No Vetting? Arrested NSA Leaker Had Disturbing History of Anti-Trump Posts

President Trump wants the federal government to implement “extreme vetting” for people who come to the U.S. from terrorist-ridden countries like Iran and Yemen, but maybe it’s time for the government to start doing some simple background checks on the people that actually…work for the government! It would probably go a long way towards shoring up the sieve-like leaks that have undermined our national security, the most recent of which finally – thankfully – led to an arrest.

Reality Leigh Winner’s name alone should have probably precluded her from gaining employment with an NSA contracting company, but the 25-year-old’s social media history surely should have kept her far, far away from sensitive documents. But since they apparently let just anyone see top secret material these days, Winner – whose Facebook and Twitter pages are a testament to her Trump Derangement Syndrome – was able to steal national security secrets and hand them over to The Intercept, where they were published on Monday.

Here are some choice quotes from this “patriot,” as her stepfather called her Tuesday:

“@kanyewest you should make a shirt that says, ‘being white is terrorism'”

“the most dangerous entry to this country was the orange fascist we let into the white house”

“There are many Americans protesting US govt aggression towards Iran. If our Tangerine in Chief declares war, we stand with you!”

“I’d literally eat the original constitution if that would mean #FourMoreYears of @POTUS”

That last one was about Obama, in case you’re confused.

Another thing that’s interesting: The NSA managed to identify and arrest Winner within ONE HOUR of the story being published on The Intercept. Makes you wonder what the hold up is when it comes to identifying and arresting the rest of the leakers, doesn’t it. Apparently, the intelligence agencies only move when they want to move, not when they are instructed to do so by their boss, the President of the United States.

And another note: We don’t believe for a second that the NSA was unaware of Winner’s social media history when they contracted with her company and allowed her to have access to classified material. And if they were, that’s probably the scariest part of this story. But no, they knew. They knew, and they didn’t care. We wouldn’t be surprised if they actually set this up to be leaked in the first place.

All is not well in Washington. Democracy actually worked in 2016, and there are dark forces in our nation’s capital who are still fuming about it. The question is how far they’re willing to go to get their “rightful” power back. Impeachment? Suspension of liberties? War with Russia?

This story is just beginning…


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  1. I support president Trump 100%, as should any REAL American!!! GO Trump don’t let the commie LEFTS push you around!!!

    • Same here Ron: I/m sick of all these polls every article I read these days, I see this “Should Trump be Impeached” take the poll” The man hasn’t done anything that warrants this question, besides some of these polls are fake just to get and sell our e-mail address.

      • I take the Democrat polls a lot and when they ask if Trump is doing a good job, I check “yes” and
        if I agree with his policies” I put yes and then they ask for money and I put “No”. I get e-mail from the “squaw” Warren and others, just to see what they are up to. I also get petitions from Liberal’s that are organizing marches and if they happen in my town I call the Police Dept. to make sure they are aware of it, they have thanked me.

        • Good to know.

          • I live in a small southern town and the PD is not up on everything political (were not aware of it). The protest was going to happen in front of the National Guard Amory, I left them a message and the top dog called. I forwarded the e-mail to him and he thanked me and after he got it he called and thanked me again. We have a college here that will organize this type of stuff, I try to do my “patriotic duty” to protect my town and country.

          • Good Job, we don’t have any of that where I live, but it’s good to know so I can pass this information to others that don’t know

          • This is the kind of citizen participation that helps law enforcement.

          • Jaybird — good for you, fellow American citizen!

          • I too have called my local police department when I see anything that is not normal. They caught one guy trying to break into an empty apartment. I actually was talking to dispatcher telling them where the bad guy was and where he was going. They caught him and never saw him again. Everybody needs to help police whenever possible. The more eyes they have, the safer we are.

          • I have always either threatened to call or have called. I used to live in a TH neighborhood that was beginning to have issues with some residents and I was and am divorced. I had the SGD open because it was summer and I heard a racket on the steps inside the hse. next door. The young women was saying why did you do that, I didn’t do anything. I figured he had pushed her down the steps. I went out on the patio a said real loud, “if you push her down the steps again, I am calling the cops, she won’t have to do it”. She must have felt that she had a witness, so she did call them. They had a little boy and moved soon after that. Another time in the middle of the night, I heard this woman crying & saying “Mama he is going to kill me”, I looked out the upstairs window and she was standing @ the edge of the woods with a baby and a large car was pulled as far as he could go into the woods (black couple), I called the State Police because a bond office was near and their head office was close. They kept me on the phone until they came- she had run again across the street to the top of an embankment-he had pulled the car up the tall embankment as far as he could go -SP came flying in with lights flashing and blocked him in. That is just a few things that happened in that neighborhood – I eventually moved.

        • Good information Jaybird, Thanks

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          • Michael Dennewitz

            GO AWAY STIFFANY !?

        • LOL – keeping your enemies closer…

        • jaybird — I love it. Keep it up. Please accept a verbal pat on the back from me.

      • And suddenly we get junk emails. Should be a law against this.

        • It happens to me also! At the bottom there is usually an unsubscribe button!

