No One Asked You, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton couldn’t resist sniping at Donald Trump on Twitter after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to maintain the block on his travel ban. “3-0,” she wrote, referencing the three-judge panel’s unanimous decision.

Kellyanne Conway had a nice comeback, tweeting, “PA, WI, MI,” in reference to the blue wall that Trump shattered on his way to becoming the 45th president.

But beyond the social media drama, this entire immigration ban spectacle shows us just how fortunate we are that Hillary didn’t win last November.

The 9th Circuit ruling would not have been possible in an America where everything was on the right course. The block on Trump’s ban shows us just how far this country has swung away from a constitutional standard of law in favor of “progressive interpretation.” We are adrift, unmoored by any agreed-upon values. And our legal system has become a reflection of our cultural shift.

Under President Hillary Clinton, the swing to the left would continue. She would have replaced Antonin Scalia with another left-wing judge, and the Supreme Court would have been lost for at least a generation. All of the Obama administration’s lawlessness would have been codified into the law of the land, and Hillary Clinton would have added another layer of nonsense on top. By the time her administration was heading for the exits, it would be a miracle if we could even recognize this land as America anymore.

Hillary thought that her predecessor had already wiped the country clean of the “old” ways of thinking. The thoughts of American exceptionalism. The idea that we might want to protect our borders. The belief that maybe – just maybe – we can’t just keep growing the federal government until it’s a permanent part of our daily lives. She thought it was all taken care of, and that Donald Trump would sink himself by talking to an America that no longer existed.

Well, she got a hell of a surprise.

No wonder she spent the weeks following her loss wandering the woods behind her house. She suddenly realized how wrong she was about the United States.

But if she doesn’t have anything more to contribute than the occasional swipe at the man we chose to lead, she might as well head back to those woods and stay there.


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  1. Don’t worry about Hillary. Satan is ready to welcome her and hubby Bubba home…

  2. Hit-Liar-y Clinton needs to Hush Up and Go Away!
    Thank God she didn’t win this Presidential election!

  3. Awwww, you itty bitty snowflakes got your fee fees hurt by a woman. PUSSIES!

  4. What Obama and the Clinton’s have done to our COUNTRY for MONEY is called treason and they should be taken to trial.
    I thank God everyday for TRUMP and his team. Our Borders are not safe. I am advised to keep my doors locked, alarm on all the time, don’t answer or open door to a stranger.
    We had an 84 year old, tied up and beaten, cleaned out her bank accounts. Found by neighbor who was in vacation, the lady was dead 10 days. The kids coming through Mexico from South America countries. How many are ending up in human trafficking, sold by Cartel. Why did Obama chose Sanctuary city for for criminals to be bussed from Borders, in stead of deporting? No one is safe with open borders. The two Muslims trying to get into Mexico from San Diego, not true, they were arrested at water dam in San Diego. Look how many LAW ENFORCEMENT officers killed while Obama entertainment to BLM. My LAW ENFORCEMENT is LEM. They put their lives on line every day. Respect them. God BLESS OUR COUNTRY and TRUMP

  5. Hillary???? Hillary who???

    If it were not for fake votes, that witch wouldn’t have beaten Bernie….

    Then we would be saying Bernie???? Bernie who???

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  6. Please Hildabeast—–go away.
    You lost.
    Take your AIDS laden husband and STFU!

  7. That is right hrc, NO ONE ASK YOU , except maybe cnn for fake news, so go back under your rock , PLEASE an JSTFU. you voice is IRRITATING. VERY IRRITATING , you are a HAS-BEEN CORRUPT CRIMINAL POLITICAL HACK , now go away an take the PERVERT with ya

  8. She should really not be throwing any scores or records at anyone. Here’s one for her:


    Twice in a row no less when she had the deck stacked heavily in her favor and she couldn’t get across the goal line. She wouldn’t have even been a senator if Rudy didn’t get CANCER and have to drop out of the senate race in New York and the GOP propped up that chump Lazio in his place.

    She’s always needed the crutch wherever she’s been.

