            If Eisenhower had his way, America would have had National Health Care.
            You are obviously not aware that America is the only modern, industrialized country which allows people to die because they cannot buy medical care.

            Are you the low information voter or are you simply an uncaring, unfeeling robot?

          • According to the ACA, if there is a change in your insurance you are obligated to obtain insurance on the government controlled exchange.

            As a result, you have to use the doctor that is on the new plan, thus not being able to keep your doctor.

          • Wrong.

            You are free to purchase your insurance any damn place you want to.

            The exchanges simply exist to make comparison shopping quicker and easier.

            If you feel the way you do, get out the Yellow Pages Telephone Book and do it the old-fashioned way.

          • Nope. It has happened to people I work with. That is reality.

        • The Cabridge Plouce Department did act very stupidly.

          Prodessor Gates is/was a well-known Harvard professor.

          If a police officer told you to come out of your house, would you be foolish enough to do so?

          • He was trying to break in to his house and the police asked him for I.D. Then he went on his racist rant.

            You really don’t know what happened that day, do you?

          • I am white. I locked myself out of my home.

            I lived on a corner lot, one block from a major intersection.

            I was climbing through a window, in my surgical scrubs, when the police went crazy.

            My purse was on the courch just under the window. I was not allowed to retrieve it so I could prove who I was.

            I stood spread eagle against the wall, at gun point waiting for the police woman to come pat ne down.

            Luckily, my neighbor came home and rescued me.

            I know exactly what he went through. As with me, it was totally unecessary police abuse of power.

          • Wrong. It is police doing their job.

        • Is there a difference between “act of terror” and “act of terrorism”?

          • No, but the words at play are ‘terrorist attack and act of terrorism’.

            The former indicates a well thought out scenario, In which we, as a nation were attacked by islamic terrorists on the anniversary of 9/11/01.

            While the latter perpetuates the lie Obama and Hillary defend; that it was a spontaneous attack due to some video.

            O never said it was a terrorist attack because he was supporting his lie that Al-Qaeda was weakened and on the run.

          • No, you are just being a very childish nit-pick over language.

            You are also fostering a bigoted lie.

          • Absolutely not. Words have great meaning, especially in politics.

            I know you don’t like the truth when it doesn’t corroborate the story in your head, but truth is truth.

            Even the corrupt media, weeks later, capitulated and agreed that Obama and Crowley were, in fact, wrong.

        • Immediately after the attack, the president three times used the phrase “act of terror” in public statements:

          “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.”

          — Obama, Rose Garden, Sept. 12

          “We want to send a message all around the world — anybody who would do us harm: No act of terror will dim the light of the values that we proudly shine on the rest of the world, and no act of violence will shake the resolve of the United States of America.”

          — Obama, campaign event in Las Vegas, Sept. 13

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          Obama’s claim he called Benghazi an ‘act of terrorism’

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          By Glenn Kessler May 14, 2013  Follow @GlennKesslerWP


          “The day after it happened, I acknowledged that this was an act of terrorism.”

          — President Obama, remarks at a news conference, May 13, 2013

          Once again, it appears that we must parse a few presidential words. We went through this question at length during the 2012 election, but perhaps a refresher course is in order.

          Notably, during a debate with Republican nominee Mitt Romney, President Obama said that he immediately told the American people that the killing of the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans in Libya “was an act of terror.” But now he says he called it “an act of terrorism.”

          Some readers may object to this continuing focus on words, but presidential aides spend a lot of time on words. Words have consequences. Is there a difference between “act of terror” and “act of terrorism”?

          The Facts

          Immediately after the attack, the president three times used the phrase “act of terror” in public statements:

          “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.”

          — Obama, Rose Garden, Sept. 12

          “We want to send a message all around the world — anybody who would do us harm: No act of terror will dim the light of the values that we proudly shine on the rest of the world, and no act of violence will shake the resolve of the United States of America.”

          — Obama, campaign event in Las Vegas, Sept. 13

          “I want people around the world to hear me: To all those who would do us harm, no act of terror will go unpunished. It will not dim the light of the values that we proudly present to the rest of the world. No act of violence shakes the resolve of the United States of America.”

          — Obama, campaign event in Golden, Colo., Sept. 13

        • So far, the only lies here are yours.

      • You’re not really that blind, are you?

  8. Since when has ANY president been responsible for convicting people concerning the salvation of their souls or even the righteousness of their lives or lifestyle? While we ought to demand morality and high ethical standards in all aspects of government, it is the primary duty of government to provide security and defense for the environment in which business and labor can thrive. Over the past several decades, we have been sold out by those who, in many cases, are afraid to identify themselves. We need someone who can return America to a safe place where work is available and the country is protected from those who would force us to do for them that which we can do for ourselves. We need financial accountability and policies which make it feasible. Stupid idealism needs to be relegated to the garbage heap just as the failed ideologies of the historical past were relegated to the garbage heap. The democrat candidates are simply out of touch with reality, regardless of how representative of the majority of liberals and democrats they are. “Unlimited Debt” can not be the promise of the future.
    Regardless of the personality issues which have been so negative an aspect of the Republican candidates, without a Republican win in November, the country is doomed to the stupidity of liberals which it simply can not afford. God help us! Conservatives and Christians need to GET OUT AND VOTE. Not to do so may be to sign your own death warrant.

  9. Greed and power are the culprits here. The establishment is afraid of losing control of power and the money that goes along with it.

    • Even Jesus had Judas that sold him to Pharisees and Romans! We The People have Demo,s and Republicans selling us out to Mexico, and China!

      • No, actually, it is John Q. Public that is doing that — with every foreign made item they buy.

        • Try NAFTA, TPP, MIF, NAU America financing of ISIS, the over throw of Libya, Syria, Iraq, attempted over throw of Egypt and many more under this president, and a placid Democarp, and Repukes giving away the citizens’ rights, for a one world utopia!

    • Trump worships the God profit with greed. He has done so his entire life.

      • I suppose it’s better than being a criminal and a traitor like Hillary and a communist like Bernie.

      • Trump employs 35,000 people. Barry luvs him some bath house!

        • Companies which bought the Trump name employ 35,000 people, Trump does not.

          Donald Trump inherited most of his wealth. He has also been sued by the DOJ for discrimination.

          Fred Trump nade his money cheating the American tazpayer and breaking the law. He overcharged on contracts to build public housing.

