NFL Blocks Team From Honoring Fallen Cops

The Dallas Cowboys have been sporting decals reading “Arm in Arm” since the start of training camp, but the NFL has denied their request to wear the decals during the season itself. The decals, meant to honor the five police officers who were shot and killed last month in Dallas, violate the organization’s rules regarding team uniforms.

The Dallas Police Department released a statement saying they understood the NFL’s position.

“Their concern for the families of our fallen officers, the Dallas Police Department, and the City of Dallas is what matters most, and we know that support will continue for the immediate and long term future,” the department said.

The Dallas Fallen Officer Foundation, however, did not take the news quite as well. In an interview with TMZ, foundation president Demetrick Pennie said, “The NFL had an opportunity to be leaders and advocates for change in law enforcement…it hurts to not have the NFL fully support us.”

Well, honestly, it should hurt everyone who respects what the team was trying to do. In the grand scheme of things, it probably doesn’t matter one way or the other. But then again, what would it matter to let them wear the decals? Are the NFL’s arbitrary uniform rules really so sacred that they can’t be bent even for a cause such as this? It’s hard to understand what the problem is.

Let’s not forget that this is the same organization that paid Beyonce to perform a song honoring the destructive, anti-cop Black Lives Matter movement at the Super Bowl. They owe the law enforcement community a debt to cleanse away that stain of disgrace, and allowing these decals would be a nice step in the right direction.

If this becomes a controversy with any stamina, you’ll undoubtedly hear liberals say that the Cowboys are trying to make a political statement of some kind. That’s nonsense. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the “message” shouldn’t even have a voice at the table. Even the president said that we should not take sides. Granted, he says that kind of thing after having already made it clear which side he’s on, but that’s beside the point.

What happened in Dallas was a horror worth remembering. Already, it’s astonishing to see how “in the past” it has become as a national issue. It makes you wonder what it is this country really values.

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  1. N.F.L.= National Felon’s League ….Where else can you kill dogs, beat your spouse, abuse your girlfriends and get paid huge salaries?

    • My hat is off to the players and coaches who wanted to do this. As for the NFL in general, it lost it’s integrity and moral character years ago. That is why I stopped watching pro football and refuse to in any way support the NFL. Just because someone can play a game well does not make him a “hero” worth more than an honest working man will make in 20 years. As far as I’m concerned the league can go broke. Disband the teams let the players go get real jobs. Nearly all of them do have four year college degrees they earned as student athletes right.

      • Good point.

      • Excellent post -no truer words were ever spoken.

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      • We stopped following NFL yrs ago. The owners pay many millions for the team, and they pay millions to the players, to play a game. Then thy have the gall, to ask the public to build a stadium, for them to play in. NO MORE ! There is a real good chance it`s even rigged, with last yrs. Super Bowl as evidence.

      • What you said is exactly right the NFL already knows who the team is that will win this & even next years SuperBowl (StupidBowl) ! The NFL is so crooked a cork screw would look like a straight pin compared to the NFL. Every single one of those people running the NFL are nothing but “LEFT WING”, Hillary loving, Democrat, CROOKS and TRAITORS ! They’re just like Disney, General Motors, Target and other’s they forgot where they got their start and who they got their money from ! Disney taking tax paying American Bail out money and instead of re-investing it into this Country and creating jobs they build 11 factories in COMMUNIST CHINA ! Disney is firing it’s America workers and replacing them with illegal Asian (probably Chinese) and the one’s who are fired had better stay on long enough to train those replacement workers or lose their severance pay. Target and their bathroom policy I don’t hear much advertising from them any more and that’s good because maybe the Boycott has brought them down !

      • One right step would be to remove the NFL’s “non-profit” designation. They make too much money to be considered non-profit.

        • hmmathis, you hit the nail on the head. How can they who PROFIT humongously be considered a non-profit? It boggles the mind.

        • James Moe Morency

          Actually, they did that last season. What they need to do is stop funding the stadiums, a massive drain on the taxpayer. They won’t because the government and the NFL, media, banks and most multinational corporations are working together, and it is not for our benefit.

      • Actually the vast majority do not even come close to finishing the work necessary for their bachelor’s degree. But they could work as bouncers in their neighborhood saloon.

