New Communications Director: Trump WILL NOT Give Up on Border Wall

President Trump has been two months without a White House Communications director, a problem he remedied last week by hiring former Wall Street investor Anthony Scaramucci. Scaramucci, who has been a passionate support of the president on cable news over the past year, came on board just as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer resigned, leaving his job – at least temporarily – to Sarah Huckabee Sanders. In an interview with Breitbart News Saturday, Scaramucci vowed to be a new voice for the administration that has, at times, had its message lost in all of the endless controversies generated by a hostile press.

In the interview, with Breitbart’s Matt Boyle, Scaramucci said that Trump had not forgotten his vow to build a big, beautiful wall across the Mexican border.

“I know this is one of his campaign promises that he is on missile lock to keep, Matt,” he said. “We have a list of campaign promises that are up on Steve Bannon’s wall, and we’re going right through those campaign promises so that we can tell the American people we’re citizen politicians or citizen public servants. We’re not career politicians or establishment players that just want to sit in Washington and milk the system. Like good business people, we’re going to deliver on these promises and try to make the system better. So the wall is at the top of the list for the president. And so I can assure you that is going to get done.”

In the interview, Scaramucci also spoke of his own unusual pathway to the White House inner circle and made it clear how proud he was to be serving the president. He told Boyle that he had been inspired by watching Trump criss-cross the country last year holding rally after packed rally, filled with Americans who had long felt forgotten by the elitists in Washington.

“This is one of the most admirable things about him. It was the president that showed me — who grew up in a middle-class area like that — what was actually going on in my home town,” Scaramucci said. “Matt, I was spending too much time trying to spiral my way up into the global elite, you know? I went to some fancy schools, and then I worked at Goldman, and then I was trying to make myself some money to become financially independent. And I missed it.

“And so it’s one of the reasons why I’m so passionate to get reconnected to that and to help the president help those people,” he continued. “One of the most successful things about the president is that he has a vision for those people, but he also identified that way earlier than what I would call the typical politician, who really wasn’t focused on it.”

It was, and is, the driving force behind Trump’s enormous grassroots popularity and it is the force that will – hopefully – keep him afloat in the midst of so many external storms.

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  1. Scaramucci is a GOD SEND! The president respects him, and I believe will listen to him. Look for a lot of positive things to happen soon!

    • Sharonmpedersen

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    • Charles Wolfe jr

      Scaramucci Is no GOD send he is a rabid Anti-Gunner that should never have a job in the Trump White House!!!

      • Scaramucci changed his positions on everything. Perfect for Trump.

      • LOL..are you brain dead? He’s the communications director. They don’t make, or pass laws. Did you ever finish school?

        • Oh, yeah! Why do rogue judges create laws from the bench? Why did the Obungler create many laws through presidential executive orders (EOs) that violated the Constitution? Why do the errant BLM and EPA create laws through regulations that screw many innocent Americans? If you constantly break laws as the Demonrats do, they create all kinds of illegal, immoral laws that we must follow. Additionally, they are superb at ignoring laws they don’t agree with and violating laws (like immigration laws) that they dislike. However, Scaramucci will not blatantly break laws or create laws as the Demonrats do.

        • Charles Wolfe jr

          Exactly he’s communications director that will voice his anti-gun opinions. He doesn’t have to pass laws to get his opinions voiced.I think Trump made a mistake in appointing him to the job.

    • You are referring to the same Scaramucci that said Trump should run for President of the Queens County Bullies Association. You are very funny Jack!

    • I hope you’re right…

  2. Build the wall—Protect America!!! Glad we now have a president that loves America! One that puts America first! And he’s doing all this for $1 a year—What a bargain!

    • At $1 he’s overpaid

        • What did Anthony Scaramucci say – Trump WILL NOT Give Up on Border Wall? Well, this young man should have talked to Sessions and Secretary of State. They said the same thing and now they are being combed out of Trump administration. Scaramucci wants to fire Ivanka and her husband from the WH. He should also prepare to exchange gloves with Trump sons. I have never seen them smile for they are angry with Repubs and TPs who are investigating them for their hanky-panky with Russians. So Scaramucci, watch your back for you may end up like Sessions.

          • I am an independent, and you are definitely giving good advice. Like I have said previously, Trump will eat them up like a hungry female rat will eat her litter!

          • HIS ego gets in his own way n makes STUPID mistakes. He’s NOT as smart AT ALL as he thinks he is; just a manipulative Racketeer

          • He DID……..

