North Korea Threatens to Nuke the U.S. at the Slightest Provocation

Threats towards the United States from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un are hardly uncommon, but the bizarre Pyongyang regime is stepping up their war rhetoric in the wake of President Trump’s Syria strikes. Noting the escalating training exercises the U.S. is conducting across the border to the south of their country, North Korean state media warned Tuesday that they would unleash a nuclear weapons attack at the slightest provocation from U.S. military forces.

The state’s official newspaper said the regime was ready to respond to any aggression. “Our revolutionary strong army is keenly watching every move by enemy elements with our nuclear sights focused on the U.S. invasionary bases not only in South Korea and the Pacific operation theatre but also in the U.S. mainland,” they wrote.

Some experts expect that Pyongyang will mark the 105th birthday of the late Kim Il Sung with another major nuclear test. North Korea’s capital will already be in a festive mood this Saturday to honor the country’s founder and Reuters notes that they often like to use occasions like this one to launch tests in defiance of the UN Security Council. With the world’s eyes on the new Axis of Evil – Syria, Iran, and North Korea – it could be the perfect opportunity for Kim Jong Un to “show off” once again.

President Obama told some whoppers in his time, but he was likely telling Trump the truth when he called North Korea the most urgent problem on the international stage. The madman behind the Bamboo Curtain is not mellowing with age, and every year he is propped up by his Chinese caretakers, the world gets another year closer to calamity. Kim Jong Un knew that Obama was not a serious threat to his regime; he does not know what to expect from his brazen successor.

He’ll continue to feel protected as long as China sees mutual benefit from keeping his around; if he senses, however, that President Trump is pulling away his only real ally, he could act out of sheer desperation.


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  1. That does it! It is time for “Soy Sauce Stain” to be be cleansed with some “Nuclear Bleach”.

  2. Please N. Korea, fire a nuke at us so we can FINALLY eliminate the ridiculous state of N. Korea. Then we can get rid of that stupid DMZ ( Which should have been done away with years ago)

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    • Make the target CA.

      • Could they just limit it to LA and points north especially San Francisco.

        • Southern CA is best as it would thin out the illegal population and the Liberal overload that is ruining CA for the rest of us.

          • InternetCensorsREvil

            Just let me get my family out first

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          • What’s the hold up. Calif ., New York are first targets. /

          • No, you can’t leave San Francisco out. The whole city is a malignant cancer. It should be nuked.

          • Dropped in the ocean with a great fault earth quake would be less toxic … !

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          • Southern CA is the most republican area in the State. Los Angeles is 80% foreign born, wack them.

          • NOW AFTER 8 YEARS OF bo CA is at least 80% illegal foreigners or enemies … !

          • Republican; Where in hell did you come up with that crap …? You watch too much cnn !

          • MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CNN, etc. etc. etc…….

          • Southern Calif is where they have cities that have nothing but Illegals there……They have firmly stated don’t let the sun set on your head USA citizens ……..They have AK’s to back up their threats…….They took over three cities and established their own laws with their own people………..

          • CA would be the example for libtard asses in Oregon & Washington to stop the stench !

          • I’ll tell you like the rest of you fucktards…if you dislike California so much why don’t you help us conservatives left here in the state? No, you’d rather it be nuked by a foreign power killing the good with the bad. You all are nothing but a bunch of cowards. I spent 10 years in the Marines and had to leave when I was medically discharged having had my shoulder blown apart in Grenada. Heck just between San Diego an China Lake you have 7 military bases. So you want all those men and women killed? We have 32 bases in the state…drop a nuke in Northern California? There are 6 bases in the vacinity…want to kill all those folks. When you idiots want something horrific done you just hope someone else will do it. To ALL of you cowards out there that are calling for that I hope YOU have a great day.

          • You are the FU……..IF(?) you are a conservative and need help, then help yourself and leave…….Mexifornia has been corrupt for over a decade, and you knew it was going to happen……….The jihandist camps have been there for decades, and the Sanctuary Cities have also been there for that long……….


            iT SEEMS SHECKY that you are part of the problem and have refused to fight that problem since you arrived there……….so that makes you THE COWARD……..

          • No granny go fuckyourself you piece of crap. 4th generation here you pos and I’ve watched as the federal government (yeah that same government you voted for) told the border patrol to stand down on illegals. They were told you couldn’t stop them if they just looked the part. Then if your feeble ass mind can do it, google any name in hollyweird….yeah the same folks you watch in the theaters and tv….google any name you want. They are ALL FROM EAST OF THE ROCKIES. We were great until the influx of a bunch from the eastern Asian countries too….the Feds gave them interest free loans to open businesses here. Don’t want to help us….that’s fine, when the shooting starts I don’t have to worry about fucks like you, I can line you up as well bitch!!!

        • Oh No the little snow flakes will really melt then. L.O.L.

        • The fat leader cannot get his missiles to fly out of North Korea, let alone California.

      • That would put us one up on them.


        • sad but true , waaaaaa .I live in the state of southern calexico

        • Road to their own created demise in hell they deserve for all their cowardly freeloading .. !

          • Fine example is their Governor and he is always spending money and they keep getting deeper in debt!And look at their Senior US Senator Feinstein and Senior Congresswoman Pelosi, ALL are just FREE SPENDING Government workers and WANT MORE and it is NOT for the POOR!

        • They should have written the sign in Spanish because most if not all do not know how to read or speak English.

          • Reminds me of LOWER Texas……….A legal citizen (that is moving there) from another State cannot get a job at Wal-Mart unless they speak SPANISH……….HOWEVER, the illegals/mexicans will be hired and cannot speak ENGLISH………

        • Seems that there are many that could fight that and are unwilling to do so……We have teens in many States that just spray paint these signs for fun…….Leaving road signs up for illegals to follow to Sanctuary Cities is another one that would be obliterated……Guess the teens in Mexifornia are all running in gangs and help to put up those signs…….

      • Please wait till I move next month from San Diego

      • Could we be that lucky?

      • Doubt if there would be any retaliation by the POTUS until CA was wiped out then the N.K. asses are going to pay with their demise even when they did Patriotic Citizens a favor in CA wipe out !

      • Excellent choice of a target that will get rid of a bunch of loonies.

      • Hey, we’re not all crazy here in CA. Let the target be New York or Chicago! Haven’t we conservatives in CA suffered enough at the hands of these liberals?

    • Right,let him pull the trigger and we will end the game.

    • Northern California is mostly republican, don’t mess with it.

      • Libtard dems have taken CA, so these republicans have to eliminate their own problems before U.S. Patriots do the job any way it takes to stop the illegal attacks on the U.S. Citizens … !

      • Don’t know much about Mexifornia….do you????? You should get more facts before you show your inept statements………

    • I`m with you.

    • I agree but it’s sad that the people should suffer. Too bad we didn’t have the technology to drop a grenade in the fat kids back pocket.

  3. I think President Trump and Chinese President Xi were smart to meet when they did. With China turning away all of the N. Korean coal away, that may have sent a message to Kim Too,Too, the idiot! It is amazing one of his TOP Generals have not taken him out yet, themselves. I have NO doubt that the Idiot will “showoff” on 4/15 and he could be asking for trouble from Not only the US, but China, as well! Money Tops alot of things and this punk is a fly on the wall!

    • I am thinking Trump planned this to happen at the same time as the President of China is there. Can you imagine setting there with the bombs going off in Syria and wondering if you & your wife are safe with the Donald??

      • You are a typical lib idiot! Your logic is amiss!

      • Trump is a BUSINESSMAN! He is a very good President and he is working all of the time and he deserves his golf time (some feel more relaxed, I don’t) and they met in one of the most Luxurious homes in America and discussing the Money/Business aspect of what is happening in the Eastern Asia with this spoiled idiot controlling a country who thinks he can control the world. It does NOT happen that way! President Trump is not wanting war with China and he Knows that Putin is not going to take on the US. Not with China backing us! If both of them were against us, then we have problems, because the FRAUD ruined our Military Capability! Now he realizes NATO is starting to pay their share of the bills and supports a MAN in LEADERSHIP! Putin wants the old KGB and it does not happen like it was. I support President Trump, because he took out some Syrian airbase and did NOT lose ONE Military person! Plus, the stocks had to raise on the builders of those Guided Missles!

