Networks Claim Racism is Behind Trump’s Attacks on the NFL

The liberal media will stop at nothing when it comes to using the dark specter of racism as a bludgeoning tool for their irresponsible, un-American ideology. Whenever confronted with a self-evident truth that would have been universally accepted only a few years ago – in other words, an argument they cannot possibly hope to win – they turn to “racism” as a conversation stopper. And they LOVE to pull out this attack on President Donald Trump, as we’ve seen throughout the course of his short political career. This isn’t the first time they’ve done it, although this may be the furthest they’ve had to stretch to make a connection.

Basically, what the networks were saying this weekend comes down to this: The NFL players are largely black…they are ostensibly protesting police brutality…therefore when the (white) president criticizes them, he does so from a place of racist hostility. Essentially, they’re making the argument that no white person can oppose these protests. That all the talk about patriotism is just a front for hidden racist sentiment.

Astute readers will recall that most – if not all – criticism of Barack Obama fell into this same category.

On ABC’s Good Morning America, anchor Dan Harris and ESPN reporter Ryan Smith told us all about the president’s secret “coded language” to white racists.

“Ryan, it’s hard to ignore the racial component here,” Harris said. “The president went on this jag on Friday night in front of a largely white audience.”

“Well, I think there’s a lot of talk now about coded language,” Smith said. “You think about what he said. Disrespecting ‘OUR’ heritage. ‘WE,’ to that largely white crowd. I think there’s a lot of folks out there and look at this and say: ‘What are you really trying to say here?'”

Well, when President Trump says OUR heritage, he means…Americans. When he says WE, he means patriots who still believe that the national anthem and the flag mean something more than the sum of their colors and lyrics. So WHAT if the audience was “largely white?” You can’t talk about patriotism or football in front of a white crowd without being accused of racism? Of using super-duper-secret code words? This is outlandish.

Things were even worse over on NBC, where Detroit Free Press writer Stephen Henderson made the astonishing claim that…well, just read it for yourself!

“He is not randomly attacking these players,” argued National Review’s Rich Lowry on Meet the Press. “He is attacking them because they’re kneeling during the national anthem. And the national anthem is not a white supremacist symbol.”

To which Henderson replied: “Some of the words of the national anthem are white supremacist.”

A startled Lowry said, “You think the national anthem is racist?”

“I think this is a country whose history is racist, whose history is steeped in white supremacy, and the anthem reflects that in its very words–”

The conversation devolved from there and we never got to hear exactly why and how the Star-Spangled Banner is a racist song, and that’s probably for the best. Our television set would likely not have survived the explanation.


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  1. I guess being a patriot is now considered racist! I wonder when the New England Patriots are going to officially change their name. Rumor has it that they are in discussions about dropping the PAT and becoming known as the The New England RIOTS!

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    • Well said Justin. Thanks. Racism shouted from the Left, riots and antisocial behavior had a volcanic-like eruption when Barack Obama, a non-American born in Africa was illegally seated in his Crescent Office in his White Mosque. His presence spawned anti-American attitudes and behaviors not witnessed before he oozed out of hidden woodwork. Politically he came out of nowhere with a blank list of accomplishments. The nation is now paying for and enduring the cleanup of that imposter’s eight year anti-America train wreck.

    • Or the Patsies.

  2. They’ve been using this tactic in one form or another pretty much since the moment Obama was elected. For years and years they were very successful in controlling the narrative and silencing any dissent while they gleefully ran amok through our government, our schools, our institutions, our culture, our morals, our values, our deeply held beliefs, our shared history and now they’re going after what would be for them a crowning achievement. The very symbols of who we are. Everything that binds us together as a nation. Our anthem, and the flag we drape over the coffins of those who bravely gave their lives so these disgusting people can be free to try and take freedom from everyone else by using all the progress we’ve made and should be proud of against us. By defiling every achievement Americans fought so hard to put in place with their sordid, twisted view of the world. So they can have absolute power and control. So they can replace the greatest nation in the history of mankind with the same chaotic cesspool that has failed over and over and over throughout history because they are so lost in their depravity they arrogantly believe they can make it work. Where of course they will be the ones telling everyone else what to do, how to live, what to believe, these sick,swaggering, swollen with ego, self important fools.
    The good news is that the vast majority of Americans aren’t as stupid as those they already control. We see what they’re doing now, how low they’re willing to go. And we’ve banded together in the way Americans should to elect Trump because we needed exactly what they hate so much to stop them. A strong, brave, unapologetically patriotic American who remembers what it was like before they poisoned the well and is not afraid to stand up, stand out and say what needs to be said. Despite the deliberately hysterical accusations they throw and the violent, maniacal hate they no longer bother to hide.
    God Bless President Trump and watch over him. As he fights perhaps the greatest, most insidious threat this nation has ever seen. The cancer that is bound and determined to eat it from within. Modern liberalism.

    • I wish I could give you more than one upvote.

      The Left (modern liberalism) has attacked and taken over America’s institutions, and placed operatives in our Schools, Churches, Big Businesses, Unions, both political parties, courts, and the MEDIA. The enemy is within. I call them for what they are, Big Government Communists.

      We must fight this corruption of our society on all fronts. Each front is important. Trump is a one man wrecking ball aimed at the Elites in both political parties, but he needs our help. God Bless you for your comments of truth in support of him…..

      My fight is with the MEDIA. I too need help. The MEDIA is the “bludgeoning tool” that keeps the ill-informed hypnotized. I think that if we can neutralize the MEDIA many of the hypnotized will break out of their trance.

      Please everybody, join the fight.

      • We are IN IT….Like it or not Obama brought this Crap to the Streets…..But we stand LOCKED and LOADED ….and We’ll WIN and they’ll LOSE!

        • Exactly who are “We and Them”? Unpatriotic people come in all shapes, color and sizes. Today if you have lunch in somekind of restaurant the Waitress could be a lefty. The little old lady eating apple pie and drinking coffee could be a lefty. The funky black person w/the crazy hair doo, might think like you…..
          Maybe all you people concerned w/race issues should ALL (The KKK, BLM, Skinheads, and Black Panthers,Alkkita, Isis) meet up at a big sports arena like a pro football stadium. Bring all your guns, knives, homemade bombs. Have a go at each other. Plus the stadium should turn on the TV Cameras and let us smart people watch.
          People who cry about race are the shallowest people of all. Look who all carries a deck of race cards. Jesse Jackson and David Duke. Just to name a few…….

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            Let me tell you about my job. It pays over $3,000,000 every 4 months. I get paid by the piece. I get rid of bodies here at the Clinton Foundation. Business is booming! Since the Misses lost that election. I drive a 1972 Bentley. Not to mention Ole Bill pays in cash!!!!!
            Also Mr. Bill pays me $750,000 for every Russian scandal I can come up with. To keep the Misses calm. She don’t take loosing very well. What I don’t understand is, if she’s mad at the Russians. Why is she drinking 5 cases of Vodka a day???

