North Korea Boasts: We Can Wipe Out the U.S.

North Korea told the United Nations on Wednesday that their hydrogen bomb test was a rousing success, giving them weaponry “capable of wiping out the whole territory of the U.S. all at once.” The regime has characterized their pursuit of a nuclear arsenal as peaceful and defensive in nature, but their announcement brought near-universal condemnation, to say nothing of skepticism. Geological evidence casts doubts on North Korea’s claims.

“North Korea is still a long way off from being able to strike the U.S. mainland,” said expert Siegfried Hecker, echoing the sentiments of most in the international community.

Despite those widespread doubts, Kim Jong Un held a special ceremony to honor the scientists responsible for the January 6 test. There, he said the country’s goal was to build an arsenal “capable of making nuclear strikes at the U.S.-led imperialists at any time and in any space, if they encroach upon the sovereignty of North Korea and make threatening provocations.”

Or, you know, just for the hell of it.

The UN is said to be deliberating a new round of sanctions against the regime, but that’s a hollow threat when the evidence shows that current sanctions are not being enforced. Since the last round of sanctions were put in place, very few of the UN’s member states have complied with the regulations. The UN continues to report that North Korea is getting supplies for its nuclear and missile programs, despite no concurrent reports of member states confiscating supplies under prohibition. If the sanctions are meaningless, why bother? The UN, in its way, is just as fake as North Korea’s grand delusions.

Whether North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is as advanced as they want the world to believe or not, their latest saber-rattling should re-focus the presidential election on what’s important: America’s national security. There are a lot of empty promises made in an election year, most of them having to do with the economy. The amount of power a president has over the health or stagnation of the economy varies, but their power to address foreign threats does not. It is not only the most important job of the president, it is the most important job of the entire federal government.

It’s easy, in relatively peaceful times, to forget that all of our luxuries and all of our education and all of our technology is only possible because we have a strong military. That military, though, serves us best when it is directed by someone who recognizes a threat when he sees it. He doesn’t downplay it. He doesn’t ignore it. He assesses the situation and he takes the appropriate action. Above all, we need a president ready, willing, and able to take that action.

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  1. Why don’t we end this debate with a bomb of our own?

    • If Truman let MacArthur finish the job we wouldn’t be in this predicament

      • My father flew directly under MacArthur. He admired the man until his dying day. Well, the veterans hospital took him. God XXXX it, he was MY HERO>

      • Was the reason Truman or our UN which has been an Enemy also ,A very great General that was moving north was Maj, general Ned Almond and he was on there , not back in Japan

        • FDR, Truman and Ike, along with Churchill, were in the pockets of J Stalin for giving away half of Europe to the commies. General Patton was right in believing the USSR should have been contained after Berlin. The senior generals fought him in his beliefs and had him murdered.

      • Nothing like Dems messing up history again. I am not sure that North Korea is much of a threat to us – yet. But Mighty Mouth has to spout off occasionally to satisfy his ego. Someone needs to shove a 12 gage up his posterior and blow his nose.
        By the way, I love bullfrogs.

  2. More sanctions on N. Korea? Did it hurt the “Dear Leader” in anyway – NO! His people always do the suffering anyway, and if anyone of them complain – it is the “gulag” for them.

    • N Korea is supported by China and other communist despots. Even UN sanctions will not work. The UN and the EU elite are commies, anyway, with their Agenda21/Agenda2030/sustainable development crap and their One World Order (OWO) mantra. Obummer is in their pockets with his communist beliefs. His family and friends are/were commies and he lived with the commie parents of Bill Ayers in Chicago while attending primary school. This along with being born and reared in an muslum and islamic world makes him more dangerous than anyone.

    • Agreed. Do you think any of those men really want that ridiculous haircut????

  3. tell the NK putzes than next missile or nuke test, we will deliver a working missile and nuke to them so they can measure the blast radius

  4. Not before King CamelDungs favorite bedfellows do. After all, he likes them. He gave them the ability, while you, well you, he just is slipping them in the back door

  5. They probably can on Obama,s watch, it will be another pearl harbor, caught with our pants down again.

  6. So what are they waiting for – obama’s go ahead?

  7. Obama yet again. We should have taken them at their word when they said they were at war with us, nope, instead this Cretan gives them the time they need to make the missiles that he said couldn’t reach us, the idiot. How come everything he does is not in our interests? Because he is a SUNNI MUSLIM TRAITOR FROM WITHIN that is why.

    • Kim Jong Un is a young mental case. Can’t this boy read about what happened to past tyrants such Hitler, Gadhafi, Idi Amini, Sadam etc.? They were eventually all deposed. This young man is self-absolved and delusional that he will live forever. Now he is bragging his country is ready for any war. He does not know if his country ever goes to war- short or long his power will questioned by those close to him. In fact I am surprised he is still alive after killing his uncle and other close relatives. I equate Kim Jong to young people joining ISIS. These are sick young people. Ask Kim Jong or those joining ISIS what they want, they won’t tell you. It is immaturity. Somebody brain-washed them to see themselves as above regular humans. Many young males go through that crisis. Kim was made king by his own father who raised him as begotten son. I can assure you it won’t be long some of those he trusts will go against him. Wish him good luck!

  8. all I can say nk if you really believe that then give it a try that way we’ll have one less country to worry about after we wipe you out for good …should take about and hr good luck

  9. Mr Larry Rodger Chase


  10. What have you been asleep North Korea?, obama beat you to it. obama began destroying America 2009 January 20th.

    • I heard the first speech and was aghast. It was said that the Republicans were not to speak of his associations, his church, etc. Not even his family. Now, his brother said, in Kenya that he would like to take a DNA test bc he believes that Frank Marshall Davis is his real father. He has the same coloring, but strangely enough, he even has the exact same mole on his face as does Marshall, but Marshall has more of them. I heard things I had read when I was a radical in college, although I was more of a Abbie Hoffman type, not a Bill Ayers or a Black Panthers, but I knew who they were, I even knew some school teachers who were communist. Neither they nor their friends ever called each other anything other than PROGRESSIVE LEFT VOTING DEMOCRAT. Sound familiar.?

      • OUCH.. That Kenyan PO’Boy could get a Clinton Treatment… as in RIP

      • Like you I believe Davis was the genetic father, but a Muslim was the father or record, and Obama is a Muslim because of it.

