New Liberal Strategy: Call Cops When Offended

A Connecticut man called police this week after enduring the unimaginable burden of being offended. The man – who declined to identify himself to the press – was shopping at a Wallingford flea market when he came upon a booth selling Confederate and Nazi merchandise. He was so distraught by this scene that he called the cops, apparently hoping that they would cart the seller off in handcuffs. Naturally, things didn’t work out like he’d hoped.

Surprisingly, the Wallingford police did actually show up. But upon seeing the booth, they merely shrugged and told the complainant that their hands were tied. The wares sold by Military Specialties, Inc may be offensive to some shoppers, but they aren’t illegal in any way. The Wallingford police chief told the local news that no laws had been broken.

The anonymous complainer couldn’t come up with any legal justification for calling the cops, but he made sure to let the press know how deeply his offense ran. “I was shaking and almost vomiting,” he told the Record-Journal. “I had to run. My grandmother had numbers.”

Presumably, the man is referring to the stamped numbers given to Jews in Nazi Germany. And there’s no question that he has earned his right to be offended and even disgusted by displays celebrating Hitler and the Third Reich. Anyone with a conscience would be similarly affected by memorabilia originating from the Nazis.

That said, calling the cops because you don’t like something is closer to Nazi Germany than it is the United States of America. Within these borders, we have a little thing called freedom. And the more liberals fight this freedom, the more they show their true colors. They aren’t trying to make a better America; they are trying to turn this stretch of land into another country altogether. One where they call the shots. One where whites and Christians and Southerners are no longer welcome to retain their cultural identities.

Ordinarily, a story this insignificant would hardly bear mentioning. But this anonymous man has somehow managed to encapsulate two growing liberal movements in one fell stroke. He is possessed of the mindset that gives rise to “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings,” ensuring that no liberal will ever have to be threatened by an alternative opinion. And at the same time, he is a champion of the leftist movement to erase history and make it a crime to even look upon the symbols of the past.

Perhaps it’s right that he should withhold his identity. It lets us call him Mr. Liberal. All for one and one for all. Where the most extreme of them go, so go the rest in due time. That’s why it’s so important to fight these things when they’re small and “insignificant.” If we wait until it’s a national movement, it’s too late.

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    Liberalism is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.

    • Kudos, friend!

    • It’s funny how today’s “Liberals” have taken terms from the past and dominated them. Over 100 years ago to “Progressive” meant you for “progress and growth” to be “Gay” meant you were happy. I used be to quiet “Liberal”: with the amount of sugar I put on my Corn Flakes as a child and my mother would get after me for it. Now it seems all these “Liberals” and Progressives” were spawned from a box of “Corn Flakes”

    • Unfortunately, their sound and fury seems to have acquired the force of law.

    • If those same “idiots” couldn’t educate American youth in our schools, we would have a better tomorrow.

      • That is why it is incumbant that we teach our children our morals, ethics and ethos so they will have a rock solid foundation to brave the spears and arrows of the propaganda mills (public schools)

        • It’s a shame.
          Many parents have so little time to cleanse their children’s education of the indoctrination, but that was always part of the plan.
          As long as they vote liberal an education won’t be essential in the near future.

          • John, I fear you are correct…. but that should not stop us from continuing their education until they are grow and gone.

      • You may be surprised to know what these kids are being taught in public schools these days!!! It certainly isn’t just the three “R’s”!!!

        • By the way, wasn’t it Al Gore, about 20 years ago, telling the group of school students to “just don’t pay any attention to your parents, because they didn’t know anything anyway”? Thank God that SOB didn’t get to be president!!!

        • I feel three Rs are being less stressed, taking a backseat to technologies hardware requirements for accessing information.
          A problem considering the real money in technology is the coding and math involved under those windows on the screen.
          Kids today are more focused on who has a better phone or tablet, rather than learning what makes them tick.
          I actually hate holiday gatherings because every conversation at the dinner table revolves around who has the greatest smartphone.

          • When I took my daughters cell away, I asked her this: describe just ONE of the technologies that this phone uses and I’ll give it back… the sound of crickets could be heard she lost the phone
            I would have settled for CDMA or G4 but she had no clue. When she came back several days later and said GPS I gave her phone back because she took the time to give me ONE technology.

          • I’d feel greater accomplishment fathering a math science major, or at least someone who could communicate without grabbing a piece of hardware.
            I don’t even have a “dumb” cell phone.
            If you can’t reach me on a hardline at work or at home, I’m probably enjoying a break from all the technology.