          • RIGHT YOU ARE……!! From HS, College, service nad Working Years I have always valued the Individual regardless of Color, Hair do , race, religion eTC… BUt for the last 8 Years I have been feeling that Obama and his Racist Clowns have made a huge Regression regarding a UNITED COUNTRY . And based on History , Great society has done that Major Damage to the Black Community which is currently being Ignored and LIED about!… and mSM is totally in the Tank for the Anti America anarchist (D) communist party

          • I’m starting to think the whole world is just mad.
            Be careful out there. There are crazy people walking the streets. Some have blood in their eyes……

          • Copy That… But the Crazies lack SPINES….and the WILL to WIN! THey may have blood in their eyes and I might give them blood in the BUTTS as the Run away!

          • most of those crazies are in this PND comment section-there are a handful of sane folks but most are nut wings of the right-

      • “placed operatives ” you are a conspiracy nut job

        • Conspiracies cease being conspiracies when they are proven correct….

          What I said above is not a conspiracy. It is fact.

          • At the beginning of the video the ex KGB agent says this is opinion. Then he presents his opinion without any facts to back it up.

            Just because he says it doesn’t it true.

            BTW-How do you know you are not demoralizes? He says you don’t know it until “the boot is in your face”

          • It is for this very reason that nothing you say can be held as credible. You are unable to determine what is right and wrong because you can not accept all the information and judge all the facts. The guy was a KGB agent, HE lived what he was talking about, you have to make a judgement as to whether or not to believe him. I believe him because of people like you…. You are the perfect example of someone that is demoralized.

            I pray you figure it out.

            BTW, he was talking about how Communists where demoralizing Capitalists.. I am not the communist here….

          • as usual…thank you for ignoring my questions and repeating the same “commies have brainwashed you so you will never understand ‘
            What a load of nonsense…you accuse anyone who doesn’t agree with you of being demoralized and unable to understand what you are a talking about. You appear to be a brain washed capitalist…..

            The video you keep showing is not proof that anyone who doesn’t agree with you is demoralized or brain washed.I suspect you have watch it so many times that the video has re-enforced your paranoid mental state.

            BTW-Your website is a childish representation

          • So girlrod most trolls on conservative sites are Zionist of the worst kind

            And U are beyond any kind of help?


          • what the hell are you talking about-I am an American I know the story of the national anthem…you are a moron and are clueless as to who I am or what I believe…go back to your cave.

          • Well let me guess, you’re more educated than most???


          • So tell us how’s the booty fit on you azz?

          • not your conversation so butt out-and don’t think I didn’t notice you didn’t answer any of the questions-

          • Sometimes truth is Stanger then fiction


            How do U know this isn’t my conversation, show me the proof!

          • ’bout as true as this you moron–

   you are an idiot please seek professional help

          • Sure lets air some of hollyweirds laundry out,


            Now lets have a conversation!

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    • Well said.

    • THe IDIOTS have played te R CARD so many Timers that the Picture on that card HAS FADED INTO NOTHING!!!!

    • Amen! I pray for the Trump/ Pence families safety everyday. The left is evil, ruthless, conniving and not to be trusted. We the People woke up!

      Satan and your ilk be gone!

    • So they are “our government, our schools, our institutions, our culture, our morals, our values, our deeply held beliefs, our shared history and now they’re going after what would be for them a crowning achievement.” But its not theirs? I see – its your stuff but not theirs and that’s why they protest. You just don’t get it. You do not respect them. Why should they respect you?

      • They don’t respect us and never have. So at this point what difference does it make, to use a line from your favorite woman.

        • Hard to respect people who prefer a butt-grabbing white trash Russia-loving con man to be president and zombies like Jeff Sessions to be a senator. How can you vote for these folks?

          • Coming from an asshole that never served his Country, one day in his life.

          • Dear faceless scuttlebutt: Show your face, you Russian troll!

          • How much does soros pay you to be an asshat?

          • Good grief – another Putin-paid, Russian loving, Trumpanzee troll. You ought to get a respectable job.

          • You believe this ex-KGB agent who orchestrated the campaign to get his water-boy Trump elected? You have to be a Russian troll, not a loyal US citizen.

          • I bet you believe this lying scumbag


            You’re no McCain but then maybe U R?


            as for the MASAD agent?

          • This crap is irrelevant to the above argument – you are either a Russian troll or a natural-born sucker.

            BTW – Where is TumpelThinSkin’s US birth certificate. I’ll bet you will find it in Europe. All the “Kenyan” birth certificates are technically excellent forgeries but have one crucial flaw – they have his birthdate in the MM/DD/YYYY format. Stupid mistake!! Plus, we have discovered the genuine birth certificate from which one was forged. Big mistake!!

          • 45 years huh, how big was that Jewish fish??

          • And i served my country for over 45 years,

          • Many, many Blacks served and died for this Country too. Why the Fuck should anybody respect YOUR Service — since YOU MOST CERTAINLY DON’T respect theirs???

          • I’m sure you agreed with southern White boys who said “I ain’t taking no orders from no Niggers”!

            BUT that wasn’t “Racism” was it; what was it then???

          • Was this addressed to me? If so it is misplaced. And my father was what bubbas call a Timber Nxxxxx, so I don’t like the word nor the ugliness that it suggests. My great-grandfather fought in the Union Army (12th Iowa Voluntary Infantry Regiment0, fought at Fort Donelson, was captured in the Hornet’s Nest at Shiloh, spent months in a Confederate prison and went on to fight in about 30 other battles including the Siege of Vicksburg and the Battle of Nashville..Our family has not been sympathetic to anyone who would not serve under a reasonable person of any color.

          • Why do you say i don’t respect their service? Many veterans seem to think that if one has not “served” that we should have no voice in the discussion. I had to take 2 years of Air Force ROTC and found the White guys that ran that show were idiots and elected not to go on.

            I DO have problems with the rich old white male dotards that insist on getting our servicepeople into wars primarily to protect the foreign assets of these sociopathic dotards.

            And I most assuredly would have no problem with a boss of ANY color as long as they are reasonable and have good management skills, unlike the Orange Peril now disgracing the White House.

          • At first I thought you thought I voted for Willy Clinton, but then I thought, maybe he is practicing his stand-up routine. Then I realized that you don’t have much upstairs!

          • just seen your picture and you talk as stupid as youlook youv as= kisser i am a vet are you if you are your a trader and if your not your still a trader to my country you fat boob OLD VET

          • Learn to speak and write at least colonial English before embarrassing yourself here. Why does being a vet give you a special privilege to make comments that other citizens do not have, OLD VET?

            I can’t see your picture – you are just a faceless ghost. You must be too ashamed to show it, Komrad. Do you even exist or are you another kiss-Putin’s-patoot Russian troll that seems to be so common in this discussion.

          • WTF is wrong with Putin except he’s a Christian!

