NBC Historian Says Acquittal Makes Trump “Functionally a Monarch”

The liberal media has been in embellishment heaven over the past couple of weeks, but no one has done a better job at blowing things out of proportion than NBC’s presidential historian Jon Meacham. On Friday, Meacham warned that with acquittal on the near horizon, Republicans risk turning Trump into a king who cannot be restrained by the Constitution, the rule of law, or anyone else in the world.

“I think the significance of today and going into the weekend and into next week is I think it is now arguable that Donald Trump may well have become the most powerful president in American history,” Meacham said. “Think about that. He has the capacity, he has such a standing with his political base that senior United States senators have decided that though he is guilty, they are not going to risk the wrath of the people in order to follow through on what is clearly spelled out in the Constitution.

“That is a raw and elemental definition of power,” he continued. “And I think it’s something that we haven’t fully grappled with. President Trump is functionally a monarch at this point. If the king does it, it’s okay that that’s what we’re seeing unfold in Washington right now. And I think all Americans, whether your support the President or you don’t should pause significantly and think about the long term implications of having a president who is above the law.”

Yes, let’s all pause and consider that.

Okay, we’re back. It would be terrible. It would be a terrible thing, and it would undoubtedly send our country spinning into a dictatorship.

Happy now, Mr. Meacham?

Here’s the thing, though: Trump didn’t break the law. Pause significantly and consider THAT. The Democrats, indeed, did not even allege that he broke the law. There is no crime indicated in either article of impeachment, as Republicans have noted over and over. You can take exception to President Trump’s “favor.” You can take exception to the Ukraine money being held up for a couple of months. Whatever. There’s no crime here. There’s no impeachable offense. Far worse for the future of our constitutional republic would be an impeachment and removal for what amounts to a policy decision.

As for Trump being the most powerful president in American history, don’t make us laugh. Every other day, the courts are blocking his agenda. He’s facing a hostile divided government in Congress. And in just nine months, his policies, practices, and presidency will be put to a nationwide referendum. That’s not “functionally a monarch,” Jon. That’s democracy.

Do these fools really believe the garbage they’re peddling?

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