          • I would have as well but we can only mold the clay so far, She got her degree in “communications” I’m still wondering what that really is…. 120 grand in debt for a bachelor’s from a slimy liberal school for a degree that is freaking worthless… I tried to push her toward math or at least a computer science degree but as you see I was unsuccessful.

          • Kids will be kids, but I think that degree will be put to good use eventually. Good luck with all.

          • Thanks you as well! so long as she is not some politicians “spokeperson”

      • spoken like one of the truly un educated

      • You really want them educating your children in school, they have taken God away from your kids already!

    • I will never call you or a cop hired by TPs or Repubs. These are hired to kill us Blacks. And you look like one-killer of Blacks

      • You can easily spot a “killer of Blacks”.
        Nearly ALL of them have black colored skin.
        Liberalism is a mental disorder.’


          • No…it will not get better!, The working class is out numbered by the voting class, that vote to improve themselves by voting for the domoc-rats and they never get improved, but it’s worst now, the USA can (never) pay it’s so called debt, that debt is a wobbling amount combined with what is owed China and the Fed Res Bank, but in truth, the American people are hookered because when the feds print money, say 1 billion, they pass that paper into our lives and say we owe them a billion dollars and that is hard earned dollars to be paid back when it was just paper that went forward into the public wallets, and in truth they are out just the cost of the paper and ink but the American people are out the real dollars represented by the paper, I am a Religious man, I love the Lord and He is my personal Savior and He gave me a brand new spirit that is in commute with God by prayer, and I love my fellow man even if half of them are sick with liberalism, I admit, they can not think for themselves they have to look at a leader and mimic them, and the leader they see, they are blinded in mind and won’t even listen to the truth, some of them may even think Obama is the Lord himself, he could be the antichrist, who knows, we have to wait and see how he treats Israel with a treaty coming dome the line……..any way, I said it would not get better…..Most Christians are waiting for the rapture even now, there is a big advance toward Christian persecution by the gay movement, Now they have their own bible called (the Queen James bible) they have removed any word in the King James bible pertaining to homosexuality is wrong and also blessed with their bible the marriages of same sex and now their agenda is to remove the words….Husband and wife…..not just from the Word of God but from our lips as well. I believe with all my being, that God has removed His Hand from this nation, some of you don’t believe in God, so you are laughing at me, that’s OK, The Lord says, ” all knees will bow to Him and confess that He is God even before their souls are condemned to outer darkness forever. Heaven forbid but when the democrats win next year, you will know I am right.

          • @golding4 – Hunh? Boiled down to its essence and with use of relevant English wording, punctuation, grammar and spelling, what are the points you are attempting to make about what issues?

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • @dcfla – Scanning for clues, I think I probably agree with you. However, I refuse to take the time wading through consistent uppercase, as I very much doubt that all thoughts (including “a,” “the,” “&/and” “of”) are so important as to be “yelled” at me. I contend that not all thoughts are *that* important.

            De Oppresso Liber

        • Amen! Whatever it means.

    • Francisco Machado

      It is more than a tale. It is an irrational controlling ideology. It is, indeed, full of sound and fury – and it signifies a contraction of freedom for expressing any belief that conflicts with the ideology. It represents a pattern that has historically marked the collapse of whole societies, even nations. It curtails thought, demands ideologic purity, stifles productivity save by mandate of the controlling aristocracy and destroys incentive. I fear you underestimate the destructive power of stupid people in large groups – we have recently seen mob mentality in action. It is to be feared.

  2. Liberals have learned that being offended can make them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    No doubt this looser was trying to get rich off of others hard work.

  3. Dudley DoRight.

    Liberals are too stupid to realize that they are communists.

  4. He declined to give his name. lmao. I wonder why? These people need to get a life. I wish I knew who he was because I would make sure he sees me with all the things that offend him.

    • Relax, just knowing things from the past STILL EXIST will send he/she into apoplexy (things like truth, respect, integrity). It can’t be easy to be an overweight progressive seeing all the churches we still have.
      We are just like ancient Rome, We now have Progressive Vomitoriums at flea markets. I wonder how much PVs have to charge (or display) to make progressives sick?

      • It would be nice if while puking, the poor frightend queer, chokes to death. But wait, that might cut down on future firearms targets, might have to rethink that…LOL

    • Everyone needs to know who this whiney little panzyass is so they can be sure the poor little puss won’t be traumatized be some physical object that has the power to do that to someone. Just imagine the horror of seeing a piece of rope (OMG!!!), a knife (run and hide!!!), or …..a gun (ooooh, I’m shaking and vomiting at the shear terror). What a stupidass. Americans have more to fear from these pussass little cry babies and their pc politicians than they do outright armed confrontation. Welcome to oblowhard’s “new” America, bang!

