Nikki Haley BLASTS UN Human Rights Council: A “Haven for Dictators”

The Senate is currently reviewing whether or not the U.S. should remain a party to the United Nation’s so-called Human Rights Council, and Trump’s ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley recently penned an op-ed for the Washington Post outlining the reasons why our country might just pull the plug. Not because the U.S. doesn’t support human rights – quite the opposite. It’s because this council, as Haley puts it, has become a “haven for dictators” to thrash Israel with resolution after resolution while pretending that countries like Venezuela and Cuba are paragons of virtue.

“Next week, I will travel to Geneva to address the Human Rights Council about the United States’ concerns,” Haley writes. “I will outline changes that must be made. Among other things, membership on the council must be determined through competitive voting to keep the worst human rights abusers from obtaining seats. As it stands, regional blocs nominate candidates that are uncontested. Competition would force a candidate’s human rights record to be considered before votes were cast. The council must also end its practice of wrongly singling out Israel for criticism. When the council passes more than 70 resolutions against Israel, a country with a strong human rights record, and just seven resolutions against Iran, a country with an abysmal human rights record, you know something is seriously wrong.”

Well, what do you think? Is there any chance that the UN is going to change its ways to satisfy the demands of the Trump administration? We’re guessing not. That will leave the ball in our court, and it’s probably time for us to take it and go home. We’re wasting enormous amounts of time and energy on UN agencies that do not share our democratic values and actively oppose our closest allies.

Enough is enough. We can fund and work with the UN when the body’s interests align with ours, but we must not continue to fund those agencies who prop up – nay, celebrate – dictatorial regimes that imprison and starve their own people.

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  1. Maureen Hannon

    How can any one think that Iran, one of the absolute worst savages ever on the planet is a good example for human rights? And Venezuela? Venezuela was once the most prosperousnations in the world. But a dictatorshiptook over, and as usually happens, the people are totally empoverished and the Socialists are cruel and evil, they make the people sell their children into sexually slavery or they’ll die. What really kills me is that the extreme Leftists in America are convincing our young people that Socialism is agood thing, never mind the fact that in the countries that have tried it, poverty and desth follow. Why would any one think that suddenly, some one will wave a magic wand and make cruel monsters nice, loving people. Unfortunately, the U.N. is one of the worst. Where UN “peace keeping forces”go, they force the children to be sexual slaves.Why do we support them. The UN is against America, our allies, and human rights.

    • First let me say, we do have some fantastic, fabulous teachers who love teaching – then the rest are in it for a 9-month “job”.
      Our education system has been co-opted/taken over by unions! The teacher unions are the downfall of America because they are communistic/socialistic in ideology. No one should do anything beyond the bare minimum stated in the contract. Should a teacher “defy” that unwritten order, they are bullied, isolated, ridiculed and ostracized, even denied tenure for “making the rest look bad”. Mediocrity is the mantra of unions. Dumb down the students, do not teach them to think, but brainwash them into the left-wing ideology.
      Education is no longer about the students – teaching them to work harder, to try, to excel, but all about the teachers’ wants, not needs, but wants. Our millennials are proof – the snowflakes need “safe spaces”, need only to hear what they believe in – no challenging opinions. The USA is in a mess because of our poor education system.
      Just this morning there was a report that five teachers in Central Islip High School, Central Islip, LI, NY, each earn $120,000/year and NONE of their high school students pass! The report continued that in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, many teachers earn between $140,000 – 300,000 per year! Our education system is in shambles and teachers demand more, more, and then MORE! Yet the left/unions decry SOE Betsy Devos who is looking to make schools PRODUCE and TEACH our kids. Obviously, teachers in the classroom earning that amount of money with no success should be FIRED – bet the union won’t allow it.

    • ” We ” don’t support the UN . It was forced upon us by the globalist bastards who blackmail the elected officials and threaten to withhold campaign cash .
      If our elected officials had an ounce of integrity they would throw the UN out tomorrow .

      • All of our officials should come out together and tell if they are being blackmailed and given a pardon – the underlings that are trying to run our country can’t kill them all or their families. They won’t come forward if they are going to be prosecuted. Give them 1 chance to do good for the American people.

        • anAmericanByChoice

          Now that’s a thought worth meditating upon. But that implies “forgiveness” and “redemption,” Christian principles, and the effort to banish any mention of God and Christ from public life, schools and affairs is raging, under the influence of socialists, commies and Alisnkyanites. Darkness cannot withstand the Light. So, it will not happen anytime soon.

