New Idiot Strategy: Let House Decide Next President

It’s the movement that simply doesn’t know when it’s time to give up. The NeverTrumpers failed to accomplish their goal of keeping Donald Trump away from the Republican nomination, but apparently they still have a lot of money to waste. Though recent stories in the Daily Caller and The Hill have basically confirmed how weak the notion of a third-party campaign is, that’s not stopping conservative elitists who have a new plan. That plan?

According to Jennifer Rubin of the Washington Post: “The strategy here is to qualify in enough states and pull enough votes away from both Clinton and Trump to send the race to the House.”


On the surface, you can see why they would like that outcome. The House is dominated by Republicans, and thus they are confident that Paul Ryan will see fit to whip votes for a more palatable president than Trump. Perhaps himself! They don’t seem to have the slightest concern about what this would do (in the fantasy world where such a scheme would work) to the morale of millions of Americans.

But it’s just a fantasy. If they do find someone like Mitt Romney to run third-party – if they can get him on enough state ballots to matter – and if they can get enough money flowing into the campaign – then the best possible outcome they can hope for is a Hillary Clinton victory. So yeah, if that’s what they want, this is a good way to make it happen. All this nonsense about a Romney or someone else taking votes away from Clinton…well, no one in their right mind is buying that.

But this should give you some real insight into the way these people think. If there’s one message that voters on both sides of the political spectrum can agree on this year, it’s that the American people have had it with the Washington establishment. And these idiots think that the best response to that message is to find a novel way to completely invalidate an American election. Great thinking, folks.


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  1. Dennis Derstine

    It seems Trump has rattled a lot of cages…….good! The people proposing this idea are as Obama. Circumvent the law , or just ignore it. Romney fans, he had his chance and blew it……sorry.
    Guess I’m just a racist, I’ll back the guy who wants to enforce laws and bring this great land back from the brink. I don’t think the USA is ready to follow the Greeks, Romans, etc. into the history books.

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    • PatriotForever

      You are “NO” racist. You are an AMERICAN, who appreciates this country and the sacrifices made to keep the MIDDLE CLASS ALIVE and WELL, which separates us from every other country in the world. The WORKING, Productive Working class has been displaced and being replaced with ILLEGAL MEXICANS, with Sharia implementing Islamic terrorist males ages 18 to 30 and then the CREATED Welfare, do nothings who are sluggards.
      The poor in other countries aren’t getting what the sluggards here are getting and they WANT TO WORK, want to be productive.
      Here they can hardly lift their hands to get all the FREE STUFF, as in CA they just passed free medicaid and medicare to ILLEGALS, while my mom pays $421 for just one prescription????
      Oh yeah great moves for the AMERICAN CITIZEN.
      You Dennis are no racist, you are in fact ONE OF A HAND-FULL OF PEOPLE LEFT WHO ARE NOT SHEEP GOING TO THE SLAUGHTER

      • Love your response and BRAVO! I am a Trump fan and I applaud your patriotism both you and Dennis. The people have chosen yet the government is saying “they run the show”? NOPE…WE THE PEOPLE aren’t going to sit idly by on this one…not this time. TRUMP 2016!!!!!!

      • I think you may enjoy this…

      • Richard Trundle


        • Too bad we haven’t a Congress that had the cajones to repeal Obama

        • They will not repeal anything Republicans just talk and talk and never do. They know he is illegally President due to his birth status and possibly still not a citizen. They can remove him, hang him for high treason and everything he did as President would be reversed, everything! Because his Presidency would be illegitimate. But they are in truth NWO One Worlders, they just play the opposition.

      • Well said.

    • Richard Trundle

      DENNIS:THEY HAVEN’T THOUGHT ABOUT them can also get voted out this NOVEMBER>>>> Their playing us for dummies. They thank we will forget it by NOVEMBER. (they will find out).

      • Dennis Derstine

        Let’s just remember to vote the do nothing fools out come November. And if the next class does squat… them out. The people will speak!

        • Gloria Bouillion

          I’m angry, just for the fact we have put the Republicans in, and what have they done for us? Never stood up to Obama! They never listen to we the people. Heck you could swear they want Hillary to win. They have no morals or values of any kind! Romney & Ryan need to support the nominee! I held my nose and voted for Romney(ashame)! Why? Because I’m a patriotic American who loves her country. So grow a set Romney and do what’s right for your country. I’m voting out all incumbents! TERM LIMITS! GOD HELP AMERICA.

