New ISIS Video Promises Washington Terror

High on their own bloodthirsty successes, an ISIS affiliate in Iraq released a new video promising that Washington, D.C. would soon experience the terror of Paris. The video was disseminated through Islamic State social media accounts on Monday.

In the 11-minute video, which begins with a series of news clips covering the attacks, a man called Al Karar the Iraqi addresses the viewer. “We say to the states that take part in the crusader campaign that, by God, you will have a day, God willing, like France’s and by God, as we struck France in the center of its abode in Paris, then we swear that we will strike America at its center in Washington,” the man says in Arabic.

Another man – Al Ghareeb the Algerian, for those collecting ISIS trading cards – said that Europe could expect the same. “I say to the European countries that we are coming — coming with booby traps and explosives, coming with explosive belts and silencers and you will be unable to stop us because today we are much stronger than before,” he said.

According to Reuters, officials in Washington have not yet authenticated the video.

So what then? Is this just our life now? Russian commercial jet goes down, probably ISIS, cool beans. Paris attacks, well that’s horrible, we need to do something…but if we don’t, we can probably forget about it after a while. Oh, now they’re taunting us! Well, we won’t cower! We’re going to keep going to concerts just as much as we please!

And on and on.

You have to wonder what we might be able to adjust to. In fact, you don’t even have to wonder. Think about living in Jerusalem. Knowing that the next mortar attack or stabbing or shooting is just around the corner. Any day now, in fact, all-out war could begin again. And they have no choice (well…) but to accept it.

We could do the same. What if Paris was hit again next Friday? And then again the Friday after that? And then Amsterdam the following Wednesday. And then St. Louis. What could we tolerate, if it came up on us gradually? What horrors could we live with and simply call, The New Normal?

How about we don’t find out. Let’s do the tough thing now to avoid greater pain in the future. If we could snap our fingers tomorrow and kill every single Islamic terrorist on the planet, would we hesitate? Then our goal is obvious. The only thing that stands in our way is our weakness. Our willpower. Our unending capacity to let ourselves get distracted.

It should be enough that we do it for Paris and Paris alone. But if that’s not enough, then can we at least do it for ourselves?

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  2. It is simply amazing that these idiots will put the lives of INNOCENT AMERICANS at risk for the sake of looking
    good to the TERRORIST organizations in the entire world.

    • Who do you think they are? They bombed Paris!

    • Sunni Kurtz Putnam

      When you have a LEADER of the Free world that is a man of SELF-LOVE, embrace’s himself as not needing to listen to his adviser’s then he is setting his people and the FREE WORLD up for disaster,
      They are already on our soil, they are under the scope and so what are we doing about it. Not a damned thing. It is a personal invite to blow us off the face of the earth. How many of our young men have crossed over to the side of ISIS and joined them on their foreign soil? Do we even have a number? Is anyone counting’ or is it easier to turn one’s head and look the other way. Pathetic the apathy our country has developed and it is all due to poor leader ship. Where are the Patton’s, The Monte’s, The Church Hill’s the Reagan’s, the Eisenhower’s?

      • Basically what you are seeing is the Democrat Progressives showing there true colors to us.
        They could care less about the safety of the people of this country. You will notice that the
        people who are all demanding these things are people that are pretty immune from the actions
        of a Strike force like the one in Paris. These are the people who have Huge Security details and
        the ones who live behind secure walls. Where does Obama line, Where does Hillary and Bill

        • If you think about it, that is a fools security.
          Everything has a back door in.
          Bullets and bombs don’t care about security details, or who they hit…….,,

          • Really have you seen the car that Obama rides around in. You could probably hit it
            with a M1A1 shot and it would still keep moving. Additionally you need to get close and
            that don’t happen. As for the likes of Bloomberg just look at his security detail and you
            will see the same. Pretty much any of the Top Echelon of this corrupt party are pretty
            near invulnerable from any kind of ISIS attack. Now you take you or I and our families
            and then yea there is a very likely hit just waiting to happen there.

