North Korea: We Will Sink U.S. Aircraft Carrier

In commentary published in an official state newspaper, North Korea warned Sunday that they were prepared to destroy a U.S. aircraft carrier if it sailed too close to their waters. The warning came as President Donald Trump directed the USS Carl Vinson to begin moving towards the Korean peninsula, where it is expected to carry out military exercises with our Asian allies.

“Our revolutionary forces are combat-ready to sink a U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier with a single strike,” said the commentary.

The eyes of the international community are once again on North Korea as the regime prepares for the 85th anniversary of the Korean People’s Army. Last weekend’s national celebrations, held in honor of Kim Jong Un’s late grandfather, came and went without a nuclear test, but experts warn that Pyongyang could move forward with another test on Tuesday to mark the occasion.

If they do, it would be the sixth such test conducted by the regime, two of which came about last year. North Korea is also testing ballistic missiles that could carry a nuclear payload to the mainland United States. One of those tests failed last week; some insiders believe the U.S. may have sabotaged it with some form of cyberattack, but the Trump administration has not confirmed that theory.

In a press conference from Israel, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said it was hard to take Kim Jong Un’s constant threats seriously. “We’ve all come to hear their words repeatedly,” he said. “Their word has not proven honest.”

In the North Korean newspaper commentary, the regime’s supporters wrote, “The U.S. has now gone seriously mad. It is mulling frightening the DPRK and achieving something with nuclear strategic bombers, nuclear carriers, etc. However, the army and people of the DPRK will never be browbeaten by such bluffing.”

And in a statement, the North Korean Foreign Ministry said Pyongyang was prepared to meet “full-out war with full-out war.”

After years of provocations from the Kim regime, it’s almost impossible to know if the North Koreans are serious about launching a preemptive strike against the U.S. or our allies. It is, in fact, that very uncertainty that Kim relies on to force the United States back to the negotiating table. No doubt, he would love to secure the kind of international deal Iran got from the Obama administration.

President Trump is unlikely to forge such a deal – at least, not one that resembles the one Obama made with Tehran. In the meantime, the administration is hoping that China will finally step up and put pressure on North Korea in such a way that Kim’s nuclear aspirations will fall by the wayside.

But if military action is required, it’s quite clear that Trump is willing to take it. Maybe that willingness itself will be enough to convince the madman in Pyongyang to stop rattling the nuclear saber.

If not…all bets are off.

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  1. Well at least it looks like America is getting back on track as my counterparts are saying! WOW, a threat by a man who hates this president along with every other faction as well! Maybe he’s go down to his Mar-A-Lago one more time before the s.h.i.t. hits the fan!

  2. Hammer the Bar'stewards

    When will the FAT BOY learn that his ridiculous and stupid threats mean nothing to the likes of the USA who’s military might could wipe N. Korea off the face of the Earth in minutes should the need arise. FAT BOY and his idle threats will eventually get him eliminated, the sooner the better.

    • Depends on what other country/countries “secretly” have their back. Never trust leftovers from the Obama admin, or Hillary followers.

      • Doesn’t matter. The other countries could raise all of the hell they want but NK would already be history.
        NONE of them, China or Russia want to start WWIII over this lunatic.

        • WWlll has already started. Just hasn’t geared up enough to make the news yet.

          • Paul W Baumgartner

            could be right, blame Obama for this one

          • i blame that nigger for all worlds problems

          • Paul W Baumgartner

            by using that n word you create problems, try using African american

          • I agree.
            BHOXAHPOTUS gives niggers a bad name.

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          • By his own words he is a Muslim.

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          • Paul W Baumgartner

            I don’t use that n word, lowers people’s opinion of you, I disliked Obama my self

          • Every time someone uses that word, it instantly removes all credibility, and any interest in anything else they say. I have only ever written it as a quote – and even then felt uncomfortable in doing so. It is impossible for a non-black to use the word and pretend not to be racist. (But then – there are too many among us that seem to find some satisfaction in being overtly racist.)

          • “Mustafa The Turk” Rides Again!

          • “The Turk”? Just because I speak out against racism and bigotry?

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            “Belief” – and “Knowledge” are two ENTIRELY different things. Besides: There probably is no such thing – as a “Prophet”.
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          • Yeah? So: What does that make YOU? Some if my family fought the Nazis and the Japs, too. (A couple of them didn’t come home.)
            Among other things – they protected my right to discuss things freely and even to disagree with my government at times.
            Your husband’s Silver Star does NOT give you any SPECIAL right to tell me to “shut up and get lost”. (In facty – your attitude dis-honors that decoration.) It sure don’t stop me from telling you to KISS MY ASS!
            (You sound like the kind of miserable old bitch that probably nagged the poor guy to death.)

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          • Bullshit! I am an American in America and they have no interest in me or authority over me whatsoever. I don’t have to “prove” SHIT! – to them, to you, or anybody else!
            You people are absolutely paranoid about Islam in America. I have no “dedication to Islam” here or anywhere else and the notion that an Imam or anybody else would even consider something like that is preposterous! That is an insult to them – and to me also.
            This propagandistic narrative is so far-fetched that one would have to be a half-wit to even consider it. I am no threat to Islam of any kind- nor it to me. I don’t tell lies against it and do try to correct some of the BS that people come up with just in the interest of mutual understanding.
            The sheer hatred in Christian rhetoric that I’m hearing lately is by itself evidence of the empty fraud that it is. Not a single one of those famous Christian “virtues” you brag about is in evidence anywhere. You people are pathetic!
            If anybody is looking like a radical religious extremist – it is only you – and a few people like you. (Does your preacher or priest know that you are thinking and talking like that?) Lol! You must be joking!

          • Paranoid over islam? I think there are PLENTY of reasons to be ~~~~~

          • Bad shit happens by a few bad people in every society. You arecso alarmed and hysterical that you see one little report ( which may not even be accurate), and you think it is happening every hour, every day, and everywhere. There aren’t “plenty of reasons” ( I honestly can’t think of even one). Somebody has started a panic that some conservatives have become as irrational as Liberals about Trump. You just go on about your life and use your head just like you did before all this BS fired up – and you will soon learn that the Muslim community has ZERO effect on your life or on any one younknow
            One oost thatbhas shown up on here more than once and got the “Chicken Little” section frothing at the mouth ( you’ve probavpbkybseen it – and I’ll bet you got hot about it, too – without THING about the clear info in the text.
            (13 year-old girl dragged into a school restroom and raped.) Headline IMPLIED it was Muslim immigrants. But the TEXT clearly showed them to be Hispanics ( with traditional Hispanic names) from Central America. No connection to Muslims of any kind!
            But the comments were radically anti-Muslim! (Now if that isn’t paranoia – what IS?)
            This situation is insanity! No reason for it – and NO GOOD can come out of it. If you disagree with that – and believe It is a lie – then please convince me that I am wrong. I can becmistaken, over my life Inhave changed my thinking aboutca few things – but I have NEVER learned to believe in the the impossible.
            The Pentagon ( and the Liberals) are just ITCHING for an excuse to impose Martial Law! Major outbreaks of mob-violence against the American Muslim community ( and don’t take anything for granted – recent immigrants from the M.E. grew up in an atmosphere of violence the average U.S. citizen can’t imagine (including many veterans) and they know how to handle it – by habit.). For those that may WANT Martial Law – that is probably the best way to get it.
            How many of you have experienced martial law as a civilian? (I Have – twice.) —- And (no takiyya!) there is NOTHING “good” about it.
            Yeah! I know that isn’t a “popular” idea to express. But it is easy to be “popular” ( just tell people what they like to hear) But It doesn’t solve a bad developing social issue. Anybody that thinks that “civil unrest” might be “fun” or “worth while” (I think some see it as “romantic”) needs his head examined.

