New York’s Transgender Protections Go Too Far

Let’s say you’re a New York City landlord with a transgender tenant. And let’s say that you refuse to call this individual “Miss” because your tenant is clearly just a man in a dress. Under these circumstances, how should you be punished?

A slap on the wrist?

No punishment?

A fine of up to $250,000?

If you chose the last one, congratulations! You might just be eligible for a seat on the NYC Commission on Human Rights. The commission has just released an “update” to the city’s discrimination law that threatens landlords, employers, and the general public with stiff financial penalties for gender infractions.

Violations include:

– Intentionally failing to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun or title.

– Refusing to allow individuals to use single-sex facilities consistent with their gender identity.

– Enforcing dress codes, uniforms, and grooming standards that impose different requirements based on sex or gender.

Those found guilty of breaking these laws will be subject to civil fines of up to $125,000, with an additional hundred thousand for violations “that are the result of willful, wanton, or malicious conduct.”

“New York has always been a diverse and welcoming city and our laws are designed to protect every New Yorker, regardless of their gender identity,” said Mayor Bill de Blasio. “Today’s new guidelines strengthen those laws by ensuring that every transgender and gender non-conforming person in New York receives the dignity and respect they deserve.”

It doesn’t sound as though there are laws to protect New Yorkers from being robbed by the government, though. And it doesn’t sound like de Blasio is doing much to protect the First Amendment rights of the citizenry. But yeah, “gender non-conforming” people should be delighted.

Do these liberals even realize how much damage they are doing to our foundational religious and expressive freedoms? They have taken these anti-discrimination laws far beyond their original intent, creating government-enforced speech codes that threaten the pillars of our democracy. And for what? So a few thousand people never have to suffer the indignity of being called “Mr.”?

Laws that protect trans individuals from housing discrimination are one thing; these people should not be left homeless just because they are mentally confused. But it’s quite another thing to force employers and landlords to buy into their delusions and submit to whatever ridiculous requests they have regarding pronouns and titles. Even if you are fully supportive of the transgender cause, you should be able to see that their “rights” do not – cannot – supersede the First Amendment.

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  1. I am sure glad I do not live in New York and with such stupid laws I think it will even hurt their tourism, who wants to visit a state of idiots.

    • They have been infiltrated by the communists; you have zero rights to defend yourself down there! Who would want to live in such a God awful, freedom restricted place?

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      • ❝my neighbor’s stride mother is making 98$ HOURLY on the internet❞….

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    • I can only hope it will hurt our tourism, and the “freaks” (and I mean that in the best way) can over-run all the normal people, showing the (once-again) unintended consequences of “feel-good” legislation. Fortunately for me, this is NYC, not ‘upstate,’ where it will take a couple more years to infest.

      • resident of “Capital District ” here… and worry not… it is dang near as bad here as NYC

      • I am NOT a religious person, but many years ago, while driving ‘cross-country I stayed in a motel that had no tv, magazines or anything whatsoever to read or look at. But I found a Gideon bible and, what the heck, it was the only game in town. So I looked for the “most interesting” chapter to read and, of course, I found the section on Sodom and Gomorrah. Reading it proved to me that in order to be a professional politician or an establishment lawyer (such as a judge) you must be mentally deaf, dumb and blind. And so, here we are once again in Sodom and Gomorrah and if the special education graduates that form our government and legal system don’t pry their heads out of that place where the sun don’t shine, civilization may disappear for a few centuries.

    • People have been leaving NY for years. Florida now has more people than NY

    • I have held for years that NYC is a good city to be from and the fromer the better!

    • Hey, it’s NY what else would you expect. They elevate stupidity to a new level. I won’t ever visit them again either because, primarily, there anti Constitution gun laws.

    • I’m betting Obama’s Muslims will wipe out New York and California anyway.