          • Caesar thought he was immortal till he got knifed…never say never… new tech makes the seemingly impossible possible…

          • Yea and the last LEADER that I know of that was used as a Wacka Mole was the
            Lebanese Prime Minister and that was a long time back. There have been hundreds
            of thousands of common everyday folks killed by the religious THUGS since then.

          • You too Brutus…yes let us have a reply….A good American on the inside can take him out…I wonder that the Secret Service has not done so before now. We would vote in a pardon for the doer of the deed…No jail time for killing a dictator…

          • Our states must get out from under O…We need to withdraw and have the states of America as our country…if the dem states want the Syrians…we can all fight them and keep them form entering the American states…We will come out in droves to fight them and we will all carry our guns all the time…We can surely help the Islamists get to hell very fast…

          • I say send them to Hawaii, it’s isolated incase we accidentally let a terrorist in like France apparently did. We could contain them, instead chasing them around the lower 48 like Jack Bower.
            This is so messed up. Our president allowing possible blood thirsty terrorist in our country.
            Oh yea, Obama is from Hawaii too!!!

          • Sign Trey Gowdy’s petition to remove Obama and have the new president elected in January 2016,,like in a month or two…It is a petition to no confidence remove Obama and Biden…It is way past time…

          • I’ll look for it. Something here needs to give.

          • I signed it on Facebook…

          • HAHAHA If any of this had a chance the republicans would have tried it long ago. Wake the fuck up you moron

          • you are a total idiot and should have all your coments deleted.

          • comments moron

          • Naughty naughty language…Mama needs to wash they nasty mouth out.

          • Scaryann, I have no desire to participate in your role play, but thanks for the offer

          • I never allowed trash talk from my sons….

          • I have no interest in hearing about the disgusting deprived things you do in the privacy of your own bedroom, but thanks

          • Send Obama to Gitmo

          • We just started talking to Cuba. I use to here stories about it from 2 of my crazier uncles. Always wanted to go there (for vacation) to see it. I’ve heard it’s still like the mid 1950s.
            So, let’s not piss off the Castro Brothers. I heard Rafael (I think that’s his name) is still upset about Obama shaking his hand in public at Mendallas funeral.

          • My relatives have been there…Never was much of a place to go…Keep them in their place until a regime change. I think my Aunt lived there for a brief time while the uncle did work there..she also was in Venezuela…

          • HAHAHAH learn the law dumb ass

          • It is much harder to close Gitmo when we have him safely inside with his kind.

          • Oh that’s right you’re one of those nut jobs who is still convinced he is a Muslim. You clowns are too fucking funny

        • Durbin is one POS…

      • New Leader of the Free World is name PUTIN !

    • is it not clear yet?? that Obama does not care…..

      • It is Perfectly Clear that OBAMA and HILLARY for that matter do not care about the American
        People but it is simply astonishing that the Members of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY are the
        same way. I guess when the bullets and bombs start flying in Northern Virginia the majority of
        which are Democrats then they will understand. It will be then that I stand right in front of them
        and say sorry about your bad luck you had a chance to stop this.

      • Americans are not stupid people. We were asleep to the danger that awoke us on September 11, 2001. We were sucker-punched. But that only happens once. America is regaining its bearings and composure. We are burying our dead and mourning the loss of family, friends, neighbors and our naiveté. We are carefully evaluating our position, identifying and targeting our enemies. And sadly, we have protected our enemies under the often-misguided umbrella of ‘tolerance’. But we won’t be fooled again.

    • Obama is expanding the democrats voter pool……

      • Now that cannot be true, Obama states that the Republicans are afraid of Syrian Three year olds
        so they are to young to vote. The 18 to 27 year olds that he is really importing into the country
        only vote with there guns and bombs.

    • Our president is the head of Islamic Terrorists…It must be plain to all now…

      • To a large part of the people of this country yes it is, to others it is about as clear as a bucket
        of BLACK JACK TAR.

        • We used to be a sensible nation…even in the backwoods…

          • Pretty much we still are , it just that we don’t demand that the Politicians do what we
            want them to do anymore. We just keep electing crooks as our representatives.

          • Do you realize how many have been in office for so very many horrible years and getting worse all the time…term limits and no perks in office or retirement will help to sift them…

          • MaryAnn we currently have the ULTIMATE term limit, it is called an election; We the
            People have to place the blame on ourselves.

