New Liberal Strategy: Call Cops When Offended

A Connecticut man called police this week after enduring the unimaginable burden of being offended. The man – who declined to identify himself to the press – was shopping at a Wallingford flea market when he came upon a booth selling Confederate and Nazi merchandise. He was so distraught by this scene that he called the cops, apparently hoping that they would cart the seller off in handcuffs. Naturally, things didn’t work out like he’d hoped.

Surprisingly, the Wallingford police did actually show up. But upon seeing the booth, they merely shrugged and told the complainant that their hands were tied. The wares sold by Military Specialties, Inc may be offensive to some shoppers, but they aren’t illegal in any way. The Wallingford police chief told the local news that no laws had been broken.

The anonymous complainer couldn’t come up with any legal justification for calling the cops, but he made sure to let the press know how deeply his offense ran. “I was shaking and almost vomiting,” he told the Record-Journal. “I had to run. My grandmother had numbers.”

Presumably, the man is referring to the stamped numbers given to Jews in Nazi Germany. And there’s no question that he has earned his right to be offended and even disgusted by displays celebrating Hitler and the Third Reich. Anyone with a conscience would be similarly affected by memorabilia originating from the Nazis.

That said, calling the cops because you don’t like something is closer to Nazi Germany than it is the United States of America. Within these borders, we have a little thing called freedom. And the more liberals fight this freedom, the more they show their true colors. They aren’t trying to make a better America; they are trying to turn this stretch of land into another country altogether. One where they call the shots. One where whites and Christians and Southerners are no longer welcome to retain their cultural identities.

Ordinarily, a story this insignificant would hardly bear mentioning. But this anonymous man has somehow managed to encapsulate two growing liberal movements in one fell stroke. He is possessed of the mindset that gives rise to “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings,” ensuring that no liberal will ever have to be threatened by an alternative opinion. And at the same time, he is a champion of the leftist movement to erase history and make it a crime to even look upon the symbols of the past.

Perhaps it’s right that he should withhold his identity. It lets us call him Mr. Liberal. All for one and one for all. Where the most extreme of them go, so go the rest in due time. That’s why it’s so important to fight these things when they’re small and “insignificant.” If we wait until it’s a national movement, it’s too late.

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