New Hampshire Wants Romney One More Time

It’s important to remember when looking at these 2016 polls that we’re still a long way from the campaign. It’s not unusual to see seemingly-anointed contenders fall by the wayside even in the early days of the primary elections, so anyone claiming to know who will run in two years is fooling themselves. That said, it’s always interesting to get a look at the prospective nominees, and it appears that New Hampshire already has a favorite in good ol’ Mitt Romney.

According to a new poll out of the early-primary state, Romney leads the field even though he’s said repeatedly that he’s not going to run. Not only is he leading the other contenders – Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush among them – he demolished them. New Hampshire respondents chose Romney by a margin of nearly 20 points, a fact the GOP brass has to be taking into consideration.

Though Romney has maintained that he’s out of the political game, there have been hints that his reluctance could be wavering. There was a report over the summer that some big Republican donors were pushing the RNC to make way for a third Romney campaign. According to the story, Romney would consider running if the major donors would unite in his support, clearing the rest of the candidates off the table. If none of the up-and-comers can spark America’s imagination, that could very well happen.

Let’s Not Do This Again

If so, it could spell disaster for our chance to reclaim the White House. Romney has had his shots, including one on the big stage. He failed to deliver against a vulnerable incumbent. What makes Republicans think he can fare better against presumed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton? The Clinton machine makes Obama’s political savvy look juvenile by comparison. We don’t need a proven failure to go against that machine; we need fresh blood and fresh ideas.

That’s to say nothing of Romney’s questionable conservative bona fides. He has turned off libertarian-minded voters with his foreign policy agenda, and no one seems to think he’s the man who can cut the federal government down to size. His big selling point in 2012 was his electability, but we all saw how that turned out.

Republicans can’t afford to screw this up. America can’t afford to screw this up. The country has been careening down an irresponsible hill for six long years, and it’s time for some big changes. If we put Hillary in the Oval Office, it will just be more of the same. Even if Romney could manage to squeak out a victory, I’m not convinced he would bring the kind of turnaround we need. Would he be better than a Democrat? Of course. But in a field populated with interesting ideas, forward-thinking conservatives, and charismatic speakers, he is far from the best choice.

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  1. I will NOT vote for Romney AGAIN. I WILL, however, vote for Ben Carson in a New York minute.

    • I would not vote for Ben Carson as president! First he does not speak clearly and loudly enough, very hard to understand!! In another position ,Ok, I would vote for Allen West as VP and Rick Perry as President ,or Scott Walker definitely Ted Cruz would be my first choice then Rick Perry, Scott Walker , Mike Lee.

      • Ben Carson speaks very clearly and to everyone; Allen West is a small-time player–the highest he got in the military was LtCol and the highest in got in politics was elected to the House; Rick Perry appears to be stupid.

        My top choice: Walker and Rubio or Carson as VP
        Second choice: Cruz and Carson as VP

        I am not interested in hearing that Rubio is for amnesty.

        • Read the comments, Ben Carson is a very good person , but not a speaker and we need someone who is a speaker because we wouldn’t be in this position if we had a speaker who was not a liar and slime in the white house! Perry is the most forceful and followed through until the slime thing , the fraud who stole the white house threatened him with the military!! If we can have a fraud terrorist muslim with sealed records , America should have the intelligence or the political leeches to know something wasn’t right, why can’t we have Tec Cruz who’s life is an open book!!! Rubio would have another million immigrants to our already unemployed !!

    • Dr Ben Carson can do it.. he stood up to Obama .. he is a man of courage, American democracy, values and love of the American Constitution – that is what the USA needs right now!

  2. Romney wil need to learn to fight back. He had obama on the ropes, but let him off. The other important thing is, that, both he, and the republican party need to reach the American people. This is a hard thing to do, because the media, is owned by the demo, commies. The real truth will never reach the people, unless they could find a way. Just look how the media covers up things that are going on now. Our country needs an wake up call, and soon.

