“Not a Policy in Sight”: Critics Savage the Democratic National Convention

Even observers who were primed to enjoy the Democratic National Convention found themselves tuning out in droves as the party’s big week kicked off with a series of televised Zoom speeches. The opening night of the coronavirus-hindered political coronation was savagely criticized by writers, pundits, politicians, and analysts on social media, few of whom could see any point in putting on a show so deathly boring.

“I wanted to like it. I really did, I promise I did,” said spiritualist and one-time Democratic presidential contender Marianne Williamson. She went on to compare the event to an hours-long “Marriott commercial.”

“Someone please talk me off the ledge,” wrote progressive pundit David Pakman. “I want to win, and the first 22 minutes of this DNC…I’m scared. Can someone tell me how great this is or something?”

NY Times reporter Astead Herndon observed that the first night of the convention wasn’t just boring – it was vacuous as well: “Not a policy in sight, just vibes.”

Those writers were weren’t necessarily predisposed to enjoy the evening were even harsher on the broadcast.

“This is one of the worst things that’s ever been on television,” wrote The Blaze’s Leon Wolf.

Mike Cernovich quipped: “DNC production values just aren’t what they were before Harvey Weinstein went to prison.”

Watching the live feed online, Cernovich noted that interest in the convention was…limited.

“1,700 live viewers of DNC convention even with a link from Joe Biden’s twitter account,” he wrote. “If cable news didn’t cover this convention, it wouldn’t exist.”

When it came to specific commentary about the DNC speakers, the critics were no kinder.

“Allowing [NY Gov.] Cuomo to blame the Federal government for New York’s coronavirus problems is some chutzpah,” observed The Federalist’s Mark Hemingway.

Speaking of blame, others were baffled watching a woman blame her dad’s COVID death on President Trump.

“Holy s**t this woman roasting her dead dad going to a karaoke bar,” wrote the Washington Free Beacon’s Brent Scher wrote. “These people…”

And Townhall’s Katie Pavlich was unimpressed listening to Bernie Sanders warn about President Donald Trump’s creeping “authoritarianism.”

“It is quite rich to hear Bernie Sanders talk about authoritarianism considering his support for the communist Castro regime and the USSR,” she tweeted.

We’ll see if the DNC can pick up any steam as the week goes on, but if this was their opening salvo, it is clear that they are utterly unprepared for the dogfight election season to come. Especially since…eventually, Biden is going to have to come out of his basement, stop hiding behind his scripted remarks, and face the public.

And then you’ll see disaster on a whole ‘nother level.

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