        • But then, what does on call a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic, inbred, redneck, bible thumping, NASCAR loving, gun toting, America loving (people hating) bigot? A Trump zombie?

        • we really NEEED more MODERATES , Conservatives and libs are way WRONG!

          GREAT photo.

      • Bigley! This moron is lining his pockets like no other in American history while in office and the uneducated and unintelligent like Ron can’t figure that out. He robs money from charities like St. Jude’s and then acts like a big shot that he is giving his salary to charity. His charitable giving is absolutely pathetic!

        • Thinkingman2025

          Pathetic is YOU. If Trump donates 0.01% of his wealth to charity, it would be more that you earn in a decade.

        • Yet it is much more then Obama gave. Go figure.

          • Obama was very benevolent with our money. He gave billions to Iran. Then imported those ISIS lovers as refugees so we could care for them here. Wasn’t that nice of Old Elephant Ears?

          • He kind of reminded me of DUMBO!

          • Francine Stover

            what did obummer give nothing , stole money for vacations for his male wife

        • How about the thousands of jobs he’s created over the years? Not to mention, the tax dollars added from those taxes.

        • Why do libs like you love to lie, make things up, and gulp down that fake news kool-aid? Oh, yeah… because other libtards believe you and are stuck-on-stupid with crazy glue just like you are. Beyond pathetic. Lost in space. Slither on back to your troll hole.

        • LOL..I guess you misses the fact that the Obamas are now millionaires. Keep suck the niggers dick, Steve!

        • That man has more energy and drive then anyone I’ve ever heard of ,and you are a low energy loser probable on the system

        • Yes.. The man has a nasty history when it comes to money, and both his and Ivanka NOT MADE IN AMERICA products! Yet, this guy talks about Made in America. What a joke to us Americans!!!

        • Francine Stover

          think you got that wrong clinton steals from charities not trump

      • Considering the economy coming back strong, you’re misinformed.

      • Moon to Ray…Guess how much of his presidential salary he’s keeping. Glad you have two “o”s in your name, cause you sure can’t do money. Libs.

      • At 50 cents, you are over paid! What a stupid remark from an American. You need to go live in a third world country — or perhaps that is where you came from and are expecting the rest of America to foot your bill????? No doubt, one of the stupidest people on a blog site. Go eat worms and die you arrogant sob!

        • Trump is a disgrace. What kind of leader curses to the Boy Scouts. It’s all about him. You guys can’t even see through the fog you are in.

          • Keep digging. That is a pathetic dig. Come on now. You can do better than that. No you can’t!

            Libs are panicking because their pretend, confused, demented world is being shredded for a more truthful moral world. Tsk, tsk, tsk!

            Let’s see now. “Let the person who has NOT EVER SINNED cast the first stone”. Bet you don’t fill the bill…Libs are natural sinners and, interesting, they think they are spotless in the moral category when they aren’t even close! The only person in a Fog IS YOU! GET OVER IT!

            P.T. isn’t perfect but he is a President not a Saint! What’s your excuse?

          • We all sin,but we learn from our mistakes—Liberals keep doing the same stupid things over & over & over again!!!

          • You are 100 percent right! I bet if you tested all their DNA, you would find they carry the same defective KMA gene (Kiss My Ass) that changes all truths into their delusional mindset of lies. You can’t argue with them because their brains are on a different frequency and do NOT comprehend the facts you throw at them.

            After talking to many friends, family and acquaintances, MOST are just done with those braindead libs and want them to go away – so as the Conservative Party increases, the Liberal Party decreases. But don’t tell the Libs that. They think their world is rosy- dream on! Because soon they will be not a party of many, but a party of few. Caio Libs – don’t let the door hit you on your glutes on the way out!

          • Absolutely, you either agree with them or you are a POS! Did you see what Bernie Sanders did? He has been stealing his neighbors newspaper for weeks! How low can you go!

          • Sanders and all progressives think the “rules” are for everyone else, not them. They have such fragmented minds that they can’t process truths so they make the rules up as they go along.

            I’m so sick of their arrogance and wish they’d all fall off a high cliff and be gone…one can dream.

          • Jim Nada Culo-bacio

            You are right, I do not waste my time with them; it is useless. I do not need to take more Alleve than I need to.

          • He’s not a politition remember fog hat?
            He’s not polished but he’s the best we’ve had in a long time!! I’ll take him over all you smith talking Muslims

          • Speaking of Muslims..he really gets it on with the Saudi Arabians $$$$, Dubai $$$$,and the United Emirates $$$.