  9. Hilary should crawl back on her broom and fly far,far away.

  10. Maybe she will go back to the woods and the bears will eat her! She was a lying loser! Bernie was and is an old out of touch man who can no longer think straight or soundly! Neither one of them would have made a decent president! Now, stop whining and rioting and start being good citizens and get to work being productive instead of destructive! Tell Cummings and Waters to shut up and go back to actually helping their voters instead of embarrassing them.

  11. The sooner the Clinton’s are in prison the better.

  12. The next time I want to hear about Killary is when she is going to prison., End of statement.

  13. Your analysis of the district court and Ninth Circuit decisions on President Donald (“First you grab them by the pussy”) Trump’s executive order is erroneous. To pass constitutional muster, the executive order should be prospective only, limited to individuals who do not have visas or are not lawful permanent residents of the United States and effective for only a short period of time. The present executive order’s immediate ban imposed on visa holders and lawful permanent residents without any due process is clearly unconstitutional. Also, the Dumpster’s statements concerning his intention to impose a Muslim ban are relevant and must be included in the constitutional analysis of the the executive order.

  14. hillary the crook, lair, who will not tell the truth of 4 American deaths! I hope President Trump put her in prison for her crimes! Her husband is just as bad!

  15. Maybe Hillary can get a job on a Reality TV channel like Michele Obama with her food. I hope Michele’s food on the Reality Show looks better than the pictures of the lunches our Children were getting at school under her plan.

  16. if she was pres, someone would of shot that bitch on the 1st day in,

  17. Hillary broke the glass ceiling by becoming the first female presidential candidate to get her a$$ handed to her by President Trump.

  18. Well, Mr Trump said he would drain the swamp. It is alarming to find out who he has chosen to fill his Cabinet — money grubbing people who are out for their own advantage and who care little for the average person. Do we really think that a man who lives in a golden palace has any understanding of what it’s like being “the little guy”?

  19. Who came out of the back woods drunk and said what.? And who was it that cared? This loser is the absolute Perfect model for Nordstrom. An incompetent incapable inept back woodsman drunk and fried frumpy dumpy incoherent out of touch and irrelevant. A real Nordstrom model of a man hating female.

  20. send them all too GITMO! i cannot figure why the dondi trumpit is letting the remeniants of the obolah stay in place? kill them all and let god sort them out!? mother Theresa speaks!

  21. It’s shameful the double standards of the Democrats. They don’t support Gitmo tactics to expose / capture our enemies and save American lives yet they get behind wire tapping a new Security Director without an approved court order.
    Full investigation and finding out the mole and his supporters should take place
    – water boarding etc to find the truth– hell yes!

  22. She claims that “The future is female”. Good, she can run for President of Amazonia. Don’t impose yourself on us males, please.

  23. All the Clintons will be INDICTED soon.

  24. As Edith Ann would say:
    And that’s the TRUTH!!! Thuuua….h
    HRC needs 2 go hibernate with the Bears.

  25. Hillary sit your ass down and get out of politics because obviously you don’t have an agenda for our country and never did you just thought the presidency should be handed to you because you’re a women but before your a women you’re a loser you were in bed with Obamaand the do nothing democrats who thought everything should just run as it was with no changes I’m glad for thr changes Mr Trump is making someone is finally enforcing our laws on immigration which are long overdue they are here ILLEGALLY what don’t you idiots get they are a drain on us financially,emotionally and you just hand them everything you didn’t even have the guts to stand up for our police officers or anyone trying to instill order in our country .

  26. Go away

  27. I would suggest that Hillary shut up and fade into the background, before somebody puts her back on the front burner.

  28. That Saul Alinskyite needs to retire. Cuba would be a good place for a commie like her cause we sure the hell don’t want her or her politics.

  29. She still hates us and wants to rule over us, though.

    President Trump – It Is Time. Time to have Sessions investigate ALL of her illegal activities, and bring her to justice.


  31. WHY isnt this thieving, lying POS in JAIL? She is guilty of approximately 17 different federal crimes. I guess politicians protect politicians because they all know where the bodies are buried.