        • Obama’s really black skinned ” brother” in Kenya, said that when he went to the White House to ask his brother to pitch in with the poor family to help with his aunt’s burial. Obama’s reply? “What has she ever done for me?” He left out the back door as a servant. He was not treated as the brother he is supposed to be, and at that, he said that Obama is a really nasty person, you would not want him around you. He wants a DNA test to see if indeed he is his real brother. One look at Obama’s supposed family, and they are Africans. Black as the Ace of Spades. This is not racist in any way, just a way of saying they have African born skin tones, which is very, very black. Now Davis, Google him. Look at the skin color, the exact skin color as Obama and he calls him “Gramps?” Isn’t that like the mother that whored around and always told her children to call he new boyfriend “uncle?” But really, it is easy to see when you look at Marshall’s face. He actually has the exact mole right where Obama does, and a few more to boot.

    • and since when have you Stopped selling Nukes and Missiles to Iran??? Did Obama ruin your Business??? Eh NOKO???


    • The Bombs have gotten bigger and We just leave our Enemies do what ever they wish, So Iran still has Americans as Prisinors , But we are going to release more terrorists to Iran , We are a bunch of suckers , we are now going to give them up to 150 Billion Dollars and they hate us , We need to get rid of Obama before he makes another stupid move

  12. We would have probably have won in the Korean war , had it not been that we were in the UN, McArthur would have won and by now North Korea and south Korea would have got back together and there would be One Korea and we would have gained something for the lives we lost , Freedom is Not Free! That was our slogan then and still should be,, We fought in some very bad conditions , Cold and Honey wagons to still be a target for a little dictator , but we also have a sick-O for a president !

    • We would have won Nam, also, if it hadn’t been for LBJ and the demowit congress cutting off the war funding and LBJs micro managing the war and his Paris “peace talks” parade. After the commie Tet offensive, old General Giap wrote in his memoirs that we had them on their knees ready to surrender … then LBJ stopped the bombing. Nixon took over and bombed the crap out of Hanoi (remember old “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and her commie minions, even John Kerry was a traitor and now he’s SOS).

      • my husband and brother were in Vietnam and my husband told me that they would drop them to take a hill or village and then after they conquered it, they would pick them up and 10 days later send them back to take the same damn hill. All politics and my husband and brother have hated and don’t trust the government ever since.

        • Dropped what their gas masks, back packs? That’s funny because I don’t remember dropping anything that kept you safe

          • What’s your problem? Pamela is right. We were given an assignment to capture a certain hill or VC village. After doing so we were picked up or in some cases went somewhere else, only to have to go back and take the same ground again. In every case we lost good men. So apologize to her or get lost.

          • I am not going to apologize she didn’t make it clear as to what was dropped, or I may have read it wrong. You are the one who should be apologizing for sticking your nose into some thing that doesn’t concern you moron. take a hike

          • thank you. God Bless and thank you for your service.

          • don’t know what you are talking about, sorry.

          • That was my mistake, didn’t read it correctly the first time

          • Hey dude don’t be an asshole here.

        • God bless them and yes that happened time and time again and what’s even shittier, is those A-holes whom spit on our boys coming home from war by people who were draft dodgers, punks, hippies etc who didn’t have a damn clue the shit those guys went through over their

          • Yes, one of the worst useless wars that we were ever in to lose so many great young men. God Bless them all! And I am sure most of you that served over there are still struggling with the effects as is my brother MC and husband Army.

          • I was a hippie when the Vietnam war was going on I was in High School, but I did not stand for the pledge, as some of us did not because we believed that Vietnam was an illegal act and the very invasion of Cambodia was even a worse betrayal, but I wore two dog tags of soldiers I didn’t know, and whenever I saw someone spitting on a soldier, I told them to get the phuck away, these guys are not to blame, the real killers hide behind their desks in the Oval Office. I was a Student for a Democratic and Free society, I read all of the leftist/communist BS out there, but I was more of an Abbie Hoffman hippie than a Bill Ayers or a Black Panther hippie, I did not believe in the overthrow of our government, I even met some Communists who were school teachers, but back then, the schools were too old fashioned for any real indoctrination. They or their friends, NEVER used the name Communists. Would you like to know how they called themselves politically? PROGRESSIVE LEFT WING VOTING DEMOCRATS so, then what does that tell you? Churchill said that if you are not Liberal when young and Conservative when you are older, then you are not a political animal.”

        • Your husband was right I should I’m a combat Vietnam Vet myself.

        • Pamela, first please thank your husband and brother for their service. I remember talking to other soldiers who HAD been in VN. Leaving an Ace of Spades on the bodies scared the Cong off. Then our government said “You can’t do that to them”. You could bomb them, shoot them, napalm them, but NOT scare them. Far too many brave Americans gave their lives for what, to our government, was a game/profit center for the defense industry and a Campaign Contribution center for government.

      • I became a Republican after LBJ , He changed our Social Security from an act to a Tax so that he could use it where ever he wanted to , I know after Korea they tried to talk us into going to Vietnam as advisers if we would reenlist ,, I came home and back to the Auto industry , but some of my best friends were in the Military , They are some of the best people I have ever Known , Freedom is not Free!

      • Remember Kerry threw his medals over the WH fence? Then later when asked because he had medals on his wall said it wasn’t his medals he threw over the wall. Sick frigging A-Holes look who’s running the country and ruining it?? It’s those peace loving picks and their indoctrinated kids!! Ask a WW2 vet what they fought for and what they think of our country now!! Ask a concentration camp survivor what it was like!! Because the Radical muzzles want the SAME THING! Hell the top Muslim cleric during WW2 made a pact with Hitler to help in the FINAL SOLUTION!!:

        • Kerry is a lying sonofabitch and if I could meet this POS I would tell him to his face what I think of him like his boss a no good POS just like obama and the rest of the commie demoRATs.

          • Do you count all of us vets who went against the war in Nam traitors – i get things from current vets who wish that they had never enlisted – that is a DAV throw behind me and my cat.

          • Well if the shoe fites dude wear it along with Kerry.

          • Had it not been for people like Jane, Kerry, myself, and the millions that eventually joined us, we would still be looking at the light at the end of the tunnel and the wall would be all the way around the reflecting pool – nothing worse than putting your ass on the line for a lost cause. By the way, since Hitler was a strong anticommunist, and I am to the left of him, I must be one too, so you just pay your dues to the Nazi Party and all will be well.

          • When the REVOLUTION/CIVIL WAR STARTS i will see people like you and we the people will take care of business you POS commie asshole.And go vote for Killary Clinton like a good little commie liberal that you are.