          • Your a Jew should be happy he’s on Isreals side you pos
            The Muslim obama wanted to wipe you out fool

          • Where do you think the Clintons got their millions?

          • MAGA! Hang with the Trumpster…

          • LOAD the NEW congress with MAGA warriors this MID-TERM!

            LAST CHANCE !

          • Here! Here!

      • You suck ass liberal you’ll eat your words soon enough

        • I am not a liberal, so don’t even go there! 4,100 jobs are already getting less. Of that total, the factories are leaving the country, and people are being laid off. I hope and pray this salesman didn’t sell us a basket of pretty apples on the top, and rotten ones on the bottom.

    • To bad congress doesn’t!

      • I think we have them install a time clock. If they would only get paid when they show up, taxpayers could save millions per year!

        • Good idea Ron. Trouble is, they won’t go for it, and they make the rules. That’s the reason we’ll never see term limits! Remember, they like their job, and what they like more is, we pay for it!!

          • Cynthiatgrenier

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          • Rosadbarrington

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          • TUXEDO CATS are the most intelligent CATS!

    • If he’s doing it for $1 a year, why is he so terrified of having his finances investigated?

      • Francine Stover

        it is none of their business thats why

        • Of course. He has nothing to hide. Just likes his privacy. Sure.

        • How come everybody is worried about his finances? The democrats never worried about Obamas finances or his birth certificate.

          • WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? Trump HIMSELF admitted the birth certificate sham was not true…Obama IS and always HAS BEEN A citizen. Trump is a KNOWN Racketeer, has habit of NOT PAYING PPL who have worked for him, LET ALONE to check his finances that AS PRESIDENT has he been taking advantage of that position and investing in foreign enterprises…does that make sense to how that can be a threat and danger….AS WELL AS THAT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE SIGNED OFF HIS FINANCES AND ABILITIES TO USE THEM FOR ANY SUCH THING WHILE PRESIDENT.

      • SO ppl won’t find out he IS NOT as rich as he has claimed for ONE thing….MANY buildings w/his name on them ARE NOT OWNED BY HIM….he sold his NAME to be put on them. AND, the dirty deals he’s made. He’s a Total NOTHING BUT LYING RACKETEER …as was his Dad AND Grandfather.

    • Do you think Trump cares about America, or himself? Sadly, those 41,000 jobs are leaving and laying off people already. He dumps people who supported him like a hungry mother rat eats her litter. Sorry, I am not a liberal, just an independent.

  3. The day that the wall starts to be built, is the day that Trump is president again in 2020! That will clinch it for him!

  4. Excellent! Build that wall. Hire additional border security guards. Use drones for enhanced security. Don’t forget the yooge, beautiful door in the middle. This is job one. Gitter done! And watch the liberals weep…

    • Shoot ’em all. Men, women, children. Shoot ’em all. Afterward, Trump will pardon you — and himself.

      • Uh, a little blood thirsty there aren’t ya, Phyllis. Nothing like being a human enhanced explosive device. Just sayin’…

      • How long did the psychiatrists let you out to troll today? Sure hope they’re nearby. Make sure to take ALL your meds next time.

  5. Build Da Wall! Build Da Wall! Build Da Wall! Use welfare recipients to do the work.

    • and make them build it from the south side

    • Prisoners in Prison in Tents on chain gangs, 3 to a bunk, 8 hrs working, 8 hrs sleeping, 8 hrs free time for showerin, shavin, prayin, eating and thinkin about the crime committed to land them in prison to start with, might not be such a desirable place! Prison was not supposed to be easy, it is a punishment place and should be made to be one ! Labors watched by guards just like the old days !

      These 2 need the workout in the worst way !

    • How about using the illegals to build the wall,figure that is what they have to do for coming into the Country illegally. And when the wall is done drop them on the other side.

      • Totally agree!

      • Why don’t you all volunteer to build that wall. After all you seem to think it’s such a good idea. And as you think that a $1 a year is also such a good thing how about that’s what you will be paid for doing it. Best of luck humping sand and gravel around in the Arizona heat.

        • Why would we build the wall, all you liberal dumacrats keep saying that all of the illegals only take jobs that Americans won’t take? So put all the illegals to work building the wall. instead of feeding them in jail or them collecting benefits that they should not be getting anyway.

    • Use libtards to build the wall! Oops, that won’t work. They have no idea how to build anything.