    • Maureen, what they don’t want you know is that Hitler was not so much a fascist as he was a SOCIALIST! That is EXACTLY what “NAZI” means… the “Z” stands for “Zosialismus” or something like that. — JD

      • anAmericanByChoice

        Spot on! NAZI = National Socialist German Workers’ Party. “Workers” like in unions and such, not people who do real work.

        • Dina J. Padilla

          When the pols talk about supporting the poor, women, minorities , sick & elderly, they ARE NOT talking about the American people. Both parties aided and abetted in bringing in illegals and the unions helped while they screwed their own union members for self insured employers who are continually looking for ways to take money via wages and benefits that were promised to us and then with the illegals, no record of them and the amount of money used to bring and use illegals in the workplace, giving OUR benefits to finance the illegals among other nefarious deeds while we as Americans have been doing without.
          It’s all such as scam perpetrated on the American people since the 60’s and 70’s. Using money from workers compensation and Social Security as well as health care benefits and retirement/pensions, (union dues that were never used to file grievances) that we were promised while using wily ways to make sure we wouldn’t get the benefits and we did not get, was the biggest CON on the American people and that includes benefits that our soldiers don’t get, other than offset SSDI and barely anyone getting vocational rehab, via workers comp, SSA or VA. So follow the money that belongs to us and supporting 11 million and possibly more while they us in the poorhouse, broke and broken. The only person I hear about who cares about the American people is Trump, not anyone else and I pray he fulfills his promises.
          Congress approves it all via laws, constitutional amendments and most of the American Public don’t have a clue as to what passes every year that is geared to harm us and our VETS.

  2. With tough talk like that, the far left is likely to issue a FATWA on Nikki Haley.

  3. Take ball and money and go home. The UN has been nothing more than a money pit for the US taxpayer.

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      • Sucking farts out of subway seats is not my idea of job, but thanks anyway.

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          Have a great day and do the 3 step method!!!

          • 200 posts. 2 upvotes. Might be some sort of record. 😛

          • You may want to add the simple word its to your vocabulary. You know that the equally simple word it’s is a contraction of the words it and is…yet lacking options, you used it anyway.

      • When things get so bad that you have to work for a socialist enterprise like Google it’s time to retire… permanently.

  4. The UN… UNproductive, UNAmerican, UNsuccessful, UNreal, UNhinged, UNelected, UNinformed, UNrighteous, UNfair, UNaware, and UNrealistic… UNwelcomed in the US!! US get out NOW! This organization is ANTI-Israel, ANTI-capitalism and ANTI-US! Their diplomats owe MILLIONS of dollars in unpaid parking fines! Disgusting organization!

    • That was great! Agree 100%.

    • Very well stated.

    • Yes….sounds like a good idea!

    • Great blog!!! The UN is exactly that – UNAMERICAN – and needs to be removed from our Nation. If they like the Middle East so much, go re-locate in Iran or Iraq or Afghanistan – just GET OUT OF THE UNITED STATES!

    • Much better than what I said, THANKS !!!!!

    • The UNUnited Nations is a globalist out to destroy the United States and is being mainly supported by the US. Move the UNUnited Nations to Belgium. Moving would free up some great real estate.

      • JoePaul, yes I agree, but NYC left-wing-nut Mayor DiBlasio would probably lease that greatreal estate to IRAN!

        • anAmericanByChoice

          China, for free, and he would put a red commie ribbon around it!

        • If it’s US property, not NYCs, then screw DeBlasio and the rest of the socialist, super rich, elites who think they can dictate what’s best for the middle class (like free stuff for the poor, refusing to get a job, welfare rats).

      • I have thought for a long time the USA should shut down the UN building and tell them to France, Russia, some other country.

    • Sell the NYC UN office bldg, Donald J. Trump our great President!

    • agree we should leave the UN we waste money on it

    • And how does anyone determine that??? By listening to fake news??? Because Donald Trump says so???

      • Cat Person, the UN has determined that for us. Almost every resolution condemns Israel for this or that while Iran, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela and Cuba get a free pass … some of these nations are actually on the “Human Rights Council” ! How absurd is THAT? Throw the UN into the Hudson River! It has become a Muslim-communist outpost in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave! — JD

        • This is no longer the land of the free as long as Donald Trump is in charge. And BRAVE is the last thing he is. Also being Muslim isn´t always a bad thing. Being an extremist is what´s bad—whether that is Muslim, Christian, or any other religion.