    • Very nice Joe Pizzi. Mitt has to get the “KILLER INSTINCT”. He did have the Muslim PUNK on the ropes and didn’t finish him off. Maybe one of the ILLEGALS he is either allowing to come here or stay here will get him. HOPEFULLY. Could WE be that lucky?? He deserves to be jailed, tried, convicted and EXECUTED. PERIOD

    • he may have been told to lighten up on Obama.

    • After the first debate, Romney took a 2 point lead over Obama. At that point, according to several people, Karl Rove and company told Romney to take it easy on Obama or else he would lose the independents. So you cannot go after the Democrats by telling them how horrible Obama has been to the Democrats because you might lose some independents, and you cannot go after the Republican base by emphasizing how conservative principles help everyone because you might lose some independents. That is, Romney most ignore 80% of the voters so that he can get win a majority of the remaining 20%. Quite predictably, that philosophy won him the independents, but cost him the election. Also if you can show both the Democrats and the Republicans why they should vote for Romney or why they should not vote for Obama, you should also get a majority of the independents.

      • We would be living in a much better country, and may I even say world if Mitt had been elected. He is an honest, brilliant man! I think we could use one of those about now He had OB on the ropes. He should not listen to his campaign consultants. everything he said is true as we see now. He should have gone for the juggler.

      • I am an Independent I don’t know where people get the idea that pointing out the bad direction O took this country will loose votes. Bull…..this country is ready for people to point out why we are in the shape we are in and who did it and what party that person belonged to.

        I am X military served in 2 wars, we are home we want strength and valor and a determined candidate that will not spare the rod but beat the Democrats over the head with it.

        • If the Republicans say anything bad about O, the media will attack them. The Republicans are afraid of the media. The Republicans need to wage war against the media and exposes them as a propagandist machine for the Democratic parity.

          • I do not agree with you. The Republicans won not because the people wanted them but because they were the only path. It took more than Republicans to win overwhelmingly this last election.

            Your dead wrong. The people must have it pointed out to them the mistakes and the Racism and divide that the Democrat/Progressives via O perpetrated on this country. No more weak kneed, jelly spine candidates. Strong, honorable, defiant, truthful and bite the head off the snakes.

          • not sure where we disagree

          • Your right, read your post again, I am going for the throat while you are suggesting going for the brains of the outfit. Gotcha.

    • Next republican party wins, bring out the negative media”s

  3. Tea Party only! Romney is anti-american and a closet globalist. Bad for america very bad!

    • jon——— You are WRONG about Mitt. Smarter and more of an AMERICAN than OUR country has seen since Reagan. You probably didn’t like him either. Hopefully, Mitt will not run again. Of course, the third time could be the CHARM.

      • If we ask Romney if he supports the Tea Party or its fundamental core beliefs, i bet he would say something political but not supportive.

        • I won’t argue that point because I really don’t know. I don’t agree with all the things the Tea Party does or is either. I know one thing for sure, they are better than we have now. As far as Romney being anti-american, I totally disagree with that. But, this is why WE call it AMERICA. Everyone still has a right to his or her opinion. I respect that. Keep up the posts.

      • The repugnicans run Mittins, and we will have Hellary as POTUS..But then this is what the old guard establishment want..Their way, or no way..

        • You are deluded. Anyone could vanquish Hillary, the Hag of Benghazi (what difference does it make?). Do you really think America hasn’t tired of pussies in the White House?

    • I agree with you that the Tea Party is an admirable entity, but I emphatically disagree with your claim that Romney’s beliefs are contrary or incompatible with the Tea Party. Romney was way more conservative than Lindsay Graham-Cracker and even Rubio on the topic of immigration. Tancredo, a hawk on illegal immigration, chose to throw his support to Romney. Romney was the victim of dirty fighting in that last debate when Candy Crowly decided to collude with Obama on Benghazi. Did you see that debate?
      Don’t break Romney’s chops by insisting that the Tea Party is the only “pure conservative” movement. Leave the Holy Grail to Lohengrin. TEA stands for “taxed enough already”. Romney is a fiscal conservative. His track record is excellent: the Olympics (he brought it out of the red ink), Massachusetts (even the liberal populace there held him in admiration). You are wrong, wrong, wrong. Please re-examine your conclusion.