      • Wrong! They know how to build dissension among the citizenry. You didn’t say how to build anything good or constructive. You just said “how to build anything.” They are outstanding at obstructing anything President Trump tries to do in moving our agenda forward and in dividing the people.

    • Francine Stover

      they can use the food stamps recipients to build it

    • What Trump should do is to have the contractor put a chain-link fence at the top of the wall with ribbon wire at the top of the fence. Then, electrify the fence and put a lot of warning signs telling wall-breakers not to attempt to scale the fence or they will be electrocuted. After one or two cases, nobody in his right mind would ever want to scale the fence. If you don’t want to fry people, put enough current/voltage (sorta like a taser blast) in there to knock them off the fence and wall. Although, falling 30 feet may hurt a bit.

  6. “Mission Creep” is a great term coined by Hannity. Not only does it apply to those wanting to take down the Federal Government, it is in many of our cities and towns in the form of NGO’s. Whenever you hear or read about your local government hiring an NGO (Non-government Organization) they have just invited the UN into their township to organize and plan herding people into cities and towns. Better known as the UN’s Agenda 21. To close off and control rural areas to drive people where local governments can collect your taxes in one central local. NGO’s are required to sign onto the UN’s Agenda 21 to be designated an NGO. Keep the UN out of our governmental agencies.

    • Totally agree – except I think they pushed it back to 2030. Just more of the anti-globalist Trump effect.

  7. We want the WALL! When do we want it? Now!

  8. Mr. Trump will never get his wall. Thankfully, there will never be the votes in Congress to build this mad vision by the deranged fraud that occupies the White House. Congress – including may conservatives – are finally taking notice what they already knew in their hearts and heads: Mr. Trump is wholly unfit to be president and that blindly following his rants and delusions can only result in more chaos. Remember, what weakens Trump makes America stronger.

    • The wall will be built by the best President we have had since Reagan. If Hillary had been elected we would already be under Sharia law and our country would no longer exist.

      • Yes, and her dopey husband and the Clinton Foundation would have sold the rest of our uranium reserves to the Vlad Putin KGB Bank of Bombs and Friends, and Slick Willie would make yet another $500,000, 20 minute speech, before returning to his job as Secretary of the United Socialist States of America.

    • Saw a great cartoon yesterday. It showed a newspaper with the words, “TRUMP CONVICTED.”

      Underneath was a another article, with the heading: “Still has 35% approval rating.”

      Trump zombies are proud to follow this criminal.

      • Yes we are and we will lead him into another 4-years. You got that confused. it said Trump finally has Hillary convicted.

        • Here are 10 Trump excuses and diversions for his own incompetence:

          Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.

          Feel free to continue using them and if you run short of excuses, let me know.

      • You believe in polls? If his approval rating is only 35% (it’s actually 50%), how do you explain that the republicans have had record donations.

        Please point out what your president did that was criminal. crickets..crickets..

        • See what happens when the only thing you read is Breitbart:

          Tuesday, July 25
          President Trump Job Approval
          Gallup Approve 36, Disapprove 59
          Rasmussen Reports Approve 42, Disapprove 58

          Monday, July 24
          President Trump Job Approval
          FOX News Approve 41, Disapprove 53
          Reuters/Ipsos Approve 38, Disapprove 58
          Economist/YouGov Approve 39, Disapprove 56

          It’s pretty bad when even a FOX news and a Rasmussen survey say a Republican is unpopular. Fake News?

          Funny, how we don’t see Trump talking about polls any more. He used to love talking about polls. I wonder what happened. Any ideas?

          In answer to your question, the Republicans are the party of the rich, so they collect more from the rich.

          Haven’t you seen all the billionaire banksters Trump has appointed? Haven’t you been following the Republican’s Trumpcare initiatives that would leave 20M – 30M poor people without health care insurance?

          Since you are a Trump follower, I hope you are rich. Otherwise, you are going to be shocked when the reality hits.

          • The polls are BS. remember all the “Hillary in a landslide” polls? 36% approval and yet the republicans are getting record donations. Polls are meant to control the masses.

            I watch Fox News and they’re the only outlet with a fair assessment of Trump, all the other fake news outlets talk about Russia and not Trumps many successes.

            The democrat party is the party of the rich. In the last 8 years there was record poverty and the top 1% got 93% of all the wealth, more than under any other administration. Who works for the rich again? Hillary got $50 million in donations from Wall Street ($145 million from Russia) while Trump received $19,000 from WS. Who works for the rich?

