Muslims Have One Last Chance to Reform

President Trump is angry about the media characterizing his executive order on immigration as a “Muslim ban,” and he is right to criticize any network or newspaper that uses that term to describe it. Some of the most populated Muslim countries in the world are absent from the list. And the list itself has its origins in legislation passed by Congress and signed by Barack Obama. To call it a Muslim ban is irresponsible and biased.

At the same time, it is clear that Muslims in America and around the world have finally reached a fork in the road. The Trump administration has already signaled that the immigration ban could easily be expanded to include countries like Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. While it’s unlikely that we’ll ever see a true ban on Muslims specifically, there’s no way to separate Islamic terrorism from the actions being taken by the president. That’s what all of this is about: Keeping radical Islamists out of the country. If that’s controversial, then that’s just too bad.

For the last year and a half, we’ve heard Obama and the Democrats tell us that we can’t turn our backs on Islam. We’ve been told that we need to reach out to moderate Muslims because we will need their support to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. Well, “non-religious extremism,” or whatever silly term Obama was using that week to make it sound like the ISLAMIC State was unaffiliated and unconnected to ISLAM.

And yet, where is this mysterious support? The only time we hear from CAIR and other Muslim groups is when they come out to the microphone after a terrorist attack. And what do they say? Do they say they will redouble their efforts to weed out this kind of radicalism within the religion? Hell, no. We hear lectures on Islamophobia. We hear warnings about gun control. We hear about gay rights and workplace disagreements and right-wing militias.

It may be true that our enemies do not include the billions of Muslims who practice their faith in peace, but it’s time for religious leaders within Islam to step up to the plate. It is not up to Donald Trump to convince Americans to fall in love with Islam. It’s up to Muslim representatives to reform Islam so that it does not inspire radical young men and women to kill in the name of Allah.

If they fail in this mission – as they have failed in the years since 9/11 – then perhaps there is no legitimate place in America for fundamentalist Islam. When the doors shut, Muslims will only have themselves to blame.

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  1. Don’t hold your breath waiting for change. They have no intention of changing – just like the Palestinians.

  2. Just amazing to me that any sane person can expect these demonic, satanic idiots to change for the better.

  3. I can’t understand why Muslim countries call America the Great Satan, but they want to come here. It’s like saying I want to live in hell.

    • Suppose they’re idiots ? brainless ones to boot……throw the retards OUT ~~~~~~~~~~~~

      • Do you know any Muslims? Have you ever lived in one of their countries? I lived and worked in many, for many years, and I can tell you, they are some of the smartest, most educated people on the planet! How many languages do you speak? Most of my friends knew at least their own, and English and French! Also kind, generous, honest (with just a handshake) and faithful friends. Some I knew in the !970s are still my friends.

        • One Iranian engineer I worked with years ago used to kid me, I’m of the Jewish faith, about eating bacon and eggs for breakfast, which I usually did. I returned the favor of by commenting, not ctiticizing mind you, on his drinking, I thought that he had a potential booze problem. In any event, I once jokingly asked if he was Muslim. He said that he was, and when I asked what his father would think if he saw his son, with his nose in a Vodka bottle he said that his father favored scotch, but that he wasn’t a very good Muslim either. My Iranian acquaintance went our separate ways, he stayed in SanFrancisco, I suppose, I and my lady went overseas, wandering about in Europe for a year, then returning to the US, growing old here. Remarkably or perhaps not so, my own experience showed us both that a bit of civility, along with some humor and good will, can surmount all manner of problems. The foregoing, by the way, dates back to the latter 1960’s.

          • Your experience entirely reflects my own. If I didn’t have a lot of Christian friends – I would have to drink alone. Heaven Forbid!

          • Progressive Republican

            I had a friend years ago from Guyana who gave me the beer a friend of his had sent because it arrived during Ramadan.

            Banks Beer. Wasn’t half bad either. Still have the bottle!

          • That’s what it boils down to. No reason at all to deprive people’s satisfaction in something that only affects themselves – so long as they don’t claim a “right” to enforce it on everyone else. I have associated with guys that observed the dietery issues of Ramadan rigorously – but after “Fiture” resumed normal life. (Trust Me – when I assure you that fasting with a hang-over – is Un-Shirted Hell!)

          • Progressive Republican


            I’ll take your word for it.

          • Go get a privet room!

          • Thank heavens for irreligious Jews and Moslems.

        • Oh! Boy! That bit of wisdom just got your dog shot and your home fire-bombed. How DARE you contribute some sanity into this topic?

        • There is good and bad in everyone.
          Read German history on WW1 and 11. The citizens of German decent were treated very bad in USA.
          I have a couple MD’s from Middle Eastern countries. They are GREAT and Smart.
          What has any of the countries being banned done in research? Saudi Arabia hasn’t done much to help in medical education. They send their burn patient’s to Israel.

        • I guess you did not read the posts before you posted. Little by little and breading like rabbits until they have a majority and then all of the winners of elections will be Muslim. That is their long term plan. Better wake up.

        • It always seems a mistake to judge individuals by a group stereotype.

          It is best to get to know the individual.

    • Don’t you really mean that some Muslims in some Muslim majority countries call America the “Great Satan,” while other Muslims want to come here? Wouldn’t that be more accurate?

    • panchoVilladeltren

      Because, like Gay Obama and his Lover Michael, they love what they can suck from America, and in Barry’s case, WHOM.

    • The ones that wang to immigrate aren’t the ones indulging in name calling, or so I suspect.

    • Progressive Republican

      All countries call America the Great Satan?

    • Because we pay all there bills for them & they can spend there money destroying us!!

  4. Who is “they”?

    Obviously all Muslims are the same. And since the vast majority of murders in America are committed by Christians, obviously all Christians are the same, i.e. murderers. Right?

    Isn’t this exactly the way bigots justify their bigotry?

  5. You never see Muslims take to the streets condemning terror attacks but you’ll hear about it if they think they’re being discriminated against. CAIR has ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. I really doubt them when they speak out against terror. It’s just a big smoke screen!

  6. panchoVilladeltren


  7. Margaret Von Schulze

    Yeah, and there have been killings by people raised in America who have learned to be radical just by people who recruit them on-line. So why does Trump think he can keep America safe by not allowing people from other countries to enter?

    • Got to try something

    • All Trump can do – is to lead by example. Everything that he stands for -and tries to achive – is a rebuke of what the US public has come to accept from those we have been voting into office for decades. We have become Slaves to “The New World Order” – and we don’t LIKE it! So probably the last chance we would ever have: We turned out – and against all odds, against an Evil candidate, one of the richest men in the world, and hundreds of thousands of illegal votes – we put a genuine American in the Driver’s Seat. (For a change!) The more our Socialists, Communists, self-important media and entertainment industry “elites” rail against Trump – the more faith and pride I have in him. As a member of some vulnerable minorities myself – I may make some sacrifices to the “Greater Good”. But that is what the USA is all about – isn’t it?

    • I am a Muslim and I agree that:. Under the circumstances – it is prudent to suspend immigration temporarily – until some effective screening process can be developed and put into place. (Terrorists certainly don’t make MY life any better!)
      But then: I also have little sympathy for people who chose the wrong side in a civil war in their own country – and even less sympathy for those that refuse to commit themselves to one side or another.

  8. All true Muslims should be banned as they believe in Sharia law, which is totally against our constitution which is the supreme law of the USA. Just one example:Constitution: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion pr prohibiting the free exercise thereof”. Shariah: “Those who reject Islam must be killed.


    It’s clearly NOT a muslim ban. It IS clearly a ban on terrorism and letting refugees just walk freely into our country that may be infiltrated with terrorist from terrorist countries… If these Libtard Moron Snowflakes don’t like it…That’s too damn bad…like the story says.

    • Many black and Asian people stuck in Mexico trying to get across the Borders. All illegals.
      BLESS TRUMP. GOOD JOB Build that wall.

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    • Please note: The seven countries listed for immigration suspension in the executive order, six do not have a functioning national government. Therefore it is impossible to obtain reliable information about who the potential immigrants are, and therefore it is impossible to vet them.

      Only Iran has a functioning government, but because of their history of hostility and deceit, any information presented by Iran on behalf of any new immigrant is highly suspect.

    • Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s most prominent Muslim nations which has
      previously been associated with terrorism. religious extremism, slavery, sex trade and child marriage has not been “banned”. Wonder why. Following the money

  10. Enough is enough !! It’s time to get rid of CAIR which has ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. Muslim law is not compatible with our constitution sooooooooo how long can we live together before they try to take over our country an impose their laws on us???????

    • Is that not the itinerary put forth by the Qu’ran?

      • Beeotchstewie the deplorable


      • EXACTLY! There is NO SUCH THING as a “MODERATE MUSLIME” If they follow their Qu’ran (and they DO) they are just waiting for the “word” from their mullahs to attack we “infidels”
        and LYING is one of the “teachings” in this “book” so they can infiltrate.
        Time to wise us America.

        • So True and they start teaching everything in the Qu’ran to children the the minute the Women gives Birth. And on the other hand when we give Birth we set the kid in front of the TV and give them a Cell phone.

          • I can honestly say that when my two were born, when old enough, they were sent outside in the yard to play…(supervised of course) TV was kept at a minimum and back then, and there was no such thing as a “cell phone”. Today though, you are correct and THAT is where the “kids” of today get their screwed-up ideas. BUT not just from TV and cell phones…TEACHERS and “professors” indoctrinate the young of today into the little communist DRONES you see all over the TV destroying property and burning stuff (and getting away with it)
            If I had done anything like that growing up, my father would have kicked my ass up over my head. (and made me help to clean up the “mess” ) There is absolutely NO discipline today and the police are scared shitless to do anything because they will be arrested and charged themselves for upholding the law. WHAT A COUNTRY WE HAVE BECOME. (BUT I believe change is coming and it is NOT going to be “pretty” for these “poor little snowflakes”)

          • The indoctrination is just the beginning. Once the government has fallen, then Islam will take all the declared homosexual, transgenders, bi sexuals, unwed mothers, prostitutes and the scantily dressed, and put them in a common grave. All to those sexually oriented differently will be exterminated. Islam, isis, etc. are just allowing them to do the perliminaries. Once that is finished, they will eliminate all opposition and the ‘perverted.’

          • Couldn’t happen soon enough!
            Death to perverts!!!!!

          • Darn Arthur, just because a man likes penis from another man mean you should kill him ! I think they should be able to fight for what they believe in so we should put them on the front line and let them fight muslims for the right to be a dick sucker. It’s sad to see a soldier have to give his life for a faggot..

          • What an original and romantic way to come out! Are you aware that it is 2017, and that in most places it is now legal to indulge your fantacies?

          • Oh, I’m sure you were the first to know, eh cupcake

          • “Cupcake” ????

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            That’s a barbarian for you.


          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            That does not make it moral. It means the society needs to wake and stop the satanic influence on its youth. And the acting out of perverted fantasies.

          • Those “fantasies” are what makes us “human”. (Not everyone has all of them.) And many that do – sacrifice the essence of their entire frustrated and conflicted lives in denial of them. So sad that this fact has so many political implications – but that is inevitable when religion and “state” get confused – and religious people expect “state” to officially force their bigotry onto everybody else. Be very careful about your notion to interpret our Constitution to reflect only your own individual prejudices. It will eventually bite you in the ass.

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            What do you know aout US Constitution? It is not a suicide pact. It is of, by and for people who are products of and members of Western Civilization and Christian. We allow “others” in, but they may not raise the political system from their home countie above the one thtat we have here. In fact, they must leave it behind. And thar includes sharia.

          • What has “morality” to do – with sexual gratificaction between consenting adults?

          • If you would like to call it romantic & original then do so. But I am guilty of having my fantacies of this country’s total band on all muslims useing the same method as Japan and it will never be legal to do to the perverted fag’s in this country that I would like to see done. Sorry if this upset you snowflake, go on to your cry room and color alittle while. everything is gonna be fine.

          • Nothing for me to be “upset” about. I’m pretty well in tune with nature. (Life is SO much nicer – when one doesn’t waste any of it looking around to find something to be pissed off about.) Japan? I have occasional contact with the Muslim community there. They don’t seem to have any more problems than Christians do. Japs are about the most paranoid and xenophobic race in the world – but they do begrudgingly tolerate minorities. (Kinda’ have to – if only for purposes of trade. You know? Buying oil, and selling their industrial goods everywhere.)

          • I think you need to check your info. Mustafa Japan doesn’t allow any (as in none ) muslims into there country period.

          • My “info” is that these are ethnic Japanese that I mentioned ( a few S. Koreans, as well), and that Japan is also a very diversely-religious country. (Maybe surviving two nuclear blasts – promoted some doubt about their traditional Shinto Diety’s ability to protect them?) I can’t name them all – but maybe Shinto predominates – with Buddist very common – and Hindu, Christian, Muslim, and many others. You may be a bit confused by the Japanese rabid xenophobia which makes it Extremely difficult for ANY other ethnicity to become citizens of Japan (Regardless of religion). Also bear in mind that Japan has centuries of commercial and cultural contact with other countries in the neighborhood – possibly mostly with Indonesia and Malaysia (both predominantly Islamic) as well as the Phillippines – which in spite of centuries of attempted genocide and repression STILL has an indigenous Muslim community. As does Borneo. Gosh! Even today – a great deal of Islamic material in English and many other languages is printed in Japan and distributed from there. If you want to know something factual about the Japanese Muslim community – I suggest that you ask them.

          • And they shouldn’t. The alphabet scum want special rites and your statement puts them UP front with dignity. Very astute reply and if they can take it in the back, they could as well take it in the front.

          • Carline D. Long Jr.

            No Soldier gives his life for what you said! He upholds the Constitution and the Freedom of America period! The Constitution is twisted and mis construed by both sides of the aisle to mean what they want to cover their idea. Activist judges also misconstrue the very Constitution they were sworn to uphold?

          • Thank You for that lucid reminder! Sad that your appreciation for the essence of the USA is shared by so few of us on here.
            Having said that: I see too much evidence that Judges not only “misconstrue” the Constitution – but that they often ignore it completely. (“Sworn” seems to be a meaningless formality – toward a lucrative career. – (And, Oh! My! – They DO get rich!)
            Not so many years ago, I read a transcript of a court proceeding which began with the Judge’s admonition that anybody that mentioned “The US Constitution” – would be held “In Contempt Of Court”. So far as was reported – that went unchallenged.

          • Carline D. Long Jr.

            Wow, so much is truly not reported. Thanks.

          • In a way – it often is”reported”. The “trick ” is to always question the possibility that with different words – the interprpretation of the basic “facts” could give you an entirely different concept. Make NO MISTAKE – both Liberals AND Conservatives are adept at this. Unfortunately – Liberal news-outlets VASTLY outnumber Conservative ones – but both are equally propagandistic. “Fact” can only be found somewhere in the minefield somewhere between the two. Good Luck!

          • Wow! What did “don’t ask and don’t tell” say to you? A person’s libido has NOTHING to do with their “patrionism”. You have absolutely NO CLUE how many closeted homosexuals have sacrificed their lives for our country. You’re disgusting!

          • Followed by the “infidels” who have a different faith….NONE are tolerated under Islam.

          • Jews and Christians aren’t “Infidels”. But there is a limit to how aggressive and obnoxious they can be – beyond which they can not be tolerated. You folks write your own ticket for that trip. We aren’t morally obliged to respect you – any further than you respect us. Figure that out – and the blood-letting stops.


          • Just let a couple of radical Islamic men shoot up a couple of schools with America’s children in them, and all muslims will be targets. Then you will see “blood-letting of muslims such you never imagined! So be very, very careful of what you hope for.

          • Let’s us ALL Pray that never happens. (Personally – I don’t expect it to.) Lady! Do you honestly believe that any sane person could “hope” for another religious war? Considering all the “odds” against it – it is a Miracle that Islam even still exists today. Do you REALLY want to put that to a Cataclysmic Test?

          • Hah! That’s Rich! Like Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson cut “homosexuals, transgenders, bi-sexuals, unwed mothers, prostitutes, or even modestly-dressed Muslim women – any slack. (You are absolutely Paranoid!) You are entirely correct about one thing, tho: ISIS couldn’t even exist without Islamophobia.

          • I haven’t read the entire Koran. However I have read enough to know that it is easily interpreted that anyone who doesn’t follow the Koran is an infidel, to include people of the faith. S since you are on total denial I don’t think there is any point in continuing a conversation with you. Islamophobia came about after 4 airplanes were hijacked and flown into buildings killing upwards of 4000 innocent people, plus those that died of diseases caused from trying to rescue those buried in the rubble. I am a tolerant person, but when I see postings on the internet of men being shot in the head, execution style by hooded individuals,and other men that have been decapitated with their heads setting up on their backs, solderies bodies drug behind vehicles, I can only say these are not human beings. They are animals in the worst form. These things were happening long before Americans became afraid of Islam or Muslims. These vicious POS don’t give one whit about human life.they are on a crusade to murder, mame and torture people because they are followers of Mohammad.

            So I think we are don here.

          • That “easily interpreted” thing very much depends on one’s mind-set when they read part of it. Like all religious “scripture” – one can find (and interpret) anything they want to find. And also like all religious dogma – it applied only to the time and the circumstances when it was written (in vocabularies that have changed connotations today.) I am Muslim – but even I have to interpret Quran in terms of what it meant 1500 years ago. Those texts were merely guidelines to create primitive, ignorant, (and by today’s standards brutal) civilizations around. They contained enduring human concepts that remain valid today – but also still apply to historical, geographic, and climatic realities. Cultures can not simply be whimsically transposed all around the globe. Some cultures take that for granted – and others never seem able to learn it.

          • The issue is, at least for me, a non-Muslim, is for the clerics of the faith to VERY loudly speak out against these radicals. Even the Bible has things that can be interpreted in to violence by the nut cases out there. It is up to the leaders of the religion to denounce inappropriate interpretations. The LDS have done it with numerous radical off shots and the Catholics, although not loudly enough, have denounced the pedophile priests. That is what most expect from the Imams of the Muslim faith. It doesn’t happen. They remain silent. If more of them became very vocal and denounced openly to the MSM that isn’t a proper interpretation of Islam it may stem some of the violence and put some of the terror people feel at rest. This is not unique to Americans. I have traveled all over the world. It is a world wide fear. If Muslims want to be accepted and not feared, it is up to them to quell the fears the radicals have created. Islamophobia is real and at this point justified. Sorry. But my fears are based on observed behavior. It is up to your leaders to change my opinion. That can probably occur with church leaders becoming VERY vocal and denouncing the violence and mass murders.

          • What is most frustrating is that Mainstream Imams DO denounce Extremism. But they do it in their own congregations and communities. (Which is – after all – the only place it has influence.) Rather pointless to try to preach to the Judeo-Christian community – wouldn’t it be? In today’s emotional hysteria – nobody would listen, his message would be distorted to represent a “call to jihad”, and others would interpret it as an “apology” – (for something the vast majority of us have had no part in and no control over.) Let’s face it: Given all the mindless Islamophobia that overwhelms comment here on fb – extremely few want to hear or read anything that conflicts with their comfortable prejudices and bigotry. We find ourselves in a “Damned-if-we-do, and Damned-if-we-don’t situation.

          • I think there is a very distinct difference between preaching peace and tolerance for all religions and calling for a ‘jihad’. I’m not Muslim, but I think I could tell the difference. Again, thank the radicals and the MSM for the hysteria. It doesn’t take a lot to shove a person into hysteria when seeing posts on u-tube of someone getting shot in the head execution style, someone being beheaded or a Muslim running around holding a becapitated head with hundreds cheering him on.