          • Funny, Cat Person, I can’t remember the last time I saw an “extremist” Hindu, Christian, Jewish or Buddhist suicide bomber… or terrorist… only ONE religion seems to have a monopoly in that market… Try reading the Quran where almost 80% is devoted to JIHAD. But Islam is peaceful religion, right? If you really believe that, I have some GREAT ocean-front property in WYOMING I would LOVE to sell you!! And BTW, trump was NOT president when 19 MUSLIMS blew up the World Trade Center… that was a leftover from Bill Clinton who let Osama bin Laden go when he was in custody in Africa.

          • You´re probably right about the Jewish and Hindu, etc. religions. (Unless you consider the Holocaust). But I see evidence of Christian extremists all of the time. Wars have been fought—people burned at the stake—and in this day and time, they are out there trying to tell everybody else how to live, and trying to force their beliefs down everybody else´s throats. Most Muslims are NOT terrorists, and all of them shouldnt be judged because of a few. This is a country of immigrants—welcomed here by the Statue of Liberty. To keep people out of here because of their race or religion is wrong. We do have home grown terrorists also. This is never going to be a perfect world, but discrimination isn´t the way to go either.

          • May be, Cat Person, but to keep them out of the US because they might blow that same Statue of Liberty to smithereens is a GREAT idea. It is very interesting that a recent British poll among Muslim citizens there indicated that almost 80% of those Muslims would NOT report a terrorist planning a terrorist event to authorities. Remember, aliens NOT living in the US have NO constitutional rights. Also the President has both a constitutional AND Federal Law mandate to decide who enters the US. As the old saying goes, elections have consequences.

          • Your so called “moderate muslims” , by their silence on the subject condone the acts of terrorism from their “radical” brothers. That makes them just as culpable. Our LAWS, which Congress keeps conveniently overlooking prohibit islam in the USA. Public Law 414, (Among the
            many issues it covers, one in particular, found in Chapter 2 Section
            212, is the prohibition of entry to the US if the Alien belongs to an
            organization seeking to overthrow the government of the United States by
            “force, violence, or other unconstitutional means.” ) This law is still on the books today and should be enforced.

          • anAmericanByChoice

            AMEN SHARON! My exact thoughts!
            “Your so called “moderate muslims” , by their silence on the subject
            condone the acts of terrorism from their “radical” brothers. “

          • I can’t remember the exact numbers but the number of radicalized Muslims is estimated to be well 300 million out of 1+billion Muslims. That’s a heck of a lot of camel humpers if you ask me. The so called peaceful Muslims are irrelevant because they sit on the sidelines and do little to nothing to quell the fanatics among them.
            you seem sympathetic to the plight of the Muslim population so why don’t you open up your home and checkbook to them and see how that works for you?
            Being an idealist like you will get you and the rest of us killed. As a matter of fact to Muslim fanatics, ideally, nonmuslims would all be killed. That’s your religion of peace.

          • Christians do not burn people at the stake. It is not Christian doctrine. And when I say Christians, I refer to people who worship Jesus, and not people who worship statues, virgins, religious organizations and dead believers. Please remember: it is about Jesus, not religion. The Word of God is the guideline of a Christian.

          • There is no point to argue with idiocy and somebody who does not have a knowledge. To you Cat I suggest to study Koran and Hades, After you do that, I am willing to discus Islam, the cult hiding behind the religion. If you have so many peace loving Muslims, why they do not stop those few Muslim terrorists? Why do they segregate to the point, that no believer can even go over there? Like Dearborn…Your answer to myself is not required. As I said, I do not argue with ignorant.

          • anAmericanByChoice

            Political correctness is a mental disease and you are a good example of it. Pray tell, when was the last time you saw a group of or a single Muslim speak against and condemn suicide bombers or speak against the admonitions of the Qu’ran that kufars should eifher convert, be killed or enslaved? Or take sides to defend a non-Muslim from being massacred? Because we know of non-Muslims who have given their lives to defend Muslims from abuse. Pray tell, or go hug your cat and spare everyone your drivel.


      • Mike Schneider

        people, please forgive Cat, this person was never taught critical thinking skills, nor the ability to use common sense.. its clear to see Cat sucked up Obozo koolade faster than a Stanley steam machine! this person represents the stupidity found within the younger, socialized indoctrinated, potato-brained generation.. clearly handicapped if that smart phone was taken away.. these liberal brain dead meat sacks need shipped off to a communist regime one way.. and once they find out first hand how bad life is, refuse re-entry into the US.