  32. HARPY HILLARY ….self-destructed!

  33. If she were to show her face around here….308 to the forehead. Obeyme, sxmething.

  34. She’s nothing but a laughable, useless has-been. Her son in law was forced to shut down his “hedge fund” because he is another swindler, just like his father. Hillary and her rapist “husband” were forced to shut down their “foundation” because the world no longer has any use for her and her corruption so she has nothing left but to try and cause problems for President Trump and his administration.

  35. I still don’t understand what makes liberals tick. If they had any common sense at all – which apparently they don’t – all they would need to do is look around to see what has happened under Obama and Clinton. Our nation is weak militarily, our economy is almost dead, jobs have been leaving for other countries because of immense regulations, we are being overrun with illegals that have to be taken care of, we are on constant alert regarding terrorists, our morals have left in favor of political correctness, government is so corrupt that it will do anything to destroy Trump – even if it means destroying the country and the left is wiling to riot, vandalize and assault individuals for their ideology. Now, we hear that Obama (and I suspect Hillary) are now secretly involved in the left’s war on Trump, organizing activists to go after this administration. I think it is treasonous for these two to do such a thing and yet, the left is all in. I have no respect for a president who would even do such a thing against his replacement. It speaks about his ethics and his character and integrity. I already had nothing for Hillary. Both need to shut up and move on. They have served this nation and led it almost to the edge ruin. Go home. Take a calm pill. Chill.

  36. For the love of God, sit down and shut up old woman. Go play tiddly winks with your grand-children and be grateful you are not in prison where you belong. I can only hope that they will get around to trying you for a number of acts against the USA.

  37. Old sex assault enabler Killary must have missed some of her meds and does her dreaming by being lost in the local park. Will she be back ??? Only if she can manage to walk up the steps to the WH with out getting nose bleed.

  38. Jackie Welytok Urbanski

    “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the
    bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

  39. Send her to gitmo with her buddy Obama

  40. Awesome comeback by Kelly Ann. Hillary must have imploded, wish I had seen it.

  41. Hey Hillary STFU LOSER!

    I don’t know (nor do I care) how many folks attended President Trump’s

    inauguration. But I can tell you exactly how many people attended Hillary’s inauguration.

    And that’s the only number that matters.

  42. She, old bill, obozo, Jarrett, holder, lynch, kerry,Pelosi etc etc should all be in prison for treason, murder, fraud

  43. When are these Klinton criminals going to be put on death row where they belong ?

  44. old news

  45. Keep wandering in the woods, Hillary! You may receive an epiphany from ‘mother nature’! It might come in the form of a big old bear, but not to worry…….you could probably codify it with some of the progressive BS you are famous for spreading…….if not…………welllllllll…….ho hum……….been nice!!

  46. Why hasn’t anyone asked George W. Bush where he got his inside information that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. This is the biggest and most costliest lie we have ever been told.

    • That info came from the same bunch of IC spooks as now.

      • l fail to get your point.

        • My point is right there in black and white. The same IC spooks that lied to Bush are the same IC spooks attacking President Trump. They must be removed and now!

          • When you use the term IC spooks you are talking way over my head. Can you explain?

          • Intelligence Community agents…

          • It is my understanding that the Intelligence Community agents are trying to Impeach Trump. That’s what I saw on the news this morning. What do you think?

          • I think it’s within the realm of possibility.

          • The polls showed 46% for impeachment and 46% to not impeach. According to what I saw.

          • I haven’t believed any polls for quite some time.

          • I imagine then you are upset about the polls that showed Hillary was going to win and didn’t.

          • Absolutely not. I was actually amused by the whole thing, and my BS meter was singing like crazy…

          • Well I am going to repeat what I have been saying. I still have my bragging rights. I did not vote for Trump. I voted right and it looks more that way every day.

          • I would guess your BS meter has a virus.

          • Mine works fine, yours is non-existent. Or you have have serious comprehension issues. Playtime is over.

          • wrong again.

          • Yes, you are. As usual.