    • Hold the F@#K on there Jim. Not all of us NY’rs are idiots. For the most part you are correct, i can’t deny that. I just happened to be born in what was once the greatest city in the world . That sure isn’t true anymore.I am third generation in New York City, my last name has been here for over 140 years. I am a die-hard right-wing Orthodox Christian Conservative.” I’m straight, I’m here, to hell with the LGBT FILTH ” !!!!!!!!!!!!.

      • soon de Blasio will have you wearing a target on your back, like the NAZIs had the Jews wear the star of David. Good luck, Brother.

        • Thanks for the reply, I have a target on my back everyday when I walk out of my house. Everyone knows how I feel, I don’t hide anything. It is my duty to persevere and keep my head held high. I look at all these fools that surround me with disgust. I want to wish you a Happy New Year and everyone else that gets to read this a Happy New Year. God bless America!!

      • Niko your trouble is you are highly outnumbered so what you stand for makes little difference there anymore.

    • I went there once. Won’t do it again. F*** those people!

  2. MOVE ! ! I will not live in any state that has idiotic and outlandish regulation / laws.

    • I fervently wish I could. But who would want to buy my house in this F-‘d up state?

    • grama trouble is as they spread we will run out of anywhere to go to. Those in California went north to Washington and Oregon state and ruined both of them. They are working hard on Arizona and Texas to do the same to them also.

      • They’re screwing up nevada now too.

      • However, Republicans here in CA are beginning to get a real foothold here but it will be a struggle to pay off the debts (shades of Obama) and bring this once Golden State back to it former beauty and common sense. The Democrats/liberals here as well as elsewhere just do not understand our Constitution and Rights but think everything they do will end well. NOT! I sure hope Texas gets really strong against them as they have had some success in that direction. Wasn’t too sorry Dallas has rain/flood problems because they are a hotbed of liberal stupidity, and Austin as well.

        • Back in the 60s used to go to either Fort Worth or Austin, avoided Dallas as even back then a lot of Dallas was a Ghetto. Austin back then was a small city and a great place to be. What changed Austin was when the California’s started moving in, after that it started going to hell. Most republicans that get elected in liberal states really are not true conservatives as if they were wouldn’t be able to get elected. Christy is a good example of that one.

    • Stay away from Florida!

      • Fer real.. Orlando has turned into “Little Haiti!” If you can stand on any corner and count taxis as they fly by, I guarantee you, 93% of them are driven by Haitians! Creole speaking, smelly jerks! When I asked for a white driver last week, the dispatcher asked me what was wrong with blacks! I told her, as long as I’m paying the damned tab, I get to decide! I DID get a white driver. heehee

        • MD = was actually referring to the insane taxes charged in FL by idiots from the NE who act & think like drunk sailor’s in Hong Kong after 6 months at Sea…..and their driving stinks…….I have more safe mileage in reverse than most sno-birds have in forward gear!
          Seems like every “GREAT IDEA” they come up with turns to $hit and the taxpayers are stuck once again by their stupidity ( or is it cronyism or Payola or drugs??)

        • Michael what else would these low I.Q. people be able to do?

    • You just described the whole of America.

      • When You do not like what is going on .. SELL everything and move WAYYYY out in the sticks. NOT to many jerks out in the nether / lands . THEY like the city . WHERE the– FREE stuff is.

        • Go WAY OUT IN THE STICKS of: Tennessee, Oregon, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Missouri, (as well as all branches of the military). just to name a few places. And guess what’s there?? The doors to the closets have been opened and now a license to carry out whatever is desired has been granted. Do a bit of research in this same area on Hollywood and see just exactly who it is that’s pumping this philosopy and it’s acceptance in our nation and around the world. Unfortunately this philosophy is being pumped in via satellite, even WAY OUT IN THE STICKS & all around the world. When the foundational principles (which our constitution was built upon) of our nation have been thrown out the window and are being outlawed, well you get exactly what you are seeing take place.

    • grama trouble is we are running out of states to go to and soon there won’t be any left.

