New Report: $100 Billion in Welfare Going to Immigrants

According to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies, immigrants – both legal and illegal – are costing the U.S. a fortune in welfare benefits. The study, based on an analysis of Census figures from 2012, shows that the federal government is spending more than $100 billion to provide welfare to immigrant families.

While immigrants aren’t the only ones getting welfare, they outdo natural-born Americans by almost every metric. Households led by illegal immigrants receive an average of $5,692 in federal benefits annually, compared to the $4,431 going to “native” households every year. When you expand the demographic to include both legal and illegal immigrant households, the number goes up to $6,241. The study also showed that 51% of immigrant families receive some type of federal welfare.

“While it is important for Americans to understand the rate of welfare use among immigrants, expressing that use in dollar terms offers a more tangible metric that is tied to current debates over fiscal policy,” wrote Jason Richwine, the study’s author. “With the nation facing a long-term budgetary deficit, this study helps illuminate immigration’s impact on the problem.”

Richwine anticipated that the illegal immigrant numbers will surprise many Americans who were led to believe that they were not eligible for federal benefits. “Illegal immigrants are barred from directly accessing most (though not all) welfare programs, but they can receive welfare through their U.S.-born children,” he explained.

If there was any further need to illustrate why illegal immigration is a crucial issue for fiscal conservatives, this study should fill that need. To be sure, there are a host of concerns related to rampant illegal immigration – national security gaps, multiculturalism, and crime to name a few. But for those Republicans who are willing to look past all that in the name of “compassion,” these numbers should act as a wake-up call. Put simply, the status quo is unsustainable.

That said, the report should also serve as a message to Republicans who say that “illegal” immigration is the only thing to be worried about. When it comes to federal spending, in fact, it is the legal immigrants taking the lion’s share of the welfare. Once you wade through all the feel-good crap about America being a “nation of immigrants,” it becomes quickly clear that we have a serious problem on our hands.

Not so clear: what to do about it. Do we shut the borders completely for a few years? Do we limit visas to highly-skilled workers who probably won’t be a drain on the taxpayers? What’s the best move? What’s the politically feasible move?

We don’t necessarily have the right answers, but we certainly know which answer is unacceptable: kicking the problem down the road. At some point – probably sooner than later – this whole financial fantasy is going to collapse. And compassionate Republicans should remember that immigrants will be just as hurt by that crash as everyone else.

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  1. Make illegals pay bus’ fare back wherever they came or put them in prison, then send them back.
    Send us all the legals you want via the standard immigration, give us vetted, disease free, non felons,
    and no one that doesn’t pledge allegiance to America.

    • William and Sara Roberge

      Great words, we. Need to hear.

      • Thank you William and Sara….I think we all need to stand up and be counted,
        stand against the expansion of Federalism and attacks on States Rights,
        the Federal Government does not have Constitutional Power over our States Constitutions.
        All they have and wave at us constantly is the Commerce Clause,
        well they have overstepped their authority by 10,000% .
        I hope all of us will spend an hour a day (we need the rest of the time to live our lives)
        looking around us and sharing with others what is going on.
        God Bless!! (I’m not religious, but the government would have us bow to Islam, crap on
        Christianity, Give our last nickel to Israeli Lobbyists, and ignore the
        fact that this Country was built on a foundation of a universal belief in a God of our own choosing.)
        The Federal Government is not our God, the Bill of Rights and Constitution are not
        documents created by the Feds, they are inspired works and Contracts with America, created
        by and given to us by our Founding Fathers.

        • Did you know they locked up the Journalist who was covering the Bundy murder. The county in question isn’t federal. So according to sources the stupid bastards don’t even have a case. All the Nazis involved in this should be fired and jailed. The Fascist judge wont even let him out until his trial. This isn’t the America I grew up in. Just maybe America is John’s Earth Beast in the Book of Revelation there is only one government in the Bible that rises in an unpopulated area whatever country it is America is starting to match it.

          • I did not know about the journalist, I heard about locking up
            Bundy, which is ridiculous, he’s not flight risk, its nothing
            but a show of force and a good way to keep him from
            talking to all of us, a way to keep things quiet, and an opportunity for them to kill him if public sentiment gets too strong in his favor………..a heart attack…..

    • billdeserthills

      I say round up the illegal aliens & put them into a work camp, they can start building the wall. In return they can get on the new immigration list

      • lmao , I really did get a good chuckle out of this one, but then why not… fast track
        coming back either. We open our borders to everyone the old fashioned legal way,
        what a concept… America has laws,,,,,, Obama breaks them.

      • Yep, and then obama can tell us ”again” that we didn’t build that. He really ticks me off when he says that.

