New Study Challenges Assumptions About Homosexuality

From its earliest incarnations, the LGBT movement was aimed at one, fundamental goal: To get society to stop seeing homosexuality as something you do and instead look at it as something you are (or aren’t, as the case may be). Eventually, the movement pushed this ideology so far into the mainstream that it was no longer acceptable to even speculate on the idea that homosexuality might be a choice. Settled science, folks. Move along.

But what if everything this “settled science” told us about human sexuality was pure fiction? What if this is one of those moments in history where we’re about to realize that everything we know about a particular subject is completely wrong?

It takes a special kind of scientist to challenge the consensus opinion, especially when the subject in question is as politically-inflamed as this one. Hats off to Johns Hopkins’ Lawrence Mayer and Paul McHugh, who, like all of the greatest scientists in history, have had the intestinal fortitude to march directly into the fire. Studies that support a conservative viewpoint are not typically well-received by the scientific community, to say nothing of the mainstream liberal press. But without men like Mayer and McHugh, science would become indistinguishable from politics.

In a report published in The New Atlantis, the psychiatric scholars conclude that there is little evidence to suggest that gays and transgenders are “born that way.”

“Studies of the brains of homosexuals and heterosexuals have found some differences, but have not demonstrated that these differences are inborn rather than the result of environmental factors that influenced both psychological and neurobiological traits,” says the report. “One environmental factor that appears to be correlated with non-heterosexuality is childhood sexual abuse victimization, which may also contribute to the higher rates.”

The scientists do not rule out the possibility that some people, through their genetic makeup, are more predisposed to homosexuality than others. But they insist that even if that’s the case, it doesn’t support the widely-accepted argument that a person is gay or straight from the moment they blink their eyes for the first time.

“The question, ‘Are people born that way?’ requires clarification,” say the scholars. “There is virtually no evidence that anyone, gay or straight, is ‘born that way’ if that means their sexual orientation was genetically determined. But there is some evidence from [studies of twins] that certain genetic profiles probably increase the likelihood the person later identifies as gay or engages in same-sex sexual behavior.”

While they’ve been careful to draw a line of division between advocacy and science, the authors do worry that by accepting several unproven hypotheses, we’re encouraging young people to build up an unnecessary, false identity.

“We may have some reasons to doubt the common assumption that in order to live happy and flourishing lives, we must somehow discover this innate fact about ourselves that we call sexuality or sexual orientation, and invariably express it through particular patterns of sexual behavior or a particular life trajectory,” they write.

“Perhaps we ought instead to consider what sorts of behaviors — whether in the sexual realm or elsewhere — tend to be conducive to health and flourishing, and what kinds of behaviors tend to undermine a healthy and flourishing life.”

As a society, we used to have a fairly good grasp on those behaviors. With the emergence of the LGBT movement and other, interrelated identity movements, however, we’ve turned unhealthy behaviors into “selfs.” These movements preach that embracing that false “self” means liberation. Actually, though, it means the opposite.

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  1. Science is certainly throwing out some info that is likely to upset the apple cart on LGBT thinking. I am not sure yet where it is going but I have watched a couple of PBS programs on this issue. I for one, will let science deal with the issue of the legitimacy of LGBT behavior. I am not taking any sides on this issue yet.

  2. With the liberal media, movies, theater, television, writers, and politicians, and the progressive LGBT organizations, the world is forced to believe and swallow WHAT THEY ARE FEEDING THE PUBLIC. Just imagine the confusion embedded in the minds of vulnerable children/teenagers. How likely are they to be guided (led) down the path with just a little pressure. It doesn’t take much in this era.

  3. The LGBT community is only 4 to 5 percent of the total US population, so why is their representation in movies, tv shows and in the media so prevalent?
    There is a very real movement to push an LGBT agenda on the public. The agenda is recruitment.

    • That must be a segmented number, such as gay only or just lesbian but even then seems low. According to Masters and Johnson’s , out of every 4 men 1 is gay; 1 is str8; 2 are bisexual . That’s 75% GB. Most men/tweens/boys do, will, always have…its in our nature, a part of our bonding . M&J studies also show that 96% of all men have at least one male encounter experience . 1750 BC…

      • What men are you hanging around with? — You, Masters, and Johnson are ALL full of shit.