  3. This is progressivism running amok in the Big Apple. And the dopey Mayor De Blasio is at the center of it. Seems to me the best thing New Yorkers could do is dump the fruitloop lib and vote in Trump so he could make the city great again. Liberals cannot run things. See Baltimore – democratically run for decades almost burned to the ground recently, crime rampant. See Detroit – democratically run for decades, now hopelessly in debt, crime rampant. See the USA – Obama, Reid, Pelosi, all huge liberal loons, where we’ve had seven years of a POTUS intentionally destroying America under the promise to “fundamentally change” it; and Pelosi and Reid heading up their respective chambers in Congress where they increased the level of our national debt from $10 trillion to $18.5 trillion since Obozo took office! Enough said…

    • McFerguson I don’t think he is as dopey as those that elected him. He was an admitted communist and yet he won by a landslide. Think there you could be a serial killer and as long as you run on the democratic ticket would easily get elected.

      • Good point, glenn. Bernie Sanders is an avowed socialist, but is running under the democrat party banner. One would think the DNC would require some fidelity to the Democrat Party and the ‘principles’ of that party. The only principle, it seems to me, that either adheres to is spending money out the wazoo and sending the bill to the hard working taxpayers. Fifty percent of the working-age population pay no taxes anyway, so the dems have a built-in constituency on election day. Cheers.

        • You’re right and those 50% really don’t give a damn what happens to this country as long as they are on the receiving end and have nothing invested in running this country. Also add in the huge numbers that not only don’t pay any taxes but get huge tax credits at the end of the year.

        • You are forgetting there is no difference between Democrats and Socialists – and little difference between them and Republicans

        • The DNC has never since its start in mid 1800’s had any principles. And now, due to their 1963 published Communist Manifesto, they are slowly taking over America. Do NOT ever vote Democrat, and not Republican either if Trump is not our candidate!

      • No, doubt ! i.e. Sen. Killary Clinton.

  4. Those people should leave the city and breathe some fresh air for a change. Get a taste of what real life is all about. But they like the cesspool they have built for themselves.

    • A few years ago my wife had to go to NYC for training and i could go with her for a reduced cost. I told her I have been there and I didnt leave anything there worth going back for and besides it is nothing more than a gigantic trashcan so no thanks. After she was there for 12 hr.s she called home and confirmed my statement due to another garbage strike.

      • Now that’s funny … ironic and funny.

        • What was really funny, while walking the 3 blocks to training, she saw a manikin hand sticking out of the large pile of trash on the sidewalk. She laughed till the hand moved it was a man sleeping in the pile of trash.

          • Each time I have been there it is a filthy and trash-filled city with rude, illiterate, ill-education and no principles nor courtesy. They deserve what they have! I often wondered how they found their way to work, but then there are lots of taxis (if you can understand the drivers!) to get them from square 1 to square 2 because otherwise it would be beyond their comprehension on how to accomplish that. Yet, they think they are the cream of the crop and I read that cream of the crap!

          • Exactly.
            In the 80’s I hauled meat from the midwest to NYC so I encountered some of the biggest a-holes. From thieves to corrupt dock receivers wanting money for backing up to their loading docks and trying to steal product, people breaking into the truck. Everyone there is welcome to it.

  5. Just curious how they plan on verifying that a landlord refused to call a tenant Miss?? What if your tenant is mad because you didn’t fix the leak in the kitchen fast enough?
    All they have to do is call the cops, tell a lie, and get your ass nailed for not calling the guy in the dress “Miss”. This could turn into a big headache for the cops and the mayor. Oh yeah, if you think that a man in a dress using the women’s bathroom is the right thing to do…think again dumbass. Any pervert can put on a dress and makeup and hang out in the ladies restroom. DUH

    • Now Granny, we can’t have clear thinking and logic. LOL Take these pukes out and give them to the queers for party toys, they would love it and leave the rest of the people alone. God I hate liberals and their idiotic view of life.

