New Study Condemns European History Exam as “Neo-Marxist”

According to the National Association of Scholars, the AP exam on European History being given to millions of students every year is unacceptably biased towards a “progressive agenda.” In a press release accompanying a new study into College Board’s exam, the NAS concluded that the test was rife with problems.

“APEH turns Europe’s history into a foreshortened, neo-Marxist, generic narrative of historical modernization, powered by abstract social and economic forces, and defines modernization around secularism, the state, and a thin supportive intellectual history,” wrote NAS director of communications David Randall. “APEH barely mentions civil society, liberty, or freedom.”

The NAS study presented College Board with eight ways to reform their European History exam, encouraging them to stop teaching students “the history of government rather than of liberty.” It also denounced the emphasis on secularization, saying it gives “short shrift to the religious and cultural mainsprings of historical change.”

Well, you know, we don’t call it liberal indoctrination for nothing.

When it comes to the education our children are getting in 2016, the AP European History exam is just a droplet in the ocean. Essential Western figures like Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson are being tossed aside for random criminals, socialist writers, and other marginal individuals who embraced versions of the same sick ideology today’s leftists preach.

It didn’t just “happen” that millennials became the first generation of Americans to prefer socialism over capitalism. We are just beginning to see the tangible, real-world effects of two decades of liberal brainwashing. How can you grow up to endorse conservative values if you’ve only been taught a boogeyman-version of conservatism?

No version of history can be completely unbiased. But since we know that to be true, shouldn’t we at least teach a version of that history that will allow our country to thrive for another two hundred years?

Just an idea.

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  1. And to listen to the liberal trolls on these sites you would be led to believe that Neo Nazis are conservative republicans… Not Communists….

    Solution, don’t listen to the trolls. AND Home school your children….

    • Nazis were National Socialists. Stalinists were “Socialists in One Country”. That America’s left preferred Stalin’s “Socialists in One Country” over German “National Socialists” has to do with ethno-religious identity, not with the underlying philosophy.

      The South is the one region in the US that the Soviet-Nazis have found hard to break, given our Christian beliefs.

      • Thank you for the very astute observation… That makes sense to me.

      • I read something one time where Stalin loved to play chess, with the ppl. on his staff. They were all afraid of him, best I remember, they mostly had to let him win. I wish I had looked this up before posting, I do know he let most of the ppl. of the Ukraine starve to death, by the millions.

      • FUCK YOU, JERK OFF!!! You are first on our list.

  2. Time to fight back.

    Liberal Progressive Communists/socialists have taken over the school system, MEDIA, both political parties, Supreme Courts, big businesses, churches, and more.. Providing a steady drip towards socialism…

    Fight were you can. Home school and get your children out of the indoctrination mills.

    • Children were always home-schooled until the break of the 19th/20th century. This is a very short time for “public” education to have encroached so deeply into what is now a pagan society.

      Parents who abandon their children to the public system don’t much care about their children’s moral or spiritual welfare, they simply want to get rid of their kids.

    • If lying, hilarious, Hilary gets in the oval office, that’s all it will take to become like Russia, China, Venezuela, NK. Look up the numbers of ppl’s lives lost from this utopian dream of these globalist “elitists” who wants to control what you do, what you read, everything about you from the time you wake up in the mornings until you go to bed at night. They will control what books you can read, what movies you can see. It starts out innocently enough, just PC socialism, but then it blossoms into full communism, where you are under their control. Look at the countries where it is in full force, the ppl of Venezuela don’t think it is all that great. Someone told me Sweden was doing just fine under socialism, but they did not tell me Sweden has a mostly capitalist economy. Mostly it is the young ppl. who are falling for this B/S like Bernie Sanders & Hilary are trying to sell to the American public, especially the young people. They hear this propaganda in our colleges & universities, from their communist professors. Capital entrepreneurship has worked well in this country for going on almost 300 yrs. It still will work if government will quit meddling with it. I hope & pray Mr. Trump will be the next man in the oval office. He may not be your ideal man for the job, but I like the fact he is his own man, he is not owned by the lobbyists, or unions. He says what he thinks [ maybe not always the most prudent thing to say, but he is an intelligent man, & he will learn quickly] & is not a puppet on a string. He has promised to make America great again, to secure our borders, to stand up to isis & Iran. What do you think Hilary & Elizabeth Warren will do to fix our country? Four more yrs. of obama on steroids? NO THANK YOU.

      • They still have to disarm the public…. The road to Communism will be a bloody one.

        You are correct about everything that you say. I feel the same way. The disinformation on the web is hitting a critical level..