          Then, his company disctiminated when renting those units. Daddy Trump was sued by the DOJ. He settled out of court and paid millions in fines.

          President Obama is also very rich. He earned it with his brains and education, not by soaking the American taxpayer.

          You might want to look a little deeper into the facts before putting your fingers into action.

  10. The RNC/GOP thought they had finally trained the voters to do as we were told by them. When they kept lying to us just stab us in our backs once they took office, we were getting angrier and angrier. This is the result of that anger and now the party leaders are going to cannibalize the party in order to have their tantrum acknowledged. The saddest part here is that they would rather see the constitution and our futures obliterated by the next president than stand behind Trump, who we support. At this point I think it would be fair to say that the RNC/GOP have readily handed the election to the other side.

  11. The DEMOS’ are every thing we ain’t so; grab your ass with both hands if you decide to enter their lair!!

  12. No other president in recent times has tried to do more for the American people than Obama. It is that do nothing Republican congress he has had to put up with that has caused all the problems.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Good God, the welfare recipients are out in full force!!

      • I know you are talking about the Republicans politicians that will only vote for a bill when there is some welfare for the filthy rich. If there is no tax breaks or benefits in it for them those Republican politicians will vote it down.

    • Done more for the American people? The only ones that have done good are the top 1%. The middle class is shrinking and poverty is at record levels. It’s not congress’s fault for the mess, it’s Obama’s fault!

    • You are a horses azz Wayne, what has he done? Bashing the U.S. of A. constantly, allowed an invasion of illegals into the U. S., brought in Muslims by the plane loads, most of them are on welfare, took our health insurance away, protects BLM from accountability, caused racial relations to go back to the 60’s, ordered the IRS to target conservatives, lied about Benghazi, lied about too many things to post here, spent us into 20 trillion dollars of debt, etc. it goes on and on, and you need to get a job.

      • I don’t need a job. I am 75 years old and retired. Have been since I was 62. I own 4 properties. I live in one and have sold the other 3 out on contract for deeds. I don’t need any welfare. I don’t consider myself filthy rich. You need to stop listening to Fox News and Rush Limbaugh or any of these other far right Republicans that have brainwashed you into thinking it is to your benefit to give tax breaks and benefits to the filthy rich. I wish you would explain that to me and tell me what any Republican has ever done for you. If there isn’t something in a bill that benefits the filthy rich those Republican politicians will vote it down.

        • SO, Wayne, all the corruption and lies from the democrats, Obama, Hillary, Reid, etc. does not bother you at all, right? That is why you are still a horse’s azz. Karma

          • and I suppose you give George W. Bush a pass on his big lie. The lie that caused over 4000 American lives and over 20,000 maimed for life. To say nothing about the thousands of dead Iraqee citizens.

          • You liberals are pathetic…

          • Have you ever noticed that when a far far right Republican doesn’t want to answer a question they always resort to name calling.

          • That’s better than the far left, they just lie to your face I.e, Obama, Hillary, Sanders.

          • I wonder, Wayne, did you give Hillary a pass for voting for the war? Apparently she believed there were WMD’s!!!! YOU LOSE, AGAIN By the way, there were WMD’S, but then you wouldn’t know that, since you seem to be missing a few brain cells.

          • If you know where there are some WMD’s you better tell those inspectors that were looking for them. They would like to know this information. Yes Hillary voted for that war like me and everyone else because we actually believed George W. Bush had inside information that Iraq had WMD’s. We never thought a president would make up such a horrendous lie.

          • Get informed, get some mental health care, and get your head out of Obama’s behind!!!!

          • It’s obvious you have been listening to Bill O”reilly, Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh. They could sell refrigerators to an Eskimo. And you swallow every thing they say. Shame on you.

          • What is OBVIOUS, is that you have some serious mental health problems. I think Obamacare Medicaid will help you with that. LMAO

          • Yes I agree if I ever have any problems I know I can count on Obama Care Medicaid. Thank God for Obama Care. What a blessing. Someday someone close to you will need Obama Care and then you will realize how lucky you are to have it.

          • Yep, just like I thought and said, you are a liberal moocher. Letting other people pay your way. You are a LOSER, and not worth your weight in snake shitt! I won’t bother arguing with you because you are ignorant beyond belief! You should find AKLady and go live with her, she has the same intelligence level you have! Get a job.

          • I am on medicare. My first apointment at my new doctor was just cancelled for the third time. Love that government healthcare.

          • Maybe you should think about paying your bill.

          • I have never even laid eyes on him Mr. know it all. How can I owe a bill to a doctor I haven’t seen yet? You assume much with no proof. Is that how you have always operated Wayne???? PS maybe you should bite my glutes.

          • You might need a referral from another doctor to see this specialist. Check it out. You can’t blame this on Obama Care.

          • When did I say he was a specialist? He is a primary care doctor. You need to take remedial reading and retention over again. Obamacare Shmobamacare. It is Medicare. I just turned 65 and I am sick and tired of getting the run around from the VA. Government healthcare sucks big time no matter what you call it!

          • I was around when George W. Bush was president. The insurance premiums kept going up and up every time you turned around. Thank God for Obama Care.

          • I don’t look for facts on Republican blogs. They lie.

          • Believe what you want. There’s no fool like an old fool.

          • Where do you think I was then,Mars? Also if you really are a vet then you could have gotten VA healthcare. It was pretty good until Obama threw us vets under the bus.

    • I always wondered how he lives with himself.

      • Is there any chance that you can explain yourself?

        • There’s a reason this lame duck can’t lead, he has to be a leader first; he has no one to blame but himself! Blame Bush, Blame congress, blame the American citizen and throw everyone you can under the buss. He must not have a soul or how else could he sleep!

          • He has to be smarter than you. He is president of the U.S.

          • How smart does a Judas have be???

          • George Bush II was president & he was an idiot. So no, the president of the US does not have to be smarter than hangem’high or the rest of us. & Obama is also an idiot.

          • Your name calling gives you away that your intellect is showing. You show no wisdom but a lot of ignorance.

          • You showed what little intellect & wisdom you have when you posted that Obama is smarter than hangemhigh because he’s the president of the US. I stated that you don’t have to be smart to be president of the US & that Bush II & Obama are both perfect examples of that. If I was ignorant I would be an Obama supporter and/or a Clinton or Sanders supporter.

          • Naw, when you voted for George W. Bush the second time he ran showed you shouldn’t be voting at all. You have to be mentally challenged.