      • Well, I don’t now how long you have followed the UN and the USA history, but I have been doing it for a long time (40 years at least). The UN is no longer a place for countries to unite, as it was intended , but, now is obstructing the very reason it was formed. Read and research some history from WWII to now, Cat, and maybe you will see the reasons for the existence, and now the demise, of the UN.

    • AMEN, John!

    • Great post said everything I had planned to and more . The UN has degenerated since the 1960’s and in its once idealistic zeal for democracy is now controlled by third world despots and idiots who support other third world despots and idiots .
      The time has come to get the UN out of America and, America out of the UN ! The millions in tax dollars saved and UN special funding can be better applied to America . Not to mention the benefit to NYC in lessened traffic problems caused by UN officials having their vehicles double park, with impunity, where ever they please so they can stop off for lunch, dinner or, drinks with their cronies and pals .
      Also think of all the great real estate that will hit the markets UN Embassy buildings housing etc and lets not forget that wonderful riverfront FREE HOME they occupy on the Hudson . That would make a great facility for homeless Veterans .

    • Unconstitutionally eligible to decide the fate of American gun owners as well!

    • Terrific post!!

    • Accurate!

    • Isreal too receives billions to build it’s won Armanda and while I greatly support Isreal, our own Armada & soldiers are getting 2nd best if that is what anyone could call it, all to fight phony wars. Israel is for Israel with the current PM in charge. and some here in the U.S funneling untold amounts of money that is helping destroy the American workers. On one should be tossed aside for another after stealing their worth and Israel should know that better than any nation.

      • anAmericanByChoice

        America has to start spending money on America and American’s needs, first. Once those are met, then let’s consider helping others, making sure money and resources are spent on good causes, not causes that go against American interests. Tax money is tax payers money, not government money. The government produces nothing, creates nothing. It simply harasses, hustles, robs and defrauds we the people when tax money is misused and squandered. There is no such thing as “public money” just money that belongs to the public. This notion of public money is just more socialist-commie crap, highway robbery, social engineered redistribution of wealth scheme. We the people need to put an end to it. Get the USA out of all these institutions, deals, agreements, and put America and Americans first once and for all. So far, Trump is doing a fine job.

        • Dina J. Padilla

          AS I just wrote again, it is more than our tax dollars. It is everything with in lieu benefits, SSA/Medicare, EVERYTHING that we were promised for the last 57 years. China along with Russia and the MIDEAST with some other countries via “global ” countries has taken it all, violating every law there is and one needs to look at non profits like hospitals, churches, and other networks that have help take it all away to bring in illegals and get rid of the American people. It’s all for self insured employers ( insurance companies that are just plain evil) which include, county , city, state and federal govt, churches, hospitals, etc. We as Americans were sold a bill of goods all the while getting the shaft. Certainly it is the American people that HAVE to demand that the pols in this country do what they are supposed to and not for these self insured corporations that have harmed many workers, stealing their money and using it for their retirement packages and control of how we live. Tech companies are included too. We as American people do have speak up against what the pols for self insured corporations have done to diminish us as a people.

    • Rotten bunch of CREEPS through their AZZ`S OUT OF OUR COUNTRY NOW !

    • anAmericanByChoice

      KUDOS! I would just like to add one more: UNtrustworthy!

  5. I am sure the U.S. provides funds for this group as well ass other worthless U.N. activities. Pull the money and watch it sink.

  6. ’bout time this pansy organ. got outta our hair!

  7. What do you expect from progressive vision, the UN was formed and human rights take a back seat to the good of man as seen through the eyes of those who rule with an iron fist, the progressive way.

  8. RichFromShowMe

    The U.N. is nothing more than a “Den of Thieves” . . . . at one time consequential in human affairs, but, for the last few decades has turned into a ripoff of American wealth.

  9. Evict the UN. Then withdraw.

  10. I couldn’t agree more, this is an evil organization.

  11. The UN is a useless POS and we need to throw them out of New York and save millions.

  12. Vincent Marcantelli

    Smile – for years we have had the same type of “folks” as those that we are wanting to get rid of. Just look back to last year. Those we had placed in the UN were NO better then those that we were “so called” working with!. Stop, Madam Haley, now there is a real UN rep. for this country, she has the CORRECT idea, sure hope she can make some of these countries find there common sense. If not, then it again is REALLY time for the U.S. to close the UN, remember, it is located on U.S. soil, the UN pays rent to the owners of the building(s), we, the U.S. can and should foreclose, what has the U.N. done for US, the U.S. of late?.