        • It’s normal for gays to distort the data to his, her, or it’s favor.

        • Sorry if the truth shocks you, but understand that I cannot expound in this format to refute your disbelief . I’ll just say this; men are dogs and those who you would think are least likely are the most likely . Its difficult to figure, granted , but its true. Many just deny, hard to be honest for some reason, fear of society , a society that participates. There is a code between men that is unspoken and sacred . Many straights are with other guys and do not consider themselves either gay or bi because there is no emotional component . So actually there are 4 categories of m4m sexuality, gay, bi, str8 and str8s who do, but usually anonymous(rarely the same guy twice or nameless, usually married or in a str8 relationship, or the opposite, str8 with a close friend bi or gay ) a group with no label, it’s just human sexuality, common Confusing, right? But true.

          • You’re a liar and a fool.
            There is not a reputable study anywhere that supports your propaganda.

            Not a single google search offers anywhere near your bloated numbers.

            3-4% is what nearly all of the studies say.

          • All of a sudden you believe science Granny? Actually you have no say, your not involved .

          • Tax dollars and the morality of my country are at stake, and I am VERY involved.

            I’ve believed true science all my life. Your statement “all of a sudden” is moronic.

          • So your a man granny ?

          • How is it at stake?

          • No, it’s not true. You are entitled to your opinion, but nothing in your comment is the actual truth.

          • Are you speaking from experience or lack of?

          • Experience is immaterial. If you want to believe that 75% of the US population is LGBT, that is your prerogative, however it is not true.

          • I just know my experience and research, world renowned “Masters & Johnson ” did the study. The study was about men not L or T or women . Take your dispute to them.

          • You are a scientific wannabe with no training and certainly no research experience. Try researching evidence that has been presented in the past 20 or so years, keep an open mind (ha), and conclude the overwhelming evidence.

      • Quoting Masters and Johnson, which is so horribly outdated, is akin to quoting the Qoran as supporting evidence that the earth is flat.

    • Just like the propaganda pushed by liberals, socialists, and communist.

    • This is why heteros must be vocal in our condemnation of gay sexual interaction on TV and movies. Those who know how harmful it is must defend the innocent.

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    • The movement is energized by the LBGT(and ?) community to develop resources that are compatible with their sexual orientation.

  4. I think this science deserves serious consideration and will get it from TRULY open-minded people. However, since the opposite science has taken society where it is, most will discard it. Biblically homosexuality is plainly stated as a sin so if you strive to please God as a Christian then, no matter what sexual tendencies or inclinations you were born with or life experiences you have, you would need to choose to not participate in homosexual behaviors and thoughts. Just as others have to make choices about other equally central behaviors and tendencies this one does too.

    • Adam ate the apple giving us the power of decision.

      • Actually, God gave us the power of choice from the moment he conceived us. It was Adam and Eve’s choice to disobey God and eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, which allowed us to understand the difference between good and bad behavior. In other words, we surrendered the purity God offered us, due to our desire to become as gods. We chose against God, yet he has never chosen against us. Pure love cannot be forced upon someone; it is a choice each of us must make for ourselves.

      • Free will does not mean that anything goes.

  5. That’s queer isn’t it?

    • yea! that’s queer anyway you want to say it transgender queer lizzy crossdressers all just diferent names for being queer

  6. Like I have always said, It’s deviant behavior. I couldn’t care less what goes on behind closed doors but DON’T force me to say it is OK.

    And if a female comes into the locker room and gets raped,,,well too bad. You had no business in there in the first place, and any male who tries to go in the girls locker room should have his ass beat. — Severely.

    Political correctness has gone as far with me as I am going to let it. Let them so what ever they want in their own places but keep the perverts out of my life or I will.

    • And turn off the publicity about deviant behavior.
      Sane people don’t want to be exposed to the barrage of filth, and it should NEVER be allowed where children — minors — could access it.