  6. The transgender person has the DNA of his or her biology. Plastic surgery cannot change that. Dressing as the other gender cannot change that. Changing one’s name cannot change that. And when the trans person dies, and his or her body is found by archaeologists and tested to see “who” this person was…the DNA will reveal the biological sex. So, New York will financially devastate individuals who will not LIE about the gender of the person. The only discrimination these people face is that of their parents not being allowed to get them counseling to relate to their biological sex when issues started to surface (I’m assuming this as currently parents are not allowed and psychiatrists are not allowed to help people who have UNdesired attractions to the same sex.) As for comments in support of this which usually start with “What if this were your son or daughter…” The answer should be “I would want get my child psychiatric help to identify with the biological sex and I would be sure that my son or daughter was guided by dad’s or mom’s modeling. There is a continuum of masculine and feminine characteristics in both genders. A man can be sensitive and love traditional female pursuits and still a man! A woman can be more stoic and love traditional male pursuits and still be a woman! There are many layers in this, and persons posing as the opposite sex may be doing that to protect themselves from further trauma as in being raped or sexually molested and feels that it won’t continue or happen again if they pose as the opposite sex. (I actually know of a case of this.)

  7. if you call a queer in NY a queer that must be ok because if fits the fruitcakes gender identity. F new york and any other place that cowtows to these OBAMAnation ass clowns. What used be aberant behavior is now ok. No wonder kids don’t have a damn clue as to who and what they are. Let’s make it simple, if you have a penis you are a MALE, if you have a vagina you are FEMALE. This is obviously way above the typical liberal mindset.

    • Every male can say that at one time he was a man trapped in a female body……..we call her MOM.
      But only for about 9 months and after birth our DNA determined what we were to be forever….
      The Jennerized fruitcakes who are not sure what they are should be required to wear Depends so they do not have to use ANY Public Restrooms. Semper Fi

    • Semper Fi!

  8. Wonder how it will work for Dr.s if a female acting patient comes in and says it takes to long to piss. The Dr. says your prostate is enlarged, but the person living in fantasy land says women dont have that male organ so you cant tell me that. Or a male acting patient says i am feeling bloated and the Dr. says your pregnant. Are the Dr.s suppose to go along with the delusional idiots? I am sure there are other professionals that could run afoul of this law. If someone posts my comment is stupid i say so is this law.

    • One cannot argue with this notion (I cannot call this a logical “law”) because it transcends any kind of reason. In other words: it is just plain STUPID. Agree with your analysis because it is reasonable. There are so many scenarios demonstrating the grand stupidity of it all. God save us.

  9. Dear Patriot News Daily – you run articles like this and then when one does to the bottom of the page, you see crap like “Danica Exposed” or “This cameraman….”. You are part of the problem.

  10. Why should any segment of society be “protected” more than others? There are laws already on the books tp offer protection to citizens.
    Legislatures at all levels might consider writing fewer laws and attend to those already written.

  11. This is against the constitution as it says you can’t make any special laws foe amuse I group gender or race or religion. As we are all equal under the LAW!

  12. I don’t like ny anyway way …any one would want to visit that nasty place is beyond me… but but I don’t and won’t visit any place that would pass such laws for any of those sick mental queers …and I feel sorry for any trannies that use the same restroom with me or with my wife and family if you was born a male you will always be a male… and you always will be you can whack and cut all you want like bruce jenner and you are still a queer man or woman and aways will be …a mental casel

  13. this is another reason to support the Divorce (written by a college, law freshman) I’d give the liberals, Washington, Oregon, Cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Colorado, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and all land east of the Hudson River…15 day visas good once a year to OUR country…and easily revoked, allan allen

  14. America needs Trump like yesterday maybe Trump can help clean up some crap

  15. Had enough?
    Anyone left that still thinks that, we can coexist with the liberal dem bloodsuckers?
    It’s time to physically separate ourselves from the ersatz life forms, it is likely the only way to prevent civil war,.

  16. as i said before.i was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. in the 1940’s and 1950’s. when i saw how things were beginning to change around the beginning of the 1960’s i got the heck out of there and am not sorry i did.

