North Korea to U.S. Congress: Don’t Impose Sanctions

North Korea must be worried about how the newest round of U.S. sanctions will hit them, because they took the unusual step this week of writing directly to the House of Representatives to protest the stiffening punishment. While there’s nothing special about Pyongyang complaining (violently) about the actions of the United States, it is extraordinarily rare for their parliament to address American lawmakers directly. It could be a sign that the country fears losing China’s protections and thus having to face the full brunt of the economic limitations imposed by the rest of the world.

In the letter, which was published by North Korean state media, the regime called the sanctions “the most heinous act against humanity that not only infringes upon the sacred sovereignty of the DPRK, but also arbitrarily violates universal principles of sovereign equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries which run through the United Nations Charter.”

“The U.S. House of Representatives should think twice,” the regime continued. “As (the House) enacts more and more of these reckless hostile laws, the DPRK’s efforts to strengthen nuclear deterrents will gather greater pace, beyond anyone’s imagination.”

The House passed the new sanctions on May 4 with a 419-1 vote. The sanctions were developed as part of the U.S. response to Kim Jong Un’s continued threats to both America and its foreign allies; the regime has also repeatedly defied the international community with their ballistic and nuclear tests.

The sanctions will, when enacted, target the country’s shipping industry and their reliance on slave labor. The package also requires the Trump administration to recommend whether or not North Korea should regain its status as a state sponsor of terror within 90 days. If Trump’s State Department designates the regime as such, it would trigger another round of strong sanctions and could endanger the U.S. foreign assistance flowing into the country.

This could simply be nothing more than another example of Kim Jong Un’s overblown rhetoric, but it could also mean that American pressure is finally breaking through Pyongyang’s seemingly-impenetrable, hostile facade. After several recent failed ballistic missile tests and indications that China could be ready to abandon their client state, is the North Korean madman ready to see reason?

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  1. Dennis Anderson

    Just like the muslims you forking slope heads are always pushing to see what you can get away with. We as a nation are going to blow N Korea back into the stone age. Dont think we dont have emp bombs ourselfs. I do think for our own protection and a show of force we need to blow out of earths orbit N Koreas satelites. They are claimed to have EMP bombs that can turn us into a third world country with starvation. We only have a 30 day supply of food for back up. Why in the hell were we as a nation flooding our country with immigrants and illegals. What the fork is wrong with this thinking anyway. It looks like sabotage to me! For myself the risk is waiting for this fat little cherub to make this blunder.To try and use a EMP on the USA? When that happens Kim Un will cease to exist.

    • Mr. Anderson, OWEbama promised to “fundamentally transform this country” and he did from a Constitutional Republic which he hated into a Third World country to his liking.

      • AS A RESULT he destroyed the Democrat Party and exposed the MSM for WHO they really are!
        ~ NOW, the RINO traitors have exposed themselves by their very actions and inactions and MUST be removed from Congress….starting with Paul Ryan and ‘Granny’ Mitch McConnell !!!!!

    • It’s all part of the New World Order, Obama, George Soros, Fatso Kim and everyone involved to overthrow the world.

  2. Why is US foreign assistance flowing into North Korea? They threaten us with nukes, and we send them assistance. Must be a liberal idea.

    • When we will stop our money going to NK and Iran and others of their ilk? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

    • I believe President Donald J. Trump issued a Executive Order stopping the flow of American Money into North Korea and Iran, and all other nations that are a threat to freedom or commit atrocities toward other people. Such as muslims murdering Christians. Don’t be confused between North and South Korea. America very much supports South Korea.

    • It’s definitely a dumb idea, but that’s redundant.

    • I think it is food and medical for the people. They also think the little Dicktator directs some of the food to the black market. I am sure he feeds his troops, the everyday people always suffer.

      The US has cut back on it.

      • Kim Jong-FatBoy also seems to find no problem in feeding himself…

        • I read somewhere that money he receives from oil, etc that he pays his top generals and others for their loyalty.

          The food was grains.

          • Doesn’t matter what the food was. You KNOW that Kim is grabbing it all for himself and his cronies, so WHY does our government send aid? We Know the actual people never see it.
            Time to QUIT sending aid of any kind to 북한 {North Korea}!

          • Yeah, he ate the grains, drank the water and became bloated! The people got very little but they had to know that it came from other countries and know that others were concerned. Maybe if they are ever freed from the bowling pin, they will want a democracy or Republic. The US has cut back on the amount.

    • Also the U N ls helping fat boy get a licensee to develope nerve gas .and we support the un. Again how stupid are . Du…trump get out of he UN.

    • It’s even more bizarre when one considers the fact that we the USA are minimally $20 trillion in debt. So our beloved government is actually borrowing money in our names and sending to to the likes of N. Korea and Iran????? Is it incompetence? Indifference? Corruption? Or is it some combination of the 3????