    • If you don’t care what goes on behind closed doors, what is your issue?

  7. If indeed we are not born this way, but this is a choice, I want to ask people when they decided to be heterosexual? Is that also a choice? Or is it some kind of “god given” thing? And it is wrong to make assumptions about people because of the kinds of sexual acts in which they may or may not engage. I’d like to remind people that gay people in general don’t do things which are entirely unknown to straight people. Think about it.

    • It is fortunate for the human species that we do not have a choice as to our natural sexuality. We are born male and female for a reason – propitiation of our species. Sex is about reproduction, not lifestyle. If we subvert our sexuality, we become sexually perverted.

      • Don’t you mean propagation instead of propitiation? Sex is not only about reproduction. And why should we be viewed in terms of our sexual desires. Gay people are not only all about sex. Has is ever occurred to you that we hope for the same things in life: food, a roof over our heads, someone to love. Where is the rule that we have to love a person of the opposite gender? I have searched far and wide and cannot find such a rule. I think you should talk with some gay people to find out who and what we are. Don’t worry – we don’t bite; you won’t get AIDS; you will not turn gay.

    • You missed the point.
      Natural gender is determined by chromosomes at conception. Gender is not a choice.

    • I do believe true gays are born that way. However, it is not normal just as being born with three ams wouldn’t be normal.

      I would have no problem with either just as long as they are not in my face demanding special rights, yada, yada, yada.

      Transgendered is another issue. The mentally ill need treatment, not Political Correctness.

      • Oh…what do I mean by “true gay”…not the people claiming to be gay coz they think it is many young kids do AND, not those who are conditioned or just chose that route for one reason or another.

      • Those special rights of which you speak just happen to be the exact same rights you enjoy as a full citizen of these United States. There’s nothing “special” about them. As far as in-your-face is concerned, sometimes we just have to speak up when it’s become apparent that we are not being treated as equal citizens. There is not one shred of evidence that transgendered persons are mentally ill. I don’t know where you found that one.

        • You think prancing around and doing sexual acts in parades and at Disney in front of my grandpeeps is “Not in my face?”

          • If I thought I was an elephant, would they let me live with them in the zoo?
          • If I thought I was an airplane pilot, would they let me fly the airliner?
          • If I was suicidal, would they give me a razor?
          • If I thought I was Obama, why wouldn’t they let me live in the WH?
          • If I thought I was a dog, why can’t I deficate on the courthouse lawn?
          • If I was 12 yo boy and thought I was a girl, shouldn’t I be allowed to shower with the girls?

          What about the girl’s rights? What about parent’s rights?

          Transgendered are mentally ill and need treatment, not Political Correctness.

          • You might be interested to know that the overwhelming majority of gay persons actually live rather ordinary middle class lives. Please don’t judge us all because of the tasteless activities of a few. People never take time to find out about us. They would rather believe what they see on TV or read in the papers. The media is more interested in selling things than it is interested in telling the truth about just who we are. And you have to remember that there are extremes in every group. Gay people don’t have a special handle on it.

  8. Nurture.. not Nature!

  9. If each of us were raised by loving and wise parents, we would all understand the natural laws of species preservation. We are born male and female with few exceptions.. If males and females were to lose our attraction toward one another, our species would become extinct. The much touted false social phenomena. ‘homophobia’, is not something we develop over time. It is an natural instinct aimed at species preservation. Our disdain for sexual interaction with the same sex is natural, not prejudicial. We must always view homosexuality as repulsive. That isn’t to say that we should hate those who participate in such activities. However, as we had done in the past, we must protect our youth from exposure to homosexuality until they become discerning adults able to make sexual decisions on their own accord.
    Furthermore, there are many thoughts and compunctions, which many of us suppress as we know they are harmful to ourselves and others. Sex, whether with the opposite sex or the same sex, is a choice. However, it can become an overwhelming preoccupation due to excessive sexual exposure or chemical stimulants. Most of these dominating factors can be treated with modern medicine. Unfortunately, our option to receive voluntary mental treatment has been nearly eliminated by unfair laws and social/political harassment. Even our rights as parents to raise our children in a healthy manner has been stifled. Our society has tried to warp our minds into believing our aversion toward same-sex relations is wrong when, in actuality, it is one of the most safe and natural instincts we possess as humans.