        The Communists use the socialists that support Bernie as useful idiots…

        BUT, the Muslims use the Communists as useful idiots…

        If a Communist like Hillary gets into office, and actually gains control like any other dictator from a Communist country has done, their rule of the United States will be short lived… The Muslims will come in and take over the weakened country and impose Sharia law.

        • This is from a book written in 1958. The Naked Communist – The 45 Declared Goals for the Communist Takeover of America:

          Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission
          belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the
          Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in

          Well … so far, so good.

        • Not while we stay armed , if Killary makes it I predict it won’t be long before another civil conflict. Time to cull the liberal herd to get this country back on track. my2cents

        • Elaine–mr2bears–MAHB001–Here is our Weapon from Pres. Eisenhower & it’s time to
          “Use IT”-! Type In–‘1954 Com. Control Act–Signed by Pres. Eisenhower’ (It has “teeth
          in it” with Full Fed Power–Never been Repealed–5 yrs in Fed Prison & $10,000 Fines-!)
          it includes AKA “Socialists & others”-! (We’re going to win–After All-!) Cheers -! You can
          find “Those 45 Goals of the Communist Party” are now “Evidence to Convict in Courts”-!

          • Wow! How do we go about getting this enforced? Hillary will never admit she is a Communist, nor will Obama or anyone else … except Bernie, who openly admits to being a Socialist. I looked at several websites, and part of what I read was that there was some opposition to this Act because it would force the Comms underground into subversion. They’re not so “underground” these days! … but they just won’t cop to being Reds.

            Here is the full text of the Act … keep clicking “next” as there are many pages to it!


          • As I understand–there are 110 Socialists of America–in Congress at
            this present time-! We also have 5 Judges on the Supreme-Court
            who used at least “Seven of the 45 Goals of the Communist Party to
            make their Decision on Same Sex Marriage-!” They’d become an
            “Accessary to Obvious Fraud”–Since Same-Sex Couples chose
            a obvious physical handicap–that denies them the ability to “Bear
            Their Own Children”–so that Two Blood-Lines are “Not Lost” in
            Future Generations-! Before there were any “Govt. Licenses”–
            this was the “Ancient Stated Purpose of Marriage”-! There is a 10
            Million Dollar Show–which uses these documented “Blood-Lines”
            to prove Grandparents have Grandkids’ that will “Bear their
            Blood-Lines” down to Future Generations-! It’s called “Who do you
            Think You Are”-! There’s not one Judge on the Supreme-Court–that
            wasn’t a “Live-Birth” of one man & one woman-! None of them were
            ever “Hatched from Stork’s Eggs & Flown in by Santa Claus to their
            Home–as a Christmas Gift”-!

          • Elaine–go to the one that is “stated in the Congressional Records of
            Congress”–& you won’t need the opinions of School Professors-!

          • Will definitely check it out. I just don’t get the feeling that any of our congressmen are particularly concerned with Communism or Socialism in America. They do nothing about it, or just turn a blind eye and pretend it doesn’t exist. It’s infuriating! We have the most freedom of any people in the entire world, and too many are just letting it trickle away … in exchange for “free” stuff from the government.

      • EXACTLY.

    • That’s a rog MAHB001

  3. “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.” Not so fast! We’ll just rewrite and teach history to portray something we like and then we will ignore it, fail to learn from it and gleefully repeat it. Liberal Thinking 101…

  4. The real base for this has been the loss of parental responsibility. For hundreds of years it was a given that parents were required to “raise their children to be adults”. Now, well, “let’s just let the schools and the village raise them, then we don’t have to deal with them”! It is sad to watch young folks with their face stuck to their smartphone and posting everything and anything on Facebook, even if it does so much damage to them and their prospects for a good future. They have been told that they have “rights” to be free, but no responsibilities, and the world does not work like that!

  5. John Dewey and the Chicago School? It is not so much Marxism, paleo- or neo-, that is to blame, but the political influence of the power-centeralizers in DC, as opposed to mom-pop-local schools, where parents can influence their own children.

  6. It’s terrifying that neo-Marxism has literally taken hold of EVERYTHING!
    And in a matter of 2 generations. Are there enough of us left to right these wrongs? And where do we begin?
    I just read a book by Oleg Atbashian titled “Shakedown Socialism” that should be required reading for everyone. Please read it and pass it around to your friends.
    We can’t give up.

  7. The only history that will be taught in the forth coming years will be of a second American Civil War and the abrupt stopping ahs death of filthy liberals, muslimes, socialists, communist, blm morons and the lgbtq gestapo .