            The moderate mullahs need to be more visible and speak louder than those images.

          • Unfortunately . very few people are allowed to witness death-sentence executions in the US..You are shocked by what is purported to be “shot in the head” and even “head-rolling” in some of the more extremely conservative Islamic countries. I’m not certain about it – but I do notice that details of the purpose of the executions are NEVER mentioned . Were they – i have no doubt that the “average American” would recognize that “Justice had been served.” But still executions here in the US are done in such a sophisticated” way – that essentially ther are surreal or even abstract to the average US Citizen (if they are aware of them at alli) people here are on “death row” so many years – t their crimes are also merely abstractions. Since public hangings, executions have been carefully concevaled from the US public. Next was the “electric chair (,with all its gruesome failures) then the “gas chamber ( which was equally considered “in-humane”) followed by “lethal injection (so terrible that even the pharmaceutical industry has come to refuse to produce the drugs required). Now I’m led to believe that the advantages pf the guilliotine is being seriously considered.
            So in reality the US “Christian” community actually has no legitimate bitch about Muslim executions – until we abolish the “Death Sentence” nation-wide in our own country.
            Unless and untilwe do that – we really need to sit down and STFU about “those barbaric Muslims.
            Never mind how enthusiac witnesses may seem – if we were told what crime is ACTUALLY being punished – it might be considerably more understandable. But in the meantime:,There is nothing “abstract” or “ignored” about a public execution in one of the most conservative Muslim communities. Everyone leaves with the message: “That could have been me I better not commit that offense.”
            “My fellow Americans seem to live in a world so insulated from teality (especially our Liberals) – that it is very difficult to communicate any exchange of realistic observations…
            I just can’t imagine how this “Jihad” against’ Islam is going to work out the way people expect it to.

          • But WE DO! – And Nobody LISTENS! – (because it doesn’t embellish the “Eradicate Islam” mentality!),This BS isn’t just an “abstract problem” to Earth’s Muslim community. WE are the first victims of it – and the “West” attitude is simply a geo- political one – that benefits from Islamophobia”. (No questions asked: “The only Good Muslim is a Dead One.”). That is beginning to permeate. And ISIS only exists BECAUSE of it
            The irresistable challenge of every Great Civilization – has been to “Rule The World”. Now the USA believes that we are in a position to prove history (that it can’t be done) WRONG. (And every possible religious conflict will be exploited to that end.) History merely repeats itself . Our “American” Fore-Fathers understood this and warned us against it – even tho they almost certainly understood that “human nature” would eventually prevail.
            Altho I have never considered Russia or China to be “natural enemies” of the USA (the globe is a pretty big place – and there’s room for everybody), I DO see their advantage in merely policing their own neighborhoods – while the US is exhausting and destroying ourselves.
            Meanwhile – (like most of us) my immediate concern is to support myself on my retirement incomes – until my heart stops beating. (What more can a man do?)

          • You have already said you are NOT a cleric of the faith. You are a follower. The Faith leaders are the ones that need to speak out louder that the mullahs that are screeching out the hate. You may very well be a moderate Muslim. I am sure many Muslims just want to live and let live. They don’t follow the radical interpretation of the Koran.

            It is hard for any Christian to get behind what a hand full of you are saying, while your leaders say little or nothing and let the radicals defame your faith. Because the radicals are destroying Islam. They are breaking hate and fear. When people are cornered, and they feel their homes and the safety of their children are at risk, they become very hostile to defend those things. I’m sorry for your plight, but the LEADERS need to get the media attention and denounce the radicals. It needs to be more than one in one congregation.

            However, thank the MSM for not noticing you but give all the attention to the loonies in your religion. Just like they do to the loonies everywhere. The news is no longer news. They are entertainment, bent on getting the highest ratings. They spin everything out of perspective and the lemming public, all over the world, follow along without question about what are going to do at the edge of the cliff. It may be hopeless.

          • You confuse world geo-politics with Religion”. The USA got invipolvef in a supposedly “humanitarian” effort to “relieve” an entirely natural disaster (a famine) – and decided to convert It to a “nation- building” project – that would have resulted in a massive, permanent US military
            base – from which to project Military Power over one otvtge most sensitive areas on earth. The Somali’s saw mostly the religious implications of it (after all – Islam HAS been under Judeo- Christian attack for 1500 years – in Muslim countries – which the anti- Islamic world conveniently denies and interprets entirely differently).
            Ditto Afghanistan – where we “helped” them to expel the Soviets (and created and exploited “Al Quaida” in the process). Then decided: Hmmm- wouldn’t this be a wonderful place to establish yet another US military base on A USSR border? So away we go! No possible doubt in any Afghani mind – that this was just another attack on Islam – (confirmed by the clearrly anti-Islamic behavior and missionary activities of occupying US and NATO troops.)
            So one result was “9-11” which I saw coming (but not specifically) for about 40 years.
            Altho it will fall on deaf ears – let me remind everybody that every “outrage” committed by Muslims in the “western world” – has been a direct response to a “western” outrage against an Islamic country.,(Search “Double Standard” in Wikipedia).
            Not to say that I approve of “terrorism” – but that I understand why it exists – and that it will exist until the USA seriously re-evaluates our “cost-vs- benefit” in our Middle-East foreign policy. (,Leave those folks ALONE – and they will GLADLY do likewise!) There is ample evidence – that even Christian countries won’t tolerate bullying by Other Christian countries.

          • I understand what you are trying to say, but the key element here is that the Koran does not read orderly, some of the scriptures may refer to only what was past, but the Prophet is clearly indicating war against unbelievers for the preservation and ultimate control by Islam. This is explained in a book by an Ex-Muslim turned Christian “Why We Want to Kill You”. My point is if the Muslim does not follow the Prophet for this day and age they consider him or her not a true Muslim and they end up under a death sentence just like we unbelievers. Recently, or at least in the last 3 years, an evangelist provided what is called “The Camel Method” of reaching the Muslim with salvation in Christ. As I understand it even the Muslim believes that Jesus was Born of a Virgin, but does not know why because the angel speaking says it was just the will of Allah. The Christian knows why, that The Holy Spirit had to put a perfect man back in the Earth to countermand death through Adam. Also that the Muslim believes that Jesus actually went to Heaven and even Mohammad did not know whether he simply went to Paradise or not.
            I digress. There is a pamphlet put out by CBN 700 Club that through ex-Muslims the Muslim requirements by the Prophet. You can get a copy from them “Islam, Religion of Peace of War”. It goes through the liturgy of what a true believer in Allah is supposed to be doing and it ain’t peaches and Cream for the Unbeliever. Give that booklet to every man woman and child in the US so they will know why it is not good for Muslim to be in the country and especially the danger to women and to Jews and Christians.
            If you do not believe that a Christian goes to Heaven, I suggest getting “My Time in Heaven” by Richard Sigmund who was dead for several hours and God returned him to tell people about Heaven but also his short visit to Hell. After his experience, there were many miracles that occurred through his ministry. He lived around Midlothian, Texas. Which is a small community near Dallas-Fort Worth. I got the book through Amazon, hope it is still available. There have been others with their experiences in both Heaven and Hell and you can’t call them Near Death Experience because these folks were declared dead. I have a VCR tape from Christ For All Nations about a minster who died and because of the faith of his wife (she was hanging on to some promises in Acts) came back from the dead. The minister tells of his experiences both in Heaven and Hell. It has an interview with the funeral director who stated he had been embalmed and he was resurrected. He had been dead at least a week. He had died in an auto accident. I wish the media would pay attention to these life experiences.

          • We go around and around and back and forth. I have never been led to believe that other “People of the Book” (Jews and Christians) do not go to Heaven. Nobody is under any death threat because he is less than a perfect Muslim. The only really unforgivable Sins I am aware of is Apostasy (so your Muslim-turned-Christian is on shaky ground there – but that is of no temporal concern to any Muslim unless someone tries to do me or my religious community harm), and unjustifiably taking another Human life. In every Prayer we ask forgiveness for our Sins.
            As for “preservation and ultimate control by Islam”: That applies to our own lands and communities. Jews seem to prefer to keep to themselves much as Muslims do. (Israel being a phenominal modern exception. Christians, however, are butt-hurt because we do not tolerate their proselytizing. We don’t do it to anybody (there is no such thing as a Muslim “missionary” or “outreach program”) and we will roll heads if necessary – to prevent anybody doing it to us.
            If one is able to be the least open-minded, one will recognize how ludicrous it is to expect Islam to explain Jesus (altho the Quran says a bit more than Islamophobes credit) and outrageous to tell me that I need a book from an Islamophobic organization like your “700 Club” to explain my own religion to me.
            The major stumbling block is the Christian concept of human life itself as some kind of a physical ordeal, or a “probationary period”” like some kind of slave to a jealous, tyrannical, spiteful master.. Islam is more about embracing life for its own sake and experiencing one’s alotted time within time-proven guidelines recommended by a Merciful, Compassionate, Indulgent, Overseer.
            There is just one “hitch” – shared by all Believers. Getting it all on paper by Fallible Mortals. All doctrine is flawed – and that is where Conscience comes into play. Those crazy “jihadists” – get something entirely different from Quran than the vast majority of Muslims do, and Islamophobes get yet something else. So one must be cautious about “rating” a fellow Muslim.
            (I’ll remind you how bloody things get between Catholics and Protestants at times – so please don’t go there.)

          • The Old Testament was copied Exactingly and carefully by scribes to make sure it was copied accurately, they would count the alphabetic letters in each paragraph. One error and they would scrap the proceeding and start over. The Torah does many things. For example the equidistant letter sequencing codes. In the suffering servant chapters of Isaiah, the names of the apostles, the three Mary’s and several names of persons involved in the Crucifixion of Jesus are found. Because God knew which books of the Old Testament would be canonized, there are codes between books. there is also a mathematical code, Look up Ivan Panin, Bible Numerics, Dell Washburn and Theomatics.

            Here are some examples of current events encoded in the Old Testament.

            In two
            separate sets of Bible Codes, published three months apart,
            international Bible Codes expert Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson found
            evidence that Donald J. Trump will win the upcoming US presidential
            election. What’s more, Trump’s predicted win appears to be connected to
            his support for Israel.

            The first table
            was published on July 6, 2016. In this table, which comes from the Book
            of Deuteronomy, Rabbi Glazerson pointed to the word Donald, spelled in
            Hebrew letters, next to the word nasi, which is Hebrew for president. He also found an abbreviation for Artzot haBrit, which is the way the United States is referred to in Hebrew.

            and this:

            A new Bible codes video contains all the significant elements of the assassination
            of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey in shocking detail, proving once
            again, in the words of international Bible codes expert Rabbi Matityahu
            Glazerson, that “Torah is the blueprint of creation and everything is in
            the Torah.”

            Russian ambassador Andrei Karlov was
            murdered by 22 year-old Mevlut Mert Aydintas, who worked as a member of
            the Ankara riot police, on Monday night in Ankara, Turkey. Brandishing a
            gun, Aydintas proclaimed that the assassination was an act of jihad in
            protest against Russian involvement in Aleppo, Syria and against recent cooperation between Russia and Turkey.

            As news of the assassination broke,
            Rabbi Glazerson found a table that contained all of its major elements,
            including the date, the location, the name of the victim and even the
            terror motive, encoded in the Torah. All these codes were found in a
            single book of the Bible, Leviticus, and primarily in chapter 13.
            According to Rabbi Glazerson, the proximity of all these codes to one
            another makes the table especially significant.

            and this:

            place flowers and light candles in tribute for the victims of the Paris
            terror attacks close to the Bataclan theatre in the 11th district of
            Paris, France on November 14, 2015. (Photo: Laurence Geai/Flash90)

            Less than 24 hours after the horrifying series of terrorist attacks in France,
            Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson, renowned Bible Codes expert, found a series
            of Bible Codes that correspond to the massacre in Paris. The video of his findings was published online Saturday night, after the conclusion of the Sabbath in Israel.

            Multiple codes related to the brutal attacks are found in a single
            table, which comes from the Book of Genesis, chapters 37-41. Glazerson
            quotes his Bible Codes colleague, Dr. Yoav Rosenberg, who explained that
            when a series of related codes are clustered so closely together that
            they come from the same book of the Bible, as in this table, it’s
            particularly significant.

            The first thing Glazerson points out
            is the word Paris spelled in Hebrew letters, with the code for Islamic
            terror appearing as well. Nearby is the word Yishmaelim, which means Ishmaelites and refers to the descendants of Biblical Ishmael. Yishmaelim is a shorthand reference to Muslim Arabs.

            In a cluster of codes located near the center of the table are the Hebrew word for massacre and the word Daesh, an acronym standing for al-dowla al-islaamiyya fii-il-i’raaq wa-ash-shaam,
            meaning Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Hebrew and most Arab speakers
            refer to ISIS using the acronym Daesh. The word Daesh appears next to
            the verb for strike, forming the sentence “Daesh was striking.”


            In another part of the table are the words b’eretz Tzarfat
            (in the land of France). In addition to codes that point out the event
            (massacre), the players (Daesh) and the location (Paris, France),
            Glazerson also found codes that indicate the date. There is a code made
            up of the Hebrew letters that refer to the current year in the Hebrew
            calendar. Also noteworthy is a code for Kislev, which is the current
            month in the Hebrew calendar.
            I can go on to include 911, and we can even go into the recent past concerning the election of Obama as president and other events including the Massacre in Florida which is also encoded. So you don’t want to believe me when I say there is no other name under heaven by which a man can be saved that’s fine but this is the type of evidence I was looking for after I came to the fullness of Holy Spirit Baptism that the Bible is THE WORD OF GOD.. If the Koran could have a code that is like reading yesterday’s newspaper which I tried to see if it did the same thing and I still can’t find any thing about the Koran having such coding. Either God inspired the writers of the Bible encoding the future events of the Earth or there is some supe rintelligent being somewhere who can see the end from the beginning and simply decided to put it in a Jewish Hebrew book for Jews and Christians to find..

          • “The Old Testament was copied exactly” – From WHAT?
            “Codes” and Coincidences. So: How much money did that con-artist bet on Trump?

          • Moses I know wrote the ffirst 5 Books and the prophets and scribes did the rest. But shouldn’t your question be that if there are 1000’s of Equidistant Letter Sequence Codes that depict events throughout the Earth’s History, who do you think those who wrote it got it from? Maybe you should find out if your Quran does the same, and if it doesn’t maybe you should be reading the Bible instead of the Quran for your own salvation. I can tell you how to get saved. Even though it is explained in the New Testament I like the way it is explained in the Old Testament. Ezekiel 36’25-27″, ” I will remove your stoney heart and give you a heart of flesh (ask God to come into you heart), I will sprinkle you with water and make you clean (water baptism, an outward sign of an inward change equal to death and resurrection to a new life), and I will put my Spirit in you to cause you to walk in My laws and statutes, self explanatory. You will find that John the Baptist in each one of the Gospels said that he baptizes with water but Jesus baptizes you with the Holy Spirit. I will be honest with you as I was a Presbyterian and even confessed the Apostles Creed every week I did not know the Holy Spirit. I met a man who had the Baptism and this Peace I cannot described flowed off of him on to me and I had to have it. I received Him through the laying on of hands at a Full Gospel Church. After that I devoured the Bible, couldn’t put it down. The people in it became real to me. Jesus promised that the Holy Spirit would always be with me and I hear his voice as Christ said My Sheep Know My Voice and another they will not follow. This is described plainly in Isaiah 30’21”, ” You will hear a voice behind you saying, this is the way walk you in it”. I have found that to be true ever since. If the Holy Spirit never leaves you and you let Him lead you, forgiveness is yours in Christ Jesus. I have lived this way for 42 years and the Holy Spirit has never disappointed me. I remember a very short time after this experience I told the Holy Spirit how do I know it is you and immediately felt as if He was leaving me very slowly and there was no doubt that He was with me ever since. I had all kinds of experiences with Him and still do. I do not know how to really witness to you and I was hoping the fact that there are these codes that demonstrate only God could have written the Bible through those He inspired. We are not talking about translations because it has been copied more than verbatim since it was put on Lamb Skin in the beginning. According to those who are knowledgeable the writings say there may be less than 150 letters difference from the very first text that is for the Old Testament. It is slightly different for the New Testament, according to Ivan Panin but he knew how to make proper corrections in the Greek and His New Testament can be found on line called the Numeric New Testament in Greek if you wish and the translation of this New Testament is available in English. I have copies of both.

          • I don’t have any questions at all. I grew up in a very nice Baptist family and community. By the time I was 12,- I already strongly suspected that it’s all a scam to control people’s minds and money thousands of years ago, and still perpetrated by weak, frightened, superstitious, people until the present day. So for the next 30 years I tried to fit into all the other mainstream denominations – with exactly the same result. (all incredible frauds). Finally, I checked out Islam – and even with its flaws, the society built upon it makes sense. (I experienced the same about the Quran as you say you did with the Bible. I couldn’t put it down. All my questions answered and all my confusions resolved. I guess that’s called “epiphany”?) Good if you have found some personal satisfaction in yours – but keep it to yourself and stop trying to force it on everybody else. Like I said: “There is no missionary or “evangelical” spirit in Islam.” Nobody is trying to force anything on anybody – they only want to be left alone to worship without interference. If it weren’t for the principle of Religious Freedom as an important basic of the USA – no devout or observant Muslims would ever have come here voluntarily – just for education and economic opportunity (which is the only thing else that the US has to offer).
            Be honest! The only way the American Muslim community hasn’t “assimilated” – is because it doesn’t abandon Islam and convert to Christianity. (And as long as the US Constitution remains in effect – there will be no legal requirement to do so.)
            For those of you that will tell me to go live in a Muslim country —
            I am born in the USA, it is my native country. My family is here and my life is invested here.
            But most of all: My life does NOT revolve around religion. It is NOT the focus and purpose of my life – Islam does NOT demand that it be, and I will NOT allow it to be. Some days I don’t think about it for even a second, and it does not define me in any way (other than those rare times when I need a “safe space” and fellowship – I find it in a Mosque.) (Largely these days – because of those Christian Zealot “Jihadi’s”.)

          • Just how many Muslims have been shot down in malls, or on the streets by Christians yelling ‘Jesus is great’ or ‘God is great.’ It doesn’t appear Muslims need a ‘safe space’ nearly as much as the Christians.

          • Why don’t you call the ‘jihadists’ christianophobes. It is only fitting.

          • I’m unaware of the “great joy” thing. We certainly don’t feel any spiritual animosity toward Jews and Christians except when they are aggressive to us. Americans? The only place that a Muslim is safe from the US Military – is in the US itself. (Strange – but Fact.) All those countries you mentioned. what are Americans DOING there? Anything a Muslim has done in another country has been in response to what that country has done in his. What makes you think that there is some “Magic” about America and European countries that makes them immune to consequences from their actions against Muslim countries? I certainly do not approve of “terrorism” – but I recognise that nothing compares to the “terrorism” of organized, pointless, overwhelming military attack. Why doesn’t the US and NATO attack Russia or China?(Both are considered “Mortal Enemies” by the USA.) Quite simple! Because they are able to defend themselves. We believe that we can eventually “defeat” them- but at such cost that it is better to just co-exist with them. Not so those countries you mention. We can do any damn thing we please to them (and because they are “Muslim” countries the US/EU public is entirely supportive (even enthusiastic).
            Remember that “terrorist” train bombing in Spain? Well, Spain immediatrly pulled its troops out of Afghanistan – and Poof! No more “terrorist” attacks! Of course the attack was just on the train itself. The people killed were what the USA calls “unfortunate collateral damage” when our military attcks somewhere. Shouldn’t that “cut both ways”? Aren’t we being just a mite hypocritical about that “collateral damage” BS? I realize that to some – I may sound “un-patriotic” – but I just don’t happen to LIKE being under constant threat of a “terrorist attack” – while I know (and everybody knows) that it is the result of MY governmen’ts violent, bullying, imperialistic, foreign policy.