          • What we are currently seeing at the Wildlife Refuge in OR, is an attempt by the Right to start a revolution or civil war and began by expecting to become martyrs to the cause and expected that the Feds would do the dumb things that it had done at Waco and Ruby Ridge, where the govt won the battles (shich should not have taken place because the means used now was available then), but their problem is that even among the usually conservative locals, their support is slipping. The govt knows what they want and will not give it to them until the number grows to a critical mass as other nuts arrive. Even now, although there are probably more arriving, there is not the sufficient mass so the govt can wait, and even let them come into town to get supplies. They are just disrupting this rather small area, and while the Gov of OR has plead that the Feds do something, nothing happened yet, and the occupiers popularity is fading fast, so what will come when the townies refuse to sell them supplies? Where is the next town? Will their business be welcome there? These are just typical extreme conservativs, and may get the idea at some time that the longer they hold out the more unpopular they and their cause will become.
            I have been studying revolutions for at least 50 years, and what I have found is that both the peaceful ones like the union movement, and the breaking up of the monoolies and trusts, and then the Bonus Army, as well as the violent ones – the Frech Revolution and the first Russian revolution of 1917 came from the masses with the sole goal of taking the heads off of the Nobility – the wealthy and privileged, Sd you may know from history, the violent ones like you seem to advocate, have really adverse consequences in terms of the following leadership. This also goes for the Arab Spring and now the real mess in Syria.
            On the other hand, always from the Conservatives, come the coups – simply the taking over of power by the people with the wealth and power do not work out either because of lack or real popular support – look at Argentia.
            As I see it now, when Obama took office 7 years ago, after winning the election where redistricting had not really happened yet, he brought with him a Democratic, and reform minded Congress with him, but then, in the 2010 elections the GOP had won state legislatures, which then did the gerrymandering, so that the GOP could take over at least the House and the pursestrings, and since Obama would not cooperate, they began accusing him of every thing that went bad, and things have gotten worse mostly because of Congressional sequestration – mostly to parts which benefited the poor – SNAP, subsidized housing, which made the poor poorer faster. Now, in this election, most of the people have probably seen that these cuts have actually made things worse. I am a 100% disabled vet, and have watched the VA just get worse and worse, and my pension covering less and less – the numbers sound good, but they do not cover the things, like cleaning my gutters, that I was able to do a few years ago, not making it now. But, in terms of going too far, it is the Ryan Budget Plan part that cuts ‘entitlements’ (I thought by my service and disabilities that I had actually EARNED my pnsion and healthcare. I also thought that I had paid for my Social Security in advance, but now all pensions will go down as things seem to cost more of us even more.
            The vet who took the nurse hostage at gun point at the Denver VAMC, may have just been the tip of the coming iceberg for vets who care more for their health becaue our disability pensions are tax free (income tax only). About 28 years ago a man in NC went to the Durham VAMC, did not get the care he expected, just took hostages, and did about 5 years in a Federal Prison – this will happen again, and the ones that Conservatives who have cut our healthcare budget may be targets. The reason why I don’t own a gun is because of PTSD, but there is the unwelcome addition to the neighborhood of Grandpa’s Pawn and Gun, where I can get one, do so practice in my pasture, and then go out and see if I can still hit the bulls eye from 1,500 yards or not. If not, at least I tried. That will be thanks to the gun nuts, or if I am in a hurry, just walk into my neighbors house with the keys he gave me get his out of the closet and skip the waiting period. He probably would not even miss it until next hunting season. The usually quite conservative members of my Legion post, are nor at all happy about the underfunding of the VA medical system. Were you trained to be a ‘terrorist’ – I was, and have spotted the most vulnerable place in the US – one really dirty pesticide bomb, that would contaminate everything, but destroy almost nothing would totally disrupt the whole US economy, or how about just a couple of the big power towers – a friend supposedly did that to protest Nam. 7 years on the FBI’s most wanted list and no prosecution.
            50 years ago a bunch of us from the U. went to a Forest Camp where I worked part time and had the keys, and a couple went into the bushes and came back right away with the female telling us about the group of armed men just over the ridge, so the other vet and I went to see – found ‘Minute Men’ – big fire – just going to their tents with beers in hand. We waited for about 30 min, went down took out the sentry – shoestring tied to stick over his head, took off all his clothes, shoved his shorts in his mouth, made 4 strings out of his boot strings, woke the others up with nose clamp and muzzel of the sentries gun in their mouths, and went back to drink our beer, and left them all naked, their clothes in the trunk of a car along with all of the car keys, and no reports to law enforcement. Will you be next?

          • When the REVOLUTION/CIVIL WAR STARTS i will see people like you and we the people will take care of business you POS commie asshole.

      • I’m a combat Vietnam Vet and I remember “Hanoi” Jane Fonda and John Kerry both traitors.And both should be in jail.

        • They were treasonous traitors, I was in Cambodia ,June 15, 1970′, word came over the radio, Jane Fonda was smooching the North Viet-Namese side. It was a sad time for us, we were engaging large elements of 50-300-400+ forces along the Ho-Chi Minh trail. We were a force of 100 and loosing men 2-4 every day+ wounded. Our hearts dropped, turned cold with fear as we all looked at each other wondering what was going on. We were expecting to see Russians any-time. We were already engaging Chinese soldiers along with N.Viet-Namese forces. Killing them was fairly easy with our M-60’s working in pairs-criss -crossing. Hanoi Jane should’ve been Hung. Kerry gave himself 3 Purple hearts his Commander refused to award him ,so he went into Saigon to pay some officer. Later before a Congrssional hearing Kerry said he was cutting ears and heads like all other soldiers. Lie. But, in the Jungle , there are no rules. When they butcher one of our soldiers, are we gonna take it?? No, we will do it to them back and then some extra. It is madness, but you gotta Kill if you expect to came back some day. The Jungle is a Dark-cold world and endless as you travel thru for miles and miles looking for them. ,,,,,,,,,,,John Kerry again betrayed our country with his Sham Iran agreement working with Muslim traitors.