  3. We need to notice the writing on the wall. Obama has made it clear that America’s interests are not his interests. That being said, we can then see clearly that we need to get rid of him before ISIS invades our country. He is even inviting them in our front door. Americans do not want them here, but does Obama care what Americans want? He doesn’t have another election to face, so he is doing as much damage to us as he can while he still has the power to do it.

    • Don’t be too sure about that! His agitation of the “black lives matter” bunch has created a virulent strain of “domestic terrorists”, which could encourage him to declare martial law, if things get bad enough. Say, riots in the street like another Missouri go-round. I think, personally, that that is just what he’s doing. Creating enough unrest and discontent so he will ultimately get enough violence that he will declare martial law. Then – THERE WILL BE NO ELECTION!!! This guy is that low and devious: just like an Anaconda snake – or a vulture waiting to swoop. All I can say is keep your powder dry; we are not done with this illegal fraud yet!!!

    • Barack Hussein Obama ,he’s a foking Muslim .His name says it all ! some of his staff members… WTF,where is the military on this ? Guess the Military is now just full of Lifers counting their days to benefit time….

      • Their military benefits will among to nothing once USA has been destroyed and we will be destroyed…
        For God has never allowed the destruction of a nation nor of it’s people before first sending His warnings hoping that the hearts of the people might turn to Him and be saved.. but very few are listening to God’s warnings… I first heard of His warnings in Apr. ’94 in the visions He gave Pastor Dumitru Duduman and again in the visions to two other pastors… 9/11/01 attack was the first of 3 major attacks. The 2nd is soon to happen and it will most likely be 1000x greater… Most likely in Southern California, and in at least 2 areas on the upper East Coast which looks like the Philly and Boston areas… and then the final which will be like none this world has seen since Noah’s flood. Google: watchman48 RFC Newsletter #101

      • The military hasn’t gone off the deep end. Wish I could say the same for you

      • He is firing the military constantly..But the election our military will be gone…Someone must tie his hands and tie them now.

    • Sorry ISIS is already here and Obama is bringing in as many as he can

      • As fast as he can load-up the Boats an’ Planes! He Has Been doing this for 7 years! Salaam Hussein Obama, The 12th Imam, Salaam Obama al Chicago, el Mahdi!!

        • You got that right and anyone who doesn’t understand who he is, is a fool. Of course those on the government dole don’t care as long as the checks keep coming in.

    • Take his power from him now by whatever method…A military coup and send him to Gitmo is my choice, and later try and execute the criminal Muslim president.

  4. We must now face the reality that our country is ruled by a foreigner who is in league with the nation’s enemies. It is time to put him where free people put traitors and put this maniacal death cult where the medical profession put smallpox.

    • Since obama refuses to do anything to stop ISIS and other terrorist regimes then I would hope that any loss of lives when they attack would be the pos in chief.

      • Just what I was thinking. If ISIS actually makes it to DC, which I hope doesn’t happen, but probably will at some point, let it be the whitehouse blown to rubble with barry and his muslim bros in the hood inside.

        • Right you are. Let those who make the decisions suffer the consequences.

        • I do hope the got inside the White House on false pretenses and take Obama out first along with his Valerie Jarrett…Let the autopsy show that Michelle was a male…please.

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      • You fucking morons don’t know what you’re talking about. We are going to submit these refugees to the highest scrutiny, but you have your panties in a bunch, BUT you have no problem with the fact that people ALREADY here in this Country and on the Terrorist watchlist are allowed to buy guns. Fucking hypocrites

    • I think we should nuke Morsel, that’s where they are piled up at. The lives it would save. Maybe the French will show Obama how it’s done.
      When you kill cockroaches, you must kill the whole nest, not just one or two, here and there………

  5. Give them Barry’s next tee time PLEASE!

    • He isn’t worried, Feels safe. He has this idea that they will not hit the US as long as he is in the White-house, That alone should worry the people of America

      • Ahhhh, but when you hear that EVERYONE in the white house had business to do elsewhere, that’s when they’ll strike! Hell, the Velcro headed halfbreed is one of them, him and everybody under him!!