        • I just hope Jared and Ivanka and the “Military Industrialized Complex” do not have a lot of influence on President Trump. Jared and Ivanka are young Liberals and he has made some bad business deals, she is pushing some liberal ideas and Dwight D. Eisenhower warned JFK about the “Shadow Government.

          • trump has made tons of bad business deals.

          • I am not sure about that. His son-in-law has made at least one.

          • … and Oblowme made many HUMONGOUS mistakes while pResident of the U.S.A.! So what’s your point????

          • Such as? ( Facts Please)

          • sandraleesmith46

            Arcosanti mall for 1.

          • Never heard of it. Could you offer more details??

          • sandraleesmith46

            A mid-’80s debacle in Phoenix that he talked people into, that no one wanted; and he ended up taking the money, leaving investors strapped, partners in hot water, even jail, and is still a mess.

          • If no one wanted it, then where did the investors come from? And who were his ( alleged ) partners?

          • sandraleesmith46

            Out of state mostly. Don’t recall all their names, but he roped our then govern or in, and he ended up in prison over it.

          • Obscure information….. no tangible proof….. most convenient.

          • First rule of politics: never believe your own party’s propaganda.

          • Got a link to that? I see nothing on the internet that connects Trump to Arcosanti Mall.

            A gazillion commercial real estate deals went under after the 1986 Tax Reform Act changed the rules of the game with regard to the passive loss rules and depreciation. That wasn’t due to fraudulent promoters or to dumb investors. It was due to Congress not understanding the unintended consequences of their actions.

          • sandraleesmith46

            No, that was before links; I live in AZ and was here through it.

          • Surely with all of the scrutiny of Trump, there would be some reference to Acrosanti Mall …. if what you say were true.

          • Neither did I.

          • The closest thing that ties Arizona to Trump is Bill Clinton’s meeting with Loretta Lynch at a Phoenix area airport.

          • In baseball, a batter is considered very good if he gets to first base only three times in ten at bat. Your crap ratio is about 9 in 10 posts.

          • As have every person who has conducted business at one time or another. So……?

          • Carol everyone makes lots of mistakes. If your not making mistakes your probably not doing anything. How many bad deals have you made Carol?

          • But he made some good ones, enough to be a multi-Billionaire

          • Carol, why don’t you go to the back of the room and shut your dammed mouth. We who voted for our President Trump are proud of what he is and has done. We went to the back of the room and shuttered every day that Obama woke up. BUT,

          • Point well taken, great post. And in spite of all these cry babies he will do what he promised.

          • But to be where he is, he has made much more better ones than the bad and he LOVES this COUNTRY so much more than the OBAMAS EVER did! They were in there for the HUGE VACATION TRIPS and ALL of the BENEFITS.She said herself, she “finally” enjoyed being an AMERICAN! Well, Hell, WHY NOT?

          • Very good point, but Obama is an anti American and a coward As far as Michelle goes she never will be an American.

          • Absolutely spot on! OBAMA spent billions on vacations oh and NEVER WORKED. President Trump works diligently week ends and Holidays , for no salary. There are the Ignorant low life – low information with their fake news attack President Trump. With the leakers identified, now that Comeys fired and Jeff Sessions has taken possession of all the files recordings notes memos President Trump holds all the cards. There are ways to make them talk, the DOJ, has said. Three more miles discovered today in addition to Candace Claiborne. This is going to get real good. President Trump MAGA

          • Brilliant that`s why he is a multi millionaire. Where do you people come from??? Are you related to jaybird??

          • sandraleesmith46

            Unfortunately, Jared and Ivanka are having increasing influence, which is ILLEGAL; it’s a practice called nepotism and was banned long since.

          • Everyone needs to let him know how they feel!

          • sandraleesmith46

            Already done.

          • Thank you, me also.

          • We did. We had an election and he won.

          • Speaking of illegal all the Democrats are guilty of that. GROW UP

          • sandraleesmith46

            No doubt of that; and Jared and Ivanka, like Trump himself, probably were Dems, ’til the Donald decided to run on the Repub ticket.

          • Good move on his part he was smart enough to see who were ruining this country with their stupidity. And you are as stupid as your post. Idiots like you never change. As long as the democrats pockets were filled they could care less about this country,but now we have a new sheriff in town.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I wasn’t dumb enough to vote for a man I already knew would throw us under the same bus as Hildebeest would,.

          • Brilliant but you lost Trump is our president. Grow up.

          • sandraleesmith46

            1st Amendment gives me the right to criticize what he’s doing with which I disagree; so you grow up; AMERICA LOST, not me.

          • Your entitled to your opinion but it doesnt change the fact that your still an idiot.And you can`t reason with an idiot. Nothing in nothing out.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Willful ignorance and name calling are not viable methods for debating a point; and you’re right in that it is impossible to reason with a person who chooses to be ignorant of the facts and resorts to name calling when he has nothing left to say that’s cogent!

          • Typical of a brainless asshole like you. Go back to sweden or were you kicked out.

          • I have never moved from Sweden, the best country in the World,and the time is 15.47 CET

        • funny that the right went crazy when obama played golf. trump has played over 19 times in three months. trump will profit from he missiles as he owns stock in rayogen.
          by the way, eighteen allies were killed in he attack by misguided missiles. u say trump took out an airbase, but the soldiers who fired he missiles took out he airbase.

          • You are spreading fake news. There were no misguided missiles. And just what allies are you talking about? Show the proof of your statement.

          • Carol you are out of your depth.You are a brainless idiot and have no knowledge of what happened.Give me factual proof if you want me to believe your propaganda crap.

          • Your dealing with an idiot and I don`t expect you will get a response.

          • Thanx HAWK you are correct with your post. Carol is clearly a misinformed demorat fool thats got zero brains.

          • sandraleesmith46

            The difference is that, thus far, Trump has NOT allowed golf to interfere with doing his job as POTUS; O DID that all the time.

          • Another point is that he has been meeting with numerous dignitaries at Mar Lago and playing golf with them which can be relaxing and lead to better deals than a stuff office and 4 walls. He does need to watch the spending though as the Secret Service is also in place in NY at Trump Towers while Ivanka and Baron are there until the end of the school year.

          • sandraleesmith46

            True; but since Mar el Lago is Trump’s, he’s not racking up the astronomic greens’ fees for him and his guests using it as a meeting place, and course for R&R. O went to numerous high priced courses and racked up the greens’ fees too.

          • Carol you are a very confused and ill informed person. No-one on the right went crazy when Obama played golf. We were all hoping he would get hit in the head with golf ball. Also can you tell me how President Trump could profit from owning stock in rayogen when the missiles were made by Raytheon and how do you know what stock he owns. Also soldiers did not fire the missiles. USN ships are still maned by sailors.

          • I figured the more time Obama spent on the golf course, the less damage he did.

          • Almost exactly what I was going to write. I am a retired military person and taught THAWK along with many other systems. (24 years, 8 US Army 3 tours Vietnam, 16 years Navy with 10 years of sea duty on 4 ships CVA-43, DLG-33, DD-944 and DDG-5. 25 years teaching AEGIS and working as a Naval Systems Engineer.)

          • Post is way beyond Carol`s mentality. Air heads are just air heads.

          • Carol is not confused she is just stupid.

          • That would be Raytheon. His financial disclosure said he owned between $1,000-$15,000 worth of stock in Raytheon and had income of between $1,000-$2500 of income from dividends and capital gains. Since dividends generally run no more than 2-5% of the value of the stock, it must have been mostly capital gains, which you get when you sell your stock. Snopes says it can’t be confirmed if he still owns the stock, but to assume he made the decision to expend 60 Tomahawks ($60 million worth) to profit on that small amount of stock would be absurd.

