New Study Condemns European History Exam as “Neo-Marxist”

According to the National Association of Scholars, the AP exam on European History being given to millions of students every year is unacceptably biased towards a “progressive agenda.” In a press release accompanying a new study into College Board’s exam, the NAS concluded that the test was rife with problems.

“APEH turns Europe’s history into a foreshortened, neo-Marxist, generic narrative of historical modernization, powered by abstract social and economic forces, and defines modernization around secularism, the state, and a thin supportive intellectual history,” wrote NAS director of communications David Randall. “APEH barely mentions civil society, liberty, or freedom.”

The NAS study presented College Board with eight ways to reform their European History exam, encouraging them to stop teaching students “the history of government rather than of liberty.” It also denounced the emphasis on secularization, saying it gives “short shrift to the religious and cultural mainsprings of historical change.”

Well, you know, we don’t call it liberal indoctrination for nothing.

When it comes to the education our children are getting in 2016, the AP European History exam is just a droplet in the ocean. Essential Western figures like Christopher Columbus, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson are being tossed aside for random criminals, socialist writers, and other marginal individuals who embraced versions of the same sick ideology today’s leftists preach.

It didn’t just “happen” that millennials became the first generation of Americans to prefer socialism over capitalism. We are just beginning to see the tangible, real-world effects of two decades of liberal brainwashing. How can you grow up to endorse conservative values if you’ve only been taught a boogeyman-version of conservatism?

No version of history can be completely unbiased. But since we know that to be true, shouldn’t we at least teach a version of that history that will allow our country to thrive for another two hundred years?

Just an idea.

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