          • You can spare yourself trying to feed me your ‘party line.’ Regardless if you or you do not approve of American intervention, I have yet to see any American cutting off the head of a Muslim while hundreds run around cheering and shooting guns in the air. I have yet to see us strap bombs on our children in an attempt to kill a muslin/Arab. I haven’t seen one American attacking the embassies of any Arab nation in America or other country. We don’t put out military constilationsin the basements of hospitals. Yours is a brutal religion. None of the other faiths that I have ever heard of, kill by-standers in the name of their god. It is barbaric. I haven’t seen any American demonstrations calling death to Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Syria, Afghanistan or any other Arab/muslin nation. Maybe you should be looking at the Muslim/Arab nations and asking why they continue to try and destroy Israel.

            Yes we have bombed Iraq. After they invaded one of their neighbors and those neighbors asked for our help. We bombed Afganistan after the 9/11 attacks.

            You do nothing to ease the worry or fear people, even moderate muslims, have toward the terrorists. You try and justify the torturous murders of jourlanists, women and children by blaming America for being there. Well no one was complaining as we forked over billions of dollars into the reagion. There has been intervention in the Middle East since WWII and maybe before. They take our money readily enough and have, since I can remember. So they are disengenious hypocrites. They don’t want any interfearence but the only country in the area that is friendly toward us Israel. We protect our friends. The arabs/Muslim have tried to run them out of the area since it was inhabited by them after WWII. I’m not a strong Middle East history major but I believe it was the Muslim nation’s that attacked Israel first.

            You bring up Spain as an example of how benevolent the terrorists are because the Spaniards cowardly ran away from a pack of murderous POS. And as a result the terrorists have not bothered them again. Well if the terrorists would leave Israel alone maybe we wouldn’t be so involved in the area.

            You state that it is your religion does nothing to ‘spread’ the word of Mohammad or Allah. But ‘spreading the word of God’ is part of the Christian religion. We don’t care if you don’t want to ‘spread the word’ or if you do. But just like it is your right to practice your faith, it is the Christian’s right to practice theirs. You can politely say no thanks and shut your door or walk away. Just like I did years ago with the Hari Krishna’s. I wasn’t moved to blow them up or cut off their heads because they blocked my way.

            You have done nor said anything that makes me feel more at ease about how ‘peaceful’ you religion is. You have only tried to justify murderous, brutal, immoral, despicable behavior by people who say they do it in the name of God.

          • Your points are well – taken – with the resrvation that no Western country is under overwhelming military attack by a Muslim one. (Hey! Just One Russian “intelligence- gathering” ship in international waters near the USA – and our POTUS has to say that it snould be blown aot of the water” That entirely ignores about 50 of our own – doingbexactlynthevsamebthingbaroundvthevglobe. Hell! Our “Best Friend” in the M. E. tried to sink one of them (USS Liberty). While it is obviously true that Christians are aggressive in spreading their scam it is only fair to expect Muslim countries to forbid and (when necessary) punish it. Probably you have no experience with the upheaval in a family of one religion to have a loved one lured away into a very aggresive different one. It is a terrible (and pointless) thing that I have witnessed and experienced for myself. About a month ago – I read a report that a Christian village of about 600 had been wiped ou by Muslim rebels in Nigeria.”Well-meaning” Christian missionaries condemned them to that – by carelessly separating them from mainstream society. What was GAINED by that? (Except delicious ant-Islamic propaganda?) And we don’t even know anything for certain about who massacred them . ( All religious and politics fall by the wayside in civil wars – obviously they were not allies of whoever killed them.) us Americans have the luxury of viewing such horrors in the abstract. Everything is “black and white” to us. Certainly no pun intendes – even tho onev applies).
            “Kaddafi must go” ( regardless of the consequences) and “Assad” must go – regardless of the consequences. Except that Assad is NOT “gone” because he has such popular support among his own people – and suddenly hundreds of thousands of idiots that wanted him replaced by a WashDC puppet – are now seeking asylum in Europe and the USA.! (WAY TO GO – CIA!) . Nobody notices how many countries that Trump dares not allow into the US are in shambles because of our disastrous Foreign Policy?
            “Yeah! – Kill All them raghead mooslime goat- fuckers!” But how is that actually working out for us?

          • I don’t know where you are getting your information about the president’s position on the Russian ship off our coast, but I’m fairly certain he did not suggest, even jokingly, that it should be blown out of the water. He is aware of international water limits. He would prefer to have a cautious but working relationship with Russia. I think he knows how devious Putin is. But I think POTUS believes he is smarter than Putin.

            You call the slaughter of 600 christians, delicious anti-Islam propaganda. The Muslims must want the propaganda. I call it murder. It would seen that if the protection of your religion must be met with such viciousness, then it can’t be much of a religion or the people don’t feel that confident of it. You see, I’m Christian, you can tell me about your religion, come knock on my door, and I can say gee whiz, that sounds great, or I can say thanks but no thanks. I don’t have to kill you. That is what freedom of religion means. If people of the Muslim faith can be lead away by a Christian, then they were not that strong in their faith. I have had religion, 101 in college. Nothing in depth in any single religion, but I haven’t been enticed or even tempted to change my faith.

            I have prayed on many occasions and had those prayers answered. My daughter is healthy when she could be dying, my mate got very sick, but passed quickly without pain. I myself am alive today because of answered prayers of my mother.

            I find the concept of murdering people because they are spreading the word of God very disturbing. The individuals who find it necessary to murder because they are afraid that someone will be enticed away to Christianity are very insecure in their faith and insecure/unsure in the strength of their faith.

            Most Christians believe that so long as you believe, you will be saved. I must assume that Muslims do not believe that. Otherwise why would it create upheaval in a family because one turns away from Islam. Could it be because your faith believes if you turn away from Islam you are damned.

            I was raised Catholic, it wasn’t the faith for me. Then I looked into the Mormon faith. That wasn’t for me either. I’ve been to Baptist churches and Lutheran. I decided that I don’t have to go to a church, chapel, synagogue, or mosque to talk with my god. He listens no matter where I’m at, even in my car.

            Each of the. M.E. countries we entered, were because we were asked, Kuwait, or in retaliation for killing nearly 4000 innocents in our country. People that were in office buildings working. The country that harbored and bred those terrorists, Afghanistan. We haven’t attacked in force any other country in the region that I am aware of. Maybe you could enlighten me.

            Israel did bomb our ship USS Liberty. They have also apologized and paid millions in compensation for the mistake. They killed 34, I think, and injured 171. Money can’t bring back a loved one but it makes moving forward a little easier.

            The families of those killed in the twin towers and the pentagon building, just buried their loved ones. There was no compensation, not even an apology. So I don’t know what to tell you except that Islam, demonstrates it is a violent, intolerant religion that is easily twisted into justifying murder.

          • Yes! Muslims totally accept that to be “saved” – one must be a sincere follower of one of the three Abrahamic religions.
            None of your responses surprise me. (They are age-worn “justifications” for continuing violence that began 1500 years ago.)
            Your comment that Afghanistan is the only Muslim country that the US has invaded, destroyed, and occupied – puzzles me. As if Iraq never happened.
            I have suggested the Arabic side of it as simply as I can. Obviously it is unthinkable to you – but maybe it somehow resonates in a small way with someone else who reads our comments.
            You can take some satisfaction in knowing that your position can maintain the status-quo for the forseeable future. I consider it a needless tragedy with easily-avoidable consequences – but “the majority rules”.
            I got the thing about Trump and the Russian “spy ship” right here on facebook within the past week. Hopefully it was fake – but I have no way to always know what is – and what isn’t. Supposedly – the man that owns facebook site is quite Liberal, so I can’t understand how so much Islamophobic commentary gets past the “Admin. Moderators”.
            Whatever Israeli “apologies” and “reparations” for USS Liberty may have been – were not well reported, Last info I have was that POTUS had to award the Purple Hearts and other decorations in a very low-key “back door” WH ceremony – to avoid “offending” the Israelis.
            All the “America First” bluster and bravado I see on here seems to ignore the fact that Israel is the small tail – that wags the very large American dog. It has gone on so long – that I wasn’t at all surprised to see how Trump dutifully fell in line to suck up to them. That seems to be the single tradition that even Trump doesn’t have the balls to stand against. So nothing of real importance will actually be achieved. MAGA can’t happen – as long as Israel calls all the shots.

          • You are still trying to justifies murders to of Christians by pointing to actions 1500 years ago. The United States has only been the United States after the constitution was ratified in 1788. We didn’t actually ‘get involved’ in the M.E. until 1949, after WWII. You can’t really be telling me that Americans today are paying for what happened during the Crusades. You guys hold a grudge for a LONG time. There were a lot of barbaric things that occurred back then. Sorry for thinking that humanity had progressed beyond crucifixion and burning at the stake. Yes we still have wars, we still kill one another, but with the exception of the M.E. we have at least found more humane ways to do it.

            I did mention bombing Iraq. The involvement there was due to Iraq invading Kuwait. One muslin state attacking another. The government of Kuwait asked us to intervene. Iraq was told to withdraw. They were given every opportunity to withdraw. Once the US started our assault, what did the honorable Iraq army do? They set fire to the Kuwaiti oil wells in their retreat. Again honorable. I would venture that more Muslims have been killed by other Muslims, than the US. I’ve read several articles that indicate that the number killed by Islam since to 1500s is upward of 80 million. But they want to bemoan the fact that during the Crusades they were nearly wiped out. Then conveniently forget that they have killed millions in India and and Africa. Granted way back when. But it seems when they get a little foundation and money, they return to the old barbarous ways.

            So far as the USS Liberty are concerned, it happened in 1967. It was during a war. One that we were not involved in. It was unfortunate to say the least. But all countries have experienced death of soldiers from friendly fire. We killed British soldiers in (I think) the Iraq war. It happens. Doesn’t make it right, but it does happen. The president at the time of the USS Liberty incident was a democrat, a liberal democrat, Lyndon Johnson. Between Kennedy and Johnson, they pretty much screwed the pooch so far as world relations. We were more heavily involved in Vietnam, and then we became the enemy of all the M.E. because we provided arms to Israel.

            During the Iraq and Afghanistan ‘wars’ the US made every attempt to bomb military targets. But again, the honorable governments put their military facilities, in milk factories, schools and in hospital basements. Those civilian lives lost lay directly at the feet of the Iraqi and Afghanistan government. If those governments are going to let their religious states cultivate terrorists against the Western world, they should be prepared to accept the consequences.

            You sound indignant that the US would come to the aid of a country that is being invaded by its neighbor. I don’t fond that out of character at all.

            I must point out that we haven’t invaded Canada. It is a British colony so that wouldn’t be very neighborly. We also have not invaded Mexico. They have a country rich in natural resources. So we are not this aggressive bully that wants to control the world. Weaker nations look to the US as the worlds policemen. Not a job we want.

            Just a couple questions, how many interpretations/translation of the Quran are there? Does each sect have a different version? Why do they kill one another? The Christians got past that some years back. I’m just curious.

          • You make the same sweeping observations typical to the European mentality – that presumes that no culture in the world has any different history than your own, (or that one of yourselves authored) or any human right to be different than your’s. Actually it is important to understand that the traits that offend you so much are Arabic ones (cultural ones – not necessarily religious ones) and Arabs are a relatively small minority of the Islamic world. – It is said that there are more Indonesian Muslims (alone) than there are Arabic ones.
            I also reject what you see as “justification” in an attempt to explain. We can all explain Hitler, Stalin, Mao, – without any possibility of justification. (They all confronted monumental problems – we just don’t always approve of the ways they solved them.)
            Arab culture can only be understood by the most dedicated historians and anthropologists.
            There us little that I can say that might be considered, free of orejudice – except on a couple of issues. Iraq merely attempted to re-annex a province (AKA “Kuwait”) that had been arbitrarily carved out of Iraq by the Colonial British for only “administrative” purposes. ( And only after assurances to Iraq from WashDC -that we had no actionable objections – since Kuwait had declined a “mutual-defense pact” with the USA.
            The sole interests the US has in the Arab world are:.Cheap crude-oil, (and the absolute control over Arab petroleum resources for that purpose), defense of Israel (who ARE free to invade and annex at will – lavishly subsidized by the US Taxpayers), and the soul-satisfying “punishment” of Muslims – simply because they refuse to:”Accept Christ as God – and seek “salvation” in Christ’s Name”. (Which is incomprehensible to a Muslim.)
            ANYTHING “bad” that can be said about Muslims is accepted without by most Christians – and the more it is exaggerated – the more convincing it is. (And if one Muslim tribe wipes out another Muslim tribe (for strictly geo-political reasons) it just adds to your imaginary statistics. In any case: It’s nobody’s business but their own and an outsider involves himself in it at his own peril. I repeat: WHOSE military has been warring in WHOSE countries pretty much constantly for the past 4 decades? The shambles that Palestine, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, soon maybe Yemen, and (hopefully?) even Iran – were NOT done by “fellow” Muslim countries! Only Western thinking could justify destroying a country just to end a meaningless feud that may have began before America was even “discovered”. Your postulation makes no more sense than US Army Lt. Calley’s defense: That he had to “destroy” Mai Lai (Vietnam) – to “save” it.”
            About Quran: Things are much more certain. There IS only ONE version. Originally mRevealed in Arabic – (which very much remains a living language) – and the insistence that not one tiniest change (even a punctiation or diacritical mark) has EVER been made. There ARE numerous translations (ony few of them are authenticated by Al-Azhar University in Egypt – which is THE unchallenged Islamic authority world wide, however). (One inflexible requirement is that the translation appear beside the original Arabic text that it refers to.) And – just like Judeo-Christian texts – is (to a much lesser extent) interpreted differently – which has resulted in the very debilitating emergence of a few “sects” (or “schools”) (maybe six?) – Including some so liberal liberal and divergent that they are barely recognized as “Islamic” at all – and in one instance is repudiated entirely.)
            I do believe that if one can be honest about all this – is may be possible as yourselves how you would tolerate this BS – if YOU had the experience of victimization that the Arab world is expected to accept. How would the US population have reacted – if The League Of Nations just arbitrarily gave the Zionists Virginia (for instance) – to establish a “National Home” in – for European Jews? (Expecting it to solve their OWN “Jewish Problem”.) How about if they just decided that they need “more” – and declared West Virginia to be “disputed territory” (Hey! It’s ALL “Virginia” – right?) and started “settling” it too? And how would the rest of the US public feel about subsidizing EVERYTHING – just to fulfill “Revelations” – and prepare the way for “Armageddon”. The USA had every “right” to give them Virginia (or one of the Carolinas – the result would have been the same) – but NO right to give them Palestine.
            (The more morally correct I am about this – the more it will piss some people off.) Evaluate your own reaction accordingly.

          • Further study of that stimulates more thought. That issue of “Salvation in Christ”. It is only YOUR scripture that says that you need it. The concept dumbfounds Muslims. We each of us feel that we stand alone Before Out Creator. The notion that we anybody can just do any damn thing that he knows he should NOT do – is perfectly OK – so long as it can just be ignored if Jesus Name is invoked – or that we can Confess it to a Priest and he can absolve us with so many “Hail Mary’s” or a suitable monetary contribution to the Church – is simply incomprehensible to us (however attractive because of its convenience). About Jesus Mission on earth. It was clearly to replace Judaic “Law” (which mankind was incapable of living up to) with “Grace”. But because Jews controlled the narrative – the only thing it did was to create barely “Reformed Jews” (who parade as “Christians” – and who sermonizecFAR more Judaic Scripture – than they do New Testament – which is something I noticed in my earliest ‘teens.). Questioning it – landed me (and my parents) in deep Doo-Doo with the community church. I was called a “Heretic” – and my parents refused to beat me.
            It was such a failure – that Islam had to be Revealed in only about 600 years later. There is no confusion about “why” The Miraculous Birth Of Jesus. As to what became of Jesus? He remains physically and Miraculously among us. And He will “Reveal Himself” when His Father Wills it.) (An Islamic concept is that no Mortal can “Kill” The Son Of God. -And that is in the Quran.)
            As a layman, I am forbidden to argue Scripture with non-Muslim Believers – but those questions were simply too simple to resist. I have no moral obligation to change anybody’s mind, or criticize their belief. But nothing is to be lost by explaining why millions of Souls around the globe have a Divine Right to a different viewpoint.

          • You have to meet the Holy Spirit, He teaches you his Word. Grant you there are good Teachers but the Word is truly best explained and taught by Him through those teachers He directs you to. What I have is a personal relationship with God through the Holy Spirit that I would never give up. He has gotten me through every kind of error I used to believe. He separates you from men’s philosophies and you can even spiritually see the difference. The one dimension I needed, the one who brings me Jesus is the Holy Spirit. I am not a church person, I am a new Creature in Christ, because of the Holy Spirit I know who I am in Him. Mustafa, God wills that you have a Personal Relationship with Him, that you can know Him through His Holy Spirit. God has a man size hole in His heart and He is looking for a people. Man has a God size hole in his heart and he is looking for God to fill it. Ever been to a full gospel worship service? Ever heard as it says in Psalms that He God dwells in the Praises of His People? You can never feel so close to God when you are praising Him in song and praise. Talk about experiencing his presence. I play Christian praise and worship music all the time in my truck and I am telling you, well we are not just to suppose to depend on His presence just through worship and song, but I am telling you there is no greater experience to know that He is. God lives in the praises of His people. I don’t know how else to explain it. The Word of God is not just a book but a person.

          • Do you convert people – you sound like a recruiter for islam – its ok to lie if it benefits the objective

          • We DO NOT “convert” or “recruit”! Have you EVER been invited to a Muslim religious service? Have you EVER had a Muslim come to your door and try to push religious tracts into your hands?(Or find it wedged in your storm door or littering the community). Have you EVER found Islamic material under your windshield wiper? Have you EVER been asked to donate to a Muslim charity? Have you EVER heard of a Muslim “Bake Sale”? If you ever do: First track down your local Imam and raise hell about it so that he can find out who is doing it and stop them – And then you can call me a liar.

          • I have never once had a Catholic, a Jew, a Protestant, or a Buddhist do that either…your point is meaningless.

            Indeed I cannot call you a liar, but I can call you stupid and a disingenuous zealot.

          • Then you are Blessed: To have been ignored by Mormon “Elders”, Jehovah’s Witnesses, or some local “Pentecostal” “outreach”. The only thing that I am “zealous” about – is my Constitutionally guaranteed right to Freedom Of Religion, Speech. and Assembly . (In a Church, Synagogue, Cathedral, or Mosque.) Anybody that isn’t happy about that: Take it up with your elected representatives – and re-write the US Constitution. (And when that happens – a bunch more of the Constitutional “rights” that you now enjoy – will be history.)