            The Obama administration also had billionaires. The people that Trump has selected are al accomplished men and not a bunch of liberal ideologues who have no clue. You can see what the ideologies gave us for the last 8 years, a failed economy and a failed foreign policy.

            How will 30 million lose their healthcare when healthcare costs are coming down? There’s no more government mandated health insurance that was a one size fits all approach. They removed all the taxes on healthcare which even included bandaids, liberal bloodsuckers. When they also have tort reform, which is the #1 reason for high healthcare costs, it will go even lower.

            Democrats and their childish fear mongering, millions will die! Kids will be born with two heads! Grandma will be thrown off a cliff!! LOL

            When what really hits? The economy is already booming. That kind of a hit? Watch the poverty rate go down and the workforce participation rate is already rising. #MAGA

          • The polls, which Trump used to brag about, now magically have become BS?

            You watch FOX news: FOX News Approve 41, Disapprove 53. So now, do you believe them or not?

            Now Trump brags about the economy, which has been growing since Obama came into office (after the Republican recession) and it has continued on the same trajectory.

            Specifically, what has Trump done to grow the economy? He bragged about his ability to save jobs in America. What has he done? He told Indiana voters last year there was a “100 percent chance” he would save the jobs at Carrier. Now Carrier is laying off 700 people.

            The Congressional Budget Office is a non-partisan group of experts who analyze U.S. legislation, and upon whom the Congress relies for its projections. They say between 22 million and 30 million, depending on which of proposed plans is approved, will lose benefits.

            Trump thinks he knows more than the CBO and Congress. You too?

            Is it really LOL that children will sicken and die from lack of medical care? Do you consider that to be a funny joke?

            Who were all those billionaires in Obama’s administration? Remind me. Trump was going to drain the swamp and he specifically criticized Goldman Sachs. Immediately after you elected him, he hired a bunch of Goldman Sachs billionaire bankers. Some draining that was.

            Why do you think he is so paranoid about his tax returns? He is willing to fire everyone around him, just so he can keep hiding those returns. Why?

            One day you will say to yourself, “Why am I defending a lying, billionaire, proven crook, who does nothing for me, and does everything to enrich himself, and whose every excuse for his failures is ‘Hillary’?”

            Don’t allow yourself to be a Trump zombie. Look at the realities.

          • Polls are used to control the simple mixed and don’t reflect on what’s actually going on.

            The economy tanked under Obama. His GDP average was under 1.5% which means no growth, or as Forbes Magazine called it, a wasted 8 years. A good economy don’t have record poverty and a record about of people on food stamps. Both are lowering under Trump. Obama owns the lowest workforce participation rate since the 70s. It was growing under obama? In what country? A record number of businesses bankrupt or leaving the country because of the highest corporate tax rate in the world and overregulation. Never put an ideologue in charge of the economy, especially an Affirmative Action community organizing socialist. Trump the Capitalists know more about job creation than all the politicians put together.

            Four major car companies are building five factories or expanding in the US instead of Mexico because of the upcoming lower business tax rate. He already got rid of the most ridiculous regulations. Trump’s economy looks like this, unlike obama, full tome jobs. Obama destroyed the economy.

            How will 30 million lose healthcare since costs are already coming down? Liberal fear mongering. “Children will die from lack of healthcare.” More CNN nonsense. And you from the party of abortion worried about the health of children? Your party promotes the murder of children.

            They should do what Clinton did, welfare reform. It cut the welfare rolls in half so I believe that half the welfare recipients are fraudulent. There’s no excuse for being poor in this country unless you’re disabled.

            Trump throughout his whole life has hired to best and continues to do so. Who should he put in?Some liberal ideologue with no clue like what we’ve had the past 8 years?

            Tax returns? Who cares. Trump has paid hundreds of millions in federal, employee, state and property taxes and if he didn’t he’s be in jail.

            I am looking at the reality. The reality of the democrats destroying our foreign policies, our economy and our healthcare system.

            Trump’s in for the long haul. 8 years. Pence/Cruz 2014! KAG!

    • Deranged? LOL…listen to the crap that falls out of the mouths of crazy Nancy P., and fat assed Maxine Waters, who by the way has never done anything for her constituents! Bernaldo? What fence did you climb over to get here?

  9. Scaramucci said he wants to help the president help “those people.” News flash: “Those people” are among the 20+ million who would lose health care under any of Trumps numerous House and Senate plans.