      • Man I can not wait for the civil war to come, these little douchebags will fold like a cheep chinese suit…. They may have more people on their side, but I have enough of ammo and a will to utilize it if a true threat arises.

        • more people on their side my azz—they are just the scumbags who think the squeaky wheel gets the grease–well I got news for them….its also the first one to get replaced.

          • Remember when the laws of natural selection would take most of these morons! The laws of natural selection is simply the slow ones get slicked…

        • I got your back Warpaint !!!

      • This country is gone to pot because of the MF in office. Every queer is trying to change to world wanting everyone to think going down the Hershey hwy is what God wants. A flag offends every black person on this earth. Well tough shit.

    • Fear not, this guys name will show up somewhere on the internet or TV because there is always a camera phone just waiting to take a picture. The he/she will be exposed.

      • Maxx… he/she? what about “IT” (like Jenner)?

        • Sorry, I forgot about IT. I wonder how the Master of the Universe feels about all these other flavors of human beings. Males acting like females. Males becoming females and vice versa. Whites identifying as black and vice versa. Whites claiming to be Native American when they are not. Oh, what a weird web we find ourselves in. All of this caused by one bad gene: liberalism.

      • I’m sure he will show up with pink panties and purple hair and almost naked with nothing to show.


  6. I hope the liberal loser was so offended that he vomited up his entire intestinal tract.

  7. What happened to police call center’s practice of prosecuting those who made frivolous 911 calls?

    • I wish they would have given him a ticket for a non emergency…

    • That is an excellent question Joe. But I suppose it is perfectly okay for liberals to break laws because look at how democrat politicians act. Only conservatives are prosecuted for frivolous 911 calls I would bet. Don’t forget most police departments are unionized and that automatically puts them ad odds with conservatives that don’t believe in forced control over workers by unions.

      • During the Ford and then the Carter years, when the political correctness movement began to take hold, we laughed at them. PC was a complete joke and worthy of a giggle.
        I wonder how much political power was put behind this seemingly innocent but subversive PC movement. It _has_ been the Democrat’s plan since the late 1920s to destroy the Republic and it seems that they have found their “doomsday weapon” in PC.
        Now, it may be accurate to say that only conservatives would be harassed over frivolous 911 calls but as recently as the 1980s, that was not the case.

        • @joe – We are quickly running out of PC words in the English language. If I recall correctly (shades of the OJ Simpson criminal trial by farce), the “n-word” (“nigger’) started it. In short order, that was quickly followed, within years, by the “a-word” (“ass,” though how else could one legitimately describe the Demoncraptic Party’s symbol?), the “b-word” (“bitch,” a previously correct word characterizing a female canine), the “c-word” (“cunt,” memorialized in classic English literature), the “d-word” (Christian fundamentalists must take credit for attempting to PC-ize “damn” from the language.), the “f-word” (“fuck,” and all its derivations; whatever an “e-word” might be escapes me at present) ─ and then there are double- and triple-PC bans on other words, like “the s-word” (which can designate either “shit” or “slut,” I suppose), and the “t-word” (“twat” falls into this category, as does “Tinkerbell,” presumably. Oops! I forgot “queer” (the “q-word”)! “Whore” (the “w-word” is on the list, though I’m not sure about the “h-word” (“harlot”).

          At any rate, we are running out of letters, so if you have a particular favorite, better get your bid in soon, before the “-word” auction closes! The “n-word” in our Oval Office is coming up on, “Going once! Going “t-word…,” and “s-word” to the “c-word” waving the…” well, you get my drift!

          Sic semper tyrannis.

          • e = “excellence”, now forbidden. ALL must receive recognition so that none feels “left out” thus we have our schools giving trophies for “participation”, “attendance” (to a game, assembly, etc.), showing up in class two days in a row, breathing.
            p=”patriotism”, now forbidden. Even the mere pronunciation of that word will bring about a visit from the PC police. Patriotism evokes feelings of nationalism and pride in one’s own home. Since we now are all ‘citizens of Earth’ and under the power of Gaia, rather than God, patriotism, which is evinced by the fact that God Himself created nationalism during the early days of our world, is taboo.
            t=”tenth amendment”, now forbidden. Don’t even read it. In fact, **anything** that refers to our Constitution is now nothing more than blatant insurrection and treason, punishable by imprisonment (though not for patriotism or believing God or the constitution. They will manufacture some other charge) in the nearest DHS internment camp.

          • @joe – Omigarsh! I hadn’t realized that my US passport was no longer valid in the Earth Federation! Does this mean that we’re required to show an Earth Passport upon being commanded, “*Papers!*” now? Or is such a passport only required for interstellar travel?