          • Where did you get the idea that I voted for Bush twice? News flash: I didn’t vote for George W. Bush the second time. I learned my lesson after the Iraq war debacle that he had no business getting us into. & that Iraq war debacle is why I think he’s one of the perfect examples of being a stupid president.

          • So if you didn’t vote for Bush then who did you vote for?

          • I voted for the Independent candidate. I don’t remember who that was.

          • I think his name was Romney. He was a Mormon. That is a off shoot of a Muslim.

          • Romney was the Republican candidate. He was not an Independent. & Mormonism is NOT an offshoot of Islam. It’s an offshoot of Christianity.

          • The way you came back at me about Romney tells me you are a liar. You voted for him and not some independent that you can’t even think of. I knew I could get you to show your true self.

          • Look up Romney & Mormonism. It’s blatantly obvious you know nothing about either. I did NOT vote for Romney. He was too weak a candidate. Why would I lie about this? Mormonism has nothing to do with Islam. They are two completely different religions. Everyone in the US knows that Romney is a Republican. & FYI Romney didn’t run against Bush in either 2000 nor 2004. He ran against Obama in 2012, who was running for a second term. I don’t think Romney was even on the political stage in 2000 or 2004.

          • Your the one who said you voted for an independent in 2012. Who was this independent. I know I voted for Obama and damn proud of it. How can you vote for someone and not remember their name. That’s what makes you a liar. Stick to the subject.

          • I don’t remember his name because it was 4 years ago & 3rd party candidates don’t stay on the ballot for very long. & not remembering someone’s name does not make me a liar.

          • There was a Gary Johnson that ran on the Independent ticket. Does this ring a bell? You shouldn’t be voting if you can’t remember who you voted for and why you voted for that person. I am voting for Hillary because she is going to carry on Obama’s legacy.

          • Yeah that’s the guy. I voted for him because I didn’t like the other 2 choices. & carrying on Obama’s failed legacy is exactly why people should NOT vote for the lying witch Hilary. You obviously weren’t around during the Clinton years. I remember them. Hilary has no business becoming president.

          • Hillary will have the best advisor money can buy and it won’t cost the tax payer anything. She plans on carrying on Obama’s legacy. That is another big plus for her. I am voting for Hilary. Even the people in Los Vegas are betting on her. When people put their money on something than you know it is sincere. These polls don’t mean anything. Hilary is going to be our next president. Get used to it.

          • The last thing the US needs is Hilary carrying on Obama’s disastrous legacy. She will NEVER be president. & you’re right. Polls don’t mean anything which is exactly why Hilary will never be president. Get used to it.

          • Lizfan my dear, ever since Jimmy the Greek started picking the winner of the Presidency in Los Vegas their pick has been right every time. They are paying even money on Hillary right now. They are paying 11 to 1 on Trump. They are paying 10 to 1 on Bernie. They are paying 30 to 1 on Kasich. You can see when money is put on the line there is something to take seriously. Vegas is betting on Hillary.

          • Oh please. Vegas? LOL get real. & from what you posted it looks like Vegas is betting on all of them. Who cares. Vegas doesn’t elect presidents. Hitlery will never be president. Deal with it and move on.

          • Do you think when someone puts up their money that you shouldn’t take them serious. This is the only place to take them serious. All those other polls are done by someone that is bias. When you put up your money you have to be serious. You can bet $1000 on Cruz or Trump now and if they win you will receive $10,000 or $11,000 because Cruz is 10 to 1 and Trump is 11 to 1. You can bet $1000 on Hillary and you will only win $1000. Kasich is 30 to 1. Bet $1000 on him and you will win $30,000 if he wins. You can look these up on your own computer if you don’t believe me.

          • LOL Vegas is a gambling mecca that exists solely to take your money. It has nothing to do with who wins the presidential election. Vegas specializes in games. I don’t care how much money people are stupid enough to lose in Vegas’ rigged games. FYI not every poll is biased.

          • Are you just talking stupid or what. If they are ready to bet their money against your opinion then they are putting their money where their mouth is. They are the only ones you can trust to get a good reading on the polls.

          • Because they’re betting on it?? That’s no reason to trust anybody.

          • It’s obvious to me that you are to stupid to understand when a casino gives 10 to 1 odds that they will pay you $10 for every $1 you bet. I don’t know how I can make it any clearer. You better ask someone to explain it to you.

          • So they bribe people to vote. Interesting.

          • No they bribe people to bet their money. They also give odds on professional football games and the Kentucky Derby and other horse races. That’s how they take your money. I don’t know if you are actually that stupid or are just trying to talk stupid.

          • Heroin addidcts put a lot of money in their veins. Your analogy is silly.

          • If you think I fabricated that comment then you can look it up for yourself. Go to google and type in Los Vegas odds on the 1016 Presidential election. See for yourself. This wasn’t no analogy of my own.

          • I couldn’t care less. The Vegas odds makers are not deciding who the next president is,the voters are. Polls change, circumstances change and odds change. I’m pretty sure that the Crimes of Hillary are a huge factor that the odds makers haven’t put into their calculations. What will you do if Hillary is indicted,vote for Trump? She isn’t even the nominee yet. Wait until Trump reveals her history to those who haven’t heard it yet. I’m confldent that the American voters in both parties have too much class to vote for one of the crookedest politicians in History.

          • There is nothing Trump can say to the American people that they haven’t heard already. It is because of all the false allegations that she has become so popular. Trump is going to self destruct. That is why the casinos in Vegas are betting their money on Hillary. If you want to get rich then bet $1000 on Trump right now and you will get $10,000 back when Trump gets elected. Put your money where your mouth is.

          • Really Wayne? Your desperation is showing. I will spend my money as I see fit thank you. As for Hillary here is how Sanders supporters see Hillary in their own words. Watch it if you dare. Then get back to me about how popular she is and how nobody thinks she is a bad choice.

          • Have you seen how Republican voters say about Trump. Touche.

          • Irrelevant Wayne and non sequitur.

          • No it is relevant. It was in answer to your comment. It works both ways. I know you don’t want to believe that .

          • The opposite is happening in the Republican party.The video showed hillary leaves a bad taste in Sanders voters mouths. That is VERY recent. This link will reveal the news you don’t want to know. Isn’t it better to know now then to get suicidal in November? You aren’t a fan of history or current events,are you?