    Trump cares about “those people” as much he cares about immigrants, gays, Muslims, the NY Times, Hillary and anyone revealing the facts about him.

    • Nonsense, sheer prattle. Those “losses” represent the numbers of people freed from the oppressive government mandate and will buy insurance, if they choose, from sources other than the soon-to-be dead and buried ObamaCare Bill.

      • “Prattle” the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office experts developed and which Congress itself believes. But of course, you and Trump, both of whom have researched the subject deeply, reject these findings. I bow to your superior expertise. Did you get it at Trump University?

        • No, the CBO spewed out numbers without explanation. You accepted it, passed it on as absolute truth and went to work flapping your gums about the wonders of socialism. “Can’t we all just get along” nonsense where a central government calls all the shots, redistributes income, captures 16 percent of the nation’s economy and calls it the Affordable Healthcare Act. Well, how affordable is it now, Ms Phyllis? You have your head buried so far in the south end of your anatomy with this leftist nonsense, you can’t tell shiite from shinola. Wake up!

          • You don’t believe the CBO numbers? O.K., whose numbers do you believe? What are they?

            I’m not sure where your “socialism” rant came from, but I suspect you believe any form of government spending is “socialism.” I personally do not favor socialism, but it’s a handy epithet to use against anyone with whom you disagree. Right?

            Perhaps, one day, you might actually learn what socialism is. (Hint: It’s government OWNERSHIP and control over production, land, distribution, etc.)

            ACA doesn’t own anything. It merely functions as insurance that pays the PRIVATELY OWNED hospitals and the PRIVATELY EMPLOYED doctors. Paying money into the private sector is not socialism.

            Sorry, now you’ll have to find a new epithet for something you don’t understand.

          • I do note that back in 2009 when polls ask the question, “Are you satisfied with your health care?” some 85 percent responded affirmatively. So what happened? The Obozo administration decided to reconfigure the entire system rather than correcting the short comings to those in the lower third of the economy where the problems were. Why? Because that’s what socialist types do. When given the opportunity to grow government, do it. Government means more control, in this case 16 percent of the national economy. And Obama wasn’t even satisfied with this. He really wanted a one-payer system, and he knew that when the ACA failed, as it is now doing, all the Bernie Sanders types would screech for a one-payer system. Complete government control. Absolute heaven for all the leftists, everything would be free and the throng of snowflake millennials could stay home, smoke dope, without fear and watch porn on the Internet. Perhaps forever. But Margaret Thatcher told us that with socialism, pretty soon you run out of other people’s money and the whole system comes tumbling down. Venezuela, Cuba, the old Soviet Union, are examples. Obama also knew, as most Marxist-socialists do, that once an entitlement is given it’s almost impossible to take back. But being a leftist with a whole lot of hubris, as you are, you already knew that. You’re such a proud, superior Progressive, so much better suited to make decisions for the little people than they are themselves. But, in your smothering condescension, you couldn’t even give the correct definition of Socialism. Nice try. Want to take another attempt?

          • Perhaps you have invented a new definition of socialism. The definition, according to is exactly as I said:

            We are fortunate having a Republican President, and Republican Senate, a Republican House, and a right wing Supreme Court, which after more than 7 years of labor, have come up with a great replacement for that awful Obamacare.

            Oh, what? They haven’t? After 7 years and more than 50 votes, they still don’t know how to replace it? If Obamacare is so bad, the Republicans must be brain-dead not to come up with something better. Should be easy. After all, President Trump promised the poor they wouldn’t lose insurance.

            What? 16 million – 30 million will lose insurance depending on which Republican plan you’re talking about.

            Oh, I forgot. You, McFerguson, have better numbers than the CBO. What exactly are those better numbers, McFerguson? Oh, you really don’t have any numbers? You’re only relying on Trump tweets for your information? Good source.

            If only you had even a minimal knowledge of economics, you would realize that unlike cities, counties, and states, the federal government is Monetarily Sovereign, meaning it does not spend tax dollars (You don’t know what Monetary Sovereignty is, do you?)

            So the reference to “other people’s money” is ignorant of the facts.

            Considering that you don’t know what socialism is, you don’t know how many people would be uninsured by right-wing plans, and you don’t know what Monetary Sovereignty is, yes I guess you’re correct. Thank you for noting that I am superior.

            It’s not too late for you, however. Just read and learn. It’s something Trump never does, but I’m sure you can do it. Just try.