          • I did not so much as hint that I have never been approached by Jehovah’s Witnesses. You simply made that up to bolster your agenda.

            As I noted…you’re stupid, and a disingenuous zealot.

          • I didn’t “make any thing” up. I only mentioned the typical canvassers that I have experienced during my lifetime (as little as one year ago). (If you have travelled much – you may have been bothered by “Hare Krishnas” and “Moonies” in airports and train stations). You seem to admit that you have been contacted by Jehova’s Witnesses – so you know what I’m talking about. I did not sugget that one had to be contactd by all of them. My point was that Muslims don’t do these recruitment activities and do not proselytize in any way. (If you have ever been approached by Muslims I would like to know about it.). Why you call me a stupid zealot? The charge was made that we convert – and I refuted it.

          • I don’t object to you or your religion. I have had Morman elders come to my door as as well as Jehovah witnesses. I politely tell them I am not interested and close the door. They don’t shot me or try and behead me. Since this is a free country they are allowed to practice their faith, even if that means trying to spread their word. You are free to tell them you are not interested. I don’t see the big deal. Just because Muslims don’t try and spread their word, it doesn’t preclude other religions from spreading theirs.

            I found God on my own. I don’t need a church or a building of any kind to talk with God. I don’t believe in any organized religion. It is open to another mans interpretation of Gods word. My relationship with God is my own. The interpretation of what he expects of me is my own. Not some idea given to me by someone who says he has ‘Gods ear,’

          • Not needing the formality of a “church” – is also very “Islamic”. The notion of a Mosque and congregational prayer is just “fellowship”. It is also nicer to share a meal – than to ear alone, somehow -altho both are equally sustaining. Every soul stands alone before the Merciful and Compassionate God. No other Mortal, Saint, or Prophet can either interceed nor come between us. (Likewise can not have spiritual or moral power over us.).

          • Well, maybe you are. That’s entirely up to you.

          • Have you ever been told to read the Old Testament as “history”? Could you read the Quran also with that in mind? Just as an intellectual experience – try to set aside your emotions (which are – after all – today’s socio-political ones) – and read the Quran immersed in the circumstances it was Revealed to Enlighten. A fairly inconsequential Pagan tribe – among many others, economically opressed by an even smaller minority of Jewish “Money-Changers” in a vast geographical area where”Christanity had not yet extended its tentacles. The scenario was overwhelmongly hostile to a “Better”( and more tailored to the current realities) introductory notion of “The God Of Abraham And The Prophets”. Every current criticism of Islam (most of them grossly mis- interpteted and exaggerated) have no relevance to the vast majority of mainstream Muslims today (except for a very few extremists – who interpret it EXACTLY the same way that “Islamophobes” do. Read the entire thing in that mindset – and all that remains is “The Ten Commandments” (Which are the basis of Civil Law among the overwhelming majority of the Earth’s population.) Supposedly “Mosaic” – Muslims have no problem with them. (Being the roots of “Sharia Law” – as well.) Had Jesus not been a “Jew” (altho there is some small doubt about that) the Jews might not have been able to influence the narrative to the extent that they did (and still do.). Just notice how many more “Christian” sermons are based in the Old Testament – instead of the New Testament. (Hmmm?) Had Abrahamic Humanity been allowed to understand Jesus’ Ministry – There would have been no reason for Islam to have been Revealed. (Nor would the serious conflict between Catholocism and Protestantism have arisen. (Muslims have no “dog in that fight” – even tho it has been incredibly bloody -.and at the moment is merely a convenient “Truce”.

          • ISIS Wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Killery clinton & Odumber ( Thats good reason to be paranoid ) The leftist deserve to reap the benefits of Sharia law,

          • The “benefits” of Sharia Law would only apply to Muslims. And the overwhelming majotity of us see no need for it in the USA. Indeed – US Constitutional law seems to work just fine for most Muslims who come here.

          • So, Bagdadi started ISIS because people are wary of Muslins. And forming ISIS should make us less wary of Muslims? So if we let Islam bully us in this way, will ISIS just go away?

          • No! Because ISIS “bullies” peace-loving Muslims – more than it does anybody else. (Anyone that doesn’t subscribe to their extremist, un-Islamic philosophy.) You just arbitrarily/whimsically destroy a functional system of government? And something far worse generally arises from it. Please try to convince me that the world is better off – now that Siad Barre (Somalia), The Taliban (Afghanistan), Saddam Husein (Iraq), Moammer Kadaffi (Libya), and the attempted overthrow of the Syrian government. How has any of that BS made the life of the average US citizen any better? – Or our future any brighter.

          • Elizabeth Raynor Short

            Islamophobia is a psy-op invented in ordr to silence the truth, A phobia is an irrational fear. It is rational to realize that Muslims use immigration as a weapon od conquest (hijra). It is rational to recognize that, stand against it and stop it. Throwing around “ilsamophobia” isn’t going to work, cupcake. It’s over. Get with the program or go home.

          • I AM “home”. (Part of my family has been here for centuries, and the other part had been here for much longer, “cupcake”.) The only possible thing about me that you might object to – is that I have a diffrnt spiritual philsophy, “cupcake”. Your “program” is just another “phobia” that “Americans” seem to cherish. I will never “get with it” – because it is bigoted and irrational – and nobody has the legal or moral right to force me to, “cupcake”. You have about as much chance to stop the Muslim “hijra” – as my Seminole Indian ancestors did the European “hijra” to this continent. You have no control over it – other than to “get with the program” – yourself. That is how history happens, “cupcake”. You? Me? No more influential than piss-ants. (Who seem to LOVE cupcakes.)

          • I’m a Natural Born Floridian! Are You??

          • No – I’m a Natural Born Oklahoman. (But my paternal grandfather was a Seminole Indian, whose mother seems to have been captured in Florida.) US Army records on Native Americans removed from their homelands and taken to “Indian Territory” were not very detailed (Indians were considered essentially “animals” at the time – you see. but some information does exist and is now accessible digitally.). They were unable to capture all Seminoles ( something about platoons of Yankee soldiers chasing redskins into the swamps – and never seen again) – so likely I still have some blood relatives still there. Why does this discussion always involve a “pissing contest” of some kind? All US Citizens have the same Constitutional Rights – regardless where we happened to be born. (If not – then the Constitution would be worthless. — ‘Course by the time the ultra-Liberals repeal the parts of it THEY don’t like – and the ultra-Conservatives repeal the parts that THEY don’t like: We can pretty much kiss it goodbye.

          • Exactly, we’ll said. They have a commom goal: overthrow US, then Muslims will eliminate them. History always repeats itself.

          • You are only partially right about homosexuals. It is fine and dandy for a
            Mohammedan to rape a man as long as the rapee is NOT a Mohammedan and there is no love between the two.

          • I didn’t know that. I thought muslims preferred to rape goats!

          • Please! Lady! You know in your heart that can’t be true. (In fact: Muslim countries get a lot of flak from Christians for the “brutal” way they often execute “perverts”.). What purpose does saying it serve? Do you find some moral advantage in making such an insult? Do you really feel better about yourself by saying that? I can imagine even more insulting things I could say about Christians, but I wouldn’t – simply because no good could come of it, and this emerging conflict is NO JOKE.

          • Well, fancy YOU posting this way! Just look back at all you have revealed about yourself, and look at your language.
            Foolish man! YOU are an open book to us.
            So, PLEASE continue to expose your backside, for you will help the Conservative Democrats to see just Whom the Liberals really are!

          • I been away for eye surgery and just now found this. Yes! I am an “open book” – with nothing to conceal or apologize for. What have I “revealed about myself” – that threatens your “Life. Liberty, And Pursuit Of Happiness” one iota? My “language”? Am I not to be forgiven for responding to the really disgusting language commonly used on here against me? (Not even just a leeeeeetle bit.?). Glad I caught your attention and maybe gave you something worth thinking about. ( People that are REALLY certain of their opinions – never respond at all.) Tell me — What good do you expect to come of this overly-emotional political and social insanity that is drowning us ALL these days? We hear so much about why America was settled by Europeans for 200 years. Seekinf “Freedom” is BS. They had no idea what Freedom was! What they WERE escaping – was Religious Persecution and institutionalized monarchist Slavery. Irish Protestants, French Hugenots, etc. Google “Scotch Irish”- for instance. (Want to see some perverted excitement? Dump a shovel-full of ants from one colony onto another. Perfect example of an age-old Imperialist strategy (and the genuine reason for the artificial creation of “Israel” in the Arab world by “Christian” Europe and “Christian” America. And YES! – It still works now – just as good as it did 300 years ago! Our Founding Fathers understood this first- hand – and did the best they could to prevent religious-persecution in the USA. Even with the Nazi Germany example still vaguely in memory – we arecall hyped-up to try it again. It may actually “work” this time! There is no “New World” to escape to any more – and there is no other White Knight” to protect anybody. But before you rejoice – ask yoursekf if you REALLY want to live in a “Theocracy” ruled by Christian Zealots like Franklin Graham and Pat Robertson? (Both of whom may be sexual perverts beyond your worst nightmares in their private lives). Are you SURE that you really Want to give “Mullah’s”, like them, absolute authority over every moment of your life? Study the “Spanish Inquisition” for a preview. (Except that the next one will be “Evangelical Protestant”). (While you are at it – research the “Jonestown Massacre” to see where GENUINE “religious extremism” can lead.

          • As the Bard said, “Much ado about nothing!”
            I used no abusive language toward you, and have no need to “forgive” you. I just didn’t use “politically correct speech.” In fact, I encouraged you to keep posting for you have the same right as I to share opinions.
            As to living under a “Theocracy,” I would hate that. But it would be preferable to living under “Socialism.”
            Try viewing “Agenda 21 Explained,” by John Anthony on YouTube. See if you would like that kind of living (However, I do believe that there are many reasons that that world conditions must change in order to maintain sustainable development).
            I do hope you eye operation was successful!

          • Thanks, Mary! It is so difficult to advance a view on here without seeming to be offensive. I am rarely offended by anything said – because I understand most people’s motivations.
            No – my comment about offensive language was directed to some of the others that may follow these exchanges. You were not one of them – and I Assumed that you are certain that you are not.
            I’m inclined to agree with you about “Theocracy” preferable to “Socialism” except that in many regards we are actually living under BOTH. (It has just not quote come to the point that I have to pretend to be “Christian” in order to survive in our Socialist reality. (And- YES – my religious conviction is so weak – that is quite possible. – Strong “survival instinct”) A living phony has more potential than a dead “martyr” – and who knows what tomorrow may be? If I have to eat ham and bacon and recite the “Trinity” I can easily do that.
            A flurry of cruise missiles and a saturation bombing attack can alter my behavior – but it can NEVER change my convictions. People (especially Christians) can’t grasp how miniscule their lives and prejudices actually MEAN – in terms of history and evolution.
            One of my longest and dearest friends (and something of an “anchor” all my life) has become Atheist because of his career as a nurse/orderly in an extended career that had struggled with caring for dying Christians and being with them during the torments in their final semi-lucid deaths – (and the psychological abuses that their Priests and Preachers subjected them to). He says that: “If that is what religion is all about” – then he can have no moral part in it.
            I’m hale, heary, and horny 80. Don’t dare predict what my end will be. So far – nonhope that it will be a massive “coronary” – while at one of the many activities that I love. But who knows? I can only Pray thar my final moments will not helplessly subject me to those vultures that have select parking slots reserved for them as “Clergy”.

          • Outside of military and law-enforcement – “rape” among same -gereration men does not exist. Do you honestly think that a Christian ass is any tighter or better than any other? You really don’t know much about sex – do you?

          • ” Kicking a child’s ass” is now accepted to be “child abuse”. Parents have had to give up – and hope their kids come home from their last demonstration (or “high”) safely.

          • They’re not Commies, they’re Nazis

          • Both wrong, but at least deformed babies are not killed at birth as done by islam.

          • All in due time

          • Now that really IS a bare-faced lie! Just because most (not all) Muslim children are normal, robust, and healthy – does NOT mean that lesser ones are deprived of life at birth. That is consistent with Israeli propaganda. (Are you Jewish – perchance?)

          • You are right about the TV and cell phones – but you completely ignore the Christenings and Sunday Schools for children born into “Christian” families. I think that if you actually did know the moral guidance in what Muslim children are actually taught – you would be happy to know how remarkably like whatever you approve of. (Mainly the importance of honesty, respect for other’s feelings, and how to fit into a world of people who have different beliefs.) Your imaginary concept is so tragic.

          • Taqiyya???

          • To a Mohammedan a woman is only fit to spit babies out of her virgina while little boys are only good for having fun with. Ask anyone who has been stationed in Afghanistan.

          • The word is vagina. My God…

          • Lol! All this talk about “assimilation”? The American Muslim community is almost as negatively- affected by TV and cell phones – as anybody else is. People come here for “the American Dream” and it takes a couple of decades for them to recognize that ( without “Sharia Law”) their daughters are sexually active by the time they are HS Freshmen – and their sons have altrady knocked- up some little “Christian” slut by the time they graduate HS. Not a DAMN thing that you -or they – can do to change it. Just because Some Muslim girls wear the Hijab (to please their fathers – and Muslim women wear the Hijab ( to please their husbands and consciences). Don’t YOU sometimes wish that you sometimes had more to say about what YOUR kids and spouses wear ? Don’ kid yourselves that they aren’t “assimilated” – in the ways that are really important. It takes several generations for people’s dietary preferences to change.,,(And in the meantime – non-Muslims learn to enjoy “Muslim” foods). Evervhad a “Giro”? “Tabooleh”?, “Hummus”? Good – arent’t they? Thank the Italians for Pizza, the Germans for sausage and sauerktaut, the Brits for anything boiled, the Hindus & Pakistanis for curry. and the Spanish for anything delicious that makes your brow sweat. We are a “multi-cultural” nation, like it or not.

        • Like wise today there is no such thing as a moderate Democrat.

          • You got THAT right..They may as well come out and tell the country what they really are… they are COMMUNISTS. Why LIE?

          • That is the right word! Only 50 years ago all these so-called Liberal Socialist would have been in the jail as Communists!

      • Or by your last President, Barack Hussein Obama, a Muslim name by the way. The sad part is, the voters not only were deceived once, but twice. The old saying goes, fool me once your fault, fool me twice, my fault. So now we as true Americans have to keep alert and not be FOOLED by the Liberal left again in 2018. That is when many left wing demon rats and so called conservative liberals in Congress and the senate will be trying to deceive U.S. again.

        • Most of us were not fooled twice! Obama was a plant put in by fraud and deceit . The second time was by rigged election. By putting Trump in office shows that most Americans know whats up. We just have to stop the Democrats. Remember to vote them out in2018 if you are indeed a true American and love you’re country.

          • Uh, Richard, MOST Americans did NOT vote for Trump. He trailed Clinton by about THREE MILLION in the popular vote. But don’t let that FACT bother you, because you, like certain other wingnuts, can appeal to “alternative facts.”.

          • Hillary ONLY got the Popular Vote b/c of CA. other wise she lost big time. Check it out.

          • Well, it appears that the fool killer still has work to do, since you seem to be around..
            Does anything FACTUAL ever enter your consciousness? The central and true point I made was that Clinton got about 3 million more votes than Trump. Therefore, contrary to what RICHARD said (“By putting Trump in office shows that most Americans know whats up”), most American did NOT “know whats [sic] up.” It matters not where Clinton’s votes came from; the numbers are the numbers and her numbers were greater than his. My fatherly advice to you: Stop showing your illogical desperation for all to see.

          • Except that the presidency is not won by one popular vote but rather 50 state votes.

          • Do you understand the meaning of “most Americans”? Let me make it as clear as I can for you. Here is what Richard said
            “By putting Trump in office shows that most Americans know whats up.”

            “[M]ost Americans” does not equate to an electoral college win. Yes, the winner of the Presidential election is the one who obtains the most electoral votes. But “most Americans” (Richard’s term) means just that. More American who voted in the election voted for Clinton, not for Trump. Those Clinton voters knew what was up and their fears are now confirmed by the irrational actions of Trump in his first few days in the White House.

          • Hey, headonbackwards, they WERE NOT all Americans that voted for her. That’s the damn point!

          • There is not a shred of proof for your “damn point” and the voter fraud investigation launched by the Prideful Presidential Paranoid will not be able to find any such proof, just as with his ludicrous and fruitless investigation of the former President’s birth status.. He had to back off that silliness and he will look foolish when his voter fraud is completed, if indeed he allows it to go to completion. If, as it proceeds, it becomes obvious that it will not support his ASSertions, then he and his henchcreeps will find a way to discontinue it to avoid embarrassment.

          • Do you want to see the election process to be fair for ALL parties? Voter fraud is real. Not sure how far reaching it is but regardless it needs to stop

          • Whoa! the only challenges to election reaults that I was informed about – were instigated by liz Warren and the Hillary people (and that the results bit them in the ass). I watched the debates with great interest . Trump reserved the right to challenge the vote. Hillary (hyped up to “win” by the MSM) said that she would accept the election result. Of course that was just another Hillary lie – because she DID NOT accept the results.
            I lost some wonderful friends because I was an avid Trump supporter. Some of them are trying to salvage our relationship – but generic BS like that makes it very difficult for them. (There’s just no room in my life for hysterical, obsessive. and incoherent people.)

          • Oh! Wow ! How transparently ” Liberal” ! No matter that votes were fraudulent -so long as they were in favor of YOUR candidate. (I can’t believe that one of you actually SAID that – even tho all of us know that it is true.) You people really DO deserve to live in a dictatorship run by somebody like Pol Pot or Papa Doc Duvalier. Incredible!

          • Right, Trump had the popular vote until CA vote totals came in. And CA gives drivers licenses to illegals and Obana told illegals to vote. How many did?


          • Wrong snowflake, hard to say how many illegals voted in California alone.

          • Don’t forget the rinos, they need to be voted out too!

          • Deplorable Marine Barry

            We need term limits to match POTUS period. No ifs, butts or maybes about it. NO MORE career politicians and we should start electing non attorneys to Congress and Senate. Both state and Federal positions!!

          • I agree, I don’t think there is anything that says they HAVE to be an attorney to run. I worked with attorneys before I retired and even though they were prosecuting attorneys there were some things that made me go hummmm.

          • If we could get rid of all the career attorneys, then we could call for Congress to limit pending bills to 5 pages — with NO RIDERS.

          • I really like that! A lot of our bad legislation could not have been enacted on its own merits – so it gets tacked onto “must pass” (often government funding) legislation. (I assume those are called “riders”?)

          • My view of
            riders is “pork barrel”legislation — i.e., something that will benefit the Senator(s) who added the rider and their cronies.

          • There should also be ways of removing Federal Judges, who think they are God!

        • There is no such thing as a “Muslim name.” There are
          Arab names and West African names and some having those kinds of names are Muslims and some are not. A John Jones or a Pedro Gonzalez can be a Muslim or a Christian. It ain’t in the name, Mike, it is is the belief system.

          • Patti Purintun Wozniak

            Aw, go crawl under your prayer rug and cry to ally snackbar!!! Every bombing in the USA, among other acts of hate crimes were done by filthy muzzys! Get a grip or you can just take your Anti-American ass to muzzy land and join the rest of the goat phukers! You won’t be missed!!!

