Network News Coverage of Trump Almost Completely Negative

If you thought the mainstream media would begin treating Donald Trump with some objectivity once he took office, a new analysis from the Media Research Center confirms what you already knew: They did just the opposite. The three major networks – ABC, NBC, and CBS – have been relentlessly negative in their coverage of the new administration.

According to the MRC, 89% of Trump’s coverage on these networks has been negative since Inauguration Day. A separate study performed last year showed that network coverage of Trump during the campaign was “only” 77% negative. The networks have apparently decided there’s more profit – political and otherwise – in trashing the new president.

As reported by MRC’s “Newsbusters” website, the networks have regularly skipped reporting potentially-positive Trump news to focus on stories they can use to bash the administration:

The networks largely ignored important national priorities such as jobs and the fight against ISIS, in favor of a news agenda that has been dominated by anti-Trump controversies and which closely matches what would be expected from an opposition party.

For example, President Trump’s push to invigorate the economy and bring back American jobs received a mere 18 minutes of coverage (less than one percent of all airtime devoted to the administration), while his moves to renegotiate various international trade deals resulted in less than 10 minutes of TV news airtime.

Instead, the networks have concentrated on the failed Obamacare repeal deal, the investigations into Russian hacking, and the president’s executive actions on refugees and Middle Eastern immigrants. In all three cases, the coverage has been almost exclusively negative.

A Double Standard, You Say?

As Newsbusters points out, things were very different when it came to coverage of Obama’s first 100 days.

“Back then, the networks delivered most of their coverage to Obama’s key policy priorities, topped by the nearly $1 trillion ‘stimulus’ package (150 stories, or 15% of the total). The network spin for that legislation: 58% positive, vs. 42% negative,” they write.

If the magnificent Trump campaign proved anything, it’s that these networks (and their cable and print cohorts) have completely lost touch with the average American. This was borne out in those outstanding rallies, in Trump’s astonishing ability to come back from scandal, and, finally, in the Election Day results. They are increasingly preaching to a select fragment of the population, and they left journalistic objectivity behind a long time ago.

Very fake news, indeed.

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  1. They left reality behind a long time ago. They pander to the liberal lunatic fringe because they are part of it. As such they cannot see beyond their own upturned, sneering noses and realize their horrifying ideology has given the vast majority of Americans a total disgust of them. Hillary wanted to put millions of average Americans in a basket of deplorables. So we put her and her party right where that kind of hate and division belong, out of power and on the outside, looking

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    • President Trump’s philosophy; and the lack of a cohesive message from him and his people; are fostering and thriving in this environment

      “good publicity is preferable to bad, but from a bottom-line perspective, bad publicity is sometimes better than no publicity at all. Controversy, in short, sells.”
      ― Donald J. Trump, Trump: The Art of the Deal

      • Managing director of Google!, is explaining to users to start off “Work at home” method, that People have been doing for about one year now. These days alone, I generated close to $36,000 until now with no more than my home computer as well as some spare time, despite that i have a fulltime 9 to 5 job. Even everyone not used to this, can make $89/per h easily and the earnings can go even higher over time… This is how i started
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      • I get “cohesive” messages from and about President Trump every day. What are you reading?

        • the huffy puffy posty and watching the hores at cnn ??

        • What are the messages from Trump that resonate the most with you?

          My pleasure reading, (The Adams-Jefferson Letters: The Complete Correspondence Between Thomas Jefferson and Abigail and John Adams), was interrupted by the need to drill down on: Acute Symptomatic Seizures Caused by Electrolyte Disturbances.

          What are you reading?

          • One thing is well known: TRUMP does not read books. He has acknowledged that. That perhaps helps explain some of the silly bilge he sputters.

          • If reading books leads to voting for criminals like Clinton….seems the books do more bad than good.

          • No one read Hillarys book.

          • Actually the opposite is known about Trump, he is an avid reader.

          • you aren’t doing too bad at spilling yoursilly bilge either

          • Well known by who? The biased, bigoted liberal media and it’s easily manipulated, easily led dupes, like yourself. You waste your time and ours sputtering your embarrassing nonsense, go peddle your stupidity somewhere else.