  10. I have taught this same conclusion for over 40 years. In the university setting it came up frequenly and I would encourage students to compose their required papers on the subject. All the way back to Simon LeVey and the early un-scholarly studies by gay researchers at Stanford U. The most liberal interpretation of genetic predisposition suggested that some gays were more likely to become that way but this leaned heavily on early experiences and expectations of parents. Probably experiences determine the outcome of the predisposition, like it or not. To suggest otherwise is to succumb to wanting to take the responsibility away and blame nature.

  11. If gays can push their agenda on everyone to be accepting of their life styles, then it makes it appear normal and they no longer have to suffer with the guilt and confusion ! They just want people to tell them that what they are doing is ok ! The problem is that they should go to God first and ask Him what He thinks ! That “closet” they used to hide in should have been a “prayer closet” !

  12. This is why the LGBT community feels threatened.

    People are waking up to the “scientific junk” they utilize for justification of their romantically-call “alternate lifestyle.”

    Previously, the LGBT community begged for tolerance, understanding and acceptance.

    No Problem.

    However, the LGBT community evolved, demanding same sex marriage acceptance; same sex advocating in public schools, from K though 12; addressing them with political correctness, such as not referring to men as men, women as women, even to the point of the transgender nonsense.

  13. The psychiatrists of 1955 were more correct on the matter of homosexuality (and all its variations) than those of today. It is a psychiatric sexual disorder, personality type. That the Democrat Party and its Marxist Media has pushed its acceptance on society is a great shame. Homosexuality and transgenderism belong in the closet or the treatment room, not out up front in society. I will assert that this phenomenon could not be happening now if U.S. voters had not elected a homosexual president.

    • We have never elected a homosexual president. We have now elected a pervert president.

      • No ex-nobody, the pervert is on his way out and he’s taking all his socialists, criminals, perverts, thugs, and racists with him. Be sure to join the ranks and get a good seat on his bus. While we’re at it, would you provide references to discovered genetic markers for queers?

  14. It’s a Sin any way you look at it

  15. These doctors are correct. A doctor myself, I have observed heterosexuals becoming homosexuals and homosexuals becoming heterosexuals merely by choosing to do so. Familial and environmental factors are important but choice is equally important. Finally, I will add that while statistically most people are exclusively homosexual or heterosexual people, there are a great number of people who fall between the two extremes. There are at least four gradations between each extreme where people prefer to mix it up. Those people do not show up in statistical formulations. Politicians, especially Democrats, have a knack for taking advantage of homosexuals and other types of personality disorder.

  16. Who cares???
    Why is homosexuality such a big issue? No good reason.

  17. Actually, they admit that certain genetic profiles can result in homosexuality. It is determined by your genetic profile. It is not a choice. I don’t have the choice to become homosexual. Do you?

    • Present the “they” researchers who have admitted that certain profiles can result in homosexuality – determined by your genetic profile. It IS a choice! There may be genetic predispositions that may, along with experiential circumstances, lead to the queer choice. But it will still be a choice. Until there is an actual gene marker, you must accept that queers chose to be queers and cannot hide behind “my genes made me do ti”.

      • From the article above:
        “The scientists do not rule out the possibility that some people, through their genetic makeup, are more predisposed to homosexuality than others.”
        “there is some evidence from [studies of twins] that certain genetic profiles probably increase the likelihood the person later identifies as gay or engages in same-sex sexual behavior.”
        The authors do not provide ANY evidence to the contrary. They only say that in their opinion the studies are not conclusive. There is NO evidence to the theory that homosexuality is a personal decision. The closest they come is to say there is a higher incidence of non-heterosexual behavior in children who were molested. Even if true, it means other people’s actions have warped their brain; they have no say in it.
        To judge them is not only unChristian, it is poor science.

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