NeverTrumpers Release Hilarious Ad About Trump, the Dictator

The Lincoln Project has prided itself in trolling President Donald Trump with their well-produced, slick, humorous videos trashing him. The collection of NeverTrumpers have won plaudits from the mainstream media – the only goal we can see behind this effort.

But while we can argue whether or not any of their previous ad campaigns have landed on the target or not, there is no debate about their latest offering. It is embarrassingly hilarious…and this one – unlike some of their others – was not meant to be funny.

The ad begins with a mother checking in on her sleeping son as the sounds of a television play from a room at the other side of the house. The mother, a grave look on her face, gently shakes the boy awake to give him the bad news.

“Hey, honey,” she says softly.

“Hey, Mommy,” her son replies.

“You asked me to wake you and tell you what happened in the election,” she continues.

“Who won?” the boy asks.

“Trump,” the mom says in a tone that one would ordinarily reserve for a cancer diagnosis. “Trump won.”

“I thought you could only be president two times,” the child says.

The mom pauses before finally delivering the kicker: “Not anymore.”

The ad then goes to black and white text appears on the screen: STOP HIM OR IT WILL NEVER STOP.

Ooh, feel the fear? Feel the terror?

We’re not sure how anyone could watch this video without spitting out whatever they happened to be drinking at the time, but it apparently had the desired effect for people already predisposed to hate and fear Donald Trump.

“I’m literally wide awake in the middle of the night bc of this very anxiety,” one Twitter liberal wrote.

“I am so filled with pain & rage,” another wrote. “I can’t even begin to describe that inconsolable pain & rage. I’ve watched with horror for 40 years as the country has crumbled under right wing propaganda & destruction. And yet I’m still stunned where we are today. If we don’t stop it we’re done.”

Since this user cites such a long timeline, we have to assume the Republicans behind The Lincoln Project were probably behind some of that dreadful “right wing propaganda,” but why get mired down in the details?

If these NeverTrumpers had been running ads this silly the whole time, Trump’s reelection would be in the bag.

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