          • You can read, congratulations. Your liberal smugness and arrogant belief in your own superiority is showing.

          • You are a leftist liberal , confused and brainwashed .

          • I’m an Air Force Veteran and a Registered Nurse; I don’t have to agree with, or vote for, a President of the United States, in order to fully support them…I’m an Old-School Patriot.
            The depth of my connection to the United States of America has an intrinsic, substantive quality that no flimsy political-party affiliations can supersede.
            It’s just a fact of life that Republicans vs. Democrats/Catholics vs. Protestants/Cat-People vs. Dog-People/ Paul-Beatles vs. John-Beatles…lots of people believe and live differently than I do-focusing on our differences rather than our similarities makes us dangerous to one another.
            What I worry about is the manufactured-divisiveness; it’s the character-assassination; the Right/Wrong and Bad/Good divide; those are not my experiences, that negativity isn’t a part of my day-to-day interactions with people.
            The Democrats and Republicans I interact with on a daily basis; are hard-working, tax-paying, ‘regular’ Americans who have a lot more in common than not.
            The Politics-as-Sports mentality that focuses on Right/Wrong-Winners/Losers; that feels like a non-issue…something to keep the kids on the Left & Right busy, while the Big-Money Adults make the real deals; where the real news is occurring, way above the fray, (Healthcare & Warfare).
            In fact, of all the ‘pros and cons of military service’ that was discussed before I joined the Air Force, what political party was in the Whitehouse never came up.
            However, the culture of patriotism has changed over the past 30-years, so we need to start from where we are; only 1% of Americans have been serving in the US military for quite some time now, 4 or more back-to-back tours to the Middle East for our Reservists (!) is dangerous for all of us.
            Retired Generals and Admirals know our lack of readiness is a national security crisis:

      • And the ‘cohesive’ message of Clinton was what? Sneering contempt for millions of the people she wanted to lead? You read a line from his book about business, congratulations, you can read. Thriving in what environment? The hope Americans have for the first time in eight years? The bad publicity comes entirely from the wounded ego’s of smug, bigoted liberals who refuse to admit their hate and absurdity filled ideology cost them the election, their credibility, and the power they so badly abused.

        • President Trump participates in an adversarial relationship with the press; courting negative press serves a purpose for him.

          It doesn’t matter if President Trump is surrounded by emotionally immature, smug, dishonest people: The President of the United States, like any Leader, is responsible for setting the tone of the people he works with, every interaction.

          President Trump’s reactionary, antagonistic behavior, in retaliation to slights he receives from journalists with wounded egos, leaves him (and the citizens of the United States) vulnerable, because “Pride costs us more than hunger, thirst, and cold.”-Thomas Jefferson

          President Trump has plenty of time to change his relationship with the media; and he will, if he determines that is in his best interest; I have no doubt that he is fully in charge of this media-situation.

          • ‘surrounded by emotionally immature, smug, dishonest people: ‘
            Liberal tactic number three: Falsely accusing others of what they are consistently guilty of themselves. You should know the cost of pride, and arrogance, and hatred and division and dishonesty and oblivious hypocrisy. It cost your party the election, any respect they might once have commanded, their credibility and the power they wielded so wrongly and abused so badly. Trump is as in control of the media ‘situation’ as he can be. Because he is leagues smarter than the brainwashed hacks that pass for journalists these days. But their rampant, rabid, foaming at the mouth hatred and determination to create the news in their favor and brainwash others, instead of reporting it objectively, which is what they’re supposed to do, means that many like yourself, who are apparently unaware of their hypocritical bigotry, or you are aware and are perfectly willing to be lied to, manipulated and mislead, will continue to swallow their nonsense whole. And continue to help them obstruct, ‘resist’ and drag their feet like children who didn’t get their way and are determined to make mommy’s and daddy’s and everyone in this country’s life hell because of it. Sad really, for someone who purports to be so intelligent.

          • “Suspicion is the companion of mean souls, and the bane of all good society.”
            ― Thomas Paine, Common Sense

            Natalie, I have no idea about any Liberal-tactics (?) I was agreeing with your previous assessment of the character’s of the journalists President Trump finds himself surrounded with…

      • Every day, President Trump is at war with a fake news media dedicated to propaganda, a Democratic Party dominated by the extreme Left, and an entrenched bureaucracy hostile to his every action. The media has ” Garbage ” for Brain . The media is full of hate .

