New 2020 Democrat Celebrates Membership in “Party of the Woke”

Faced with a golden opportunity to provide Democratic voters with a sharp-edged alternative to the utter nonsense being vomited out by most of the left these days, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick instead pandered to the base in an interview with MSNBC. Speaking with host Nicolle Wallace, the 2020 Democratic race’s newest contender said that, far from being disturbed by the party’s lurch to the left, he was proud of the Democrats’ new “woke” position on culture.

“You’re not running in a Republican primary, you are running in a Democratic primary,” Wallace reminded Patrick, suggesting that the governor’s stint at Bain Capital could pose a problem. “Your party has moved to the left.”

“First of all, I love that the party has moved to the left. I love that we are the party of the woke,” Patrick said. “I believe that we also have to be the party of the still waking, and I have always conducted my personal life and my business life and my life as a civil rights lawyer, my life as an advocate, my life as a mediator and as a governor that way. And, why? It’s not because I’m trying to smooth over issues. I am interested in getting at root causes.”

Patrick, who resigned from Bain prior to announcing his candidacy, nonetheless defended his old employer, saying they were unfairly “demonized” during the 2012 election. It was at that time that presidential candidate Mitt Romney was targeted for belonging to the company. Patrick told Wallace that “there is a place for private equity in a private economy,” though he also said that capitalism “has a lot to answer for.”

Yeah, like lifting half the known world out of the sludge pits of poverty.

Still, in a field where it doesn’t take much to sound like a human from Earth, Patrick managed to do so. He criticized the Medicare-for-All plans proposed by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, saying that such partisan programs were no way to bring the country together.

“I think that if we want solutions that last, they can’t be solutions that feel to the voting public as if they are just Democratic solutions.”

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