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          • That’s all you got to say? I’m not going ANYWHERE! You will just have to block me.

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            Face it mustafa… you’re even a lousy takiyya liar.

          • let’s face it, Andrew. You read that BS on-line and repeat. It. I went to the Muslim world as a Christian. 3 years later I became Muslim. Partly because everybody was so damn nice to me.
            Here’s something you can check for yourself. Thousands of American men and theur families have been working and living in the Muslim oil fields for 80 years. If there was the least danger that they would be killed (or even harmed) because they’re Christain – they damn sure wouldn’t go. I lived tnere for 40 years and never even heard of anybody being harmed., Those crazy terrorists kill more Muslims, by far. We are trying to get rid of them because they are not true Muslims and they are doing us great harm.
            Now sonebody has said the word takiyya so many times you believe it ( because you want to) – and I can’t change your mind. But someday you may understand that it is all lies, and remember that Mustafa told you it was in 2017.
            Some want this to become a major problem in the USA between the Christain and Muslem communities., and YOUR religious and political leaders are going to have to come out and tell you none of that is true. You can tell them takiyya if you want to.
            Meanwhile, the U.S. Constitution guarantees everybody religious freedo, and if you expect Trump to change that – you will be disappointed. The American Muslim community has a home here – just like you do, and nobody is going to tell us to leave. We obey the laes and respect the Constitution – and the Quran does NOT tell us that we can’t be be Muslim and U.S. citizens at the same time. There is NOTHING in the constitution that is against Islam.
            So you just keep on believing all that bullshit and repeating it – and all the good it will do is prove how dumb you are. End of conversation.
            Nobody WANTS anybody to convert unless they do it willingly and because they believe.I was questioned quite a bit to prove that I was doing it because my heart told me to. Unless it does – you can not be Muslim, and those terrorists can’t be Muslim because their hearts tell them to do things that does great harm to Islam.
            End of story – I won’t waste any more time talking to a fence-post.

          • Prove it, Bozo. What’s your full name?

          • EXACTLY ~~~~~~

          • Five of my closest friends are black; and they call Obama a nigger. However, they advise me not to.

          • Paul W Baumgartner

            thank you

          • Yeah, It’s not P/C = “Puzzy Cracker”- to say the’N’ word, but White Racial Epithets/Pejoratives, “Honky, Cracker etc. are Quite ‘OK’. – If’n ya Wanna Post, Those are The Rules!

          • Irene Elizabeth Grooms


          • Dem-O-Commies aren’t even Close to being Real Americans!

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          • WOW!! That’s almost $2000 a pop for laying on your back and spreading your legs!!!

          • Really? and WHY is that? I call an ace an ace & a spade a spade, no pun intended ~~~~

          • He may be African but the jury is still out about the American part!

          • Right but there are African American and niggers Obama happens to be the latter.

          • EXACTLY ~~~~~~~

          • There are African Americans AND there are niggers…BIG difference ~~~~~~~

          • Yes that JUNGLE BUNNY ought to go to NORTH KOREA and be with FAT BOY than the US should NUKE them to HOLY HELL!!!!

          • You have that right, he sold us down the river but I think his is coming one day. At first I thought he was just dumb later I think it was all planned. It was obvious he was trying to destroy America. Can anybody explain how did he get term 2. I mean after four years, it was obvious what his plans were. I guess that makes the people stupid and not Obama.

          • You are so right…& I wonder how stupid Americans are to elect that mu-slime/homo twice….mind boggling

          • Right you are in eight years of this ass hole he created many more problems he is an anti Amerian who along with his wife never was proud of this country. It shows you how many other ass holes we have that put him in office not counting the dead and illegals who voted for him.

        • But the USA seems to be. Close attention must be given to “Territorial Waters” and “Sovereign Airspace”. With modern technology – there is no reason for anybody to violate either – but certain Imperialistic nations commonly do so, (“U-2” spy-plane, USS PUEBLO, USS LIBERTY, etc.) and confess to having done so as an act of provocation ONLY after the damage has been done.
          A gnat like North Korea doesn’t DESERVE the attention it is getting. I don’t need to kill 500,000 starving coolies to reinforce my belief that my country is an “Invincible Super-Power”. And nothing good is to be gained by it. (More of an embarrassment – actually.)

          • hey mustafa muslim—nobody pulled your chain

          • you mean mohammed mustafa faggot “allah” “abu akbar” and shove that up your nigger muslim ass onigger!

          • Hmmm! I take some personal satisfaction in identifying with all of those. I’m pleased that I made an impression on you. I wonder what you look like?

          • Oh Yes they DID “pull my chain” – by putting their thoughts into a public forum.

          • AND YOU ARE ‘WHO’…..?

          • Someone that is against the United States, can’t you tell by his 1st. name! Just ignore him, he gives half a statement. In this one he does not mention that N. Korea is close to getting nuclear weapons that will reach the US.

          • I say none of those things. Those are your own conclusions.

          • Oh! Pardon me for not mentioning the NK nukes! ( I thought everybody already knew about them!). My “Bad”.

          • Everything in your post was negative against the US. If you don’t like the US, take your family somewhere else to a country that you admire.

          • Oh! I admire the U.S. tremendulously! No where I would rather be!
            But (like most of us) I would like it to be better. And it can’t be – so long as we keep making the same mistakes over and over.
            Seems like most of us agree that we have declined during the past 30 years, and Trump even recignizes it – (and not only that – but also because of mistakes that WE made.).
            Just because you love something – doesn’t mean that you can’t be critical if it at times.
            Hypothetical opportunity. On your way out of out of Walmart, you are approached by a Priest and an Imam. Each holds a Cashier’s Check you can have for the taking – but only one. Priest has $500 and Imam has $1,000. Which would you take?

          • HA! IF I was approached by an imam coming out of an y place, I’d want to SHOOT MYSELF ~~~~~~~~

          • ???? That’s pretty hysterical. The spooky ones you see posted here are mostly “plants”. No WAY a real Imam would say what those imposters do. By now “Pedophile Priest” has become a household word – but I never heard of a “Pedophile Imam” Have you?

          • Another leftie snowflake who if it had been around in 1941, we would all be speaking German.

          • I don’t know about being a snowflake, he is a Muslim.

          • Self-Confessed! He told me in a post, a while ago! He’s a Moslem Hadjii Convert! That won’t save him, when the Moslem Invaders, start Kickin’ down Doors, in his Neighborhood! [That’s Coming Here, Folks!] -He can yell “Aloha Snack-Bar'” as loud and as Long as, he wants! The Hadjiis will still slit his Throat!

          • A Muslim is a Muslim, does not matter how he got that way.

          • Yeah! He actually asked some rational questions – and made a CHOICE – all on his own, between the lesser of two evils.

          • No – you would be speaking Arabic. lol!

          • Wow! You flatter me! I actually WAS “around” in 1941. Just think! – I could have done that, all by myself – when I was only 4 years old. Maybe it was because I was destined to be Muslim? Nah! That can’t be right – otherwise you would be speaking Arabic and enjoying your natural purpose on your back and at the cooking fire.
            (Instead of running your stupid mouth – like your sisters Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Maxine Waters, Elizabeth Warren, and those happy-ass cunts on the Supreme Court.)
            The “leftie snowflake” has SPOKEN! Mah!

          • Just “John Q. Public”.

          • John Q Public – same as you.

          • It is time to turn North Korea into a parking lot. After the dust settles, let Seoul start over. They won’t be missed.

          • It is up to chubby how this plays out! If he does not make the right decision, he might get a parking lot.

          • Paul W Baumgartner

            its only California, too many liberal already

          • “Chubby” has already taken this past the point of no return. Anything he does now will be an irresponsible act of desperation – (and will be the LAST thing he ever does.). I can’t imagine him or his country surviving this.