          • I’ve heard all of this from my brother and husband. My husband said that there would be these tall Chinese mixed in with the gooks and they just kept coming and coming! What a horrible time for you guys! Am sorry that you had to go through that but at the same time, maybe the Lord was giving you experience so as to be ready for what is YET to come! And we the People, young and old, men and women are there to HAVE your back this time! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

          • Very true, glad to hear from others who understand what was at stake from our gamble in Viet-Nam. Back then we had good leaders, Ex-Military quite often or at least were great Leaders for America, Like Nixon, he was under alot of pressure to stop the War,but he was playing a game of chess with Communist Leaders, bent on World domination. Something Liberal poeple couldn’t,or didn’t feel it was a battle of life or Death. We were living in a Nuclear age, some thing Hippy’s and Liberal people couldn’t or didn’t want to believe in. Good thing Pres. Nixon didn’t give in. Even his own staff eventually turned on him. He locked himself in his office, perhaps un-trusting of any one. I tend to think thats why he got the 5 Dummy Cubans to go across the street, break-in to the DMC headquarters to find out what they were up-to. Big mistake. Thank You for your families service, yes your brother knows what we had to do. The sacrifices, but we will stand up and protect our country, Constitutional Rights and our American way of life.

          • yes, I know this. That is why he REFUSED to be buried in the Arlington cemetery with the rest of the presidents. He saw, experienced and Knew the crookedness of the government and did NOt want to be counted as one of them. All of this is spiritually discerned and does NOT come from man or word of mouth and just shows how much truth and history has been LOST about this country and how it has LEFT the TRUE foundation on HOW and WHY this country came into being in the first place. We are in deep SHIT my friend as there are now more recent REFUGEE and IMMIGRANT unbelievers than original and TRUE Americans and Christians who do not understand HOW or WHY or WHO are told the truth about how and why this Country came into being and it is their loss. So sad INDEED!

          • Do you know that the minute that John Kerry become the State Dept. when Hillary had her “Concusion,” John Kerry became the State Dept. Head, and ever since that time, he has built up and amassed a fortune. He is now not a millionaire, but a billionaire. when we have people who can’t run for president because they do not have the funds, then we are in trouble. We have been for a very long time, I do not support the GOP calling for money for this candidate to vote this way, or to be able to give funds for this or that candidate to help them win and I certainly do not believe in these “SuperPacs.” Cruz is the only one that does not use superpacs. Instead, he has coolested grassroots organizations who one their own go out and get donations. This is a great way for an HONEST politician to do things because if he has so many people who are charged up for him, as we seem to be, then he has not had to use the very unaccountable Super Pacs. for his election. MY VOTE IS MY DONATION.

          • The reason that Sec. Kerry is so wealthy, is that he married the widow of Sen Hunt – the Ketchup owner after he died in office, which his wife has now sold to a larger food company, so while it still says Hunt on both the front and back, it is no longer in her hands, and so on disclosure forms he still has to include her fortune. Being a liberal, there is probably a Hunt or Hunt-Kerry foundation which probably supports a variety of projects. Because I am a 100% disabled USMC from the Nam era, I do not have any money to give to any political organization, but since after I got out on a medical, I went anti-war, I will not vote for any candidate who will support any further direct military actions by us in the mid-east. The best way to keep the new USMC forces and others from becoming like me or worse, is not to have them there in the first place unless there they attack us first – not just a terrorist attack, because those are just the nuts, but a real one.

          • Yes, but even as early as this year, his income has substantially went up. Every time he travels in one of his “diplomatic talks,” his bank account balance seems to go up also according to the FOIA. But as a traitor to the nation when our troops where involved in what I considered to be an illegal war, including the invasion into Cambodia by Nixon, Traitor Kerry did nothing to help the situation, neither did Jane. I always ran around with a crowd who were at least 7 years older than myself, but I kept seeing friends who were barely yet 20 come back in body bags. but ISIS is a different thing. These are people that are nuts. They have to be put to sleep, as the dogs they are. Or we will have a really bad problem. Most of you do not have the sources I have amassed, for we are blacked out here from knowing what is going on in the world, for Americans do not like to hear anything “upsetting.” But from what I see in the UK, London is now mostly Muslim, they taunt the Londoners and state loudly and clearly they will be living in the queen’s palace and very soon. And to think they murdered Diana because they were so afraid she may have married Faed, and that would probably mean Muslim step brothers or sisters. Too bad that will be a probability now. Karma is something. I see what is going on in Germany and I saw a woman out on her porch, about 59 yrs old, could have been older, screaming for the police to help her because they had Muslim FAKEUGEES, come in, tossed her out of her home, and taken possession of her car and possessions. Funny, that, about a generation ago, could have just as well have been a Jewish woman on Christalnacht, The Night of the Broken Glass, where Hitler’s Brownshirt’s went out and broke all of the Jewish business’ windows and I can see a 59 yr old woman calling for the police to help because they were taking her home, possessions and all. But there was no help coming. So, as a born Orthodox Hew, now a Messianic Jew, I say this couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of volks. I also say I believe in no coincidences. This, to me, is a generational curse. So, there are probably people living there who remember what they did to their own, who even fought for Germany in WWI. So, although they are calling for Merkle’s head, there is a deeper deal going on here, as long as they are there and not here.