          • Sure. I remember that Muslim who shot all those kids and teachers in Connecticut, don’t you? And of course the Oklahoma City bombing of the Federal Building was pulled off by a Muslim, that McVeigh Muslim guy. That’s just a couple, there are more, but you have your depraved, deceived, ignorant little mind made up on this issue, so no matter how many non-Muslim-related acts of terror I might list, you would find a way to lie to yourself and say you were right about all this, you hopeless robot.

          • Thanks! Man! That needed to be said.

          • What an idiot you are!

          • Right On! Never make an assumption based on a name. Many black American’s names only reflect an ancestor’s “owner’s” name at Emancipation. But everybody has to have something on his ID – and one is as good as any other.

          • Correct! Absolutely NOTHING to do with ANYBODY’S name – or how they are dressed. The only thing with meaning is how a person lives within the laws of whatever country they are in. “WHAT IF” an Islamic country forbade anybody from wearing a neckless with a cross on it – or a cross tattoo? ( Would be HELL to pay! – Right?) But it was OK for France to outlaw the Hijab? Show Me – a SINGLE cartoon in an Arabic newspaper (and OMG Arab cartoonists are good!) that insults Christ – or Christians! Some things are “Sacred” – but it is only “Christians” that can’t respect that. How would YOU have responded to a “cartoon” in an Arabic publication of something outrageously insulting to Jesus (and- oh yes! His relationship with His male “Disciples” and His interest in “Fallen Women” must be VERY tempting. (Except that no Muslim could DO something like that.)
            For what it is worth – you can “take it to the bank”: That NO government of ANY Muslim nation – would fund an organization that allowed a figurine of “Christ-On-The-Cross” in a jar of urine! (Something worthy of thinking about – when you call Muslims “Saran-Worshippers”. And don’t you DARE call that “takkiya”! You OWN that one!

        • He has another middle name! He is Actually Named Barrack Hussein Mohamed Obama!

    • Relax! Don’t you understand that “the majority rules” in our democratic Re public”? Don’t you think that it is a mite
      hysterical: To lose any sleep because of the fear that probably the smallest minority (Muslims) is somehow going to “take over” the USA? Every Fellow Muslim I have discussed this with – voted for Trump. WHY ? Simply because WE ARE AMERICANS. We do well here – because we know how to “budget” and live within our means. (Something that is possible only in the USA – even tho few “Ethnic” Americans are able to do likewise.) But in a sound economy – EVERYBODY can do better.
      Know WHAT? I’m an old man, and I vividly remember the racist BS in the 1960’s when the nation had to decide whether Black Americans were entitled to Civil and Human rights. The same BS is emerging again. Just substitute “Muslim” – for “Black”.
      Our beautiful Mosque burned Saturday nite. (I learned about it here on fb). It had been a feature of the Victoria,TX community: That probably 90 % of the entire community took PRIDE in. Arson can NOT be taken for granted – and nobodybis doing so. Federal Agencies are leading the forensic investigation – but their findings may not be revealed – if they may promote “Copycat” attacks on other Muslim places of Worship. Wonderful part of it is: That funds to rebuild it are pouring in – largely from the Christian community. (Put THAT in your pipe – and smoke it.)


        • Right! Like that attitude is going to solve the problem.


          • What we need is a protest in front of Obos new home telling him to get out of the USA along with all of his muslin friends before they are removed.


          • You do realize that Mr Obama is a member of the United Church of Christ. No Muslim would ever claim membership in a Christian church.

          • Just a smoke screen

          • Remember, They Lie!!

          • Do a little research on this church, then report back your findings.

          • The judicious use of punctuation would be useful here. What are you talking about?


          • What WILL solve the problem is that the rest of the so-called “peaceful Muslims” start to police their own and prove to the rest of the world that all Muslims are not radical. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT other than talk about it.

          • That’s easier said – than done. Surely you are aware that we have a problem with crime of several kinds right here. Of all the efforts to get it under control – cheap shots are the least effective. If “peaceful Muslims” ever give up and stop “doing something” – then you will have a legitimate complaint.

          • Who are the real Judas here?


          • I have no comment about this. It is happening in another country and is of no concern to me.

          • My post was not intended to be a cheap shot if that is what you are implying. My post is truthful and factual and has a good possibility of success. Stop putting a bandage on the wound. I would do everything in my power to help solve the situation rather than saying that it will cure itself and just scab over if we let it alone.

          • Jim, you have more people agreeing with you because you deal in Truths. Liberals deal in lies and snowball their lies with more lies. Everyone is acutely aware of that after the election. Do NOT trust a Liberal and do NOT trust a Muslim. Both are devious and dangerous for entirely different reasons.

            You, Jim, are a truthful man, a Moral man, like the majority of Americans who are done with liberalism which includes bending over for Islam. Islam can go find another place to live, because Americans do not want it here! Those that worship the Quoran – go in Peace and live somewhere else. If you cannot assimilate into our American Christian culture, then find another place to live. We will NOT bend to your Islamic ways…if you want to stay in America, you MUST bend to our Christian ways. Which we Americans know is impossible, so you Muslims must leave and take Allah and worship someplace that believes as you do. It is the only answer…and President Trump is realizing this.

          • I reacted to the presumption that Muslims around the world aren’t struggling against the extremists. Iraqi’s, Iranians, the Turks, etc all have troops fighting ISIS, for instance, and nobody seems to give any credit for it. (Considerable dismay when it got out that Hillary had supplied arms to ISIS in Syria and apparantly to one of the revolutionary factions in Libya – as well.)

          • Her worthless ass should be in JAIL….she has broken the law…..but it’s apparent there is two law standards, one for the crime family Clinton and the rest of us….The Director of the FBI is a coward and a spineless pcs of shit.

          • At Last! Something I can agree with!

          • That is exactly WHY the Muslims in America are in jeopardy…they choose to say or do nothing when one of their kind does an unthinkable act. It is that kind of non-action that is showing Americans that they truly cannot trust nor count on any Muslim to condemn their brothers for the deaths of Americans.

            Tread lightly here. This is NOT a good time for Muslims living in the U.S. because they have done nothing to curb their radical brother’s actions. Say nothing and you look guilty, do nothing and you look guilty. This has been the non-action of the Muslims in America and we no longer want nor trust any muslim living here. Time to find a new home outside of America. All muslims created this conclusion by refusing to condemn their very own people who were guilty of killing innocent Americans and/or Europeans. It is what it is…look elsewhere for a home. You’ve worn out your Welcome here.

          • “Tread lightly”? Like someone is going to suspend or deny me MY Constitutional right to freedom of religion? This IS my home -and has been for a couple of centuries. You people have a LOT of legislative work ahead of you – before you can tell ME – that I’m no longer welcome here.

          • So “Why do you think Americans don’t want muslims in our Nation?” Why is that?

            Did you assimilate into our Christian Culture or are you a practicing Muslim that worships at his mosque? Have you ever spoken up about your Muslim men/women who have gone to SAUDI Arabia and returned a year later to blow up or kill Americans — many were friends and co-workers of the muslims. Did you make it clear you were not in agreement with their actions and contact the upper echelon Muslims for a solution to this reoccuring problem? Bet most of your answers are “No”. “THAT” is why Americans don’t want Muslims here because we don’t trust them, can’t trust them because they manipulate situations to their.benefit. Don’t answer that. I worked with several Muslim men and found them to be sneaky, secretive and unreliable – especially if their boss was an American female. So I am familiar with several already. The only one who ended up becoming a Christian is still my friend and always will be. The others, not so much.

            And this is NOT just an issue from the past decade. Several decades ago a young Muslim man kidnapped my friend, kept her hostage and raped and beat her for several days. You know why he did that? Because he “thought” she liked him — all she did was tell him where some food was in the store – nothing more. She was a pretty girl and very friendly – not any more.
            The only reason she escaped him was they came to a party we had and he had a death grip on her and wouldn’t let her leave her side. When I went up to talk to her I saw she had a lot of makeup on her face and wore long sleeves – she never wore makeup nor long sleeves. I managed to pry his hands off her and we esvaped to the kitchen where he couldn’t see. She explained everything and we had a male friend take her immediately to her parents home where they cslked the police and had a P.O. put out on him. There was a warrant for his arrest, but he had fled the vountry never to be seen again. As for our sweet friend, her parents hired movers to move her out of her place to a home many cities away. She has lost her happy outlook on life. That rapist is lucky he disappeared because our friend’s Father had nasty plans for him where no one would ever find him again. No one beats/rapes his little girl, no one!

            So I have learned not to trust any Muslim first hand. You may be entirely different from those Muslim men, but there doesn’t seem to be much difference when it comes to women – they are not equals ever. I don’t know what the answer is, but those radical Muslims that keep on trying to kill Americans (including you) stateside, need to be identified and dealt with. The only way that is going to happen is if Muslims like you stand up and demand those people be dealt with first by your own culture in the U.S.. But that isn”t happening so the alternative is to ship you all back to your root homeland. You give us no choice… Do you have a solution? I’d like to hear it.

          • I have no “solution” other than in our criminal justice system. I place no blame on a religious community when someone who identifies with it commits a crime. You have no right to question me about how and where I worship. (Or if I worship at all.) You have no right to place all your anger and frustration on my shoulders. I am a peaceful, law-abiding citizen, and I have lived a long and healthy life without doing harm to anyone. My “root homeland” is Oklahoma. (And I have done nothing to deserve being sent back there.). Exactly like yourself – I can “stand up and demand” ’till I’m blue in the face – but the only influence I have is on election day. I will NOT apologize for anything that I have not been party to. (And you are quite correct: I may easily be a victim of terrorist violence, myself. – which is why I do not enter “gun-free” stores and restaurants.) I don’t give a Tinker’s Damn who you trust or mistrust – but you have nothing to fear about me.

          • Thank you for your candid reply. I, too, refuse to go in a gun free area…the most dangerous place for anyone these days. You and I are more alike than we know. I’m sorry to cast my frustrations on you. It is a huge issue for everyone and I pray all of us find a peaceful solution soon.
            Go in Peace, be aware of your surroundings at all times, and trust your “gut” feelings. Too many crazy chaotic people walking around ready to erupt…be safe.

          • Thanks! Flame. My only burden is that I DO know how much most of us are alike. I’ve lived and worked around the world a lot, so “being aware of my surroundings” is just second nature – but without being paranoid about it. People vent their frustration on here anonymously – in ways they would never think about in routine daily life.
            I’m just naturally surrounded by like-minded people (rarely fellow Muslims), I’m a cheerful and polite person, keep a (licensed) 9mm pistol in my pocket (even where I’m sometimes not supposed to) and I’m as “safe” as anybody can be – in this crazy world.

          • And you are “level headed”, a trait many are not.

            Funny but most of my fellow gun enthusiasts are very level headed and polite unlike how many describe gun owners as crazy and irresponsible. Legitimate gun owners are the most responsible of anyone I know.

            So much this world needs to know…and not judge (my bad in this case), but learn from one another. Maybe one day.

            Glad to hear you are aware everywhere you go, and prepared if need be. That is necessary to survive in today’s world.
            Peace Brother…

          • That’s the problem; they are policing themselves that’s why they want Sharia, their not assimilating and never plan to!

          • Read my post again, the part where it says “Do something about it other than talk about it”. It is called intervention and I did not mean Sharia

          • This is what peaceful Muslim talk gets U


            Your death or conversion is the only logical Muslim outcome!

          • Why didn’t the police spray the whole group with whatever to stop them and then remove them to jail. This is what my spouse fears is happening in Germany and his siblings still there. These radicals need to be removed in any way they can be removed from German soil. Many Germans are considering civil war and I sure hope they get it! All we get from muslims are lies, robberies, murders, and not wanting to be part of America but take it over. Get rid of them any way you and we can. It is obvious they are not any nationality whether German or American and look what they have done in England! They must go!

          • Just read OUR HISTORY, the Brits were peaceful, friendly etc, then they figured that the “Colonies” were getting prosperous so a TAX, take money from the Colonist to “help” the “Mother Land” well this didn’t go over so good and people like Samuel and John Adams, Paul Revere, Joseph Warren, Ben Franklin (although late) many Monroe’s all formed “Son’s of Liberty” and FOUGHT FOR their rights, so be careful, History has a way of repeating it self.

          • Yet we let the Jews tax us to high heaven,

            I don’t get it???

          • Where did the Jews come into this conversation..unless you are a Jew hater too, I will take the Jews any day any time before the Muslims….I support the Jews 1 Trillion %

          • Keep in mind, the so-called “peaceful Muslims” only appear that way! They are just waiting until the Muslim population has increased enough that they CAN take over and insist that their ways are the only ways! They appear to the general public that they have assimilated and are “peaceful”, but that is only a ploy to make you think that Muslims in general are “peaceful”..

          • That means no women with scarves, head coverings, masks, burqas, etc., no grouping together to get sharia, no imam that preaches war on us, no forming more than the already 35 terrorists camps near our military bases, no taking over a town for your purposes, not denigrating women and other faith beliefs because yours is a cult and not a religion. In other words, you accept our Constitutional laws and Bill of Rights, look and act like Americans by melding into our country, etc. If you don’t, then you must go. No sharia here, learn to love America as Trump says, be faithful to our flag and us, or you will be removed!

          • What will solve the problem is all Muslims denouncing Sharia law and eliminating it from Islam. That will prove Islam is a religion and not a political movement masquerading as a religion. What will solve the problem is assimilating into the American (or other host country’s) culture and swearing allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the United States.

          • Most of them effectively “denounced” Sharia just by coming here, and all that I know personally do respect the US Constitution and happily do follow our laws. My wife gave her Oath to the US Constitution at her Naturalization ceremony 40 years ago – and she MEANT it. But there wasn’t a single word about religion – nor that she had to dress any certain way or prefer certain foods. (Italians still love their pasta, Greeks still love their ethnic foods, and Orientals couldn’t live without rice – so what does “assimilating” really mean to you?)

          • Where the hell were u raised??


            u can’t compare onions to oranges, you’re not that good of conman.

            What does your wife think of Italy now?


          • It’s OK, I believe the Muslims have little shopie carts on the corner that serve krustybob?

          • I was raised in a Baptist family in rural Oklahoma – but I somehow questioned all the BS. And still do.
            I have no idea what my wife thinks about Italy. We were there for a couple of months work-related and enjoyed it. Other than that:.It is just another foreign country. I got enough to worry about right here in my own country. I wish that my government would tackle our own problems – instead of trying to rule the entire face of the globe. (That isn’t working out very well – for ANYBODY.)

          • I don’t care what you eat or what you wear. That has nothing to do with assimilating. Assimilating means renouncing any laws but those of the Constitution. It means speaking English. It means supporting our Constitutional Republic. It means becoming an American with American values, not just living here and trying to change America into the former country you left because you didn’t like it. Immigrants left their home country for a reason. Why do immigrants come here and want to change America into the craphole they left? It’s kind of like liberals leaving CA and coming to Texas. They left CA because they have ruined it then try to change Texas and the other states they invade into the same ruined state. Assimilate or stay home.

          • The original comment mentioned constitution and assimilation separately. Your assumption that Muslims do not assimilate isn’t supported by any evidence. You are correct about how refugees from Califonia tend to Californicate everywhere they go. But I see no indication that immigrants to the USA want to change it to be like their parent countries. All that I have known (and that is a LOT!) love being here and the opportunities that exist here. They are fully aware that is only possible because of our Constitutional society – and they appreciate that accordingly. It would be a Blessing if those few malcontents would just be rounded up and deported. They do not represent the mainstream American Muslim community.

          • J in TX: You said it all! Assimilate or stay home!!!


          • Can’t you write in something other than all capitals … and how about some punctuation. It would give your position much more credibility.


          • What a sad specimen of a human you are, you hate everyone , you speak about ” us Americans” if all Americans think the way you do this country is in a very sad state of affairs. I do not understand what is becoming of our country so much hate, because I do not think like you or believe what you believe I should be shot, hanged etc. what the hell is wrong with you and people like you who speak about taking over your country are you a Native American ? in what year did your ancestors land in this country? every time your economy staggers you look for a scapegoat you blame the Blacks, the Jews, now it is the Muslims how about the “Greedy Corporations with their CEO’s lining their pockets with millions of taxpayers money, or the corrupt politicians sucking up to the Lobbyists, like the NRA, Blessing, Pfizer and all those oil millionaires in Texas who sold us out to China and now China took American dollars and built up her army. You are only showing your ignorance when you rant all this hate. Get some books, get informed feed your mind with
            facts and stop talking shit. ” READING MAKES A READY MAN”.


          • Ben is a mans name, stupid. There is no other use for that simple three-letter word.

            You’re stupid…which is why you have been feeding at the public trough your entire adult life. You would not succeed in a merit-based environment.


          • What are you babbling about?


          • Sharia law pertains to Muslims only; but I guess you didn’t know that. Sharia does not apply to non-Muslims.

        • That will only bring on more kids

      • The average Muslim refugee has 6 kids. Obama appointed Muslims in his staff. Several towns have been taken over by Muslims. They form their own community and Government. They buy businesses and drive Citizens OUT.
        PA one town now Muslim only, big car dismantle yard. Parts sent to Middle East. All owned by Muslims. They are the law in that town.

      • Just shows that there are many stupid Christians who seek the extermination of themselves and their posterity.

      • You don’t get it. They will breed like rabbits and in a few generations they will have the majority.
        That’s their long term plan.

        • Imams from the Middle East are on record saying that they would take over Europe without firinng a shot. And that was before they began their orchestrated migration (oops – refugee exodus).

          • Its the same thing the Pachuchos in Los Angeles said about California in 1956. They would take over without firing a shot through population of their species. A man applied for a parts counter job in Claremont , California. He didnt get the job because he didnt speak spanish.

          • Ah, but I grew up with pachucos and never ever have had the guts to do anything but kill and rob. Lived in Mexico for years but they are not much wanted there either. Just typical Mexicans with knives, guns and robbery/murder on their goal list.

          • Let’s call it what it is: Civilization jihad.

          • The moslem squatter that was just removed from the White House also stated that by the year 2016 we would be a moslem nation. Glad this pos is gone.

          • Dennis B Anderson

            Sheriff Arpaio got run out of Arizona because of the birther senerio?
            I would have though hard working americans would have kept him on as Sheriff? He had a tent city and was feeding these mexican cock – a – roaches for 35 cents a day. I think the election was stacked against him. Its obvious to me that this was and still is a take over thats going on.Everything Obama did was for the prophet Mohammad.
            Not one good thing has come out of this but the unveiling of the muslim take over. They have been at this for 1400 years and the Quaran needs to be burned. All muslims need to go out of country heres why? The meek ones wont turn in the radicals its been going on for centurys thats why they are still among the rightous. I see no reason why a nation of people have to put up with this neanderthal kind of behavior. They ran from their problems only to bring them along with them. They want Jihad against Britian / germany / France the very people who opened there country up to them. They fed them, and when that wasnt enough they showed their true feeling. They started raping / pederasty / pedophilia cutting off heads. Sane people dont do these things there yelling Allah – Akbar before their actions lean toward cult behavior. Do the European nations want to breed with these morons? Youre looking on average an IQ of about 70 with no working skills. To put a stop to this Merkel needs taken out shes drowning in confusion! They are at war with the muslim, and the politicians cant even murmer the words. The mafia in Italy are taking them out. Good for you boys ahhh whats a matta wit chu? Fachi dui babbo natale. translated means = A 2 faced Santa Claus. The muslim infiltration is what I call it, and its time to send them back to where they came from and dump them. burn them in their own oil. Now they can get mad for a reason. We can take lives with mass efficiency. The arrogance, and the ignorance of the breed is going to get them all killed.

