NIH Grants $1 Million to Study Lesbian Alcoholics

In his last State of the Union address, President Obama announced that he was making Joe Biden’s “cancer moonshot” a national priority, putting the American research community on an accelerated path to a cure. Critics have said such a moonshot is outdated and misguided – that cancer is a collection of many different diseases and that any talk of a singular “cure” is an illusion. But even if you concede that point, a coherent national strategy could uncover new treatments and new information that could greatly improve our current understanding of the disease.

But then you see that we’re spending nearly $1 million to research the drinking habits of American lesbians, and you wonder how serious this administration really is about pursuing that moonshot in the first place.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, the National Institutes of Health has awarded $911,056 in grant money to Old Dominion University so they can carry out a three-year study on this important American crisis.

“Sexual minority women (i.e., women who self-identify as lesbian and bisexual) report more heavy drinking, more alcohol-related problems, and higher rates of alcohol use disorders as compared to heterosexual women,” says the grant. “Young sexual minority women are particularly vulnerable.”

Hmm. So women who choose to live a lesbian/bisexual lifestyle (and sorry, but that’s what “self-identify” means – that it’s a choice) also choose to drink more? And we now have to go in there and figure out why the first choice leads to the second?

The grant notes that this is the first time that researchers have studied such a thing.

“No studies have examined how relationship factors and partners’ alcohol use contribute to hazardous drinking among female sexual minority couples,” the researchers say.

In case you think the researchers might discover something interesting, though, you can put those hopes to bed. They aren’t exactly going into this study with open minds. From the Free Beacon:

The research will be grounded in ‘Minority Stress Theory,’ which blames discrimination and stigma for ‘negative mental health outcomes.’ The latest grant, awarded this year, is a follow up to previous work that found ‘minority stress is associated with alcohol use and related problems via negative affect among lesbians.’

In other words, they already “know” that lesbians are driven to drink because “society” treats them “badly.” The $1 million is just so they can slap some numbers on that hypothesis and call it a fact. All of these preconceived notions will keep them from arriving at a simpler conclusion: A person who makes bad decisions will probably keep making them.

See also: Obama, Barack.

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  1. No doubt this was funded by a group of lesbians that needed better pick up lines.

  2. Perhaps the Presidents budget should be reduced by 1 million dollars.

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            Presidents even pay for their food, dry cleaning, etc., etc. No, they do not pay for the White House staff, or State dinners.

          • Big difference! When the class act Ms. Bush traveled, it was on state business and she did so with aplomb and grace. When the moocher traveled, it was VACATION TIME, and her entourage embarrassed us Americans.

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          • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

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          • Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • I am sorry to be insulting, but there is absolutely no transparency in this executive branch, or in what the Royal Family spends. Hillary’s Clinton Foundation sold state department favors for donations from foreign sources which were channeled through a Canadian charity to the USA a to hide donors identity. Obama still covered up for her when he told us he would not interfere, just as lying Lynch did. Everything is done in secret, like make believe treaties, he says he balanced the budget, yet he double the entire debt in less than eight years. I might disagree with you, but you conduct yourself like a lady, and for that I respect you. The only three good things to come since 2009, Obama made it possible to more easily elect another African American, but an honest one. He did go after offshore accounts of corporations, and he and his race baiting wife will be only a bad memory in less than five months. Everything out of their mouths are nothing but lies. Respectfully, you must be a nice lady, wish I could change your mind.

          • Why do you need to tell this lie?
            Why do you embarrass America this way?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to lie?
            Why do you believe it is acceptable to repeat lies?

          • Face the facts…..get your head out of your anal receptacle. 1. They are not lies.
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            3. Your narrow minded tunnel vision shows your ineptness to accept
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            Consider Yourself Blocked

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            Suggest you learn how your government actually functions.
            Start with the Electoral College.

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            Did you whine when Laura Bush wondered all over the world?

      • In O’s first two years she spent 10 million tax payers dollars on trips where she took many members of her family. One a safari to Africa titles as a mission still under investigation. They have spent more money than any president in our history.

        I have a question where is their home? They never go home, they spend all vacations and all Holidays away.