          • And the liberal POTUS, Barack Obama, added 10 trillion dollars of Monetary Sovereignty to the national debt in 8 years of a liberal spending spree, which reduced our national debt rating for the first time – ever! But that’s OK, because according to liberal loon Phyllisrgarber – should be ‘grabber’ – it’s just monopoly money, not tax dollars, and it don’t mean nuthin’. We’re now 20 trillion dollars (nah, it’s just monopoly money) in national debt and apparently, according to Phyllis, we as a nation have an international ‘Get-out- of-Jail-Free’ card, and nothing to worry about. Let the international interest rates rise through the roof, but no harm to us. We’ll just tell China, Japan, et al, we ain’t payin’. Right? Phyllis, you must have worked for Obozo and Jonathan Gruber, the nitwit MIT Economic Professor who designed the ACA system and said the people were “too stupid” to know they were being shaken down by the government. What a guy old Jonathan is. You’re trying to profess that you’re an economic genius, too, Phyllis, are you as smart as the Gruber? Inquiring minds would like to know…

          • I guess you have given up on the “socialist” epithet. I accept your apology.

            I also guess that being anti-spending, you oppose Social Security, Medicare and the military (They take up the vast majority of all federal spending). And you oppose Medicaid, unemployment compensation, aids to education, and aid to veterans. And now we’re at about 90% of federal spending.

            So what do you want to cut, and why?

            The federal “debt” is $20 trillion and the government can’t pay its bills, except a Monetarily Sovereign (look it up) government cannot run short of its own sovereign currency. Even if the federal debt was double, triple, or quintuple, the government easily could fund it.

            But, what about interest rates? While the debt has been rising so fast it gives you hives, interest rates have remained at historic lows. How is that possible? How does that fit in with your philosophy?

            Despite the GOP’s laughable inability to come up with a better plan than ACA, I still don’t like it. The federal government has the unlimited ability to pay its bills, without levying taxes, so it should provide Medicare to every man, woman and child in America — and eliminate FICA.

            Your sarcasm isn’t a good replacement for economics knowledge. You really should try to understand Monetary Sovereignty. Here is a good starting place. I’ll be glad to answer your questions.

            Please knock off the childish “Obozo” nonsense. Do you really think that creates respect for your ideas? Don’t drop to Trump’s level.

    • Straight re-hash of lying demonrats talking points and incessant msm propagandists from fake news factories. We’ve already heard it all and we threw it in the compost heap where it belongs. Sad how trolls never have anything new – or factual – to add to any threads or conversations. Especially you, Phillerup.

    • LOL…news flash for you Phyllass. People are hurting because of Omuslim care. Tell a lie long enough, and it becomes truth to you low information DemonRATS!

      • I am impressed by the creativity and intelligence of conservative web sites: “Phyllass,” “Omuslim,” “DemonRATS,” “Dumbocrap,” “Ovomit,” “Phillerup.” The list goes on and on. Very clever. Your arguments are so cogent. You have me convinced.

  10. Trump has no reason to give up the border wall.

  11. Lets hope not even if those like the dem mc cian , graham , ryan , kasick . and mitch will fight to to built one Just as they have fight to not repeal obambo care and i bet they will fight cutting the budget also

  12. But he is tearing down the Jeff Sessions wall. I am losing confidence in trump’s ability to pick good people that he can work with. He is also starting to sound like a cry baby

    • Understand how you feel. But Sessions as AG has done very little to push back against the silent coup Russian collusion delusion or prosecute Clinton, Comey, rogue intel spies, etc. His recusal – for whatever reason – continues to hurt the president, and demonstrated a deep flaw in his ability or resolve to not cave when it counts the most.


  14. It appears to me that the new immigration enforcement (actually enforcing existing laws) has done more than any wall will. The money that Trump wants to waste on the wall is better spent on our crumbling infrastructure. Plus Trump is adding 500 to 1000 additional border patrol officers. I think it would make more sense to build stations in high risk areas with beefed up patrols using lazer fencing and drone survailance along with quick response teams when breaches are detected.
    The best realistic estimate for the cost of the wall is 100 – 120 billion that can go a long way in bridge repair as well as create a whole lot of employment.

  15. Yes, it is impossible to build a controlling wall if it has gaps for unmanaged gates. The Chinese Wall runs for a far greater distance than was required to make it impossible to drive thousands of truck loads through its gates. It failed! Bribe a gatekeeper! We want to stop drugs in tunnels, but others want the drugs! We do not want legal waiting for admission to lose out to illegal smuggling, wall climbing and tunnels. Detection and rejection is the goal. It takes control of all possible routes, not just walls in the middle of rivers that wander like crazy. Build solar fences, electronic equivalents and so on, to include stopping truckloads that kill. Stop tunnels too if the Mafia can survive without them paying to keep all paths open.