    • sandraleesmith46

      No, the land on which the UN complex is located is theirs; courtesy of David Rockefeller, and so are the buildings; BUT those are all on US soil, and we do have the right to withdraw their visas to be in our nation! If they can’t come here to those buildings, they’ll have to sell them and the land; or we could confiscate it under eminent domain. But the bottom line is that they have proven to be an enemy to the US and western civilization.

  13. The UN wants to take over the world. If you don’t believe me, go to their web site and go back several years. We need to drop our membership and get out.

    • sandraleesmith46

      The UN is the “action arm” of the Bilderbergers; pure and simple.

      • Yep/ We need to get out and stay out.

        • sandraleesmith46

          Yes, we do! They are globalism in action.

          • I used to get news letters from them stating what they were up to. Those letters stop several years ago but I remember a lot of what was said. We can’t let the UN take over. They are totally up to no good.

          • sandraleesmith46

            Indeed they are; these are the “action arm” of the globalists; so very much “up to no good” at least for humanity!

          • I’m surprised the liberals aren’t protesting Trump not wanting to pay the dues. Maybe that hasn’t sunk in yet.

          • sandraleesmith46

            My guess is they don’t believe he’d dare withhold our portion of the dues. if he actually goes through with it, you can BET they’ll scream bloody murder; that’s some 20+ % of their operating budget.

          • As far as I know he hasn’t paid the dues yet. Hopefully he knows what they are up to. I sure don’t like what I know about the UN. It’s a wasteful way to spend money. And it will only hurt our country. There are some really disgusting things in their agenda.

          • sandraleesmith46

            I know; I read the revised edition when it came out about 18 months ago, and the previous one several years ago. If you haven’t read either UN Agenda 21 or UN Agenda 2030, I suggest you do so.

          • God has said that the countries will try to colonize but it won’t work. Their attempt is for nothing. Complete waste of time. I’ve gone into the UN website and know what they are up to. Disgusting. They’re wasting their time. We’ll be in WWIII before it can even start.

          • sandraleesmith46

            They ARE colonizing; it’s called hijrah; and it’s happening now.

          • Estelle Newton, I largely agree with you, but where did you get the idea that “God has said that the countries will try to colonize but it won’t work”?

          • Daniel 2:43 This has been tried several times in history and has failed. But when Daniel interpreted Nebechanezzar’s dream it was stated that nations would try and it would fail. The UN won’t succeed either.

  14. Alexander Seredin

    With million dead, raped, tortured Iraqis under the American belt, and the infamous Abu Ghraib, how can you even dare accuse anyone of being a dictator other than USA

  15. Alexander Seredin

    US population represents 4% of the world. Injustices are common everywhere, but can not even compare to the injustices US has imposed to its native population, Philippine people, Vietnam Korea and many others So apply “dictatorship” label where it belongs

  16. Our politicians think if they throw taxpayer money at it and give everyone a hug all will be good. Unfortunately the opposite occurs, they take the money think we are fools and work against us. Time for change!

  17. luvsgunsandamerica

    Get US out of the uneutered absyminal un

  18. Dr. Mike Reeder

    The US absolutely spends Billions of dollars on the UN every year. I am in complete agreement with the majority of folks here. Evict them from the US, take our money and spend it on worthwhile endeavors. Enough is enough! The UN is simply an anti-Israel regime, anyway! Iran, ha! ha! ha! ha! That says it ALL!

  19. Boot the UN from our soil! How stupid are we? That’s like inviting a known burglar/murderer to hang out at your house.

  20. In my opinion Nikki Haley is correct right on the money on this. We should be out of the Man it is nothing but a controlled police force for the one world order billionaires, and they’re not happy because Trump got in and it threw a monkey wrench in there Motor. We must get out of the UN , And get out now it is nothing but as she puts it I haven for call me a stipend dictatorial people who think they are all above the law. Kaufiannanwas a good example of her UN leader taking money under the table. When the Africans were getting slaughtered in Africa the UN didn’t say anything because they were destroying Christians in Africa and that was OK.

  21. Just another reason to stop all UN funding. National debt has every man woman and child at about 61,000.00. Sure could use that billion OBAMA gave Paris con Accord. Where did that money go? We demand a refund.

  22. To John Donahue, I completely agree. We should completely stop all financial funding to this aboratiion, no American dollars any longer backing an organization that gladly takes our dollar and spurns we as a democratic society across the globe, Clear out the scum occupying that building in New York, with their pollution, let them defecate on decent people meeting in another land. The current UN building could then be put to a much more decent and respectable use, castrating those defiling countries from this land.