          • Good Comment Curtess!

          • I notice N.K. FAILED another test…..hahahahaha way to go FAT BOY !

          • trump is considering that but liberal retard hypocrites are supporting north korea

          • Who’s going to park there? It’s too far from any malls.

          • We might need to park our military there for awhile to liberate the people!

          • The Chinese will take care of that. We need the mall.

          • I think the Chinese people need to be liberated also.

          • I don’t think China will allow that. There is no such thing as U.S. troops in a conquered country “for a little while”. (Once there – they always seem to find (or create) other excuses to remain.)
            Keeping the U.S. military out of N. Korea is the only reason China has supported it for nearly 60 years. Now Kim seems to have lost sight of that fact – in ways that even China can no longer tolerate.
            But we must not set our sights beyond removing a dangerous nuisance. If we DO – then this might very well be the beginning of WW3.

          • Who the Frack would China sell all their “Made in China” Products to? There is no other Country that Consumes Chinese Goods, like we Do!

          • Point well taken

          • That’s about the best way to solve the problem. But I hope that Seoul doesn’t have to “start over”. (Is that just a “typo” – or do you mean something else?) The Korean people will be happy to re-unify – so some good CAN come out if this.

          • As a veteran I can tell you that not only will there be collateral damage, but it will be considerable. Regardless of how “precise” the ordnance is placed, there will be substantial civilian casualties. There’s no way around it.

            Most of the people that live in Pyongyang are sworn supporters of “Soy Sauce Stain” (a.k.a. Kim Jong Un). As far as I am concerned, they can go straight to hell with him. As long as the blasts don’t extend beyond the DMZ we should be “good to go”.

          • I consider “unavoidable” – to be “minimal”. (Compared to a policy of “turning N. Korea into a parking lot” -as some commentators
            Altho extremely reluctant to say so – I suspect that WashDC has understood the fallacy in the absolite destruction of civil and social structure to remove an abjectionable leader. The political chaos left behind. in Somalia, Iraq, and Libya has resulted in worse problems than the ones we imagined at the outset. With that in our experience – I see evidence that WashDC is now cautious about destroying Syria – just to get rid of Assad (who actually has not offended or threatened us in any way).
            Hopefully that not-so-subtle change in policy will apply to N.Korea – as well.

          • We don`t need our people on the ground to turn N. Korea into a parking lot. No need to get any Americans killed to do that.

          • Any offensive “troops on the ground” makes a “parking lot” impossible. (They merely get in the way.). It can only be done with missiles and aircraft (and that is no big chore.) Kim is living very dangerously right now – if he makes any scheduled outdoor appearances.
            Considering the direct and unmistakable threats he has made – I don’t see any alternative to taking him out.
            I readily admit to some empathy for small, beleaguered, relatively defenseless nations – but posing such a direct, serious, irresponsible, threat as Kim is doing – can not be ignored. He can’t possibly “shoot” his way out of this, and I will be very disappointed if he is allowed to “negotiate” his way out of it.

          • Excellent post I`m in agreement with you 150%, collateral damage or not this fat idiot needs to be stopped once and for all.

          • They are “sworn supporters” either because they don’t know any better – or because they have no choice.
            Could have gone on forever – except their “great leader” decided to challenge the Big Boys.
            Damn! For the first time in a very long time – there’s a country that actually IS a threat, and really NEEDS to be destroyed. And for the first time ever – we have the support of both the other two super powers. What are we WAITING for?

          • We’ll keep it a surgical strike then–one cruise missile to the Fat Girlie-Boy’s viewing stand during one of his many self-aggrandizing parades of starving 20-inch-waist Privates. All the Privates will worship us for liberating them.

          • I agree! But that’s too easy and logical. Everybody wants it to be more spectacular and satisfying.

          • Wishful thinking. We must destroy ALL of Soy Sauce Stain’s armament. Most of the population will suffer either death or destruction. They are nearly dead from starvation/malnutrition as it is. This is why the northern end of the peninsula must be “scrubbed clean” of all their influence.

            You can dream of “liberating” the North Korean people, but Kim Jung Un keeps them in psychological chains. Eliminating this fool and his followers will not and cannot be accomplished by a “counter-revolution”. It it too late for that. It will take a “spectacular” movement to accomplish what needs to be done.

          • You nailed it.

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      • so very true jim h. obamas greatest wish and goal is to destroy america turn it into a muslim country and be the ruler. and slowly the muslins satans children, are taking over, terrorists, rapist murderers, theifs are moving in. give it 5-10 yrs and america will be ruled by the muslims as the bible did predict, beheading anyone who refuses to bow down to molock/allah their god satan., that is qwhen our big day comes our heads cut off or accept the koran/shari laws., you can not stop what the bible has already predicted. but you can prepare your hearts to turn to God, accept jesus as our saviour and live in heaven for eternity

        • if i could i would shoot onigger between eyes then be so happy one more dead “allah”

        • If we didnt have Trump for president who unlike Obama has a back bone he will not let that happen. America First and he means that as he has shown.

      • Teresa Chevalier

        Oh your a basket of Deplorable another Trump looser

        • I guess you are another Rachel Maddox that makes stupid comments.

        • hey bitch terry, look in mirror liberal retarded bitch

        • TrueRedWhiteandBlue

          Now just why is Jim H. a Trump Loser? Because he supports a POTUS who is actually getting things done for this country and the American people instead of tearing it down by weakening the military and allowing thousands of muslims and mexicans to come in here illegally? And I could go on with that negative list. As for me, I’m proud to be a Trump supporter, voter or whatever you want to call me. I stand with Trump and I “deplore” dem-o-rats who all they want to do is stir up trouble and give everything the hard workers in this country make to the sorry asses who refuse to work and want everything for free. We need to get rid of the likes of YOU, Teresa Chevalier, along with all the illegals and muslims. YOUR way of thinking is what almost ruined this country via Ovomit and the dem-o-rat party. Now get out of here!

          • Great post but i`m afraid this idiot doesn`t have the mentality to know what your trying to say. But you nailed it. The best thing that happened is we finally have a president with backbone enough to care about this country and the people in it. America First in spite of the democrats who oppose every thing he does. I am a trump supporter and proud of it. He is draining the swamp.

        • “Oh your a basket of Deplorable another Trump looser”

          Teresa, you win the award for THE DUMBEST COMMENT OF THE DAY”!!

          Oh, your (you’re) a basket of Deplorable (deplorables), another Trump looser (loser).
          There fixed it for you…lol

          You idiots show your ignorance in so many ways.

        • I think I will write a “bot” that will automatically install this grammar list about every 25th entry… Since MS and Win-10 seem to like injecting random bullmanure into their programs, it should fit right in.

        • Paul W Baumgartner

          when you support illegal gangs, murderers, support abortion, don’t allow free speech, you lose all creditability of being a good fair person. That is deplorable person to me.

        • Teresa: Drop the crack pipe and slowly back away from the male dog. (It isn’t worth it).

          • Teresa Chevalier

            fuck you his no my president but i dont have money to donate way you send me some so I can eat

          • I only have sex with humans (read: you don’t qualify). Your vulgar approach is typical for those that have no other manner in which to express themselves. Your sad method of “self-expression” belies your filthy and substandard mentality. (Are you certain that the henna you use for your hair hasn’t seeped into your brain)?

            Why don’t you book passage to Venezuela? There’s a social structure that should suit your attitude. (I hope that you’ll survive long enough to enjoy it).


          • What hole did you crawl out of you must be a relative of Pelosi who is a discusting excuse for a human being like you. Were you born or hatched??

      • this is all onigger and killaris planes to destroy americqa, lock them up!