          • Carol is a clueless idiot and doesn`t have the mentality to understand what your trying to tell her.

          • Ah, one of those people whose heart in in the right place, but the blood flow to the brain has been constricted.

          • Check you spelling and grammar, they suck!

          • Thank God Obozo was playing golf; it kept him out of the White House!

          • Brilliant did it take you long to make up that B.S???

        • I agree with you! I thought it was a smart move with the President of China there when it all went down!

        • Right on!!!!! Keep talking FloridaBoyee

        • I think He should fly over NK and drop Warren and Pelosi out of a plane onto their soil. Parachutes not essential.

          • Very funny. I laughed for 10 minutes with your post and by the way i agree completely. Of course there a few others that should join Warren and Pelosi in the same drop.

        • Very good. We were in Seoul South Korea when destroyer was dispatched to Korea. The president had been arrested. They were ready for full on riot if it should happen. Especially around the American Embassy. The obvious appreciation of President Trump very apparent and proud to be an American. Folks with a son in the 82nd Airborne was traveling with us. Said to us, any danger we would know. Same experience in Japan overwhelming support for our president after the sham fraudulent illegitimate presidency of the last eight years. So refreshing . Proud to be an American. President Trump MAGA

      • No. I can not imagine such a scene. I think we, as a country is safer with Donald in charge than we were with Obama.

        • Other countries do not know what POTUS will do yet, that is the only reason I said that the Chinese President was probably wondering if he and his wife were safe here in the US.

          I am behind Trump all the way and I thought it was a smart move with China visiting him!

          • Trump is different from the other Presidents in that he doesn’t go into a lot of detail about what his plans are….a smart move considering all the spies that are still in the Government, as well as the Main Stream Media and their big mouths.

          • “Hope” is all libtards will be gone very soon & the U.S.A. can go back to a Republic government For & by U.S. Patriotic Citizens for real “change”, “In GOD We Trust” !

          • Roger that!

          • I agree with you. Its none of our business what he is doing until AFTER he has done it. Trump needs to clean house of all the people who were there during Obamas failed presidency.

          • You are 100 % right on that. Some of Obama’s libs would probably inform our enemy’s so that any military action against them would not hurt them. They could all go to their “safe ” rooms and have pity parties.

          • I agree and they could invite Obama to help decorate the rooms with Disney pictures.

          • I agree and main stream media is an enemy of this country. They still can’t get over the fact that Trump is our president. Maybe they should get some pacifiers and a quiet room.

          • Damn RIGHT!!

          • Sorry, I thought you were speaking about American citizens and not the Chinese President and his wife.
            And I do like him not broadcasting his plans or responses the way Bush did or setting time tables like Obama did in Iraq.

        • Or with HellBitchery!!

        • Right on! !!!!!

        • you think!

          • Yes. Where Obama only issued empty threats, Trump delivered. Where Obama wanted an open door policy and instead of deporting illegal criminals, let them back on the streets Trump is attempting to change the narrative by deportation of the criminal elements and enforcement of our immigration policies. Where Obama wanted to import “refugees” from countries that are our enemies with very little vetting, and do not want to assimilate into our culture but to force their culture upon us, Trump is attempting to suspend them until future vetting can be accomplished.
            And I think those three policies will prove to be the making of a safer America.

      • You didn’t mention MOAB being dropped on/into a Daesh stronghold in eastern Afghanistan.


      • Not our problem. SK and Japan need to splatter him!

        • So, rather than use a sledge hammer, you’d send in people equipped more with xylophone mallets. That’s always the best way.

          • Which part of ” not our problem” don’t you understand? Ever get tired of fighting other people’s wars?

          • If N. Korea is threatening to nuke us, it’s NOT other peoples wars!

          • Why are they threatening? Us bullying them? Putting missles in SK. Running war games on their borders. Quit provoking!

          • You must be the most dumbest idiot that I have ever heard!!!!!

          • Why do you like to fight other people’s wars dumb idiot!

          • HEY STUPID; Guess who the little FAT thug and killer is Threatening !!
            We are STILL at war with them as the “TRUCE” expired in 1964.

          • You are too stupid to answer.

          • You are incompetent!

          • This “Caesar” is a libtard troll & perfect example of the dem’s logo of an ass and his stench has to be flushed to prevent a plague of stupidity ! His own demise is obvious !

          • You are right on. Amen!!!!!

          • Your right but you can`t reason with an idiot. Dumb is dumb nothing in nothing out.

          • What an IGNORANT LOAD of idiocy and bullshyte from a total moron who has not a single clue.

          • Go home where ever that used to be.

          • The U.S. has not threatened N.K. but when the U.S. cut them off with sanctions for N.K.’s launching nuclear destructive missles & threatening the U.S unless we feed this kim dongs asses dictated country of slaves & lifted sanctions then this punk is going to nuke the U.S. ! Now that your butt wipe stench has made you the pain in the ass poster, are you happy…? You & your type of libtard stupidity is the problem in provoking so quit the stupid asinine posts and get your dem libtard head out of your ass … !

          • Sanctions are acts of war and since when does the US decide who gets nukes? Speaking of asses you are the picture boy for that.LOL

          • Sanctions are stop gaps for peace if a dictatorial nation threatens war against the U.S. ! You are beyond stupid, so kiss off & any more of your asinine posts will be blocked.. ! Go join the N.K. or isis if you do not already belong & if you do you are the prime target … !

          • Please block me as I am going to continue responding to your asinine posts!

          • Good point this idiot must be from california where all the democrats have their heads up their asses.

          • Probably one of bo’s muslims or marxist illegals brought to the U.S. with illegal E.O.’s & abuse of power to his potus sworn oath that he took on the quran instead of the Blble .. !

          • Did they actually let you out of your straight jacket to use the computer……That asylum needs to cut back on their use of computers…….

          • Appears this commie ass in N.K. is tht=reatening to nuke the U.S. So this sure as hell isn’t “fighting other persons wars ” but is the #1 reason to exerminate the N.K. asshole !

          • Quit threatening him!


          • All caps indicate a lowIQ. Still not “our” problem!

          • YES STUPID; IT IS our problem; I think they need to draft you and stick you up on the DMZ and then you can kiss NK Communist butts.

          • Bet he wouldn’t make it past the 1st shots fired by the U.S.A. !

          • Not as low as yours. With only a SINGLE BRAIN CELL at the BOTTOM of the BARREL. Looks like your IQ is several thousand points below your FAVORITE MASCOT, the BIg D Donkey, eh ?


          • Keep fighting other people’s battles keyboard commando!

          • Now you created yourself as the enemy against U.S. Patriots Freedom & Rights … !

          • Should I hide now or wait?

          • Your post is well taken however you can’t reason with an idiot. I agree with you 110%.

          • TWO Brainless idiots together, have sex and make Babies….even more idiots in the USA……… they say collect allthe idiots in the World and put them together and call it the USA,,,,,,,,useless stúpid ass-holes

          • YES you are a stupid ass hole & also a #1 example of the dem’s logo of an ass … !

          • Like I have said Before on many occassions I do not live in the USA nor is my homeland a commie country………….you really are angry


          • You had better get out of the U.S.A. while you can ! There are too many that are not deserving of the U.S. & they are being deported very rapidly with your type as #1 .. !

          • Like I have said Before on many occassions I do not live in the USA nor is my homeland a commie country………….you really are angry…..


          • Brainless describes you. An asshole with no place to go.

          • I can go wherever I like, my Swedish passport is the best there is in the World……….although I wouldnt Think of coming to the USA, such a pity that a Beautiful country is inhabited by brainless, obese, uneducated louts

          • KimDong is no more a threat than a fly on your dick……..Drumpyclunt is the biggest threat………and the USA is the biggest threat and aggressor in the World……….

          • You & your type is the fly that has to be squelched like your hero kim dong the world ass !

          • Your English is getting worse by the day,do I annoy you so much…… is something else to worry you


          • Annoying ; no but you are another piece of shit with a stench to flush … !