        We got no Bang for our buck and in fact some bang in the form of buckshot would be nice for the buck.

        I will get it good for this one.

  3. spend a mil. to find out lesbos – have mental issues? I could have told you that for 25 bucks

  4. SERIOUSLY????????????????????

  5. Irene Elizabeth Grooms


  6. Money better spent to find out why they want to look like fat truck drivers?

    • The government has already funded a study last year on why lesbians are fatter than their homosexual male counterparts. I think if was up around the same amount of money. If these departments like HHS and NIH have that much money to throw around frivolously then they need their funding cut and it be spent on infrastructure.

  7. Just another way for our current government to drive all of us to be “equally poor & stupid”! Also known as Socialism.

    • Which do you think costs the taxpayer the most:

      Health care?

      Support and medical care for the totally disabled?

      • What entitlement do you collect? Your blind to everything else. Your a very nice lady, but you been listening to too many Obama speeches of which absolutely none have a word of truth in them. He not only screwed the nation, but left half the world in ruins. If your in support of Obama health care, your insurance must be free right or reduce?

        • Congress makes the laws.
          Congress spends the money
          You elect Congress.

          Maybe you should learn how your government actually works.

          I am a disabilty advocate. I assist people to obtain the health care and benefits they need to stay productive and alive.

          Oh, and by the way:
          “Your” is a possive pronoun.
          The contraciton for “your are” is you’re

          • Your right congress makes laws not the President to bad Obama forgot that one? Immigration laws created by Congress and not enforced and ignored by Homeland Security at the border. The National Health care Act was pushed through by one party quickly. We were promised that rates would decline, the ultra rich would help pay for it. Medium income middle class took huge premium increases. This too was a lie by your hero. The day Obama promised not to interfere with the Clinton email destruction case was as you know another of the endless lies by your heroes. Your a liberal crusader on other people’s money? No one denies helping the handicapped, maybe we just want honesty by a President? The people will decide, if illegals are not allowed to vote.

          • Apparently, you missed the part in the Constitution where the President is given the authority to grant reprieves and pardons for federal crimes. Article II, Section 2.

  8. THIS IS A WASTE of money and unnecessary!

    • This has got to have been one of my ideas! A couple of buddy’s and I use to go to a lesbian bar on cofax when I was younger and buy ‘em booze, so they would take us home but all I would get is an empty wallet and two drunk buddies I’d have to get back to base!

  9. And every one of them is a MEAN-ASS drunk.

  10. Another stupid POTUS move and Congress does exactly nothing including not funding our military. Flock ‘m all.

  11. This is but the tip of the iceberg, remember the shrimp jogging machine?
    That’s the problem, THEY look at a Mil and think nothing of it, yet when you put them ALL together……………………..

  12. it’s a payoff for something… and so hillary and machelle can find fresh meat and so bill can rape them

  13. What a bunch of bullshit!

  14. We must separate ourselves from the liberal dem bloodsuckers, it’s that or civil war.

    • Charles Blackwell

      Republicans didn’t waste money when they were in office, did they, dumb ass

      • Scumbag, sometime when you have nothing to do, why don’t you try defending the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites on merit.
        You worthless dem scum bags never try, it is always some one else did it.

      • Latest libTIRD Boondoggle, study why vagitarians are alcoholics. You slovenly tax and spenders can’t ever run out of ways to waste the worker’s money, can ya!! KUMBAYA!

    • Suggest you sit down and design other studies which will provide answers regarding the health effects of a high stress enviornment?

  15. The pathetic NIH needs to be shut down and the bureaucrats fired. This particular program is extremely offensive to us straight non confused hard working Patriotic American tax payer mjority. Let the lesbows and queers wallow in their own self pity. It’s called “Tough Love”. A great example of Survival of the Fittest.

  16. Another taxpayer rip-off like the $14,000,000 spent by the VA on art work for VA Clinics & Hospitals……while disabled vets must wait, and wait, and wait for URGENT HEALTH CARE……..

    • Yep. My primary provider ordered a c-spine MRI 3 weeks ago. Still haven’t heard from radiology on an appointment time. Got to love socialized, government run VA medicine.