          • I do know the casinos in Vegas are putting their money on Hillary. These people are a lot smarter than me. When someone puts their money where there mouth is that’s when you have to take them seriously. You believe all these fabricated stories about Hillary and Bill because you want to believe them. There is nothing out there on any Republican blog that you can show me that would surprise me. The Republicans have been putting out fabrications ever since Bill was president. They accused him of being a murderer when he was in office. That’s what I call really hitting below the belt. The American people are so sick and tired of all these accusations that even if there is any truth to any of them they don’t care.

          • Tell me Wayne,do you actually know Bill and Hillary? Have you ever met them. Do you know someone who met them. Until you kinow thenm personally you have no first hacd knowledge that they are innocent lambs. There are people who have known them for years who tell horror stories about dealing with them. Democrats,former supporters. Former employees. Former business partners. They all say the same things. You are an idiot. You think you know it all. When hillary is indicted or Obama is forced to pardon her or no indictment comes and FBI agents resign by the dozens in protest:which ever scenario comes to pass, you may wake up,but frankly,I’m not holding my breath. Your head is hard as Diamond. When the German people had the same evidence about Hitlers crimes as there is about Hillary they turned against him and even his most loyal officers tried several times to assasinate him. The stupid zombie like loyalty Democrats have for Obama and Hillary is astounding. You will actually follow them over the cliff to oblivion.The adage fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me isn’t sufficient to describe your stupidity. You have been fooled hundreds of times and don’t know it, or don’t care. Which, I can’t say. This would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic. You say Bill did nothing. He lied on television to the entire country. He was impeached for purgery. His law license was revoked. Why would anyone go to that much trouble to railroad an innocent man? Answer,no one would.

          • Who are you voting for? If you think you are smarter than the people that run the casinos in Vegas I would like to know who you are voting for. They are paying 11 to 1 if you vote on Trump. If he wins they will pay you 11 times the amount you bet. I had to explain this because I am not sure how much common sense you have.

          • Shut your pie hole troll. Common sense? Give me a break. You support Hillary to the bitter end. That proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you don’t have the sense God gave a door knob or the intellect of a house fly. PS I thought you were done with me. I guess that if Hillary can lie through her teeth then so can you.

          • I suppose you think that you are the only damn fool I am trying to educate. You are not. I will try to remember your name and not waste my time on you.

          • ou’re trying to edeucate ME???? Hilarious. What evidence have you presented? I have shown you enough to finn a library. You have only made lame statements with nothing to back them. I am not in need of the education you offer. I was a Democrat the first thirty years of my life. I did something you have obviously not done. I started questioning the things I was taught because somethintg just wasn’t right. I went from Democrat to Republican to independent.It is obvious that the Democrats have fixed the primaries for Hillary. It is also obvious that the Republican party has fixed the promary to stpo trump.You don’t like Trump because he SAID SOMETHING YOU DON”T LIKE?? His statement was about his popularity,not a threat. You are a typical Democrat useful idiot who would do anything for your Fuhrer in the white house,now you want to send a murderer and second traitor to the oval office. You have no real intelligence,no sense of patriotism and absolutely no common sense. you are just like the children in these videos loyal propagandized robots with no moral compass and no will of your own. I pity you and will not respond further.

          • You will not respond further. I say thanks and don’t think I don’t appreciate it .

          • Same here idiot. Goodbye.

          • Why would they not want to make a profit?

          • Are you serious? That’s how those casino’s make their money. They also give odds on the Kentucky Derby and other horse races. They give odds on professional sports also. I missed the odds on Kruz. They are paying 10 to 1 on Kruz.

          • Wow; silly me. And all this time I thought that Vegas casino owners sat on street corners holding “will work for food” signs. PS;his name is Cruz.

          • Okay, right now you can bet $1000 that Cruz will be our next president and when he wins Vegas will pay you $10,000. Put your money where your mouth is.

          • Are you just stupid or is it just an act? You can bet $1000 on Cruz and if he wins the presidency they will pay you $10,000. The odds on him are 10 to 1. You can look this up on your own computer if you don’t believe me.

          • You are the stupid one Forrest. As I said, It’s my money not yours so don’t you dare call me stupid for doing what I see as the best thing for me and mine,How dare you Forrest.

          • Mormonism is a cult (IMHO) but Islam is a death cult. You show your ignorance comparing the two. If you want I can prove just how evil Islamic doctrine is. BTW,Not all mormans follow church doctrine and not all Muslims are killers.

          • They both believe it okay for man to have 20 wives. They don’t believe woman should vote or drive a car. Maybe I am the only one that notices the similarity in the two religions.

          • Maybe you’re an idiot too. I worked for a Mormon for over a year. I played music with one. My niece married one. I lived in Salt lake city for a few months. I know other Mormons. All the women drive and it has been against Mormon church doctrine to marry more than one woman for more than 120 years. I also study and research Islam in detail. How many more little tidbits of useless,incorrect information do you have for me?

          • You’re wrong again. Romney lost the nomination to McCain. He was never an independent.

          • And voting twice for a traitor like Obama shows your intelligence???? Do you think that being a Democrat and voting twice for a black man like Obama proves your race tollerance then try again.

          • Obama inherited a country that was losing 185,000 jobs a month. Unemployment was at 11% when he got it. In the last 72 months the U.S. has averaged over 200,000 jobs a month and the unemployment has dropped to less than 5%. I would say this is a legacy that any x-president would like to have on their resume. Hillary is glad to follow in his footsteps.

          • Lets examin your claims. First,Obama. These are official government stats. Now for Bush 2. You post your opinion. I post the numbers. Believe the obama lies if you want. You are being lied to but you either don’t know or don’t care. Which one, I can’t say.

          • You sent me 2 pages of propaganda that don’t exist. I am sure was something from a Republican blog anyway. So it was just a bunch of lies and inuendows.

          • Are you saying that the government you trust with your life is putting up phony numbers to fool you. As I said; These are official government stats. What’s the problem; Is the truth too much for you? I have posted evidence backing my claims. If you are too Damned lazy to click your mouse on a link and actually investigate the real numbers for your self. then you can’t blame me for trying.PS. I sent you four links,not two.

          • All these polls don’t mean anything. You have to go where people put up their money. Los Vegas is the place. The odds that Hillary will win the presidency is 1 for 1. Trump it is 11 for 1. Bernie is 10 for 1. Trump’s biggest opponent is 10 for 1. Kasich is 30 for 1. Los Vegas has been right ever since they have been betting on the odds for president. So it looks like Hillary is a shoe in.