          • I am with you 200%. odammit is moslem and did everything he could to turn America into a moslem nation, he even said that by the year 2016 we would be. islam, lower case intended, is not a religion, it is a political, ideological cult that calls for killing the “infidel”, anyone who will not submit to them. Their so called prophet was a pedophile, raping, murdering pos who commanded the murder of all who are against them. It’s not only in Europe and France, it is in Dearborn MI and will spread to every place they infiltrate. They have several wives and breed like roaches. There is no such thing as a moderate moslem, they won’t speak out against the radical moslems which makes them all radical in my opinion. There have been a few who have embraced America and spoken out against islam and have put themselves in harms way because of this, these I can respect because in so doing, they have shown more patriotism than many who are supposed to be American citizens but are in truth traitors to America.

          • Soros poured millions to beat Sheriff Arpaio because it’s one of the key entry points (there’s around seven) for entry into US illegally.

          • Another silly-ass attempt to blame just about anything on George Soros. Soros, I have to believe, has replaced the monster under the bed fantasies embraced by wingnuts when they were little kiddies.

          • I have the right to my opinion and you to yours. So, I respect others but when you resort to name xalling , you and your opinion are insignificant and irrelevant to me. Already forgotten.

          • “Silly ass,” as used in my post, was an adjective applied not to you, but to the noun “opinion.” Basic English there, Lou. But if you want to see some name-calling, then you can find plenty on many blogs and forums inhabited by ultra right-wing barbarians who do all kinds of obscene name calling in lieu of rational discussion. Now, how about proving that Soros funded Arpaio’s opponent in the election that sent that sorry old tyrant to the house.

          • “Silly ass,” as used in my post, was an adjective applied not to you, but to the noun “opinion.” Basic English there, Lou. But if you want to see some name-calling, then you can find plenty on many blogs and forums inhabited by ultra right-wing barbarians who do all kinds of obscene name calling in lieu of rational discussion. Now, how about proving that Soros funded Arpaio’s opponent in the election that sent that sorry old tyrant to the house.

            And here is some NAME-CALLING of your own, posted about 3 months ago on this forum concerning Paul Ryan, John McCain and Harry Reid:

            “I know Reid is DNC but I did it on my phone in rush while I working. I agree Ryan is a treacherous, dirty rat.”

            “Ryan, McCain, Reid and the other rats didn’t just disawow [sic] Trump, but stated their support for Hillary. “

          • The disgusting, deplorable Arpaio is a despotic, cruel and tyrannical monstrosity. His unconstitutional actions cost his county many millions of dollars in damages the county had to pay to persons his sorry prison system abused with unconstitutional treatment. Finally, the voters sent him packing.

          • You are only partially correct. It is entirely within European (and American) leaders’ authority to say NO! to more immigration. Why DON’T they? Trump only did it for 4 months – and it put the Libs in a frenzy. Look ! I’m Muslim. But that don’t mean that I welcome a bunch of parasitic losers here. Dammit! You stay in your own country, pick a side, and FIGHT for it!
            We don’t need you, we don’t want you, and we can’t afford you – and we “owe” you NOTHING.
            Make those young men rioting in Europe stay home and raise hell with their OWN government.

          • But Mustafa, you know Arabs love to fuck both girls and boys in the ass. That’s why they come to the US. You love butt sex too, I presume.

          • Hey! You been following me on here? I’ve missed you for several days. Do you honestly believe that Arabs do anything that everybody else doesn’t? I question the “boys and girls” thing, tho. (That gets people’s heads chopped off in most Arab countries.) Only in western countries it is a few months in prison (virtual sexual “smorgasbords”), or a mandatory “sexual predator” notice outside your front door. (Just a hand slap and a wink if you happen to be a cop).
            Like I told you, Sweet Child, I stick to my own age cohort. (We don’t “yell”, we don’t “swell”, we don’t “tell”, and we’re grateful as Hell!).
            You got out and had any fun? Or are you still just dreaming and talking dirty about it? Tsk! Tsk! Your physiological clock is ticking – and you only get one shot at a satisfied life.

          • Wow! that was really uncalled for.

          • Don’t feed her – (maybe she will go away).

          • Who said it is a she, never know these days.

          • I asked. “It” said “40 year-old female professional, Lesbian”. (But I more suspect a really lonely and frustrated 14 year-old.) Subsequent chats showed a good deal of ignorance about men and male sexuality. Also a degree of visciousness and hysteria that sounds decidedly both juvenile and female. Most likely a troll – seeking cheap, vicarious, thrills by being outrageously vulgar. (That’s also uncharacteristic of the male mentality at any age.)

          • But they do, they are pile drivers and bottom freaks. Who do you think are the lady boys best customers?
            Arabs and Turks.

          • What Leni says is true. Look at Europe children are being raped. Saudi’s dress up little boys in haram outfits then rape them. Rampant pedaepholia.

          • You’re preaching to the choir. I’ve lived in the region for a number of years. I’m not disagreeing with what was said; however, there’s a better way to get your point across. Doing and saying things the wrong way will alienate people to your cause, even if you’re right. Look at the “women’s march.” There are times when being rude, crass, blunt and to the point are called for…this was not one of them. The comment was over the top, that’s all I’m saying.

          • Peace be with you, Mustafa
            I am happy to hear an American Muslim that shares the same concerns. I think the media is trying just as hard as they can to start a war.
            I am American first, before race, creed or color, I am just red,white and blue the same as you.

          • I assume that at least 95% of everybody is just like us. Handful of extremist fanatics on both sides keeping it stirred up. I’m at a loss for any explanation of the media position. Only thing they seem to want is Anarchy.

          • And they are VERY good at it, propagandist bastards.

          • Mustafa, those deep-dyed, irrational Islamaphobes believe WHAT they believe because they WANT to believe it, and for no other reason. It is not possible to carry on a rational discussion with such “true believers.” Rationality is not a part of their thought processes.


          • You are painfully correct. But my consciousness is driven by hope -instead of hate. Nothing to be lost in exposing a different viewpoint. People may reject it – but they can never forget it. Most of us will do the “right” thing – when the chips are really “down”. But only if they are given a choice.

          • There are good and bad in every race/religion. I don’t care for the fanatics in any of them. Terrorism IS a Global problem and has been for centuries. Now is the time to root it out everywhere and destroy it.

          • You are absolutely correct! Both directly and indirectly – the world Muslim community is the greatest victim of “Terrorists” – by far. And we are fighting back as best we can. Obama and Hillary weren’t helping us. We are hopeful of all the indications that Trump will.

          • Well, if you are not the usual muslim, then you shouldn’t call yourself that to anyone because the word is not liked. Appreciate you like living here but you but a few and unfortunately the others make everyone think you are part of their beliefs put forth by the real Qu’Ran where it is very clear that if you don’t read it, you may wind up dead. If you are reading it, then you know the plan is to kill off infidels everywhere. It is a very sick cult and frankly you should find another name for your beliefs and living in America. Mohamed was a cult leader and effective and troubles with muslims here were also fought by our Founding Fathers. Best you work to help overthrow them here and there in any way you can.

          • Any person who says he’s muslim it is clearly stated in Quran to kill all Jews and infidels. Those who are practicing will kill those Muslims who do not adhere.

          • Lady! I am just one man. (And I think that I am also a very “usual Muslim”) I think I understand WHY you are mouthing/writing that hog-wash – and there is pitifully little that I can do to interfere with it – considering your captive audience.
            Your death-threats don’t impress me. I am an old man who has lived beyond his expectancy and I look forward to my demise with confidence and an un-troubled soul. It will be the Blessing that frees me from sharing my life with ignorant, deceitful, jealous, and hate-filled people like yourself. But my final thoughts will be about all the loving souls who have preceeded me -and those I leave behind. God Bless You.

          • I’ve disagreed with you on other comments but I must say I have to agree with you here. Totally.

          • ..and they will do that by raping the European women, or “marrying” them and having 7,8,10, or a dozen kids, all to be raised as Muslims, and within only a generation or two, the Muslims will outnumber any other religious group! At the same time, they will “need help in providing” for all those children, {not enough money} so you will be asked to help provide “assistance” for the poor!!.. By taking advantage of your {American’s} generosity they will have you supporting their take over of America!!

          • Wow! Is it really just that easy? What a romantic notion! It’s been 1500 years – and still doesn’t seem to be working out quite that well.

          • Actually 1400 years and intermarriage meaning most muslims are mentally disturbed. The more you argue, Mustafa, the more nasty remarks you will get. I agree that islam has not worked well before but in today’s electronic and modern society they are advancing. What I don’t get is why the two sects can’t come to an agreement and live in peace. They are killing their own cult members by the thousands for a very stupid reason.

          • I don’t see where you get that “intermarriage” nonsense. (I think you’re confusing us with Jews?) Including Africans, Europeans, Asians, we have an extremely diverse gene pool.
            “Nasty Remarks”? All I get are just ignorant ones – so far. Of course I get them – but its not like some terrible incurable disease – to be avoided at all costs.
            We will never “live in peace” – so long as Christianity continues to be driven by its “missionary” and “evangelistic”, arrogance – and stops trying to destroy us.
            There has hardly a day gone by during the past 40 years that the US wasn’t killing people in at least one Muslim country – and more often as many as three. Hell! The only way to get away from it – is to come HERE! Of COURSE they are going to fight back – any way they can. You see –,they happen to believe that their religion and culture is worth fighting for.
            You want to “live in peace”? Stop your military aggression in places where you’re un-needed and un-wanted – and we can get along just fine.

          • Tel us, Rosech, if intermarriage produces those kinds of results, why has it not happened within Jewish populations? Jews trace their heritage back well over 1400 years. Your name suggests that you are Jewish. Are YOU “mentally disturbed”?

          • If by “cult members” you are thinking about Sunnis and Shiites (and not Irish Catholics and Protestants) – interesting that you mention that. Prior to “Desert Storm” two denominations had learned to live quite well together. They intermarried freely in Iran and Iraq, and lived in mixed communities. The “divide and conquer” strategy of the invader/occupier ended that. In fact: The USA instigated an Iraq/Iran war – in which we were supporting both sides. Exposed in the “Iran-Contra” Scandal.

        • Immigrant jihad in the war of the womb. My new book title that will never be written.

        • Mustafa is lying. Christians are not financially supporting the rebuilding of the mosque.

        • More like cockroaches.

        • WAR before That happens

        • Anybody with a turban on his head can say ANYTHING – and if it fits with your prejudice you gladly believe him. Those guys are scamming you – and you are lapping it up. They are WINNING – and there is nothing that mainstream Muslims can do to stop them.

        • skipsart. Yes indeed. I’ve seen documentaries one has 4 wives and 20 kids on welfare to. I saw a vid the Imam said “We will breed with them, and when our numbers are great we will conquer them and take over,”

        • So? This is also a valid argument about Hispanics. According to some census figures I read somewhere lately, the percentage of Hispanics in the USA is increasing rapidly. There are small towns here in Texas that have been majority Hispanic for years, (maybe always) and some larger cities are now majority also. There are complaints here on facbook that some places in the US have been “taken over” by Muslims. I don’t understand the concern. It just seems natural that city councils, etc. would reflect the ethnic majority of residents. All my life there have been rural townships that have been “black”. What is the problem?

      • They are doing a pretty damn good job in Europe, Sweden has already given up to the invader…On the fire, I wouldn’t doubt it was done for the insurance.

      • Here we go again. I realize that our schools don’t teach American history, or much of anything about our system of government, but we are NOT a Democracy. We are a Representative Republic!

      • well you’re and idiot if you think that muslims and americans can not live together in piece if they follow the koran …that will never happen and they will and are trying to take over this country …they are already changing laws for them they need to send them out of this country if they cause any trouble at all and for good …I think they should send them back across our borders with the illegal Mexicans anyway…and I’m getting up there in age myself and I remember the the 60’s to but black people just wanted their freedom and their rights so don’t compare them with muslims that want to kill and destroy and take over this country …black people have a right here muslim don’t and hopefully won’t be here long …so you and the rest of your muslim hang on it won’t be long


        Don’t you understand that “the majority rules” in our democratic Republic”? Don’t you understand that we are NOT a democratic Republic? We are a Constitutional Republic. The Constitution is the law of the land, not the majority rule.

        • We just elected a new POTUS. What is the point of splitting hairs whether it was done by a “Constitutional” or a “Democratic” process?, If the majority doesn’t rule – then why bother with elections? I can’t argue the constitutionality of election day, but I was allowed to vote – and I did.

          • Thomas Jefferson out lawed the Muslims from entering the US for a reason!


          • They, readers here, need to read HISTORY, not new books, but those printed back prior to 1980 or earlier, also Brian Kilmead’s book, about Jefferson and Washington, Bill O’Rielley’s book about the Patriots, Nathaniel Philbrick’s book about Bunker Hill, which also covers Lexington and Concord, Now let’s get GOOD TEACHERS into schools to teach NOT CONVERT.

          • U,R right we need to flush the school system!

          • Totally agree. We have dummed down our schools to the point our children are learning almost nothing of our history. There are great books about the Barbary pirates, Thomas Jefferson and his part in our history. Between the Constitution, Bill of Rights shows POTUS is not far off. I have read many and have a list of more, once you get started it’s hard to stop.

          • Speaking of books,,the series being done on American History by Rush Limbaugh is an excellent group of books for the very young to adults. They are factual stories about Americas founding as seen through the eyes of a horse named “LIBERTY”! Read them!! Even if you don’t have children, read them! Donate several to your school libraries, and encourage other parents of young children and families to read them. Read them to those youngsters who aren’t old enough to read by themselves. You will learn more about the truth of our Founding (Why we came to this land in the first place.). Young people love these books. did you read “Nancy Drew” or similar stories when you were young? You will enjoy these History books too!

          • Hm-m-m–a book about a horse written by a horse’s ass!

          • Actually I hope the Ed Dept. will be removed altho I like DeVoes ideas. Let the states take back education, and we no longer give any of our tax monies to education. That was started by the democrats feds in the early ’60’s meaning to take over the school systems and brainwash students for decades. Another reason I quit teaching in schools was that was also when Teacher Unions started up and dues exacted for the democrat party.

          • Are you serious? The great majority of funding for public schools comes from STATE AND LOCAL TAXES.


          • I’m hoping the patriots, Americans, Christians and others at least give the minions of Satan a fight!


          • The minions of Satan, the father of lies, are those who, like you, promote such lies as the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” See Revelation 21:8 for a description of the fate of LIARS!

          • The video does not tell lies. for more information go to It is the complete translation into English of the Koran. go there and open your eyes.

            Prophet of Doom is the best-documented, most comprehensive,
            presentation of Islam’s five oldest and most reliable scriptural
            sources. Ishaq’s Biography of Muhammad, Tabari’s History of Islam, and
            Bukhari’s and Muslim’s Hadith, were used to reorder the Qur’an
            chronologically and to set its surahs into the context of Muhammad’s
            life. When this evidence is evaluated systematically, the only rational
            conclusion is that Islam’s lone prophet was a ruthless terrorist, a
            mass-murderer, a thief, slave trader, rapist and pedophile.

          • Won’t play here but I have a copy of his documents in any case.


      • That was racist rants then but what is happening now is not. Look at Germany for an example. The Muslims have been pouring into that country for years are they are publicly voicing their intentions of taking that nation over. They rape, kill and destroy all in the name of Allah. They are not comparable with any other religion or lifestyle. Their women are treated like slaves and subject to death for any offense against men. We do not need or want people of these beliefs in our nation.

        • And they thought Hitler and Stalin were bad. My spouse escaped communism there and we worry about his siblings every day. Merkel needs to be sent to live in the MidEast and round up the muslims in Germany and drop them off in ship sailed to African shores as Africa says they have no real documentation and won’t take them back, but if dropped quickly at the shores, they are stuck with them. Or, as some have said, fly them back to Africa, Syria, etc. and get close as you can to the earth and push them out. Crude and cruel but them so are they!

      • koran is not a religion. It is a form of government ruled by s. law. S.. law advocates destruction of our constitution as evidenced by BO’s 8 years. “black” vs “muslim”. They and other races believe in the koran, including white. BO the koran-ist instigated the immigrant jihad and he is mulatto. More MSM propaganda to hide agendas. Read both books of the koran while they kiss your one hand and cut off the other.

      • They’re already taking over Europe and Canada!

      • Stealth jihad using “settlement process,” a “grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated.” The Muslim Brotherhood is relying on non-Muslims in America to aid it, usually inadvertently, to destroy America from within.

        Educate yourselves on the Muslim faith.

      • You’re confusing Jewry with Islam, the Jewish communist destroy within by destroying the government law and order

        They bring in the Muslims to do the dirty work, like executions, rape and genocide without getting the communist Jews fingers dirty and the goym is no wiser!

        • I’m certainly not confused about the differences between Jews and Muslims. I do see where you are coming from, tho. Each time I hear about a “take over” – I am aware of the Gentile experience of Jews. But considering how Muslims are suffering at the hands of Jews (and always have) – it is really a stretch to blame Muslims. If it wasn’t for the popular hysterical interpretation of “Revelations” and that “God’s Chosen People” nonsense – we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

          • Actually the comment was meant for “songbird” and the demise of the USA within, it’s not the Muslims but the communist Jews destroying us with in! We know where the Muslims stand; we don’t always know where the Jews stand. The one thing you can count on is it has to deal with money!

        • Your citation of this bogus and disgusting document is getting boring.

          • If it was fallowed the pattern then, and follows the same pattern now, how bogus can it be? It’s the precursor of the communist manifesto.

      • TYPICAL for Christians; but I wonder how many Muslims would donate their time & money to rebuild a Christian church?! ~ Seems like the answer is very obvious within Middle Eastern countries!!!

      • “Mustafa The Turk”!! There is NADA, Nothin’ in U.S.Code, or the Constitution that says Racism is a Crime! Neither/Nor, Religious Bigotry!Y’all started this Sheite, in the Middle Ages! Remember??

      • The Quran dictates that Islam will rule the world. Your Caliphatic Leaders impose the rule of the Quran. You don’t get to choose, you will willingly obey when directed to do so.

        How do I know? I spent a year in Kuwait and another 5 years in Malaysia and Indonesia. When Muslims are asked what they would do if the Supreme Leaders issued a call for a Holy Jihad in which Muslims were ordered to start killing Americans, they either refuse to answer or say “I would have no choice but to Kill Americans, because otherwise I couldn’t go to paradise.”

        You might ask the Muslims that question yourself. Also ask those in America if they obey the Constitutional Laws of the USA or Sharia Law.

        And Curtess, I’m so pleased that you think America is perfect for you to choose to live. Too bad that none of the Islamic Countries offer such opportunities to Muslims, huh?

        • There have been thriving Christian communities in all the “Muslim” countries I have lived in. (Lebanon and Syria are about 50/50, and Egypt has a large Coptic (oldest Christian sect in the world) community. There are rules on both sides – and so long as those rules are respected – everybody gets along just great.
          Once again! I did NOT “choose” to live in the USA. I was born here to a family that has been here over 2 centuries – and my dad was half Seminole Indian. I tried really hard to be Atheist – and if I hadn’t discovered Islam – that is what I would be. (And it is still “touch-and- go at times.)
          I Have no idea who you talked to in Kuwait, Malaysia. or Indonesia. (We Americans have an ability to get the answers we are looking for.) Best I can tell you is to stay the hell away from those countries. But I am an AMERICAN – and nobody is going to tell me to kill ANYBODY – unless they are a present and direct threat to me (in which case I don’t have to be told). Please spare me from your sanctimonious BS. I’ve been threatened by Christain extremists right here on fb. One guy put a $100 price on my head. (I happen to think I’m worth more – but the guy is obviously a cheap-skate.) Reminds me of that Biblical order to knock Philistines out with the jawbone of an ass and cut off their foreskins.