      • It’s a long way from the days of Art Donavan when the NFL presented itself as a sport rather than another show biz. A day when, after signing a new contract, Joe Diaggio was told he now made more than Ted Williams, he responded that if that was true Mr. Williams was severely underpaid.

      • Bear in mind that if you are a property owner in an NFL city, you are more than likely subsidising your local teams stadium through your real estate taxes. Don’t that make ya feel good?

    • You said it all…They are shameful!!! They are not needed anymore.

    • The NFL also got huge tax breaks for decades……never thanked the taxpayers…..

    • Exactly…..pretty sad story here!

    • I hope the Cowboys organization will spend a minute or two each game or have members of the local police to bear the colors or sing the National Anthem or something else before each home game this season.

    • very well said!!

  2. Michael Dennewitz

    Well, the cowardboys used to be my favorite team…. USED TO BE!

  3. I gave up on the NFL several years ago. Wife/Girlfriend abusers, cheaters, animal abusers and cry babies is all they are. I strictly watch college ball now. Kids smoking pot and an occasional D & D, I can live with that.

  4. George E. LeFebvre

    Simple solution. Cops refuse to cover their games for safety and traffic control. See how their crowds suddenly get smaller. Never had much use for all the big deals they make out of these games. Patrons pay a small fortune to watch, while the players walk away with millions in their pockets.

    • It’s called entertainment, check how much your wonderful actors, producers and all connected make. Check their histories with drugs, alcohol and suicides. Now go to the movies and complain about football. And how about basketball, baseball, and hockey. Your jealous cause you can’t make that kind of money. If you were 20 came from nothing worked hard to get your body beat up week after week, found yourself with lots of money you might go a bit nuts too, then you have an injury that ends your career, still In your prime of life, live with that. Then talk about how much money they make.

    • Gosh darn you anyway, George! I was just about to say the same thing. But, hey, you probably said it better than I could, anyway. Have a GREAT day!

    • GREAT POINT George E. Lefebvre. The cops should make them higher private security. I personally will NEVER attend a pro football game. I’m not into paying hundreds of dollars for tickets and having to buy $10 hot dogs. Now they do something like this. They can’t even support the POLICE who protect not only the crowds but the PLAYERS ALSO. PATHETIC !!!

  5. The NFL is one of the worst liberal organizations going, if they can’t make any money off of it they say no. But, if you are a drug using, drug selling, woman/wife beating punk who can run fast and jump high then they will support you to the end of time because they make money off of you.

  6. I have gone to my last football game. I will not support the scum who run the NFL.

  7. I’ve never cared for the nfl and have boycotted them since they came out against my rights

  8. NFL is the mouthpiece for the new wave of criminal activity. I hope to see their ratings freefall.

    • FED/GOV would probably Bail Them Out AGAIN….& they could hire the Clinton’s and their Clinton Crime Cabal Foundation when she is rejected in Nov.?

      • I love the game of football, but I hate the PC corporate elite influence that has been built up all around us over the years.

  9. If there was a dollar to be made the NFL would be falling all over themselves to put those stickers on any spot that they would stick too!

    It also maybe that they thought they might offend some of their upstanding players by honoring the police.

  10. The NFL and many of their members have proven themselves unworthy of our respect. This just confirms my recent decision to stop watching the games as they are no longer of interest to me. Have they gone muslim/ communist also along with everything else that is wrong with them?

  11. That is because their owner, Mark Cuban, came out for Clinton. He reminds me of spoilt child who wants his, and others, to bow down to his opinions. And why? Probably he is mad at Trump early on suggesting, or was reported as saying, he was considering Cuban as a VP!

    The NFL is not above being influenced. It is made up of people, and people have connections to one another.

    I think it is Sour Grapes!

  12. I say bye to watching NFL games in my house….

  13. Folks need to stop attending these games until the NFL grows up. I realize it will temporarily hurt the teams that do support our officers, but I guarantee the NFL will wake up before major damage is done. They like their $$.

  14. Michael Dennewitz

    W O W ! The mooseslimes even bought off the NFL !! ???

