No One Asked You, Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton couldn’t resist sniping at Donald Trump on Twitter after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled to maintain the block on his travel ban. “3-0,” she wrote, referencing the three-judge panel’s unanimous decision.

Kellyanne Conway had a nice comeback, tweeting, “PA, WI, MI,” in reference to the blue wall that Trump shattered on his way to becoming the 45th president.

But beyond the social media drama, this entire immigration ban spectacle shows us just how fortunate we are that Hillary didn’t win last November.

The 9th Circuit ruling would not have been possible in an America where everything was on the right course. The block on Trump’s ban shows us just how far this country has swung away from a constitutional standard of law in favor of “progressive interpretation.” We are adrift, unmoored by any agreed-upon values. And our legal system has become a reflection of our cultural shift.

Under President Hillary Clinton, the swing to the left would continue. She would have replaced Antonin Scalia with another left-wing judge, and the Supreme Court would have been lost for at least a generation. All of the Obama administration’s lawlessness would have been codified into the law of the land, and Hillary Clinton would have added another layer of nonsense on top. By the time her administration was heading for the exits, it would be a miracle if we could even recognize this land as America anymore.

Hillary thought that her predecessor had already wiped the country clean of the “old” ways of thinking. The thoughts of American exceptionalism. The idea that we might want to protect our borders. The belief that maybe – just maybe – we can’t just keep growing the federal government until it’s a permanent part of our daily lives. She thought it was all taken care of, and that Donald Trump would sink himself by talking to an America that no longer existed.

Well, she got a hell of a surprise.

No wonder she spent the weeks following her loss wandering the woods behind her house. She suddenly realized how wrong she was about the United States.

But if she doesn’t have anything more to contribute than the occasional swipe at the man we chose to lead, she might as well head back to those woods and stay there.


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