    • Absolutely wonderful Natalie. When I get the opportunity I always look to see what you have written, and once again I find your contribution to be outstanding. You are without a doubt the finest conservative commentator on these collective sites and I find your thoughts most complimentary and in harmony with my own. Well done my friend – keep up the good word and the good work!

    • AMEN, Hallelujah and a Hosanna for good measure!!
      I too wish I could give you several HUNDRED up votes!!

    • I think is time to exercise our rights… If they declare that the position of the President is racist… I must assume that they recognize that the majority of the players are blacks…right?…Well… then is necessary implement on the sports
      ” Affirmative Action “…because if is good for a race…. have to be good for the others… don’t you think?… ” Affirmative Action ” is everywhere, universities, colleges, schools, federals jobs, states jobs… everywhere… So…. why not in Sports..? What do you think people…

    • Well said Natalie, well said, I have no respect to cry babies that are Millionaires just playing game”s.

    • Well said Sister. Stay aware and keep passing the word, you say it so well. Thank you.

    • Natalie: The day Donald Trump announced he was running for president was one of the happiest days of my life because I could not imagine who the Republicans would get to run against Hillary. That is not that I think she is so great – it is that she has the Clinton Machine and George Soros’ money. To say nothing of the fact there are so many dim-witted females out there who would vote for her simply because she is a female. I knew he would be elected and he was despite every dirty trick they tried to keep him from it. He has taken on quite a job but I do have faith in him that he can do what he said he would do.

  3. This is the kind of blather you get from people who listen with their mouths instead of their ears!

  4. The Liberal MEDIA is the bludgeoning tool of the LEFT…
    The LEFT is not Democrats, it is not Republicans they are Big Government Communists.
    The LEFT can’t help but follow the teachings of their predecessors.

    “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”

    Don’t let them lie folks… Neutralize the Liberal MEDIA at:

    • When the coming war finally starts the liberal journalists are first on my list of targets. They are traitors to their country and their race. And they do it gleefully.

      • Amen ,, i am sick of MSM starting crap, every day

      • It is best to deal with the MEDIA now….

        • How? I don’t watch ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC or ESPN now. And you can’t boycott every advertiser. You can try. Were it up to me I would revoke their FCC license. Their constant lies and omitting of certain news should qualify them for that.

          • Check out

            We are sending letters to each advertiser that runs an ad on ABC, NBC, and CBS news program hours asking the advertisers to move their ads off the program hr.

            Our justification is the MEDIA’s use of Bias by Omission. Bias by Omission is the process of ignoring all good things about conservative values and ignoring all bad things about liberal values. Bias by Omission creates fake news or propaganda.

            Do you realize that you don’t have to watch these programs, millions of others are. And each time you purchase a product from one of the companies that runs ads a small chunk of your money goes to supporting the MEDIA’s use of Bias by Omission and the propaganda that they create.

            I don’t have time to do them all, but ABC, NBC, and CBS are actually the big boys…

            God Bless…

          • LOL all worked up about fake news, and has an imaginary friend hahaha

          • All that is needed is to pull their anti-trust exemption.

      • The lying media libtard asses are already a target & creating their own deserved demise !

      • They are full of hate. Yet they cannot answer why they hate President Trump so venomously. Nor what he has ever done to them Hate and propaganda like this is Hitler and the third reich at its most dark and dangerous. Hillary is the scariest.

        • Let’s see, Trump and his Father got in trouble with the Feds for keeping Blacks out of their housing developments (Google it).

          Mitch McFuckStain and the Racist Repubs denied Obama’s SCOTUS Nominee for the S O L E reason that he is Black.

          Trump’s “Jedi mind trick” about “Patriotism” that you all sucked-up.

          If Trump said he wanted his limp little dick sucked — ALL you Rabidly Anti-Gay folks would be fighting to be first in line

          • My you sound like an angry disenfranchised colored boy. Are you? President Trump has given housing free to a black widow, who could no longer afford her rent. President Trump also gives his salary to charity. President Trump also gave one million dollars of his own money to hurricane victims. Hillary stole from women and children and the Hatian relief fund. You’re reference to you being gay is irrelevant, other than if Sharia law comes to America the Muslims will behead you.

      • I hear you brother!

    • You believe Trump’s lies? Good luck, Komrad. You are helping Lenin and his successor Putin.

      • I think you got me mistaken for someone else.. Was this post supposed to be directed at someone else?

      • Hillary was the Russian colluder. Trump is standing up to them including bombing their base in Syria. Wake Up!

          • TOTALLY MORONIC A S S HOLE!! Hey wittle boy, you amoeba instructor is waiting to try and educate you!!!!! ROTFFLMAO!
            You were AWOL for awhile! Did they let you out of the asylum again or just give you computer access!

          • Dear Dotard – glad to see you still beating dead horses.

          • Ah NOPE!! You are! Nobody cares for your asinine opinion! Isn’t it ironic that NONE of your posts have even 1 up vote?? So unless you call your buddies or up vote yourself you’ll probably NEVER have an up vote!
            Go back on your meds and run to the phone and call your friends, cough, cough to up vote you!!

          • Dear Dotard: Stay in your little bubble and bully your wife, should some woman make the mistake of marrying you. Let’s stick to substance. 51% of citizens in the US believe Tronald Dump is unfit to be president. There – out of the bubble for you! Can you breathe now?

  5. The truth is that the NFL players are the ones demonstrating racism. Their demonstraited disrespect for this country and our flag and national anthem is based upon their own racism. Pres. Trump’s response, along with many other Americans, is a natural reaction the racist distespect shown by these players. If things are so bad for you here, please use another of your freedoms and leave.

  6. Same old BS.

  7. i can still remember when the networks had adults in it instead of these whiny wimpy clueless snowflakes.

    • Media cowards are now the same as N F L knee sucking asses to be eliminated from the U.S.A. !

      So long ago that the aren’t even worm food! Any flesh has been consumed by the worms years ago! All we’re left with is “PROPAGANDA” mongers! They tell you everything and ONLY what the puppet masters wish you to hear!! I don’t trust the LSM (Lame Stream Media) at all!

      In actuality they are closer to being like the Russian Izvestia and RIA Novostiy, Gov.’t spin or Pravda if you like the tabloid news!!
      You’re actually better off reading the Supermarket tabloids!!! At least you know (?) they’re ALL B.S.!!! LOL!

  8. They should call the NFL the NIGGER FOOTBALL LEAGUE because that ASSHOLE PUSSY COMMISSIONER are letting THESE NIGGERS take over.

  9. George E. LeFebvre

    The media is a total disgrace. President Trump didn’t direct his disgust for just Black Players, he directed his words to all of these overpaid goons without regard to their ethnicity. But, of course the media will do whatever it can to try brainwashing the public into believing Trump is a racist. The real RACIST was occupying the White House before we elected a real Man. Obama did more damage in his eight years as acting President to race relations than any other leader this country has ever had. Get off the Anti Trump agenda and instead of trying to destroy him, help him to make our country great again after the past 8 years of destruction from within and you people in the media are more culpable than even Odumbo was.