  17. This is just a JOKE – – RIGHT?…….will New Yorker’s really be required to watch their P’s & Q’s (i.e., words like = Pussy & Queer) ? If even remotely true the writers of such garbage should be removed from their position, fitted with a strait-jacket and taken to a Funny Farm (with a VERY high fence).

    • YES! I Agree, ALL of NYC legislature (and most of Albany state legislature) should be removed from their position, fitted with a strait-jacket and taken to a Funny Farm (with a VERY high fence)

  18. Stupidity reigns, no place like NYC

  19. What is the saddest fact of all is that so many do not realize the eternal consequences that will follow. It isn’t just about those that continually sin but for those that also support and encourage yet do not practice. They also will reap the same judgement. We all have friends, family and Christians that have no problem with LGBT and same sex marriage siituations. You surely have heard this before, “I don’t care as long as they leave me alone.” Wrong..

    • My thoughts exactly. And if I’m not mistaken, things like this…. this depravity, lawlessness, injustice, anti-Christian behavior, etc. was long ago foretold in the Bible, and the eternal punishment for this is VERY severe.

      • I, being a Christian, always remind folks to read the blunt truth in the book of Romans 1:18-32. It makes it very clear.

        • The moment I read your post, I grabbed my Bible and read the entire passage. Boy, did THAT hit the nail on the head!! Everyone should read it. It makes me wonder, though… did some of the people back in those days act like the freakshow a-holes we have here and now?

          • Sadly things were probably worse bsck then as immorality was everywhere. Since the fall in the Garden of Eden man has wanted to be in control. Even in the old testement when God made His presence known, felt and evidence seen man rebelled. What a blessing and reward for those that follow His Word the best they can and have a relationship thru Jesus Christ with Him. For they will have eternal life. It’s a matter of faith and a true belief in whom Jesus is and the sacrifice He gave for each one of us. By this we endure the persecution He said will come and it is. I personally get upset with so many. Even friends, family and weak Chrisrians because of love and caring for all not to be lost in not believing or following His Word. To stand on every Word of God and profess His truth is obviously not always easy but we must try. May God open eyes and change hearts. That should always be a continuous prayer. Only He can do that. God bless you.

          • I’m still baffled at how MANY people choose evil over good, though. It’s a mystery to me why they want to refuse the greatest eternal gift in the whole world for a few years of self indulgence.

          • I think it is because it is having faith in something unseen and not fully understanding the promises of Jesus. It is easy to succum to the immediate feel good stuff that has an immediade but short term reward. We all like that. To have the faith and resolve that of people like Abraham, Mary and many other great followers was easier then than now. We must have faith and strength from prayer, reading the bible and the promises all that brings and that is not easy for many. Unless children have a strong upbringing in knowing Jesus all they have is the athiest teachings in our schools and more so in goverment. Everything around us is approval of immorality and our own view of truth. It is easy to be pulled away from what is not easy to see. All that we see happening today has been prophesied and will come to fruition as the bible says.The key for everyone is to be prepared and on the right side when that time comes. For us it is now for tomorrow may be too late. For me, like you, it is hard to understand why people fight against the promises of Christ. He doesnt even demand that we cut off anyone’ s head just accept His Son Jesus and that’s all period. For there is no other way to the Father accept through Jesus.

          • Kotoc guess evil is easier to achieve and one thing I have noticed thru the years women are more attracted to the wild slightly evil one who is more exciting then a quiet good man.

          • Well, then I suppose I must be the exception to the rule. I met MY hubby in Sunday School when we were 9 years old, started dating in high school, went to Youth Group meetings etc. together and have been happily married for over 36 years. Wild and slightly evil doesn’t come CLOSE to describing the Angel I married.

          • Kotoc and that is why you have been married for 36 years and are the exception rather then the norm.