          • First, with Kerry’s increase in wealth annually, he and his wife benefit from the too low tax rate on the wealthy, just as do all of the other wealthy people in the US, like Warren and the Koch bros. Here, I am definately with Bernie in restoring the old highly progressive tax structure where above a certain level there was a 95% level which said to the wealthy: either spend it on building things or paying people to build things, or the government will – there is no dysincetive on saving too much under the current code, and many of the really wealthy are risk averse – they would rather buy stocks in existing businesses than actually go out an build a new factory in the US, and employ people at a good wage. Now, every time we have a problem of any kind, the Conservatives in Congress have the same solution – cut taxes on the wealthy and decrease government spending. For example, 3 years ago I lost the vision in one eye due to treatment delays at the VA, and ever since I have been getting the daily reports from the VA IG, and all that these talk about are the ‘waste and fraud’ – the $300K move of an executive, and over payments to temporary 100% disabled, but they finally reported that for the last FY, the part of the VA that I am dealing with now – non-VA care (I have not had enough teeth to hold my partials in for over a year, and would love to have a Freto, had to return over $300M unspent to the Treasury – that would have easily paid for my full dentures; I just got a referral to an outside provider because the dental clinic in Cheyenne can’t see me for more than 30 days – probably the cutting of the one full time dentist back to 2 days/wk has something to do with this – and the outside provider is not taking any new VA patients after 2/1 – he is probably not paying the VA enough – like Medicaid and Medicare (to be). We have a right to get treatment but can’t get it because there is no one left to treat us.
            On the refugees – Since you appear to be a Jew, was just before WWII – the KKK Conservatives did not like Jews any more than they liked blacks, so Congress put very restrictive immigration quotas on countries where the population was heavily Jewish – which included Germany, so Jews from Germany and other countries, just went and got on a boat headed for the US with what they had on their backs and could carry, and when these boat reached US territorial waters they were just given a resupply of coal and food and sent back, so that all that had to be done was to round them up at the docks and put them in cattle cars for the camps. While, at the same time, allowing people from S. Europe to freely enter without papers (that is the meaning of WOP – mostly Italians).
            This current refugee problem with women in particualar could have been seen ahead of time. My first college room mate was Mohammed Agili of Benghazi, and through him I met the other Arab students at CO State, and they all had trouble with women – they were simply not accustomed to dealing directly with women – particularly the ones in mini-skirts and plunging necklines. Mohammed got sent back for doing his best to impregnate every female at Ft. Collins HS, and others mostly managed to avoid the getting sent back part. Refugees are always a problem, but we have to remember that both Snowden and Manning (and others we have not heard from yet) had security clearances, and look what they did.
            I got my MS from CSU in 8/68, and had a fellowship to a U in Canada for the Ph.D. at McMaster in Hamilton, Ont. From there we got both US and Canadian TV programs, and on NAM – they would both show the same footage, but totally different naration, and there was a US and Canadian version of both the Smother Bros and Laugh In where except for the faces, there was practially no similarity. Canadians who volunterered for the US military also came back in body bags. When I was driving the Morgue truck, we just used mattress covers, and what the morgue did with the remains that I brought to it is something I do not know.
            A couple of weeks ago at the Denver VA, the noon news anounced that a vet had taken a nurse hostage at gun point, but the picture just showed the Denver cop cars with their lights on, and at 5 the same reporter announced that the Feds had taken care of the problem and said all was well. Is the cheap skate Congress trying to turn us into terrorists or mass murderers.
            While I was getting my Ph. D. at TAMU, I heard a rumor that some of the ships that were turned away had managed to get to the Mexican ports on the Gulf and discharge their passengers there, but that was just a rumor. Hitler did attempt to get Mexico to open another front on our S. Border, and it may have been some of these refugees who kept that from happening – heard these rumors while visiting Vera Cruz in about 1974.
            According to the Library of Congress there are still classified documents from WWI which have not been released. It was John Ashcroft who was Bush’s first AG who made the FOIA into the Freedom FROM Information Act. Did you see any pregnant women among the refugees? Why do you suppose – does getting into a leaky boat and crossing rough seas while pregnant sound like a good idea? How many miles could you walk when you were entering your 3rd trimester?

          • John Kerry should be shoot for the lying traitor he is and Jane Fonda as well.

          • If you thought Nam was fun, you should go to the Kurdish part of Iraq and join up and find out if sand really is better than jungle.

          • Than why don’t you go big mouth.

      • You seem to be delusional , like so many who have forgotten the facts. But, with a Media always lieing about the War, I don’t blame them . But remember the reason for being in Viet-Nam was the Cuban confrontation in 1962. Kennedy forced them to back off. But , like he said, this is not the end, but the begining. Viet-Nam is where we’re going to show the Communists that we are Militarily strong. This was to avoid a Nuclear Armageton. Our leaders felt a conventional war was better then waiting for Armageton. So, it became a place to show our Military force. We proved many things to our enemies, one, we could Bomb anywhere on earth-day and night with constant Bombers flying in to targets world-wide. But, the Communists threatened intervention if we went too close to Hanoi,N.Viet-Nam. That, we certainly didn’t want. Thats why LBJ and Nixon took control of targets personally. Bombing finally got them to surrender in 1973, Paris Peace Accords. We pulled our forces out, but, the North attacked the South two years later. Re-assesment – Nixon made the decision , our goals had been met. South Viet-Nam was on they’re own. Communist Russia got the message. Look at a world map , and see why we have the advantage. 3 years later Viet-Nam invaded Cambodia, China got angry at they’re ally and attacked in N.Viet-Nam city.
        China lost 30-50 Divisions to N.Viet-Nam, China found out how backward they were,Nixon ran over there to China, offered to help China to save face. They shook hands, Trade with China started. Just about all our corporations ran into China to take advantage of cheap labor. You know the rest. ,,,,,,,,,,,where we are today. Reagan continued an embargo and bluffed them into Star Wars , they went broke. Later, Reagan stood on Wall and told Gorbachov, BReak Down this Wall. what could he say? we help them change to a capitalist system, So, all sides Won. We avoided a Nuclear War. Didn’t we Win?? Robert McNamera, who fought for the strategy all thru out the Cold War died about 2 weeks after Michael Jackson , a hoochi entertainer got more praise and noise but not a word about McNamara who lead the fight to save the World from Armageton. How could any one say we Lost? But, thats all I keep hearing ,cause Liberals ,draft dodgers like Mohammed Ali, and many others have so much hate at us who fought for our right to live in a free world. We gave the World Technology, Jet-Liners for everyone to travel world wide, we put a man on the moon, we gave GPS ,which originally was what ment for our ICBM’s use to navigate them to targets on the other side of the earth, accurate to with in 10-25- feet as we all know from hand held devices. Who says we lost?? We lost 50 bits and poeple are crying. We killed 3-4 Million, are they crying? No.

      • I still cannot believe Nixon invaded Cambodia. Still to this day. I wrote my Dissertation for my History BA on him. Yes he was a crook, but he would have never gone into Watergate unless something funky was afoot. But it was Colsen’s idea and it took him awhile to talk him into doing it. Colsen had this idea that he was some big operational spy of sorts. If only one would have gone in, they may have gotten away with it. Or it wouldn’t have gotten everyone else involved either. He, with all of his faults, did try to cut the bureaucratic agencies down to a manageable size, he even cut the executive branch, this “Administrative State,” we are living under. For all of his faults, he did love America. I can say that much. And he would have been successful at curbing all of these bureaucratic alphabet agencies too. He wanted power, yet, in his mind, he knew that he could not take more than he should else he “poison the well” when a president could come in and use him as standing, as Obama clearly has used Bush as standing for those never ending Executive Orders.