  15. There was a time when the footbal league would honor those who have fallen. This is not a white thing it’s a American thing. I think that Dallas did the right thing but those who abuse the law thought it was. So the football league didn’t want to lose thier black supporters. Well what if those who support law and order were offended?

  16. I wonder how many “blue Sundays” there will be in Dallas this season?

    • I wonder how many of the First Responders that are supposed to be at those games will be coming down with the “Blue Flu” and not showing up?

  17. Fans need to stop the support of any organization that charges more for descent seats than the average American makes in a week. In other countries great scientist who improve our lives are honored but don’t make in a year what a NFL player makes the fist quarter of play. Then to not be able to honor those who often put their lives in harms way for us is a reflection on the values of the NFL leadership. What a bunch of idiots their leadership is.

    • Well said. The NFL and many other sports programs are way out of proportion and corrupt just like the DC crowd. Most people should boycott
      The box office prices- way to high for the average American to attend. Sporting events use to be affordable to the middle and lower classes -not anymore. The yearly salaries are way over the top-fueled and supported by greed. It’s not about intertaining the Average American anymore it’s about making outlandish salaries ( millions) and entertaining the rich.

  18. The NFL is classified as a charitable organization that does not pay taxes. it has been that way since that way since late 1960’s. They can support BLM, a divisive, cop-hating organization whose purpose is to demonize police and make them uncomfortable doing their jobs while BLM creates disorder in our society. They also want to silence those in their organization who want to honor the very men and women who bring order to our society. It is clear the NFL management is an organization dedicated to destroying our society through their own personal ignorance of the consequences of their actions. n if we support only those who wish to create disorder within our society, our society will have nothing but disorder.

    • Your outrage should be that innocent human beings, fellow citizens are being murdered in our streets(or trapped inside cars) . Vigilantly justice is not ok from any side, these officers were not slain by BLM but an individual, they paid the price for the actions of rogue cops; slain by a judicial system that allows those who supposedly protect to attack; slain by the same actions as those taken by the rogues and the courts no matter how misplaced. All 3 are morally wrong. By supporting public police executions of citizens we open the door widely to a full police state. When do we all grow up, when does bigotry end?

  19. marine by choice

    I believe every American that supports our Law Enforcement Officers should show the NFL just how stupid their decision was, quit watching the NFL on TV, quit buying tickets to go to watch the game in person. Let the NFL take in the bank account.

    As to the comment that the pros have a college degree, it is in most cases in liberal arts, which means they couldn’t get a Job!

    So, pro athletes in football, basketball and baseball shouldn’t get these multi-million dollar contracts.

  20. they can stand up a join arms with BLM but they can’t respect police, Bad NFL

  21. We’re talking about sporting events here, not about making political statements.

  22. Michael Dennewitz

    Yeah, the NFL can support BootLipsMatter, but not the cops. Every team should go against the owner/s!! ?

  23. “. . . what it is this country really values?” are the parting words in this article. The answer, unfortunately, is “It depends on which side of the country’s political divide you sit.”

    If you are among or support the establishment elites of either political party, it sure ain’t the protection the police afford us peons. If you are among the rank and file Constitution loving Americans, you are most certainly interested in the protections the police operate — and the Constitution under which most officers do operate. (Yeah, there are renegade cops, but they are the exception.

    The ownership of the Cowboys obviously agrees with the latter group, but the NFL leadership surely doesn’t.

    This contentious issue defines the national divide — the difference between freedom loving Americans and the globalist elites who support anything and everything that tends to harm our once great country.

    When you vote in November, vote as if your life depends on that vote.

    Because it does!

  24. the NFL is just organized crime with pads and helmets….screw them, honor the cops anyway….figure out a way around their stupidity and crap and say what you want… are after all , in THE Republic.

  25. NFL no longer offers inspiration to those who matter…our kids…

    • They do offer inspiration to the kids, the WRONG kind of inspiration… dope, drink, abuse animals and people and act like general hoodlums that can get out of most anything because they have all the money needed to pay off the system

  26. This has convinced me to give up the NFL. College and high school football deserve our support. Not this self appointed money making machine. Boycotting NFL the new way to signal patriotism to the laws of the USA.