  20. THe right to following your religious teachings is the bedrock of our nation. If you cannot follow your religious teachings than you cannot speak freely.
    The Constitution is an bulwark against the liberal left taking away the freedoms of the majority as well as the minority
    Want to be a perv??? fine , but you do not get any special treatment. Sux it up. You chose to be a perv

  21. I’d suggest that the people who don’t like cross-dressing, transgender freaks to move to Texas. We like to make their lives miserable here…. and sometimes beat the snot out of ’em. We like weirdness up to a point, but only if it’s a “happy” kind, and in no way perverted.

  22. That’s not “protection”. It’s coddling.

  23. This is PC going to far. When are we going to wake up and realize that this liberal progressive things has gone to far and stand up and stop it.

    • This is people behaving selfishly and thinking of themselves before country. They are no longer taught or reminded of “together we stand. Divided we fall”. This divides a country and leads to its destruction. The liberals (progressives) are ok with that as they see this country as highly flawed and it needs a makeover.

  24. I think they should just put up a fence around New york and cage the morons they elect these idiots they deserve what they get, same goes for California.

  25. I have not been to NY since 1984 and have no desire to return. Male genitals = male and female genitals = female. I would comply once the genitals surgery is done. but not before. That goes for restrooms as well. Like it or lump it.

  26. By the way Glenn Miller played
    Songs that made the Hit Parade
    Guys like us we had it made
    Those were the days

    And you knew who you were then
    Girls were girls and men were men
    Mister we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again

    Didn’t need no welfare state
    Everybody pulled his weight
    Gee, the ole LaSalle ran great
    Those were the days

    The opening lyrics to the TV show “All in the Family” have never been more true than they are today. This country is in for a bad way if things don’t “normalize” and people think of country first and themselves second.

    • Yes Huey you are back in my days of the 40s and 50s where we had real freedoms and knew if we worked hard we could advance. Then along came Johnson’s great welfare programs and all that went down the drain.

      • And I was born in 1967, not the 40s or 50s. But I can tell right from wrong. I know that concentrating on self and not the collective is a bad way of thinking. Yes, Johnson and his Great Society was a horrible thing but what about FDR and his disastrous programs of the 30s? He thought government spending would get us out of the depression but it took a world war, partly brought on by the depression, to get us out. If things are bad, look to the government and that is most likely why.

        • You got that right but few people realize that is what really happened. They think the WPA and other work projects helped but really did very little.

  27. Personally, I would start to address them as “Citizen”. That would be considered as a generic term that would not be insulting. I would address everyone as “Citizens”. Then DiBlasio and Co. could go screw themselves. But, be sure and call them “Citizen” also.

    • What if they are illegal transgenders?

      • At that point I’d just say, “What exactly do you want me to call you that wouldn’t offend you?” In that subtle way, you are saying that if you called them by what they really are, they would be offended.

        • I’m being a smart a**. What I’m saying is what if they are not citizens but here illegally? Call them by a name. Brenda. Steve. Whatever. I’m sick of hearing about it. Wanna be different? Expect to be treated different.

    • Pass a law that they have to have it tattooed on their forehead what they want to be called, that should clear it up.

  28. No punishment these people are stupid living in a make believe world the Lord destroyed two cities for this sin Period Sodom and Gomora check it out in the old testesment Period

  29. NY will get everything they deserve under De Blah Blah and allowing Bloomberg to have his dominant way.

  30. …it is just another reason to move to a less insane environment. Worked there in the early 80’s….wouldn’t ever consider living there….the really crazy ones are found in the city offices…..just saying….

  31. Yes, and next, the mayor will pass a law making it OK for him and others to give blow jobs in central park with no fears at all!!

  32. Should address this freak as an “it”!
    No more complaints, everyone is happy!
    Move out of New York!
    Cease to pay New York Taxes!

  33. Sorry I believe a persons sex is determined by their Genes Not their Jeans. I will just not acknowledge them at all .

  34. Citizens do not visit or move to New York or anwhere where this crazy law is put in by the liberals of America! Take Back America!