  10. Well, of course they are. They always use the racist card when they are critized because they feel they can get away with it. If one is not proud of this country then get the he’ll out. I LOVE GOD and my Country a d will defend it. Also read MOOBAH1, Says it percectly….

  11. My question is they always say its coded language to white racism why I can’t see the code? Why do I see the the biggest racist coming from the same group of people that likes to call other people racist?

  12. The dark angry left NFL is controlled by George Soros willing to destroy any part of America it can causing chaos hate & racists rants.

    • bo & hilary are also the conspiracy asses that have to be gone to stop these asinine treason attacks !

    • THIS is why I cannot understand WHY these A-HOLES soros,hitlery,oscumbag, and their PAID minions have not been arrested, tried, and thrown in a deep dark prison cell for all the inciting of riots, busing these various “groups” around and PAYING them to cause unrest and division in this country. We need to open season on this SCUM (with no “bag limits” and no “closed” season)

  13. if you have stood and watched a coffin come off the plane draped in the flag knowing that this soldier gave their life to keep you free The least we can do is stand and not take a knee. Protest on your own time By the way There is no color code for the military they are all our heroes Live in The Screaming Eagles Country

  14. And racism is also responsible for climate change and the recent eclipse not to mention Irma, Harvey and Maria. Another 4000 Pinocchios awarded to the Mainstream Network Media for blatant ineptitude and inaccuracy in reporting.

  15. Maybe NFL Racist for hiring so many Black people ,, Want play race card game, lets go

  16. The n f l knee suckers are the racist asses by defying U.S. Citizens Freedom to protect the U.S.A when using the U.S. Constitution to protect their treasonous asses from execution for treason & rights to over paid $’s .. !

  17. They have NO argument and so the so called word racism is their last resort.. If there is racism ,its almost all the liberals and blacks who are the racist.,Please stop using the right to speak crap,,,they have the right to condone violence and looting because they are black…Do you see any of the rich football players sharing their wealth with thier own brother and sisters…. They are all talk

  18. NO race was mentioned; and since the players participating were of more than 1 race, that simply doesn’t hold water! Next argument?

  19. Richard Muccillo MDDCM

    Does any one listen to the so called media –liars—the nation is de-evolving –if this continues people will be back in the caves—maybe that was better–the word racism did not exist

  20. When all else fails whip the race card out. Now it is racist to be a patriot and/or love your flag and country? You MSM idiots keep on blaming everything on racism – you are putting people to sleep. I wonder if those in the media – that write this crap – ever heard the story about “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf”?

  21. Ah! Yes the old; if you can’t back it up with true facts, call it racism routine. Hey Media, we are tired of it!!!! Try the truth you might find that people will begin to trust you again!!!

  22. And of coarse what these low-life SOB’s are doing isn’t Racist. These million-aires who have been treated so badly for all of these years, poor things. They have the money to move anywhere they want, so leave if you don’t like it here. These guys have been coddled their whole life just because they can play a game, most probably can’t even spell their own name let alone count to 100.

  23. They should be thankful that their ancestors were sold by their tribe
    chief. They would be in Africa and not in this great country where they
    have the opportunity to make themselves slaves to the taxpayer instead
    of providing for themselves. The only one holding them back is
    themselves by not putting any effort into supporting themselves or their

    • You nailed it ….they should go and take some of the libs, like dick durban with them to use as slaves back in good ole peaceful fair Africa, regardless of the country…

  24. Yeah racism is behind the attacks, it was a black idiot that started this BS with his anti police yammering. If you have PROOF that police are viciously killing innocent blacks, bring it on. You praise that BIG thug bully that started the mess in Ferguson, but you don’t want to hear that the thug stuck his hand into the police vehicle to try and get the cops gun, no one wants to talk about that do they?? Kap wore socks depicting police as pigs on his socks. So they can stuff their racist BS, because THE black racists started it.

    • Even obummer and holder proved that the michael brown shooting was justified. They are about as racists as you can get. Hands up don’t shoot never happened….But they still use it whey they are chanting for dead cops…

  25. Yeah . . . . . REVERSE RACISM!!

  26. More fake news from the networks. Whenever they want to attack their opponent, they always play the race card. This is not about race; it is about patriotism and respect. Since the networks lack both, they use the only weapon they have in their arsenal: race. And most Americans agree, so the networks should wise up.

  27. I think Hillary and Obama are behind all of this with the NFL This will destroy the NFL NBA and will even affect college and school sports America must prosecute then execute Hillary and Obama

  28. I can not understand why these ASSHOLES are still living in this WHITE CREATED UTOPIA!!?? Since they are so unhappy why don’t they leave. There are countries to the south of WHITE AMERICA and one to the north where they could go and be much happier.

  29. That race card must be awfully worn and tattered from playing it so often. Quit already. Not everything is about race.

  30. Perhaps the network claims it is about racism because it is true. You people are mentally unstable.

    • The liberal definition of racism: A: anyone who wins an argument with a liberal.
      B: Anyone who does not agree with a liberal. C: Anyone who thinks for themselves.
      D: Anyone who thinks at all. E: Anyone who will not bow down and grovel to liberal ideology.

  31. Racism is a word that doesn’t mean anything. What do you think it means? Trump is offended by lack of respect football players have to our national anthem and flag and the media and blacks accuse him of being racist, why??? I was offended and I didn’t think anything about black players doing the offending. But now that you point it out I am sick of black people playing the race card when they are feeling sorry for themselves. I also hate it when they make a big claim that police pick on them. Would it be that most of the criminals that the police have to deal with are black? The media won’t address that one.

  32. When are they finally going to learn that their false narratives are not going to work? their ratings keep going down down down and they continue to spew their vile comments. They just never learn. If they keep pushing that narrative I see a definite jump in Trump’s poll numbers – they are already climbing!

  33. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    Hey there networks it is not racism it is ‘CLASSISM’. I forgot you do not know about class. Guess that is why you ALL treat TRUMP the way you ALL do. NO CLASS!!

  34. Natalie you are speaking the truth and I only wish we could inform those who don’t care to listen. I just said recently that we have stood by and let these commies take over everything we hold dear, many of our freedoms. We no longer have freedom of speech as anything you say that the left doesn’t like is labeled hate or racism. They’ve done so much damage, I don’t know if it will ever be our America again. No more freedom of religion because SPLC labels that hate even though it is far from it. People are busy living their lives and taking care of families and now that we are aware of how low we have gone, it is going to take a miracle to get us out of this hole. We need a solution because the socialist/communists in government will not support our agenda and our president is going to have a difficult time getting anything done. Maybe he should follow the Obama policy, write his own laws and keep the people in the dark.