        • President Trump doesn’t have to spend his energy on the Media War he has manufactured; it’s a game he likes to play.

          “I’ve always believed that a lot of the trouble in the world would disappear if we were talking to each other instead of about each other.”
          ― Ronald Reagan

    • Odd because they have no reason to have up turned noses. It is more like brown noses if you get my drift.

      • Glorying in her Majesty Hillary’s royal poo, now that their king has been dethroned, exposed as the incompetent joke he was and slunk off to petulantly attempt to undermine and discredit the first real president this nation has enjoyed in eight long years. Wonder how it smells to them, since her thorough and embarrassing defeat?

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        • The network spin even extended to lower than Cabinet Sec. levels. The agency I retired from was reported as having an excellent tracking system on credit card charges because it questioned multiple charges on an assistant Sec’s account that was caused when he rode his personnel motorcycle from DC to a Florida office. What the media did not mention was that use of the gov. issued card was strictly prohibited for any gas used in privately owned vehicles. The only agency reaction that civil servant levels heard about was all of us had to take additional training on card use. If one of us had done that we risked suspension without pay.

    • My last paycheck was $22500 for working 12 hours a week online.Start earning $97/hour by working online from your home for few hours each day with GOOGLE… Get regular payments on weekly basis… All you need is a computer, internet connection and a litte free time… Read more here
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    • Have you forgotten so soon? The majority of American voters voted for Hillary Clinton. And as for recent American viewpoints, the current polls show that only about 40 percent of Americans approve of the way the lout in the White House is doing his job. So much for your “vast majority” and your Tweetin’ Cretin!

      • Did you get this silly nonsense directly from your tinfoil hat? Seriously, how do you function in the real world? You probably don’t, which is why you are here, wasting everyone else’s time with this idiotic drivel. The majority of Americans were absolutely disgusted by her Majesty the criminal Queen and eight long years of Obama’s tinpot dictatorship. Which is why she very rightfully lost and their party is now an insignificant joke. Coming up with what you consider witty names for our new President and pathetically, childishly trying to dismiss him the way liberals dismissed everything they didn’t like, including reality until we the real people dismissed them, changes nothing.

        • And none of your little canned rant answers either of the points I made. Typical right-wing deflection and smokescreening!

          • If you’d made a point that would be relevant. But all you did was parrot ridiculous liberal propaganda that anyone with eyes, ears and an IQ above seventy can see for themselves is wrong. Then you finished off by smugly, rather pathetically attempting to dismiss the most powerful human being on earth by calling him a silly childish name you probably didn’t even come up with yourself. This type of behavior is why your party was so soundly rejected by sane, rational people everywhere. It’s long past time for the spoiled, self-righteous little fascists who’ve hijacked the Democratic party to take their naps, and let the grownup’s fix all that they’ve broken.

          • The POINT I made, and you ignored, is that you failed to address the points I raised. You stil fail, resorting again to standard right-wing insult and throwing in some blanket, unrelated character assassination. I must therefore conclude that you are incapable of any other kind of performance within the marketplace of ideas and the criteria for informed argumentaton, discussion, and debate.

          • Did you get a dictionary?

          • I used no uncommon or complex words and had no need to resort to a dictionary. That you apparently found some of them difficult to understand, and perhaps so obscure as to to send you to YOUR dictionary, simply confirms your own sad vocabulary deficiencies.

          • You did get a dictionary! How cute, still a little pathetic though.

      • I lived in Chicago decades ago. Luckily I did not stay long enough to register to vote,otherwise they would probably still be recording me as voting for a Democrat. Which I have never done in the last 45 years. It would have been longer but the voting age was still 21 when I turned 18, so I learned to avoid being an idiot before I was allowed to vote.

        • What happened, then, to get you to the idiotic state where you subscribe to the nonsensical wingnut notion that half Clinton’s votes could have been illegal?

          • Ask any competent math teacher to explain to you exactly how your attempted reasoning is flawed.