        • The Cambodia Invasion was not really an Invasion as everyone would think, remember it was only a 3 month operation. And that was to attack N.Viet-Nams Militarys forces amassing along the Viet-Nam- Cambodian Border west of Saigon. Remember , our personnel were getting ready to leave the country. The N.Viet-Namese saw that as an opportunity to attack. Nixon ordered us to attack them, our B-52’s attacked the large forces, dessimating them, surviors trying to escape were met by our Infantry near by around target areas. They flew in from all over the World. Remember, Viet-Nam was to show ,then Communist Russia, we were Militarily strong to avoid Armageton. The Cuban Missile confrontation started this . At the same time , since WW 11, Stalin was up-set we kept him from taking over all of Europe. So, since that time he had 1/2 of Germany. And poised with thousands of Tanks along the Border with Europe to Invade Europe. If we showed weakness in Viet-Nam, we feared the Soviets would go ahead and Invade Europe. But , in the end -Reagan bluffed them about Star Wars, Bankrupting they’re economy. So, WE WON. But didn’t Invade Russia, what for?? They have nothing we want. But Reagan got them to give Freedom to the rest of Germany, and the rest of the Europeon countries under Communsim. We also Saved China’s face after they attacked they’re ally,N-Viet-Nam in 1979 for Nam having Invaded Cambodia after Invading South Viet-Nam with out China’s knowledge. Thats when Nixon went to China ,and offered to help them save face and move up to the modern world. China closed her borders after WW 11. Tried to fight a modern war with antiquated arms and no radios to communicate with Artillery where needed. Since then , all our Corporations have moved to China for the cheap labor. You know the rest. Since then we have given Millions they’re Freedom, including the Russian poeple under Gorbachev. So, they Won also. Becoming our Friends, til Obozzo’s Muslim.Socialist ,Communist crap, what do you think Putin thinks of the Fool we have today ???

      • The one person, even more than Obama who has enriched himself off of his position and robs us and cheats us is Kerry, he is the only one who has become now a billionaire being the State Dept. head. Now, he has made even more money than Hillary when she was there. P. Kathy Kleman

    • Freedom is Not Free It’s still the slogan my friend

      • And it is on the Korean War Veterans Memorial, I hope i make it back to DC to see it! , If I do I will not have a full field gear with me , Just how did we cover all that Ground mostly on our feet !

    • My father flew directly under MacArthur, as they were not wanting to put Jews who were born in Germany but left in the ’20;s into the German theater. My father followed him to the Philippines and to New Caledonia. He got a few medals, as a pilot and a pilot’s mechanic, when hit by enemy fire, he told the pilot to,”Get out of that seat and let me see if I can bring this bird to roost.” You see, my father knew by the way the plane was hit and how to land it–or not. He saved not only himself twice, but two gunners and two pilots, he went on to build his own plane and to teach my brother, who was 20 yrs older than myself, how to fly. As for me, I like my feet on the ground.


  14. Ha, ha ….. so one of the 3rd world communist Nations, which makes it a 4th world country, want’s to take on the World’s most powerful militaries. Even with China’s and the former USSR’s backing, it would be a suicide mission and shorter than the 100 hour Gulf War with hundreds of massive craters blotting their country. The commie IDIOTS have been trying to take over America for over 120 years. It will come from within more than likely with all of the present day commies in our fed bureaucracy, as predicted by one of our Founders. Only the Patriotic Americans can fight them from within with our voting photo ID laws. Our home grown militias will always be ready to fight for our Freedoms.

  15. “…ceremony to honor the scientists responsible for the January 6 test.” As opposed to a ceremony killing the scientists for not saying what that little thug, Un, wants to hear. He’s been saying this same b.s. for how many years now?

    • Like all communist states, the scientist and engineers are part of the slave labor forced to do their work …. or die, go to prison or simply just vanish with their family and friends. Most of the former USSRs, China’s and N Korea’s technology came from Freedom loving Nations (Britain and the US of A) with their spies.

  16. I speak Korean. I know that “Kim Jung Un” means “ugly little toad” in English.


    Maybe they are talking about an EMP weapon. One bomb exploded over the United states in the upper atmosphere can knock out all of our civilian electronics and it’ll take year to replace the infrastructure.

  18. Our commander in chief is here to destroy us as a superpower, so why wouldn’t North K. Rattle their sabers like everybody else. The people that voted for him helped him destroy us by voting 2 elections for him. So looks like as bad as I hate to see it, to get our respect back will take another war and would be worse than any other war fought in the past. Probably be on the homeland. Congrats to our Dem. And Rep. Politicians and the people who voted for what we have now.

    • This election like many others in the past I vote for anti establishment politicians, it shouldn’t be hard to know who I support & will vote for in the coming presidential elections the only one that wasn’t a politician before he stated his intentions to run & is running, gotta go that moron kerry is on the tv & requires my attention to change the channel

  19. Uh, oh! Is that panda bear in a 50s style suit going to fart?

  20. Tell the fat bastard to bring it on, but also to be prepared to get fried!

  21. Get rid of obama and ALL his supporters,WE ARE RID OF north korea !!

  22. Who is he kidding? The Texas National Guard could wipe out North Korea.

    • The Chinese Army will be helping the Gooks ,, And there are a lot of them!

      • Yeah, I know Ed; and we own every one of them a lot of money. They can’t afford to hurt us. North Korea, on the other hand, is like a blood- sucking tic on the balls of China.

  23. Hey North Korea: How about 2017 for this threatened attack. We will have a new president by then and the administration will not be filled with cowards, traitors, homosexuals and muslims. Only COWARDS attack another country when they are at their WEAKEST!

    • Unless in 2017 another Liberal is in office and negotiates surrender terms so no one gets hurt. Freedoms are only appreciated when they are threatened. Thats the liberal way.

  24. A threat is a THREAT – and not to be taken lightly – at present we have a President who does not care – – – WE THE PEOPLE – – – had better make the RIGHT choices come election time.

  25. North Korea wants to nuke the USA? What happened? Did The Zero neglect to cry enough while he was apologizing and groveling?

    Uh Oh, now the crazy Korean guy with the funny haircut has *really* stepped in it. The Zero is probably having some lawyers write up some messages using very stern legalese.

  26. man Great Leader and his gang need’s to stop smoking whatever it is they are smoking or at least change the brand.

  27. If anything this sounds like reactionary warnings made to the US. Nobody hacked Sony and the evidence provided by mainstream television and their national security correspondents was completely inadequate and lacking any credible evidence. Just because it looks like Malware that North Korea has used before, doesn’t mean North Korea is the culprit. Other questions to be asked is how could North Korea hack Sony’s computers, when their computers are sixty-five years outdated. North Korea has no capability of hacking Sony’s Computers and they didn’t then in 2014. Even if North Korea had hacked Sony computers, they couldn’t do it alone without someone within Sony giving them information, which didn’t happen either. What is true is that the hack was completely internal and operated within Sony, for PR purposes, and sales purposes. They fooled the sheep into watching a foolish motion picture which was nothing but war propaganda for the sheep. The US has taken the first hit, while our infiltrated government continues to pursue a third world war. We are in a third world war, its solely heating up.