    • It was amusing to me that Jackie O is one of the most admired American women, but when confronted with one of her iconic photographs, only 2% — 1 in 50 — of Americans could identify her.

      This has to be fiction?

    • So you’re admitting that you know nothing of the overthrow of our government in the ’63 coup by a far right fascist faction of the CIA/military which is why we are where we are now. Your ugly hate speech is ignorance, inbred, taught and learned; a deep ugliness of the soul. I feel sorry for you. Seek wellness.

      • STFU you libretard, vagina between your legs, Un-American ,scumsucking,jackboot, piece of historically ignorant filth. The only CIA coup that happened during 1963 was in Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. The first of something remotely what you are talking about, by a very minute thread would be the Civil war which was brought on by that Republican RHINO dirtbag Lincoln. That is why America is in the state she is in. BECAUSE OF LINCOLN BRINGING BIG GOVERNMENT INTO PEOPLE’S LIVES. You probably think Lincoln also freed the slaves, let me tell you moron , he did not. The American Constitution freed the slaves- Asshole. You stupid mental [email protected]$&@$G midget. Take your ignorance somewhere else you scumbag… I do not feel sorry for you ,I SPIT ON you!!!!!.

  8. On the up side, think how well your own children will do, raised in a loving and caring home, over the wastrels that The State indoctrinates.

  9. HopeandChange2016

    Communist play book:
    1. destroy religion. The government should be god.
    2. destroy the family unit. Government should be the husband and father.
    3. Make the populace dependent of government support. 50% of Americans are on the dole
    4. Take over the education system. Instead of truth, preach communism.
    How have the democrat/communist/socialist done so far at carrying out the plan?

    • Droning on like a broken CD, may I mention that when Abe Lincoln, an agnostic, chose to rip apart the original Constitution of 1789, and wage an horrific war against a basically peaceful people, the pedestal was set for a centralized state, ripe for indoctrination in Marxist belief.

      The rest is history

      • HopeandChange2016

        Today, the choices are simple. Communism or Constitutionalism based on natural rights from our creator.

        Evil vs. Good.

        I might be ‘droning on’, but each of us must choose.

        • Lincoln trashed the Constitution when he unilaterally and illegally waged a genocidal war against the South, but the powers of the central government were kept somewhat in check until the Warren Court.

          Topeka and Little Rock were watersheds.

          Topeka: we don’t give a shit about the Constitution, we’se gonna rule according to a Swedish academician on hire from the Rockefellers.

          Little Rock: we don’t give a shit about the Constitution, we’se gonna federalize the National Guard and we’se gonna use military force to subject state and local gubmnts to our predominant power, democracy be damned.

          Thus, Roe v. Wade:

        • Study the deep history.

    • michael schimanski

      hopeandChange your comments are oh soooo true . When I was a child America was what we were taught in school along with AMERICAN history and values along with our constitution and our right to be free , but today they get feed this BS , so they grow up thinking that socialism , big government and the ruling class is the way the world is suppose to be . The masters of the human race have been doing there job very while , but it’s still not to late to take our country back , like the British just did , Vote Donald Trump this year , 2016 …..

    • aho11Dewey/Wallace

  10. michael schimanski

    The problem is big government in our schools . This is what the government has been planing and plotting for the last couple decades . Just like the muSLIMES have been planning for decades , a fundamental take over of western civilization , except with them it’ convert or die . Help stop it by voting for Donald Trump 2016 … HopeandChange2016 >> your comment is so, so true …

    • John Dewey (1859-1952) laid the paving stones, with Rockefeller money (University of Chicago). It was not that they were wrong per se, it was simply that, being Yankees, they had contempt for Christians and they nurtured a desire to erase Christianity from the ends of the earth.

    • bowling team ?

  11. The revisonist are spreading lies across the world as fast as they can, it is the only way they can make their message seem more attractive than the truth is by lying to
    everyone and not teaching the truth about events. If they teach the truth about
    history, warts and all it will not seem quite as attractive or romantic as they are
    being taught. It is the same as bathing. you can wash off the dirt and stank for
    a little while but it comes back before long if you do any thing. All you are doing
    is covering it us with nice smells for a time.

    • One of the ways they can capture the young clueless idle minds is to introduce them to illegal drugs so their mush for brains will be easily converted to the new utopias.

  12. Though they will ignore the truth, it will always prevail as truth in the end. Future historians will find this generation were frauds to truth. Sad for our current generation not to get the real truth but certainly not surprising. A lot of people will have to face their own reality of truth come judgement day.