          • Dennis Derstine

            You got it! Not voting for any incumbents in my district either. I hope everyone follows suit.

      • Vote all Rinos out and get new blood in as patriots as opposed to the old corps that show up just to get their pay checks

  2. The house can’t find the right restroom and now they want to chose the president. I think they are really asking for a war.

  3. And we elected them? OMG…..the Founding Fathers must be squirming in their graves

    • When they come up for re-election”we the people” need to work hard to get them out.

      • billdeserthills

        The lobbyists are waiting, they will educate the new congressmen

      • I have received numerous phone calls asking me to contribute and to vote for John McCain. What I say to them is not printable here. I’ll let your imagination run with that.

        • If I gave any money it would be to Kelli Ward to get him out. She needs all the help she can get. Stand strong and keep fighting.

          I used to e-mail McCain before they stopped out of state people doing that. I e-mailed him 4/7/2013 (I keep copies) about protection of the 2nd Amendment, he had criticized Cruz,Paul and Lee (they might have filibustered a change to gun control). I told him that I did not understand his position on this and that he fought for our country at one time, why not now? I wanted him to stop the motion to proceed on Reid’s gun control bill #S.649. His staff did not like what I said about fighting for what our country stood for. There are quite a few that need to vacate their seats.

          • Kelli Ward is my choice too. I have sent numerous emails to McCain and all I get back are the general form letters. I have a folder full of them. Term limitations is the only answer I can think of that will work to get these leaches out of the District of Corruption and Criminality.

          • I got a terse letter back, I know for sure they read mine.

  4. So the arrogant and obviously lazy house from both parties would like to bury the nation, that they have viciously murdered and now would like to bury without any services.these ass-hats need too be replaced

  5. All along I thought Romney was a nice smart guy…Now we see the real Romney in action…perhaps it was a good thing Romney flubbed his chances of becomes our President…I voted for him but knowing what I now know I would never do it again…He had his chance and blew it…Go home Romney and leave politics to those who are savvy which you are not.

    • I so agree. I am embarrassed for Romney. What a cheap shot from what I thought was a nice guy and I thought would be a good president!

    • I held my nose and voted for Mittens, but it was absolutely a vote against Obama.

  6. Lets face Ryan should resign he hates the job, who knows what he wants but whatever it is I am against it. He acts like a spoiled brat,and should officially go over to the Democrats along with Liberal Traitor Romney, two terrible disappointments. At least Ryan is sneaky about what he is doing, while Romney’s only concern is his ego being hurt by Trump winning. Romney couldn’t care less about the American people to do what he has started with that terrible attack on TV about Trump. I voted for him and now not every for Dog Catcher as he would fowl it up.

    • I have been told, as far as the function of the House and Senate, there is now only a uni-party.

      • I would hope so as Obama had that when he took office and buried us, so if Trump gets in and House and Senate hold Republican we can undo the worst regulations, appointee’s, and healthcare program ever to infect our country by even the worst President Jimmy Carter.

    • let him live off his wifey poo! The first woman he lived with and had a child he never married and further tried and did escape child support last I heard! Ryan is a disgusting unethical poor arse nut job that somehow managed to get elected in Wisconsin and remain elected for over 18-years … 18-years worth of damage .. he is immoral, unethical and unsuit to serve in any capacity in government and he is definitely a detriment to any government operation … him and all the senate and house members need firing!

      • I didn’t know the dirt on him but as you can see I always thought something wrong here, a little odd. Guess my instincts are on track.

  7. If that is plan A ask each member of the House …… how does Tar and Feathers sound to them? Then plan B had better be give the voters what they wanted…Donald Trump as President!

    • I’ll bring the asphalt mops,,,,or should we just dunk them in the tar kettle?

    • great idea to tar and feather all the sorry sots in house and senate! they have all been sucking the government tit and taking payola from the highest bidders and placing in their personal piggybanks! What on earth happened to ethics in the USA? There was a day any government official senator or rep would go to prison for such … now it is talked about, validated and the sorry sots been selling out the country and nothing is done! ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//

  8. charles johnston

    I have said for a while now that, if the GOP establishment defies the will of the people with dirty tricks and good-ole-boys political manuvers, the party is dead. Now is seems they have figured out another way to commit suicide. And these are the best and brightest?? No, sadly, just career slug politicians determined to stay on their gravy train and maintain their status quo. The people are onto their game and they’re scared spitless. Good.

