My! My! How The Press Loves To Create Drama

No sooner was Justice Stephen Breyer’s retirement leaked to the press than the citizens of the Fourth Estate started their mendacious spin machines spinning.  They immediately invented the narrative of the Republican and conservative responses – when, in fact, there were no significant Republican and conservative responses to be found.  Oh yeah!  You can also find a few outlier voices in an effort to breed hot air into their trial balloon narratives.

The narrative goes something like this.  The leftwing media first CLAIMS that Republicans and conservatives will go nuts because the potential nominee is black – and a woman.  Those rascals on the right will be in attack mode.  It is because the left’s propaganda falsely claims that all Republicans and conservatives are racists.  According to those talking heads on the little screen, all of us Republicans and conservatives are white supremacists – living in daily mortal fear of America becoming a minority/majority nation.

First of all, with the 2020 U.S. Census showing that America is a 72 percent white nation — with blacks at 14 percent and Hispanics at around 25 percent (divided between black and white Hispanics).    FYI … That is how those numbers exceed 100 percent.  Depends on how you count the Hispanics.

Secondly, the notion that white America fears blacks and Hispanics in power is nonsense.  If that were true Barack Obama would never have been elected President.  The Democrats’ claim of pandemic racial intolerance by Republicans and conservatives is nothing more than a grand political canard – shall I say Big Lie.

Once you understand the foundation of the left’s propaganda campaigns against Republicans and conservatives, you can see why the predictive responses that spew from the left-leaning news media is unprofessional, irresponsible and downright dishonest.  They report what they hope a gullible public will believe rather than what is happening – or about to happen.

Yes, there will be tough questions at the Supreme Court nomination hearing – and even some criticisms.  For the left to exaggerate that into examples of foundational racism and prejudice is outrageous – especially from folks who went on vicious attacks against Supreme Court nominees Robert Bork (nomination declined), Neil Gorsuch (54-45 Three of 47 Democrats), Brett Kavanaugh (50-48 One of 48 Democrats) and Amy Barrett (52-48 No Democrats).   And who seem to be ignoring the bipartisan votes for Ruth Ginsburg (96-3), Stephen Breyer (87-9).  More recently we have Sonia Sotomayor (68-31 Nine of 40 Republicans) and Ruth Kagan (63-37 Five of 41 Republicans).

What the numbers above show is that Democrats have been the most partisan in voting against the confirmation of Republican-nominated justices.  I suspect that will be true again.

The left’s false narrative will be proven wrong, but not until they spend days, weeks and months peddling their jaded speculation as fact – indoctrinating, not educating.  And there will never be an apology or a correction.  They will just let their lies slip silently into the shadow of public attention.  

We saw that with the three-year campaign of lies about Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.  We are seeing it again with the “insurrection/coup” narratives – and the hyperbolic fearmongering about the future of the Republic if Republicans or conservatives are allowed to gain positions of power.

If you watch and listen closely you will discover that virtually all the anger, angst, drama, chaos and conflict over the nomination of the new Supreme Court justice will come from those spinning their preconceived narratives.  If you notice, they rarely have those they criticize and accuse on air speaking for themselves – but THEY tell us or show edited clips what Republicans and conservatives said (usually out of context), what they meant and how YOU should think about it.

Personally, I do not believe the confirmation process for Breyer’s replacement will be as contentious as those on the left – Democrats and their media allies – are contending.  I cannot imagine a more rabid hearing than Kavanaugh’s – or even Barrett’s.  But we can rest assured that Democrats and the media will do their best to slander and malign Republicans and conservatives for even asking tough questions.  They have already started, and we do not yet even know who Biden will select for several weeks.  Maybe those on the left should at least wait until then before they defend the nominee from attacks that are not happening – and probably will not.

So. There ‘tis.

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  1. While I take no issue with a black female being nominated and actually sitting on the Supreme Court it’s a repulsive act for Biden to do so only for those reasons. It’s insulting and diminishes the nominees credibility. Because Biden like all democrats have painted themselves into a corner by using identity politics to pander to black activists politicians and voters he and they have no alternatives but to acquiesce to their own wokeness. It’s unfortunate that this human being whom will be risen to the lofty position of Supreme Court Justice will always be stained with the belief by many as the token black female on the highest court of the land. We have all seen the results of a disastrous vice presidency being occupied by a person unfit for the position and was simply chosen by the only two parameters the leftists required, skin color and gender. Apparently nothing was learned from this debacle and so we continue on with the divisive ideology of identity politics. If history has any truth to this reality we can only hope the lessons of failed policies of the past will shine a light on the foolish nature of ignoring all other parameters other than race and gender. God Bless America

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