          • I did try to flush, but there was a huge turd in the lavatory…………..and it looked just like you…..x.x.x.x.x.

          • Quit being a low information, poorly educated liberal and face the facts. The man is a danger to the far East. Liberals like you have no common sense.

          • Libs like you have to learn that ALL problems aren’t the US’s responsibility. Let the Far East take care of it!q

          • More asinine stupidity from a south end of a north bound donkey.

          • This threat is a matter of world humanity that is a dictatorial attack by a murdering ass that is trying to be a bad ass in his country of slaves & he has to be stopped before he advances !

          • Then let world humanity stop him. Japan/SKPhillipines have the troops and ships to do it. You can join them too!

          • Who & where the hell do you think world humanity comes from …. ?

          • One place it should stop coming from is the US. Time for the other 99% to kick in !

          • The lib is you & the demise is your own …. !

          • Should I hide now or wait?

          • You know, reading on down the comments…I am thinking caesar is just a TROLL….

          • No doubt but also a #1 asshole that does not deserve the U.S.A. … !

          • NOBODY “threatened” him you ignorant jackass.

          • I don’t think the US should be involved in everything, everywhere, but to say that North Korea is not an issue of ours is just sticking one’s head in the sand. Sure, let Japan and South Korea take care of it. Then, since the US won’t interfere, China gets into the picture, if North Korea needs any help, and, hmm, looks a lot like Britain fighting the Germans during WWII, with an isolationist US not yet having an excuse to get involved. I wonder if we would have had to fight as hard as we did if we had taken action before Germany took over Poland and France. No, I don’t agree that it is not our problem, because with that attitude, it can become an enormous problem for us, waiting until weaker allies get trounced before we do anything. Clear enough? Or do you still want to send in the fly swatters?

          • Our military cemetaries are full. VA s full. Thousands of screwed up veterans walking the streets. $20Trillion in debt. How many more body bags do you want to fill? Do you ever get tired of fighting other people’s wars? BTW Woodrow Wilson and the USA are responsible for WW-2.

          • So, we should have stayed out of WWII and just waited for Hitler to take over the rest of the world. Maybe we could all wear camouflage after that, so he couldn’t see us. Some people don’t know, or have forgotton, that WWII was a war that we weren’t sure that we could win. And, of course, if we had waited until Hitler had everything he wanted, there would just be peace and harmony on earth, no body bags on this side of things. I’m sorry, I’m from a different planet than you are. When everyone else has fallen, your turn is next, if it hasn’t come before that. And at that point, all you can do is surrender. Surrender is not as sweet a choice as you seem to think it is, as you wait until you can no longer hope to win. You might lose your happy life of going to the local coffee shop and chatting with your friends on Facebook about how great isolationism is, When you fight wars, of course there are deaths, and that is hugely regrettable. But you just want to set things up so that the bodies are all on the American side, since you would allow the enemy to take over other nations and gain strength until at last he could swat the US like a bug. It is sad to have so many American gravestones in foreign lands, but you would twiddle your thumbs and recite, “Not my problem,” until all those stones and many more would have to be erected here on American soil. If you really think we should have stayed out of WWII, and that earlier action might not have been beneficial to us and the free world, then I don’t know what will make this clear to you. It’s like listening to arguments about how the Jews should not have resisted the Germans at the Warsaw ghetto, because it just made the people who wanted to murder them angry. Yes, the right solution is to sit and wait to be murdered; heaven forbid that you do anything to resist, or possibly win against an enemy, because that will make somebody mad. As an honest question, why do you hide behind American military power? You make use of something that you don’t appreciate, and you are willing for America to lose against enemies, when reality at last arrives at American shores. Why don’t you personally just go and surrender to North Korea or China, since that is the outcome that you are so insistent NOT to avoid? I suppose it is because, as a good American, when we lose on your terms and people are massacred, you prefer to be down at the local coffee shop, denying that anything is your problem. And, your pipe dream will be successful enough for you, because other Americans will end up protecting you from anything like that happening.

          • HEY STUPID; DID you EVER serve anywhere other than in Obama’s gay bath house? IF NOT then STFU because you have NO balls and no right to comment.
            US Army
            Osan, Korea, 1967 -1968
            Did you FORGET (or aren’t bright enough to know history) that they STOLE a US NAVY ship from international waters?
            Never mind, I know you are too stupid.

          • Your right it takes a man too have balls. Just another of Obama’s sheep. People like him never get it.

          • Woodrow Wilson was the idiot that established the Federal Banking System, established the draft so he could force our troops to fight in WWI and led the idiotic group that took everything from Germany and screwed Japan at the end of WWI. This i, in turn, helped create the atmosphere in Germany that Hitler was able to use to come into power. FDR was the next idiot that helped to get us into WWII. The unemployment rate was over 25% when our country and its great industries began building weapons, ammunition and supplying food and other things to support England. He also knew about the Pearl Harbor attack before it happened.

          • Your still an idiot they have places for people like you with padded cells so you wont hurt yourself.

          • Idiot I will be visiting you in your cell!

          • Sorry I will be outside stupid.

          • Your stupid wether you are inside or outside! LOL

          • And Another fact about WW2, the USA were in bed with Hitler and Germany, you have factories manufacturing weapons of war for the Nazis right up until Hitler declared war on America in Dec 41………Think for well over 2 years arming the Nazis to fight against GB and other EU countries………….it was all about Money, even US banks were shipping over billions to the Nazis, and the ringleader was……….Prescott BUSH………………the BIG BUSH………and since him all you had were small sapplings…………

          • I`m afraid your dealing with an idiot who doesn’t have have the mentality to understand what your trying to tell him. His head is to far up his butt. Nothing in nothing out. Excellent post.

          • Thanks for that, Hawk. Yes, I’m afraid that not getting involved with world dynamics at an early point, especially in this age of rapid, mechanized movement and devastating weapons (which won’t go away even with snowflake wishful thinking), is a matter of pay now, or wait and pay later, with interest. The body bags on our side are far fewer if we don’t wait to find ourselves in a losing position, or even in a tougher one. There is always the possible error of misguided involvement, but that is easily balanced by the error of failing to take early action. Fires are easier to put out while they are still relatively small, even though we have sometimes had the darnedest time putting out all the embers.

        • More power to the ones that make kim’s demise an example out of his commie ass & any bastards like islam, muslims that threaten their dictatorship against anti-commie Nations !

    • He shouldn’t have to many generals left he had them all executed including his own family. He is a madman out of control.

      • sandraleesmith46

        People get promoted; vacuums at the top are as intolerable as anywhere else.

        • you must be one of those low IQ liberals that also has ADHD…….

          • sandraleesmith46

            That science went right over your head, didn’t it? The rule comes from physics, but it’s liberally applied in military forces as well; an empty space is FILLED by promotion. And I pay attention, which you apparently do not. Neither do I need to call names to make a point.

      • He has a bunch of suck ass cowards that are brainless terrorist thugs to support his dumb ass !

      • Yep! He is probably down to his “Field Grade Officers,” by now… LOL.
        —-Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70, Helicopter ‘door gunner.’ Visit my humble, Blog: TOM’S JOURNAL. Email: —Be Safe — Be Happy !

        • Flew sandys 64 -66 ….! Thanks brother … we made it & still wonder why others didn’t … !

          • Welcome Home, Brother. Let’s compare notes…. email: —Jesus is Lord —

          • Like to forget about that hell hole & the crap we had to do to protect people that I often wonder if they were even thankful for the effort to free them from the commie asses like kim dong in N.K. doing his dictatorial murdering just like the worthless N.V. gooks … !

          • OK, I understand. No worries, Mate.

          • Thanks ; Maybe some day we can hanger talk better days … !

          • Am so glad my AF Grandson is home from S. Korea…….Things are getting nasty there too so I am told………..After almost 21 months, leaving the base after sunset was not healthy…….

    • sandraleesmith46

      They, or someone was planning to, ’til he murdered the half brother that was to take over.

    • Now we may know who will be buying our coal.