  35. “Today’s new guidelines strengthen those laws by ensuring that every transgender and gender non-conforming person in New York receives the dignity and respect they deserve.” I am so confused…how do we ensure the dignity and respect when they don’t even respect their own gender? Unbelievable…how did this idiot get elected?

  36. The only option in this situation is to IGNORE the arse h**es. Let them get rough then punch them out clamming self defense.

  37. Why Is telling the truth a crime ? It seems that being “politically correct” is a lie. Just because I may think I’m a cabbage, does NOT mean that I want somebody to kill me and make me part of a salad.

  38. “IT” is already confused as hell why should I add to the delousion. If it wants to be called miss then go and
    get the offending body parts wacked off and have reconstructive sgy completed. Other wised if you got a
    dingle you be called a male and no exceptions. Shove that up your deluded and confused courts backside.

  39. We need to lop off California and New York, set them adrift to see how long they can care for stupid. If they have to do it without government assistance, they won’t last long and maybe someone there will wise up.

  40. What about laws to protect us straight people, huh?

  41. If the sensible people of New York Really cared for these people, they would minister to these confused people. It is time to no longer speak of this people as those who need to be treated with extreme sympathy. You can’t change your DNA. They need to change and God has demonstrated time and time again that they can.

  42. How do we “normal” people get protection? I guess we are out of luck and on our own. We have to be abnormal in order to be considered worthy of protection?

  43. The government bullies at work.
    Where is the New Yawk Times headline, ” the Constitution is dead” ?

  44. The lesbian couple denied a wedding cake order by Sweet cakes was awarded $125,000 for pain and suffering. Now the possibility of a fine of 250,000 for not calling a transgender Miss? A guy in New York goes to jail for cheating the government out of 39,000 dollars on his taxes, Rev. Al Sharpton owes over 4 million in back taxes and endangers all local and state cops with his speeches blaming an entire profession for the ones that are bad, Black Kives Matter disrupt private citizens and businesses ignoring a court order at the Mall of America not to protest. They are not punished but encouraged to continue, even our leader condones blocking traffic by protectors? The DOJ ignores cases involving federal cabinet agencies violating laws, while devotion is paid to civil rights cases they feel are unfair. The entire nation has gone to shit in only seven years time, best yet we are broke, yet still spend money on pet projects that are illegal under this administration. Anyone, even black who opposes the madness in control of the nation is labeled a racist by the racist. Absolute madness, the loonies are in charge now.

  45. nice to read more news from the $luts and airheads that the parasites and clowns have put into office…of course the bad part is that some of these commies were not elected…there is only one way to get rid of that kind of infection and with the way things are going we may arrive at that solution a lot sooner than many folks expected…

  46. We, as a nation, are in BIG trouble. Part of the progressive plan is to make our society grind to a halt. Stop working. Collapse. It’s things like this that will do it.

  47. Queer Logic is the absence of both common sense and logic…

  48. QUESTION: If one of these transtwisted signed a lease using his birth name (male) and then decided to identify as female and demanded the landlord call it by a female name, couldn’t the landlord kick “her” out because “she” had not signed the lease?

  49. This shitz is so absurd it’s beyond insanity.

  50. This is type of thing is driving the bus to the asylums with us in them.

  51. I wear dress to work tomorrow and call lawyer when insulted, laughed at, defamed, harassed. yeaaaa.

  52. I have said time and again New Yorkers are dumber than dirt. They vote in a communist Mayor, have an idiot as governor,and they cannot figure out why NY is in trouble. Typical of liberals and Democrats – lack of reasoning power because they are brainless. They deserve to suffer, but the rest of our America must get off their duffs and get ready to take back our country and our Constitution because we are the “national militia” and have the power of the Constitution to overthrow a rogue government. Now, the question, is do we have the guts and gumption to do it? I pray to God that we do!

  53. I’m glad I visited New York City when it was still as normal as it has ever been! The way that have been brought down by Bloomberg and DeBlasio is so disgusting that, if they don’t get a decent mayor they should be cut off and turned into an “alien nation!”