  16. President Trump walks his talk – unlike ANY of the DC swamp creatures being lined up for draining. Oh, yeah, that wall will be built – you can bet your DemoRINO on that!

  17. When people try to tear down President Trump, they only succeed in tearing down themselves…and every last one of them are arrogant Progressives who truly do NOT give a crap about anyone BUT themselves. They open their ugly mouths and all that comes out is gas! Guess that tells you where their brains are!!!!

    The Border Wall represents more than just keeping riffraff illegals out of our country, it keeps Terrorists out too. Not only is it a deterrent to someone breaking our laws, but it represents America’s purchase on taking care of its own people first — something that ding-a-ling obamalama refused to do for anyone but himself. Again A R R O G A N T & I G N O R A N T – that was the obamalama era. Nice to see it being destroyed by one of the most capable men we’ve seen in office for a long time!!

    You GO President Trump! Ignore that flatulence coming from the peanut gallery. B.S. is all they spew…

    • Spot on! I looked & according to the internet illegal immigrants are costing the US about 113 billion dollars per year–about twice the cost of the wall!

  18. How much is Trump going to pay white people to build his wall?

  19. Question- Is there also going to be a wall along the northern border? And if no, why not?

  20. The message is good , but don’t expect the Liberal News Media to help spread it. They will ignore, or play it down, in order to help the Liberals, and the Democrats. That means, Trump will have to have a good advertising message team, who will spread the word, and their accomplishments, from state to state, and not let them forget what has been accomplished. The News Media wants to make these accomplishments a part of the old and forgotten news. They only want to keep the bad stuff current, and on the air all the time.

  21. we CANNOT stop fighting for the wall , it will save america billions ,,excelent drug control..keep ILLEGALS OUT, some they dont understand that ILLEGAL is a crime,JUST LIKE ANYTHING ELSE SOMEONE DOES THATS ILLEGAL ,you do the CRIME you pay the price…

  22. Making America great, again. Draft-dodger Trump bans transgenders from the military. Bigots cheer. This is how low Trump has brought America.

    The coward bans the brave.

  23. If we had a president who loved America he would be building a wall around New Jersey and Florida, not Mexico. The Russian mafia runs the casinos and sex trade not only in those states but spreads a milignent slime all across this country. It has been a problem since the Soviet block broke up and the KGB started to lay their spies off. But if Trump had the [email protected] to do that that then the Golden Showers pee pee dossier would be released and he would have to face up to a very angry and effective bunch of people and the Secret Service and the FBI would not be able to save him.

    Don’t celebrate the building of that wall just yet. Trump hasn’t gone through all the Eminent Domain court cases yet, and there are going to be thousands as people realize that its THEIR land that’s being taken away by force for pennies on the dollar.

    As for the 1$ a years thing, They say you get what you pay for and Trump is giving all of the value that $1 a year buys.

  24. BUILD THE WALL! Thank you, President Trump.

  25. Another day in the life of Donald Trump. First he tells a suggestive story about what a rich guy does on his yacht, and then goes off on a weird, political rant — to Boy Scouts!.

    Then he tells a group in Ohio about some mythical preditors who “take a young, beautiful girl, 16, 15, and others, and they slice them and dice them with a knife, because they want them to go through excruciating pain before they die.”

    Then he continues his criticism of Attorney General Sessions for doing the moral and legal thing — recusing himself from the Russia investigation — because Trump wanted a toady who would end the investigation of Russian interference with our election.

    And now, he amazes the generals by barring transgenders from the military. Why the raw bigotry? There is no “why” to Trump.

    After each Trump outrage, the Trump zombies twist themselves into pretzels trying to explain and justify what cannot be explained and certainly cannot be justified for a President of the United States of America.

    But one-by-one, the zombies are coming to the realization: “Why should I make myself look like a fool — why should everyone remember me as a fool — by defending a fool?”

  26. Jim Nada Culo-bacio


  27. His HATE wall is sought by him ONLY to have an ego-maniacal ‘monument’ to HIM! NOTHING else! WHY NOT build bridges of co operation instead…and use $ for MANY other issues…yeah! HE’s ‘protecting’ American alright!!!! Brother!!! HAVE you been FOLLOWING anything he’s been DOING?

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