          • NOPE

          • The same pollsters that said Trump didn’t have a chance of being elected.

          • Trumps popularity has gone in the gutter. So I would guess we know where this is going.

          • Funny its up to 55% from 33%. I don’t know sites you are are reading but you really need to step away from the really fake news sites there champ.

          • It’s obvious you get your fake news from Fox News.

          • They are.

          • So then they have the right label. Intelligence Community.

          • The IC along with Globalists like George Soros and Barack Obama are truly the enemy within. They will be put in their place or we will be their serfs. There are no other options. The IC is running and ruining our nation.

          • Trump is on the road to self destruct. It is just a matter of time. Los Vegas is betting 4 to 1 that he won’t last 6 months.

          • Don’t be so sure, these are people who manipulate and sell deceit but they have been found out. They also vainly believed that Trump could never be elected. We elected Trump and we will back Trump if there’s a coup against our elected government. Americans are wise to the deep state now and there is a rising tsunami of anger against the hidden government.

          • You sound tough just like Trump. But Vegas is ready to put money where their mouth is.

          • Vegas? Oh my, lions and tigers and bears.

          • Yep, if you want to bet $100 and Trump is still around in 6 months they will pay you $400.

          • Haha the same vegas that was betting for a hitlery win. I hope you have some disposable income because if you follow those idiots you are going to lose.

          • Yep, you can go on line and bet $100 and if Trump is still in office in 6 months they will pay you $400.

          • It’s obvious then they have the right label. Intelligence Community.

          • Time to block you. So long fool.

          • HOW can they the Demorats impeach him?? don’t you have to do something bad or break the law or something??? I know Obama is setting him up every day he tries to cause chaos for our President, I wish they would investigate HIM, and all of his treason he committed while he was President!! I would love to see he, and Hillary both get life sentences !! Especially Obama and his arrogant ass !!! He and his husband are nothing but fraud’s pretending to have kids, it makes me sick to think of how they pulled off such a phony scam on the American people, yet they love him and the other him too !! Right before our eyes every day he broke the law and no one said a thing,I hate his guts, I want to see justice done to the MUSLIM TRAITOR !! MR. Trump tells the truth and the liberals hate him, yet that Muslim Obama ,has screwed us Americans for 8 long years and gotten away with EVERY TREASONOUS thing he has ever done!! And that is EVERYTHING, he never paid any attention at all to the constitution, for him that didn’t even exist !!! Well I think Judicial watch will take him on, they are going to prosecute Hillary and Bill , so maybe they will get Obama yet !! He is making up story’s and everything he can on Trump, just to try and get him impeached !!! Working hard on it every day too!!! How did we ever allow this lying P.O.S. to become our President ??? GRRRRRR!!!!!

          • You talk about how the Democrats hate Trump. They don’t have to wish him bad luck. He is on his way to self destruct. You talk about how the Democrats talk bad about Trump just look back and read what you wrote. That is the most fabricated made up hatred I have read in a long time.

          • Wayne I am just telling the TRUTH !! You LIBERALS all have a huge problem with reality and the truth!! Everything I said in my comment is the truth!!!! Obama is a MUSLIM TRAITOR, He lied about everything when he was campaigning, REV. WRIGHT, and saying he was a deeply CHRISTIAN MAN , LIES all LIES! I am 73 years old , I have seen them come and go, NEVER have we had such a lying deceiving scum bag in the presidency as this scammer !! How can you say he didn’t lie??? You think those are his kids,?? NO WAY !! Not unless they have figured out a way for men to bear children !! EVERYBODY KNOWS There is NO MICHELLE , His name is MICHAEL , and he is a man, He tried to scam America on that for 8 years too, If you don’t know it by now,then you sir are a MORON !! He used to be a football player earlier in his school days, I think he was a tight end !!! Maybe it was a wide receiver , I can’t remember exactly ,but I know he was a football player!! LOOK UP HIS PROFILE ON Wikileaks not google they have it blocked ,but any other web site should have it, !!! I have read that JUDICIAL WATCH is going to prosecute him for treason after they finish up with HILDEBEAST !!! You say I am MADE UP HATRED ??? You are the one who is not been paying attention to how evil the demonrats are ! They have aall of those Muslims in their party yet and they are corrupt as hell, They just caught 3 of them MUSLIMS going through the top secret documents ,trying to get what intell they could get on what our GENUINE PRESIDENT is planning to do !! So they can forward all the info. to IRAN !!!I If these MUSLIMS ARE NOT made to leave our country forever, we will end up being a MUSLIM COUNTRY !! They have one purpose to being here and that is to take over this country and make it a MUSLIM Country, with SHARIA LAW and the whole MUSLIM EVIL that is their culture !! We will all be be-headed and our childrens blood will run down the streets, of our beloved AMERICA !! I AM WILLING TO DIE TO PROTECT IT , are you ??? You’ll just join up with the DEMONRATS and follow orders, well not me sissy boy, I’ll blow every damn one of them away!!! At my age you aren’t afraid of death, just take as many with you as possible !!!