      • China will secretly thank us for relieving their embarrassing headache, after publicly declaring that we are monsters. Iran’s mulahs will democrap their long, girlie dresses, and Libtards will run to their thafe roomth and thob all night long, cuddling their puppy dogth!

        • China seems to be 100% with us on this. I don’t expect any complaints from them. Our Liberals? Well I just hope they all have a puppy dog- because that’s the only thing that will listen to them.

    • I started reading this and thought you were talking about Donald when you said Fat Boy or now I see you mean Kim. Other much difference.

    • Paul W Baumgartner

      problem is n korea has been working on war since the 50’s.4 th largest army, digging tunnels and building weapons, not so easy.

      • Hammer the Bar'stewards

        Tunnels and numbers will not matter if and when N.K. is eliminated.
        500,000 or 10,000,000 they will all be vaporized should the need warrant it!
        There is no way that the USA should need to send in troops like they had to in the last Korean war.
        Time has come to end NK completely once and for all time. Let the remaining Koreans be the one people that they were before these evil tyrants took power and condemned the ordinary folk to a life of fear and repression. They deserve the freedoms that we all enjoy and sometimes take to often for granted!

      • Ummmm — while true to a certain extent, the U.S. has maintained overt hostility toward N.Korea, pointedly keeping it in isolation, acting with the notion that it must be “punished”merely for existing. (Much like we have Cuba).
        It is tempting to interpret a defensive position as “offensive”. But in N. Korea’s situation – any of us would do the same. Indeed, N. Korea’s attraction to nuclear weapons is likely their feeling that they are needed.
        Universally – it can not be denied that once a nation GETS a powerful weapon – the temptation to USE it – becomes irresistable.

    • Teresa Chevalier

      Maybe fat boy needs a losson from are great military US may god bless are guys and keep them save

      • Yep! “are” great military could give them a “losson” and keep everyone “save.”

        Good grief, woman! Learn the English language!

    • Excellent post he thinks displaying his tin soldiers scares anyone. Our country can eliminate N. Korea as you say in minutes.

    • I agree. North Korea is not going to “sink” the USS Carl Vinson. Modern supercarriers are armed with Sea Sparrow and Vulcan Phalanx CIWS defensive weapons that make them virtually invulnerable. Now, throw in their defensive escort screen (that’s what the Aegis cruiser’s and destroyer’s central mission is – to defend the carriers). ASW (anti-submarine warfare) is a multi-tiered umbrella comprised of multiple layers of defense, including ASROC missiles which can be fired from either the cruisers or destroyers. Modern ASROC missiles are fired from vertical launch system (VLS) arrays, and are essentially rocket-boosted homing torpedoes. Carrier defense has evolved considerably since the days when they were vulnerable to kamikazes (think of the old quad-mounted 40 mm bofors of WW-II). A carrier on station always has a CAP (combat air patrol) deployed to detect and intercept threats. The only reason Russian planes successfully “buzzed” US ships recently is because “the Kenyan” let them. But, there is a “new sheriff in town.” Finally, I just heard a news story that claimed a nuclear submarine was being sent into the area. My first thought was possibly a Los Angeles-class attack boat? Then they said it was the USS Michigan. Okay, I had a tour of the Michigan when I was in college (grad student in Nuclear Engineering). The Michigan (SSBN-737) is a “boomer.” Can you guess what the “B” designation means? It means “ballistic missile,” as in Trident. This does make me wonder what’s going on, because considering the range of a Trident-II D-5 SLBM, they don’t have to be that close to hit NK. The Trident missile is classed as a “strategic asset,” and carries W-88 thermonuclear warheads. The yield of a W-88 (400 kt) is approximately 40,000 times the firepower of the MOAB. Kim Jong-Un is out of his league, and the dangerous part is that he is too stupid to “get it.”

    • Assassination is a real option and i’m sure they are giving it real credence. They probably cant get near him with agents though.

      • One of his own circle may just put a bullet thru his head. (I can’t imagine a replacement that could be worse.) That whole “Kim Dynasty” just has to END, and only a small handfull of its closest supporters will be sorry to see it go.

    • Your right he reminds me of the democrats who think they still can intimidate the republicans. Unfortunately for them we have a man in office with a backbone and slowly he is draining the swamp. For eight years we had a useless bag of shit who didn`t care for our country or the people in it. Those days are over and that fat little Fat Boy you mentioned and N. Korea we could make a spot on the ground very quickly.

    • Fatboy pervert communist dictator may indeed have syphilis or similar brain debilitating disease. China has already withdrawn their support: returned coal shipments, stopped all flights and travel to NK, and stationed 150,000 Chinese troops along the border. China does not want Un to escalate the rhetoric or have nukes. That will mean the U.S. gives SK and Japan nukes. The Chinese have suggested that maybe South Korea could take over the north and administrate it, since SK is stable and the north is in continuous famine and turmoil.

      If he sends one little missile toward any U.S. ship, he will receive a retaliation that will send him to oblivion. A few MOABs dropped on his head those of his leadership should be sufficient.

    • Fat Boy is incapable of “learning” anything. He is the remnant of the Oriental history of regional warlords – and sees himself as the present heir to a “dynasty”. In every sense of the word, Kim represents that oriental tradition – in which the subjects suffered and sacrtificed to the power, privilege, and comfort of the ruling dynasty.) And like it – or not – only a form of communism adopted for several generations can establish one stable, unified, economy and society from that historical history.

  3. Michael Dennewitz

    Humanity is on the verge of TOTAL DESTRUCTION ! ! GOD HELP US ALL ! !

  4. And we will sink 70 submarines.

  5. Make our day, Fatso!

  6. What make this Korean butterball think he has the nads? Someone must have told him because he can’t see them bending over!

    • It’s known as “Megalomania”. Not at all uncommon in political leadership. Hillary is an excellent example (as are the Bush’s – where it seems to be genetic). May eventually apply to Trump – but it is far too early to be sure. Very common to people who are “born” to political power. (And the downfall of many “Aristocratic” Empires) – but can apply to political dynasties in “democracies” and “representative Republics” – as well. (The Kennedy’s definitely!, The Bush’s almost, and (scary!) possibly the Clinton’s. (And time will tell – maybe the Trump’s.)
      “Power corrupts – and absolute power, corrupts absolutely”.
      (Interesting correlation between the IL-Sungs in Korea – and the Duvaliers in Haiti.). The Arabic “Kingdoms”, “Principalities”, and “Sultanates” are good examples – but it is a world-wide phenominum. (Very unpopular in Islam – believe it or not.), Spoiled, pampered “brats”- who inherit national leadership have NEVER been effective in any “good way”. “If they have no bread – let them eat cake” (I think her head was chopped off?)

  7. It will never happen. He should quit talking about it and try it to see what will happen. He can’t sink a rubber duck let alone a ship.

  8. I don’t think that boy blunder has any idea as to how much fire power can be brought against him in such a short period of time. If he did, he would dig a hole, crawl in it and pull the hole in behind him. A very deep hole at that.
    I seriously doubt he will be in this world much longer. He will be joining the likes of Bin Laden, soon.

    • InternetCensorsREvil

      There is no hole deep enough or dark enough should he attempt an attack on a carrier.

      Our carriers are the queens of the sea and the fighting men who man her are, without a doubt the best trained ever, anywhere.

      I am proud to call them my ‘little brothers’.

      • Paul W Baumgartner

        carriers are sitting ducks, without support, they cant shoot down the nukes. if that happened ,all hell would break loose

        • InternetCensorsREvil

          Carriers NEVER cruise alone. The escorts carry ABM systems and the carrier has aircraft which can carry similar armaments.

          NK can’t get a missile off the launch bay successfully, much less hit what amounts to a toothpick in a huge ocean.