          • They harass me more with obnoxious mails.

          • Go all the way to the bottom, look for the unsubscribe link!! Been there done that. I try(?) to be more selective in the supposed polls (?) but I still get caught!

          • I got caught big time, but when I try to unsubscribe they ask for my e-mail address I have given it to four or five but the only mail that has gone missing was sites I wanted to keep, I don’t understand it, I’m going to try again starting now, will let you know. Thanks O C

          • Don’t unsubscribe, your email will just be sold to someone else. Especially if they are from an unsolicited source selling something like ankle cream, or hair growth crapp, etc..

            If you are one of the newsletter lists and you no longer want their newsletters you could unsubscribe from them. They are typically reputable and will conform to your wishes and remove you from their mailing lists.

            One trick is to use the rules feature to divert all the people you know, and expect emails from to a sub folder in your inbox, if you have that capability. .

            Hope this helps.

          • Blacklist them in your mail program.

          • How is that? Do you mean unsubscribe? that isn’t working for me, it seems these creeps are somehow unsubscribing me from sites I really like.

          • Sometimes if you try to mark it spam, it will add other sites to it. I go in each one and at the bottom click on unsubscribe and they will say it might take 30 days.

          • I get about 400 of unwanted e-mails and 200 or so to spam, from dating services to porn, when I have tried to unsubscribe to some they ask for my-email again, that didn’t work, it’s so bad I’m getting rid of my e-mail address, there is no telling what is on these porn sites, I don’t open them, probably queers, animal sex and the worse child porn, sick minds. Are you familiar with FBI’s Ted Gunderson? he tracked child porn to some Washington, D.C officials

          • Unsubscribing makes things worse, they will delete you from their list, only to sell your active address to the next porn site.

            When it gets bad enough, time to get a new email address.

        • I delete about 400 a day… You will never get rid of them.

          Stay away from the polls, stay away from the ads.

    • Slam down Feinstein and Wyden. She makes inappropriate government uniforms military contracts for her husband. Disgusting . Comey so weak ineffective inept incapable.

    • Evidently Reality Winner got her security clearance while she was in the military. She must have been vetted by SOMEBODY. Whoever signed off on her clearance should be thoroughly investigated themselves. This traitor should have had her legal name change made into 15 to 20…years in prison ! As for Trump, like you I an with him all the way. We KNOW what will happen if the Fascist Democrats ever get back in with enough power to finish off destroying America that Obama started.

      • I read somewhere just today that Reality was on her way to join the Taliban…So, someone needs to tell us AGAIN how she passed security clearance while in the military!!!!!

    • YES!! I support President Trump..

    • Without the commie MEDIA the lefties would be nothing.

      Break the MEDIA Cabal at:

      • Their nothing with or without it.

        • The word they’re is not a part of your vocabulary? Odd…you’re not stupid, are you?

          • He got his point across as you did as well, oh petty one.

            The left always lowers themselves to vocabulary police when they can not argue their points…

          • I’m not a member of the left. You just dreamt that up, you stupid, mouth-running as****e.

          • I am willing to bet that you just lied. The left no longer gets the benefit of doubt and has not credibility. Spelling Nazis are usually always from the left. Get a life… Go Trump

          • On occasion, I have been a “Spelling Nazi” to harass a leftie who was spouting forth foolishness.
            And I simply cannot resist doing that to Spelling Nazis that criticize others when their critical post has errors!
            Otherwise, I think communication is more important than sentence correctness.

          • I agree, I follow the same rules from time to time. I too have been a spelling Nazi, but only when it is obvious the person is being hypocritical.

            My grammar and spelling are in constant need of corrections. I actually appreciate it when a person points out my errors, even when it comes from the left, as long as they are not asserting that their point is correct and I am wrong because of that error.

            This gentleman simply dropped by not to help someone out with their grammar but to assert that the person was stupid for making that error. It was a cheap shot.

      • I like the thing by your name. I was just barely able to read it. GREAT!!!

        • Thanks! Check out the bigger one on the website.

          Never ever underestimate the power of the MEDIA… They are leading millions astray with their propaganda.

          No totalitarian communist regime has ever gained power without controlling the MEDIA. AND the Liberal Progressives control 98% of the MEDIA.

    • Ron, I’m with you, too. I do wish that he would occasionally give a little more thought to some of the things he says — but it’s all pretty minor when you compare his goals to those of the criminal in the White House before him.

      He is so much better for this country than Crooked Hillary ever could have been — I absolutely believe in his aims and in supporting him.

      • I believe he means well. He’s a little rough around the edges at times. I hear some people say “HE’S not a POLITICIAN” I think GOD he’s not. We’ve had enough “POLITICIANS” What we need is a man like Donald J Trump to lead us out of this mess! He needs are prayers far more than any protesting.