      • Candy Crowly a bias fat cow who kept cutting Romney off and Romney was threatened and because of his family did not go all the way. Mitt Romney is on intelligent man and a 100% American!!!!!!

  4. It was tried and did not work, we need a constitutional conservative, Romney is not. Until America wakes up and is willing to make the changes necessary things will not change. Some see Ben Carson as a choice, I think he is a very good man but I think we need someone with more guts because what needs to be done is not going to be pretty and I am not sure he is up to the task. The conservative movement has been compromised way too much by so called conservatives in the GOP. The (establishment) GOP is part of the problem the good old boys are looking out for the good old boys and not for the benefit of the country. I refuse to hold my nose again when I pull the lever, if the GOP cannot come up with someone besides another moderate (read RINO) they will lose and rightfully so. It is time for a third party, when the GOP works against those in their own party simply to keep establishment good old boys in power then it is time to go another way.

  5. EXCUSE ME AMERICANS, but, Mitt Romney is way too good for this country as it stands. He shouldn’t have wasted his valuable time in the last two elections. You can’t change ignorant PARASITES and non-GOD-fearing people. PERIOD. Don’t do it Mitt. Enjoy your money. Oh, by the way, I know you earned it and deserve to use it as you see fit. SCREW all of you liberals and Assbama supporters. YOU SUCK. PERIOD.

    • I absolutely agree with you! Mitt Romney was to much of a gentleman to fight a black guy. Most people are jealous envious bastards of the Romney’s! That fat cow of a moderator they had was so for obummer she could taste him! Romney is the most handsome man in America and has a beautiful wife, married only one time in spite of what the low life’s say about his morman religion!!! At least they unlike the muslims don’t go killing the women and have 4or 5 just for breeding then mutate their little girls and the mothers ,like cows do nothing to protect their daughters!!

  6. Once-GOP New Hampshire is now just another liberal bastion full of Mass. invaders over the past 20-30 years. Lower taxes and property prices were a magnet for Bay Staters fed up with the high cost of living there. Can no longer rely on NH to deliver conservatives to Concord or DC. Vermont, once the most conservative state in the nation, has been invaded by New York liberals in the past 40 years, and now votes Left. Maine is the last holdout, thanks to Yankee stubbornness and harsh winters, but even there the trend has been to the Dem. side. Conn. and Rhode Island have long been Democratic. It’s not our father’s New England anymore; far from it!

    • Just goes to show what immigration can do to states. The western US has been invaded by Califagians they’re going blue too.

      • I think all the conservatives see that happening and are moving to Idaho. We bleed red big time up here. Idahoans voted overwhelmingly red in this last election. Too bad we couldn’t decide the presidency. This country would never see a liberal again!

  7. NO! We don’t need Mitt! Nor do we need Jeb!

    • either one of them gets nominated and we will have thunder thighs in her pants suits in the white house and old bill sneaking around screwing the hired help.

    • For the love of God we sure do not want the old lisbian the bagger of 49 people who knew to much about her!! I hope the old killer dies for the sake of America!!!

      • Is it now confirmed 49? I have always said 47 plus the four in Benghazi. Never ever forget Benghazi!!!!! Remember Benghazi!

      • Yeh, Hillary is all we need at this time. A woman with an already SCREW missing. Or, is it a woman? I wonder, just like I wonder about the BEASTY Meeshall. The triple wide who tells others not to eat certain food.

    • Mitt could bring us out of the Debt that Obama has created. He’s a good business man and we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in if Obama hadn’t commited fraud to get his second go round in the W H. Mitt was ahead all the way until the states that had illegal voters, etc; and then it was 100% Obama. Obama didn’t win he stole it.

      • I hate to tell you this, but we as a nation witnessed first hand the plot carried out by a CIA backed communist party embedded right here in America!
        Ask yourself one question. Who is this man we call president? No one really knows.