  6. HOT DAM ! They’re finally doing something for AMERICA. After all the years of begging from us we’re finally getting paid back. But sadly all those nasty polititions have access to our money,airplanes and won’t be there. People give them a reason to stay.

    • The ruler of France has vowed to eradicate every last terrorist that he can! Obviously, he has more balls than anyone in OUR white house!!

      • how is it possible that Obama on international TV/social media actually says (knowing isis maniacs are following every word) that he wont engage with Russia and France to take them down.
        What President in his right mind would ever make such a public statement – that is like saying ‘go ahead boys.. ‘ — how I wish the great Sir Winston Churchill was alive..!! There has to be one decent American left who can lead!!!

      • but significantly less brains

      • I hope he nukes Morsel for starters.
        I’m a history buff. What they did in Palmyra was uncalled for! Any body who buys artifacts from ISIS, is no better than the terrorist. Death should come to all buyers, except Indiana Jones!!!

    • They will stay! They are too busy lining their pockets with bribe
      money from all the big corporations! To them, money is more
      important than anything! And yes, because Congress has done
      nothing, they will hopefully see the result of this!

  7. Someone send them the address of the White House in case they do not have it.

  8. OUR F ing Congress sits on their soft hands and does nothing to kick his ass to the curb!

  9. So far, EVERY promise these terrorists have made have been fulfilled. And when they’re about to strike in DC, watch and see if the little halfbreed and all his people aren’t gone! They’re acting out of direct orders from geo Soros and ovomit themselves!! Of course, DC ( with regard to anywhere within miles of the white house) will be ghostly when they strike!! And anyone who believes these are mere refugees here and coming, needs their brains worked on! These so-called refugees are ovomit’s personal army, to come out of hiding when he declares martial law!! GOD HELP THIS LAZY ASSED COUNTRY !!

    • Americans must go back to being what they were!!! they have become so dumbed down and fearful it is scary..

    • it’s the Millennials… bunch of spoiled pansy assed bitches !

    • ‘We Need a Civilian Armed Force, Equal to the Military’– “Bath-house Bull-Sheite, Barry”,/
      ‘ King Hussein Obama’. It was taking King Barry Hussein, too long, to find enough Mindless “Recipient Race “Idiots, to build that Armed Force. He had to turn to his MOSLEM Masters, to Supply him, with some Serious Fighters! The Whole Middle East False Flag was Engineered by Obama and Klinton, WHY??–to Enslave the U.S. Citizens. BTW, I have a Degree in Social Science! Soo- That’s an EDUCATED Red-Neck Opinion!

  10. It is terrifyingly obvious what Obamas interests are and they are not the protection of the US or her people.
    I think Americans have no choice but to protect their nation and families.

  11. Just because Obama wants to be weak doesn’t mean we have to be. Of course our whole government showed weakness when they didn’t even see or care to put pressure on Obama and his two henchmen to do things right. Actually they showed weakness when they crawled in bed with him from the beginning. Instead they allowed tolorance. I want to add too many of the public were asleep too. It should have been recognized in 2008 the way Obama, Pelosi and Reid were working under cover of darkness and then pushing the 2700 page bill with all of our freedoms in it. Then all they had to do is just turn the page each time they wanted to go after something because they didn’t have go through the formalities of voting on everything. It was already written down. They all committed their treason at that time. They knew exactly what they were doing.

  12. Bet when ISIS comes to DC that will wake them up! Our sorry Congress is to
    blame for letting this happen! They have had many chances to impeach obama
    and they did absolutely nothing! Now they will see the results of this! I have been
    in touch with my Congressman in the House many times and told him to start
    proceedings to Impeach obama and he has done nothing! Something needs to
    be done about obama and it needs to be done quickly!

    • I think congress is scared to impeach him. Because people would cry prejudice. Congress is worried they might loose their black constituents votes.
      I’ll be glad when a white man is president again. So if he keeps this up we can impeach him w/out the race card being played…….

    • ISIS is Head-quartered in D.C.