          • Your arrogance and elitism is showing Wayne. It is ironic that someone who willingly follows the left like a lemming over the cliff thinks he is informed. For a redneck you sure sound like a typical inner city black welfare Queen.

          • People that have no wisdom just settle for name calling. So you can keep showing people on this blog what you are made of.

          • You call ’em as you see ’em. Me too. You just called me unwise. Doesn’t that put us in the same catagory, IYO?

          • He is a master flim flam man and you were ripe for the picking. Obama is smarter than you. He pulled the wool over your eyes with mastery. Others are telling you the truth but you are too blind to see it.

          • Yes I agree Obama is smarter than me. He took a country that had 11% unemployment and turned it to less than 5%. This country was losing 185,000 jobs a month under Bush. For the last 72 months it has averaged a gain of over 200,000 jobs a month. I would sure like to have this on my resume and so would any other x-president.

          • Click on my pther posts and you will see that I proved the propaganda you are touting is pure SWILL. The numbers you tout are phony,PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!

  13. the real evil is the education of our children by liberals.

    • The real evil is parents who fail to teach their chldren right from wrong.

      The real evil is parents who fail to teach their children responsibility for their actions.

      The real evil is parents who give their children everything rather than making them earn things.

    • The real evil is the Christian church speaking /teaching Reverse Christ ianity. Heal the sick, feed the poor, love your neighbor as yourself ….those are still virtues right ?


    AS FIX NEWS TROTS OUT THE ANTI TRUMP LIES MORE PEOPLE TURN TO OAN. I saw El Trumpo speak in Albany to a record crowd. As soon as FIX news went to a commercial I switched to OANN and watched Trump commercial free. FIX News last night showed all the communists rioting at Trump rallies. This is a brainwashing strategy giving the impression no one likes Trump. The truth is America gives El Trumpo two thumbs up. Trump stands alone against the Demo Commos. The Rino rats and the brainwashing communist like media.

    The worst casualty is FIX news. They have become a turn off. I hear it more and more. Fans say I can’t stand to watch them anymore. O’Really is so obvious he has become pathetic. Pretending to give Trump big brother advice then trotting out Bernie Goldfish and Sour Krauthammer to ice pick Trump the magnificent.
    It is like a Colorado election.

    I never saw so many petty fours peeling Trumps skin off. You can’t get on Fix news if you support Trump. Judith Miller snide snakes him. Bill Hammershead always looks gleeful when he does his subtle sabotage routine. Gassy Gasperino Could Play Barzini in the FIX News Godfather. Megyn Behar W oopie Kelly is on her way out. Her legacy is a damaged no longer trusted FIX News.



  15. If you vote for ANY democrat for ANY office, you will need to apologize to your children and grand children! They will pay the price for your ignorance, the same as our children and grandchildren.

    • You mean like:

      Nixon — criminal
      Regan — tripled the national debt.
      Bush I — 9/11
      Bush II — Unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, doubled the debt.

      • I see that you are still ignorant! Notice the thumbs up? YOU LOSE, get a job.

        • Research and intelligence are not your strong suits please refrain from public discourse .

          • You should refrain from breathing, and most everyone on this site, feels the same way I do. You are a loser, big time. You are also very funny!

          • Your post was pointless. Truth is not lost in a soup of lies but may be difficult to swallow.

          • My post was pointless? I am laughing at you. Go back and read your posts! You are a nut case, seriously, you are a NUT CASE. PERIOD

          • You’re typing in front of the mirror again Brenda Boo.

          • You are a total NUT! Get some help! Oh, and get a job.

          • Don’t quit your day job just yet, your profiling talents aren’t yet an asset honey .

          • First, please don’t call me honey, second, I have been retired many years, third, you are still a serious NUT CASE. Get some help, and get a job.

          • Well honey please don’t call me a nut I’m not a fascist right winger.

          • But you are an ignorant democrat, and I call you a nut case because that is what you are. Get a job and get off welfare, I am tired of feeding your stupid azz.

          • No one on welfare here honey I thought we already ascertained that your profiling skills are weak , your psychic abilities are also undeveloped. I will give you kudos for well developed hatefulness. I’ve heard that bull dykes are like that, especially right wing fascist FOX babies.

          • “WE” did not ascertain anything, and you seem to know a lot about bull dykes, and fascists. You make my case about you being a serious nut case, every time you make a statement. I don’t know what the honey thing is about that you seem obsessed with, but it isn’t normal to call honey, that you don’t know. You are clearly not very smart, and you clearly have something seriously wrong with you. I am going to just feel sorry for you and let you spew your ignorance and not waste time on your pitiful rants. Get a job!!

      • 9/11 did not happen under Bush I. It happened under Bush II. & Clinton was just as responsible for 9/11 since he had every chance in the world to get bin Laden & he didn’t bother.

        • Suggest you study history a bit more carefully. The policies that resulted in the attacks took place under the first Bush Administration.

          You might want to look at Arbusto Energy investors, such as Salem bin Laden, Osama’s older brother, and Khalid bin Mahfouz

          Mahfouz, who died in 2009, was known as the personal banker of the Saudi royal family.


      • Or like John Kennedy having affairs with Russian spies. Bobby Kennedy covering it up for him. LBJ destroying black families with his welfare programs that eventually led to the modern street gang problem. Bill Clinton selling ICBM secrets to China for campaign money. Hillary covering for Bill’s affairs by using private investigators to harass and ordering IRS audits of his victims. I see the Alzheimers has kicked in. 9-11 was in 2001. That was Bush Two,not one. Back to the facts: The Clinton body count; The fact that in Reagans last year the debt was 51% of GDP and under Obama it is 100% of GDP. Under Reagan we had the strongest military in the world while under Obama the Chinese are taking over the trade routes in the south China sea and Russian Fighters are buzzing our war ships while our commanders are told to hold their fire. Meanwhile your candidate is under investigation by the FBI for violations of US codes 18 US code 793,18 US codes 798,1924,2071B,641,1501,1919, 1031,1343,1346 and 371. Here she is in her Felonious glory..

  16. Sandy Perlmutter

    It is obvious that Republicans and “conservatives” are evil to the core. They want to take away our civil rights and give everything to the richest, notably the Koch brothers and their ilk. They want to prevent citizens from voting. They want to take away Social Security, environmental protections, education, food stamps – anything that might benefit citizens in general. The only part of the Constitution they recognize is the Second Amendment. They think religious freedom consists of their favorite religion taking over the government (Cruz is a Dominionist; you can look it up).