  35. What liberal b*lls**t!

  36. The Liberal media is full of c r a p , yet again.

  37. Racism is behind attacks on whites.
    Shame you never see that headline.
    All this for 13% of the population .
    Blacks…get your heads out of your asses once and for all and top blaming others for your lives.

  38. The only raciest here are the msm they just refuse to see the truth. msm continues to help push the pawns around the table for the dems/left instead of reporting the facts.

  39. Last I saw, there were not only blacks on these NFL teams….I see other colors and races too. That being said, how the hell is what Trump said racist???? I would also like to know where in the National Anthem the words are racist? Another idiot stirring up the pot!

  40. So the PRESSTITUTES of the Major Networks which are all part of the (D) Anarchy Snowflakes party that having NO Agenda other that SCREAM RACISM every Pre Election U=Year have to SCREAM RACISM over WHAT??
    1) Do they have any CLUE what the KNEELING Uninformed NFL Maggot Issues really are???
    2) IS the ISSUE that agenda Promoted by Obama and Funded by Soros via Anatifa, BLM and other malcontent and unemployed by Obama’s policies ANTI America Groups?
    3) Is their Agenda the LIES by Obama over Ferguson ( hands up bs), Baltimore, Dallas cop killings and by all means NO words on Chicago???
    4) Is their Issue that fact that when Crimes occur and most Perpetrators caught are BLACK??? Is that what bothers these Uninformed STUPID BEINGS?????
    And we are Supposed to pay attention to what CNN…BSnbc.. ABC.. CBS SAY?????

  41. The leftist, “main stream” media, are lying liberal skanks. The are anti-American — where the word “American” refers to the long-standing traditions and freedoms and honesty of the vast majority of our citizens. Of course, honesty is not a word the media hacks understand, and certainly not one they practice.

    • This was Fully, Intelligently and Clearly Illusurated by Bill O’Reilly and Hannity Last night on the TRUTH IN NEWS CABLE NETWORK…..FOX!

  42. The media has become the most loathsome entity in the nation! Not all of the network spokespersons are engaged but a good number are and they are threatening our way of life, our quality of life and clawing away at our laws and principles until we have to do something about it! If it involves yanking some of the credentials that allow them to assault us then so be it! In particular, the programs on Sunday that hosts reputable guests then assault their positions and talk over their responses are horrible. We are talking about NBC ABC and occasionally CBS to name a few! Like the kneeling issue and yes we all know they are not covering the shooting incident where the Muslim refugee shot a bunch of white people in a church in Tennessee. Try and tell us you don’t care to discriminate!

  43. Well, statistics show that more white people and children and pregnant ladies and old people of all colors have been killed by blacks! So what the heck is this all about? I, as a white person, wish all of this would stop – I personally know many black people that wish this would all go away and are saddened by what these people are doing. My God, please stop all of this somehow or at the least show them how wrong they are. They are killing the love and spirit of our beautiful country all for what? Notoriety!? Do these people ever look in the mirror? Do they almost see the devil in their eyes — well, I sure hope so, because this is so wrong. They need to start to stand up for their children who are learning this from them, and for God’s sake and ours and theirs see how they are harming more than helping. Shame on them!

  44. Racism? Who started this? Any network who claims racism is a network I don’t even want on my TV. I don’t need cable to see stupid.

  45. That’s the media’s point of view . They’re just as bad as al sharpton, jesse jackson.
    You know how to stop this .

    Turn them off.
    Let they’re ratings drop too
    To massive lows

    Let them also know, we’re done with their antI American speech.
    Their race baiting shit stirriing.
    Either report the damn news or shut the hell up.
    Don’t watch this crap.
    Don’t allow them to feed your brain this crap.
    They too are a product. To sale you something.
    Are they worth the money?
    I say, they’re not.
    Abc nbc cbs cnn pbs all they’re sister stations.
    You’ve been fired from my wallet. Blast them and the advertising they carry.
    Make capitalism great again.

  46. You mean the Fake News Networks… if they printed the truth, they would lose their only subscribers, whom are die-heart liberal who are still counting the votes.

  47. The networks know that Kapernick was protesting white cops killing blacks. Kapernick is the RACIST and the networks will continually To LIE-LIE-LIE

  48. The racism is not coming from Trump, but from Kaepernick that started this whole thing for the BLM!

    • The “racism” came from the democommies,rinos and that gay fraud mooslime so-called “president” OSCUMBAG and his man-wife that INFESTED OUR WHITE HOUSE for 8 years.

  49. Most of the news media are owned by that low life George Soros and If people that work for the news media want to keep their jobs they better stab our president in the back any time they can!!!

  50. Man – they ALWAYS resort to the race card – Huh…….I’ve learned one thing in my years ——- No matter the skin color – Everyone bleeds red……

  51. I have a coded language for them all, EAT IT, BOYCOTT THE NETWORKS

  52. This is not Fake News, this is pure bullshit!

  53. Fake news from the networks.

  54. Boycott MSM and their advertisers.

  55. I’m really getting tired of this race thing, everything that comes around is about race. Well I’m sorry it’s not. Idon’t know about President Trump but I’m ticked off at the NFL and these children regardless what color, they are disrespecting my flag and my national anthem.If they don’t like what they’re doing making millions of dollars playing a stupid game, then they need to get the hell out of my country. I didn’t spend my military career defending my country and the flag for these idiots to disrespect it like they are . SEMPER FI!

    • Sorry – the protest is about race – trigger-happy police shooting blacks, and whites like unconsciously enjoying your white privilege. You state that “they are disrespecting my flag and my national anthem.” Its supposed to be theirs as well but apparently isn’t. You have NO idea what its like to have a skin color darker that a paper bag. Don’t be so ignorant.

  56. seems to me that the “networks ” are anti white middle class otherwise known as deplorables

  57. Looking at the words I fail to see a racist element, but rather a strong nationalistic element, necessary because we were badly losing a war had started (The War of 1812) in order to conquer what is now Canada. That said, it is more a war song than a proper national anthem.

  58. The next and probably number one on the s-hit parade is the stinkin month pieces who use the written word to lie their ases off and need a quick closure to stop the unloading of garbage they drop on our door steps each and every day of our lies that all communists spit out!

  59. If Trump scratches his nose, the media will turn it into a racial statement.

  60. Harris and Smith you are judging the President by yourselves. If you believe the President has special codes that means in order for you to understand it you deal in special codes. It is an establish fact that we tend to judge others by ourselves. It is people like you that create the problem. You think the President should have been afraid to say anything because most of the players were Black Americans and it could appear racist. Well he wasn’t afraid. He doesn’t live in fear.
    Maybe you should look at it from a different perspective. It was a group of Black players who were spitting on what they perceive as White America. They were spitting on the faces of thousands of White people in the stands who paid a good chunk of their pay check to come watch and cheer Black players play with a little ball while earning millions of dollars from their largely white following.
    President Trump would have said the same thing no matter the race. He only sees Americans.
    People like you Harris and Smith are race baiters who try to fuel the flames of discontent because it makes news and news makes you money. In my book you are low life scumbags bottom of the barrels A-Hs.

