North Korea’s Weapons are Even Deadlier Than We Thought

North Korea has had a spotty record of success when it comes to testing long-range missiles in recent months, but new satellite images of Kim Jong Un’s primary testing site have international experts concerned that the dictator’s weaponry is more powerful than many previously believed.

According to the UK Sun, the images – taken before and after a recent missile test – show scorch marks and soil patterns consistent with rockets larger than many intelligence officials around the globe credited the regime with having.

If the images tell the true story of North Korea’s capabilities, the regime could have working missiles with a range that theoretically extends to U.S. states like Alaska and Hawaii. That would dovetail with the most recent missile test from Pyongyang, which sent an unidentified rocket into the Sea of Japan, not far from the Russian mainland. Experts believed that missile would have been capable of hitting our military installations in Guam, at the very least.

The Wall Street Journal spoke to Joseph Bermudez of Allsource Analysis, who said the U.S. and its allies should not be too confident about Pyongyang’s recent failures.

“What’s more concerning is not an individual test or two individual tests,” Bermudez said. “It’s that they’re approaching their missile development in a very pragmatic way. What they’re doing is exactly right. They are testing, and they are testing often. This is the way you really learn how to develop a ballistic missile, and that’s what worries me.”

We have a president right now who is finally trying to focus the U.S. government on the proper DUTIES of the U.S. government: Namely, our national security. Unfortunately, this constant talk in the media and from the Democrats about Russia, Comey, and impeachment is pushing Trump away from that crucial agenda and distracting Congress from what should be their mission – supporting the president and furthering the issues the American people voted for in November.

Don’t think for a moment that Kim Jong Un (and our other dangerous enemies) aren’t noticing what’s going on. They see a White House in turmoil, and they are rushing to take advantage of these distractions. When you look at this for what it is, then, it’s not too much of a stretch to blame both the media and the liberal Democrats for endangering our national security.

Judging by the polls, the public is willing to let them. For now. But when North Korea or some other rogue nation or some terrorist group pops off an explosion that kills scores of innocent people, that same public may suddenly realize that these so-called explosive scandals coming out of the White House were pretty damn silly all along.

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