  28. We do not have a president ready willing and able to take action he is a woos that cant make any decisions on his own and his handlers are just as bad they dont know their asses from their elbows.Socialism is the way we are heading with this establishment in the government right now. We need someone with a set, to offset all the evils the bumma has done to this country, and a house and congress that think of the american people instead of themselves.

  29. This is a direct result of Clintons deal with N. Korea. Funny thing is…, history is going to repeat itself because Odingleberry just made a similar deal with Iran. Politicians are putting Americans in harms way with these crazy countries. Can we lock our treasonous politicians in Guantanamo? Say we can…, please!

  30. That the # one best reason we need Donald Trump for president now not later.

  31. NOKO is laughable (they’re thinking an EMP attack)

  32. And I can make money grow on trees.

  33. They are the USELESS “United NNUTCASES……

  34. After reading some of these posts, remember this o’bama administration is responsible for this overall negative American attitude, and you’re responsible for your own. Keep your dissent in the right direction not at one another.

  35. Kim Jong Un – don’t you know obama will not do anything to advance on any country. He won’t even DEFEND America much less attack anyone. You must not get the world news or you would know that. America is a toothless lioness.

  36. We DEFINITELY don’t have that now!! 40,000 more in troop reductions!! We’re just as weak now as before ww2 in manpower and asking more & more of our men & women in our military. I remember after the 1st Gulf War we had approx 750,000 AD Army and riffed the hell out of them and it’s been the same sense and now the world is about to go up in flames because Obama has his head stuck up his ass end he’s cutting back 40,000 more! Instead we should be building up our military and building new equipment instead of upgrading shit built in the 50s ( B-52) and stuff built in the 60s. Maybe those 12 Marines would still be alive in Hawaii or the guys off Florida. Now Iran’s getting it’s grubby hands on 150 billion dollars and if the UN isn’t enforcing sanctions against N Korea then who is to say sanctions will be re-imposed against Iran! Hell they already violated the treaty by launching an IBM but Obama is so worried about his legacy and what his presidential library will be filled with he’d make a deal with the DEVIL!! and we all know he has!! 150 billion can fund alot of terrorists!!! Hopefully Israel knocks the living shit out of those Iranian Nuke facilities because this administration is full of analy, retarded assholes and god forbid Billary gets elected because you can kiss our way of life goodbye!! Muslims only understand 1 thing!!! TOUGHNESS!! THAT’S IT PERIOD!!

  37. Wow. We don’t need no stinking north korea Bermuda could proberly do the same job after what idiot boy did to our milittary

  38. He better hurry before Washington and the rest of the Obamanites do it.

  39. I think we should send him GitMo detainees as a good will gesture.

  40. Sadly, North Korea couldn’t wipe their own behinds if it weren’t for U.S. Sanctions and Support… just more spoiled childish rhetoric and nonsense.

  41. Between the Obama administration and half of the population walking off of cliffs while staring at their Smartphones, they probably could. It’s just as likely that it would go unnoticed.

  42. That fat little f#&k in Korea couldn’t even wipe our ass.

  43. if ted cruz becomes president n korea wouldnt dare say such things.

  44. Taking care of business!

    Save your money, pal. The progressives are “wipe[ing us]out”.

  45. WHY are lieberals, Demoncraps, communist, fat comical dicktator Koreans and Negroes such MORONS???

    They always cause WARS, acute human misery and suffering and your enslavement!! Which they all think is nice and proper.

    • The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified


      • Can you answer me why? Why Demoncraps and lieberals fall under the category of MORONS???

        In the movie they say it sure looks like Hillary may have MURDERED our people in Benghazi. Her husband may have raped many women. I do not understand why he is not in jail??

        Hillary may even be colluding directly with Moslems with her personal aide Huma whose brother is linked to the Moslem Brotherhood. Is this not TREASON???

        • The Funkenstein ✓FUNK verified


        • Of course, it all is, I heard tell, this is off record, that Obama bought a mansion in a country with no extradition to the US, must be Dubai, but a Cruz Presidency or a Trump Presidency with a Cruz as a DOJ head, he already has a numbered list f #45 treasons Obama has committed, and he just “secretively” unleashed another bunch of bad guys from Git mo, once again not giving Congress 30 days prior knowledge. But as usual, no one said a word. Well, Cruz will pick up where McCarthy left off. And people will be heading to Leavenworth, of mayhaps he can be housed with the rest of the enemies of the state/ Gitmo, wouldn’t that be just Karma? Either that or just Cruz.

          • The people recently released from Gitmo, had never been convicted on anything, as are those remaining, and I remember at the end of Nam, people like McCain came home. There have been several tours of Gitmo by representatives of foreign governments who interview the hostages for suitability to come to their countries, and when one or more are found to be suitable, they go off to the country that will take them. It costs us about a billion more to hold them there than it would to bring them to the US to hold them in a federal prison, and so the real reason that they are being held there rather than in the US is because holding them here would give them access to our Federal Court system, which would release them on just time served, because most of them were tortured, and this make all that was told inadmissible in our court system. During WWII, in my little home town in CO, there was a detention center for German war prisoners — mostly aviators, who were put to work on farms because of the farm labor shortage, and after their release they had the choice of going home of staying and many stayed, with the last one being a member of the American Legion who died about 10 years ago, and was given full military honors.
            I think that what the congress wants to do is to keep the stories of our torture away from the people.

  46. North Korea couldn’t even wipe their own azz.

  47. I find the little Piggy from N. Korea humorous. He blah-blah-blahs almost as much as our own little dictator wanna be obama

  48. Of course North Korea should not be ignored but it does not pose the serious national threat some within our own nation pose. As Lincoln once said. (Paraphrase) America will never be defeated from without. Therefore, if it ever is it will be from within!

    If we get a conservative president in the next election and retain or increase control of congress what we need to do is set up a panel to go over, day by day, all the things seen as unconstitutional, illegal, morally wrong or just plain against the moral law and pass laws to preclude any president, in the future, from doing the same thing. Some punishment must be put in place against any member of elected government (including the executive branch) to keep any president or other member of elected government from illegal actions regardless of political party from usurping power from other branches of government. Currently this congress does not even have the backbone to tell obama no. An mean it. That is not a presidency that is a monarchy or dictatorship.