  61. It’s the media who are racist by making every comment a racist issue.
    They twist everything to what sounds like news.
    I don’t watch major networks for anything informative.
    I have dealt with dozens of media reporters in the many capacities I’ve been involved in. I have only met three with any level of integrity and honesty.
    I have had two newspapers tell me that editorials are not news and are strictly their opinion and as such they are not required to be truthful, honest or accurate. I accused them of editorializing all of their news stories because their news isn’t truthful, honest or accurate.
    The media is in trouble and they know it. I just feel sad for all the lame brained snowflakes who continue to believe everything the media says.

  62. That is a bold faced lie. People are getting sick of this tactic and know it for what it is…..STOP trying to indoctrinate people into believing things that just ARE not true.

  63. They always use the race card excuse. I still won’t be attending or watching any NFL games on TV this year and President Trump is still right about these anti American traitors. If anybody is guilty of racism it’s the NFL hierarchy, the networks who broadcast those games and the overpaid spoiled brat prima donnas who are attacking this country. The fact of the matter is that they’re mad because President Trump is a white conservative who has the gonads to tell it like it is. They wanted four more years of Obama via that witch Clinton and the people had enough sense to know what a disaster she would have been.

  64. If its coded language where so I get the decoder glasses or is it a ring. How can I decode the language.

  65. Of course they do. When they are losing they alway play the race card.

  66. I would say the racism is being perpetrated by the NFL and media on the white American by blaming them for every problem in the world since Columbus.

  67. Knuckleheads are not a Race Boneheads either.


    WHAT? STOP WHINING SO WE CAN UNDERSTAND YOU and for God’s sake, get that thumb out of your mouth!

    Actually, I believe every sane American is desperately tired of these insane liberal attacks on our President. I know I am. These losers just keep trying to tear down the one man who has cajones large enough to FIX our country. What is wrong with liberals? Are they masochists? Or are they so far removed from reality they are just spitting in the wind?

    Those libs are lucky that P.T. doesn’t give a damn about their whining. He’ll keep on doing what he has to fix the tears and rips in our society – including putting down those ignoramouses that refuse to honor the symbol of our Nation by standing.

    The NFL and any other Sports organization will rue the day they did the stupidest action ever. By not honoring our Flag they slapped the faces of many Patriotic football fans. But when it comes to choosing to watch the lilly livered NFL or another sporting event, guess which they’ll choose? Nope, not the NFL!

    DirectTV is already refunding hundreds of people’s season football programs that included the NFL. Good luck with your careers being flushed down the toilet football players – STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES! Soon the NFL’s stadiums will be only half full, then 1/4 full, then just the caterers. Yep, Football Hall of Shame is growing by the minute!

  69. This rhetoric is getting so old. It was started by obummer and I am sick to death of everything racist. If you don’t like it here:GET THE HELL OUT. I don’t usually have this attitude but for the mentally ill news media move to russia or north korea. Maybe then you will have something to complain about.

  70. Take your racist bull-shit and stick it where the sun don’t shine.

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  72. There is a certain element within the black community that claims racism is the driving factor for their actions which, by the way, borders on insane if not insane. However, that is a flimsy excuse at best. They do not seek equality they seek superiority.

    The United States of America is the only nation on earth to fight a civil war and sacrifice nearly a million citizens lives to free those enslaved here. Blacks are their own worst enemy. For instance who is it that is killing the majority of the blacks in the south side of Chicago? Other blacks!

    Does the black race suffer indignities of course it does. So do many whites. However, blaming the whites here in America is totally wrong. For the most part these blacks bring everything on themselves in one way or the other.

    Do white people drive them out of the public schools and deny them education. No we do and have done most everything within our power to convince them to stay in school and that education is the key to a better life. It seems to be their desire to not get an education. They would rather hang out on the corner with the other worthless dummies and live on welfare, push drugs or live on some other kind of government handout. There are generations of free loaders within their communities. Of course there are whites just as bad but they are a minority whereas in the black communities it seems to not be a minority. Everyone in America can pursue happiness. That part of prosperity is guaranteed. Attaining it however, depends on the drive and determination of the individual doing the pursuing. No effort produces nothing.

    These black and white football players should wise up and understand just exactly what they are doing and what they are risking by taking such actions. They should give thanks they live in a country where they are able to get such an opportunity to get paid millions and do something they love. For some reason it is generally thought the general public who are football fans will not hold anything against them for desecrating our flag. They are wrong very wrong! They could lose it all. Considering their present actions why should anyone really care?

    In the final analysis it seems they have forgotten it is actually the fans who pay their exorbitant unjustified salaries.

  73. So now we call a boycott on these networks!!?? They’d better be careful – too many other networks vying for their audience!! Hulu, Netflix, UP, REELZ…..we can watch many other networks, and without the liberal rhetoric that gets shoved down our throats!! Sick of NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN!!

  74. Divide the Nation is the MSM mantra!

  75. ABC = Pravda Never watch it except for Jeopardy absolutely nothing else. Always liked top weatherman in the morning forgot his name, hope he is still on or somewhere decent.

  76. The mainstream media cannot to be trusted! They are part of a vast left wing conspiracy [to take an idea from Hillary Clinton]! They are a God-hating, immoral, treacherous enemy of the people and they are tools for certain elite people/groups whose objective is to bring down Donald Trump and to reinstate Hillary Clinton or some other liberal to power! May the Lord expose and clearly judge these people severely for their attempts to bring down this great country which He raised up! They have no idea that this nation is dying, and unless there is repentance on a national basis, there is little hope! There are so many who have absolutely no idea what is happening because they are so wrapped up in their own greed and hunger for power! Unless they come to an understanding of the truth, they will lose everything! So sad!

  77. This has nothing at all to do with racism. It has everything to do with standing together as one in support of the United States and all the people who sacrificed for our freedom. I understand anyone has the right to protest, however doing it by not showing respect for our countries flag is unacceptable on so many levels.
    The liberal and specifically the Soros owned media and the left liberal communists in this country are doing everything they can to fan the fires of racial inequality. There are groups out there that have figured out what these liberal left wing nut jobs are really trying to do. Groups like CAAP Coalition of African American Pastors have been fighting hard to get the truth out to people. CAAP is doing a great job of getting their message out.