  23. Run the whole UN out of this country. Europe is becoming a “Muslim Caliphate”, who is that going to leave for the USA to “pardner” with??? Stop “paying their bills for them”.

  24. I can not see the UN having the amount of money that comes from us. We have set up a Government to operate against us and any country that follows us, and we are supporting it’s existence. I feel that we should start a certain amount that we will decrease funding them each Quarter that we find that they are not serving our needs as they should. That way they will have the chance to correct their actions on the world stage, or they will be come less of a part of the world stage each Quarter for they will not have the money to keep people on to work against us. There is many Problems with the UN and you are paying them to carry out Third world actions such as raping Children around the world. Don’t you feel that those’s Children have enough problems without the United States paying so called Protectors to seek and rape the young ones. Can you even think about the pain of that action on a young Child. And if someone will do that regular then what else can you think of that he will not do for thy self.

  25. U,S,A make THE BIG CONTRIBUTION OF U.N BUGET( 25%) is ONLY one

    solution for dismantle this PARASITE organization: CUT THE MONEY and expel them from u.s.a.they are useless for peace on the world,because every bodi ignore them.

  26. Wow , Nikki Haley with a good thought ? Somebody must have wrote it for her .
    The US should not only withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council , they should withdraw from the UN all together and throw them out of our country . We could use the building to house Veterans .
    This Trump guy does seem to be making some progress .

  27. Vacate the U.N. AND claim our building back in New York – fix it up for our Homeless Vets so they have a roof over their heads.

    Again, all these so called organizations are for the rest of the world to suckle the U.S. and feed their infrastructures. America owes no country a dime and the U.N. has become a power hungry anti-Semetic entity that needs to be cut off at the knees and REMOVED FROM OUR NATION!

    Remove the U.S. as a working partner and close down the UN building forcing the entire staff to relocate to another country…OR demand the UN adhere to new U.S. rules regarding accusations against “any” country – not just Israel, but ALL the Middle eastern Countries and North Korea’s little dictator must adhere to these rules or be removed. Since the UN has assumed a role “Holier than Thou”, you can bet this will be another organization that will find itself homeless and on its own! Caio UN!

    IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME! The UN has overstepped its authority and needs to be disciplined – which won’t happen by anyone but the U.S. There will be fireworks when this happens, but it is a long time coming!

    Remove the UN from our Land now. It no longer serves the purpose — it was supposed to protect ALL nations! Remove the entire operation and create a new more efficient and regulated organization that is held to “MORAL” NOT POLITICAL reasoning.


  28. We should lead, not follow. Reject UN decisions and actions that we don’t like, and refuse to fund them.

  29. RIGHT !!!! Enough is enough !!!!!!! Its time we take our money away from all these people that hate us so bad, Stop ALL foreign aid, and dish it out on an individual basis to the countries that support the United States !!!!!!!!

  30. sandraleesmith46

    It’s past time for us to pull the plug on the UN entirely; it has shown itself to be anti-American, anti- freedom, anti-human rights, anti- God, anti- western civilization, etc, to the point that remaining a contributing member is being yoked with EVIL, pure and simple! We have NO business supporting that evil entity another instant.

  31. we have been funding that bunch of elites far to long. They want to sit on their high horse and tell us how we should live and what we should do for the world. “Enough is Enough” of the BS. I say let them support themselves and see how far they get.

  32. The UN is a laughable institution. Kick them all out of NY and start over.

  33. Get us out of the UN.

  34. It is about time that we said that there are ‘DICKTATORS” running the UN! Way to go Nikki!!!

  35. Aside from this country saying goodbye to this particular UN component organization, how about departing from the UN entirely?

  36. I have harped on getting the UN out of our country for the last two decades. It is a worthless organization that has leeched our system for decades. Evacuate the UN building in NY and send the occupants to all the welcoming muslim countries…that should be fun to watch!

  37. Obama wants to run the U.N. he would be perfect I don’t know anyone better at drawing lines in the sand and then apologizing for doing so.

    • I just wish he would “creep off into the sunset”.

      • We are stuck with this phony schmuck until they finally put him in prison.

        • Have you ever posted and it ended up down at the bottom behind people that have posted 8 hrs ago? Mine just did that was posted 28 min. ago. Must be that the moderator did not like it but it had no bad words so they did not delete it.

  38. Video on the UN and Agenda 21, in the video Christiana Figueres appointed Exec. Secretary pf the UN “Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCCF) said that it was about controlling the people.

  39. Absolutely the worst organization we belong too. There is nothing they do for Americans, always vote against us & Israel.