  27. Then that should mean no pink uniforms. You block one group, you block all groups. If the NFL won’t do it, then the players should refuse to wear the pink uniforms to send a message to the NFL.

  28. The NFL is wrong, no mater their PC reasoning. The public can show its disdain by not attending any future games until the NFL gets the message. “Money talks and BS walks”, or so the saying goes! We can protest all we want but nothing will change until the NFL sees decreased revenues. Two or three games with marginal attendance and subsequent revenues should convey the public’s opinion clearly.

  29. What is the difference between wearing the decals to support fallen officers and wearing PINK to support cancer research???

    The NFL is NOT consistent!!!

    • They obviously believe the police are in the WRONG here. Many blacks on the teams who’ve been hit in the head too many times, and have no education/intelligence.

      • Those in football do and are required to have education and intelligence. We all need to be careful that our emotions don’t speak louder than wisdom. We all need the police alive and well!

  30. I wouldn’t attend another NFL game if they provided free tickets. PERIOD

  31. The players had better stop the people at the NFL headquarters—their decisions will destroy their livelihood !!!!

  32. Christian_Patriot7

    Let’s all call or email the NFL and express our displeasure and disgust for their un-American mandate. The email is: [email protected] and phone is 212-450-2000.

  33. It’s OK for the NFL to promote the hell out of a GAY player who DID NOT belong in the NFL in the first place but GOD FORBID we honor 5 MERDERED police officers. They only protect us EVERY single FREAKING day but they are not PERVERTED so it’s controversial to honor them. What a SICK F-ING society the LIBS have made for us ALL to live in.

    • I hold no animosity toward copsbut killing innocents in our streets is not ok, how could anyone think it is? No one with a heart or moral fortitude. Until this problem STOPS none deserve praise. I hate football, baseball 365, the MLB doesn’t bother to stand for LGBT or any, they love the military money coming in for fascist displays at their ballparks. Praise for the moral backbone of the NFL, and the NCAA for standing against my Governor, fascist Mike Pence.

      • Haven’t heard of any police killing innocents? Most of that is happening in places like Detroit, Chicago,Baltimore, etc. where blacks are killing blacks – innocents are killed.

      • Obviously, your ignorance is showing. You only know what the lib biased media and politicians are telling you.

        • No I just heard Cunningham on this topic offering the talking points…I’ll consider it, weigh it, research it as I always do, seriously . Do you honestly stay that flexible ? Even if I disagree I’ll understand what others in our society are thinking and why. I am not a parrot, When you talk with me, its me. Ex. Milwaukee , If this dead man got out of his car, weapon out then there’s no reason for riots, its a case of suicide by cop. Baltimore was a citizen murdered by cops, period. Respect for the other guy overrides all else.

          • I will not make an “informed” decision, unless I have all the information. In these shootings, they’ve all been reviewed/or will be because “it was a black person”, a ruling will be made by some court, who will have all the information, and THAT I’ll trust. As far as police, I support the very hard JOB they are doing; BUT we are all human, flawed, mistakes are made, and there are corrupt police, priests, teachers, lawyers, investors, etc.

            However, when it comes to leaders/decision makers = emotions, the “we have to do something”, and that usually means more gov’t; when they should stay out of it, and what U.S. citizens do best: we the people help each other, real charity. What our Gov’t does is redistribution of wealth by law, created by representatives elected by citizens.

            One thing my father taught me: when I die, people will remember what I’ve done (good or bad), and won’t care about “my excuses”, who I blamed, etc. My offspring and name, will also be saddled with those things. In reality, it’s all we have. What is your reputation worth?

  34. Football players aren’t the real heroes, police and military are, and some “Americans” are attacking the very people who protect them from thugs. Like the criminal idiot with the long list of crimes and the gun who was shot by police. So they must want anarchy as the substitute for democratic rule. Eight long years of Obama’s disgraceful autocracy has sparked this anti-police anarchy, and for that, I say thanks, obozo, for all you’ve done to destroy our country, and you’re the WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY.

    • So who sparked cops killing innocent citizens ?