      • One has to love a system that Congress does not fund sufficiently.

        • Obama spent 8 to 12 trillion in eight years more than we did between 1776 and 2009, how much money do we need? Honesty all we need now is a jail cell for half the executive branch heads and their boss.

      • J show me one government program run efficiently or within budget. There is only one thing they are good at and it is wasting the tax payers money.

        • “J show me one government program run efficiently or within budget”. Trick question 🙂 You know I can’t show you one.

    • One of my sons is a war veteran and is now in the air force reserves, he did not even bother to go to a VA hospital because he knew it was a waste of time. What a disgrace when these people who run it give themselves huge bonuses while the veterans have to wait weeks for an appointment.

    • How about you make them cancel the magazine subscriptions while you are at it.

      Can’t have anything enjoyable for those veterans to look at while they wait and/or lie in bed.

      Maybe we should remove those televisions from the hosputal rooms???

      Let’s make those ciinics and hospitals as drab as a prison cell.

  17. So lesbians report greater alcohol consumption than normal women, and gay men have far greater occurrences of incurable diseases than normal men, and in all these cases of greater illness among the sexually aberrant, we have an explanation from the Word of God: “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate (demented) mind, to do those things which are not convenient;” Romans 1:28

    • I agree with you. The Bible is always right. Lord drive out the enemy in this country and bring us to our knees. Amen

    • Which god might that be?
      There are 22 main relgiions.
      Hinduism, alone, has 320 gods. Then, again, like Christians and their three-in-one god, some forms of Hinduism claim it is one god with 320 forms.

  18. This is all part of the DC to academia/charity industrial complex where tax-payer money is granted or given to universities for frivolous studies in return for votes and contributions from academics. Same with charities. Politicians and bureaucrats give this money and in return they are awarded in speaker fees, employment, donations and indoctrination of students to vote for the candidate. It ensures a steady money flow into academia where large salaries are subsidized by these grants. Most of the work is done on the cheap by students.

  19. I do it for free-I’m getting ripped off-where’s my check?

  20. Cut that money from the NIH budget. This is as bad as funding a study to determine why lesbians are fat. Wow, is money, tax money wasted in this once grand Republic.

  21. Communism at it’s best, or worst, depends which side that you are on – enslavement or freedom; take hard earned tax money from the sheeple and businesses and give it to your sycophants so that they will keep the politburo in power while destroying capitalism and the middle class – this is exactly what is occurring in this dead Republc! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! Armr=================? you will be needing them!

  22. Well U got to get the straits tipsy before they’ll experiment with lesbianism after all, not all girls star in their own Disney series? What a lesbian professor has to do for a free drink!

  23. Establishment politicians know how to waste taxpayer money and be PC all at the same time.

    • And it’s our job as tax payers to tell them…, “oh no you don’t”! Spending our hard earned money on frivolous research, will not be tolerated.

  24. I am not an alcoholic, but I am a lesbian living in a man’s body. So what sort of federal subsidies does that make me eligible for?

  25. The president shouldn’t have a budget.

  26. Surely you jest. According to them they are perfect and have no problems, just ask ’em.

  27. Common sense says that money should have been spent on finding a cure for the “Homosexual Disease” itself… Apparently Obama doesn’t want to be “cured”!!!???

  28. The real issue is moral decay. I am providing that for free.

  29. Another example of wasteful government spending. This is why the Federal Reserve needs to be audited, and we need to see how the taxpayer dollars are being spent, then make some serious cuts.

  30. Why stop with alcoholic lesbians? Why not incorporate homosexuals and transgenders — all people who have made abnormal decisions abt how to live their lives. When you stray from the norm in a civilized society comprised of rules and laws (many unwritten), you are going to get flak from those following “Civilization’s” rules. This is a given.

    Obama doesn’t care abt these lesbian drunks. This is just another way to increase our National Debt. Believe it or not, he is sitting in the Oval Office trying to figure out how to spend as much of our American money as possible BEFORE he leaves office…the higher our National Debt, the “Happier” Obama will be!

