New DHS Secretary: Sanctuary Cities “Endanger Communities”

New Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf just took over the agency, but he’s wasted no time at all letting the public know that he stands in lockstep with President Donald Trump when it comes to the dangers of unrestrained illegal immigration.

Appearing for an interview on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Wolf said that the U.S. was working hard to remove illegal aliens and keep them out of the country in the first place. He blasted cities that have passed laws prohibiting law enforcement officials from cooperating with federal immigration agents.

“I think sanctuary city policies endanger communities,” Wolf said. “They make the men and women of ICE, their job more difficult, so they are not protecting communities. They are endangering the communities, so I thought it was important in my first week to call that out and to stand with the men and women of ICE to do so.”

On Monday, Wolf went to North Carolina, where a crop of new sheriffs have pledged their refusal to work with ICE. Over the last year, the state as a whole has ignored nearly 500 detainer requests from the Trump administration. Many of the illegal aliens released back into the community went on to commit despicable crimes.

Wolf said it was up to him to shed light on this horrible situation.

“Part of my job is to make sure that the American people hear about that. The North Carolinians hear about that on what certain officials and jurisdictions in North Carolina are doing when they talk about sanctuary policies,” Wolf said. “And these are magnets and these are havens for criminals, and they make those communities less safe and not more safe, and it makes the officers of ICE, it makes their job more difficult and puts them in danger. So we need to call it out and describe what it really is, and that is it is causing these communities to be less secure and more dangerous.”

This message is so important, and it’s exactly what members of this administration need to be saying. It completely undercuts the left’s (quite unproven) contention that having police work hand-in-hand with immigration agents somehow makes Hispanics distrust the cops.

Guess what, if you’re an illegal immigrant living in this country, you’re going to mistrust the cops no matter what their stated policy is on deportations. Let’s have some common sense. By adopting sanctuary policies, these cities (and states, in the case of California) are doing nothing more than pandering to immigration activists and putting citizens in jeopardy.

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