  2. End the career welfare-recipients free ride, while we’re at it, Israel is the biggest welfare recipient in the history of
    mankind , they are a rich Country that will suck us dry and ask for more, the 10 billion in cash and aid should be cut
    and reversed , we should start asking for some of it back, we have millions in the streets and thousands starving
    and freezing to death , our responsibility is to our own people first.

    • Israel gets $2.75 billion a year and they’re our only friends in the Middle East. That’s a far cry from $113 billion annually to illegals.

      • Ok ? The Illegals are coming up in the ranks ?
        So end both bs programs, Israel gets 10 billion a year in cash and aid, that’s a ‘far
        cry’ from 3 billion…..and they’ve been at it for 65 years….

        • Israel got $2.75 billion in 2010, $3 billion in 2011, and from 2013-2016 $3.5 billion. The US spends $113 billion a year on illegals.

      • We need to become self sufficient as a Nation , so we no longer need strategic allies in
        foreign lands. We should no longer pretend to be the World Police in our routine conquests.

        • So you think that’s it’s ok for ISIS to be committing genocide in the Middle East and causing the refugee problem? So we should have stayed out of the war with Germany? I do agree that nation building has been a failure.

          • My contention is we need to round up illegals and send them packing.
            No fast track back , immigrants welcome the legal way, not the Obama way.
            The Oval Office is not the legislative Branch.
            Russia did more in two weeks against ISIS than we did in a year.
            Our incursions and illegal regime changes has brought a lot of
            current conflicts on.
            I do not believe we are at all sincere about stopping ISIS,
            just look around here with DHS, TSA , NSA, FEMA, Patriot act.
            all of this is in the interest if the Continuity of Government
            the Patriot act for instance is in place to spy on and control
            Patriots, there is nothing patriotic about it.
            Our gov seems to have a strong record of creating threats and
            aiding the wrong rebel groups, they tend to keep an enemy alive.
            ‘All wars are bankers wars’ By Michael Rivero on youtube and in
            print I believe, sheds an interesting light on what drives these conflicts
            as well as Smedly (sp?) Butler’s ‘War is a Racket’ .
            I’m saying , we need to become self sufficient and walk away from the middle east.
            And stop meddling in the affairs of other Nations, there is no provision
            in our Constitution as far as I know that warrants it.
            We can’t do that until we become self sufficient of course, but it
            should become a number one task for the US immediately.
            We need to deal with what is going on today, legal action against
            Oathbreakers, which is probably 80% of Congress, guilty of malfeasance, and
            legal action against Un Constitutional laws.
            I support Judicial Watch with small contributions, as they are on the short list
            of organizations in the US that actual do anything at all against the tyranny.
            GOA seems to be another one. News letters the circulate petitions is not
            nearly as effective , as it has been shown clearly that Congress could give
            a crap about our wishes, (Princeton study).

          • In addition:
            The Constitution is America’s Operators Manual, we need to encourage
            Congress to read it. It is written in plain language, not to be re invented
            by Liberal Judges, rather to be understood by all , adhered to and supported.

  3. Why are we giving welfare to illegal aliens when Americans who have worked here all their lives don’t get what the illegal aliens get? And why do we give billions of dollars to countries that hate us and call for our destruction? Are we absolutely nuts or what?

    • Yes, we are! 🙁

    • Obama has an agenda.

      WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!!!

      • I have yet to met a Democrat that has a heart or a soul. I don’t know what happen to their heart but i know who has their soul.

      • This Agenda was put in place decades ago. He was just the perfect choice to hammer in the final nails.

      • his agenda is to overpopulate our country…overpopulation is the ruination of countries…and destroys economy….our water resources are already in danger due to overpopulation.
        food also….

        • 1.3 millionamericans die per yr…they allow 1 million overbreeders in annually…we need all immigration stopped for 25 yrs….they are letting in black africans mexicans whoare both overbreeders alike rodents on steroids….
          many come with 7 to 14 children…massforced sterilization must take place….globally…

    • They call it “Political Correctness” Being PC is the science of accepting personal guilt for all the Earth’s woes and then trying to unload your feelings of guilt on society as a whole.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Come on Sal, they must really need it, right? Almost three years ago ( and this is not bullshit), I was getting $1379. monthly as a disabled Vietnam vet. I then got a letter from our beloved VA, telling me that it was REDUCED to $1.33… Yes, I printed it right, $1.33 ! ! Then, about six months ago, our beloved Treasury dept. wrote me and said they were cutting my social security by 1/3…
      Feels soooo great to have served my country! NOTTT!!

      • Leonard Johnson

        Michael, Please Find every way You can to get this message out to All of us True Americans! This needs to go Nation Wide! I am Sorry for the way You and All True Americans are being treated, While Illegals are breaking our economy! God Bless You!