      • yes… USA. Coal will beak records now that we’ve done away with the dummbb arrsse epa regs that killed CLEAN COAL. YES… there IS CLEAN COAL tech that Obama killed with costly regs so his lunatic fan club supporters could make billions producing near NOTHING with solar and wind farms.
        HERE is a GREAT FACT from the DOE site.
        IF VERY alternative energy subsidized company in the USA was !))% in producing electricity at their current MAX advertised efficiency…. we’d reduce coal use 1.4% NATIONWIDE at a cost that would fuel 78% of ALL homes in the usa for a YEAR!
        It is an absurdist fantasy.
        COAL and Natural Gas are BACK and so is America!

      • Don’t sell or give these commie bastard dictators anything & starve the bastards into submission or demise with the latter solving the problem for the world …. !

    • Take a good look! Kim, or things like Kim, are what happens when the syphilis bug mates with the gonorrhea bug and has simultaneous affairs with herpes viruses! You end up with a moronic, fat, little, toad stool of a mutant, sprouting unknown growth where hair is usually found, with a king of the universe complex! The moral of the story is – ladies – keep your panties high and tight; men – keep it in your pants!

  4. We need to kill this warped piece of trash. He actually believes he can wipe out America.
    As usual, it’ll be the innocent N. Koreans that will do the suffering and dying if this dumb ass does something stupid, while he’s in hiding.

  5. Great! It’s time for Ol’ “Soy Sauce Stain” to join his ancestors. (We can fix that for him).

  6. Well since NK can’ get their Missiles past their back yard fence I wouldn’t worry about them hitting the US3500 miles away.


  8. The Chinese do not want the possibility of a nuclear strike by North Korea and
    to that end they may stage a coup to remove Kim Jung Un and replace him with
    a more accommodating member or they may just assinate him and let the
    chips fall where they may they may (with a little directional hint). That actually
    could work out quite well for Korea as a whole and for China also as well as
    the United States. Let the two Koreas come together as one once again under
    a common government. But that is probably still a pipe dream at this time.

    • yes if they put in a puppet the control lines do not have to be very long..and with modern technology they can be “electrical in nature” that way if the puppet screws up they can send a jolt down the line… need to waste artillery ammo or jet fuel…

  9. California is as close as they can get to the USA.
    Go ahead little ugly fat kid, throw some nukes into CA.
    We don’t care, we’ll gladly trade you Ca for a chance to put a stop to your bs, once and for all.

    • easy now, contrary to popular belief there are a huge number of Real Americans living in crapafornia…well in places other than hollow woody, LAnus, crapamento, and San Fransicko…..bombs away…

    • You really area very stupid twat,dont you ever readwhat kind of rockets they have….max 1000 kms range………..and still no nukes

      • Oh my, sooo, another liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical cretin gets loose from his keepers.

        • You really area very stupid twat,dont you ever readwhat kind of rockets they have….max 1000 kms range………..and still no nukes…………

          • Miserable little liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical cretin.The NK s set off their first nuclear explosion in 2009 you fing cretin.
            Jan 14 th of this years they test fired a missile with the range to hit the Ca coast,
            Kiss yourself you incrediblbly stupid life form you have no reason to live.

          • So…..whats the problem, they are a sovereign country and can do as they please……….they still havent threatened anybody, only scared the sheight out of you Wussie Yanks

          • Sure they can liberal pu$$y, and we can do what we like.
            I hope they hit california, we can get rid of a lot of liberal dem bloodsuckers and then we have an excuse to leave a large flat,, radioactive place where NK, was.

          • You really really are a arrogant piece of sheight…..just like so many of your countrymen……….and I am not a liberal,in Sweden I am a social democrat…….a country that the USA not dare to annoy or trespass on Swedish land………..your CIA tried it a few years back, sneaking in without permission, snooping after possible US desertors…….the agents were immeadiately arrested, their guns taken and returned on the first plane to the USA

          • You appear to be from another country (thank god), and please stay there where I am sure they take good care of you, LOL. We have plenty of idiots like you running around already. And I would not be surprised if the great U. S. is protecting your scum a s s in one aspect or another where ever you are from.

          • If you are a Swede, you are a liberal.
            I do admire the fact that you are willing to admit it.
            You MEN in that country are not even willing to defend your women against the rapist, killer, Muslims.
            Dare not annoy?
            What would you do, throw snowballs at us, you agarbage are nothing and have no reason to live , kill yourself scrub.

          • The fact still remains that we threw out Yankee Spies……..and the Yankee wussies in government at that time said nothing………yellowbellied Yankee wussies the whole frigging bunch…..just like you are……….bet you wear a pink frock

          • Uh huh, no men in Sweden, the Swedish women have to go to Norway or Denmark, if they want to get pregnant.
            Kill your self liberal pu$$y you have nothing.

          • No real women in the USA either, so the men have sex with each other with the churches blessings………..and half brain deadbeats are born……… the pig you have for President half Nazi half Scottish

          • Nah the women are okay in Sweden, they just can’t find any men there.
            C’mon scrub be brave think of your family if you kill yourself expeditiously, you can probably effect it before your family finds out that they are related to you.
            No point in hanging that cross on them for life.

          • What family??????and what cross?????? you are babbling again, Been on the bottle have you or are you still on mommies titties

          • You stillllll alive ersatz life form?
            C/mon verbose boring compost heap, kill yourself.

          • Yes I ammmmmmmmmmm stilllllllllllllllllll aliveeeeeeeee

          • Your a bag of shit and a waste of life who should be dumped in a toilet and flushed. One less ass hole in our country.

          • And who says I am in your flucking country……..a real sheight hole full of decepid pigs and White turds

          • You still can`t spell and your not worth my time. Sweden is your home and they must have kicked you out.

          • Dont worry, I can spell Words correctly, but my experience not being an American, Spelling the Words as they should be gets one thrown off of US media sites…but you get the meaning of what I write…faggott

          • Just want to clear the air . Mt late wife was a far stronger and better woman than u could or will be . I held her in my arms as she passed. U on the other hand are a sociopath. Mixed with a belligerent mouth . The best I can find in u is u have been a waist of food and Oxg . U know nothing about any race or any country you have been in? Nice line ! It must be a great life to run around and talk shit. Also if u feel u need to post a dog to rep U there is a bigger problem

          • Whoops, did I strike a nerve…….you to have a nasty Dirty mouth,that is why I meet filth with filth

          • You really are a piece of pig sheight……… are typical of most Yanks Arrogant and know alls……infact you know Little ifanything about the worldoutside of the USA…………a country that is only 5% land area and population of the World,yet you act like you own Everything, arrogant and pig headed wussie jerks

          • Im going to bet you dont have any friends ! And it is easy to see why , u are a ugly , hateful person and there a few other choosen words I would like to use ,but i will rise above the name calling and just state the obvious . have a great life !

          • Whats the problem……….little yellow bellied wussie,lost for Words…….not like you having checked your previous comments over a week or so

          • That statement comes from a asshole who hides behind a picture of a dog !

          • And you with a Hooker,you big fat turd

          • Im so sorry , i didnt realize that Bitch was your lover!! my mistake.

          • You are a democrat I thought I smelled a foul odor from you post. By the way you should learn how to spell idiot.

          • OK my little braindead turd……….tell me what I had spelt wrong….as I said I am not a democrat nor do I live in the USA

          • Spelled is the word not spelt brainless.

          • Maybe in the American version of the English language,but in the British version of the English language , SPELT is also used………..


            Spelt definition: Spelt is a past tense and past participle form of → spell

          • Ass holes like you never change. Go crawl back in your hole.

    • I agree 110%.

  10. I believe Kim Jong Stupid is full of hot air, just like his missiles. But, just in case, the Us Navy needs to disintergrate one to show him we mean business.

    • Disintergrating the kim dong & CRONIES is a positive solution that is permanent justice … !