          Regardless, ballistic missiles are slow and ponderous at launch. Any launch can be intercepted with relative ease at that point.

        • Paul, have you been asleep for the past 100 years????? Yes they can Shoot down nukes and yes they are big targets but with all the fire power they have on-board it will be hard to sink one and they do have plenty of support from Destroyers, Cruisers, etc.

        • But our technology will identify any bomb coming their way and blow it out of the sky before it even hits its target. And if it comes to that, I hope the second bomb is targeted to hit the fat boy personally.

          • If a nuke is counter-attacked and exploded while still over NK, the EMP will fry all their communications and electrical grid unless they have EMP-hardened circuits like our Carrier Strike Group, which I doubt the fat little girlie-boy even thought about.

      • Nonetheless, I wish all our troops safe sailing and an early return home safe and sound. Thank you all!!!

  9. This is Operant Behavior….and will eventually go the way of the boy who cried Wolf!!!!!!

  10. If they attack her IN INTERNATIONAL WATERS there will be hell to pay. Keep you combat air patrol vigilant and be sure of you location!!!! Jon Korean vet.

  11. Can’t be too cautious with this nut

    • This is why the US needs to smoke check him now…SEAL TEAM 6….In & Out……

      • Getting in may be very possible. Getting back out without a seriously major fire fight , not so easy.

        • We’ve all seen too many movies. There are a lot of things that our “Seal Team” just can’t do – and getting within a mile of Kim is probably one of them. Wouldn’t be the same slam-dunk that getting OBL was (and even that operation wasn’t flawless.)

  12. I think we need to invite him or his military chief to visit the USA and fly over our military bases so they realize exactly what they are up against. I don’t think they have any true idea. Jon.

  13. Kim Jong-un, put on your “big boy” pants, we’re gonna rock your world!

  14. North Korea is pretty much dependent on China for everything. When HillBilly Cliton gave them $billions and food to the N. Koreans, he was basically paying what China DIDN’T have to. The Arkansas Philanderer in Chief was played big time at the expense of US taxpayers. President Trump is smart enough to not be duped by these Global Extortionists.

    • Maybe I’m being paranoid – but I can’t avoid wondering how much of the U.S. aid the Clintons “gave” to foreign countries – actually ended up in “The Clinton Foundation”? Haiti has raised very credible complaints that hundreds of millions the Clintons have reported as some kind of “humanitarian disaster relief” simply never got to Haiti. If not – where did it go and what was it used for? It appears that the Clintons are so corrupt – that nobody can figure out where to begin investigating them. Such a “can of worms” – that nobody really wants to open it?

      • I heard the Pres. Trump has someone looking into the HillBilly Clitons. I hope so. The Haiti thing was US and perhaps UN $ going for thousands of housing units that were never built. Hell LIAR y’s brother got involved in the gold mining rights also. The whole Cliton thing was about selling access to her power as Sec. of State and favors she’d sign off on for massive donations to The Cliton Foundation. They both should be jailed.

      • it would be better to put a Bullet in the 3 heads of the Clinton’s than to investigate all of their corruption, they will die of old age before it all comes out.

    • amen–the whole clinton clan are traitors and should be treated as such-0–will we eever be rid of them??

  15. It’s a shame that south korea is so close. I would love to see this pig grease the bottom of a hugh glass bowl.

  16. He is bluffing something terrible. He couldn’t get near one of the air craft carriers and if he did he wouldn’t have a country left to steal from. NK would be completely destroyed.

  17. Let him try, it seems he doesn’t know who he is dealing with. Bye bye doughboy!

    • He KNOWS who he is dealing with. We see all these blowhards blasting away on these “commentaries”, but in reality “Americans” do not want children,etc., annihilated by our (or any one else’s) bombs…and is attempting to bully us with this knowledge.

  18. I am still trying to figure out why all the major news channels keep putting out on bad stories on Trump. And make obama look like a saint. Abc,nbc&cbs are they part of the nwo. Don’t they know when they destroy the united states they also destroy theirself along with it. I think its about time they wised up.

  19. I believe the Chinese are prepared to let this go to the last minute to test the resolve of the both of us. I would were I in their position….maybe. We are talking about Nuclear Weapons here folks. That makes bulling a stupid move.

  20. N.Korea doesn’t have a lock on all the nuts. We have plenty of our own! We call them liberal, progressive, democrats!

  21. First asissnate Kim then blow N Korea away before hits the button. Do not give him another chance.

  22. SEAL TEAM 6

  23. That little Cock Sucking Gook is going to get a Tomahawk shoved up his Ass if he opens his missile silos. Trump is just itching for it…So is about 75% of his supporters…Fucking go for it Trump!!!!!

  24. We dropped the mother of all bombs in the wrong country

  25. They are all brainwashed to believe they can beat any country . The people there don’t even know how the Korean War really went . The history they get taught is nothing like reality . We let this go far longer than it should have . It should have been finished in 1953 under the original Commanding General . Truman is the cause of where we are today .


  27. I think President Trump will be the man of the hour against North Korea. Un is a spoiled brat punk that thinks he can make anything true that he says.
    President Trump knows how to handle a punk better than anyone I’ve ever seen. Deep inside, Donald has a cool head. He knows of the danger but he’s not going to go running scared. This reminds me of God saying to Ezekiel I’m going to send you to a rebellious people (Ezekiel 2). Further, He told him to be tough and cool…
    He said “Like emery, harder than flint I have made your forehead. Do not be afraid of them or be dismayed before them, though they are a rebellious house.” (Ezekiel 3)
    I’ll tell you that our President LOOKS like he has a forehead of flint, doesn’t he? I think he HAS heard from the Lord to even take this job and I think he can dominate better than anyone out there, foreign or Stateside. He was put there to bail our country out in SO many ways. Let’s just let him do his job and he’ll do fine.

  28. Kim Jon Un is a blatant flaming homosexual and will cower if there is any violence against his country. Like most homosexuals he is a coward at heart and will probably sent his pink brigade to try and hit their adversaries with their purses. I wonuldnt wo y too much about his inanane rhetoric.

  29. My though on this threat to sink our aircraft carrier.If he is stupid enough to fire on our ships and manages to hit our AC it should be the last thing he ever does.Show NK that they should not mess with the USA.I read that we also have a nuclear sub with this battle group that carries a dozen or more nuclear missiles.They have a huge army but I think they would run if attacked.It’s all for show.I also read that NK has a hundred artillery units pointed at South Korea where we have troops stationed,plus millions of SK people.Could be a disaster.So if we have to counter attack make it big and final.

    • There is a nuclear powered submarine with the Task Force; however, it is not a “Boomer” and is more likely a Fast Attack Submarine … designed to attack and destroy surface ships and other submarines.

    • we also need to beef up the border as those morons are going to race each other to get out of nk

      • The only ones keeping them in has been the Kims. As far as I know anybody escaped from NK has family in the S. to welcome them. Government keeps an eye on them because there have been a few spies and saboteurs, but in general I think they are welcome (being the same people and speaking the same language.
        Now that US, China,Russia are all in agreement, 150,000 Cinese troops on the border and massive US mavsl forces offshore – I hope Kim won’t be given a hance to back down, and continue to be pain in the neck.

    • I`m with you especially the word big and final.

  30. Kim baby ought to read about the last country that sank American ships


  32. It’s time to let the Mad Dog eat.

  33. does kim jong un want to go to early grave

  34. I think that little sawed-off RUNT had better get it through his thick head that his “buddy” OSUMBAG is GONE.

    IF they actually DO fire at a U.S Carrier, I believe There WILL be a IMMEDIATE retaliation unlike the “last” so-called “president”.
    Hopefully it will be directly at his “palace” and turn it into a pile of useless rubble with HIM hiding inside.