  13. Obama wants them here maybe they should take out the Obama’s

  14. Well if they do attack I want to suggest the areas most needing a good cleaning. This would be a real wake up slap in the face if these idiots would strike at the idiots who keep telling us how peace loving they are including their own lying people. If they did bomb these fools then maybe congress, what would be left of it and the new president would actually fight them and toss PC to the curb. There is no PC when you are fighting an enemy out to kill you and as innocent people in Paris and our nation not to mention all the others have died at their hands, so would it require innocent people of theirs to do the same. What war is ever fought where only the people defending themselves should have innocent people killed while the nations bringing the war to our countries should never have an innocent person killed. Wake up, war is not nice and to fight it some innocent people have to die and they shouldn’t be just the good guys.

  15. Let ISIS go after all the scumbags in DC, kill them ALL, save us the trouble….

  16. No more deserving place to hit and it is not defended—couldn’t stop fence jumpers or a tiny Drone!

  17. Obama should be safe if they do hit Washington as they wouldn’t want to take out their leader. If they do hit Washington question if they would gain much as we have been more of a friend then an enemy.

  18. Why would they want to attack Washington DC. The politicos there do more damage
    to the USA than ISIS ever could and the occupier of the white house is a closet
    muzzie in the first place. Not to mention a useless Congress that has done noting
    to keep our nation safe in recent memory form attack or an invasion by our enemies.

  19. The Muslim-Marxist jihadist has “US” just where he wants us to be – a soon to be caliphate! He should have been IMPEACHED long ago and because the punk-ass (opposition?) and his useful idiots on the Left were duped into being stoops all hell is about to break out – JUST WHAT HE WANTED! REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION, Armr========================! mInr, NSA!

  20. While I am not a resident of DC, and do not express the fear factor that many on the right do, it makes sense that if they say they are coming to DC, we best not open the door for them to do that by flooding the country with refugees. It seems that ISIS had a cell in Belgium. Is there such a group in the US? Is there one in Mexico? We don’t seem to know. So, why take chances. Why not go all out to end the reign of terror that ISIS is working so hard to build up? I believe that if the rest of the world, including Russia, simply stamped out ISIS in a very strong and decisive manner, it would send a message that such behavior will not be tolerated.

    • Russia don’t need the US to take extreme military action. Their arsenal is as deadly as ours.
      Also I say keep Bassad in power, north Africa is to unstable as it is. I think Obama wants him gone, so ISIS can steal his air force.

      • Mark.
        We will have to see what Russia does now that its airliner clues prove it was brought down by an ISIS explosion. I realize Russia has he power to crush ISIS but with the whole western countries it makes it a very large scale wipe out of a very dangerous group of fanatics. I think that we need to realize that democracy is not going to work in the Middle East and dictators do keep the peace more often than not
        One of the great failures was Iraq. First, we pulled out too soon. We did not consider the disaster by allowing Shiites to gain control of what is primarily a Sunni country. So now they will not fight to support their own government because they despise the leadership. Therefore, the only ground troops in the area are the Kurds and Turkey does not like the Kurds. Saudi Arabia has its hands full in Yemen. so, who does that leave the whole mess of ISIS to stop them?

  21. Let them come to DC and maybe they will kill all the assholes that are supporting the Muslims. Hope they hit the white house and get rid of that radical jerk in the oval office. Also that idiot VP.

  22. This is s hell of a time to start taking gun I firmly believe hillary and obama are isis plants

  23. Dr. Ben Carson said a year, or so, ago, that we needed to stop ISIS then. He said, “If we wait, they will get stronger, and it will be more difficult to stop them.” Did Obama listen. NOPE! Obama wants them here. That is my opinion.

  24. Rant erased. Don’t want to sound like a tinfoil hat wearing lunatic. lol. My only hope is, DC is their target….go get ’em. Hopefully that POS is home, congress is in session and the senate are all in one place!!

  25. Oh but for a traditional, [instead of a transitional] American in the White House!!!!
    Thank you, TWO TIMES (2008 & 2012) “The People.” Adams was right, Jefferson was wrong. “The People” ARE the worst possible place to trust the best interests of Liberty.