      • Just like a direct hit on the White House would serve as a warning the USA to stop meddling across the World in other peoples business,take home your military from the 182 countries worldwide

        • All of your posts go to every military site in the country, from now on.
          3 to 5 weeks, they will publish your name and address

        • And let them go apeshit crazy ? Theres a great idea . I guess u think if the USA pulls out then everyone will behave ? Ok fool !!

          • You are such a brain dead jerk,,,,,,Americas presencein all of those countries is not to ee that they behave themselves……….its all about what they just might have the the USA wants or needs………….bribe the countries dictators are the USA can do just what like to do…….rape and pillage………..never ever did work in my country,and we do have the Worlds biggest iron ore mine, huge deposits of uranium….so what are you guys waiting for,………..come and try it

          • Rape and pillage. Keep typing and keep making yourself look more like the IDIOT that you are. Which obviously is not to difficult for you!

          • Instead of Reading your rightwing media sites, Wake up and read the truth about how the USA really works out in the World, remember the USA is only about 5% in both land area and population……….you are no more than a piece of fly sheight on the World map………read books by Willam Blum, and wash the crap out of your smallbrain

          • I am done because you obviously are a moron. And you can’t beat a dead horse and get a response, and that is the category that you fall into dip s h I t.
            And your comments show where the small brain is!

          • Typical Wussie Yank giving up…………

          • I would give you 100+ up’s if I could, have argued with him about the Muslim refugee’s raping the women in his country of Sweden and he said they were reporting – groping, touching, etc. as rape. Then I called him a pig.

        • You are a friggen IDIOT! You take the cake for being one of the dumbest people I have read comments from. You need to get your head out of your A S S and wake up to what’s going on in this world. Yea, just let all of the IDIOTS run free that want to harm others.

          • The only idiots in this World are crappy looney jerks who Think they own the World and can do anything they like with impunity………..I actually hope that some nation attacks the USA with NUKES……..and get a taste of what WAR is all about………….it is NOT Hollywood movies

          • F U C K you you piece of shit. I would love to meet you in person 🙂

          • Why would we kiss and make up,I love you when you get dirty

          • You are truly an idiot who should get your head out of your ass. Ed struck a nerve in that pea brain in your head you belong in a padded cell where you can`t hurt yourself and who knows you might meet that coward Obama and you could talk about old times. People like you are a waste of humanity.

      • Right and if we have to do it finish the job so we don`t have to go back.

    • sandraleesmith46

      The Vinson carrier group should be there by now, along with 2 others. They were dispatched there last week. And for good measure, the Chinese moved something like 10,000 troops to the DPNK border in that same time frame.

    • I think he is insane and could do anything that comes into his pea brain.

  11. oh no…I bet the angst is so palpable at starchuckies coffee and whatever that it is difficult to breathe while ordering their mocha chocha latte…

  12. Appears N.K. is launching a war against the U.S.A. ! The only solution to stop the tyranny of a dictator is to totally wipe the nation out or take the kim dong out that is creating the threat & is crazy as hell with greedy stupidity … !

    • Hasnt the USA launched wars against many many countries since 1945………..52 wars have been started by the USA, and an estimated 50 million humans have been murdered by US weapons

      • Too bad you were not one of them.

        • More hate and vile………..I doubt if my country will be hit in WW3

          • I dont know where u are from , but since u seem to hate everything about this country u should take your happt litte ass back there.

          • You dont know where I am from………….use that empty space between your ears,and check out some of my comments

          • I have , you are just another pissed off airhead dem that has no idea about what it takes to keep peace. All u and your airhead alikes , hot air BS , u and your kind cant except that most people wont plat into your simple minded BS ,Grow the hell up.

          • You HAVE what?????obviously you didnt find the info you should have found……so I am classed as a airhead democrat…………just shows your intelligence and your ability to find true news on the internet, nsow run off an play with your crayons,anddont make a mess….mommie will be angry

          • Thats great !! Throw that sucker in the dirt ! That was the responce I thought I would get from a child. another world travler that hasnt been anywhere except on the !!

          • You would be surprise as to where I have been, workand pleasure, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Russia.St Petersberg, all over the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Poland, East Germany….Before 89, Hungary, Jugoslavia, Italy, Dubai, India, Ceylon, Thailand, Indonesia and Iran…so where have you been, many Americans live their whole Life in the same state

          • Hummm, myself , for work and pleasure as well. And what I have found is in the people I entertain with , and those being SCJ lawyers and Dr,s that tough as it is to make some decissions they still have to be made .life is not simple! And everything comes at a would be great if everyone wanted peace but in this world it wont happed unless there are peace makers.

          • Do you happen to know who your daddy was???

          • I do,but obviously you dont………….you Yankee turd

          • So you dont know where I live……then find out………if I live in Another country then I cant go back there from the USA if I am not in the USA……….shall I say it one more time……….

            .if I live in Another country then I cant go back there from the USA if I am not in the USA

          • I dont care where your from ! All I know is you are mouthy and uninformed. Have a great day in that tiny little world you live in.

          • Jealousy will get you nowhere

      • Where the hell are you coming from or been to post the idiotic statement that the U.S.A. has started wars ….? You must be a millinial libtard dem to even think the U.S. started wars when dictators were murdering people in every war fought & the U.S. freed the victims of tyranny.. ! You have to get your head out of your ass & see the facts before you post the asinine shit that democrats like pelosi, feinesteine, warner, schumer & some rinos dupe you to believe but only makes you a prime example of the dem’s logo of an ass that proves your intelligence is “0” … !

        • Do you really Believe allthe Sheight you is but one of many many websites with the same info…….enjoy………

          People around the world view the US
          as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous
          than any other country. The data confirm this conclusion:

          Since WW2, Earth
          has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them.

          These US-started armed
          attacks have killed
          ~30 million and counting; 90%
          of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and
          ordinary working civilian women and men.

          The US
          has war-murdered more than Hitler’s Nazis.

          US official reports now
          confirm all
          “reasons” the US told for current armed attacks were known to be
          false as
          they were told.

          These lie-started US wars
          are not even close to lawful (here and here recently).

          US wars and rhetoric for more wars continue a long
          history of lie-began US Wars of Aggression. The most
          decorated US Marine general in his day warned all Americans of
          this fact of lie-started wars for 1% plunder.

          • AND you really believe the rest of the world indoctrinated dictatorships are telling the truth when this so called vote you made up is a fact that the U.S. is the war problem .. ! Believe as you may but go to these nations & find out how they have to live under their dictators whims & ways to get your own education of facts ! You will not return to the U.S. because you will be another slave for their lying propaganda but you will be educated as a dupe !

          • Babbling again, I do not live in the USA, never have and never will……….a land of murderers who roam the planet murdering civilians


          • The “sheight” I posted is fact and your posts are the indoctrinated stench of shit … ! Yeh , you have all this information about the U.S. wars as being false armed attacks on all the innocent ! You are a libtard dupe but also the same type liar as the dem’s logo of an ass !

          • Whoops, pigs on the loose again…… run off and play with all the pigglets in the W H

        • Name me a war the US hasn’t started!

          • All wars were started by ass holes like you that had no brains & want to dictate the world & it sure as hell wasn’t the U.S.A. but U.S. Patriotic Citizens fought to protect the duped peons that let the dictatorial regime enslave them … ! You have the same type of asinine ways in your posting that started the wars another nation instigated with tyranny murder !

          • Like I thought all hot air and a lib!

          • You seem to know about hot air. Your posts are all hot air and purely stupid .

          • So says the barking tree spyder!

  13. We might have fired the 60 cruisers at the wrong target.

      • 60 one fell into the sea

        • Didnt know that………at least some Childrens lives were spared

          • Not one civilian was harmed. Keep up your LIES to try to make yourself look good, IDIOT!

          • Atleast 59 civilians were killed,I Believe the latest news says its over 80 now………….frigging MURDERERS

          • Fake shit for another dummy as yourself LOL!

          • Fake news in the USAsmedia sites, but the truth will come out…….but then you might be dead from a NUKE attack

          • Just like all the fake sheight that comes from American media sites

          • See their, you just admitted your shit is fake. You keep proving over and over what an idiot you are.
            Have a good life as you need one.