      • WOW, if they had only brought this to light in a big way. Mitt is too good for most of the population of this country. And, as long as people keep coming here illegally from Mex. and the far East it will never get better. Their ideas are far different from ours. WE have to STOP them from coming here at any cost. PERIOD. First, EXECUTE Obama. Then move on, cleaning out the White House. All who are not doing their jobs, those who are crooked and alike.

    • Would you rather have another PUNK ASS BITCH like ASSBAMA? He is EVIL.

      • NO what I would RATHER have is a REAL REPUBLICAN! I am so sick and tired of the GOP pulling some left winger in to the GOP and then claiming he is so damned popular and would demolish the rest of the liberal RINO’s they listed there. HOW ABOUT SOMEONE THAT DOESN’T BEND OVER BACKWARDS FOR THE LGBT AND HASN’T GOT A RECORD FOR APPOINTING 9 LIBERAL JUDGES AND ONLY TWO CONSERVATIVE! SOMEONE THAT WON’T MAKE OWNING A GUN SO EXPENSIVE, NO ONE CAN AFFORD TO OWN THEM LIKE ROMNEY DID TO THE PEOPLE OF MASS.


    • I don’t want Mitt either but have you researched Jeb lately? How are his political convictions any different than any liberal? Certainly was surprised to read what he favors and what he rejects. He is not conservative.

  8. *** NO MORE RINO’s !! ***

    • Term Limits ,clean the white house of the old political leeches and white house sewer rats!! Get rid of those of 70 years old and they NEVER hold a politicial position again!!!

      • They are not going to vote themselves out of a lucrative job. New Congressman from Virginia, Dave Brat said that he wants to put it up for a vote but knows is will not go anywhere. He was the one that defeated Eric Cantor.

    • Agreed, no more RINOs….but Romney is no RINO.

      • Did you know, if you turn off your ObamaPhone, and quit drinking
        the Kool-Aid, your headaches will stop – and the “voices” will go away?

        • Funny. But it is real. One day when my veteran husband and I were on the way home from the cleveland VA there were a bunch of people sitting by the side of the road at a card table with a huge sign that read in 10 inch letters…FREE PHONES….PAID for by the GOVERNMENT!!! I didn’t stop but I’m guessing you had to sign a voter card or pledge to vote as a democrat to get one. I just couldn’t believe it. So we as taxpayers are paying for phones that the government can’t even give away. It’s not even like a poor person was going to a government office to get some help…the government was blatantly spending our money for something people don’t even want!

  9. I liked Mitt the last time he ran and would still support him. He seem to me, although a politician a more honest one than most. Hillary the liar hopefully is the last on anyone’s list. If Romney runs he had better become an attack dog. His passive responces in the last campaign hurt him. I did like his comment about the 47%, however, that may be 51% or more under Obama. The freebies Obama has given to the lazy so called Americans and non Americans will be hard to overcome unless everyone else comes out to vote.

  10. we need someone totally new. Rand Paul is the only one I know that fits the bill.

  11. Please…not Romney again!!! he had his chance and proved to the American public that although he is a very educated and decent man, he is definitely not what we need for a president, at least no this time around. This time we need a solid Conservative, God-fearing Constitutional believing leader with the back bone to stand up to the pressures in DC…Ted Cruz comes to mind. I even like Ben Carson quite a bit. My only problem with him is that I do not think he presents himself as ‘presidential’. but I do think he has the good sense to surround himself with suitable and knowledgeable people. He doesn’t speak well either, but then, neither did Eisenhower; yet he was a great president…one that virtually everybody liked, and he was a good solid American, which is way more that we can say about the one we now have

  12. If the republican party continues with the ‘good ole boys, it’s my turn’ agenda, it will not only lose the election, but for all practical purposes will disappear as a viable party. It’s America’s turn, not the ‘my turn’ republicans.

  13. I have to wonder if there’s not a sneaky liberal pushing Romney . . . he knows Romney, nor Jeb Bush, nor Christie can ever win . . . so much easier for a democrat to win! What about Cruz, Walker, Carson, or Paul??? I thought New Hampshire was smarter than that!