  54. I’ve always looked to visiting New York all my life. Every year it’s been getting more “whacky”,- “Loony”, Now with DeBlassio ,new laws,are so one-sided,and Mind Boggling, I’ll never set foot there. Not worth visiting, a Pervert City. The Governor,Mayor and Loony staff of idiots need to visit a Catholic church and Confess. Or go see a Head Shrinker. Whats so complicated about Sex. You either have a Boner or a Pussy ? Look between your legs,? Male or Female, I don’t buy the idea a man says he feels like a woman? So he expects to get Cornholed where the sun don’t shine. No wonder they all got butt problems. Cowards.

  55. Ohhh, this is getting to lead to a REVOLUTION. NO WAY any Christian should EVER support transgender in ANYWAY like that.

    Christians BOW TO NO ONE but GOD!!

    They are brainwashing you to worship Negroes, sodomites, transgenderism, etc. BEWARE!!

  56. DeBlasio New Yorks 21st century answer to 3 dementional Baby Huey. Id say his penaltys are a bit stiff if he could get it up without our presidents spunk. Im afraid Obamas got hair between his teeth on this one. Its time for the voters to stand up and take back their country and make this a fairy tail.

  57. New York City (NYC) is the silliest city I ever was in, and its people are the dumbest I ever had to try to talk to. I do not give a damn about those people, and when the Muslims send their nukes I hope they nuke NYC and Washington, D.C. Get rid of those two awful places.

  58. They… the voters… elected these idiots so New Yorkers get what they deserve. When their streets are over run with weirdos and freaks that are harassing tourists and families and the law suits start flooding in , I wonder who will be fined or arrested… the freaks or the tourist and families? I’m gonna bet the tourists and families ’cause the commie mayor and governor are all in for freaks and weirdos, or they wouldn’t have allowed such an asinine law to even be brought up in the first place.

  59. With the New Year, New York will fine you for addressing a member of a favored class with the wrong title or pronoun, and California will confiscate your lawfully-owned gun if you displease a member of a favored class who then files a complaint against you. It is clear that the latest attempt at communist revolution is in full swing, and that 2016 is very likely to be a repeat of 1968, only this time the Marxists and totalitarians have the government on their side. Americans who do not want to live in Cuba or the caliphate will need to be ready for resistance or secession.

  60. No more NYC for me.

  61. So, when is Miss Bill De Blasio going to show up to work in a Dress?

  62. New York is totally out of their minds. This is insanity and anti God.

  63. WTF? Why is one class of people(?) afforded more protection than any other class of citizen? Who wants to go to a state of sexually peverse sickos.

  64. If I can make it there, I can make it anywhere New York — New Yorkkkkkkk
    Baby Huey DeBlasio. future street sweeper.

  65. What has happened is that every pervert, radical, racist whatever has now been entered into a special class which outranks normal American citizens and their rights. Moral, conservative, principled heterosexual whites of faith have been systemically stripped of all their rights and will not be tolerated by any other group or class. And the left will continue to strip them to the core until they have been completely eliminated from the American population.

  66. Who’s running the insane asylum anyway ??? Oh, it’s ‘Mr.,? Mrs.,?? Miss, er… Ms.??? de Blasio.

  67. This “hole” Transgender, Homophobic,Gay,etc. coming out of the “CLOSET” is way out of line for a World of supposedly sane untainted people. The Muslim religion says their believers are directed by the Koran to kill all of these they come in contact with. Than how does the religion explain the Sodomizing of the Americans killed in the Benghazi Embassy? I have a strong suspicion this whole religion is no more legitimate than Obama’s Birth Certificate.

  68. I Blame the good people of New York for not coming down on the civil servants who for WeTHE PEOPLE as this a Republic and the people in the civil servant role work for the people not the PIMPS like billionaire Blumberg!

  69. I would not live in NY. This PC nonsense is totally out of control.

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  72. Don’t be silly. What the landlord or anyone else calls the person does not matter. New Yorkers are idiots.

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