            Thanks for help with the e-word. No wonder I couldn’t remember it, since e-wording is not for e-wordance, but for p-ing!

            I don’t know if you realize it, but you just potentially expanded our vocabulary by including words which are capitalized. While “cunt” is the “c-word,” “Constitution” is the “C-word.” Now we’ll have difficulty communicating verbally, but 100% more words available for writing! Yay! (Grrrrrrr…!)

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • Relax, my friend, we are being guarded by the best of the best of the best.
            Sed quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

          • @joe – Thank you for your compliment, but we do not relax. I gather you recognize the unit motto on the crest, knowing that it is we who assure your security in an uncertain world.

            De Oppresso Liber

  8. What a typical northeastern metrosexual faggy democrat male, I would have loved to laugh at this queer little bastard.

    • Warpaint,
      If the guy had a relative in a Nazi camp he has a right to be offended. But he does not have the right to shut down the marketer. That is called freedom. We get hurt by it at times but it beats no freedom.

      • He has the right to walk away as well, shame he didnt avail himself of that right.

        • Warpaint,
          I believe I said one in a post above that I take offense to these items for sale also. But if I take away the rights of the individual who as selling them, that opens the door for someone else to encroach on my rights. I agree that he had a right to just walk off. He had a right to say he was offended. He had a right to not to puchase the merchandise.

    • BoundlessExistence

      Hey Mr. Warpaint, are you a Native American, did your ancestors walk over that land bridge 30,000 or so yrs. ago? If you answer this with a yes you are either lying or you are insane or both.

      • Look troll, i grew up on a reservation, so you and your eurotrash family can go back to whatever hell hole spawned you

        • BoundlessExistence

          I see, you are insane, thanks for answering my question. Answer this one, what reservation did you grow up on?

          • You bore me troll, look it up. If you talked that way to my face gutless troll you would be spittin teeth.

          • BoundlessExistence

            Look you idiot, I asked you what res you grew up on, there are 310 reservations in the US, which one was it? I don’t think you are a Native American but I do know that you are a worthless pos and if I stood in front of you and challenged you you would run while yelling, mommy mommy help me!

          • Boundless,
            I agree that you are some sort of troll. You are rude and crude. Warpaint says he is a Native American. Leave it at that. What he says is good enough for me. There has been some evidence of the travelers going the other way. I do not know if that has ever been found to be so or not. In any case his ancestors were here first. As the needle said to Lady Godiva, sew what?

          • BoundlessExistence

            This Warpaint guy is as phony as a 3 dollar bill!

          • And I think you are queer as one.

          • BoundlessExistence

            Hey, stop by with your mother and I will prove that I’m at least bi even if I need to be blindfolded and plug my nose to do so.

          • You seem to be pure evil, yet…Jesus loves you….but His judgment is coming!

          • Boundless,
            I have not seen any indication of that yet. We need documentation od some kind. I am not disagreeing with you, just that I deal in facts, not speculation.

          • @Jerry Branson – We haven’t any proof that BoundlessExistence has any gonads either, but I have a P-38 can opener with which I quite skilled at surgery, unless the subject gonads have already been pickled and are sitting in a jar gathering dust on a shelf. (I’ve found that the great majority of proglibiotrolls are devoid of ‘nads anyway.)

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Drawer22,
            So you have the instrument to solve the problem but no one to use them on?

          • @Jerry Branson – There are plenty of proglibiotrollic candidates for open-‘nad, P-38 field surgery, but rather like groundhogs, they pop in unexpectedly and just as quickly flee to their holes in the ground. The primary advantage of the suggested surgery is population control, which *should* fit their agenda, but apparently ZPG is only for those they wish to control by sheer weight of numbers.

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • And of course you are willing to bet your worthless, scum bag life on that fact asshole ??

          • And why does Warpaint have to answer you, I have been a reader only but now I have entered this to tell you, you are nothing, nothing at all, in fact; your very best in life is nothing but filthy rags to Almighty God, You have well, judged yourself, in your writings on this web.
            I would repent of the evil you are dropping out of your soul, and maybe have a chance of obtaining the Lord’s Salvation, because you will die and your soul be casted into outer darkness is all you have to look forward too…..if you don’t change your ways and attitude towards others, what hope is there for you. By the way, I am half Crow from MT. Do you have any special words for me that would prove what I have wrote here to you, is true and holds water, we will all see your answer.

          • BoundlessExistence

            Warpaint does not have to answer to me, he is free to do what he wants. I don’t care what he does, he, like you, is just another insignificant fool!

        • @Warpaint – From the boundless emptiness of what BoundlessExistence has posted, one might more properly deduce that it is far less than a troll, being more akin to a proglibiotroll.