  14. Who the hell wants mitt? Who the hell wants clinton? Can not this country get it together to have more options or is this a closed shop. Ina country where there is an endless variety ot things to choose from how could these two parties [actually one in different suits] get a stranglehold on the most imporant institution in the US. Can’t some one give us a choice?

    • You had one, Romney. Did you help elect Obama by failing to vote for Mitt?

      • I would vote for anything other than Clinton the old hag or Bush. We need new blood in the white house and get rid of the old dead wood that should have been retired at 70!! Old political leeches who have become millionaires on the tax payers back because WE DO NOT HAVE TERM LIMITS AND THE OLD LEECHES ARE voted in on promises because the American citizens are so damn stupid!!!

  15. Romney has lost twice already, once in the primary to McAmnesty and then to obama. How many times does he have to lose to exclude him as a possibility? What part of NO RINO’s does the republican party NOT understand.

    • Romney is NOT a RINO.

      • Go finish your Kool-Aid !!!!

      • Lets see now. Obamacare is based on Romneycare. Romney went to the white house to meet with obama as an advisor on obamacare. NO conservative or even middle of the road conservative would ever of done either above. He does have some strengths but the weaknesses don’t over ride them.

        • Which old wife told you that? Romneycare = 70 pages; Obamacare = 2000+ pages of crap sandwich. Please check your facts before you write. Romney is smarter than Gruber and you both. I live in Massachusetts, and Romneycare has had no impact on me or on anyone who is actually productive. It is easily attached to our income tax forms, as a file named “HC” (healthcare).

          • I have checked it out or I wouldn’t be saying. I got the information from very reliable sources. I have also heard, but haven’t verified, that the cost for Romneycare has better than tripled since it’s inception. That seems very plausible because some companies found it financially better for them to drop their insurance and let the state take care of them. I find it interesting that never meeting me you assume that Romney is smarter. Typical MA and liberal arrogance. I won’t waste any more time with you. Have a good life.

  16. didn’t New Hampshire just NOT elect Brown for Senator ??? I think so
    we don’t need Mitt he is a has been (has run) and lost…

  17. No we don’t!!!!!!!


  19. What Kind of GLUE are these People ON in New Hampshire ?????????????????????????

  20. I voted for Romney last time.

  21. Mr. Romney, please don’t listen to these people, listen to your wife. I agree with her, you should… “will not run again”. You are a good man and have honorable morals and values and anyone who looks into your life will see the truth. Now for the “But” or “However” you are too liberal for my country and its people, we need a tough love person who will do the hard stuff necessary to save this once great nation from socialization.

    We once held the bar on humanization and citizenship, we set the standards for freedom and liberty. Now we are laughed at by wannabe leaders in evil nations like china and russia and spit on by terrorist, even worse we have been dumped on by banana republics as they drill for oil just outside of our protected ocean boundaries using directional boring techniques allowing them to actually pull oil from inside our sovereign boundaries and sell it back to us. Yes, with oBonehead we are going over the cliff quickly, unfortunately I’m afraid with you we will just take a little longer.
    As both of you have very similar positions on immigration, borders and green energy. I’m sure that you probably believe in global climate warming changes or was that warming climate global changes either way we loose as a nation. Finally you had/have a similar plan for health care and I don’t want your opinion concerning my health, I want to hire a doctor…
    My Doctor and working together with him/her decide what’s best for me and my family. I don’t need my government sticking it’s nose up my butt or my doctors butt to find out what we had for lunch and whether or not you approve of it. I certainly don’t believe my government has the right to needle my doctor to question my children about if there are guns in our home.

    Really the only reason I held my nose and voted for you, is because you are a business man and have a proven track record for building strong businesses and even rescuing a couple, given that your previous opponent hasn’t accomplished anything except community organizer? What’s that? I figured that you should have beat the looser, so please listen to your wife, let us find and nominate a real leader for America, the beacon of light for the world.

    Before we are weakened and watered down anymore than the terrorist n chief has already done, the people have voted in this last mid-term and we want to save our nation and it people.