  2. I think this lady, Reality Winner, is just following the precedent set by Hillary Clinton in terms of having respect for classified information. Hillary, as Secretary of State, had none. Further she committed a crime by storing highly classified material on a secret, and unsecured server in the basement of her home! Winner is a loser (sorry). She had so much hate and contempt for the Trumpster she pilfered classified documents from her place of employment as an NSA government contractor and “leaked” them to a website, knowing they would be published to the detriment of the U.S. Government. That is TREASON, a federal crime, and if found guilty Winner could be sentenced to a maximum sentence of ten years in a federal prison. And there is no parole in a federal prison. A ten year sentence means day-for-day times ten. Period. Frankly, I think she deserves the max.

    • I think she should be prosecuted to the fullest, will be interesting to see what does happen.

      It is scary to see so much hate in our young people that they are willing to break the law and do not check out who is encouraging them to do it, and what they stand for. What is wrong with these parents, these kids need an intervention.

      I said something about the NWO in front of my grandson (30 yo) and he said it was a conspiracy. I did not say anything-when I got home I looked it up to see where he got his info. Wikipedia – which you would think would be half way honest said that. I sent him a video of “old man Bush talking about it on the Senate floor”, and “NWO and Agenda 21. I have sent the message “not to read just one article on any subject”. He gets my NRA mags after I finish them and other articles.

      • Absolutely

      • I first heard that term, “New World Order,” offered up by Bush 41 shortly after he became POTUS in 1989. What a revoltin’ development that was, especially following Ronald Reagan. Then, he followed that with “America’s going to be a kinder, gentler nation.” Huh? What did he think Reagan was, Jack the Ripper! Old George H.W. just couldn’t wait to toss the Gipper under the bus as soon as he could. Then, after promising “read my lips, no new taxes,” he raised taxes like a good Globalist does, and we all knew he would.

      • Until the time The Donald came on the scene, I wasn’t convinced the NWO really was a reality.
        Also, “Agenda 21 Explained,” by John Anthony on YouTube really frightened me!
        So now, I AM A BLIEVER!

    • I agree 100 % but in Liberal/Communist America only Conservatives/Constitutionalists can commit Treason the word is never mentioned by the Marxist Media unless they’re accusing a non-Democrat/Communist which the whole Democrat party are Communists. I know there are millions of good Americans that vote for Democrats but for the life of me I cant understand why, this party’s ideology is 100% Communism today, which was one of the 45 goals of the American Communist party their goal was to capture one or both of our political parties, it’s obvious which one, the RINOs are almost as bad, McCain, McLame McShame comes to mind. I was in the Navy when McCain was and it’s no surprise what his fellow POWs has to say about him, Song Bird McCain for good reason. I think the reason the man is so bitter and hateful is he cant stand himself. He may as well campaigned for Obama, saying what a good man, make a great president. When his campaign manager Bill Cunningham brought to light important information about Obama, McCain fired him, this could have changed the election results maybe some of these guilty because they’re white fools may have changed their minds, nah who am I kidding:-) Forgive me for trying to lump so much together, I always get carried away especially when I think about Obama and McVain and what they’re trying to do to our president Trump

      • Right on, Appollone! I appreciate your Naval service and served myself for 23 years. As a young Naval Officer in charge of classified material at our Naval Base, it was made clear to me how important it was that no one without the requisite security clearance and THE NEED TO KNOW could gain access to that material. Period. I was responsible. Had I done what Hillary did, I’d still be sitting in Fort Leavenworth.

      • I am still hoping and believing the relative sane, middle-of-the-road, conservative Demos will awaken and join us in the 2018 House and Senate elections.

    • She could just be a set up. Her company and supervisor should not be let off, including her security clearance and whoever hired her.

      • Make me wonder if they all feel the same way about Trump??? Needs to be checked into, look at their FB postings.

        • Brilliant Excellent point.

        • My son works for the state dept. the day after Trump was elected he went in and a lot of them were crying because Hillary lost. One of his co-workers was asked to remove her Trump screen saver off her computer because it may offend someone.

          • If I worked there, they had better make sure that there were no Hillary screen savers or Obama.

            Trump needs to clean the State Dept. out!

      • She could be a set up, Askjrsk, but she sounds like the full bore left wing loon and may have embarked on this mission out of sheer hate for Trump and his whole MAGA campaign. She’s a Millennial and probably bought all of Bernie Sander’s balderdash about everything being free in his Brave New World.

    • It’s long past time we started enforcing the rules of patriotism…. like ‘thou shalt not betray your government and your fellow citizens’. We need to crack down hard on people like this in order to send a message to others who might be tempted (think Julius and Ethel Rosenberg who provided data on the atomic bomb to the commies).

      • Yes, and lest we forget, Obozo commuted the sentence of Bradley/Chelsea Manning, the tranny Army Pfc, from 35 years to time served. He/she is due for release any day after serving, what, 7 years!

      • We need to change some of the NWO order in our children’s schools. Teach patriotism in the schools, English language for everyone. If you can’t read of speak English, no driver’s license or anything else!

        • AMEN!!! I’m tired of press 1 for English BULL CRAP, we’re in America! The language IS ENGLISH!

          • I just heard this week that immigrants were going to DMV to get their drivers license and a translator was going with them. I forgot what state that was happening in. Are they going to have a translator with them when they are driving everyday past schools and crosswalks. How dumb these Liberals are!

