New Idiot Strategy: Let House Decide Next President

It’s the movement that simply doesn’t know when it’s time to give up. The NeverTrumpers failed to accomplish their goal of keeping Donald Trump away from the Republican nomination, but apparently they still have a lot of money to waste. Though recent stories in the Daily Caller and The Hill have basically confirmed how weak the notion of a third-party campaign is, that’s not stopping conservative elitists who have a new plan. That plan?

According to Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post: “The strategy here is to qualify in enough states and pull enough votes away from both Clinton and Trump to send the race to the House.”


On the surface, you can see why they would like that outcome. The House is dominated by Republicans, and thus they are confident that Paul Ryan will see fit to whip votes for a more palatable president than Trump. Perhaps himself! They don’t seem to have the slightest concern about what this would do (in the fantasy world where such a scheme would work) to the morale of millions of Americans.

But it’s just a fantasy. If they do find someone like Mitt Romney to run third-party – if they can get him on enough state ballots to matter – and if they can get enough money flowing into the campaign – then the best possible outcome they can hope for is a Hillary Clinton victory. So yeah, if that’s what they want, this is a good way to make it happen. All this nonsense about a Romney or someone else taking votes away from Clinton…well, no one in their right mind is buying that.

But this should give you some real insight into the way these people think. If there’s one message that voters on both sides of the political spectrum can agree on this year, it’s that the American people have had it with the Washington establishment. And these idiots think that the best response to that message is to find a novel way to completely invalidate an American election. Great thinking, folks.


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