  17. soldier for liberty

    They are communist that is why they are purging the top generals with combat experience the same reason they got rid of all officers that after being questioned refused to fire on American citizens I personally know people that this happened too they told me it’s been going on for years now ,they are setting the stage. It’s time for the second civil war so we can settle or divide the country in half either way it’s coming!

  18. Separating ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers is the only answer, it’s that or civil war

    • So you prefer the liberal, Republican bloodsuckers. The “red” states get the most federal handouts. They also have the highest levels of poverty.

      • At least it’s better than a pathological liar and traitor like Hillary or a communist like Bernie.

      • Found your Lefty Manifesto, eh?
        Where was it under the sofa?
        Page 136, right.
        1, You’re lying, again.
        2. So what do you care, cretin, you can quit giving us money, everyone will be happier, you scrubs get terrified thinking about having to work for a living.
        Every time I hear that particular POS I wonder why it is always the liberal dem bloodsucking leeches on public forums, whining and begging for handouts and trying to raise taxes on someone else to pay for the,m

      • Wrong, here we go again. California alone has 33% of all welfare cases in the country. The highest poverty levels can be found in inner cities run by democrats, Chicago, NY, NJ, Detroit, DC, New Orleans and Cleveland to name a few.

        • California is the largest state in size and population.
          California has 16.25% of its population on welfare.

          Mississippi has the 62% of its population on welfare

          Your post is a prime example of how to use statistics to lie.

          • Everything I’ve said is true, you just don’t like the answer.

          • Why fo you feel the need to belittle California, and the people living there?

            You statement does not change the fact that Republican states, on average, recieve the most federal dollars.

            Your statement does not change the fact that Repubolican states havw the highest percentage of their population on welfare of oine form or another.


    • What we need is not separation or soon we’ll all have micro chips under our skin. United we have a chance divided we remain controlled.

  19. The big problem is that so many voters are just plain ignorant. If the Democrats will the Presidential election their President will appoint three or four Marxists to the Supreme Court. If the Republicans win their President MAY support a Marxist or two through ignorance. I’m going with the choice that has the least potential for damage to America. In either case, the USA is finished. Secession is the solution. I’m glad to be too old to be much affected by what happens.

  20. If they screw over Trump the GOP will be burned to the ground in July and they will be NO MORE..!!! But then again, as long as these left wing Commie/GOP can keep their gravy train going they could care less about “We the People” and the rest of GOP! I am a true Conservative and I can see Evil when it’s right in front of my face..!!! The GOP Elites are truly EVIL, just as EVIL as the Commie/NWO/DemoRats..!!! People need to wake-up, the Commie/DemoRats and the Elite GOP are just two different sides of the very same corrupt COIN!

  21. This article is so true – choices: 1) clearly evil democrat or 2) not perfect, but decent successful business man, who wants to make “America Great Again”.

  22. As the shepherd leads, so the sheep will follow . . . pick your Shepherd wisely!

  23. Trump is a Stupid fuck he should be locked up in the ward for Crazy people he is doing crazy things and crazy stunts on people and started to punish women it is time for him to be locked up in that Ward for crazy people

    • Wake up lady. We only have one person that will put things back to what they used to be. Are you a true American? Do you want America back to it glory days? You sound like you are missing the way America was. I am. There is only one person that will give us what we want and that’s Trump. He has a big mouth and is spouting a lot of different things that he has not had time to think about but he is a good person that he is the only one to help us with America. So you want to lock up the only person that will help us? I hope not.

  24. There is a problem on every corner so to speak. Clinton want to keep all the goody give aways to just get their votes, Soros and the Koch’s are paying off so many to just vote their way. Cruz is promising all kinds of stuff as well as what he wants to do if elected but he isn’t qualified to be President. He needs both parents to be american citizens and he only has one. Soros and Koch’s have been pouring money to Cruz into the millions so he will just keep pushing to get rid of Trump. All of the politicians are crooked in one way or the other. Cruz is no different.. Trump is the only one that has not been paid off by those people and would tend to stop their bad things. It is past time that we stand for Trump to take America back, to give you some sort of accomplishment in this race for President. He is working with his own money and isn’t being paid off to be something he isn’t like the others. We all need someone that will fight for the people. Someone that will stand with us to bring America back. Hope you are a true American that wants America back that isn’t run by terrorist or Muslems.

  25. it would be a cold day in hell before i would ever consider voting for a demoncrat. and there voters are vile evil despicable people like the sodomites and gamorrites and the majority of the nigggger population loves them.

  26. The Real Evil lies with our Public School system that has turned out students who have not a clue about the History of our Nation or how it became Powerful and Strong. This same public school system has been subverted by the likes of obama to “Brainwash” our young and naive students into thinking that Homosexuality is “Normal” and acceptable…it is NOT! This same public school system has convinced students that to be exceptional is to be egocentric and not thinking about the other students who are not capable of generating the same wonderful ideas. We wouldn’t want those poor unintelligent students to feel badly about themselves, so NO ONE can be exceptional or use that wonderful God given brain they have. Another attribute from the “obamacancer” grown on Philadelphia Avenue.

    When you have students who grow up into young adults who have been brainwashed into thinking like Socialists, instead of trying to accomplish their lofty goals of achievement, you have created a mass of people who, well, are ignorant, who have absolutely NO IDEA of what America is really about nor where all our American Ideals came from and the people who died to give us a Free Country. This is why our Country is failing — too many illegals escaping from a culture of ignorance into a culture of handouts, too many Americans who truly know nothing about their very own Country, and too many people who just don’t give a damn about what happens to this country as long as they get their welfare monopoly money and have a place to stay.

    I truly do NOT think this has anything to do with those Americans who learned about our Country from a school system that taught the 3 R’s and history of the U.S. and the World, who have developed a Patriotism that runs deep and strong…they know what is wrong here. It’s the other groups that have decided that America isn’t important enough to go Vote or to fight for. Personally, I think we should start up the Draft again and get these uninformed young people into our Military and teach them what living in America is really about…and it isn’t about free handouts or entitlements…that’s a Socialist’s wet dream.

    All Republicans need to get hold of themselves and realize if they do not get their butts out there to vote for Trump (whether they like him or not), their sweet idealistic lives are going to change faster than a speeding bullet…and they will have wished that bullet was aimed at them. We have one time to get this right, to preserve our American Heritage before people like Sanders or Clinton tries to throw America into the Socialism wash and add the final thrust to tip our country over into the trash heap. By choosing not to vote is the most ignorant of all actions and will condemn our nation to a third world reality. By choosing to vote for a democrat, well that just is unthinkable if you love your country.