          • Yes they are EXTREMELY DUMB!
            A wise man once said, “It is said dumb can be corrected through education but “STUPID” is forever.” To the LibTURDS: Hows it feel to be stuck in forever?

    • I don’t know where your at but WTHI WEB SITE(Terre Haute,IN) is where I first saw something on Reality Winner. Her parents were afraid president Trump was going to go rough on her & make an example of her. I would be mighty disappointed in Trump if he didn’t. I’m sure the LEFT got to her but I doubt they held a gun to her head. As the saying goes “SHE MADE HER BED,NOW SHE HAS TO LAY IN IT” It’s too bad the choice she took.

      • The thing that’s odd is she readily admitted it and she’s a sassy little runt. She’s not about to apologize or have any recriminations for what she’s done. She’s a true-blue socialist/leftist/Progressive who believes, naturally, that she’s morally superior to you and far brighter, and America should be a country that redistributes its wealth to those in need. What she needs now is a good lower who charges $1,000 per hour that she and her family will have to pay.

      • The word you’re is not in your vocabulary either? How does this happen, Ron? Were you raised by someone that did not like you very much?

    • You have her title wrong,it’s “SECRETARY OF TAKE”

  3. I am in support of that filth to be – Drawn and Quartered in front of the White House !!!!!. Anything less would be uncivilized… TREASON TREASON TREASON !!!!!.

    • Comey is a liar and traitor as is Hillary and OBAMA. She works for them.

      • George Steve Darley

        Well we knew that and with Our President and the Justice department firing his sorry ass when their timing was right in order to have a secret warrant and surprise search of his offices while leading the lying sob to think he was in good graces to do the deed was just a play out of the FBI’s on playbook that chapped Comey’s ass not to mention the surprised embarrassment and the his anger at being beaten at his on stinking game ! I do believe Comey no longer believes in Santa ! Tch,Tch

        • Exactly. Comey is weak, obviously out of his element Does not even realize that President Trump has the power to declassify, has the right to demand loyalty, that needs to know if some are not qualified . Comey DOSENT get it. We the people see Comey is incapable incompetent unfit inept and simply not qualified. So apparent transparent in Comeys testimony today. Boy Scout gone wrong!

          • Comey was juggling too many balls in trying not to bring a case against Hillary & Lynch and trying to find a way to bring one against Trump. Trump knocked down his balls and fired him! He should just pick up “his balls” and go home.

          • Comey relies too much on his unreliable gut. CLINTON, his gut way uncomfortable about Lynch and not call emails a matter not an investigation — so his gut said to make matters not his own hands , or a special investigator. Isn’t that special? Comey leaked everything except that President Trump was not under investigation. Drama Queen Comey wonders why he was fired. Where was notes about emails with Clinton or any on Obama. Comey is a leaker a traitor adidhusting self admitted weak, in addition to an inept pay for play CLINTON apointee. Like Hillary he can’t figure out why he was fired. Washington DOSENT comprehend incompetence That’s why there’s a swamp.

  4. I think Trump is a narcissistic, sociopath. I did’t spend 20 years in the Marine Corp defending the US (not Trump) to begin to favor him now. He needs to be in a mental hospital.

    • davesnrakleberger

      And Obama wasn’t? Thanks for your service in the Corp.

    • Wow, I think you have it backwards Marine. I was in for ten and I had to bite my tongue for the last eight…
      Marines 1973-83 Ooh Rahhh Brother and welcome home.

      • SEMPER FI’

      • I was in the Navy, loved it, made E-5 as fast as possible, all test promotions in the first increment or all As; and was considering making it a career but during my last year I saw some serious changes being made, that sucked like a giant vacuum. It seems Ken is of the type of why I got out, I’m sure he believes all the propaganda the lying Communists Media puts out, from day one the liars started their smear, with “Anonymous Source” isn’t it strange “Anonymous Source” never uttered a word the whole time Obama was in office, but non-stop during Trumps not even six months yet. I think old “Source” might have said something in defense of Hillary and her dirty deeds in Benghazi, of course if he spoke at all about the Obama administration it was in their defense, I say he because one of the so-called Journalists made a comment that could only be a male(}:-) To you liberals on here; the liars in the media, the so-called Journalists that you trust so much, just like their so-called “Anonymous Source” are not Real, you’re being used to destroy America from within, don’t believe me study the 45 goals of the American Communist party and see which party has helped them achieve these goals, their goal of capturing one or both of our political parties has been achieved, the Communist party AKA Democrat party of course aided by the RINOs research and wake up, together we could save America from becoming another Hell Hole

      • Why bite your tongue? You knew what you were getting into. I certainly did. 1966-86.

        • Not my years as a Marine…I was talking about the last eight years under that bag of shit obeyme.
          I went in eyes wide open and loved being a Marine…I was medically discharged after having my shoulder replaced/rebuilt. A little parting gift from Grenada.

          • I disagree strongly with you about President Obama. He tried to keep us out of wars and economically afloat. After bankers and “macho” Presidents like Bush II nearly got us all killed and bankrupt, at the same time. I’m pretty sure Trump will finish that job for Bush. Was not in Grenada. In training for last 5 years in Corp. Wounded 4 times in Vietnam. Nothing after that. Total 6 years in active combat.