  22. I am afraid that to many people give Killary to much attention and electability. I believe to many people have had enough of the so called Clinton machine and that is still old blood. She really has NO RECORD to speak of except what she did in Benghazi and the money running down to Egypt and the love she has for the al quida mus-slime pigs around the world and how she has kissed their asses for so long. She is no where near NEW BLOOD for this country, but an OLD HAG would be better said.

    • She does have a record. She and Billy Bob had people done away with during and after White Water. Hillary is a Murderous Bitch. PERIOD.

  23. No republican was going to beat the first black president and the people had no desire to throw him out of office because of that. Romney is an excellent administrator and he definitely could shrink the federal government because as a business man that is what he knows how to do. He is intelligent, works hard and is realistic. He is also a compassionate man The public does not understand the government needs to run like a efficient business and elect people who have that experience. We need men in the federal government who know how to protect the citizens because that has to be our first concern. If we can not protect ourselves nothing else matters. Romney would have known what to do and he got it right about the realistic dangers we face. Idealism does not work, you need solid decision making based on experience and the ability to analize information. Romney’s main negative is his religion and people who judge that can not get beyond that, and that is sad. Romney’s resume beats Obama and the public did not care. We should not ask a politician to “correct the healthcare system” when they lack experience. Other republicans are not as strong. One person I would like to see in the race is Ben Carson and I have not doubt he would be excellent. He is intelligent, a hard worker, and gets difficulty jobs done. Far more qualified than Obama who had no qualifications to be president except the color of his skin and that is not enough. Americans need to act like adults and not emotionally to select their president.

  24. What the hell does New Hampshire know?

  25. Maria1———– I can tell you see through things and know what Mitt really stands for. He is NOT against Latinos, Hispanics, Mexicans or blacks. He stand up for OUR country and if something is BAD and there is a ton of BAD, he will say it. People just can’t stand to hear the truth. THEY have too long, been getting things for nothing. You see, for nothing means WE are paying for it. Frankly, I a tired of it. I don’t care about the children who come here ILLEGAL and along with their parents, take from what I have worked hard to get. THEY, think they are entitled to it. OUR government gives, so they take. PARASITES is what they are and I hope I am NEVER confronted with one of them, because I will do whatever necessary to overcome each and everyone of them. PERIOD. Obama should be HUNG. PERIOD>

  26. Mitt would be one of the best Presidents the US we have ever had. His integrity, experience and ability to unite

    is what we need.

  27. New Hampshire has a population of 1,323,459 which is the same population as San Diego. While I completely appreciate and am grateful New Hampshire has rediscovered conservative values I don’t think we should get on the same lame horse that lost the last presidential race.

    IFF the conservatives get off their blessed assurance and get to the polls to vote like they did the Senate races we won’t have to worry about losing 2016.

    But the momentum of conservatives are going to be largely affected by the effectiveness of the Senate in the first 30 days of taking over in January. If they don’t take the bull by the horns and show the American people the difference between Republican and Democrat then the American people will go back to sleep and ignore the 2016 election.
    These Senators BETTER NOT turn into RINOS or this is a very short lived little speed bump for the liberal agenda of a one party government.

  28. If New Hampshire wants him, they can have him. The rest of us don’t want that RINO and won’t vote for him.

  29. A young attorney voted for obama told me, they (his crowd) were not happy with obama 1st term performance, but they still voted for obama 2nd term because they don’t like Mitt religion Mormon. What an idiot, they vote for someone’s religion instead of performance. What’s wrong with today’s educated young generation?

  30. New Hampshire likes Mitt Romney? That goes right along with their re-election of Democrat Senator Jeanne Shaheen. Who gives a damn what the NH suburbs of Bostongrad think.

  31. Rand Paul, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush among them – he demolished them..

    He didn’t even demolish Ron Paul and before that, he couldn’t beat John McCain. Mit Romney is the republicans answer to Hillary Clinton only Romney is further left and more liberal. Both of them are old hat, If the GOP insists on foisting Romney on us again and he steals the RNC nomination like he did the last election,,

    I will throw my hands in the air stunned by the stupidity of the GOP or it’s propensity to do the same things over and over expecting a different result.

    It’s Insanity and we have had all we can take

    of all these insane politicians

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