          • Did you Convert,’ Embrace Islam ‘in the ‘Joint’?? Like Most Converts here in the U.S Have Done?

          • No – I have never been in a jail or prison.

          • ‘Moe Hammered’ The “Prophet”” Peace and Blessings be upon him!” Started Islam when he realized, by observing the Christians, that Religion was’ Big Business’! In Other Words,- “There’s a Buck to be Made Here!!” The Rest is History! The Nuns taught us in 4th Grade- “Class, Islam is Spread By The Sword!” Nothing in my life experience, has happened, to convince me Otherwise! I remember that in the early ’50’s, the Main News Story, was about the war going on, over the Suez Canal! There has Never been Peace in Islamist Nations!

          • Um – You left out all the wars between Britain and the USA. Spanish-American, two World Wars, Korea, Vietnam. All the blood-letting in S. America, etc. It will interesting to see how you may try to tie all of that to Muslims. (Then one needs to consider the Japs and the Chinese – where warfare became a life-style.) Obviously your Nuns had never heard of the Spanish Inquisition, or how Spain established Christianity in The America’s. (More likely just ordered to never mention it.)
            I do agree with you about “a buck to be made” – but it explains the actual origen of Jews and Christians exactly the same. (All other organized and documented religions, as well.)

          • I learned ALL that History by the 5th Grade, from the Nuns! I’ll bet you didn’t learn ANY History till ya went Global as you Claim!I have a B.A. in History! Mustafa The Moslem. Goat-Lovin’ Turk! If ya like Eastern Mystery Religions, Try Zoroastrianism! and Mithras!

          • That must have been fun to write. But if you have so much education – how do you still pretend that only Muslims are war-like? You can’t refute my argument, so you stoop to uncalled-for verbal abuse. Impressive! I have the same HS education that all my generation got (and I must say: That it included much history than is taught today.) And some college in addition. I have no interest in mystical religion. (There is already more than enough nonsense and contradiction in the three Abrahamic ones.)

          • I went to a Private Catholic, Grade, and High School, in the ’50s/’60’s. When I went to College, I already Knew most of the History/Geography, I was Required to study for a Degree. TheCourses I had to take were merely a Review of what I had already Learned!

          • I meant no disrespect for anyone’s educational achievements. (Neither do I wish to further the debate over whether Muslim’s goats or Christian’s chickens – are the more appealing.) I would not be ashamed to be a Turk, and don’t feel any insult in being mistaken for one.) But no amount of formal education immunizes anybody from drawing flawed conclusions and having biased opinions. Nor does higher education make people good citizens. (Quite the opposite, it seems.) I stick by my original position : That all ethnicities are equally capable of large-scale violence.

          • Mustafa baby, I have been searching for you. Finally I found you. Are you still interested in dirty talk, perhaps a dildo up your butt? Me and my boyfriend can still fuck you and you can blow him.
            I got lot’s of surprises for you. Many people could join us. See below:

          • “Searching for me”? I haven’t been away anywhere.
            I have never been “interested in dirty talk” (because I have never accepted the religious notion that there is anything “dirty” about sex.)
            I only bother with sick people like you – in hopes that others can get more comfortable with the fact that there is nothing special about “fucking” and “blowing”. (Normal sex life includes some form of both – and indeed the propagation of our species is reliant up on it).
            Hey! You found out what “bookstores”and “tea rooms” are – and how “bus station” activity relates to opportunity and satisfaction? Like I’ve said before: I can’t relate to Lesbian life. (Which sounds painfully frustrated.). I’m guessing that it is more “emotional” (a more traditional feminine instinct) – whereas the male counterpart is almost exclusively physical. (Nothing any more “Romantic” about getting off with an anonymous partner – than it is to have some “feelings” about the person that makes your burger at Dairy Queen, or your chicken at KFC.

          • Now -That’s NICE! (Maybe you do have some decent instincts – after all?)

          • Yeah, and World Wide, the Moslems are the Champs at Violence! Cowards too. Most Terrorist attacks are SNEAK ATTACKS!

          • How many folks have You Met, that even Know’ Mustafa’, is a Turkish Name?? Probably only the ones who Read anything more than a Newspaper! I suspect that you changed your name when you “Embraced Islam”!

          • Mustafa is 100% Arabic, and appears in the Quran. I have no idea why it is associated with Turkey – other than it was very popular there. At my official “conversion” (before a judge in a civil law court), the judge explained to me that taking an Arabic name was NOT required – but appreciated. (So long as I honored my father by retaining his name as middle and family – which is also a “Sharia” tradition.) My witness/sponsors were good Muslim friends who had known and worked with me for 2 years. They told the judge that I was already known and accepted in the work community as “Mustafa” (meaning: “The Selected One”) (Quite an honor to be recognized as a Muslim – while still nominally “Christian”!) So the judge said: “With your permission, Mr. Mustafa – that is who you shall be forever more!” My American family readily accepted it as well – and were proud that I had found a philosophy that suired my individual “self”- at last.

          • As the Jews say–“How Nice for You”!

          • You asked and I answered. (And , Yes – I honestly do wish that everyone could share my confident and relaxed life.) I credit it to being a USAmerican – but I really question how much longer it will exist? At my age – I doubt if I will see TSHTF. (But only if Trump succeeds.)

          • I am well aware of the Violence in the History of Christianity! AND- I never attempted to tie all the World’s violence to the Moors! Are you a Paid Apologist for the Moslems?? Mustafa? So it would Seem!!

          • Your comment was expressed in a way that implied that only Islamic countries have been warlike. I’m not an “apologist” for ANYBODY. I just think it’s important to keep things in historical perspective and stop pretending that without Islam – the world would have always been “Kum-Baya” – and would be today. (How Liberal: To respond to uncomfortable facts – with a personal attack that impugns the credibility of the source.) “Paid Apologist”! LOL!

          • I have never been in jail or prison. My conversion was a legal proceeding, in court, before a Judge, in an Islamic country. I have met several of those “Nation Of Islam” prison converts. They were not sincere, and didn’t even know the simplest principles of Islam.

          • You are wrong about “thriving Christian communities” in Muslim lands. They are no where close to 50/50 in Syria and Lebanon.

          • Hmm – then how do you account for the fact that: The Lebanese Constitution specifies that its President must be Christian -and its Prime Minister must be Muslim? (There may eventually be a civil war over that – but so far it seems to be working well.). All bets are off about Syria, tho. The USA (and another “close ally” in the neighborhood), have stirred up such a disaster in Syria – that it is impossible to know who is Christian and who is Muslim. My “take” is that Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon all still have significant Christian populations. Anything factual (i. e. Census numbers) you may have would better educate me.
            FYI – I happen to be a member of at least three minorities here in my own country. I am not butt-hurt because none of them rule. If I had voted for Hillary – I would be a member of yet another minority. But you won’t see me rioting in the street because of ANY of them. In general – the less hell they raise – the better life can be. And that very much applies to minority groups in Muslim countries – as well.
            I stand by what I said: Everybody has rules – and life can be just great – so long as they abide by them.

        • I loved living in those countries and was completely happy there. But “there’s no place like home”.

      • Muslim birth rate is 20 times that of Americans, four wives and 100 children, if you think we are going to sit back and watch Muslims colonize this country, you are very mistaken!


          • The common word ‘enforced’ is beyond your ability? Good thing you never saw combat, stupid…the level of sloppiness and incompetence you demonstrate in your posts is what gets good men killed.


          • I am not a liberal, nor a Socialist or Communist.

            Your ability to judge other people’s motivations is as poor as your ability to correctly spell common words that you have seen literally tens of thousands of times.

            You’re simply incompetent. You cannot swear your way out of stupidity. You can swear way out of friendships, jobs, and marriages, but silly, bellicose intimidation does not work well in a written forum.

            …especially when you are so mentally out-gunned, you dumb MF’r.


        • You are confusing us with someone else. Even under Sharia Law – a man can’t have more than three wives unless he is a Mormon. All the rest of us just have one at a time (and however many girlfriends we have time and money for) just like you do. Are you sure that you aren’t thinking about those hundreds of thousands of Illegal Mexicans living on welfare in “sanctuary cities”? 100 kids? Really? Man! I sure missed that boat!

      • Spin this crap to the people of Dearborn, MI. This is what the quran instructs moslem’s to do, infiltrate and take over to implement their hellish sharia law. sharia law is not compatible with our Constitutional Law and must not be allowed to gain footing. moslem men have numerous “wives” and breed like roaches and this is how they get the numbers to take over. This is America, we are a nation founded on Judea-Christian beliefs and WE WILL NOT SUBMIT TO islam, lower case intended. For all those who are in favor of islam / sharia law, and this includes the ignorant liberals, there are plenty of moslem countries, GO THERE.

        • ??? What in the world does Islam have to do with Dearborn, MI ???

          • I have addressed that. When the majority of any community administers it – that is how it should be. (They stayed – while everyone else abandoned.) Good Grief! You think I’m butt-hurt because most towns and cities are run by people who claim to be Jews or Christians? I know nothing about Dearborn – other than that it is a victim of Free Trade Agreements, and corporate greed.
            If you can connect Muslims to the loss of our steel, mining, textile, lumber, electronics, etc. industries – I would LOVE to hear it.

          • No, you have not addressed that. Your question was what has islam to do with Dearborn MI and I showed you. As for most towns and cities being run by people who claim to be Jews or Christians, THIS IS AMERICA and AMERICA was founded on Judea-Christian beliefs so I could care less if you are or are not butthurt over this fact. WE ARE NOT a moslem country. Whether moslems can be connected to the loss of steel, mining, lumber, etc. has nothing to do with why Americans don’t trust moslems and don’t want islam in our country. moslems / islam / sharia law is incompatible with our Constitutional Law. The only “religion” who is out there killing those who don’t agree with it is islam, and it isn’t a religion, it is a political, ideological cult. And you know damned well what taqiyya is, it is islam’s rule of lying to the “infidels” who disagree with your barbaric cult. Since you play ignorant, I don’t suffer fools and will not respond to any more of your comments.

          • ‘Ax’ a Real Moslem!!

          • You sir need to read the Koran.

      • Smoke this Bone Pfagg!

      • Well both have acted like heathens

      • I believe you should research this more because you are incorrect.

        • I just can’t imagine something of this magnitude happening unless the public agrees to it – and I can’t see them doing so. There’s an example somewhere above that a place was “taken over” by the majority of its residents. That’s just how democracy works – and I doubt if anybody would want it any other way. Some reference to Dearborn, MI also. I have been led to believe that it is heavily Arab – because so many others have moved away. There’s no reason to artificially keep any civic entity in minority control. If there is some concern that anybody is being “out-bred” – then obviously their work is cut out for them.

      • No, it.doesn’t! That’s the difference between a republic and a democracy. And evidently you have ignored what’s happening in Europe and communities like Dearborn and Hamtramk in MI.

      • This is the thinking and complacency that brought use obutthead. To keep what one has, one must be ever vigilant.

      • Mustafa, we are NOT a democrat anything but a Republic for we the people. Might want to view this site for better information on governance: Remember they must lie and you fell for those lies. Most did not vote for anyone and if they did, it was Hillary. I have a muslim friend and she informed me that most would not vote at all. Since I am an ongoing election officer, not one muslim female showed up at all but can’t speak for the males because they dress like we do. Sorry, you are misinformed.

      • I think there is a greater chance that your “fellow Muslims”, if you follow the teachings of the Quran, are wolves in sheeps clothing …. If you don’t mind me expressing my personal opinion.

        • “Wolves in sheeps clothing”? Sounds as if you are a victim of some propaganda? look – all indications I have are that the American Muslim community enjoys and appreciates their lives in a country that guarantees them the same civil and human rights that every other religious denomination has (including Athiests, Agnostics, Satanists, and Voodoo Practitioners). Absolutely NOTHING in the “teachings in the Quran” conflicts with that – in the slightest.
          I am mystified by this deluge of absolute BS that suggests that in order to be a Muslim – I am somehow morally obliged to destroy the society that allows me to do so. (Are you confusing us with the Liberal movement here in the US?) Geez! The “Religious Right” is the only thing that threatens “Traditional Constitutionally-Protected Freedoms” that I am aware of. (What you Believe, how you Worship, what you say, who you associate with, and how you conduct your private lives.)
          What are you people THINKING?

    • you, me both agree, i just as soon ban these diaperheads, they have proven to be all evil one way or another. Unfortunately with all the young liberals this country is gonna be like another country with much bigger problems. I feel bad for the young conservatives, one day as it will just be a losing battle for them. I’ll be worm dirt by then, but i see it coming, i knew immigration was our downfall over 30 yrs ago.

    • This is true throughout Europe. Muslim activists there say “This is our country now”.
      It mat too late to stop them there,but we can still close the door here.

    • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

      Where have you been these last 8 years, that is exactly what Obama has done to the USA. Now look at who the Shariacrats want to run their party of miscreants, Keith Ellison, a rabid anti-white Muslim racist who openly advocates for a black only nation, under Sharia law.

      • K. Ellison, A Meat-Head Azzed Knickker! His Head has fat riffles on it!

      • Show us, please, where Ellison has said or done anything like what you allege. Obviously, you are just pulling these crazy ASSertions out of thin air. Put up or shut up.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          OK Head up ass, here is one for you, I only holpe you are able to read and comprehend it without outside help.

          • I read the piece you provided and found NOTHING about Sharia law and furthermore the theoretical proposal by Ellison would have allowed whites in the separatist states to remain there. Thus, the entity created would not be a “black only nation.” You need to pay better attention to the information you find when you desperately seek some means to rebut what others write. You should have taken more then ten seconds to do your search. Then you might not have embarrassed yourself so badly.

        • You obviously never watch the news. Punch in his name on YouTube. You’ll get all the facts you need. He is an incredibly racist muslim.

          • I don’t take task orders from people who are too lazy to find and serve up their best shots at rebuttal. You obviously belong in that unfortunate classification.

          • Here we go again. He knows you just bled him out of the water so he’s going to call you names. Head on crooked is abbetter name for him, but he’s nothing but another liberal Troll!

          • You seem irretrievably committed to the proposition that all you or other wingnuts have to do to prove your points is simply to assert them, without any documentation whatsoever. It just does not work that way, Billy Boy! Opinions without factual backup are just that–opinions. Put up or shut up!

          • Geez troll boy you need to get a job, or maybe you are on line trolling while at work, I don’t care either way. You are a liberal troll and I have better things to do than waste time with you idiots. You make ASSertions as well with little or no proof. I have a feeling you aren’t going to change your mind one way or another, and that doesn’t matter to me, and from looking at the posts a lot of other people. So head on backwards go find someone else to troll on. I have discovered trolls disappear if they are left alone to their own devices and become totally ineffective, By Troll boy,

        • Change your name. Anyone who supports Ellison is anything but someone with their “head on straight”. I barely know who Jeith Rlluson is but I have heard home in news spots making all kinds of rabid anti white/pro Muslim comments.

          • I have to confess that I do not know who “Jeith Rllison” is either. And tell us,Bill–how does one “heard home”? Methinks you need to work on keyboard competence.

          • Spoken like a true leftwing liberal. Anytime a valid point is made, and you can’t defend your position, lash out with name calling, of criticize their grammar or spelling. Liberalism is a mental disorder for which there is no cure.

          • I still have not found that “valid point” to which you refer. You, like others here, have ASSerted things you can not or will not document. Put up the goods or shut up your pie hole! I am not obliged to believe what you post simply on your say-so.

        • He is already connected to islam, you fool. You need to keep updated by research and not believing the MSM! That would then put your head on straight.

          • Hey, Rosech, that never was in question. Let me make it simple for you, consistent with the obvious state of your mind: 1) Ellison is a Muslim. 2) All Muslims, by definition, are “connected to Islam.” Just a little primer on the obvious for you, since you seem to have difficulty comprehending the obvious. If you do not understand that, then maybe YOU need to get some information–from the MSM or somewhere other than where you are getting it now. As additional information: All Buddhists are connected to Buddhism; all Hindus are connected to Hinduism: and all Christians are connected to Christianity.

            And wingnuts like you are connected to CONFUSION!

      • The black community should be very careful what they ask for. Sharia law does not permit out of wedlock sex. It doesn’t allow women to leave their home without a ‘proper’ male escort, i.e. husand, brother, uncle. It doesn’t allow women to show their faces in public. It cuts off the hands of thieves, stones women to death for committing adultery. When people support the liberal progressive philosophy that is what is coming their way.

        • Beeotchstewie the deplorable

          They don’t really take any stock in issues, other than what they can get given to them for reparations etc. They are in for a VERY rude awakening, I have been saying that since Obama’s sinister Muslim jihad invasion plans became crystal clear.

        • The rioters deserve no less. Hope they get it before we kill off the muslim terrorists in our country.

        • Mohammed was white and hated blacks. He referred to them as “Raisin heads”, but they don’t know this. He had black slaves and whereas Arabs were allowed to purchase their freedom but blacks couldn’t. Also, he said Satan is black. They really need to read the hadiths.

        • None of that is strictly true. Muslim societies accommodate unmarried men’s sexual needs in very variable and discreet ways. Islam is NOT as paranoid about nature as the USA is. (But Europe isn’t so “hung up”.) Certain Muslim countries aren’t either, (Cairo, Egypt – for instance. Cairo is to the Arab world – what Nevada is to the USA. But in any instance – there is no need for goats or little girls in any of the Muslim countries I have been to (most of them). just like here – everything goes – so long as thevrules of governmental “plausiblr deniability” are respected. Muslim society iis unapologetically “male oriented ” (eat your hearts out) – but along with the other Abrahamic philosophies – it is paranoid about the influence of sex on society. But so long as men dominate Muslim politics – certain very practiclal “religious” compromises are made – exacttly as they are in the “Christian” world (which spares the goats and the little girls) more effectively than it does in “our” society. (“Pedophile Priest/Preacher is now a household word – but I have NEVER heard “Pedophile Imam” nor do I Expect to – ever. You guys have your own problems to solve – and you have totally blocked any way that we can help you solve them. Not OUR fault – that you hate us for that.)

          • Sorry to disappoint you, but I don’t hate you ( Muslim people). I fear you. You pointedly state my statement is not ‘strictly’ true and then point out that exceptions are made for men in the Muslim faith to have sex out of wed lock. How about women? I have friends that have worked and lived in the Muslim countries for the last 15 years. They all tell me the same thing, that out of wed lock sex for a women, if discovered, means death. Usually by stoning. So I’m not advocating out of wedlock sex, it is dangerous due to the STDs but it also does not build a lot of self-esteem, but stoning is a little harsh.

            Now I suppose they could be lying, but in light of your careful wording, I really don’t think they just made up BS stories for s**ts and giggles.

