“Nasty Woman” Doesn’t Even Begin to Say It

Hillary Clinton’s supporters took a lot of pleasure out of Donald Trump’s aside at the third presidential debate when he muttered into the microphone: “Such a nasty woman.” Naturally, they turned it into some sort of ridiculous feminist rallying cry. Apparently, Trump should have just said “nasty person,” because to point out Hillary’s gender is automatically sexist somehow.

But the point isn’t whether Hillary is a princess who needs to be protected from the Big Mean Man, the point is that when it comes to her career in politics, “nasty” doesn’t even begin to cover the depths of her evil character.

This is a woman who thinks nothing of destroying women just because they had the audacity to be taken advantage of by her philandering, abusive husband.

This is a woman who thought nothing of exposing classified secrets to the hackers of the world, just because it was more convenient to her lifestyle.

This is a woman who constantly criticizes Trump for his “divisiveness” while calling his supporters “deplorables.”

This is a woman who will do or say anything to get herself back in the White House and break that fabled glass ceiling.

We’re not talking about your average liberal Democrat, here, though that’s bad enough. But look at her opponent in the primaries, Sen. Bernie Sanders. The socialist from Vermont nearly pulled off the upset of the century in the primaries. Why? Was it because there was a sudden surge of intense liberalism in America? No, no. It was because voters recognized that Sanders was the genuine article. We might have some serious concerns about Sanders’s political ideas, but he’s not a scumbag.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is a calculating, soulless stooge of the Washington establishment. She will take any position on any issue if it means putting her one step closer to the Oval Office. Her priorities: Fame, power, and wealth. She wants to go down in the history books. That’s it. And if she has to break the law and lie to the American people to realize those goals, she’ll do it without a second thought.

The media thinks it’s just awful that Trump supporters chant “LOCK HER UP” at rallies around the country. They don’t seem to ever consider that – just maybe – the “awful” part is that we have a Democratic nominee who can inspire such chants.

Sure, she’s nasty. But she’s also much worse.


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