          • You say Bush II nearly got us killed? How is that? Is that anything like Benghazi? Or is it like Syria? I’m guessing you credit Hussein with getting bin laden…lol Bankrupt?? So government oversight, your going to blame Bush? I’d say that obeyme did what neither slick willie the “Oval Office philanderer” and idiot Bush couldn’t do….take us 10 trillion more into debt!! Heck, the national debt was just over 5 trillion when willie left office and 10 trillion when Georgie left….ol’ bag ears doubled that total. Yeah he was printing money we won’t have well past when my great grandkids are adults…economically afloat??? He’s a very rich man now….wonder where that 6 billion went when he and hilLIARy where running things. They blame it on a lack of proper book keeping.

          • Get the facts straight before you put words on paper. Bush II invaded two countries that had not shown aggression against the US. That violates international law. Sort of like Iraq invading Kuwait. Bush I went into that situation as an ally of Kuwait. But he only breached Iraqi territory to the point necessary to help Kuwait. 10 trillion dollars of debt? You really don’t understand the US national debt, do you? The current debt is about $15 trillion with another $5 billion that government agencies owe to one another. About 80% of the $15 billion is owed to US citizens. In other words, we own ourselves about $12 trillion. And obviously the debt owned by US government agencies to one another is domestic debt as well. Obama increased the debt by about $7.9 trillion and Bush II by $5.9 trillion. Both spent extra due to the 2007-2008 recession. Both also increased the debt for tax reductions and for increases in defense spending. Big difference is that Bush II started the wars that Obama was stuck fighting and paying for. Per his tax return Mr. Obama’s net worth is about $65 million, from a deal to write his biography. He’s also set to earn based on speaking engagements. He also receives $200,000/year in retirement income. So, yes he’s rich. But has nothing to do with embezzlement. But he’s not the richest ex-President. Not even #2 or #3. Two more small errors. The national debt at the end of Bill Clinton’s Presidency was about $3.8 trillion. And Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden on the order of President Obama. Get the facts straight. Then we can talk.

          • So when you look at the national debt clock….it’s lying? Your facts on what obeyme did to the national debt is off by a couple trillion GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!
            Bush by himself could not start a war PERIOD…get YOUR facts straight. Hillary voted on those…congress has to okay any invasion or war…OR DON’T YOU KNOW THAT? Bush couldn’t start a war….no matter how many times the lame stream media says it.

          • The numbers I cite are form OMB and actual congressional budget docs. Where’d you get yours. Boxes of Cheerios? Bush II created an elaborate schedule to lie to Congress and the UN to convince both that Iraq had WMDs. He used this to get support from both the Congress and UN to invade Iraq. Afghanistan was just a little side show. The national debt is about $20 trillion. But only $15 trillion is real debt, and 80% of that is held by Americans. Money we owe ourselves. The other $5 trillion is what government agencies owe another. All of the above is documented in multiple media sources, official docs, and testimony before Congress. If you can’t read, let me know. I’ll get you a tutor.

          • Post a link to those OFFICIAL DOCS you love to quote.
            Here’s just a bit from Wikipedia from a year ago….debt is debt. When there is a debt to be paid it has to come from somewhere. You probably don’t worry about it but I know that my kids and grandkids will be paying for Hussein’s bull…

            And as far as tutors go, how about you show me how an idiot like Bush could pull the wool over congress and the UN. You give him way too much credit for being something he’s not….smart. So what your saying is both the CIA and DoD where culprits along with the Bush administration in lying about what they testified to? Glad hilLIARy wasn’t elected if she couldn’t figure out Bush was lying to her (if you say he did) because she voted for invading Iraq….of course she knew willie was banging other women and called those that accused slick of assaulting them liars… yet when given evidence he was she didn’t have the guts to leave him.


            The US is operated in large part on debt. Tax revenues come in regularly but often not when needed. So the US Treasury sells Treasury Certificates which are principal plus interest. Right now the interest the US pays on these is less than 1%. That why it would be a good idea to borrow more right now and for the foreseeable future. Borrowing at 0.05% to 1% could be used to pay off upcoming debt maturing at 3% to 5%. Save the US billions in interest cost.

            Bush and Cheney were only smart enough to send retired General Colin Powell to sell the war. General Powell did a good job. The CIA, NSA, and DOD opposed the war. But they couldn’t speak in public without POTUS okay. After a few years in Iraq it became clear Powell lied to Congress and the UN. Powell has spoken about his regrets on not telling the truth. Though at the time Powell thought he was telling the truth. 23 Senators voted against the Iraq war resolution. All were Democrats except Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island and Jim Jeffords of Vermont. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton voted for the resolution. 133 members of the House of Representative voted against the resolution, of which 7 were Republicans.

    • Spoken like a real narcisstic sociopath who’s probably already in a mental hospital – YOU!

    • You sound like a “parrot” that is repeating Liberal crap!

      Talk to the “current military” and find out what they think of him, not your buddies.