    Yes, Trump may be rough around the edges, but he truly loves his country and wants her to be strong and powerful again and resume her place in the World arena. He IS truly the only person who can make it happen…the rest are like watercolors…add a little water and their colors bleed. Be smarter than the ignorance that has taken over our Nation, teach others of what can happen to our Country by NOT doing your duty and voting with a knowledgeable and moral mind.

    If our Nation goes under, it WILL be on the backs of those who refused to step out of their comfort zone and take a chance on someone they know can make a difference, just because they don’t feel comfortable with the way he speaks or gets ideas across. This IS a No Brainer people. Time to take that first step to making our Country strong again and heal all her oozing sores…VOTE responsibly and with Courage!! Together we can rebuild our Nation into something strong and respectful that all the other Nations will listen to as Counsel.

  27. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”
    Joseph Goebbels.

  28. Why do you think I call them DEMONCRAPS??

    Look at all of them like LBJ (completely demented), Kennedy (serial adulterer) HillyBilly (one a serial liar and the other serial adulterer and rapist), Carter (white racist), obama (the sodomite), etc.

    • HEY!! Al Comment doesn’t mention that he is a drag queen, he’s modest, but good at what he does. I have seen his show 3 times in South Beach, just look for the big sign at ‘The Male Box’ that reads “TONIGHT LIVE Ms .Fonda Boys….3 SHOWS LATE, LATER and Take Fonda home with You !” Worth your time and money … go girl !

  29. Elizabethtwilliams2

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  30. Evil is too nice of a word to describe Dopycrats. They are all mentally ill. It is they and guilt ridden RINOs that gave us this Muslim homo for eight years. History will look back at this time as the nadir of our political process and the demeaning of America.

    • 61% approval as of last Friday(48% higher than any modern president at the 8yr. mark) – Last 30 days …. historic exchange with Cuba…77 months continuous job growth ….stock market hits all time high… huge hit yesterday on Isis. Historians will list him as’great’ or ‘near great’ on the big list. I believed John McCain in ’08 when he said of Barack Obama, “he is a good and decent man”, he’s been proven to be correct. Now we can say that President Obama has served the people and the office with grace and dignity.

  31. Allisonmrosenberg1

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  32. l would write in the pizza rather than vote for Mr. Drumpf

  33. H.M. Don’t know where you got your data (Huffington Post?), but if Bathhouse Barry was able to run again do you think he would be elected? Not even the liberals and African Americans could save him. He has initiated disaster after disaster both domestically and in foreign policy. He has spent us into bankruptcy and continues to do so. Race relations have deteriorated to near open war. The military has been gutted. Obamacare is failing rapidly. Could go on and on, but since you have partaken of the Soetoro cool aid you are beyond rational thought. But man, he and his trannie wife sure know how to vacation–at taxpayer expense, of course.

    • Yes, he would be re-elected.

    • WOW Chuck where do you get your fabricated bs, ‘Uncle Billy’s Whiz Bag’ ?

    • -Name the domestic /foreign disasters . I’ll give you Libya, so would he.
      -He guided us out of the worst economy in our history
      -Race relations ? His black half has brought to light the fact that we still have ignorance and bigotry to heal, like a cancer. The black half being spotlighted by the inferiority of supremacy. There is 70% of the Right’s opposition .
      -Military gutted?….now you want him to spend ….good little fascist . He added $4 million to the requested amount in the new budget . He’s way too hawkish for me.
      -Alleged Comment is the ‘trannie'(hate without understanding, and its spelled wrong), see below. And by the way if she is transgender who gives a rat’s ass?
      -I bet if you did some comparative research you’d be surprised about vacations , Chuck.

  34. AKLady…It is always so amusing to hear the disconnected blatherings from the far left. All they are able to do is to string a bunch of phrases together from past authors as if they originated them. I can tell by your tenor that you lack knowledge and experience and desire to stay blind to the history of our Nation. Have you not ever heard of John Locke who has been called the main influence in shaping the laws of our land? If you were an honest informational seeking person desiring to know the truth, you would stop musing over the misinformation in your mind, and go a library and study up on what you think you know. You may not like the words Judeo-Christian ethic, but you would have had much less opportunity afforded you in your life without them. As a Nation we destroy them at our own peril. It’s very sad…….. but you,…… and others like you, ……..will only know that after they are gone. Try and have a “Blessed” day anyway.

  35. Brenda Alexander

    I might be 51% for Cruz but I promise you, I’d vote for another Hitler than Hillary. Wake UP America! Obama has wrecked this country. We are no longer the greatest country on earth, we never were. Well, you can vote for some third-party that will never win and give the demoncrat a free ride, actually vote for them or you can stand by your party no matter what. Don’t be close-minded like most liberals are. Maybe it’s time to end career politicians jobs. How do you think Obama won? Ignorance and not doing your research. Trump’s not the perfect candidate nor is anyone else. Stay in a constant state of poverty if you want, worry all the time if the next refugee is going to cut your head off or plant a bomb in your local movie theater if you want but I don’t want that anymore. I’ve lived in that state for a long, long time now and I’m sick and tired of it. If he can get the job done, he’s got my vote. At least I’m open-minded enough to do my homework to see IF Cruz is the better choice or not. I’m starting to lean to Trump but Cruz is still my man….at least for now! However, if Trump wins the nominee, does anyone have any doubts who my vote will go for? I didn’t think so.

    Don’t be a demoncrat and close-minded. They claim they’re open-minded but try disagreeing with one of them just once, especially logically and you’ll find out just how close-minded they are! Liberalism is an oxymoron. They cancel each other out.

  36. Pizza!

  37. Democrats are actually DEMONIC RATS that are damned by God and minions of Satan. They are on a path to Hell and are proud of it!