    Don’t mistake this grant for obama being generous. He knows it is a useless study abt a group of troubled emotionally confused Black women that have lost trust in the Black men in their race, so they hook up with the females…safer, less beatings, less runaway Dads, less drug pushers, and less pregnancies. Hooking up with a Black female may be safer, but it is against Societies rules and that is driven home by the rest of society.

    So they are damned if they do or damned if they don’t. But allowing that amount of money for a grant to figure out their issues is nothing but horse pucky and obama is doing the shoveling!

    • Charles Blackwell

      You are dumber than the rest

      • And you are an illiterate that thinks he knows how to spit in the wind! Wake up Lib before your life turns to total crap…it’s already happening right in front of your nose still don’t see it! Shame on you!!!!!!

  31. Tyronne Shoelaces

    Obozo is a clown. His perverted agenda is a waste of money, but falls in line with him trying to destroy America with debt.

  32. The reason lesbians drink is because most are fat and/or ugly and no men want them. Hillary could have answered that for them.

  33. obama needs ‘facts’ to back up his absurd, ridiculous notions that deviancy is completely natural and healthy and EVERYONE should do it. At least as many Christians as he can fraudulently convince to abandon their morals, common sense, reason and faith so that he can erase it from this country and replace it with muslims, sharia law, grown men in the bathroom with little girls. Boys dressed like girls and girls dressed like boys and all of them miserably confused. A bunch of homosexuals legally able to groom the next generation to participate in their ‘lifestyle’. The fact that this is a completely contrary goal never seems to occur to the deluded ones. I read an article yesterday about a lesbian ‘couple’ who were upset because someone had a problem with them taking their son out in public in a tutu. A tutu!!!!! They insist he chooses to wear a purple tutu, and that they have ‘nothing’ to do with his choice. My a$$ they have nothing to do with it. It’s just more disgusting, outrageous propaganda. And never mind what their doing to that poor, innocent child who will probably grow up hopelessly confused, angry, resentful and picked on so they can get their fifteen minutes of shameful ‘fame’. And all the idiot liberals deliriously angry on the poor child abusing lesbians behalf is almost beyond belief. What about that little boy? What about what their doing to him? Why are we, the vast majority of sane, normal rational Americans allowing this person to do this to us? Allowing these people to pervert our society?

  34. Does anyone wonder why we have to borrow over a trillion dollars a year over tax income? It seems like the government and mostly the democrats must stay awake at night trying to figure out how to blow money.

  35. I would study lesbian alcoholics for $500,000. NIH got ripped off!

  36. I’m very, very angry at this outrage! I think much, much more should have been spent on studying lesbian alcoholics. I really can’t think of anything better the money could have been spent on. After all the world is so perfect nowadays that the only problem in the world is finding out why lesbians are more prone to alcoholism. It warms the cockles of my heart to know that we live in such an advanced “progressive” society where are tax dollars are spent on such universe shattering topics.

    • Egor von Johnson

      Eat pussy, live longer!, according to, Masters and Johnson`s studies, “Sex and older married men” Doubleday Pub `75


    • The altered state acquired by Lesbo`s with a few drinks encourages them to lick pussy for very long periods of time. Especially when a few drops of honey is is squirited on one`s clit periodically throughout the night. Multiple organism`s will occur. 28 is the record over an 8 hour period. Sounds entrancing ladies, doesn`t it. Try it, you`ll like it, followed by luscious slumber for 6 hours, guarnteed.

  37. This is ridiculous. Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon — the government has, for years, given grants to study the weirdest, least important things you could imagine.

  38. Egor von Johnson

    Loaded Lesbo`s will lick pussy all night long according to Dr. Masters study, Sex and Single Unattractive Women. Harper USA Copywrite 1969

  39. This is what they do with our tax money!

    • Damn us! Spending money on the health of our citizens and our society . A million that could be spent on curing insensitive ignorance, the leading cause of the country’s problems .

      • “:A million that could be spent on curing insensitive ignorance, the leading cause of the country’s problems”…..America spends the most tax dollars on education, yet is 14th in the indust. world in testing! Kalaphornia, a BLUE state, 49th in the nation! STUPID US!!