  40. couldnt have said it better John Donahue

  41. the united nations are nothing but a club of leftist globalist…that have not solved any major problems since the thing was established….its members live in and around new York in swanky apartments and houses, they all have diplomatic immunity…and their families get the best of everything and their kids all go to the best private schools. get the united nations the hell out of this country…put the thing in north korea…

  42. The UN is useless, either they change their ignorant way of conducting business, defund the UN , and leave America, no other options.

  43. Seán McGouran

    Yes, the US out of the UN – Irish soldiers have died in the service of the UN (& League of Nations before that).


  45. I am sooooo glad that our ambassador has the stones to call the UN out for what is and has always been; a heaven for liberals and misfits just like the League of Nations started by the master progressive, Woodrow Wilson. The only reason the U.N. exists is to further the progressive agenda and get $$$ from America. Cut our financial support to 1/193 of it’s entire budget. Then we will se how effective it is. I suspect it will collapse under it’s own weight.

  46. Nikki Haley has bigger balls that all the entire Ovomit organization—-collectively.
    Talk about someone not afraid to call out UNjustice—–go Nikki go!

  47. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Haley is so right and we SHOULD get out of the UN. They are NOT worth the money we GIVE them to be part of a group of people who are not like they used to be 40 years ago. Everything changes and so do they and for the worse. Let some of these other countries who are doing nothing because they are now ISIS controled and can’t get rid of them or stop them. You do NOT see the UN going in and getting rid of them do you?? HELL no for they have them in the UN. We need to get out and take care of our own country as WE should come FIRST.

  48. The US has foolishly been financing the UN’s efforts to bring the US and Israel down. The UN Paris Climate Accord was just another way for the US to finance its own demise. The US will NOT be the UN’s doormat as long as PRESIDENT Trump is in office and Nikki Haley is AMBASSADOR to the UN.

    It is FRIGHTENING to think that anti-America girlie-man obama could have been appointed as US ambassador to the UN to bring down the US and Israel had globalist hilLIARy won.

  49. vincent deredita

    Even the ASSHOLES at the UN is giving PRESIDENT TRUMP a hard time. leave, and move the UN out of the country.

    • Are, not ‘is’. You were born and raised in this country, stupid.

      • vincent deredita

        I wish you were standing in front of me so i could punch you in your face.

        • That would be your best option. Stupid men have no options but to fight, or walk away. You cannot expect to ever prevail on your wits alone.

          You worked for a railroad company…and you cannot spell ‘railroad’. It doesn’t get much more incompetent than that.

        • I’m guessing you’re Vince Jr., and you’re living in your deceased father’s house in Jersey because despite being a grown man, you’re a dependent loser. You’ve been moving around with him around for decades, waiting for him to croak.

          Your wish can easily be arranged, stupid. Can you be reached at 7322042274 or 2014373402?

          • vincent deredita

            I see your some piece of shit from Bayonne. My father never owned his own ASSHOLE!!!

        • I’ll bet you also wish Karen were back…so you could punch her in the face again.

  50. Time to kick the UN out of our country & out of our lives. Just like the League of Nations, the UN is an abysmal failure.

  51. As Trump said…we don’t won anymore.
    He doesn’t want to be president of the world , just the usa.
    Liberals suck…violent crew who just wants handouts and safe spaces…get a spine!!

  52. Nikki is absolutely correct . . . “a haven for dictators”, or as I’ve been affectionately calling the U.N. for decade . . . . it’s a Den of Thieves!

  53. Get the United States out of the UN, Get the united States’ money out of the UN, and Get the UN out of the United States…the sooner the better!

  54. The Un has become a cest pool of corrupt dictators
    Around the world who have taken over that gathering. Thanks to Obama who did nothing to stop them and sadly joined their ranks By trashing Israel ( our Alie) and our past policies and constitution which he never supported ( treasonous- hidden Muslim agenda). He also had their support to provide UN troops ( boots on our soil) to overthrow our country if need be. The US must gather our allies and develop our own democratically supported union. Nicki Haley is the best and gutsiest advocate the US has ever had at the UN and she is a great spokesperson of our values. A Great American.

    • No, not nor was this ever a “Democratic Party”. The word “Democratic” implies a fair, open, tolerant, diverse all-encompassing political entity.

      There is nothing “Democratic” about an angry, intolerant, one-size-fits-all political organization with a sordid background historically anchored, in malicious racism as starting the Civil War to maintain slavery; founded the KKK, hung Blacks indiscriminately, thus being the first domestic terrorists, passed Jim Crow laws, etc.