          • Bonnie I don’t have time to read all your false news. This morning the non partisan political judges rated Obama as number 12 as being on the best presidents this country has ever had since George Washington. Obama is leaving the office with a high rated legacy. There are a lot of retired presidents that would like to have a resume like he has.

          • Obama has been put on the list as the number 12 as best president we have ever had starting with George Washington. He inherited the biggest recession this country has ever had with over 10% unemployment. He saved the auto mobile industry and brought our troops home from the mid East. There is about zero inflation. No body bags coming home from across the big pond. He has almost tripled the stock market. Farmers can’t complain their land worth more than it ever has. There is nobody starving. We finally have universal health insurance. Unemployment is below 5%. And Trump says he is going to make America great again. What is he going to do to make it better than it already is? Please explain.

          • I think you need to go have a talk with your shrink.

          • Depends on which “fake news” you were watching.

          • It doesn’t matter Trumps days are numbered.

          • Thanks Bruce, Wayne has a perception problem with terminology.

          • Yep, I got that impression…

  47. Why is the witch of Benghazi free? Cankles should be in jail right now waiting for her trial for crimes against humanity and high treason.

  48. Please Ban the words ‘Hillary Clinton’ from all Media and communication and erase her from all sight sound and smell.

  49. The depth of her degradation can only be measured by the delusional outbursts she spews; such as this alleged Twitter comment. Goodbye Hillary

  50. Go to jail Clinton. Take your evil followers with you. You are TRASH and you will pay for your crimes. She is a very evil and mentally impaired disgrace!!!!

  51. Clinton is a pig lesbian.

  52. What is there to talk about she lost, now she should tried for Treason and war crimes with Obama

  53. Hitler-y & Ovomit just can’t stand not having their pictures and evil poison spread all over the news (even the fake news). So we should just put them on the list of “numb-nuts” i.e. Michael Moore, all the wanna-be “celebrities” and all the “old has-beens” that can’t seem to suck it up and just go on with their false lives.

  54. Stop all immigration, build the wall, allow only well vetted immigrants, limit the number of immigrants/year to 25,000 or even less.
    Deport ALL illegals, stop allowing anchor babies, make English the ONLY official public language.

    Make America Great Again and while we are at it Make California Great Again.
    Let’s make all of America, America again!

  55. I wish someone would put a dirty smelly sock in Hillary Clinton mouth so she couldn’t speak. Every word she speaks. Lies of spewing words comes out of her mouth. Look at what Hillary and Bill Clinton and even Barrack Hussein Obama has done towards giving away vital government information against this country. And why they all under investigation for sabotage against this country of the United States now huh??? Yup! That stupid Hillary Clinton. Every times she speaks and spews any words. Are incorrect. And every time Hillary opens her fat mouth. Hillary makes a fool of herself is all.

  56. Princess Wei-Xia: So what is your point with the pictures huh?? You gave me pictures to see. Your not from our country. As I can tell from your name there. You get the buzzer! Your failed to answer the question.

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