  40. Exactly the opposite of how the scientific method works. Classic.

  41. This is nuts.!!!

  42. Of course they drink more. They’re a bunch of deranged, self-loathing sickos.

    • I know there’s a cure for lack of sensitive understanding. You already have it … its found by looking within .

      • I know you attempt to mean well, Belly, but a cliche doesn’t quite solve the problem. “Looking within”. The phrase is meaningless unless accompanied by an operational definition written in behavioral terms. Example; looking within, by observing the color of your tongue when you extend it. Note any discomfort in extending it and describe this in physiological terminology. Note any plaque on the surface of the tongue by gently scraping the surface with a dull, flat faced instrument. Note any discoloration by writing a description of color, location, sensitivity, and prominence in morphological terms. In your vocabulary, where is “within” to be looked into? Explain in behavioral terms, please.

  43. Perhaps people should look at the actual point of the research: Stress and alcohol use.

  44. If NIH has so much money to waste, then cut their taxpayer funding by 2 million to help pay back the 20 trillion debt.

  45. That makes as much sense as the “study” a while back about why lesbians are fat. . . .

  46. Your tax dollars at work! No one ever said you could pick what your hard earned money was to be spent on. Now trust your friendly socialist-liberal. They want everyone to feel wanted.

  47. so, you have someone who knows that they are a perv, feel guilty about it, and drink more.
    They have a mental health problem caused by themselves

  48. Gender identity is inborn developing during the last two months of gestation while the apparent sex develops during the first two. A lot can happen in between. It is unfortunate for the person if the two do not agree. That is not voluntary any more than you specifically decided to do boy or girl things when you were 2-3 years old. Sexual attraction is even separate from gender identity. None of us decided at age 9 that we were going to be attracted to men or to women years later.

    Those who had the good fortune of being born with everything matching have no business at all attacking those who did not and who are doing the best that they can. Especially those who have been defrauded by one or another religion have no business attacking others for not falling for the same scam.

    Alcoholism and other addictions are brain diseases which can be treated with difficulty. Any government or any organization that assists or researches physical disease must equally consider neurological ones. You cannot predict what medical issue you might encounter next year or the year after. I hope that it is not one that the ignorant and small-minded said does not matter. They all matter.

  49. WOW! The BIG BUCK STUDY group, lesbian women’s meeting 8pm. Back room Abortion Clinic on Sick & Tired St. , Choiceland, Farwell, Hawaii for more information contact BIG GOV!

  50. Drunken lesbian lives matter!

  51. Right on, Austin!!!!!!

  52. Are Trump steaks really made at Churchill Downs?

  53. The problem with this story is that you feel that Lesbians are second class people. They are people, just as valuable as you or myself. Your bigotry shows in the fact that this story was even written. You are, like others, filled with hate towards those not just like yourself. You are what I call “CINO’s”, Christians in name only, who ignore the Second Commandment, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”. There are no qualifiers on that commandment. It does not say “only love perfect people”, which I presume you think you are. It does not say “only love Christian people, which you think you are. It does not say “only love people who YOU deem worthy of your love”. No, it says “thou shalt love thy neighbor”, meaning ALL your neighbors, all the people on this earth, no mater their race, their ethnicity, their sexual orientation, their intelligence or whether they are “good looking” or they are Republican, Democrat or independent. Your story shows that you have no love for these people, who love differently than you. They do you no harm, and they do not wish to. They just want to live their lives as you do, without hate directed at them, with the same blessings and opportunities that you have. Give it a rest. This study was not done instead of studying cancer victims. It was not done with the thought of “let’s take money away from cancer studies and give it to those awful Lesbians”. No, it was done to study the health of a group that is neglected by many researchers. Your views and this story is petty and childish and motivated by bigotry. Shame on you. YOU are the un-American. The American way is to accept ALL people, no matter their faith, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race or gender, and the Christian way, the TRUE Christian way is to love ALL people, period, just as Christ calls me to love you. That is why this is so hurtful to me and to Christians who try so hard to do what Christ called for us to do. It hurts to have to write a response to you, who wrote this article, because you believe you are part of a chosen few. God loves every single one of us, equally. Christ taught us that. We should do the same.