          • headonstraight

            If you are so confident in the matter, then bestir YOURSELF to put up an answer instead of posting generalized pap that accomplishes nothing but to bolster your misplaced confidence in your ideology.

    • They were right on the money and the news was so negative because trump is a demagogic conman who conned his way into office. We’ve never seen so many resignations of white house staff in the first 100 days of president’s term before. We’ve never seen anything like kellyann Conway’s incoherency coming out of a presidential administration before. We’ve never seen the President making speeches implying hitler didn’t use chemical weapons against Jewish and other holocaust victims. Spicer implied that they weren’t citizens of Germany. We’ve never seen so many fourth rate geeks appointed to the cabinet.

      • Did you get all of this absurd nonsense directly from the Huffington post?
        You should probably check the accuracy of the coat hanger antenna on your tinfoil hat, I think you’re getting your wires crossed with Sesame street.

        • More failure to respond on the issues! That seems to be the only way you can operate, Natalie. Truly pitiful and incompetent!

          • I’d respond on issues if any were mentioned. But it’s a waste of time to respond to silly nonsense propaganda. That seems to be the only way people like you operate. You lap that stuff up and parrot it like the good easily manipulated liberal dupes you are.

          • headonstraight

            More non-substantive dismissive drivel from you, Natalie. That seems to be the only twisted arrow in your quiver.

    • Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

      Now I for one want her LOCKED UP for everything she has done from treason on down. Hell just cut off her head and mount it on a pole. That way we know that she was and is NOT above the LAW any longer!

    • Charles Wolfe jr

      Keep the demoRATS out of power, on the outside looking in is right.

  2. Michael Dennewitz

    What would anyone expect? The media is totally OWNED by soros! ??

    • The majority stockholder at the New York Times is Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim. The Murdoch’s Bloomberg all a bunch of communist at heart.

    • Ah, yes, George Soros.–the adult replacement for the monster under the bed of your youth! Just pull the covers up tightly over your head and close your eyes real tight!

  3. Network News will die in their coffins.

    • I want to hear the scratching!

    • They are definitely digging their own grave.

    • Meanwhile back at Fox News, scores of advertisers for their biggest, formerly most profitable show have run from the network like a pack of scalded dogs!

    • Why? Do you expect scores of their advertisers to desert them, as happened with Lecherous Bill O’Reilly and Fox News?

      • Had O’Reilly been a Democrat, any egregious behavior on his part would likely have been celebrated as “acts of diversity”, as opposed to being punished well in advance of any legal proof. A witch hunt is in progress. What makes witch hunts so successful is that once a witch has been burned to death, proof of innocence after the fact is insufficient to bring said “witch” back to life.

        • Witch hunt? Nope. The “hunt” involved in this story is O’Reilly’s years-long (and far too long) hunt of women upon whom to prey, relying on his assumed unassailable status with Fox News and its former CEO, the equally predatory Roger Ailes, the mentor of another right wing icon, the thrice-married Rush Limbaugh, whose star is fast fading. The pedigree of conservatism has lots of black sheep, now, doesn’t it, and I have not yet brought in the likes of Alex Jones, head conspiracy theorist for the wacko branch of wingnuttiness or Brian Fischer, American Family Radio, with his astonishingly bizarre take on the Bill of Rights. Well, I guess I did bring them in after all, but the ultra-right just provides so many easy targets!

  4. The MSM is the old USSR’s PRAVDA. Hell they were critical of him before he took the Oath of Office. The MSM does not sway my way of thinking. I can think for myself thank you.



    • Andy Ruby, very well put, and i’m positive that there are a basket of deplorables who also think for themselves. As far as I’m concerned, the media has outgrown their own importance, in which the general population of America, turns a deaf ear to them and/or just shuts them out as insignificant.

    • “The MSM is the old USSR’s PRAVDA. Hell they were critical of him before
      he took the Oath of Office. The MSM does not sway my way of thinking. I
      can think for myself thank you.”: that is precisely why “It Takes a Village”; we aren’t SUPPOSED to think for ourselves; the COMMUNAL MENTALITY must prevail. Thank God, the communal mentality got a major spanking, but unfortunately the demon ain’t dead yet. Let us not rest until it IS.