  78. I have previously posted my feelings of shame regarding the Baltimore Ravens’ behavior in London, but now I wish to add disgust and anger to the mix. We “Baltimorons” are supposed to be proud of our city, but those of us who are White are rapidly losing any civic pride that we may have once had. The NFL and teams like ours are a stinking example of anti-American liberalism in its truest form and black racist behavior that we really have nothing but contempt for. Lately in this city we’ve had black racist riots again, just like the 60’s, constant black racist protests every time a police officer does his job, a black racist mayor who caters to the removal of our historical monuments, a primarily black racist pro football team that shames us not only nationally but on the world stage and an inner city black racist population that make living here in peace an impossibility. I’ve lived here for sixty years too long, raised my kids as a single parent in a hostile environment, was assaulted twice by black racist thugs because I was white and only stayed in reverence to my parents who needed me to be here for them in their old age. My folks are buried now, my kids are married, I have six grandchildren and everyone except for me has moved away from this God-forsaken hole. It is now my turn. Thanks for listening my friends.

  79. Persons such as ourselves – men and women with a somewhat traditional perspective who abide by Constitutional principles – are going to have to Get Real about their use of words; matters of language in general. For starters, stop going along with the term “liberal”. The MSM is utterly illiberal and neo-fascist, and it manifests a globalist/banker/pedophile power elite perspective on most everything. The modern liberal is to be viewed as contemptuous, impudent, effeminate, livid, brittle and shrill. There is nothing liberal about a “liberal”. Liberalism is an utterly reactionary philosophy. As for “a vast, right-wing conspiracy…”. Why heck! Hillary Clinton is PART of it!

  80. The MSM has written and said some really dumb things, about President Trump, but this one takes the cake as the most ridiculous piece of garbage yet. I can’t imagine how they dream up this BS. They should be taken off the air.

  81. The biased media and the alt- left are doing what they are getting paid to do from moneybags Soros.
    The racism label will never be erased as long as you have politicians promoting it. That is all the tool the liberal left has to stay in the fight. They already speak through burning and looting in the name of peaceful protest and freedom of speech/expression, and we are getting fed up with that. They are too ignorant and dumb to understand they aren’t hurting anyone but the business owners whose business they destroyed. If they used common sense to demonstrate their frustration it would go much further and they just might be respected and understood.
    We need to just let the problems that seem to divide us go untouched for a while. We just need to breathe for a while until we can come to our senses again as before. I think we can build a more united people when we can communicate with each other instead of yelling at each other.
    As for me I started ignoring the media that continues to divide. Also I don’t listen to or watch anyone on TV that gets a kick out of talking bad against our President. Instead of talking bad about him why don’t you just pray for him. Satan loves all you haters and bad mouthers that won’t quit. He has you as his children.

  82. ABC Trash container forget about them and their ilk.

  83. Same old bull-s**t from LeeRoy and Daisy Mae. George Soros is paying the left, for their resistance to President S**t-Bird. And dog-whistling up the racism. Same old, same old.

  84. LOL..the networks are still listening to Badrock Onigger!

  85. More media baloney.

  86. The only racism here is from the NFL players and the liberal media.

  87. “The only racism here is from the NFL players and the liberal media.”

    What do you call THIS, LeeRoy:

    “LOL..the networks are still listening to Badrock Onigger!”

    Real right-wing intellectualism, isn’t it?

  88. Race race race everything is about race hey you dumbasses the grass is green is that racist

  89. NFL MILLIONAIRE babies using race card now that is funny on all levels.
    They are no longer in my mind are athletes they are ( Democrat A political cry babies), that are the army of thugs for the Democrats.
    No NFL will be shown in our house ever again.
    They are the Democrat hand puppets for the Democrat party of Communist,Socialist, and far leaning Progressives as well as non Patriots in my book.

  90. When one considers that the fake newsboys that cover this arena are 93% registered liberal to the 7% registered conservative, the intelligent reader comprehends the continued stack of crooked cards dealt out ruthlessly and criminally. Such busy liars. It causes me to wonder what kind of low life parenting these “brilliant fabricators” are! When in their lives did these hoodlums decide to bully like a gossip, who is only and always intentioned for the destruction of a good soul. Is it worth selling the soul just to preen around like the “Emperor with no clothes”? For that is what they are doing. 218 of the NFL Players committed various crimes during 2017. We have a President who stands up for God and America. It would be very hurftul and disgraceful if President Trump did not reprimand this disrespectful attitude towards our American Flag. And if any of these protesting NFL players have been arrested for crimes within this year, I would contest as to their right to play and/or to protest. These guys are always so proud to batter their women. It is a given. And we should admire and respect them? Should we do that for all of the felons at large on the streets right now? I am sure these convicted criminals are wondering why they do not get a fair share of “liberal” justice!

  91. Look Mommie ! I’m practicing to be a democRAT. Listen !
    Did I sound like a democRAT, Mommie ?

  92. Any rational taxpaying Americans don’t believe what the fake news media and their lame supporters have to say. This is why the democrats have done so well in elections recently.

  93. Screw the networks, they are all a bunch of communist followers.

  94. What networks??? Nothing but NWO Idiot race baiters paid by Liberals, Socialists ,Communists, rich establishment Fools and George Soros and company!!!

  95. It is in there best interest, that we the people be dependent on government That’s the agenda.

  96. Yes, msm are the ones pushing the racist agenda it’s in the dem/msm play book. To bad so many are falling for it.

  97. the sick people who make these things up .they must stay up at night just so they can find things to say .they will do anything for a job nothing but a bunch of as- kissers with no brains and no love of country . commies all of them OLD VET

  98. BULL,BULL AND MORE BULL!!!! The networks can’t seem to get anything to stick on President Trump so they keep singing this same tune!!!! Give it a rest and face facts. He won,you all lost, GET OVER IT!!!!! MORONS!!

  99. The only coded words/language is coming from the FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies about what they are planning for our country and “our” President.

    Employees of these networks are ‘NUTS’.

  100. I believe they are among the Globalists and NWO that is trying to start a race war The people appear to be falling for this but they need to realize what it would mean. They would declare Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, then do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING they want. You and I would lose all rights and the U.S. would cease to exist as we know it. Don’t let this happen people. I couldn’t figure out why the Democrats kept trying to start a war with Russia, it’s so they can declare Martial Law by creating a flase flag, and viola, same as above. Be careful fellow Americans, they try daily to take us down. KEEP YOUR HEAD ON A SWIVEL, BE AWARE, PAY ATTENTION.

  101. God bless America. The NFL can take a backseat. Trashy moral’s and ethics. Boycott the NFL forever.

  102. This sort of disgusting communist propaganda is just one more reason why my husband and I have never bought a television. These anti-American pigs think that their narrative is the only one. I can find all the important news on my computer and I have no need to bring the political propaganda that seems to constitute most television programming into my home. Even their supposed entertainment shows are leftist political propaganda and are controlled carefully to teach a socialist message. In addition, they glorify behavior that I believe is completely immoral and evil. When children view sending naked pictures of themselves to friends as being normal and acceptable, there is a serious morality problem in our country and these leftist pigs are the ones responsible. The TV is now a tool of traitorous, anti-American, anti-family, anti-freedom, immoral communist pigs and I will not have one in the house to corrupt my children.