      • I counsel vets everyday. Most no older than my youngest son (34). They don’t want to talk about Trump or politics. They want to live a useful and peaceful life. As to crap, I see a lot in your post, but it’s not liberal.

    • Yes a sociopath. Sorry about your malady. Comey just said his mommy didn’t raise him tinlie, that’s why we should believe him. As we catch him in his dishonesty. You obviously have the same convuluted thinking. Only psychopaths hold such thoughts. Comey admits today he is weak. Pity poor little boy scouts.

    • Obama is who you’re describing; this man has done irreparable damage to this country, he has weakened our military, he has aided Iran, he has set back race relations, destroyed everything Doctor King worked for, he has allowed many, many criminals from various countries to come here, he stuck his nose in religion giving Muslims much favor, something a POTUS isn’t allowed to do. Trump has been blasted with Lies from the Liars in the Communist media, why don’t you research the 45 goals of the American Communist party, most all their goals have been achieved if not whole, then in part, such as capturing both of our political parties, the Democrat party is now the Communist party 100 %, if you’re not a Communist then why do you support this party? The RINOs aren’t any better, if we Constitutionalist don’t ban together then America will become just another Hell-Hole

    • Hasn’t help you yet has it? Letters from a mental hospital . President Trump MAGA and save us from these deranged inmates.

  5. davesnrakleberger

    she is a traitor and should be treated as such at Leavenworth.

    • In Marxist America today the real Traitors are put on a pedestal, ever notice the Communist Media never uses that word unless it’s applied to a Conservative/Constitutionalist but someone like Traitor Hillary Clinton they want her as POTUS. Leavenworth yes, my first thought was a rope but in Leavenworth she could have years to reflect on her dirty deeds that got her there, it could be a blessing, if instead she tried to call up the Spirit Of Truth [Yahweh] instead of the spirit of lies {Satan and his evil spirits] she, John Podesta and her friends calls this spirit cooking, I recently found out Spiritism is a growing trend in America, sure we humans can talk to these evil beings or we would not have been warned by The Creator not to have anything to do with them, once invited in it’s near impossible to get rid of them.

      • It is all over the world! I saw a video of a ring in the UK, the children’s school, church, their divorced father was the ring leader, the older children in the school had babies and the cult would cook and eat them. The 8 yr old and his sister were being interviewed as victims of sexual abuse and videoed by the police, the evidence was given to a judge and he would not prosecute because important people were involved, the children were taken from the mother and given to the father. He disappeared with them-the mother was holding up pictures of them asking for help to find them. The father was an acquaintance of Clinton is what was said on the video.

  6. Joseph R. Davis

    Dear LeeRoy and Daisy:

    • Trump is being blocked on a lot of things that “we the love our country people” want. They are trying to make our economy better. They are really smart people that he has chosen to fix things. I want things to get better for future generations not like they have been under Obama who was trying to make other countries better or giving them a pass on their corruption.

      I watch everything Trump, so I can see what he is doing and why he is doing it. His chance is not over to correct the big problems that we have! I saw where the “wall” is going to have solar panels on our side of the border, solving 2 problems at once.

    • Fake news false narrative propaganda. Sole purpose to raise emotion without fact. As Comey calls it gut reaction. Low life responds. Educated aware Americans support our President Trump more and greater respect. The weak inept lying incapable inept Comey and his misleading with OBAMA and Hillary should be locked up.

      • Joseph R. Davis

        “Educated aware Americans support our President ….” Far right reality. Somewhere, over the rainbow….

        • Yes they do. However our presidents supporters come from all walks of life. Not dead, or illegal alien voters from Mexico

  7. George Steve Darley

    The primary vetting of candidates for security clearances base responsibility starts with the employer whom recommends the employee for the security clearance. No responsible contractor to our Government would dare submit a person for clearance without first having done their due diligence ! It is required of them as being such a contractor before the NSA receives the request. Both the NSA and the Contractor have failed our country and some asses need to be gone! I do not care what dang clearance level you have had in the past , that clearance is only applicable to the position you hold for the tasks your assigned to and should always be followed up on and monitored.

    • If they don’t do this do not give the agency any more contracts until they have corrected their vetting process.

      • George Steve Darley

        They violate the terms and laws governing our national security agreements as their contracts state , then fire them and ban them from ever doing work for our government again and I do mean by holding the company officials personally accountable so as not for them to go out and just form a new named corporation to skirt the penalties using individuals with clean records!

    • Employer should be held accountable and responsible.

    • You’re 100 % correct George.


    • We don’t even need the “Nuclear Option”, we just need Mitch McConnell, aka Harry Reid the 2nd to bring bills to the floor to be voted on. We need Paul Ryan to work with the President.

      Trump did not realize how big and corrupt, how hard it is to get bills passed because of Parliamentarian rules. Replacing approx. 4,000 people is quite a job. He really does need to get on with replacing heads of Departments.

      Parents need to work on their children especially the college kids. Print out articles on the NWO, the other side of climate change, chemtrails by our government, etc. and give to them and discuss it with them or else they will change our country to Liberalism/communism!