          De Oppresso Liber

  9. If this LIBERAL ass-hole can’t take the heat, Stay the hell out of the kitchen.

  10. I’d buy a bunch of these products just to keep this liberal whine azz pucking.

  11. The poor little fruit fly, I hope his grandmother kicked his little faggy ass.

  12. “It offends me” BS. So lets sue them. OK how about it Offends Me the way that this nation leaders or destroying moral fabric, the religion of Christ, the Constitution, The Rights of the true American people, the BUTT kissing of foreigners and muslim telling Americans how to live, when to pray and what God to serve. The Butt holes in DC are offending every true America. So lets all file a IT OFFENDS ME LAWSUIT AGAINST THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND MUSLIM SQUATTING IN THE OVAL OFFICE. USMC

  13. On September 11, 2001, 3 people that I worked with at Booz-Allen were among those killed at the Pentagon. As a result I am now offended by the sight of burkas, headrags, faceveils, prayer rugs and mosques. Therefore I demand that all of them be removed from America so that I do not have to view them.

    • GREYGHOSTCSA … you get the AWARD for the BEST post of all!! The words “nail” and “head” come to mind.

    • I agree greyghostcsa.seems they offend every where they go.what do I do and where .I’m a white male vet type who likes woman believe s in god and Jesus I’m very offended.where do I press charges and I want my country back.lmao.any lawyers on this site who will file the charges.

      • I take smile at your comment but there is no (and) between God and Jesus and please in the future, never use a little g on the Word of God, He is my all, and I hope He will be your all.

    • Wish it were so


  15. Is anyone surprised by this? It is the natural progression now that “political correctness” has stealthily abolished the First Amendment. Yet there are no laws concerning offending someone except maybe with regard to obscenity laws in relation to porn. This is what liberalism / progressivism is all about. Liberals are born with an over abundance of the “easily offended gene” otherwise known as “victimism”; not a real word but you get my gist. Sounds like a mental illness that goes hand in hand with being a democrat. Too bad murdering, dismembering and selling body parts of aborted human babies doesn’t offend them.

  16. If he got bitched slapped up long side the head-so his ear stung for about an hour….he may think twice before screwing around with someone who’s wares you don’t like……period.

    • Those fruitcakes don’t have a life so they try to force others to be like them (i.e., perverted, un-natural, disgusting, un-healthy)

  17. when my kids were in school, I made all the school board meetings, and also sat in on some of the classes. Helped start a PTA, and got rid of the principal. Yes, it was hard work, but my kids were worth it.

  18. This should be a reminder of the WW 2 Nazi “hitler” dictator type that is threatening the U.S. Citizens Freedom.. ! This being the liar in chief muslim, commie traitor that protects illegal foreigners while he destroys the U.S. Citizens Constitution with his abuse of power E.O.’s & violating U.S. Laws & his POTUS sworn oath .. ! Calling the cops was ridiculous when he should be calling, supporing & joining the N.R.A. to save our Constitutional Freedom & Rights !

  19. The cops should have executed this fool for wasting their time.

  20. Who do WE call when we are offended by these imbeciles that are constantly offended by anything and everything?

  21. Technically, the police could have written him a summons for falsely reporting a crime. Courts then could have charged him with a fine, including bumping it up to paying the cost to the city or town with jurisdiction for responding police as payment for services of the Police Officer(s) and police vehicle.

  22. The police should just ignore these kind of calls. Hey the left hate the police but they sure want them to show up when they want them. The police have enough to deal with, they don’t need to deal with sniveling liberal cry babies who get offended. My advice to the liberal cry babies, it is time for you to grow up and act like adults. Just a side note, if liberals call the cops under false pretenses they are the ones that should be arrested.

  23. How would that work for the pro-LGBTQ/NAMBLA – – pro-sexual perversion commercials put out by Tylenol, Dove Soap designed to brain-wash young children into thinking GAY is natural & healthy?

  24. When offended or when a fast food chain runs out of a certain item or whenever things don’t go your way or you are just pi$$ed off or whenever something happens to you that you have already been warned about …… the list can go on and on an on …. GET A GRIP SHEEPLE, RADICAL LIBERALS, PROGRESSIVES, COMMIE, EUROPEANS, SOCIALIST AND WHINERS IN GENERAL …. LIFE CAN BE AND SOMETIMES IS UNFAIR …. THAT’S LIFE, LEARN TO LIVE WITH IT. SUCK IT UP.