    • During the election, Trump said and did plenty of things to draw legitimate criticism before he contaminated the Oval Office.

  5. Josephine Pellegrino

    How else would they see it when they turn a deaf ear or a blind eye to everything positive he accomplishes The deficit is already down considerably among many of his great accomplishments. Admit it sore losers and grow up.

  6. We are on the threshold of complete domination of communications media by marxist, mohammedans and metrosexuals. It is no coincidence, as their spiritual mentor Stalin used to say, that a determined push is being made by the new generation of decadent Murdoch coupon-clippers to turn Fox News into just another propaganda and surveillance channel on the telescreen. It is time to give up on Fox and foster the creation of another media voice that will stand up against satanism, socialism and sodomy.

  7. The conduct and lack of truth from the MSM, approaches infuriating.
    The complete staff of CBS, NBC, CNN and ABC, the Washington Post, the NY Times and the LA Times, should be arrested for impersonating a journalist.
    Looking at the gathering anger and fury out there by conservatives, makes me suspect that, these organizations will, in the not too distant future, make the intimate acquaintance of a large quantity of high explosives.

    • Lame-Stream News Media:
      CNN – Communist News Network or Certified NON-complete News or Calumny News Network *** or “Counterfeit News Network” OR “Childish News Network” or “Crap NOT News”
      or Cesspool News Network
      CBS – Communist Broadcast System or Calumny Broadcast System ***
      ABC – Accredited B.S. Channel or Anarchists Bullying Channel or Always Broadcasting Communism
      NBC – No Broadcasting Credibility or Nothing But Conjecture or Nothing But Corruption or Nothing But Crap!!!
      MSNBC – Main Stream National BullChit Channel! Most Stupid Numbed Brain Channel! Many SMALL Numbed Brain Cells or More Snotty Nonsense By Chicks.
      PBS-Premeir B.S.
      NPR- National Propaganda Reporting
      What do they all have in common?? ANYTHING negative about the DimmiWITZ or positive about any Republican WILL NEVER see air time!!

  8. If President Trump were to walk on water and shit gold bricks, the headlines would read: “Trump Can”t Swim and Is Destroying The Gold Market.”

  9. Once again a Liberal biased poll. NO CREDIBILTY

  10. I’m very interested to see the new communication procedure that will rise from this travesty the alt left, biased MSM has created. There is a void and, as is the American way, we will devise a solution. I love being an American and knowing we will, again, throw off the yoke of tyranny as we have done since the British Stamp Act of 1765.

  11. Follow the money. soro$$$$$$ owns the democ-RAT partY outright AND he owns the media too. Moreover, he himself is a puppet of international globalists, and as such it is his assigned mission to take down the United States of America. Add to all of the above the fact that he had millions of dollars “invested” in the campaign of hillarY, who was SUPPOSED to FINISH the job of taking the U. S. down that obamA (one of his OTHER puppets) had ALMOST completed, and so now not only is he PISSED, but also he has unlimited means of expressing his anger and of silencing any meaningful dissent against his views in the media.

  12. The negative reporting, fake news, and biased polls coming from the Liberturd media has masked the many accomplishments of the Trump admin. early on. The all out obstructionism from the Demorats has held up any major legislation designed to help all citizens who selfishly cling to their “sore loser” behavior which further puts our nation at risk domestically and the world over all!

  13. Frankly, America deserves what it is going to get! It has become so polarized against anything and anyone outside the political mainstream that there is no now little to no chance for recovery! The resulting division is destructive to culture and society, and opens the door for those sitting in the wings ready to take over. Who are they? Islam! The American dream of a Republic with Democratic ideals has been totally perverted! Islam is base upon Sharia Law, and there is only obedience to this law. Free thinking and religious freedom are outlawed! Judeo-Christianity will be punishable by death. The fools in the LGBTQ community who think they have finally “arrived” and who push their sinful agenda will find that they are suddenly targets for execution! God is allowing this to happen. It is a judgment for turning away from Him! And, it has been prophesied! But then, who pays attention to prophecy?!