      • The cases in the news, Ferguson, Baltimore and now Milwaukee, all were proven to be lawful. The police were only doing their job, trying to protect the decent citizens from the thugs you want to take up for. The criminals you are so concerned about are the ones shooting little kids and robbing your neighbors every day and night. Wake up and smell the coffee, unless you really want anarchy over democracy. There are many more bad blacks than bad cops, percentage-wise. But I know I’m wasting my time, telling you facts rather than lies. You can’t handle the truth.
        BLM = Burn, Loot, Murder

  35. I say,do away with the NFL.Fuck football.!

  36. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves for stopping the team from honoring the fallen cops. This is most disrespectful and doesn’t show much class for the NFL. What are they part of the followers of Satan?
    Thanks team for showing up the NFL by choosing to do the honorable.

  37. So the PCNFL can look ridiculous in pink for a month and raise millions for the Pharmaceutical drug cartels [who won’t cure anything due to it cuts into profits]. But we can’t honor 5 fallen hero’s with a helmet decal.

    We’ve got Barrack Goodell and his PC agenda making the NFL into an elitists sport. Can’t wait until both Barracks are gone.

  38. What is the NFL and who cares?

  39. The NFL already let this cat out of the bag. When 9/11 went down, teams wore black to honor those that died. This is no different.

  40. The NFL used to be something to look up to. Not any more. Politically Correct scumb bags run it now.
    There is more honor in the tip of one finger of a Peace Officer than the entire NFL put together.

  41. It was the NFL who allowed it’s players to enter the field with the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” b.s. before a game as well.

  42. this was totally wrong…FALLEN COPS AS WELL AS FALLEN SOLDIERS OR

  43. So they can’t wear pink to honor cancer awareness either than. Just saying if you can’t do one how can you do the other. FK the NFL don’t watch them and make it known and maybe they’ll start losing sponcers.

  44. Treasonous Affair …

  45. They were probably under pressure to SUPPORT the majority of their players: blacks. What a shame.

  46. When the Dallas Cowboys decided not to honor the blue lives after supporting black lives, they lost the support of this household. One household doesn’t make much difference to them. But I would venture to say there are many more like us. As for the rest of the NFL teams, I have grown weary of their shenanigans and their constant display of corruption without being made to suffer for their bad choices. The NFL has gone after some ( the decent -law abiding players, ) while they support the wife beaters, criminals, and negative players.

  47. It’s hard to break habits, but I’ll watch no NFL games this season! Suggest U do the same and send a letter to the NFL stating that!

  48. disqus_e1rjNMkUay

    Wear the Decals anyway. The score will be 100% to 0 Beat Wishes.

  49. What the hell does NFL sand for: Not for law and order or liberty? They could care LESS about Law and Order or apparently due process as Tom Brady’s was denied to him and he has never been proved Guilty of ANYTHING but winning more than others in the same position. He is more talented. More durable and WORKS at it in the off season and is known for his work ethic since he was a 6th round draft pick and ALWAYS thought and PLAYS like he has something to prove: NOT Any more , and the NFL should be censured and fans all over the country should be voicing their disapproval of the slight to the memory of those -police officers who fell in the line of duty and Honorably, AS SOMETHING OF WHICH THE GOVERNMENT THE LEFTIST FEDERAL COURTs AND THE NFL ARE UTTERLY IGNORANT!

  50. Someone needs to take them down a notch or two , maybe raise taxes on tickets 50%

  51. Don’t know about anyone else but for me personally I am done supporting the nfl and the nba. I am done supporting killers and rapists and felons and drug addicts. What I will do is watch for a bit and find out what companies are advertising and boycott their products.