    • If you have a Representative that is in the Freedom Caucus Committee, thank him as often as you remember to for standing against the Rino’s.

      • charles johnston

        Yes, Jaybird. Mark Meadows, my rep from the NC 11th is a member and I have told him frequently how proud I am to be his constitutent. There are still some folks around worth a vote. Be well, my friend.

        • I called when he put forth the resolution to get Boehner out. I talked to Mark Meadows’ office staff. Told them that I was in a neighboring state and that I just loved NC. My daughter and her husband have lived there twice and were going to retire there and I will visit often. The staffer and I laughed and talked.

          Told them that I support everything that Mark was doing and that was when I found out it was in the Rules Committee and they did not know when it would be brought forth. I looked up the Rules Committee members and posted their name and phone numbers on one of the sites that I post on and someone else after that posted all the Freedom Caucus members and numbers and I and others called both groups

          Thank you for calling him. I have a Repub. Congressman -nice but not a go getter and 2 DemoRat Senators.

          Take care and carry on.

          • charles johnston

            Yep. I have Mark Meadows who is great and two repub senators who are OK at best, but we have to keep pushing. Be well.

  9. The RINO are about to find themselves selling cars for a living.

    • USED cars, more in their style (apologies to honest used car salesmen)

    • They won’t have to sell cars, because all of them are eligible for big fat pensions for the rest of their lives!

      • let us remove the retirements because they failed to do their job and when one is fired, he loses all pension rights!

        • Not in the House or the Senate. You are guaranteed a pension for life!

          • Senate yes but a member of the House must serve for five consecutive years to earn a pension. Remember Gabby Giffords refused to retire even though she had lost half of her brain. She finally retired in January a year after she got shot and would you believe it, she retired the day she completed her five years as a member of the House.

          • I agree, but most members of Congress have more than five years in office.

    • You say SELLING or doing what they know best and STEALING cars?

    • That would be great, but will not hold my breath.

  10. As I have said before..The “elites” from BOTH parties are terrified that their “money and power” is going to be diminished in a TRUMP administration, and “We the People” will SLOWLY begin to get our Country back.

    AND as Trump has stated…AMERICA FIRST.

    • We have to get people in the states we live in to vote their crazy AZZ’s out when they come up for re-election.

      • Agreed! BUT we ALSO need the machines that we vote in to be “hacker proof” AND we need mandatory “voter ID’s” (something the Democrats seem to despise saying it causes “voter suppression” of minorities) In other words, it also would be a GOOD thing if no more “dead people”, “illegal aliens”, “multiple votes” and thanks to one Governor, FELONS, were in the voter rolls.
        Maybe this time it would also be nice if our overseas MILITARY votes made it in also.

        • There is an investigation just started because my VA Gov. has reinstated their rights to vote.
          You are right about the dead people and machines being hacked, we have voted ID at our elections.

          • jaybird,
            I hope it is successful stopping this travesty of justice. Supposedly in THIS Country, Once you are convicted a FELON, your rights are LOST. But demoRATS don’t really care about those pesky things as Laws or the Constitution. Just look at our so-called Muslime-in-chief and all the “laws” he has broken/re-written and unconstitutional “executive orders” and not been held accountable.

          • billdeserthills

            Once you have done your time you can have your rights restored, legally. Then you may vote and do everything other American citizens may do except serve on a jury

          • Since when?? Did Obama change FEDERAL LAW again when no one was looking?? Try to buy/ own a firearm with a felony rap. I have seen people try it, and get arrested and their firearms confiscated and thrown back in jail. Felony convictions just don’t “go away” they stay with you (in your record) all the rest of your life whether you have “done your time ” or not.

          • billdeserthills

            You are mixing a State felony with a Federal felony. Once you commit a Federal felony your rights are taken, however you can commit state felonies without permanently losing your rights.

          • Not in communist N.Y. State where I live. here, once a Felon, always a Felon.
            Thank GOD I am Not one for sure. (I behaved myself and didn’t break laws)

          • billdeserthills

            I have 2 felony priors, I have had my rights restored twice. I also have a CCW permit because the feds wouldn’t recognize my most recent rights restoration & the permit allows me to buy guns and carry concealed in my state

          • You must not live in N.Y. Then. We have a Communist Governor here that will set the State Police on you and pull your CC permit at the drop of a hat. One woman just had HER permit and her long guns taken from her just because she had an allergic reaction to codeine and had to be hospitalized.