  14. Anyone with even 1/2 of a brain can spot a phony and a gossip. There are “NO JOURNALISTS AMONG THESE EVIL LIARS!”

  15. Yes there is a conspiracy. Is there are questions and reason you do not believe. You think the Dems want the USA tod be like it was in the 1800’s,. Heading the conspiracy are the DNC and the media.

    • “Heading the conspiracy”: not exactly the DNC and the media, but rather their Master-in-Common: the Globalist CABAL and its frontman, soro$$$$$$.

      • I think John Podesta being exposed as a devil worshipper says a lot about the whole bunch of them. Hillary is a pathological liar, corrupt to the bone. Obama is an impostor. George Soros is a Jew from Hungary – he made his first riches collaborating with the Nazi’z in the concentration camps and stealing the “valuables” from the poor victims there. I can’t understand why the Jewish organizations haven’t hunted him down and hung him by his tongue.

        • You do bring up a very good point (@devil worshipper) that I missed: the top of the command chain does not stop at the Globalist CABAL, except in the sense that all of the latter’s “ostensible” members are MORTAL; on the other hand, beelzebuggereR is ultimately the master of, and the motivating force behind, the Globalist CABAL.

      • Ah, yes, George Soros.–he is the adult replacement for the monster under the bed of your youth! Just pull the covers up over your head and close your eyes real tight!

  16. What else would you expect from a bunch of left wing bullshit artist ,just like all of these so called liberal arts colleges and the communist controled universities all they can do is fight people that have real opinions not the follow the idiots type of mentality, they only know to follow the the opinion of the day put out by the demonrat leader of the week

    • If the SO-CALLED “research grants” for inane and superfluous “studies” were to be cut off completely and colleges would have to choose only between making it on tuition receipts alone and facing bankruptcy, then power would be restored to the students and their parents, and the shadow government would be restored to well-deserved irrelevancy, in colleges at least. Sure, tuition might go up for a while, but supply and demand would adjust this in time. In the meantime, communist indoctrination would take a MAJOR HIT.

      • At one time many, many years ago a “sheep skin” college degree “ACTUALLY MEANT SOMETHING”!! Anymore it’s just about like toilet paper, ain’t worth sh!t!!!! About all it means now a days is you showed up for classes and got drunk on the weekends!

        • Thank you. After attending one & one half years of college (the first whole school year was at U.S.C.!), I dropped out and got a job as an electronics technician at Hughes Aircraft. Three jobs and about five years later, I was promoted to a design-engineer post in private industry, and my electronics engineering career was successful for about forty years, WITHOUT the “sheepskin”. Apparently private industry has more use for those who can DO the job than for those who have SO-CALLED “credentials” that are based upon God knows WHAT.

  17. Who owns these networks??? OLD GEORGE SOROS the criminal that has more contracts out for his life than anyone ever has. That man should be deported to the country that will put him and his company to death!!!

    • I agree, but. Nobody and i mean nobody ever mentions the Rothchild family whom have been pulling the strings since the 1400’s. In reality soros is a small fish in a big pond. Some one or many are pulling his strings.


        • No one hates a conspiracy theorist more than a conspirator or his accomplice does, especially when the theorist has it right! No doubt King George the Turd had advisors who told him to ignore the rumors about an oncoming American Revolution.

        • go f ur self dingbat

      • It would greatly surprise me if soro$$$$$$ is NOT receiving money, AND ORDERS, from the rothschilD family; however, we are in a much better position to rid ourselves of soro$$$$$$ than to rid ourselves of the wroth’s-children; furthermore, if we would only proceed with it, the children of wroth (a.k.a., wrath) would at least be inconvenienced for a while; that would be a good thing in itself.

  18. I don’t get why these stations want to kill this country? What is Soros paying you also? If these stations think that they want us to be a Socialist nation , then they need to go now and live in one. We want our country , our way.

  19. Hard to be objective with a “president” who lies constantly and has no consideration for the people who voted him in. If you look at the health care plan he came up with you’ll see that as soon as he gets what he wants from you he kicks you to the curb. He had promised health care for everybody and cheaper and instead the plan kicked 24 million off treatment. Next, the “attack” on Syria was bogus and useless, the “armada” wasn’t going towards North Korea at all, and on earth day he announces more cuts to the EPA. Hey, we don’t need clean air or water, do we? Trump shoulda stuck to real estate where he belongs. Buildings don’t feel pain.