        • Really a damn shame, I joined the Navy in the Vietnam era, but thankfully I have never used their service. Yes he needs to let as many people as possible know what was done to him.

          • Leonard Johnson

            We True Americans better start speaking Out,Voting and Getting involved every Chance we get or it will all be over!! THanks for your reply!!

        • People need to see what is happening to the countries like Germany and countries around it are now closing their doors; because they are going bankrupt trying to support those with no jobs available to either side. It would make more sense to take over and run out the evil in a country and let the citizens of that country remain in their own country, than trying to create a new world where they don’t want to be in the first place, and are not wanted to boot. They have everything they have know from birth, their way of life, and will have a hard time adjusting to our laws. All they will be able to do is try to change our laws to theirs.

          • Would not suit the NWO and that is what BO is all about and all the other leaders in the UN. Been hatching this plan for half a century it appears. EU is gone. Now we need to stop this in the US. GO TRUMP! And the economies around the world are collapsing. The NWO is really doing a good job of detroying the world to bring up back to the old ways, feudalism.

      • I’m really sorry to hear that Michael, I didn’t think it was in me to get more angrier than I’ve gotten today after reading about other things the Lying Vermin in the government have done. but I was wrong. I’m a Vietnam era Navy Veteran. I hope there is some help out there that can get you reinstated.

      • And watch it all go to these freeloaders not of our country.

    • Leonard Johnson

      Please Keep Posting This! Maybe someday before it’s too late True Americans will Wake Up! God Bless You!

    • I think the Communist Democrat party are bringing in Illegals because when they vote they’ll choose the candidate who promises them a free ride. Then there are those Republicans who never made an attempt to close the borders because of cheap labor. The big corporations are mostly behind we taxpayers propping up dictators and others who hate us. these corporate giants go and get the country’s resources cheap labor. They send their lobbyists to Washington with gifts for the politicians, ever wonder how many of them become so rich while in Washington.

    • You left out ONE IMPORTANT POINT. We worked all our lives and paid the TAXES That are being given to ILLEGALS who sent a lot of their earned money out of this COUNTRY. NOW that those of us who have retired are told that there will be no cost of living increase, because the liberals now in control of Social Security need that money to buy Illegals who will pay the liberals back by voting for the communist liberals and living off the hard working taxpayers money. Or should I say the liberal controlled IRS Bank.

    • Been asking that question of our congress for at least four decades and folks are just now seeing the iceberg. I may be old but I did not miss this point and the answer from then Senator Kyl of AZ was it was complicated. Being a practicing CPA and BSA at the time, I found his answer insulting and ticked him off I am sure. He retired after that term but I am sure he saw what was coming and here we are today. Big mess.

  4. Francisco Machado

    We keep hearing the “We can’t…” argument from the Open Borders bund – an all-or-nothing argument. We could, however, deport every one of them convicted of a crime without a great increase in enforcement cost yielding the greatest cost/benefit ratio. Given that they ARE NOT U.S. citizens and are not here legally, returning them to their country of origin and requiring that they apply for a visa (which, owing to the criminal conviction won’t be granted) before entering the United States again would seem to have no legal hurdles – unless it can be considered “punishment” to require someone to follow legal protocols. As far as breaking up families, there should be no restriction on their whole family going with them. The “families” argument could be equally used as a defense by anyone sent to jail, that it would “break up their family.”

  5. This doesn’t make me feel warm and fuzzy about how much I worked and how much social security I get and how quickly social security is going bankrupt!!!! Get, especially, any illegal immigrants off of the welfare, social security, food stamps roles immediately and see how that affect everything!!! I am tired of watching my taxes going up along with the cost of just about everything else while these illegals are breaking the law and taking benefits they don’t deserve!! This makes me angry!!

  6. I don’t ever want to hear anyone say that Social Security is going bankrupt in so many years. We have the means to stop illegal immigration, we don’t have to give so-called “financial aid” to our enemies, and we need to treat our own citizens a whole lot better, especially veterans. I can’t believe that Congress would play favorites to any group other than Americans but that is exactly what has happened. We need to get our financial, legal, and moral houses in order. All are long overdue.

  7. They are not illegal immigrants, they are interning for the position of future democratic voter.

    • Some very big numbers there……….make em all up by yourself………even Sweden provide for refugees, single kids that arrive are house in ex military installations, wher 8 or 16 sleep in the same room…..we even give them some Money as well…23 Swedish kr per person per day…….23 times 365 equals about $980 a year, and you guys give them over $17000……..

      • Democratic voters in training don’t come cheap. This is America, where everyone has rights but no one has responsibilities.