      They are the “DEMOCRAT PARTY” headed by vulgar, mean-spirited, hate-filled, venomous and borderline psychotic/sociopathic chairman and co-chairman.

      A Party -of Death…pro-lifers are not welcome; nor people of color unless they subscribe to their lock-step directives.

  55. A man named Murphy was an intel guy – Left with over 49 disc’s of 411 – They reveal the domestic spying of americans and the over 600 million docs generated —– UNDER Mueller and Comey…..

  56. I read a lot of comments and I agree with most people – The UN is and has become a tool of the NWO and should be de-funded and kicked out….

  57. The denegration of the U.S.& it’s people started in the early 60’s when the commies from Puerto Rico came to the U.S. with unfettered access unlike previous refugees. Count those who come from Russia & China & then there are the fachist’s who have been here since WW11 was ended. What every one should do is check the background of those in congress & the senate, including prior congress & senate along with state legislators with top agency leadership to see what they supported in terms of bills to allow these faction groups to come in not only unfettered but given entitlements that we’ve been paying for. Foreign corporations coming here via trade agreements allowed the violation of employee’s civil rights and closure of American manufacturer’s . Now we foreign developers that are gentrifying working class neighborhoods so they can bring in their folks while putting Americans in the streets after calling them all mentally ill, all of them. Both sides of the aisle let this happen but the DEMS who claim to be for the poor, the working class, women and minorities weren’t talking about those that are Americans and gave those who get to come here without proper vetting get what we worked for while we’re broke and broken. An insidious and odious plan to get rid of American workers while supporting those who have been coming here illegally (by dems, unions for corporations) and getting what we paid for and earned. The average dems do need to THINK and not be fooled anymore and so should the average republicans, that both sides have been pulling the wool over our eyes and giving us a blanket party. This is coming from a person who was raised as a democrat and in 1993, starting finding out that the dems unions and repubs didn’t give one piece of shit for any American. But who in Congress is going to listen to people who woke up from this well schemed nightmare? Trump doesn’t care about those in D.C. & made that clear through his campaign & in his inaugural address and they’re coming for his hide like the wolves, vultures, and hyenas that they are. He needs to set up his own agenda and not listen to either side for anything, It’s all a trap like they’ve been doing to the American people since the 1960’s.. Somehow Comey forgot this too.

  58. The UN will NEVER change its ways when it comes to human rights, or anything else for that matter. The only thing that the UN is interested in is GLOBAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE UN~~~PERIOD!!!! In other words, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT OF, BY, AND FOR THE UN!!!! What better reason is there for the United States of America to GET OUT OF THE UN, and to KICK THE UN THE HELL OUT OF THE USA??????????

  59. o.n.u!!! A PARASITE ORG.WHICH M U S T BE A B O L I S H !!!

    • The concept of ‘abolished’ is beyond your ability? Odd…I thought only dumb blacks struggled with simple verb tense.

  60. We should pull out of the UN altogether. They want to rule the world and not let any country dictate for themselves what is best for their people. The UN is behind globalization and we need to just get out.

  61. Nikki Haley is 100% correct . Over the past 50 yrs , the UN has degenerated from a body formed to promote World Peace to a body interested only in world control and domination . In their politically correct zeal for equality , they have allowed 3rd and last world nations to come into leadership roles when these same nations know nothing of leadership nor liberty and justice let alone , human rights . Get the US out of the UN and , the UN out of the US ! I venture to say , the UN will collapse within the year . As well it should , In the past 50 or so years , they have caused more wars and conflict than they have halted . From the Congo to Somalia , Bosnia to the Middle East .

    • The globalist UN wants to make all nations equal. Yes, equally poor . . . Especially when that means bringing down the US.

  62. UN has mutated to a Communist Dictator like money grabbing hate machine.Throw them out of NYC and let them move to a country of their ilk.No more tax payer money to them either

  63. I have been saying we should get out of the U.N. for years. After they let in Yasser Arafat it was all down hill with one Dictator after another being let in. Move it to Brussels and let the rest of the world support it. Guess how many years it will last without us. (Maybe 5??)

  64. vincent deredita

    I wish you were in front of me so i could punch you in your face.

  65. I thought the UN was supposed to support the members, however, it does not seem to be the case. In the wars we have been fighting in the mid-east, I have only seen England, France and Italy. There may be a few more, but not many. This is not being supportive, in my opinion.
    President Trump pointed-out that many member-nations have not been paying their dues either. Have they started paying yet? I have not heard such. Perhaps one of you more-informed can fill-in some of this dialogue.

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