  38. Example; I know a girl, Lets call her Maria. Her parents were Illegals, she was born here in USA . She has a baby daddy, and they have two young children. They don’t have jobs. She occasionally cleans for people,Under the table. She recently got pregnant with their third child. went into labor at 26 weeks. They put her in the hospital for two weeks on bedrest. then she gave birth. The baby was 3lbs. and had several problems. The baby has been in the NICU. for 4 Months. They have No Jobs, No Money, No Insurance. This is why we have problems with medical insurance. We, that do have insurance Will Always have to pay for these situations. But this is why we cannot have so many illegals here , Getting Everything for Free! It’s Free for Them. Not for American Taxpayers! This young couple are Living COMPLETELY OFF THE AMERICAN TAXPAYERS BACKS!! I don’t wish them any ill will. BUT, This is Wrong! Americans cannot survive, paying for the rest of the world. I believe in Immigration, but they Must come here Legally. Get jobs and Contribute to Society! There are more than 11 million Illegal Immigrants in this country , and still walking across our borders for a Free life!

  39. What I find is they do not seek the good in anything, yet the propose to do good and select thing they think are good but try to put a slant on evil to make it look good.

  40. Politics is not the answer for dealing with the liberal dem bloodsuckers.
    The only answer to dealing with the liberal dem parasites is physically separtaing ourselves from them or we are looking at civil war.

  41. All Government is inherently evil as it is about controlling others.

  42. The Modern National Democrats are Utopian Secular Socialists ,Arrogant Angry Control Freaks Lacking any Ethical or Moral Boundaries

  43. Smart Southerner

    As this story states, I keep hearing on the news media how the polls reflect that women don’t like Trump. Every woman I know is voting for Trump! They want Illegals stopped, unvetted Muslims stopped, bad trade deals stopped, businesses & jobs going overseas stopped & our economy to become vibrant & prosperous again! I even met a couple of Democrat women who changed parties to vote for Trump!

    That crap about women hating Trump is just BS, created by the Liberal media, Democrats, the establishment GOP, the evil George Soros & his foundations & the organizations he funds like & Black Lives Matters. It is pure BS!

    Who are they polling, Illegal Aliens and Hillary, Sanders & Cruz supporters?

    Do they think the Trump crowds are just men?

  44. Both Party are evil, we just have a few good ones in there for the People.. Oath Breakers and these people only care about the money and power . They have no god and the complex of ethical and moral principles that controls or inhibits the actions or thoughts of an individual. They will sooner kill you then be robbed of their free gravy train ride

  45. If you don’t think the republicans are just as evil you are blind.
    If they stood up against Obama half as much as they do Trump or Cruz the country would be in better shape.
    It’s not about America and American’s to them, it’s all about power and money.
    Republicans suck too Raymond!

  46. Thank you. Well stated and is the honest to God truth. Goes to show how ill-educated Americans have been over 6 decades, how easily they are led down the wrong path, and, yes, turn down water while dragging themselves through a desert! Americans today have been taught to be privileged, and to believe America is horrible, that lack of a true faith belief, that morals change whenever, that ethics are a thing of the past, and what do we get? Communism and then they find out what they should have known but were too ignorant to find out and now have absolutely NOTHING!

  47. We need to get rid of Hollywood, closed down our colleges and fired most of the college faculty and staff who are indoctrinating your with liberal, progressive communist ideals and not our constitution and reopen them with whole new staff who will teach true history and principles of the United States. We need to stop the flow of all immigrants by abolishing the all the visa programs, no more refugees and enforce our immigration laws. We need to insure that the welfare benefits, etc that being given to all foreigners stop. All illegal immigrates are all criminals and should be deported. All businesses that hired these people need to put out of business and owners put in jail and their property confiscated and be marked on their foreheads as traitors and their families force to wander the streets and do odds jobs and labor for their meals. We need to close down all the big corporations and banks who support immoral agendas and do not believe in various constitional freedoms and rights.

  48. “Not an ‘ideal’ candidate” ??? Are you kidding? What is wrong with people. I wonder if this writer would find someone saying they would never vote for Hillary as shocking. If Hillary ran for the GOP nomination, would this writer find it a ‘shake my head’ moment if people didn’t want to vote for her. And yet, a man who has spent 40 years contributing to liberal candidates for president, house, senate, governor, etc., et al, should automatically be given the thumbs up if he can fool enough people to get the nomination. There is a sickness among the voters in this country. It has nothing to do with Donald Trump. It has to do with being so uninformed and disengaged that they would hire a child rapist to babysit their kids if he promised to give better snacks and boost the educational component of their day. Wake up, people. Everything we HATE about Washington is EMBODIED in Donald Trump.

  49. Excellent article. The flip side is that if the Republican Party persists in this self-destructive behavior and defeats it own candidate, we get another 4 years of Democrat rule – either by a raging Socialist/Marxist or by an individual whose level of corruption is staggering. America will not survive another 4 years with a Democrat President. Recovery is always one step at a time, let’s take a step in the RIGHT direction and initiate that recovery.

  50. This blog wasn’t worth the time to read. Anyone who makes a statement like that has to be fairly ignorant. Democrats are evil. It is not hard to tell the writer is a far far right, t-party and Fox News addicted person. There is no doubt the writer tunes into Rush Limbaugh every day. I know Republicans like that. After you get to know them you can tell they are touched in the head.

  51. If you are sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils, (God allows a lesser evil to prevent a greater evil), try voting for the worse of two evils. Enjoy the difference. Which is worse the devil or his advocate?

  52. First mistake, the Democratic Party doesn’t exist anymore, the Democratic Socialist Party “moled” into control and their Platform was integrated into what used to be a Party of the Working legal citizens. We need a third Party, we can call it the Democratic Constitutional Party for legal citizens, sign me up.

  53. Good article. The real evil, in my opinion, is a populace that does not keep itself educated and morally fit. Out Founding Fathyers knew intuitively that a democratic republic would fail if the citizens were ignorant and morally bankrupt. Just look at who we elect today, who we “revere” as icons and you can see that “we, the people” (not all , but a big enough majority) have voted away their and their progeny’s freedom.

  54. i know their policies are, that’s for sure!

    • Hey from Jerusalem,Israel.I agree with you Stephanie but unfortunately there are those.Republicans are no better then the Democrats and will turn,on Trump at.The convention in July so it does not say much about America it has become,a one party system now.

  55. Another conservative living in an alternate universe.

  56. Dominic Roy Accampo

    Democrats are evil, but the bigger question is, is Donald Trump any better?
    He will not stand up against abortion!
    He will not stand up against perversion forcing its way into the locker rooms and bathrooms of public schools!
    He will not stand up for freedom of religion!
    So the big question is, is Donald Trump any better?

  57. The stooges on the Left, bereft of any common sense and morals are committing political suicide for supporting these Godless Satan worshipping ghouls! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed!

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