  35. Koreans can be shifty especially one who is so arrogant like Korea’s young overfed leader. Beware his idle threats because one day his arrogance may force him to initiate a battle his people can’t win. But, like obama, it’s never been about the people he led, but about his own power and ego!

    It is the wise leader that does not threaten but plays a psychological game of give and take until goals are achieved. Obama did the U.S. a huge disservice by showing “weakness” and arrogance instead of strength of character and knowledge — he failed horribly as a president as we are all finding out about his damaging legislation..

    Kim Jong Un is nothing more than a “Korean Barrack”; however, Un is facing someone who might kick his butt to the curb – President Trump with a strong strategic Military just itching to make its mark. Good luck with that Kim boy! Don’t lead your people to slaughter…but his arrogance will because he’s a dictator and that is what they do.

    • He doesn`t care about the people in NK just like the anti American coward who hated our country . That fat little bastard should be hung.

  36. ok , this dipshit can destroy a carrier and california, and we can DESTROY HIS WHOLE FUCKIN COUNTRY,are you really that stupid KIMMY…….

  37. Hammer said it all! china has lost patience a matter of time.

  38. Hey Fat Boy If you play with FIRE your sure to get your ASS BURNED. FLASH. ” N-KOREA MOLTEN GLASS ”
    BOBBY ~!~

  39. Stop anything going into NK oil gas food anything isolate them from the rest of the world . They have nothing to sell can’t feed there people bring them to there knees and maybe someone will kill that little bastard .

  40. Tell sweet little Kim–the fat, Girlie-Boy, that we will sink the cesspool of DPRK into the Yellow Sea and Sea of Japan and there will be a new 500 mile Strait of Korea separating China and Free Korea! And girlie-boy’s husband wannabe, Al Egore will thank us for reversing so-called global warming with a Nuclear Winter that will turn the Sahara into lush farmland.


  42. China has to have plenty of people that would be willing to smear some of the stuff on comrade Un that ole Un had rubbed on his Uncle and Bro. Ya think? Problem with all of these dictator, terrorist, is, once you take out one, you never know if the next whack will be worse….

  43. NK fat little punk dictator needs to be taken down ASAP. His threats need action from USA to show the world we NOW restored our dominance with a strong president.

    • True we have a president with a backbone and won`t be led around by the nose like that jelly fish Obama who would sit in his pants if a mouse farted.

  44. I suppose that the mentally ill little fat bastard is going to use those rocket launchers tied to the worn out AK’s with parachute cord to do the deed.
    What Brother Dave once said about Cuba may apply here.
    “The Mississippi National Guard, could take Cuba in a flat bedded wagon in 30 minutes”

    • That “Bay Of Pigs” thing didn’t work out very well for us, tho. Led quickly to the “Cuban Missile Crisis” – as I recall

  45. These are delusional nut-jobs! That one strike force could destroy all of North Korea. Never forget, there are also nuclear submarines positioned around the strike group, and they have real live nuclear warheads.

    • And tho’s warheads and the delivery systems … WORK !!!

      • And, that is a fact!

        • How about a unified Korea ? Be messy for a while, but maybe it would work out better than Vietnam… it worked for Japan and Germany in the past, but of course, we kept our hand in it for a good while.

          • From my limited experience in South Korea, both sides want to become one country. I was surprised that so many South Koreans resent we Americans. I know first-hand what many of the South Korean college students think of us, and it’s not good.

          • Strange, strange. I think that even after time in the US they don’t understand us. ‘ Would bite the hand that feeds you ‘ .

          • I agree, but those are facts. When I left Seoul, Korea for the airport in August of 1989, our car was pummeled with rocks, bottles, and Molotov cocktails. I was warned, early on, by the Colonel of the Army Corps of Engineers that we were not welcome at the university on the hill above Seoul.

          • And the other option is to just pack up and come home… say, not a bad idea. The ‘Police Action’ was never a declared war.

          • We lost a lot of lives in that “undeclared” war in addition to many who were maimed/injured for life. We “lost” this one, just as we did in Viet Nam, all because they were wars waged by politicians, not the honorable men of the military. If I had to make the decision, I would bring all our people home, and let the Koreans fight it out. Their war was much like our Civil War, but for different reasons.

          • Well – we did split up their country for our own cold war strategic purposes. And for all practical purposes S. Korea remains occuppied by the USA. We tried the same thing in Vietnam and it didn’t work. The “Domino Theory” was just propaganda. Sovereign and unified Vietnam has been a stabilizing influence in the region, and we never hear anything from them. I think Korea would have been the same if we (“the UN”) had left them alone.
            “20-20 hindsight” – but WashDC never uses even that.

          • I concur with your analysis and conclusions regarding Korea and Viet Nam. The UN has been the enemy of freedom nearly from its inception. “UN” actually stands for UN-American.

          • So South Koreans live a life of freedom and aren’t starving to death by the millions and it is because of the US and you accuse the US of splitting up the country? So in 1950 when NK invaded SK and the US stepped in and saved SK with much loss of life to our soldiers you accuse us of an ulterior motive. What would it look like today if that fat boy was in control of all of Korea? The fat looney wouldn’t have anyone in the way to stop him.

          • The only thing that stopped us from wiping out N.Korea was China. And China had to help the N. hold the line because they understood the US record and policy. China had plenty of experience with Foreign Policy of meddling in its allies domestic affairs during WW2 when we betrayed China with our attempt to install a corrupt, unpopular, puppet dictatorship after the Japs were defeated. We evacuated it to the (geographically and historically) Chinese island of Taiwan and protected it as “Nationalist China” against the will of its indigenous population. Achina saw this as a further betrayal and it still complicates China-US relations. The US policy of military power blackmail was a fact in Europe then – and remains so today. With that background China could not and can not trust the USA.China had no choice to stop the “liberation” of Korea somewhere around the “38th Parallel” and kick our Imperialist butts out of Vietnam entirely.
            Your observation that S.Korea benefitted from US involvement is correct – except it left a problem behind that we have consistently rxploited and aggravated and made worse – where we find ourselves today. I wish that I could remain in ignorance, beleiving that my country is the generous, benign, altruistic, transparent, power that many of us believe it to be. But both the ugly little details of history and the tragic, dangerous conditions we see all around us – does not support that self-flattering (albeit “Patriotic”) delusion.

          • Of course China came into North Korea during the Korean War. NK and China were Communist allies. China came into Vietnam because NV and China were Communist allies. Why are you making something so simple so complicated? Your bloviating screed is composed of Communist propaganda. Blaming the US is what Communists do.

          • Your pointbis unclear. Hoe does a mention of a historical fact suggest a political ideology one way or another? Let me put it this way: Would China have gone into Korea and Vietnam if they had not been invaded by foreign forces? It would be pointless to have an approving or dis-approving opinion of a historical fact. If you consider yourself conservative – then I suppose you might call anything you see differently as “communist”. But if you are liberal – you would view the exact same comment to be “conservative”. That is nonsense – but it is also true. I stick to my observation that had neither Korea nor Vietnam had a border with China – the USA would have not involved itself. That can not be proven one way or another but it would be my opinion whether I were Conservative – or Liberal. How conservative should I have been in order to be accepted as a Trump voter? How many of us will just have to vote Democrat next time – because we don’t meet the standards of a Repupublican “Purist” – like you?

          • I don’t know what kind of medication your doctor has you on but I wouldn’t try to engage in life on it. Your long bloviating screed is full of I don’t know what. Have a good life. I am blocking you so I won’t be subjected to whatever you call posting.

          • None of our business, you are presuming the dynasty would have survived. Speculation!