        • But why should a immigrant get 17 times more in the USA than in Sweden

          • Good question. We’ll get back to you when we can figure out the answer.

          • Why should they even be here ?

          • Good Point……….WHY………….Another good question to ask, why is the USA Always interfering, meddling, noseying about, in their countries…..mostly in the Middle East………….where there just happens to be huge reserves of oil………..and another question why has the USA armed military in over 180 sovereign countries across the World……….and now you question the decision to allow 10000?? refugees to come to the USA…………..your argument is a bit lopsided

  8. Why they come…

  9. Give All Illegals, “The Golden Toe”!!

  10. How many diseased, felons has Obama welcomed into his home in Washington , his vacation home/s ?

  11. Is this $100 billion a year or what………and if it is then that means that the USA has taken in lets say last year…….if we divide $100 000 000 000 by $5800 means that the USA took in 17 200 000 families……about 68 million immigrants last year……….so the ADMIN is pulling the pissssssssssssssss


  13. Interesting, right? Not really. It’s sad. It’s sad just how far we have allowed our nation and peoples to decline. For almost 8 years we have witnessed the transformation of our nation. Too bad that transformation was not for the betterment of the people. Now do you understand “Hope and Change”?

  14. How sad for old folks paid into SSI there entire life and now trying to survive on SSI … SSI gave people $16.00 Dollar a month raise and takes back for medicare .. Then on other side we have newcomers sucking Billions dollars from system never paid one dime. .

    • All this money we doll out to criminals , this makes Obama a criminal.
      Obama is not a legislature, yet he acts as one.

  15. Well I suppose we should get ready for this to increase dramatically if $hitlery gets in. Not only will she grant amnesty to all illegals here now, she wants to open the borders as well as bring in 100’s of thousands under the guise of “refugees”. She will make this 100 billion look like the bargain of the century….We’re going to end up looking like this…

  16. What a waste. Locobama working hard to destroy USA. with congress helping by doing absolutely nothing..

  17. Call em illegal aliens, unvetted dangerous refugees, HB visa holders, and those BO and his infamous agenda have forced from their legal jobs as legal citizens of this country. Damn arrogant narcissistic sociopath who will go down in history as infamous rather than famous. Big diff folks and BO will register as the worst president in the history of this Great Country. This congress will sit beside him in the infamous category as well. Whole bunch of elected officials have been WORTHLESS for decades! Go Trump. They all don’t want him so he has to be good for the country. That is sound logic based on the past performance of the leaders in this country!!

  18. there is no other country that we could walk into and expect to get this kind of funds!! this is disgraceful and going to send our country into a 3rd world country!!! YEs we do need a wall! And yes, Trump 2016! No one else has said anything about stopping the illegals or vetting them, at least!!!

  19. soldier for liberty

    We need to put troops on the border rebuild military bases a along border and stop the invasion !


  21. This is insane. Give them NOTHING. $19+ trillion debt.. Did the Repub. controlled congress pass this appropriation? Wouldn’t that have been a requirement?
    Why hasn’t Pinocchiobama been impeached, convicted and in prison before now? He’s never acted like an American.He is a serial liar just like Killary. Could say the same about some congressmen.
    I think Locobama is trying to destroy the USA and congress is helping by not stopping him already.

  22. If all on the dole will be ordered to work or be deported pronto!!!!

  23. Dennis B Anderson

    I said this 25 years ago when I seen my best fishing hole turned into a SafeWay parking lot. Theres to many people here in the USA. What they will be doing next and are doing is this. They are turning Mexico and countrys on the other side of the border into farming land. What a way to get it cheap when everyone has vacated the premices. They figure they paid for it but with your money. Lots of regulations on our fruits and vegtables here in the states. You can buy a 10 lbs bag of potatoes and they will never sprout in that plastic bag. The ones that come from Clintons Nafta will sprout. When is the last time you bought a good cantelope that wasnt hard as a rock? You turn it on the counter top to ripen. Still it will be rotten on one side and rock hard on the other. Theres to many people on this planet and were not stopping it at all. China allows couples to have 3 children now instead of 2. They dont have to worry about the clean air act for 30 years. Meaning this is where your worthless iron & metal goods will be coming from. When Obama come on board all of our patents were given to China. The right thing to do is walk the illegals to the borders and let them come back in the states the right way with skills other than smoking dope and ciesta time. Realize this we dont need anybody they need us. How is it Obama got elected in the first place when we werent allowed to see his background.
    Our government came right out and said it.?? Hey we are the government and they have forgotten this. Our military is in such a depraved state they could walk across the border and take over. You do know since 2 febuarys ago they shut down our southern borders radar system? Obama takes our bullets and is going after our guns. What the phuck do you think is going to happen next????

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