    How, may I ask, can we as a nation hold our head up high and be proud of this nation when we have a president who is a compulsive liar and the whole world looks at him as exactly that, a compulsive liar. He, obama, is untrustworthy, unreliable and certainly not dependable. His word means nothing unless it means the opposite of what he says. If we have learned nothing else we should have learned if we are to survive as a constitutional nation we must strengthen that very constitution to provide punishment for those in positions of power from abusing it. The constitution that is supposed to be “the law of the land” is now being ignored by nearly the whole of the executive branch and no check or balance to correct what is going on seems to exist. Why?

    We can approach these last years under the obama administration correctly and stop them from ever happening again or we can allow our elected members of congress to just ignore them as congresses have done in the past and nothing will change and perhaps the next president like obama will succeed in destroying and converting (transforming) the US into something we do not expect, haven’t asked for and will not, or can not, accept peacefully.

    If congress does not act to curtail such actions in the future we are not long as a nation let alone ever being “great” again. We must also put teeth into the impeachment clause even if it takes a constitutional amendment. Otherwise, we will remain in a transformation stage until we are no longer the United States of America. Anyone who thinks that will never happen has not paid attention these past seven years.

    This obama administration has come close to splitting this nation. The very person who was elected by many people because they thought he would bring America together, once and for all, has driven us even farther apart. Why is that. Because he had thoughts of grandeur. His idea of what America should be and it was not a free nation. It is or was a nation controlled by a monarchy or dictatorship. The so called community organizer has turned out to be a disrupted. He has intentionally divided America to a point never seen in all our turbulent years. Here in the last year of the obama presidency we are more set against each other then any time in the past including during the civil war. That is how close we are right now to splitting wide open because of the imbecile in the white house.

    Certainly the next president and congress will have a great deal of expectations about how they approach their responsibilities. Make no mistake. The life or death of Americas freedoms, free enterprise system and very Constitutional Republic will be in their hands and will depend on the next four or eight years! The question is will we get many of the stolen freedoms back that were taken from us over the last hundred years or so (mostly in the last eight) or do we succumb to socialistic communism.

    Everyone talks about the president usurping power, however, the leaders of the House and Senate have as well. They too must be reined in!

    To be great again or not to be great again – that “is” the final question. It is absolute fact. United we cannot fail divided we cannot succeed!

  49. Sorry, but I beg to disagree. He cares not a whit for his legacy, for he knows what it will be called by history, if we get our chance to write it, he is rather currying favor with all of our enemies to find out how to best take away our freedoms as he said as a UN assembly,”The Americans need to have their rights curtailed or taken for they are too stupid to know what is best for them and need a monarch to lead them.” That to me, says it all. He want a United Muslim States, as he says,”This will be the largest Muslim state.” To do that, he has to use demoralization–done (the breakup of the family unit, the laws for gay marriage and abortion mills to kill our children because well he knows that Muslims have more children than does the average American). You cannot convince me he is going anywhere until I see the back of him leaving our Mosque House, no he has worked too long and too hard in creating chaos that will only be silenced once he creates a crises, which comes after demoralization, and then collapse. Then normalization and we will wake up under Fascism–the ultimate police state.It is all already carefully crafted. If the Hammands and those who are our only line of defense left to us, our militias our oath keepers, and our 3%ers, then they have won…Agenda 21 will be a foregone conclusion. This town used to be a bustling lumber, agrarian and coal company. What is it now since Obama has destroyed those industries? The people either work for the city, or get entitlements from the Federal govt. So, they are already bought and sold. The issue is to move all of the population into the cities in mega stacked apts about the size of a rat’s hole. All street lights will tell them where you are at any given time, what you are doing, and all cars made after 2014 have tracking devises disguised as “safety features,” ya know, so your car tells you when you are going to hit something…it also tracks where you are going, where you are and what you are doing. They want all of the US to be under the control of the UN and all of our resources, which the Hammond’s happen to have a great source of URANIUM under THEIR property. Along with our individual freedoms, the concept of PROPERTY OWNERSHIP was considered almost as important if not more. For if you can’t own your own property, which none of us really OWN our bought and paid for homes, for we have to pay TAXES for that property, which is the same thing as renting that property from the IRS. If they print trillions of money with nothing behind it, worthless, then why do they need our counterfeit monopoly money…to take our property over, and eminent domain has changed from just needing your property for a highway that couldn’t be build around your property to now what is calls “blighted.” In other words, a golf course or a country club would be less “blighted.” So they take it. That is what this conflict is about. These people, whom a friend of mine is down there, lose, we all do. If they succeed in getting the Federal govt to leave the Hammond’s property alone, then we all win. Whenever you hear on the news that “Militant extremists have taken over a wildlife preserve,” then you know that is pure propaganda. For the federal govt does NOT own that wildlife preserve. “WE THE PEOPLE” do. Hence, we must make sure every American knows the real truth about what is going on out there. There are 3%Er’s out there right now as a buffer to make sure that there will not be another WACO that happens on their watch. P. Kathy Kleiman

  50. Someone should take that little maggot on a tour of one of our boomers (SSBN) !

  51. The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

    Thomas Jefferson

  52. “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God.” –Thomas Jefferson: his motto.

  53. Kathy is a smart girl!

  54. The Korean War never ended. We only got them to sign a cease-fire, after literally months of them arguing over the shape of the negotiating table. Beginning with the Clintong regime, our gov’t. has bowed down to, given in to, and rewarded these basturds for all their vile accusations and yelling and screaming and lying. I’m sick and tired of this crap. If they want nuclear weapons, then let’s give them nuclear weapons-with free delivery, via the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy!!

  55. I guess obama will be sending john kerry over to suck kim jung’s dung just like he did in Iran.

  56. Dear Kim: If you do strike at the U.S. please nuke Washington, D.C., our most corrupt city. Wipe it out completely. Everyone there lives off the U.S. taxpayer one way or another. Sincerely, s/Tex

  57. we heard exactly the same words from Kadaffi until we place just a few of our special Marines so close to him without them even noticed it, after we killed some of his family members inside of his Compound he got himself right into that fox hole and did not come out of it until Reagan left office. this little Pig Squeak piss poor excuse for a man never mind in change of a Country needs to get a lesson. He better enjoy his stupid talk about the USA for now because if Trump becomes President that little Sand Pan that he travels in the Ocean is not going to save him I assume that is parts of Navy of Coast Guard Flotillas, LOL, LOL, LOL

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