          • “Worked out better than Vietnam”? What little I hear – Vietnam is doing just fine. Has been a stabilizing influence in the region (Stopped the genocidal Pol Pot regime in Cambodia – when nobody else bothered to.) and seems to be an improving economy that gets keeps to itself and gets along with everybody. It “worked in Japan and Germany ONLY at incredible expense to the U.S. taxpayer.
            (Which is easily overlooked when the relative “success” of countries where “we have had our hand in for a good while” – including S.Korea).
            It is an artificial “success” based on the hard work and sacrifices of the American public. (Applies especially to Israel – which always was and always will be a debilitating parasite on the USA.)

  46. We have several zillion pounds of spent nuclear fuel rods, in a hollowed out mountain in Nevada.
    Go there, set up a remote grinding operation, grind them into a large clumpy granular substance.
    Buy up about 10, 000 of the old crop dusters.
    Wait for windy day where the wind is blowing out to sea from N Korea..
    Using the old crop dusters, spread it evenly from the Chinese border to the sea.
    ^ monthas later at a nominal price, every thin in N Korea will be dead and we will have no further problems with them.
    If China wants to wait the 50 or 60 years for the radiation to die down they can have N korea.

    • The biggest problem with your idea is that the contamination would easily spread to South Korea, China, and Japan, but then so would any other nuclear strike.

    • The winds in the upper atmosphere would contaminate the globe. In 1815 Mt Tambora in the Dutch East Indies had the most powerful eruption in 10,000 years. The eruption changed the climate with the ash thrown into the atmosphere causing the “Year without summer” and global famine. Never throw nukes around. In that case it was global cooling.

    • And 10,000 crop duster pilots will be dead also. But that won’t happen because there is no such thing as “10,000 “old crop dusters.” And never mind how they would be deployed within flying distance of North Korea. Your idea is NUTS! See Kevin’s comment below for another reason your idea is nuts.

      • You really, are a fing liberal dem bloodsucking cretin, aren’t you?
        On any given week there are several thousand old crop dusters sold, in the USA
        Getting them there?
        You did know that S Korea borders on N Korea, didn’t you a-wipe?

        • “On any given week there are several thousand old crop dusters sold.”

          You said it; now offer up some proof for such an absurd statement.

          • Liberal dem bloodsucker, I have not adopted you, therefore I am under no obligation to feed you, house you or educate you.
            Find out the same way that I did, a-hole, google it.
            Do you also want me to prove that S Korea borders on N. Korea, cretin?

          • Typical flawed and cowardly wingnut strategy there, dodger–and that nickname is especially apt in that context. It is the obligation of the one asserting a proposition to serve up the evidence in support of it. If you “googled it” then you must know where to go to support your statement. Any skilled disputant would gladly do so, but you are a cheap shot artist who can’t put up the goods, so you invoke the “you do it” DODGE, seasoned, of course, with insults!

          • You need to do the same with your moronic posts also. It seems you low IQ gullible liberals don’t fight by the same standards in you looney posts.

          • verbose pedantic and still unadopted.

            Yep, archtypical liberal dem bloodsucker, the world owes you everything.
            have you considered suicide?

  47. Let’s put one big nuke on Pyonyang and bring an end to this BS.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  48. David Harrington

    It is just the same old same old. This crap with fathead happens on schedule every year. Dernald is playing it for all it is worth though. The U.S. mainland is in no danger. The S. Koreans are used to this and they are in real danger and not really sweating it. Where are your taxes you Liar and Cheat!??Grab any pu$$y lately. Like Dernald has a clue about N. Korea.. I am glad he has people around who do know what to do. He knows how to turn it into a “made for television” show while his flying monkeys and crotch fruit fleece the country.

    • David Harrington during the Woman’s march more women grabbed their own pussies than Trump has ever done in his lifetime. By the way it was alleged Trump said “he would like to have grabbed her pussy” and not actually done so.

      • David Harrington

        This is a cleaned up quote the p word was censored the F word was censored and so was the b word… Otherwise… Here is a direct quote of Dernald on tape.
        “I did try and f@@k her. She was married.
        I moved on her like a female dog,
        But I couldn’t get there.
        And she was married.
        You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful.
        I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss.
        I don’t even wait.
        You can do anything…
        Grab them by the pu$$y.
        You can do anything.”
        The President of the United States of America Donald J Trump

        • You poor deluded, gullible liberal millennial. You have never heard a Trump impersonator before have you? There was no video of him even saying that. As far as a pig goes, Sinton was Impeached for his WH antics. His stain was on Monica’s dress. Now there was proof of Sinton’s lechery and he WAS THE PREZ IN THE WH.

          • Stuart, you are well entrenched among the gullible sheeple who believe WHAT they believe only because they WANT to believe it. No one from the Trump defense has ever alleged anything remotely like the scenario you have imagined up.”Trump impersonator”, my ass!
            The lecherous varmint himself uttered those misogynistic words! Neither he nor his supporters (except silly you) have alleged the crazy stuff you posted.

          • Talk about silly posts you are the silliest. What Trump defense are you talking about? I see you conveniently ignored my post about Sinton. You are so brainwashed that you really don’t know anything about anything. Where is the proof that Trump said that? There isn’t any so like a good low IQ gullible Dim you just keep on parroting fake news. The only ones who believe your continuation of a lie are you low IQ gullible Dims. Just remember when the smoke settled Hillary wasn’t the Prez and Trump was. None of the BS will get Trump impeached like Sinton. Something supposedly said by Trump 20 years ago doesn’t Trump Sinton getting impeached for real.

          • Gullible sheeple is your venue not mine. Sheeple is the conservative word for you gullible liberals and has been for decade.

  49. African Americans are a proud hard working people with a proud heritage in our history and unlimited sacrifices for our nation in war. That said, I do not include Barrack Obama as one of them, instead he is a pathological liar, communist, anti-white racist, and anarchist. Millions of black Americans supported Trump, especially those seeking a better community, education, job, and hopes for their kids. The Trump haters are left wing rich liberals, and the ignorant. The question is when nearly all the media lies to us about Trump daily, when the Obama supporting Democratic Party already starting impeachment process on him, after ignoring eight years of lawlessness, and accepting lies as reality becaus e a black president said so, we must respond if needed. We cannot live in fear of violent masked anarchist, we must not be force to accept control of the media as a propaganda tool. The wealthy left liberals do not see themselves giving up their wealth, they see the majority as equal under the new world order, not them. Example Obamacare does not apply to democrats in Congress, but the rest of us fall under it. Very similar to communism?

    • With the democrats it`s all about money and power. Most of them are anti Americans who don`t care what happens to our country because it wouldnt affect them. The worst of them all is Obama who is an anti American who has a flock of sheep who still follow him who are the most discusting idiots in the world. We have had eight years of nothing but bull shit. Trump has done more for this country in eight weeks than Obama did in eight years in spite of all the Democrats trying to destroy what he stands for. the swamp needs to be drained and Trump will get it done. His motto is America first and he is showing that he means it. Trump is a true AMERICAN.

      • The problem is the liberals hired folks to prevent opposite viewpoints from being heard, all we are allow to hear are lies about Trump and how wonderful Obama a pathological liar was. They are funding violent protests that allow police to stand idle while wearing masks they attack conservative, it was reported their carrying 2 by 4 boards with nails derived through and sharp ends hanging out to whack conservatives in the head. Set fires and force the innocent to live in terror. At the same time Obama, Holder, and lard ass Lynch praise them as protestors not anarchist. Even websites like this have hired goons to insult and shut down free speech. Once Foxnews is gone most of our news will be propaganda and cover ups for the democrats. Until we have the courage to peacefully expose what Obama did it will continue. With a Congress that is for sale the future look dark, they are scared poopless to ask questions about the money spent and secret agenda of the former executive branch. We pretty much lost our personal freedom when Obama became our Fuehrer.