          • See their, you just admitted your shit is fake. You keep proving over and over what an idiot you are. See their, you just admitted your shit is fake. You keep proving over and over what an idiot you are. See their, you just admitted your shit is fake. You keep proving over and over what an idiot you are. See their, you just admitted your shit is fake. You keep proving over and over what an idiot you are. See their, you just admitted your shit is fake. You keep proving over and over what an idiot you are. See their, you just admitted your shit is fake. You keep proving over and over what an idiot you are. See their, you just admitted your shit is fake. You keep proving over and over what an idiot you are………….YOU ARE THE BIGGEST IDIOT….a typical yankee idiot turd

          • Obviously you are a loser with no life and nothing better to do than slam people who make sense as opposed to your idiocracy. Keep typing and keep proving the FOOL you are.

          • WHO MAKES sense……that will be the day when a Yank can better me with true news……..

          • Everyone that responds to you makes more sense than your garbage you call news.
            Just get over it loser and accept the fact that you are brain dead, as you keep proving over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Isn’t that how you respond with your comments ROFLMAO you IDIOT

          • I have also noticed that those who reply to me are uneducated,know Little or nothing about history, even US History,youand they are as stupid as is possible………….but………… continue to read your US media sites, specially made for idiots like you, and you are so gullible that you Believe everything you read………..but do continue to reply,I Always enjoy a good laugh

    • We’ve got more.

  14. That just may be the LAST thing he’ll TRY

  15. nnnnnnnnnnn

  16. The best part of Kim Jung run down his momma crack, so it is time to get rid of what was left over

  17. If this little Fat Bastard from N-Korea trays this, his whole Country will be turned to Molten Glass. You better look over your Shoulder. You whole Country will change,.
    BOBBY ~!~

    • You would think that the majority of the NK people would be tired of him and also scared he is going to do something stupid. A while back they were protesting in the streets and asking Obama for help and of course help never came and people were beaten, put in prison, killed. They will stay silent until something really happens, can you blame them?? Maybe some of the soldiers will change sides also, we can only hope!

      • My concern at this time, is the 15th of April. ( I used to worry about the Tax season, but our great CPA got us a return) and now is the “Birth of North Korea”. Give us a break, this idiot has a half brain and no telling what he will “demonstrate” on that date! Hoping the Chinese will hammer down on him and allow the Generals to know they can take him out with their BLESSINGS!

        • If he would just look out on the seas and see the armada setting there and realize that he does not have serious firepower right now. We should be able to shoot anything down. He is certifiably crazy!

  18. Nuke them and tell the world war is over, “No more war!” Threaten another nation and we fry your ass.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

  19. During the Korean war some years ago our brave American fighters were not allowed to go above the 38th parallel by the then stupid democratic president. I see most democrats have not any smarter to day than they were then. Many of my friends were killed in the police action called the Korean War!!! I might add I am pissed at what North Korea is doing today when years ago the war was stopped by Harry-the-ASS!

  20. What is amazing is that the little fat BOY’s nukes are made on the backs of his starving brainwashed masses!

  21. Hey, Let the snowflakes deal with it. Let them put their money where their big mouths are.

  22. For this mental pigmy to fire any kind of missle at our ships or at the US would be the last mistake this fool would ever make,his country would become a glass parking lot and I don’t believe that China Or Russia would do anything but protest to the UN

  23. Do us a favor and nuke Californication. Then we’ll nuke you back to the 10th century with no dictator left and the south can come in and unify Korea to one market based republic like the other Asian countries.
    We’ll rebuild California and pass a no sharia or illegal immigrant zone. And return it to the rest of the USA.

  24. Hey Kim. You may have a nuke, but you do not a reliable delivery system. So continue your childish stomping of your foot.

  25. Nu, let’s not provoke North Korea. They’re smart enuff to know we outnumber them in atomic weapons, but they’re not going to put up with American aggression.

  26. It’s time that the mentally ill Kim Jung Un is taken out and I don’t mean to dinner. If need be nuke the place. The world should not be held hostage because of this nutjob.

  27. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    Fatty will eat it like blimp moore

  28. Tell the dude with the bad haircut to bring it on ! Put up or shut up !

  29. I have heard that there are plans for removing the idiot Kim using covert seal teams. We should also consider doing this for Assad in Syria, Maduro in Venezuela and the corrupt Iranian leaders as well. We also need plans for assisting these countries with our allies by installing good leaders through democratic elections. This worked initially in Iraq until Obama screwed it all up by pulling out prematurely. We also need to kill ISIS, which can happen quickly by Trump allowing his military free reign to act as well as coordinating efforts in Europe with our allies there. I call it the plan for nearly instant world peace.

  30. Another madman with an itchy trigger finger and gigantic ego.

  31. China has placed 150,000 troops on the North Korean border. Yesterday they sent back his boats with coal telling him they are buying their coal from the U.S. now and put their entire military on alert. President Trump moved the Naval fleet off the North Korean coast Kim Jong Un would have to be pretty blind not to see what that means.

    • The 150,000 is a medical team with medical equipment. 150,000 would not be a match against the millions of troops that little Pollypong has. China is only there to help the NK people.

      • ” This assertion is not an exaggeration considering the characteristics of 150,000 soldiers on the border. According to Beijing sources familiar with Chinese military information, most of them are 39th and 40th Army Groups, which are formed in the Northern Military District to guard against an unexpected situation of the Korea peninsula. The 39th Army Group is a heavy mechanized unit and the 40th is the rapid deployment force. Both of them boast the country’s best combat power and firepower. This means that China is taking the situation quite seriously.”

        This is from the Huffiington Post I chose them because it is a liberal publication. I don’t where you got your information,

      • And it’s not the size of the Army that counts – it’s how they are trained and what weapons they have available.

  32. The bad news is that the rabid dog can probably hit USA with a nuke. The good news is that his maximum range is California, which has been threatening to secede anyway.

  33. This little fat boy fry pan head is so stupid it’s hilarious. I wish he would try to see what happens to his dumb fat ass.

  34. sandraleesmith46

    Wonder if that’s why the Chinese moved all those troops to the DPNK border last week?

    • It is supposed to 150,000 soldiers with medical supplies & equipment to help the people of NK in case some get hurt. They need to move away from those nuclear plants and launching pads, I think that is all we are interested in destroying.

    • To be there in case the US Army rolls over the North Korean Army and ends up on the border with China. The last time that happened China attacked in force and drove the US Army back to the 38th Parallel and into South Korea. China does not want us on their border. Two years latter an Armistice was signed that ended the shooting but not the war. The Demilitarized Zone was created and the two Koreans are still technically at war. General MacArthur wanted to use nukes to end it but President Truman said no and so here we are being threaten to be nuked by a little jerk in North Korea.

  35. Somebody better read the tea leaves and get this whacko taken out like he took out his brother and uncle! Better, would be someone in his own military. If not, ANYONE else is acceptable.

  36. (: #

  37. Little troll, he needs to get a good spanking, the Un regime has held the free world hostage too long Kim Jong needs to be removed from power.

  38. David Harrington

    Wow a nice burst of “MADE FOR TELEVISION” distractions. You are soooo presidential Dernald!

  39. Just maybe we should quit provoking him and then he will go away?

  40. The Four Horseman of the apocalypse are mounted up and ready to ride.

  41. Evacuate the North first.

  42. This whole thing is the fault of the cowardly obama. Bush can have a little part he was to busy trying to start a war with iraq to make up for his daddies misstake. He let kim jo get a start on his nukes. Then comes the coward that for 8 years had us blinded by Muslim garbage thAT we paid little attention to Korea making nukes. Yes its all on Obama

  43. Kim Jung Un should immediately fire his missile and we will finish the game.

    Stop threatening, not Obama anymore, it’s Donald ( The Mighty ) Trump.

