NFL Star Charged With DUI Manslaughter

Las Vegas Raiders star Henry Ruggs will be charged with DUI for causing a fatal fiery car crash.

The up-and-coming wide receiver saw his career literally go up in flames as he is now facing DUI charges for a fiery car crash that left a woman dead and another woman injured.

Henry Ruggs III allegedly drove his Corvette into the back of a Toyota Rav4 at approximately 3:39 a.m. in Las Vegas Valley. The front of Ruggs’ Corvette was crushed. Video from the scene shows the Rav4 engulfed in flames. An eyewitness told TMZ two men stopped at the scene and tried to put out the fire with an extinguisher but were unable to do so.

Police found a deceased 23-year-old woman in the Toyota and plan to charge Ruggs with DUI resulting in death. LVMPD confirmed he “remained on the scene and showed signs of impairment.”

Kiara Je’nai Kilgo-Washington, a passenger in Ruggs’ car, was also injured. The 22-year-olds were transported to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

“The Raiders are aware of an accident involving Henry Ruggs III that occurred this morning in Las Vegas,” the team wrote in a statement. “We are devastated by the loss of life, and our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim’s family. We are in the process of gathering information and will have no further comment at this time.”

Records show Ruggs was booked into Clark County Detention Center at 2:11 p.m. with a bail set at $5,000.

A charge of DUI causing death carries a possible sentence of two to 20 years in state prison, with parole not an option in Nevada. He also faces charges of reckless driving.

Ruggs’ attorneys, David Chesnoff and Richard Schonfeld said that they were also investigating the car accident and requested everyone “reserve judgment until all the facts are gathered.”

“Our hearts go out to the family and friends of the victim of this horrific tragedy,” the NFL said in a statement. “We will continue to gather facts and monitor the matter under our policies, but our thoughts at this time are with those impacted by this devastating incident.”

Ruggs was a superstar at the University of Alabama and a member of the 2017 national championship team. With the Raiders this season, he has 24 catches for 469 yards and two touchdowns.

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  1. You left out the most important part of the story. Ruggs was going 156 miles per hour when he rear ended that poor girl and her dog. He doesn’t deserve you talking about the fact that he was a “superstar”. He deserves what he gets!

  2. that’s what you et when you deliberately break the law. did he think he was above it? sorry for the deaths and injuries but his days are over. 20 years, and no parole. tough.

  3. This report is not complete. Riggs was going 156 mph at the time of the crash on a residential street. He killed a woman and her dog by incineration. They likely burned to death. He was more than two times the legal alcohol limit, at .16. He was let go by the Raiders at once without any investigation needed. And for his attorneys to say “wait until all the facts are in” to judge his conduct is generally true. However, this is not that case. His speed while DUI makes this virtually malice aforethought not just recklewss. That is second degree murder not manslaughter. It not only is a felony its felony stupid. It is inexcusable in any ones world. He should be in jail for a long time to think about his risking the lives of his passenger and any one on the road at that time. He could not possibly stop if any emergency occurred. This was not one as he hit a car already on the road ahead of him going in the same direction.

  4. The ongoing mode of adulation and rediculous amounts of money for too young people, sets the stage for tragedy after tragedy.? These spoilt children are used to everyone treating them like gods because they can play a game. Its gone on since Roman and Greek times, but one would think that lessons learned would impress the fact that physical prowess does not make someone above all laws and decency.
    Stop making gods out of children who play a game. Then perhaps these kind of mindless tragedies will end.

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