    • dranalog, you are so right. I did not even know we were even sending Help and moneys $$$ to North Korea.. What the F$CK is wrong with us. Are we willing to pay for North Korea to Bomb Us. I can’t hardly believe we are doing this to ourselves. Is Congress that Stupid ?? Must be Obama’s Left overs O.M.G.
      Bobby ~!~

  3. For the last eight years, the more a country hated us, the more many we sent them. Just another stupid liberal idea.

    • What would one expect from the party of “UTTER STUPIDITY”? They tried the same thing with Blacks under Johnson and that didn’t work well either!!

    • Obummer said he hated America, and this is what we get for electing an America-Hating pos to the office of the President.

  4. ken flung dung is a fool—where is the beat sniper who ever lived ,carlos , when he is needed

  5. Obama gave N. Korea 1.3 billion dollars in aid. In return, N.Korea used this aid to feed the very people who are building weapons to kill Americans.

    Doing stupid things like feeding the people who want to kill us, and giving massive welfare to illegals, is how Obama wasted 10 trillion dollars in 8 years.
    If Obama had a brain, he’d take it out and play with it.

  6. There is foreign assistance flowing into North Korea from the U.S.? That should have been stopped a long time ago.

  7. China supports North Korea, hold China accountable for the actions of its leader Un. if China wants to be the worlds reserve currency it must float its currency, no more peging it to the USD.

    • think that the chinkees are leaning on Fat Boy…rejected his latest coal shipments and rumor has it that they are refusing to send in oil…the darkness known as NK could become heatless as well…meanwhile another slope airhead killer will let the starving folks freeze…might be less painful…

  8. A 2 word reply to N.K. should be: “or what?”

  9. “is the North Korean madman ready to see reason”?

    Has any Dictator in history ever seen “Reason”??? It’s not in their DNA.

    Hitler is good example, when the Russian/American allies were closing in from both East and West, Hitler had kids as young as 12 armed to “fight to the death” to “save the Father land”.

    As History has proved, there’s only one way to deal with dictator, that is to inject a few ounces of copper coated lead into their heads at 2800 Ft per second.

    Problem solved.

    • Heaviest bullet I could find is a 750 grain 50 cal. 750 grains = about 1.714 oz. That said, A 150 grain hollow point accurately delivered between the eyes should do the trick just as well, just not as spectacularly! 🙂

  10. Not until a assassin’s bullet bring an end to Fatso Kim’s Tyranny. The following political struggle would tear North Korea apart.

  11. The United States may not have to do anything but sit back and watch after fat boy’s new missile launch crashed just off the coast of Russia. Putin just may do the job FOR us.

  12. When did America begin allowing our enemies to direct our Congress? Oh yes I remember sense Berry aka obama. Now that we have a REAL President this must stop.

  13. Korea is still and will ever be a foul up SNAFU for not bombing the Yalu River Power dams with torpedoes!
    Korea will always be like Nam, just another SNAFU for folding up like shot ducks!

  14. MR_Mr_Deplorable_Hapla

    Truman could have avoided the NoKo problem specifically, and the Cold War as a whole, by dropping a few nukes in the early 50’s, or shutting down the Soviets in the mid-40’s.

  15. Congress to North Korea: WE ARE PLACING SANCTIONS ON YOU!

  16. They don’t mind threatening us with annihilation why shouldn’t we squeeze the fat boy tighter and tighter!

  17. Once a Narcissist, always a Narcissist. Kim jong Un will continue his “power” play because he doesn’t care abt his people, just himself. In a Narcissist’s world, no one counts but the Narcissist.

    For example, obama is a Narcissist only there were too many Governmental Agencies watching his moves for him to do more dirt to our Nation. Kim Jong Un is a dictator…he reports to no one.

    So will someone in Un’s own Congress take him down in order to save their country from economic sanction doom? Time will tell. That little DIKtator needs to be stopped – either by a weapon or a major Time Out in a prison cell.

  18. Ever since the Clintonistas occupied the White House, this Country’s government has been kissing North Korea’s rear end. Except for a minority of Real Americans, Congress has always bowed down to them. President Trump’s administration has to stand up to these traitors. WE have to help…Call, write, fax, text your Reps and Senators and give ’em hell if they start talking wimpy again.

  19. What they really meant was, please, please, don’t impose sanctions.
    How about giving that money to someone here, like maby the children’s hospital.

  20. Don’t shoot rockets @ us or any one else for testing or else we will turn your lites off period!

  21. Chomsky is still on a learning curve involving tyrants and other sob’s!

  22. Screw sending them “aid”. North Korea is starving its own people to death. While it is sad, it is THEIR problem.

    • Aid always goes to the wealthy. Look at Hillary with Hatitian relief fraud, or Leanardo DeCaprio carbon foot print fraud as he chemical trails all over the skies. Aid just keeps the fat dictator fat.

  23. Oh, by all means don’t do what North Korea wants. They are working to destroy us with money HILLARY and OBAMA gave them,they with Iran are working on improving nuclear middle war heads. Get that old granny Communist Joan Baez to sing about that. Or is she still whining about America as she rapes the land, instead of going back to Mexico? Thought I heard her singing about the price of baby parts in one of her ballads. Hold out for a better price it’s a woman’s right. She has so much in common with North Korea why not send her and Jane Fonda and Judd and the menstruating marchers along with the PMS crowd to North Korea? They would be so much more at home there. Safe place for them, very safe.