  50. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  51. Fat boy may soon be nothing but a glowing cinder. North Korea is close in size to the state of Florida. Erase this nut case and his private army. The only reason this rogue state still exists is because the Chinese came in to save them.

    • The Chinese might be thinking about regime change as a better deal than what we would do to the fat one. I say lets take them up on it.

      • Let’s just say that the Chinese have opportunity to fix the problem. What they may actually do is always unpredictable.

        • Very true. I hope they act before the Fat one does something stupid.

        • I don’t know if their air force is as capable as our Navy aviation, but I heard they were massing 1/2 to a million men from their army on the Yalu river border. That should be enough to take Pyonyang in short order, should they decide to do so.

  52. Seoul is preparing to evacuate 230,000 people from their homes. This signals “the beginning of the end”. Pop some corn and watch what takes place.

  53. If Fatso Kim did attack our ships, it’d be his last gasp as a thermonuclear American Cruise missile turned him into dust and his palace into a parking lot. It’d be a short war. China needs to take Fatso Kim behind a shed and put a bullet in his brain. Then place one of their puppets to run the country.

  54. That is just the thing Lil’ Kim needs to try. Sink the Vinson. OMG!!! It would give us the oppurtinity to show the world our might and with due justification.

  55. I think it is time to put North Korea out of there misery. I think when North Korea was doing those tests for there missiles etc. And caused issues saying they would use them on any country. Including South Korea and Russia and the United States. This is enough of there threats. I say bomb the whole North Korea and kill them all. I can’t understand Russia sitting there and standing on there rear ends not taking North Korea seriously by there threats they made towards them. Is President Putin that dumb huh????? I mean as a Russian President. Putin should be taking them seriously and not taking them lightly. And should consider them dangerous. And should be preparing to take action along side with the United States and kill all the North Koreans only! And Trump should be prepared to take full action against North Korea if they bomb our ship USS Carl Vinson. As the USS Carl Vinson is just sitting there and doing nothing but observation only! Nothing wrong what there doing there by simply observing things in the area only is there??

    It was that stinking no good yellow coward Barrack Hussein Obama and Bill And Hillary Clinton who are like Yellow a mile wide and a mile long who was scared and afraid if they did anything to any other country. They was the ones who let all these damn foreigners in our country. Now were infested with them. And can’t get rid of them. That’s why were having more bad issues here in the United states is because of what Obama and Bill and Hillary Clinton did. Need to send Obama and family and the Clinton’s and there thugs in the government who supported them and love them. All to Iraq. And never let them come back. Or execute them by Military power. Besides Obama has no business talking to North Korea. He is no longer political Power anymore.Along with the Clinton’s. Can’t understand why Trump hasn’t yet incarcerated the family of Barrack Hussein Obama family. Along with the Clinton family. They should not be loose and free and talking to the enemy in my eyes.

  56. If the insane fat ass even tries to sink the Vinson we need to nuclear carpet bomb North Korea. We’ll turn it into a glass parking lot.

  57. If Un were to fire anything at a U.S. Ship, the Korean Peninsula would be reunited…without any North Korea.

  58. What makes this idiot leader think that any launch by his country would ever be successful is beyond belief. He may launch, but it will never make the strike intended. The eyes of the world are on NK and any indication of a strike will be known immediately. The US reaction will be equally immediate and the reprisal devastating to NK.
    So, bring it on Fat Boy and “your bacon will be in the fire!”

  59. The US has a great military, but cyber attacks, EMP, nuclear fallout, internal sleeper cells, subversive elements already in the US that want to bring down the government. Today, Blackouts Hit LA, New York, San Francisco – Was It Cyberattack? I doubt we will ever get the truth. We also have other countries that may support the FATBOY that also have subversives in the US. We have 9 states with Muslim “NO GO ZONES”, who do you think they would support?

  60. Have fat asses nuclear war head come back to its home and blow the moron out of this world. (it can be done)

  61. This is old news from last week. Why the re-post?

  62. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    To kill the Korean dragon is to chop off the head. Without it, it will die a slow death. But it has to come from within, by a woman maybe. Or is the guy a queer surrounded by men only?

  63. Keith F. Golembiewski

    The USA should hit North Korea NOW with everything they have & kill that FAT Bastard ASAP. Enough is Enough. All type weapons should be on the table. Hit them HARD. I am tired of hearing about North Korea & their threats.

  64. Kim is just NUTS! His continuing saber rattling is going to get him in very DEEP, VERY HOT water.

    Phil in TX

  65. Fatso Kim’s recent live fire demonstration was impressive. If war comes, I sincerely hope 6 Star General Fatso Kim places all those tanks and guns on the beach. USA can send in drones with the CBU-105 tank buster:

  66. Connie Valdez-Gallas

    If he dares try to sink a U.S. aircraft carrier to show his power, he will get the surprise of his life. The
    U.S. will blow him up so fast he won’t have time to say goodbye.

  67. Fatboy is on crack! One shot, one kill! He’ll never hear it coming.

  68. We will sink North Korea if they get too close to our aircraft carrier!!!

  69. When the “korean Conflict”, back in the 1950s ended in only a “cease fire”, it was obvious to many of us that someday we would inevitably have to finish the job!

  70. Well, Mister “HEADINSTRAIGHT”, you may not have anyone to upset the apple cart of your thoughts when you are alone doing your expert fly fishin’ or doing your authoritative deaconing. I’m sure you do a lot of good and I wouldn’t want to discourage any of that- you’ve tried hard to do right.
    Now be honest… did you EVER speak , think, or DO ANY of the vulgar things that you listed in your “deaconized” characterization of the total being you packaged up for President Trump?? I think we all have.
    All have sinned and
    fall short of the
    glory of God,
    Rom. 3:23
    I think Donald gained a lot of votes from tough guy voters when he said “We’re gonna kick the S**T out of ISIS”.
    Now King David was a mighty man with a real heart for God and GUTS that God used mightily. Did David ever sin? Yes, he lusted after Bathsheba, had her husband killed, and committed fornication with her. He DID repent and he was a great man of God with a lot of guts that were needed in those years.
    That’s what we need right now is guts to face that bratty punk that runs North Korea- somebody that won’t go running scared and give the punk bully anything he wants, leaving him free to do anything he wants with us. You don’t handle a bully that way. Throughout the Bible, God has used some nefarious people to get the things done that were needed. Rahab, the whore saved Israel in Jerico, Take Mary Magdalene, formerly a whore with seven demons, repented and was then an example that taught disciples to be real. Let us be real now and see how God will use President Trump even if he’s not perfect. The Bible says that there is no ruling authority than what God puts there, for whatever reason, I might add (maybe sometimes to teach us voters a lesson).

  71. I have three words for Little Fat Boy: Bring It On.

    Any attempt, successful or not, will immediately turn N.K. into a giant crater.

  72. The FAT BOY never realized that the moment he fires his missiles that also his end. He never realized the deadly accuracy of Tomahawks and THAAD’s interceptor missiles. The US military have secret weapon to target the FAT BOY’s hideout 100 ft drilling capacity bomb. The cousin of that MOAB. Lol.

  73. Quit fooling with fat boy & blow them off the face of the map.

  74. When a bully is backed into a corner he puffs up his chest and acts big. That way no one can see his knees knocking in fright.

  75. Remember FAT BOY the USA is the only Country to date that HAS used nuclear force…shut the fuck up and start feeding your people

  76. IF that PERV Little fat ASSHAT tries to sink a US war ship….He just may get a Lesson in REALITY to RUIN his LIFE!!

  77. David VanBockel

    Time to compare the length and strength of swords.
    The “winner” will need a lot of potassium iodide to protect the folks.

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