  25. How can we be so insensitive to this liberals feelings? “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”

  26. There is nothing in our Constitution that says “you have the right to NOT be offended”! The world is a magical place, full of people just waiting to be offended by something. (Also, the author’s demonstrated lack of knowledge of WWII Nazi practices is apparent. The “numbers” given the Jews were TATTOOED on their forearm, not “stamped”.)

  27. I posted below but I think I’ll do a general one here and get lots of nasty response.
    The guy has a right to be offended because he had a relative in a Nazi camp and knows the stories. I find it offensive myself.
    But if we are going to enjoy freedom in this country, this sort of thing can happen. He may have been trying to display stuff that woulde trurn off people to the Nazi political thought. I would have told the person I was offended and then went on my not so merry way. I cherish freedom more than what some moron does to irritate people.

    • Francisco Machado

      We have the freedom to offend people without government sanctions. We do not have the freedom to injure people without government sanctions. The problem has become that the Liberals, the Progressive, consider themselves to have been injured when they have been no more than offended, and damn near everything that does not fall within their ideology offends them. They differ from ISIS insofar as they are not permitted to kill the people with whom they disagree and must limit themselves to demonizing them. That obviously frustrates them sorely and I have little doubt they’re working on a solution.

      • Francisco,
        You are Constitutionally correct.

        • Francisco Machado

          It occurs to me in light of the recent tragic church shooting by a mentally unstable deranged psychopath that anyone who is so severely traumatized by having a bakery decline to make them a cake for any reason at all that they suffer serious physical side effects should not only be under psychiatric care but probably shouldn’t be permitted to move unaccompanied in public.

          • Francisco,
            You are correct in that the shooter was not all there. So what does that tell us? We have a people problem, not a weapons problem.
            The only “cake” issue I know about is the one in Oregon. It was the state and not the LGBT couple who took issue. Their stance is Unconstitutional, period. The First Amendment says that no legislative body shall legislate against any religion. That is a paraphrase, in case anyone challenges me. The 14th Amendment says that states shall make no legislation. That contradicts the original language of the base Constitution itself but seems pertinent in this case.
            I support a new amendment to clarify the 14th because it is in violation of the main body of the Constitution itself. Also it was established in 1868 and needs to be clarified that it was about racial discrimination.

          • Right on

  28. Well, gosh. I remember being at a gun show where a guy displayed photographs of dead Jews and dead slaves. I simply walked away. I do the same thing when I see a sign on the side walk that says “girls, girls, girls”, etc. Everyone is offended everyday, but for some reason, liberals think they never offend.

  29. Wait until it’s a national movement? It’s already here! It’s gonna take a LOT to quash this. But I won’t keep silent. Hope you won’t either.

  30. This wimpy a$$ Jew Boy is exactly the type who elect vermin like DWS and Grayson.

  31. Joseph O Morrow

    I’m putting ALL the very-easily-offended ON NOTICE: . . . GROW A BACKBONE before all of your jellyfish protoplasm seeps the rest of the way down into the sewer!

  32. Offended by pictures of the holocaust? Of the tortured and murdered Jews and others? About six million Jews were murdered but hitler actually murdered nearly 13 million Germans. Many were his earlier supporters and others who helped him secure his status as fuhrer.

    General Eisenhower had pictures taken of the holocaust because he realized if there were no pictures for proof in the future some people would declare it never happened and it is/was all in our mind. He was exactly right many have already done so (especially in the middle east) “even with” the pictures. If this person was so offended by those pictures how would he have handled the real thing. Reality is reality and unless we pay attention we WILL live through those kinds of things again. The way they are avoided is by knowing about them and realizing what has happened and can happen again. That is precisely where isis, isil and all the rest of the terrorists groups would like to take us. Sticking your head in the sand and pretending it never happened or avoiding any reminders of such a tragedy only makes a recurrence more likely. The current president, barack obama is a pacifist. A pacifist approach to peace is weakness that is why he thinks disarming will guarantee peace but the real road to peace is strength. Bullies only pick on the weaklings never the stronger. You build up an Army to prevent war cutting the Army guarantees there will be war. That is what he is doing right now preparing for us to be attacked like Pearl Harbor.

  33. If the guy selling Confederate & Nazi flags made him sick on his stomach, because his grandmother has numbers,…..he must throw up & leave brown spots in his shorts, everytime someone mentions George Soros, his LORD of the liberals!! He is JEWISH, yet he started making his fortunes selling information & ratting out the other Jews to the Nazi’s!!!

  34. Hey folks: STOP supporting these Liberal and Democrat as-holes. Be very selective where you spend your money. Left-Wing web sites make money on each “click”. Don’t do it. Do you really need Mark Suckerburg and facebook?? There are also several great alternatives to GOOGLE. Stop supporting Left-Wing celebrities ( look up who they are). Just a littles effort will a long way. We got rid of Jay Leno and Letterman, didn’t we?