  13. Liberals only care about their failed agenda. Not about the fact that their vision had always failed

  14. The commies began taking over the elite colleges of America in the late 1800s shortly after old Karl Marx penned his Communist Manifesto in the mid century. Some of their products were Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and FDR, all progressives. Old Teddy formed his short lived Progressive Party for his POTUS campaign. Wilson’s “legacy” was WWI and the federal reserve system. And old FDR is why we have term limits on todays POTUS. Marx was a jobless drifter with nothing better to do than create trouble for the rest of the World. He died broke and broken with few friends, other utopia seekers. The commies (Ruskies and Maoist China) sent spies and enablers to America starting in the 1920s, and when anti commie JFK took over and purged the 300+ FBI list of spies in our bureaucracy, they had him murdered. But, they didn’t give up. The protest and riots of the late 1960s were promoted by commie enablers, where young, clueless, rebellious, idle, vacant minds were easily brain washed and captured with the commie crap. Remember ‘Hanoi” Jane Fonda and her many lovers, John Kerry, Robert Redford and others ??? Then there was Woodstock, LSD, maryjane, unicorns, rainbows, rose colored glasses, free love. STDs and ODs.

    • Ahhh….you really bring back the good ol’ days when liberals were liberal , none of this center/right crap of today.

  15. People wonder how marxists are elected to public office and are “teaching” in our univershitties!

  16. Vote out common core.

  17. Verdun!! We remember.

  18. Blah blah blah … same old stuff … yawn snore ………….

  19. Every institution on the planet that makes massive money, influences the masses, or just exemplifies the good, has been infiltrated and subverted by the synagogue of satan. Pull away from it. Begin anew. Do without the shiny, tin plated things they offer. You have everything you need within.

  20. Mathematical certainty

    STOP and REFLECT! Anyone born on or after 1/01/2000 will be 16 years old or older. Aside from being indoctrinated, with the current progressive mentality and the effect that it has on today’s youth, the majority of these kids are clueless of the sacrifices made by previous generations to preserve their rights to whimper and demand safe spaces to avoid confrontations with those who disagree with their delusions.
    Ask any of these mental giants within the aforementioned age group simple historic questions e.g.,
    What were the events that led to the Revolutionary War?
    Repeat the same question by replacing Revolutionary with: Civil, WWI, WWII, Korean, Viet Nam?
    Name your State Senators, Congressmen and their political views? Extend that to your local government!
    What are the basic principles of the US Constitution?, Bill of Rights?
    I dare not enter the realm of questions in Mathematics, Physics, or General Science, because when I observe a HS senior working at a fast-food-restaurant, gas-station, unable to give change from the cash register when the computer goes down, I receive the “deer in the woods stare”, I cringe!
    When I attempt to listen to today’s youth expressing their problems, while most are incapable of adhering to the topic at hand, I watch as they go off into never-never-land whining that no one listens to them.
    So sad, we are releasing too many young people into society who are incapable of individual thought. They will follow anyone to the edge of a cliff as long as, anyone, agrees with them.

  21. sounds like our schools! well, you know what they say. control the textbooks, control future generations

  22. Hitler made sure that it was the YOUTH who were being brainwashed and Obama is doing exactly the same with his infusion of HIS Muslim background and Communist learning tactics. This is exactly what the radical Islamic countries have been doing for many years-CHANGING HISTORICAL FACT TO SUIT THEIR MEANS AND METHODS OF INDOCTRINATION- and how Communism and all forms of TYRANNY work. Teachers have to be aware of this and those that are not brainwashed by Obama’s administration or any other corrupt administration anywhere in the world, must infuse the truth to their students. Many will be fired for this but it has to be done! There are colleges and universities in Northern Ca. that are predominantly ONLY PROGRESSIVE LEFTIST DEMOCRATIC and students are turned away if they don’t adhere to their rules. It’s both Islamist and Communist which is the way Obama grew up and learned and is totally perverted and wrong! Make others AWARE of these changes and teach your children the TRUTH, not these perversions of history and not by these brainwashed teachers of today who have done so much harm to our youth because of our corrupt government!

  23. Why are we waiting, we all know, that we can no longer coexist with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasites?
    It is time to physically separate ourselves from the ersatz life form, or it’s civil war

  24. Robert A Hartman

    What a bunch of idiots! And they’re in care of education!

  25. I’m surprised that this got out. Thank God it did. We Patriots have been screaming about this for several decades.

  26. I am a firm believer in home schooling. I am also a historian who strives to write about what really happened in history, not with any specific political bent. I focus on the people and what they did more than what they might have said. Those who have gone before us left us with a tremendous heritage. We need to learn what that was as it has served us very well.

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