          • billdeserthills

            I live in gun-friendly AZ

          • Me too !!!

          • Well,
            I guess that explains it! I have seen Pics of your State. I have a cousin that lives in Phoenix. She is one of the head shots in one of the Hospitals there.

          • Only a judge can restore your rights if you are a convicted felon. As for the federal level, I’m not certain about that however.

          • In N.Y State, That idea would be about next to impossible. Most Judges here are Liberal Democrats. We have a judge where I am from that when you go to add a handgun to your permit or get a replacement he tries to change your cc permit to a “in home”/to the range only permit. (no matter what type of permit you come in with.)

          • Pappy, I think I would be seriously considering moving to another state. Bring your gun(s) to Arizona. We are a “Constitutional” carry state. IE: no permit required so long as your are a resident of the state and are not a prohibited person.

        • Rev. Walking Turtle

          In Britain, last YT heard, the votes were STILL counted by Bank Tellers. Not paperless soulless column-flippin’ corporate-sponsored/leased/sold cyber-machines. Honest-to-Jeezus BANK FRKN’ TELLERS!!!!

          Result: ACCOUNTABLE ELECTIONS with an AUDIT TRAIL made of REAL PAPER-‘n’-INK. Which sure is something the Infandous L33t currently running rough-shod all over Normal America do NOT want – strictly because that lowlife criminal remnant of Ownership Class trash can NOT afford the result.

          Something to think about… Maybe even something WORTH ORGANIZING. Just sayin’…

          So talk it UP already! And that is all. 0{:-o[

      • we can hope, pray, and work hard to get it done….

        • We have to keep on them because they probably think our disdain for what they have done and are doing will blow over just like we have done in the past. Cannot give up of slack off.

  11. we have way to many with big egos and cranial rectal impaction in theis country

  12. Wow Guess hell has frozen over. I actually agree with something posted on this website for the FIRST TIME EVER.

    • So are you getting smarter or are we getting smarter? LOL Hope you vote for Trump 2016!

      • Hell has not frozen over THAT MUCH.. I want to vote for someone Qualified for the job

      • no way no how.. TRump has proved the only thing he knows who to do is Bankrupt companies. When you make the statement along the lines that there is “no Debt because the Government Prints the money and will just print more” that statement right there would make me avoid him like the Plague just by itself.

    • The more wacko things these eleteist SOBs (and daughters too) pull the closer they are going to drive both ends together. Sure, I’m a balls out right winger but I am an American first. ,,, I don’t agree with the left but when it comes to taking our country away from us I’ll join with them to stop it in an eyeblink. Patriotism over politics all the way.

      Take the country back from Washington then we can argue our politics.

      And I’ll bet thet’s the first time anybody here agreed with Rick.

      • The sad thing is that we are more concerned about how we get to a goal instead of the goal itself. One of the things that was amazing about what the founding fathers did was take the existing forms of government of their day and take what they thought were the best parts. What most people Forget was The Constitution was not the law of the land for the first 12 years of its existence. They saw it was not working and that laid the case for the constitutional Convention that gave us our Constitution. What these men did was way outside the idea of the Convention which was to “plug the Holes in the Articles of Confederation”. They keep their plans and Ideas Secret because of the fear they would be called Traitors. But what happen in those days were the best and the Brightest got together and Learned to compromise. For the good of all. Something that seems to have been forgotten in current times. If you look back on it you will see that a lot of the “fears” Thomas Jefferson wrote about have come to past. Our Government has been taken over by corporations and lobbyist. You have people in the government that seem to think there is nothing wrong with Denying people their right to vote. and in fact they brag about it. You have people that Demand that people obey their religion and its Rules and Laws. Forgetting that religious Freedom was one of the core Beliefs that cause people to come to the “Colonies” in the first place. And One of the biggest things Is that Freedom of religion also means someone can choice to be “FREE” of Religion.

  13. William Matthes

    Stupid ideas by stupid people!