    • BoundlessExistence

      Wow, you are a new kind of stupid! You and all of your conservative homies did not get “rid of” Leno and Letterman, they retired because they both had become a multimillionaire and just wanted to kick back and take it easy for the rest of their lives. Jimmy Fallon, who has replaced Leno, is much more of a Liberal then Leno, and Stephen Colbert, who is replacing Letterman on the Late Show, is far more of a Liberal then Letterman ever thought of being. Please keep posting your right wing bs, I find this nonsense to be very funny.

      • From wikipedia:
        “On July 1, 2010, Variety reported that only six months into its second life, Jay Leno’s Tonight Show posted its lowest ratings since 1992.[21] By September 2010, Leno’s ratings in the adults 18-49 demographic had fallen below those of Conan O’Brien when he had hosted The Tonight Show.” When Leno started pushing His Liberal BS on Live TV, conservative viewers left. I am not even going to get into that Left-Wing asshole called Letterman, his decline is very similar to Leno.

        You should get your facts right, fcking Left-Wing moron.

        • BoundlessExistence

          Here’s the facts you dimwitted imbecile, like I said, both Leno and Letterman have been replaced by 2 guys, Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert, who are each even more politically liberal, further to the left, and more progressive then Leno or Letterman. Your claim about getting rid of Liberal talk show hosts has been shot full of holes and your wish to delete Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook will only come true in your dreams!

          • The FACT is, Leno and Letterman showed their true Liberal colors on National TV. Conservative viewers left them. Those other assholes ( Fallon, Kimmel and Colbert) have toned down their Liberal rhetoric by order of the Network in hopes of gaining back their viewers. I have MY facts. Idiot.
            I could care less about Zuckerberg and facebook. I Don’t use his shit, nor do I support Bill Gates’ trash. You moron Liberals don’t really have the brains or money to support anything. American Business is Predominately Conservative ( those that aren’t in Debt up to their eyeballs).
            Every Left-Wing City in America is going Bankrupt. California, NY, Illinois, Detroit, San Bernardino, Chicago, NYC, Stockton CA, Etc., Etc., Etc.
            Yeah, I’m a dumbass. I retired at 51 DEBT free. How are you doing? Moron.

          • BoundlessExistence

            So, in your fucking micro-mini little mind you think that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, through which they have donated 28 billion dollars of their own money to a large number of charities thereby improving the quality of life for many thousands of people all over this planet is nothing more then a piece of “trash”. Well, I’m not surprised, after all you are a Conservative and if you can’t personally profit from something you consider it to be a worthless piece of shit.

          • Bill Gates did NOT invent “windows”. The GUI ( what Gates calls “windows”) was invented by Xerox. Steve Jobs purchased the GUI from Xerox (circa 1980). Bill Gates “leased” this GUI from Steve Jobs, reverse engineered it and “stole” it from Apple. So, NO, I do not support Thieves. You do because you are a moron and a thief also ( supporting thieves makes you an accomplice).
            You praise the Gates foundation for donating money. I will challenge to name just ONE person the Gates foundation has improved the life of. Bill Gates will NEVER realize his goal of curing AIDS in Africa. NEVER. Throwing more money at a problem is what moron Democrats and Liberals do. More and more money does not always solve problems. Just look at the Public Education system. It gets Billions of Dollars thrown into it. All that comes out is Idiots like you.
            I’ll say for the record again, yes, Windows computers are shit!! Idiots love them.

          • BoundlessExistence

            You are a extremely arrogant imbecile. Here are the names of 2 people who’s lives were improved by donations from the Gates Foundation, Padma Buggieni and Margaret Hallah. Go ahead and try and prove me wrong on this, and while you are at it, prove that, as you seem to think, the Gates Foundation has never helped anyone, that it is nothing but a bogus scam. In your opinion Gates stole “windows” from Apple but the judge in the lawsuit Apple filed against Microsoft and Gates did not think so and ruled against Apple. Of course a paranoid conspiracy freak like you will think that Gates paid off the judge to get the ruling in his favor. And Windows does not make computers, Windows creates computer operating systems and I’m sure that most of your homies use Windows and you may also.