    • George Steve Darley

      He (Trump) did not put those rats that are self centered representatives of the people in office there Steven . The stupid a$$e$ that vote did. We do not have a dictatorship in the Whitehouse to make the changes thank God! But I am sure if he had his way her head would be held by a rope! You my friend are as angry as the rest of us at the corruption and level of thuggery in Washington! I do feel that you are right about one thing tho. If this continues, it will lead to a blood bath and these leftist were shocked by the election and believe they are bad and the Alinsky methods funded by Soros and Bloomberg with his push to disarm the Right will save them,LOL The shock will come when they cross the line and those working class deplorables come out to do more than vote!

      • Pretty much the issue. The president really can do NOT much. His only power is with the people. If ‘We The Serfs’ (you know, the face looking back from that mirror) fail to pressure those “elected representatives” to support this president and ‘his,’ not their, policies, America will remain in the hands of ‘the establishment!’ That GOP (Greatly Outdated Putzes) remains clogged up, like an artery in some heart attack victim, with democrat lite, pure establishment, pols – interested, NOT in improving America or American’s plight, only in their own reelection to remain on the Taxpayer Gravy Train!

    • I do not agree with your first statement, but the others are good,

    • Senator Grassley opened the Uranium investigation to Russia in July of 2015. Have not heard anything else. I don’t know what is holding it up or the status.

  9. TREASON !! She has earned a l-o-n-g stretch in federal prison, where there is no such thing as parole ! You can hear all the Lefties screaming her innocence…they are complicit in this crime, and others, as is the shame-stream media. (NBC–Nothing But Crap, CNN–Commie News Network, …etc.)

  10. Comey admits he is weak, not strong. He misleads the American people lock him up. He complained the president asked three things of him. All which were in the press the next day. Comey is the only one not aware of leaks. Here we have a low level contract employee who has been found out. This all leads to the deep state to be inconclusive AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE this inconclusive does not meet standard of the law. Comey is misleading us. He is in retribution for his firing to the president. Comey is incompetent incapable inept weak and not trustworthy. Like Hillary Comey can’t figure out why he was fired. Incompetence is not a real concept the deep state can grasp.
    President Trump MAGA

    • Comey, plays both sides, he has been involved with Killary since “Whitewater”, HSBC Bank, etc. He proved he is not trustworthy and will drag investigations out, leaving a cloud over the administration. Why don’t they expose the tapes of Clinton’s meeting on the plane with Lynch!

      • The weak lying Comey is disgusting, absurd. Admits he is weak !!!! He broke his dinner date (cry)
        ( laugh),with his wife to dine with the president. You are right so on. Where is that Clinton investigation at? So much of our money and resources which is deep state agenda , break us drag this out no conclusion. Rubio nailed this down. Nothing here. Presidents hope, public the next day about Flynn is a good guy — hope the investigation be over.

    • he was fired because it is the presidents right to fire him!

      • Exactly. Obviously inept incapable incompetent unfit and very weak, job he had he Comey in way over his head. Drama queen and emotional, Comey is.

      • Makes it better that Trump had a case about him dragging the case out. They were investigating the Russians interfering in the election of both parties. He has closed Hillary’s but Trump’s is still open even though he has said that he has found nothing.

  11. Hopefully she will be tried for TREASON and convicted.

  12. is the ONE PLACE FOR HER:

    G U A N T A N A M O !!!!

  13. The “Darkness” in D.C. originates with anything “Liberal”! If you want to remove it, STOP VOTING THE LOONIES INTO POWER!!

    They and their minions have no ability to govern because like Winner here, they are self absorbed and arrogant, thinking the world cares about what they say. Actually the only good place for the words of any liberal is to line the trash can. That’s where they belong, not in a position of power!

    As for NSA, fire them all and make any new hirers go through a conscientious vetting process – weed out the bad ones BEFORE they can do harm to our government!

    It’s not your Daddy’s world any more! It’s full of demanding, unintelligent arrogant youth that “think” they know what is happening but lack the true wisdom to see the realities. They ALL need to be RE-educated to truths, not fallacitious lies of the Liberal teaching institutions. Amen.

    • Parents are going to have to re-educate them because the schools/universities won’t.

      Any chance that people on here have, post on the liberal sites or FB. Most of us on here are Conservative Trump supporters.

      • I used to teach high school in Southern California. I saw firsthand what one parent can do to change things up.

        An irate italian mother came in upset at what her daughter’s teacher was teaching her child. She stormed into the school and made so much noise and chaos plus threatened to go to the Superintendent of the School District if that teacher didn’t change what she was teaching. By the time she was through talking to the Principal, Counselors, etc. she made her point clear. She was the perfect Storm!

        Her daughter’s teacher changed what she was teaching – and the mother said she would be reviewing everything her daughter was learning in the classroom from that day forward. And she did!
        So even one parent can make a difference!! But to make a bigger difference, many parents must gather and go to the school to discuss their issues. More voices produce bigger impacts…and can work!
        The issue here is “inspiring” parents to take interest in their children’s upbring and what they are taught in school. If that can be achieved, we can turn the tide on liberalism and teach truths instead of unrealities!