  14. No, thanks! I value my right to vote and my voice in how my govt works too much to just give it up to a bunch of elected officials who have proven over and over again that they don’t represent me, anyway. This just proves what I have suspected all along — when it comes right down to it, they don’t care what I want, and they still think that they know what is best for me better than I know for myself. Which is the very reason why America is experiencing a voter rebellion in the first place. Mr. Trump wasn’t my first choice, either, but the majority of the American people have spoken. Protect the American voter’s voice and give them what they want! Oh, and by the way, if Trump has rattled that many cages, he must be doing something right. As far as I am concerned, he can just keep rattling.

    • “Trump wasn’t my first choice, either, but the majority of the American people have spoken.”

      Hardly! 40% of 30% is not a majority of the American people.

  15. I have a better idea….not the house select the pres, for a change, let the PEOPLE SELECT/ELECT the president. GO TRUMP.

  16. PatriotForever

    I think the old term “The Inmates are running the asylum is perfectly suited to our government today. Hell they would all vote in OBAMY, the Camel Riding King as Dictator, not president. That way they would have to face another VOTE by the PEOPLE, you know the “WE” that haven’t mattered to congress in say what 30 years

  17. Shirley Joann Clevinger

    Why does the government think, that we the people are stupid or what, The people proposing this idea is Obama and the rats and they think that Romney can run and he didn’t win the last time he ran for president.
    I will back the guy who wants to enforce laws and bring this great land back from the brink. We have had enough

  18. As an independent I’ve watched closely this manipulation of the election process. Mr honest belief: The GOP is dead in it’s tracks. I don’t believe it can be saved after the way they have sabotaged the election process. BUT the DNC is no better. They “rigged” the democrat election with these super delegates to insure that Bernie Sanders had no chance and Hillary would be shoved to the front. Every one of these POS should be thrown out if possible.


  20. There is nothing on God’s green earth the elite in the House can do to pull my vote from trump. The people have chosen. And if there is any funny business by the House or anyone else in this election the people will react. To the republicans in congress I say back the candidate the people have chosen or leave office.

  21. It’s time to give the derail Trump thing a rest. The People have spoken, and Mr. Donald Trump is their preference. Get over it!

    • this whole election is a Hoax that is pulled by Trump the Truth is Trump disquised himself as Hillary and Bernie Sanders he has so many secret wigs and Secret Costumes the Truth is Trump faked this Election to Run against himself

  22. RINOS picking a president. How well did Mitt Witt work out for them?

    Did these jokers do something like get in a car wreck or were riding motorcycles without helmets? Maybe drugs of some other thing that causes terminal brain damage. – There is no way a logical sane person would ever think something like that would work.

    I can’t see any other way anybody would come up with such an inane stunt.

    RINO Psychos in cahoots with Commies posing as Democrats.

    Remember the 60s movie Watermelon Man with Godfry Cambridge? “Hey, This can’t be America”

  23. Political maneuvering is quite clearly more important to the GOP elites than our votes are, so why don’t we just ask Donald Trump form a new third party and relegate the Republicans to being about as relevant as the Green Party?

    I have already changed my party affiliation from Republican to Independent. I will never, EVER go back to registering as a Republican. I would only change my party affiliation to a new third party endorsed by The Donald. If the Republicans don’t value my vote, which they clearly do not, then they do not deserve it.

  24. I feel so sorry for the GOP RINOs – they are in the process of being fired, and they don’t like it! But, as Donald J. Trump is now so famous for saying … “YOU’RE FIRED!”

  25. Michael Dennewitz

    All I can see here are a ton of dollar signs and certain people walking with a limp, if you know what I mean! 🙁

  26. soldier for liberty

    Ryan and his cronies are done the people are rising!! They will be gone one way or the other.

  27. soldier for liberty

    All of Goverment needs to be fired!!!The have sold America out!!

  28. The House does not have the guts to run the US according to our Constitution and stand up to the Globalist and the UN “Dicktators”. Need to clean out the ones that are the problem and we know who most of them are. Need to go through all the Bills that are in effect now back to the beginning and get rid of the ones not good for our country,economy and unconstitutional.

    The Freedom Caucus Committee seem to have common sense but it is not enough of them.

  29. Garry A DeManty

    Just think if Donald Trump is elected President maybe Congress on both partys in both isles will have to start working for a living.O my God how could that happen perish the thought.