  20. He needs to “Boot them Out”. He should designate a “neutral” Party to evaluate the media Reps who attend the Press Conferences and those who treat him and his administration unfairly should be Banned from attending. The News Media, far and wide, has become an advocate in politics rather than an unbiased reported.

  21. The “likes” of the Dan Rathers of the world need their “lights punched out”. I’ll take Scott Pelley(sp?)


    IF we let the Liberal Media disrespect our President by choosing to use their websites and viewing their TV News, we have no one to blame but ourselves.

    Every time you frequent a liberal media website, you are giving them credence AND MONEY by clicking on their website. Stop going to their websites! Stop watching their TV News and affiliate programs! Without readership and ratings their news will die — and ending their FAKE NEWS is what we need to do!

    By disrespecting our President, the Liberal Media is spitting in American’s faces and disrespecting all our U.S. Citizens! This is anti-American and MUST STOP!


  23. This is very good news! If the media is saying negative things about President Trump, that means one very important thing–he is doing his job!

  24. That was to be expected from the liberal alphabet mainstream media!

  25. The only time I heard something positive about trump was when he bombed Syria or threatened Korea. And on them points I think he was wrong. The media is a disease that needs treated with a lot of truth and reality!

    • maybe you need to watch children that were killed with gas bombs, trump was right doing the bombing that syria should of gotten, you are wrong not trump

  26. The media has been caught printing and telling so many lies;their news is not believable. Trump has been proven right again and again and the media has become a total joke.

    • Sure. And he was SO right about the Obama birth certificate, wasn’t he? Sent his crack investigators to dig out the real truth. Turned out the real truth was 180-degrees from what Trump was alleging. And how right was he about that carrier task force heading toward North Korea when it was actually steaming in the opposite direction–toward Australia? How right was he when he recently claimed that Luciano Pavarotti was a good friend? Wonder how many other of his close friends are DEAD and he doesn’t even know it?Face it; the man is President, but he also is a DOOFUS!

  27. Not just the network news if you read the news on Yahoo or Google it is all slanted. The liberals control the news – a page from the Communist play book – take their guns, religion and information away. Control the flow of currency and goods.

  28. No surprise here. Trump’s performance in office has been almost completely negative!

  29. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand

    You can thank SOROS and his money. The Media has not told real news since TRUMP won. But WE the PEOPLE who put him in office know he is doing a GREAT job for our country no matter what the media says.

  30. Network news….just another name for blithering idiots and those that think they do a good job.

  31. Robert M Stach Sr

    The Media has lied about everything and everyone so much they can not or will never know the truth even if it bit them in the ass , or came notarized , there used to be some honor in reporting the news but with cnn (aka) the clinton news network and nbc (aka) no bama news company and abc (aka) all bullshit company news it is hard to believe anything they post and being an eye witness is the only way to believe them.

  32. These networks are owned and run by globalists, who control the messaging now. There is no longer any news to report; just biased opinion and propaganda. We are truly living in a fascist state when it comes to freedom of speech and the censorship these leftists are waging against anyone who doesn’t agree with their politics, which have become totalitarian.

  33. Richard Muccillo Nmd Dcm

    So–my views of journalists are a big fat negative and who wants to hear a bunch of lies and and cheap talk gossip from people who have no credibility or integrity!!!!

  34. What a surprise! If you have been living under a rock. The demoncrats own the media and you did not expect them to be fair after the way they pumped up losers Obama and Clintons. There has not been a fair comment uttered by these jackasses.

  35. President Trump must be impeached for the following three reasons: 1. Aims to make government Lean. 2. Aims to make government Accountable. 3. Aims to make government more Efficient. The audacity of this president, seems like he is in cahoots with the founding fathers of this country, since this is the kind of government they envisioned.

  36. I am going to unsubscribe from any news sources that bashes President Trump and see how many news sources I have left!

    • Naw… ” Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.” You must keep tabs on them and, anyway… it will keep your blood pressure up.