  26. ISIS will not attack the White House as long as Obama is there. That would be like biting the hand that feeds you. Remember that Bengazi was about secret arms shipments. The muzzies may be ignorant, but not stupid. The present Caesar-in-Chief gives them a kind of security and has openly stated that he will side with them. His oath “to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies…” should be grounds alone for impeachment since he proclaimed his alliegiance to Islam.

  27. The betrayal the American people have endured at the hands of our own gov’t goes beyond the pale. As early as the 1950’s, Dwight Eisenhower warned our gov’t NOT to get involved in any way with the Mid East OR in South East Asia. But nooo, they let our men die in that boondoggle called Viet Nam, they’ve been letting muslims in our country since the early 70’s and then as if they didn’t have enough warning, 9/11 happened. And the cherry on the top…they STILL let muslims in our Country by the thousands in the last 14 yrs. The blood of every American who has died because of these people is ON THE HANDS OF EVERY POLITICIAN.

    • Yes they have the blood on their hands….mostly the democrats and Boehner and McConnell…and McCain and Graham and all Rinos..

  28. Our Congress along with our Generals & Admirals need to get together & decide that Obama has betrayed the USA and put us all in harms way by aiding and abetting the enemy when he gave them $150B which he knew would go for arms, and he allowed them to use their own inspectors rather than ours because he knew they would deliberately say they found nothing and he agreed to a 24 day wait before those inspections could be carried out which he knew would allow them plenty of time to HIDE things and he did nothing to negotiate the release of hostages. Obama is loyal to the Muslims and has admitted it in the past. He is proving it now by his lackadaisical way of handling the Paris situation. He is a danger to the US and the free world. He needs to be stopped and stopped NOW. Congress needs to get aggressive in this endeavor.

    • How can we expect that to happen when WE NO LONGER HAVE A CONGRESS ???

      • John H. Kohlenberg

        guns will equal the fight, and we have plenty of them.

        • We have Tanks, RPGs, Atomic bombs, Bomber jets, Cannons. Why can’t we exterminate a bunch of ex goat farmers?
          The Nazis and Japs had equal weapons, we kicked their asses.

          • Like “Nam” Rules Of Engagement! If we Kill too many of THEM, They’ll Get Discouraged, and Quit Fighting. Can’t have That! We need War, to Feed the Military Industrial Complex. You Know, the folks that donate Billions to the Goddamned Politicos??!!AND Their Kids don’t have to go Fight! Is it becoming Clear to ya NOW??

  29. Hey isis, start with 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
    Then congress and the senate.
    Then #black lies don’t matter,IRS, DOJ,then every libturd democrats house!

  30. ISIS video???

    More like government video. Probably a boring one too.

  31. Obama wants to ban guns he blames for deaths.
    He can lead by example and ban ISLAM for its
    own claims and actions of the same.

  32. Videos like this are designed to make us afraid. Well, I am not scared. So lets scare them a bit like the french and Russians. If they kill one of us we should blow up dozens of them. In their territory there are no innocent muslims. For our protection, collateral damage will have to be accepted. War is hell. So lets light them up.

  33. send barry back home , not chicago or hawaii , back to his real home in africa

  34. I hope they give Obama everything he could ever want. Sorry a$$ traitor.

  35. They won’t go after Obama. He is their leader.POS will order Marshall Law using the national police force he has built. He has diminished the military. Farrakan has an army reading to fight and kill white people.The O can impose Sharia Law. Has anyone read his books? Check out his biography.Communist Muslim father. He wrote dreams of my Father. His dad’s goal. Bring down the West. O IS realizing his father’s dream. The media helped dupe ignorant Dems.

    • sure the 12%black population is going to kill off the White Man… BRING IT ON !

      • Retired Florida Correction Officer Sez!!-I’d say that the Gov’t. stats about the %-tage of Boons are Gimmicked. There’s Probably 2X what they say. BUT, only 1/3 of That # will be “Savage Chimp” Males,aged 15-40. Even if added to the Syrian and Other Moslems, he’s importing, They won’t be enough to take over from the “Bitter KLINGONS”, like Our-Selves, Holding on to God and Guns, Instead our Nuts, like the Recipients!!