  30. Where are those Tea Party folks with the pink slips to hand out. We obviously know who these idiots are so let’s get them out of there. We certainly don’t need kings – Obama is proving that beyond any reasonable doubt. Probably should reserve a scaffold for him, a pink slip won’t work.

  31. This will help a lot of people make a positive move towards Trump. Romney turned put to be such a joke and it is obvious he could run anything. it is way over his head to comprehend this next election. Romney might ought to support Hillary.

  32. Oh, GREAT!!! Romney would be a wonderful 3rd party candidate since he’s got so much experience running but not winning! He & Johnson (The Libertarian candidate) can go celebrate their choices together!

  33. The idiots that came up with this should have their names listed! It’s a clear statement they are not in office for the people! They do not believe we should have the right to vote! These idiots should be removed from office quickly! When the government wants to rule all aspects of our lives and dictates how we live, who runs our country, wants to dictate who we get health insurance from, and the worst of all during Obamas administration, the right to hold any U.S. citizen without charging them and allow themselves to hold them as long as they want! Yes this is one of Obamas laws!!!! We are in big trouble as a free nation! We need to get all the dictators out of office now! including Obama!

  34. Know the people behind this? Replace them with Americans in the next election they are in.
    ‘Change’ is needed. I chose Trump. I might go with yours, but NO Killary, Romney, Ryan

  35. The Declaration of Independence says; “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men deriving their just power from the CONSENT of the governed.”
    Apparently those “wise elitists” who are (how you say?) “fREak-king out” over Trump believe the mythology that we are just a bunch of stupid voters!
    They sound more desperate every time they squeak!

  36. There is a system, a, well let’s call it a “primary” election, where we are to decide which candidate is going to be the nominee. We have had that in previous elections, and it was the Establishment and the media that picked our nominee, afterwards they were elated and we felt a little used. This time it worked, (not the way I wanted it) but the way a majority wanted it. And the Establishment is, let’s say a little “frustrated”. But the majority has spoken and isn’t that what’s supposed to happen? And we have, I repeat we have a Candidate.

  37. The House is not dominated by Republicancs. It is Dominated by Demoncrats and Rinos. O’Boehner and Ryan are Rinos. The Tea Party even endorses Rinos in the House and Senate.

  38. Vangie Martinez

    Again it just goes to show that they are NOT INTERESTED in THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE they have no respect what so every to Listen and Respect our wishes. To their demise. Once The People find out every single one of them that is for this there days will be numbered. Sad:(

  39. There are a lot of “Ifs” that the GOP establishment would have to accomplish in order to try to derail Trump — And the worst thing they could do to piss off the already volatile and angry American people! What better way to incite a REVOLUTION than by spitting in American’s faces and shoving another person in Trump’s place!

    Do you really think those GOP eliteists are that stupid to create a scene of abject power over We the People? I think they better watch what they are doing and stop being so full of themselves and showing the world what absolute FOOLS they all are! Stupid is as Stupid does! Trump and We the People are wearing stomping boots and we’re coming after those egomaniacs!

  40. Imagine giving these dirt-bags the power to choose. No way!

    • Actually, there are some very good Tea Party Representatives who, like Daniel in the Bible, have not bowed to the progressive machine in Washington.

      Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  41. And you stupid Republicans wonder why your party is the least popular with the American populace. Trump is more a patriot than at least 4 5th of the ash wholes in Congress.

    • Trump is more of a progressive than what many realize…he hides it to some degree, but exposes it a little more to nervous liberals who question him.

  42. Progressives in both parties have been destroying America.

    Trump is a closet progressive. He may win, but I don’t have to vote for him…or any progressive in any party. Beside, Trump has said he doesn’t need us…

    I’m okay with at least a choice at this point…maybe a write in. Otherwise, I may not vote for a president this time around.

  43. The Washington post is just as left wing as the NYTimes.Romney didn’t try to win Neither did McCain. Romney had enough garbage on Obama and all he could do was walk around on stage as if he were just visiting .McCain went to the NAACP and praised Obama to the hilt. Now we have a candidate that is putting America and our people first . It is about time we had a President that is for the country he is suppose to be serving .And now it is our job to replace the Senate and Congress with people that are for America too. Vote no to incumbents. .I for one hopes Trump will sue the NY Times which is owned by a rich Mexican . It would be a real hoot if he took the money from the lawsuit an used it to win and then throwed the Mexican out of this country and the rest of the illegals

  44. Who came up with this idea?

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