    • I have offered these similar thoughts in previous conversations. If you had referenced the 2nd Amendment your audience would come to attention as if you were speaking to the similarly ill about heroine or gambling. Gun addiction and its related fears are popular here but the 2nd Commandment, not so much. “Judge not” is also not a consideration among this sect which is attracted to sameness rather than uniqueness in life; explaining factory jobs, McDonald’s and Walmart, thank you Henry Ford. Also you must consider that many have succumb to a new ‘reverse Christianity’ spun by a certain fascist faction(state religion) of our citizenry to divide and control their base. Understand that what was once right, moral, just and compassionate is considered ‘liberal evil’ by these good people, which began 40 yrs. ago with Falwell and Reed and the stick in the orchestrated bee hive of a woman’s right to choose. I agree with you, realize that you preach to a choir that only sings in unison; 4, 6, 8 part arrangements ? Forget it. The enhanced beauty of differing parts is unnoticed, unappreciated, and an unrelated simili of all lives woven together creating a beautiful harmony. Peace.

      • It is unfortunate that the term “Christianity” has been hijacked by the right wing radical part of the Republican Party who, in reality, seem to worship material success and power. Trump is their perfect candidate. And yet, they do not believe in how Islam’s name could be hijacked by a very few radicals that call themselves Muslims. The two groups are very similar in the ways the condemn real believers who help the people who are those who Christ called “the least of these”. No, to each of these groups, power is everything.

  54. That’s because they’ve never had the real thing!

  55. Whaaaaattttt!! Maybe we should spend a million dollars on something important like feeding the hungry. What has this country decended to???, Maybe HELL!!!!! I think the lesbian alcoholics can go to a therapist on their own dime for Godsake.

  56. It’s only a million $1,000,000.00………Damn

  57. To ‘admin:” I especially agree with your last sentence. Add to that “and bad decisions will lead to bad consequences!”

  58. There is no reason to waste American tax dollars studying Lesbians who are alcoholics. Get these stupid people out of office and out of control in government agencies. The only reason to study this is to fabricate more lies to aid the homosexual movement which should be stopped because it has no foundation or basis in our laws and sexual preference is not a minority it is an action and we have the right to control our actions. Their preference IS NOT the same as being black or being white it is something they have a choice in.

    • One million can buy a few truck loads of booze even if it is the lesbo drink of choice, white wine. Even Hildy can’t hold that much.

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  60. You can try to put lipstick on this pig if you want to. It will still be an ugly bald faced lie from Satan!!!!
    It certainly does not take a million dollars to figure out why gays and lesbians or whatever, are alcoholics.
    They are going against the will of almighty God and trying to make it acceptable. Guess what? It never
    will be!! It will always be an abomination in God’s eyes. It proves that they are not the”gay” people they
    claim to be. REPENT and turn away from evil while there is still time!!!!

  61. None of these posts have anything to do with the original topic of spending almost a million dollars of taxpayer’s
    money on this ridiculous topic of why lesbians drink more alcohol that heterosexual women.


    Once you get a gov.. grant, it takes an act of Congress to get it cancelled; Oh, I miswrote. Congress does not cancel anything any spending.

  63. Really, do we need to know this shit. How stupid can he get.

  64. Hell we just sent 400. million over sea, what’s another million.

  65. Here is your Zika research money – not stop your bitching. All of these so called taxpayer research studies should be put out for voters to weigh in on if worthy of funding or not – sort of like the “regulation” comment section. How about that you pieces of human waste!

  66. Most red blooded American males could solve these lesbo’s problems with some TLC and a good stiff one, with protection, of coarse. Wouldn’t cost the hard working Patriotic American tax payers anything.

  67. Another WASTEFUL spending ..

  68. Suppose when they realize they are pretending ya know, one is the he one the she they turn to alcohol to tolerate themselves.

  69. Put me down for $250,000 of that. My plan is to interview gals in the queer bars in Indianapolis, Indiana. I hope that expenses are part of the package.

  70. What an absolute waste of Money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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