  52. The half time show in the Superbowl…was a fuck u…and you deny this patch….and you’re a non profit and pay no taxes….WTF……another reason to just watch College Football…

  53. Liberals come in all colors including Football owners. This comes down to being unaware of your surroundings or activities. Some people are just clueless as to what is really going on around them. Interesting, many of those people are liberals. Need I say more…

  54. Baa, baa, baa, we want Obaa-baa-ma bleat the sheeple as they are being sheared! I had correctly said that like the State-run, fifth column propagandists the NFL and ESPN have become an arm of this Muslim-Marxist jihadist and his band of homo and lezbo commie minions! How any freedom loving, unbiased person with half a brain and an ounce of common sense can patronize – throw in “Hollow-wood” too – these compromised fascist enterprises is beyond me! The sheeple must have their smack and are unwilling to sacrifice and neither have the discipline to do the right thing and these Godless, Satan worshipping power mad ghouls keep feeding them their crack! I have stopped patronizing these government run industries long ago and don’t miss them a bit! The lazy asses ought to go and find a hobby or sport and get some exercise and spend the money on themselves rather than paying exorbitant prices to watch a bunch of over-paid thugs run around and hit each other! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION – guaranteed! America, ” land of the free and home of the brave” my ass, it has become ” land of the ENSLAVED and home of the ‘FRAID” along with being “TRANSFORMED & TRANSGENDERED” ! Turn out the lights, the party is over – WAKE UP!

  55. Can’t wear the decal honoring fallen heroes but players can run out on the field with “hands up don’t shoot” bullshit display and nothing happens. Goddell is a pussy.

  56. The NFL has too much power. On top of that, they are very liberal.

    • …very moral.
      A business,owner that chooses to stand in one puddle will be drowned by the next. A popular restaurant here(Indiana)decided it was a good idea to hang photo rugs of ”Duck Dynasty Phil” in his 35 year old Italian carryout. His business has been comprised as many loyal customers now have to wonder if they are supporting bigoted causes. What was a 33 employee business “Phil’ has reduced to 10. Personally, it was hard enough to walk into a place with faux wood paneling, the tasteless addition of a red neck(or even ‘Mona Lisa’ for that matter),on rugs thumb tacked to that paneling was just too much to visually handle, very offensive to the senses. ‘Phil’ should have stayed on the back porch at the bottom of the door, at the owners home, where he belongs. The team owner . I was a weekly customer now I make my own meatballs at home.

  57. Has our National Football League been infiltrated by Communists ??

    • Taking a stand for one thing implies that you stand against some other. Balance is the goal of life. If this team owner chooses to honor slain innocent officers then honor the slain innocent citizens at the hand of rogue officers for whom innocent officers paid the debt. ‘Eye for an eye’ is not moral action, it becomes an unending cycle. We cannot allow either to become just another square in the quilt of our society. If one of us is treated with injustice we are all both treated unjustly and responsible for righting the injustice.

      • Putting an emblem on your helmet does not necessarily mean you’re taking a stand. It was to be done out of respect and appreciation for the officers who died & sympathy for the families. Nothing was mentioned about anybody taking a stand. And you can be for something, just for it…like life, honor & respect. For example when an athlete on the field gets injured have you ever noticed all of the fans clap when the athlete is taken or walks off the field. Even the opposing team fans show appreciation for the player.

  58. Irene Elizabeth Grooms

    Well if this team said we are going to stand for these cops that was murdered that is if you want this TEAM TO PLAY YOU’LL DO THIS AND LIKE IT.

  59. I’m done with the NFL!

  60. The NFL baseball and any other sport is bought by liberal socialist media and govt. they would not have fired sportscasters who criticize obama or muslims They are not on Americas side they make money off the players but care nothing for what is right. They are traitors. Try saying God bless America at one of these games and see what happens. They are part of the global elite

  61. MORE NFL baloney?

  62. This is so WRONG!!

  63. Political correctness at its worse. Go Cowboys!!

  64. If the NFL refuses to support the police, then it’s past time that the First Responders (police, paramedics) return the favor. Make it impossible to be hired by the NFL, or any other big name sports organization that refuses to acknowledge them, on their off days for patrolling the stadiums, crowd control, traffic control and emergency Medical services

  65. Then Every NFL Team should “Go On Strike and bust all the traitors to Our Law Officers who are rdead o alive!

  66. Fukk the NFL! If you still watch that shlt, you are eithera bitch, liberal douchebag pussy, a queer, or a retarded slave.

  67. Not at all surprised, Football Players are some of the worst individuals, known to man . Wife beaters, philanderers,cheaters and all around lowlifes. But NFL , don’t worry about any of that just concern yourself with a breach of their UNIFORMS!!!!!!! So sad but in life everything that goes around comes around!

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