  37. If obama is in this shadow gov. —someone find out where it is and destroy it. Wipe it off the face of the earth.!

  38. Obama left Pres. Trump with a lot of trash to clean up which makes his job horrendous and I wonder how much Obama pilfered from the American people while in office. He could have been a great Pres. but came out lower than his _____ was.

  39. The wisdom on the street says ultra-right candidate Marie La Pen, in French election, is doomed to defeat by centrist candidate in run-off.

  40. No one should turn on the news if they care about America for they are all Islamic Muslim Terrorist, Domestic enemies

  41. SCREW those networks. Don’t watch them. At least 1/2 of their audience would disappear. Don’t go to the movies, Don’t rent the movies and don’t support the actors and actresses. SIMPLE.

  42. Well, OK, what’s he done about jobs and our struggles with ISIS and similar nefarious groups? I don’t see him as standing out in these areas except perhaps to promote himself as some kind of savior.

    • Your kidding… right ??

    • Are you stupid or have you NOT been paying attention? . . Or both?

      Ford, General Motors, Intel, Apple, IBM, Bayer, Carrier, Sprint, Hyundai, and Lockheed-Martin are companies that have announced plans to remain in he US or expand manufacturing in the US (which will provide US jobs) since Donald Trump won the election just a few months ago.

      President Trump ordered the cruise missile attack on the Syrian air force for its chemical attack on Syrian civilians and President Trump ordered dropping the MOAB in Afghanistan that killed 94 ISIS thugs.

  43. Why does this surprise anyone. The major networks are now and have for decades been the propaganda arm of the Democrat party. This is nothing new.

  44. Surprise, surprise, surprise… The Lame-Stream Media hates non-DemocRats. I may have a heart attack and die from the surprise.
    Anyone who is surprised by this has been living in a cave for a long time.

  45. Am I the only one that suspects that, the liberal dem bloodsucking media are about to make the intimate acquaintance of large quantities of high explosives.?

  46. I grew up in that vast center of the country, and believe me, they love this country and the freedoms and opportunities it has provided for these 3-400 years. They have fought and died for these rights, just as many in all parts of the country. They work hard, raise their families, pay their taxes and go to war, if needed. What they DON’T do is expect the government to do for them what they can, should and WILL do for themselves. Too much government scares them, just like it does me. If you want more control to be in the governments’ hands,perhaps you should move to a more socialistic country. Just please don’t try to ruin this one.


  47. This sounds like a Fox News Alert….

  48. If people are like me and my friends, it does not matter what the mainstream media says because we do not watch or listen to them.

  49. This is to be expected, since the mainstream media is so far left-leaning.

  50. What do you expect Trump is not a Bilderberger Puppet was not supposed to win they own all of MSM including FOX Jeanine gone O’Reilly gone Hannity with a big Target on his back. obama gave away the internet that wasn’t his to give unless Al Gore had sold it to him Trump & Reagan are the only Presidents we have had since they took out Kennedy with the help of the CIA & Secret Service Trump’s coverage is only going to get worse & the RINO’s are going to block more Ryan McConnell McCain Graham Snowe & a dozen more. Gorgy Schwartz (Soros) has to be arrested along with Hillary Bill obama Holder Lerner Podesta & many more

  51. The Media is dominated by PHONY, Left-WIng Jews who HATE America/Capitalism. Why this should be is a mystery when you consider that no other group has benefitted more from American Capitalism that American Jews. E.g.> Jews are 1.8% of the USA’s population yet they control almost 30% of America’s wealth.

    Indeed, when you look at the Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans, 138 of them are Jews; that’s 35%! of the Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans are Jews yet only 1.8% of the total population are Jews. So, if we’re going to have wealth redistribution, let’s start with the Jews!!!

  52. Has anyone else noticed the reporters continuously disrespectfully interrupt Presidents Trump’s press secretary Sean Spicer when he tries to answer the questions they ask?

    I do NOT remember reporters disrespectfully interrupting obama’s spokesLIARS, Robert Gibbs and smirking Jay Carney. (I wanted to reach into my television and slap the smirk off Jay Carney’s face.)

    Most of the reporters in the Whitehouse press room are leftist hecklers who are there to belittle Sean Spicer and President Trump rather than to ask questions and report news.

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