  14. Extreme vetting and a travel ban for government employees!

  15. “The Intelligence Community?” “THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY??!!” If anyone can explain how our esteemed ‘intelligence community’ has no idea that there is NO THERE there in this bogus Russia collusion mess, please do advise. They can, supposedly, ‘listen’ to every conversation in the world, yet have no such “evidence” of ANY wrong doing by the Trump campaign, or the head of the Trump campaign – Trump himself?? Still, our dysfunctional, genuflecting before any and all ‘spurious’ accusations, government NEEDS special prosecutors to ‘find’ something? This entire exercise is designed to make ‘governing’ America, by this president, as molasses bound as possible. The ‘obstructionists’ are embedded in both parties, democrat and democrat lite! ‘We The Serfs,’ in the meantime, continue to march in place….

  16. The Democrats and the media are so pathetic, and the American people are beginning to wake up to the fact that they need to go. Hopefully more conservatives will occupy the Senate and house next year, because these Democrats are lunatics and mental cases.

  17. Craig Vandertie

    Typical Deep State deeply intranced, completely delusional Loonie Libtard, she and all who are as crazy are the only real threat to our nation, sentence and convict her and her entire family for treason.

  18. Not to back our President and government is treason.

  19. Like Ron haymaker, I also support President Donald John Trump 100%. I’ve also informed my Congressman, and my U.S. Senators that THEY ALSO need to support President Trump in his efforts to undo ALL OF THE DAMAGE that the usurper muslim president “0”bama did to OUR COUNTRY during his eight years in the WH!!!!

  20. Robert Kahlcke

    The Democrat-Communist-Islamic Terrorist Organization, lost again. Hey Snowflakes, find your safe space and ask Mommy to change your diapers.

  21. I’m a Trump supporter and I stand with him in his efforts to rid our country of terrorists, to Drain the Swamp and I want four more years of Trump.

  22. When we had 8 years of the illegitimate and corrupt Obama presidency in the White House which like a cancer spreads throughout our government, and with the gangster-like Hillary infected our government also, we should not be amazed about all these leaks. It is time to clean house and drain the swamp immediately.

  23. seersuckerandapanama

    Now we learn that on the list of deep-state leakers we can add to Reality Winner’s name that of James Comey.

  24. A lock up and throw the key is the proper end to this “reality” show

  25. gideonrockwell

    We need agents from the office of inspector general going into all of the agencies and clearing out the deep state Obama and Hildabeast sycophants. It’s time to clean house and get all of the leakers and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

  26. RichFromShowMe

    There still are hundreds to thousands of obamba hires in the government, most of who should be flushed and sent back where they came from before they do further damage.

  27. The swamp mentioned by Trump hasn’t been touch yet, it’s about time President Trump gets radical about and send to hell everyone of these rats traitors before they put up another dirty case like the one just ended . The democratic party with their action are paying back the republican establishment for letting this Muslim ex president Barrack Hussein Obama to destroy America financially and politically that the people and Trump are trying very hard to undo the damaged done bay Obama 8 years in power.

  28. Team Trump needs to find out WHO hired this woman – THAT is the person(s) he needs to find and prosecute along with this “Winner” and give long prison terms for the felonies they committed. Where is Session’s on all this leaking and now the hiring of a person with huge red flags who was not even given a background check!!

  29. Trump all the way……Get the globalist out of government and out of the country……

  30. I support Trump 100%

  31. They will stop at nothing. I also believe they knew about this womans anti Trump rhetoric. This shows how fast they can find a leaker. They don’t want to find the other leakers it gives them (possibly) some ammunition against Trump. It’s a sad day for our (actually their) intelligence agencies.

  32. 1PierreMontagne1

    Unfortunately it is very likely that the NSA did not know about Winner and her history. Without proper vetting the NSA does not even know people exist.and under Obama the entire security structure has turned into a piece of rust and rot. Private contractors save money by limiting background inquiries to minimum specifications or by avoiding them if they don’t get caught. As for the Federal Gov’t look at the quality or lack thereof in what the Secret service has recruited under Obama and the embarrassing actions of Secret Service employees .

    “The Swamp” has a lot of creatures in it and flooded the government as per Obama’s directive memo’s.

  33. Getting a top secret clearance involves a background check. At least it did when I was in the Army and got a secret clearance. First is confidential and then secret, top secret and cryptic. It takes from one year to two years to get top secret and several years to get a cryptic clearance. All are done or used to be done by the FBI.

  34. I think the Brits and all of the EU should take in more muzzies…. that way the left will have more to complain about when the next bomb goes off….. NOT… I just really can’t believe that all of the European folks let their leaders do this to them… civil war is on the way…. all over the world… just a matter of time.

  35. I understand that she is now in Madonna’s camp. Madonna thought about blowing up the White House and this Dim Bulb thought about burning it down. Maybe the 2 of them should be sharing a cell.

  36. Really, what was this treasonous person doing handling secret information. Truly time to drain the swamp of these rats. It’s no surprise they’re always Democrats, Progressives or just plain Socialists.

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