  24. David VanBockel

    “Hail, Columbia! Millions for Defense, but not one more Penny for Tribute!”

  25. Sounds like Edgar Allen Poe writes their stuff.

  26. Cut them off. Tell them we will drop the sanctions after 6 months of good behavior.

  27. Maybe North Korea needs to realize that threatening the US, South Korea, and Japan (especially with nukes )is the reason for the sanctions—and that if they would act like they wanted to be friendly to other countries, these things wouldn´t be happening.

  28. Thank God O-bad-ma is no longer the commander-in-chief (a position he was woefully incapable to fill). His response to Kim would be to send more financial aid to North Korea, reduce the US presence in South Korea and ask Kim what else he would like to have in order for North Korea to make promises they never intend to keep. Eight years of complete incompetent leadership from 2008-2016 and now years and years of the country needing to dig out from under the mess he left. What a disgrace.

  29. Piss on The lil gook

  30. Now isn’t that the typical reaction of little brats trying to negotiate to be allowed to continue their bad behavior and avoid the consequences? They really need to be spanked on the world stage with overwhelming consequences that would totally eradicate the fat baby in charge!

  31. Mr. POTUS, strict, strong sanctions are the only way that the NK fat boy will listen to reason. I addition to the sanctions, there must be an information system to tell all the NK peoples what is going on and how their leader will destroy them and the nation if he doesn’t cooperate with the World community!

  32. And threatening to drop a nuclear devise on another country is…………….what? Kinda getting tired of being bullied. When I was 7 years old, I took the neighborhood bully down. The sanctions I used was a Louisville Slugger! He never bullied anyone ever again. In fact he was taught to be a model kid.

  33. North Korea is about one week from total starvation.
    This little prick needs to STFU and realize that even China isn’t willing to enable him any more.I am amazed there hasn’t been a total revolution yet.
    The country is a 3rd world shithole.

  34. Economically, North Korea is in “Dire Straits”! IF it wasn’t for Communist China, they’d have gone under DECADES ago. Unfortunately for N. Korea, they have a dictator, who BELIEVES his Own P.R. B.S. !


  36. After the fat little turd, Kim, threatens us with a missile and a nuke, he starts giving orders to the US to not impose sanctions! Screw him and his rice bowl. They should pop three nuclear subs up right off his coast and tell him, “draw little buddy”! After he goes in for new shorts, he can issue an apology.

    • They got into it by themselves (the Kims) they can get out of it the same way.

      North Korea hs been ruled by the Kims since it was declared a country in 1948… Kim Il-Sung from 1948 to 1994, Kim Jong-Il from 1994 until 2011, and Kim Jong-Un 2011 to Present. They have used their power to create a “Workers’ Paradise” where everybody but them and their cronies starve. Then they plead “Underprivileged Nation and demand foreign assistance, which they use for their military and political
      friends. We need to stop giving them anything, mostly because NONE of it goes to the people, who need it.

  37. ” . . . is the North Korean madman ready to reason?”

    In a word, no. This guy is so far gone into the abyss that there is no way he will see “reason”.

  38. Why do we send them assistance in the first place? Do our politicians REALLY think that it’s helping the people who really need it? We’ve got some naive politicians if they do.

  39. Forrest Huck London

    he is so crazy and stupid he can not see anything but himself

  40. Craig Vandertie

    Nuke, nuke, nuke North Korea, I could care less about their stupid people what little survive will never allow tyrants that have ruled North Korea since they became a Communist nation take power again.

  41. What a load of horse manure! Like a rabbit yelling at a wolf.
    I feel bad for the people of North Korea. Their “ruler for life” is a blithering idiot!

    • They likely feel worse for us. Our blithering idiot was only in for eight years, but at least they didn’t choose theirs.

  42. I’d love to see Trump stomp on this little piss-ant. Cut off funding, impose stricter sanctions, & maybe do drone fly-overs for observation. If KJU decides to shoot them down, get a little more aggressive. I’d leave it up to Trump to decide how aggressive.

  43. Under Obama, America took care of our enemies by supplying them with aid, and also supplying terrorists with billions and billions of dollars to buy weapons to use against America.
    Hillary was supposed to take up where Osama Obama left off.

  44. Kim is threatening to become a card carrying member of the NRA if Congress doesn’t back off!

  45. The vote was 419 to 1 ? Who was the one that voted against?

  46. Vincent Marcantelli

    WHAT????????? this new S!@T, were giving No. Korea money, while I’m paying taxes like there is NO tomorrow, has this Govt. LOST IT’S F”ing” mind?. No have we as citizens of this country lost OUR minds for allowing this crap to happen and to continue? Is, this another of Obama’s BS plans to ruin this country further?. If, it is stop sending them money but send them Obama, if, it’s Trump dammit send him, and ALL of these so called American Politico’s

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