          • I can not argue whether Bill Gate’s money has not “helped” some people. By all rights, it SHOULD have some impact on some people’s lives. However, his defective OS, with it’s propensity for virus, trojans, malware, and hackers is more than enough misery to overshadow any possible “good” His money is doing.
            The Judge in the Apple/Microsoft case did rule in favor of Microsoft, but NOT for the reason YOU think. It was a “flaw” in the Contract language. The words “Likeness Of” is what lost the case for Apple. Apple’s Lawyers were not so good then. That explains why Apple sues the shit out of Everyone now. They Obviously have better Lawyers today. Bill Gates taught them a very expensive lesson.
            In all fairness, Microsoft does have a decent word processing software. However, for the average home user, Apple’s word processing is far simpler and faster to navigate.
            I am well aware of who makes Computers. Microsoft “Leases” their worthless OS to any Tom Dick and Harry who thinks they can make a Computer. The good? Stupid people can buy CHEAP computers ( yeah, even I fell for it, twice)
            I purchased my first Apple Computer in 2001, after owning 2 POS windows units (one was an IBM, so not a crappy piece of hardware). I have NEVER owned any “anti-virus” software. EVER!. I have NEVER had a Virus, Trojan, Malware, or been “hacked”. I wonder how many of you “windows” users can say that?
            I was in College when Apple Incorporated. Where were You? You were not even born yet, or still shitting in diapers. Don’t “lecture” me about how “smart” you are. You are just a Liberal moron with drug addicted, pot smoking hippie parents. It is obvious this “fcked” up your brain.

          • BoundlessExistence

            Ha ha ha, I never laugh at the disabled but in your case I can’t help myself, “hippie parents”, ha ha ha! Look, you simple-minded jerk, my parents were both the antithesis of pot smoking hippies and the only “pot” they ever saw or touched was a stew pot or other type pot used for cooking. They were both “law and order” types and always voted for Republicans. I am several yrs. older then you, my third son was born in 1970 and when you were in college I had already been working in the construction industry for about 10 yrs. Do yourself a favor and stfu!

          • Sooooo. How did YOU get so fcking STUPID??

          • Ignorant and Stupid people have been on this Planet since time began. It is these people that support facebook, leno, letterman, fallon, and the likes of colbert. YOU are testament of that.
            FYI, I don’t “dream” of eliminating this world of Stupid people. That would be a waste of my life, and will never happen.
            I retired at 51, DEBT free. I have done very well for a “dimwitted imbecile”. Are YOU DEBT free???

          • BoundlessExistence

            Yes, I am debt free you feeble minded fool. Do the world a favor, instead of flushing your meds, swallow them.

          • Yeah. Sure you are. Lying Liberal POS.
            FYI: Not on any “medication”, legal or otherwise.

  35. Vote for Donald Trump in 2016

    • Yes sir ree ……I intend too……but Hillary is going to buy the WH because it is like in the last days of the Roman Empire, the seat was to go to the highest payer and it ended with three emperors claiming the title

  36. I can understand a “survivor” being offended by a swastika but still cannot understand the vitriol toward the Confederate flag. Oh! Did I just offend someone?

  37. One side tells you what you can sell, what you can buy, who can be ridiculed, what flags, what statues you can display, what insurance to buy, etc. the other side is for free speech. Which one sounds more like the Nazis?

  38. Look–they blew the dog whistle and all the idiots are howling…pathetic

  39. Liberalism – Parasites and Moochers Electing Thieves and Looters to Steal from Workers and Producers = Communism , The five D`s of Liberalism – Deceive , Distort , Deflect , Destroy and Deny

  40. Liberal anti-gun zealots offend me, so can I have them banned? After all, if other people have a “Right to Not be Offended” (a Constitutional Right, no doubt), then by incorporation into the Fourteenth Amendment (equal protection under the law), then I should also have this “Right,” right? Fourteenth Amendment “incorporation” seems to be a popular way recently for liberals to get their own way on other issues, so why not ME?

  41. Thomas Lee Mullins

    I am glad the police told him that it might be offensive but it isn’t illegal. I am amazed they did not arrest the person who called it in for wasting police officers time.

  42. or we could do the coward conservative way and pump 10 bullets in ou and say we felt threatened

  43. “AS the article is written,quoting the last sentence,in the next to last paragraph “Erase history,making it a crime to even look upon the symbols of the past”,,why couldn’t those words have been used in defense,to prevent”the lowering of the CONFEDERATE FLAG”??

  44. People who insist on Nazi flags, literature, uniforms, etc., being banned, either don’t realize, or don’t WANT history to be displayed. Seeing things that remind us of oppressive forms of governments, help people remember to avoid falling into the same trap. The more “Progressives” can make people forget, the more they can get away with. Just one thing that I can’t understand-they’re ALWAYS reminding us how bad the Nazis were, so why should they complain about seeing Nazi stuff for sale? OH, yeah, if you’re not Communist, Bolshevik, or whatever they call themselves, then they label you a Nazi !!

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