        • KLINGONS…. forgot about the KLINGON RIDGE in the center of my forehead… it’s even more prominent after 60 years… Out of Africa… Bull Fok !

        • don’t think we Klingons are under 50% yet… 14 % monkeyboys tops… just pass the 300 Dead Monkey mark for the year here in Baltimore… have to take into account natural mortality of the ape population…..

  36. And he wants our guns so we’ll be unable to defend ourselves. I. DON’T. THINK . SO.

  37. The first thing to do is to not let any more middle east

    refugee’s in the country and do not give up your guns

  38. love to see D.C. go up in an ISIS Mushroom Cloud… or Boston,San Francisco,Seattle,any liberal infested sh*thole would do to move the whole country to the extreme right where it should be ! 🙂

    • I saw a ISIS US hit list in Clash Daily. They have it in for Florida’s first coast. From St. Augustine to Jacksonville. When I’m at a Florida beach, I’m packing a shot gun, .243, and a .38 subnose. If I see that black flag on the horizon, I’d arm people and show them the target……..

    • See the Faggot?, Ain’t He Cute? In his Little Hadjii Suit?

      • this is a God damn shame,all the decent Black Americans that bleed Red ,White & Blue & we end up with this piece-O-sh*t… Radical Islamist Son of a Whore needs to resign NOW!

  39. We need a president that still loves this country and that would be Ben Carson,

  40. As Rush Limbaugh said Obama has become dangerous. He is dangerous to America.

  41. Too late, the slobs voting here will inevitably vote in another “Screw America” maggot! Our first woman president or our first avowed socialist!

    • I watch all televised debates. The Socialist (Sanders) sounds more patriotic than democratic candidate (Hillary) Thats how sorry the democrats have gotten. Plus the bimbo heading the DNC, really don’t know the difference between the two. Sadder than that, liberal reporter Chris Matthews tried to explain the difference to her. She had the deer in headlights look………

  42. Like Rush Limbaugh says “Obama has become dangerous.”

  43. Maybe DC getting hit is what it takes to get our leaders serious about taking down ISIS. We need to deal with ISIS the same way that our forefathers dealt with the Nazis.

  44. Kill them all. Don’t just track them here in America. kill them all. Show their picts. and where they live and we Americans will hunt them down and kill them for you

  45. If the White House was not the people’s house I might be ok with ISIS going in and beheading its current occupants but in lieu of that how about this? U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 115 › § 2381 Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. We can’t wait another year for a new president.

  46. Well If it has to be Wash DC.. Let is begin on the WH Lawn …Just so that Obama gets the IDEA of his Incompetence and the Results he has Created….

  47. Will ISIS do what America can’t? Clean the government?

  48. Dear ISIS Terrorists 1600 Pennsylvania ave Should be your first stop visiy your leader




  50. I have been saying this for years, when the ignorant and uninformed Oblowme supporters finally realize he is not on the side of America, they then will realize that everything he has done makes total sense for the destruction and downfall of the US of A. Enjoy your hope and change morons. When we take our country back just stay the hell out of the way, we got this.

  51. I wonder what part of “Death to America’ Obama don’t understand?

  52. “French President Francois Hollande Welcomes Refugees Despite Paris Attack”

    French President Francois Hollande today promised that “France will remain a country of freedom,”
    defending his decision to honor a commitment to accept migrants and refugees despite Friday’s deadly terrorist attacks in Paris.

    “Life should resume fully,” Hollande told a gathering of the country’s mayors, who gave him a standing ovation. “What would France be without its museums, without its terraces, its concerts, its sports competitions?

    “France should remain as it is. Our duty is to carry on our lives.”

    In the same spirit, he added, “30,000 refugees will be welcomed over the next two years. Our country has the duty to respect this commitment,” explaining that they will undergo vigorous security checks.


  53. We just have to get him out of the office of president now..The awful democrats in power are making that very Durbin for one and all his Muslims he got in…He has to go..Put the pressure on him…Write your reps daily…

  54. How is it that so many (all or 90%) of American citizens
    hate Obama so much, yet our representative will not “Extract” him from
    leadership position.

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