  44. Not if we nuke you first, ya little twerp. . . . .

  45. Deplorable wizard


    The little fat brat reminds me of a kid I knew in high school. Thought he was a badass, bullied the nerdy kids. One day he walked up to me and told me he was going to kick my ass, and I laughed at him. Next day, same thing, in fact everyday for two weeks the same. Then one day, after lunch, he came at me. He gave me 2 of his best shots, I mean he leaned back and swung as hard as he could, twice!
    I laughed again, then picked him up by the shoulders, and with his feet dangling a foot and a half off the ground, I told him to knock it off, that I didn’t want to hurt him.
    He carried my books, bought me lunch, wanted to hang out, wanted to be my best friend.
    It took me putting the fear of God into him before he realized that if I fell for his bs I could have ended his life, quickly and easily.

    • That kid was a “bully,” and bullies are easily subdued by methods like yours. I don’t know why, but there is a certain enjoyment in exposing them.

  46. The only fat guy in the entire country flexes his muscles and shows off his “American Tattoo” – Who Knew???

  47. turn North Korea into a parking lot.

  48. Infant figuring out how to assemble bomb threatens adult.


  50. *********No No No! This is NOT a time to be acting in haste!**********

    For those of you interested, you should read “Revelations” in our Christian Bible. It clearly states that Armageddon is started by the “yellow” race, not the brown, black, or white, but the yellow race. Whether or not that means the Chinese OR the Koreans, the Yellow Race will be the first to push the button.

    This is no time to be glib or sarcastic, because “YOUR” World may just go up in smoke — and not the M.J. kind. This takes a cool informed head to put that little Korean jerk in his place without stepping on ANY OTHER NATION’S TOES. But remember arrogance builds courage…and he has tons of arrogance.

    Try reading Revelations. It is very enlightening. But remember that “God’s time” is different than “human time”. Our life spans are but a blip in God;s time. Most people cannot fathom the meaning of “Eternity”, but that gets close to the time clock on God’s wall.

  51. should North Korea fire another NUKE, we should NUKE him over and out. Since 1953 this is being going on and they do not stop the aggression it is time to finalize the DMZ for ever.

  52. Little would be gained by hitting Los angles or San Francisco it is mostly illegals anyway. No loss there…. I think the hole thing is a lot of fart gas from the idiot running North K.

  53. Nuke North Korea with a 100 Megaton Bomb that should do it!!!!!

  54. Drop some food for the people and most will revolt, their country is bankrupt. All his muscle is just for show his people are starving, just look at the soldiers they look emaciated. Drop a Mother bomb on his nuclear site and the game will be over. China will be glad we have enough balls to take him out and his people will rejoice at his demise.

  55. It’s not a joke people, and yeah I want to see the evil defeated, but it might be your life, or a loved one that is snuffed out if Kim Jong Un attacks the mainland.

  56. GOOD-BY, North Korea…….It’s been not-nice to know you…….Hope you all have nightmares……..At least you will be warm in HELL……..

  57. how about a Tomahawk right up this idiots a##??

  58. This moron ought to enlighten himself on what happened when another Asian country thought it was a good idea to attack the U.S.

  59. You don’t even want to think about it, Kim. The consequences, in kind, will leave you speechless, to say the least.

  60. One wrong move and North Korea is gone once and for all.

    • Hell, it should happen anyway. Surgical strikes against their military installations and “Soy Sauce Stain’s” palace. It would be over in a matter of an hour.

  61. NK just wants to be eliminated so the taxpayers of the US can go in and rebuild everything like the US has done every where else……

  62. The best they can do, is piss the US off. Japan learned that is really not a good thing.
    Do CA. No one would really lose anything.

    • I am not too sure about that John. I would hate to be back on the DMZ if anything happens and I worry for those troops up there now.

  63. stupid little fat man. just try it.

  64. Just let that fat turd in N. Korea try it! He’s dumb enough to, I’m sure! If the people of N. Korea had any sense, they would throw his fat azz in the sea, before he causes the destruction of their country! Just try nuking the U.S., you dumb shxt, and we will all say good bye to N. Korea!

  65. Can we please drop a drone on that mongoloid retard


  67. North Korea can’t get a missile across the Yellow Sea, much less the Pacific Ocean. Lil Kim is just a crazy man with gout. With all of his “personal appearances ” in the next couple of day, send a drone with his name on it. Surely, North Korea has the lastest and greatest to defend against these small slow moving aircraft. They are expecting missiles, we send the bumblebees.

  68. I would think that the USA has jamming devices that would send the nuke right back where it came from. You could say, or our government could say it was Koreas nuke. Hey we could even send it to China. Wouldnt that make Kim Un come undone?

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  70. I’m afraid that the only way to stop a madman who keeps threatening us and provoking us is to get rid of him. Sooner or later, if he obtains deliverable nukes, he will use them to barter for whatever or he will use them.
    A tactical strike would set off a total war so I would put my money on a strike at Kim and his administration- perhaps a MOAB on top of his palace if intelligence tells the military he is there at a certain time. Many innocents would die is the problem. However, just like when we bombed Hiroshima, we new many innocents would die so that many more would ultimately be saved. Kim is delusional starving and killing his own people. What do you think he would do to US citizens given the chane?

    I say take him out now before he has deliverable nukes because if we don’t we will make life a constant worry for our kids and grand kids.

  71. The thistle said to the oak tree, “I’ll cut you down!”

  72. This piece of human waste kim jong un has no feeling for his people and they are slaves that live in fear. They have no freedom to speak of, and have to be careful what they say as you never know who your enemies are there. President Trump will not let kim jong un launch weapons against us and think we;re just going to take his BS, not going to happen. kim jong un days are numbered and north Korea will rejoice when he’s gone.

  73. Fat Boy can not nuke the U.S. he is delusional just spouting off. I know they recently said that he may have one that could reach California but if he tried it my bet is it would land in the ocean even if we did not intercept it. Surely he knows we would shoot it out of the sky before it could get to the coast of California. In the meantime there would already be one on the way to his front door with his name on it !

  74. The cost to China of loosing The United States as a customer would bankrupt North Korea. North Korea is not a threat to the United States . Barack Obama, posing as a President of The United States, did more for Kim Jong by doing nothing, than he could have achieved by attacking North Korea.

  75. Now that Obama has crawled back in his hole Russia lost the free lunches from Omama and now have a man with ball`s to deal with who won`t take any B,S. they don`t know what to do. Trump is a true American and obama is an anti american they manipulated like a puppet for eight years.

  76. Too bad they didn’t blow up while he was walking with the nukes……Was hoping for that as were Billions of other people there in ASIA……….

  77. It’s “in the cards” and this fool has bitten off more than he can chew.

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  79. Am I the only one that N. Korea’s antics reminds of an old spoof movie “The Mouse That Roared”?

  80. vincent deredita

    How can they Nuke the U.S. They cannot get their missels to work.

  81. I can so understand the hatred Towards California and New York. Also all the Sanctuary Cities of America. Also lets put the Polotions that are in Congress that also hate America and put them on the front Lines of North Korea.. Kill two Birds with one Stone..North Korea Turn to GLASS
    BOBBY ~!~.

  82. @John
    Really! You don’t understand the repercussions of a nuclear bomb hitting here. Get ready to live in the dark ages again. No TV, no Cellphones and last but not least. Striking rocks to make a fire. Also, might as well stock up on can goods while you can.


  83. Being a five times draft dagger nd not having any idea about military, he was running his mouth and promising what he can do to China, Russia and North Korea. Naturally, he flip flop on the first two countries and now he is faced starting a war with North Korea not ever knowing the capability and the ability its military power. If war broke out and if US start the first escalation of attack, the first place the North Korean attack will be the 20,000 plus US soldier that are sitting like and a duck as well as, the Capita;l of South Korea, which is 50 miles away from the border of North Korea. If they have a nuclear capability, of course the west coast will relieve the first atomic bomb. All these catastrophe will take place, due Trump childish mentality and wanting to win the election by any means necessary.

  84. Did the US Navy find the sub they were looking for off of San Diego?
    NK does not need a missile, just carry it to shore and set it off.

  85. North Korea: try it. Please.

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