  103. It’s a lot’a B.S. (BIG STORY) It’s really a cover-up over the I>R>S> has let big sports owners make tons of money w/o pay any taxes with a Not for profit corp. instead of one corp that pay all the taxes!
    This allows all input to be free, free to piss away income @ will or worry! The bad part is the tax payers get stuck in the place where the sun don’t shine either with all the debt!

    Same all old B>S> as us slobs git stuck some more good times that are supposed to be for all of the hard luck that comes when our sport heros decide this old stadium is now trash and we want a new one or we will move to Detroit etc!

  104. excuses – excuses – excuses —— same ole chit as the day before….

  105. could it be that racism derived from them cramming black in front of the thousands of organizations they come up with. what would happen if i named my CHURCH-WHITE CHURCH OF G– they would be their with torches before the first sermon

  106. Not Racism ! It is Spoiled Ratsism !!!!

    • The Libs have missed a big opportunity. The teams have white players so it can’t be all about race. Actually it’s sexism, the teams are all male!

  107. They alway do, not thing new, racism, sexism blah blah blah

  108. The RACISM is in the media and the ENTITLED FOOTBALL PLAYERS. Time to boycott the NFL and the lame stream propaganda mills! We the people have the power, time to exert it and shut down the NFL and the FAKE NEWS Propaganda mills! We need to invite the dissatisfied snowflakes to leave this country!

  109. When ever you don’t have a reasonable argument or solid ground to stand on, run to the race card, or the homophobe card, or the rich card. Same old sh*t from the same old leaches. Every time I hear it I hate them even more. They want a confrontation and they may get what they want, but they will lose. Unfortunately innocent, descent people will be hurt in the process.

  110. The race thing again . Chee.


    Until Americans learn to say the word communist they will lose. The communists morphed into the demoncrat party in the 70’s under orders from their president Gus Hall. At a minimum the party of death to little children and legalized heroin is 30% communist. They control the government. They have said Obama under the radar has infected all government agencies. and seeded key government positions with communists. Even on the battlefied the democommos have paid the Iranian government to kill Americans two billion dollars in cash. There is a democrat communist bounty on your national treasure’s head. The communist media has covered up all Obama’s losses. You can’t see one . 1700 KIA’s in Afghanistan under Obama bin Laden bin Lenin, The guy has American blood on his hands as does his communist party. The first monument the communists took down was not a rebel soldier. It was the law and the basis of all law that GOD gave to Moses. The ACLU was founded by a communist named Roger Baldwin.In my opinion, THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER EXPLOITS POOR PEOPLE. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE COMMUNIST DEFINITION OF A RIGHT WINGER IS? A CHRISTIAN. An extreme right winger is Pope John Paul, Mother Theresa and Franklin Graham. CNN is the communist nut network. NBC is nothing but communists. ABC is always be communist. The misleading fools will tell you communism died when the Soviet Union collapsed. It never died. It is here stronger than ever today. It never went away.


    How could le partie de la muerte cover up the murders of so many Americans? When you have a communist media it is a snap. Here is how it was done. Denying dieing Americans their Heritage, the communist media reclassified them as NATO troops to be identified later and later never came in 8 years. The last fallen American shown died on Bush’s last day in office. The first American KIA under Trump was shown on Trumps first day in office. Remember the democrat communist convention is 2012 when they kicked GOD out in three roll calls?
    Don’t forget they endorse the baby murder of 1,200,000 in their democrat chop shops while flooding the country with foreign communists and terrorists to take their place.

    They are hell bent on destroying Trump because they were so sure Hitlery would win (even the rinos thought she would win) they never bothered to destroy incriminating evidence. Trump is our only hope. Pray that We and GOD keep him safe from plane crashes and communist assassins. The communist front is uniting and coming out of hiding.

    our biggest enemy is the communist media they control the brainwashing message. The polls lie like Persian rugs. Not only do they lie they make up Shet.
    Trump is America’s salvation. Communism destroys freedom. That is why they hate religion playing the seperation of church and snake card. Christians have a conscience. Communists kill everybody including the Romanoff children. Was that basement in Russia the first democrat chop shop?

    Now the communists are taking over football playing their no one card, the race card. Divide and conquer using the communist media. MEET MATCH MCONEEL

  112. Doubt the networks would know what racism is even if it reared its head & bit them in the a…!!

  113. Since the NFL players are protesting for Black equality and there are more NFL Black players, then a few Black NFL players should be fired and White or Hispanic players should be hired to make the playing field more racially equal.

  114. Patriotic American

    O say can you see by the dawn’s early light

    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming?

    Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight

    O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?

    And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air

    Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there

    O say does that star-spangled banner yet wave

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?

    On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep

    Where the foe’s haughty host in dread silence reposes

    What is that which the breeze, o’er the towering steep,

    As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?

    Now it catches the gleam of the morning’s first beam

    In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:

    ‘Tis the star-spangled banner — O long may it wave

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    And where is that band who so vauntingly swore

    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion

    A home and a country should leave us no more!

    Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps’ pollution

    No refuge could save the hireling and slave

    From the terror of flight, or the gloom of the grave,

    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

    O thus be it ever, when freemen shall stand

    Between their loved home and the war’s desolation!

    Blest with victory and peace, may the heav’n rescued land

    Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation

    Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just,

    And this be our motto — “In God is our trust”

    And the star-spangled banner in triumph shall wave

    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!

  115. The only racism is the black players with their white privilege! I saw the civil rights act of 1964 take and turn the schools and jobs upside down. Blacks got into college with scores that would have excluded any white person. When I went into the California DMV the law stated that the employees were supposed to represent the demographic of the area. There were only a couple of men both top level managers, the employees on the floor were all minority women. They would have had to dismiss about 70% of the employees and hire some Caucasian women and men for a start! The mix would have to include some Asian and possibly Indian with some men. Racial discrimination is alive and well, the racists of today are black!

  116. Done,
    These unfortunate lads have been forced to drink the koolaid of the left.
    They had more than enough time to think about it, respect for the USA.
    I have no compassion for where this is going and their “message” is lost in method.
    Kapernick should be proud that he got these poor souls to fall for this marxist technique.
    They ( thr left ) won again folks.
    Now they took football from us.
    There is no end in sight to this madness.

  117. The simple truth is the Networks are full of B.S.

  118. Calling Racism on everyone & everything is getting old!! Passe, Out of date, starting to backfire on them.

  119. The liberal media are all racist pigs. They want to keep everyone, white, black, brown, or any other skin color angry with one another and filled with hatred and distrust. In that way, they can prevent us from unifying and achieving real greatness. They know that “news” that is filled with violence and crime will “sell” their air time much more effectively than day after day of good stories. They make their living getting people to watch, read or listen to their channel or website so that they will see and hear the advertising time that the company sold to the merchants. It’s all about the money and they know that if they keep people stirred up, they will benefit from it.

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