          • Totally disarming response. Where to begin? I’m very careful about calling anybody “liar” – because I’m fully aware of the paradox between what the Muslim world seems to an “outsider” vs what it is in reality. Also tragic that anybody “fears” me and my spiritual community – for largely the same reason, I suppose.
            Very difficult to explain the reality- without sounding deliberately unsulting. Very uncumfortable to be in my position as someone who has lifelong emotional and intellectual ties to Christianity (and knowing what a paradox it is) while being spiritually Muslim.
            As to the ” fear” factor – both historically and presently – I have FAR more to fear from The Christian world – than it does from the Muslim world. I mean: Really – who is the SuperPower and where has its invincible military been deployed in earnest – for the past three decades? (The “WHY” – is PURELY hypothetical – and is a populist “slam-dunk” in a “Christian” country – knowing that thousands of “goat-fuckers”will be killed.. Sure “9-11” was traumatic to us here in the US (where the notion of war and invasion is essentially abstract and becomes partially real to a family whose son comes home ceremoniously in a coffin – or if they are “lucky” – merely “maimed”. But there remains that comfortable dis-connect from the reality of living anywhere the US just arbitrarily decides to attack and invade – which amounts to weeks, months, years of “9-11’s”
            What can I tell you about the “sex-out-of-wedlock thing? Wherever your “friends” were, for 15 years – the fear of “stoning” (or an STD) seems to have been effective. Tell the average Muslim man that “getting off” out-of-wedlock is either “illegal” or “dangerous” – and he will laugh at you.
            So let me get this straight. Its OK with God: To slaughter a million people on the other side of the planet in His name – but a “sin” to get off with anybody except your wife (if she is “in the mood”). Is that right? Damn!

      • Patti Purintun Wozniak

        Keith Ellison is also homophobic as his kokopuff book depicts!!! Muzzys practice takiya…that is lying to anyone they feel necessary to infiltrate their groups. Then they can destroy from the inside. They are the most evil weirdoz on the planet and must be ousted ore just wiped completely out! They are the whole cause of a 1400 year war!!!

    • All of the muslim fawning groups should be shown the door. CAIR is but one. Almost every liberal college has organizations that need to be thrown out as well.

    • Agreed! Remove All muslims back to their Homelands – including the biggest one of all – barack the lying Charlatan! And do not forget to grab that evil manipulator and “Destroyer of Countries”, Georgy Soros. We can’t send him back to Hungary his homeland because they barred him from ever returning, but we can send him to the jungles of Kenya with barack. The two of them can try to figure out “what went wrong”!

    • The time to end Obamas dirty work and destruction to America is now – with
      Trumps help. Muslims will never fit into America. Our Constitution and laws
      Cannot survive if Muslims are allowed to practice Sharia Law and their beliefs and followings of the Koran ( corrosive) which instruct them to kill all
      Non Muslims. The common sense answer and only solution is to stop all Muslim immigration, ship all Muslims back to their origin or Middle East, ban the Koran in all civilized societies, and tear down their mosques. Their governing documents/followings are more terrorist than religous ( They produce 97% of all terrorists). We owe it to the citizens of all civilized societies and our peaceful existence to cut the head off this Dragon now!
      The Dems do not serve everyday Americans; nor are they our friends who care for us! They will lie, cheat, steal, take bribes, allow our enemies to get stronger as we get weaker BY THEIR HAND, and they will destroy people or have those they consider threats to their warped version of the ‘greater good’ put ‘away’, one way or another (Vince Foster, Ron Brown and many others)! They consider God and our Constitution as obstacles to their twisted agenda as both the Diety and the Document both hold them to account for their actions. Republicans are not perfect but with our assistance we can move them to where they are serving U.S. and a greater future, one with Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as the main points of focus! Now, if we can only get the numbers required to push back all the Illegal and terrorist voters which they are trying to add to their ill-gotten voter contingent.
      The democratic platform has done way to much dammage to our country and those within to ever trust that platform again. The icing on the cake was their selection of a devout Muslim ( OBummer) to serve as our POTUS ( Who swore to be a Christian- nonsense). And now they want to put the most corrupt and lieing candidate
      To ever run – Hildabeast in charge. Their is no end to their corruption and destruction to our values/constitution/Allies. They promote: gay rights, abortion ( responsible for 100 million deaths of fetuses), athiesm ( taking God out of America),illegal immigration, Muslim immigration (people who will try to destroy our way of life- sharia law), socialism ( sponsor is Sorros), communism, ignoring our constitution ( all swore to support it before taking public office), world order/takeover, corruption, and cheating at the polls to get their ways— they are the “SATIN” within America and have lost their way. No wonder a record amount of democrats are abandoning this platform by the thousands after showing its ugly head.

    • And they are already imposing Sharia Law in every community where they have enough Muslims; check Detroit and Minneapolis. And Paris and London….

    • AMEN,Garrett!

    • There has been no effort to put Muslim (Sharia) law into place in the United States. Sharia law governs the behavior of Muslims alone. It is something like their 10 commandments.

    • They used to be classified as a terrorist group until the muslime liar in chief (now ex) removed them from that listing. They need to be relisted and removed from this country

    • Amen
      Your exactly right
      This part of Michigan ( Dearborn) is a Muslim takeover. Coming to a town near you? You need to support our new President Trump.

      This is SCARY! I would NOT want to live there

      These people must be sent back to their origin- soon!

    • AMEN!!! The two opposite concepts of living CANNOT peaceably live together under our constitution. They are far too different.

    • Just as they have already done in England, France, Sweden and Norway, And Germany. Citizens that live in those Nations have said they are losing their culture, And Muslim crime is off the charts, Violent crimes like rape and murder are scaring the hell out of them and they are afraid its to late to turn back the clock. Trump is simply trying to protect us and has only named Muslim nations that sponser or use terrorism to get what they want. If Democrats care so much why are they willing to allow terrorists into our Nation without vetting them first. What in hell is wrong with anything Trump is trying to do?, We sat back without rioting or protesting as the most Godless President who seems to hate our constitution walked around like he owned the White House, Grow up assholes we are sick of your childish name calling and the hatred that comes out of your mouths. GET A JOB!!!.

    • Already doing so!

    • They are slowly wiggling in key power positions, key govt positions and support positions. And when they go to far, they retract like a worm, and slowly come back….
      IF you look closely, they already got 1/3 of the population fooled into *they are religion of peace. Its being preached in the schools, colleges……for a person looking at it all from a knowing position its really sad, to see it, but there will be a day when it wont be like this,

    • love USA and LAWS or go back to where you came from

    • They already have “muslime zones” in The U.S. that OUR people are not “permitted” in under penalty of death. (Michigan is just ONE such place)

    • It’s CAIR that has said we are not here to assimilate but to take over. They say everyone here will become muslim.I don’t think so,I will not bow to satan.

    • Yes, enough is enough and if they want us to care about them, then the so called good ones need to turn the bad ones in. I know it is hard because you are afraid that they will find out who told, but it would be kept quiet in this country. Sharia law has NO business in this country, or any other place in the world . It is cruel.

    • CAIR will only be “got rid of” if they break a US law. Don’t let yourself be stampeded by your imagination. You should have got past that 2 or 3 years after potty-training.

  11. Wow, I must have stumbled into bigot central.

  12. Those people that started the Holy war, and Musolini were Catholic, Not A Protestant Christian.
    Anyone can go to church, but it doesn’t make you a Christian.
    You can’t tell me the majority of the people coming from those countries, don’t know who some of the extremists are. By not pointing them out, it makes them just as bad.
    I feel for the innocent, but you can’t help everyone. America is Broke, NO money, Few Jobs
    And a lot of problems.
    Time for a President to step up.
    Will he fix this country.???
    Who knows, but he couldn’t make it worse.!!!

  13. This absolutely must be the last chance for islam to reform. This group is procreating as if the earth is short on people. They have stressed their countries to the point that there are too many of them to feed. They fight and kill each other for religious reason. They need more space. This dark-ages behavior has no place or business being allowed to continue in civilized countries. They must reform this behavior, or stay in their own countries until they change. They world is not obliged to cede growing room to this violent, supremacist culture that wants to convert us all, through violent means if necessary.

    • Sounds great! Now describe to us everything that a Muslim would have to do (and have to do – in order to convince you of his “sincerity). I suggest that you research the “Spanish Inquisition” (Or even only the Nazi “Holocaust”) – to see what hysteria and paranoia can result in.

      • I’m not religious, and feel too much on this planet is affected in a very negative way by people with their blind faith in ancient religious ritual. So many people have been murdered because of one religious faction or another. This is all of the religions. None of the main ones now gives the death sentence for leaving the faith. Only muslims yell allah akbah while doing horrible acts ( on an extremely large scale). It’s the supremacist behavior towards non muslims. This is just another cult, who’s followers want to convert the world by any means.
        A muslim or any other fanatical religious person that has been doing so much killing all over the world in the name of some god would have to totally renounce this nonsense.
        Look at the behavior in all of the islamic countries. Why can’t an infidel come and look at Mecca ?
        I feel there is little difference in all the religions and some perhaps south american primitive culture that worships a sloth or some other thing they think created everything. I think it is all nonsense, though I have no proof.
        Primitive behavior.

        • While I challenge some of your specifics – I agree with your over-all conclusion. “Religion” was necessary to the progress of our species a thousand years ago. Today it has become an impediment and a curse.

          • I agree with you sir. Very well stated. This planet needs logical and well thought out planning. Blind faith does not meet the true needs. Good luck.

          • Thanks, Frederick. Your moral support is deeply appreciated.

          • You’re welcome, Mustafa. Your support here is also deeply appreciated. The world truly needs to evolve away from this nonsense.

  14. Keep em’ all out.

  15. First of all, Islime is not a religion! Why they have so many “prayer times” with their little prayer rugs is beyond me. They ARE NOT worshipping any god! Their hero is muhumid, a pedophile, baby raping POS! And please don’t try shoving that “peaceful mooseslimes” bullshit down my throat! Their queeran is a radical, murderous book and THEY ALL are sworn to abide by what it dictates to them! The only good mooseslime is a dead one!

  16. I believe people of other faiths than Muslim would feel much better about the Muslim religious leaders and CAIR would as out spoken about the terrorists in that religion and the radical Islamic groups as they have been about the temporary ban initiated by President Trump. Let other religions speak out loudly when radical fringe groups crop up. The Catholic, LDS, Protestant leaders all denounce radical factions. Why don’t the muslim leaders?

    • We do. But nobody listens to us. (It isn’t what they want or expect to hear!) Just like the loud-mouth Liberals. They control the microphone.

      • Well I would listen. Are you a cleric of your faith? They are the ones that need to be shouting from the roof tops. Try Fox News. They are somewhat more conservative than MSM.

        • “Cleric”? FAR from it! I’m just an average working-class man that knows where this BS is coming from – and fearful of where it may lead. In fact: I am teetering on the verge of Atheism or Agnosticim. As a Muslim layman, I have to avoid arguments with non-Muslims based in religious dogma. My concerns are totally Humanitarian.
          What we are dealing with here – is a geo-political issue, which just happens to coincide with religious cultures on both sides. Global corporations want control of Middle Eastern natural resources – and Christian Zealots are delighted in the slaughter of as many Muslims as possible – to get it.

          • Mustafa the Turk, Curtiss the JERK!

          • I realize all religions say that the religious, bible and the Koran, Shruti, Tripitaka, etc, are all interpreted words of God. But from what I’ve heard, the Koran, is the most troublesome. I’m not Muslim, but the radical Muslims seem to be more violent than the other religions and they claim it is because they follow the teachings in the Koran. They say the Koran and Mohammad called for the conversion of all to Islam and if they can’t be converted, then they have to be exterminated. If that isn’t true, then please explain and I apologize for my ignorance.

          • Nothing useful I can contribute here. The notion that anybody has to be converted to Islam or be killed isn’t valid. My studies always point out that there is no compulsion in Islam, and only certain people are “guided” to it. There were issues of how to deal with incorrigible enemies of Islam, however, and when taken literally and out of context causes a great deal of confusion now.
            The only instance of this that comes to mind is that Constantinople was repeatedly the host to European Crusader Armies preparing to invade the Muslim homelands. The Crusaders were driven back three times, and the first two times Constantinople was forgiven and not sacked. The third time – it was given the ultimatum to convert – or die. It chose to convert, and Turkey has been Muslim ever since. (I’m thinking that was the point when Constantinople became “Istanbul”, and its famous cathedral became a Mosque?) Bear in mind that I have always thought that Torah, Bible, Koran were mostly only relevant to their times, and I have not studied therrvhistoric aspect diligently. They were fabricated to establish some semblance of order into primitive and chaotic societies, since then largely just perpetuate the ignorance and superstition of their times, and today keep some useless parasites rich and influential. One needs look no further than the BS we are mired in today – for evidence of the trouble they can still stir up and “justify”.

          • Conservative Life

            Thank you for your thoughts. There are radicals in all religions that take the words writtten the respective holy books literally. It can create radical reactions. I just wish the Muslim clerics would start speaking out against the radical Muslim that kill innocents and then yelling Allah Akbar. It scares people. If you are Muslim I understand that you are in danger of these radicals as well. I pray people of all faiths can live peacefully together.

  17. Progressive Republican

    Some of the most populated Muslim countries in the world are absent from the list.

    And it’s ‘funny’ how the ones not on the list that actually have exported death to Americans in America are all doing business with der Schmuckenführer.

    And the list itself has its origins in legislation passed by Congress and signed by Barack Obama.

    Nope. The aforementioned legislation merely slowed the application process because of an attack in Kentucky in 2011.

    And it wasn’t an EO. This is just one more in a series of increasingly pathetic attempts by pathological liars, propagandists, sycophants, and people who believe in “alternative facts” to blame Obama for the bigotry and incompetence of der Schmuckenführer and the spineless Republicans who refuse to stand up against him.

    The only time we hear from CAIR and other Muslim groups is when they come out to the microphone after a terrorist attack. And what do they say? Do they say they will redouble their efforts to weed out this kind of radicalism within the religion? Hell, no.

    A) When did CAIR become responsible for the behavior of militants? Who gave them that authority? No one? Nice bit of ‘strawman’ there.

    B) Just because you haven’t paid attention to it doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. FRWNJs constantly whine that they never hear about Muslims decrying the act of militants. Because they’re not paying attention. If GOPTV/FOX, InfoWars, and Stormfront don’t mention it, they believe it didn’t happen.

    It may be true that our enemies do not include the billions of Muslims who practice their faith in peace…

    ‘May be true’? If it weren’t, there’s be a war the likes of which mankind is incapable if fathoming happening.

    …but it’s time for religious leaders within Islam to step up to the plate.

    And do what? Tell those miscreants to behave ‘or else’? Or else what?

    I’ll bet this nincompoop still believes that taxpayers footed the bill for prayer rugs at that St. Cloud school district after a lawsuit was brought by CAIR.

  18. Obama Refugees and open borders allowed TERRORS and criminals from all over the world to come here either through Charities or UN and they were not screened for terrors. We had Obama’s and Hillary staff with terrors ties. I don’t think I have ever seen so much crime against our Law Enforcement. I blame Obama for backing BLM against our Law Enforcement.
    BLM should be considered a Terrors organization. They are not for black people. My black friends are not associated with this group.

  19. It is the responsibility of Muslims to police themselves. There is no alternative. The divergence of faith, in America, which has led to a sense of distrust due to many incidents of militant violence, is of no benefit. As we have seen and are seeing, the formulation of policy is stymied because of it. Congress has become a civil battlefield whose representative-participants’ ammunition produces ineffective stalemates on the significant issues which divide the country and which affect the ability to make law, confirm appointments, and provide for the proper role of the executive branch, which must exercise unilateral decision-making due to a lack of timely congressional agreement. This problem mitigates against diversity and the increase of it and explains the opposition of American citizens to it. When government is ineffective because of it, there must be change in the policy which causes it.

  20. Native Muslims must step up to the bat. They go to the very mosques that are teaching how to use arms. What church teaches how to fire a gun? They by condoning this is abetting it. They are scared of those radical Muslims, as they have a fight to be. Caught in the middle. Radical Muslims following a centureries old version with translations that fit their agenda, as all those lovely virgins are substituted for raisins. They are really a cult to their own. We believe in one God as the Jewish religion. Yet we have evolved, into Christians. The same thing is happening to the Muslims. We knew Muslims as passive nice friendly people a part of the America we know. We are as cramed down our throats, a nation of people of all races. True. But would we allow radical Nazzi’s here as refugees, during the wars. No what is the difference. Would we let Japanese here, same thing. There was good Germans, their homes destroyed, wanting a new country, same thing ..Japanese, same thing. Would we let them inton our country. No what is the difference?

  21. Obama signed bills that included the 7 countries of concern that Trump has included in his order. The security agencies testified to Congress that the vetting process, especially from these countries, was not sufficient. Yet Obama did nothing to improve it, he simply ordered more refugees to be allowed in to the US. Trump’s order simply gives security agencies time to catch up to where they should have already been.

  22. When are these liberal dumb ass and liberal politicians going to understand we cannot keep funding nor babysitting all these Islamic state. If they want to come here they need to do it our way or hit the highway back where they came from. You want to come to the US And be a US citizen and do it our way more power to you if not stay where you are at. And those that don’t like it you can get the hell out of the US to.


  24. CAIR is the Muslim equivalent of Black Lives Matter. . . .

  25. DREAM ON , the clerics will not talk down the radical islamic terrorist in this country, they are all just so much talk an VERY NO DO, they will be here today an gone tomorrow , if they did. They are just a front to sneak in islamic radical terrorist

  26. In Minnesota and Indiana, that we know of, Sharia Law is being taught in Mosques. Many Muslims living here are refusing to learn English and most
    are living off taxpayer welfare thanks to Obama. Yet many Americans are so ignorant, they’re carrying signs saying Refugees are welcome here, and This is your country. Many Americans are also donating money to rebuild damaged Mosques.
    When we lose this country to Radical Islamists, who’ll really be the blame?

  27. Finally stated in black & white…the Muslim’s should have been cleaning up and policing their people all along! Instead of aiding & abetting….period! When they insist on living like 7th century barbarian’s, then they can do it in their countries….they have no right kill the western culture, and we have no responsibility to end the western culture.

  28. One ‘radical Muslim Mullah only needs to behead one of his apostate faithful for speaking up to remove Sharia law and love for the other brand of Islam as well as all other humans to frighten all others into conformity! Combine it with pictures of others eating and enjoying creature comforts, and the young accept the jihadist role to go die and blow up the perceived enemy of Allah!

    When each volunteers for a suicide mission, they are ‘confined’ until trained to hit an assigned target. Their handlers must vouch for the one given the suicide mission to not fail on pain of death to the handler!

    How do free men respond? We must find a way to protect Muslims willing to escape Islam for the one that supports the concepts of love and forgiveness. Most call it Christianity, but perhaps its best to sort of do what happened to Judaism and Christianity, with use of the word ‘Reformed’; but references to Reformed Christians would be better, because Jesus did not come to destroy God’s laws but to add love and forgiveness to avoid ‘mechanical thinking’ that has no sense of mercy and compassion. Doing something that copies Jewish history is a lot harder for Muslims to accept!

  29. The Trump train is on the right track for America and soon other countries will see the wisdom in Trumps thinking and get on board. The radical Islamic movement needs to be stopped and soon by not allowing it to go anywhere then by joining together it can be isolated and exterminated. but it has to be a group effort to make it extinct and Trump is on target.

  30. muslims have been at war with the world since 751 ad when they attacked France, Been going on for over 1400 years. they will never stop. Started in the USA when JFK was shot by a muslim male

    • I always heard that JFK was shot by Oswald. The guy that is said to have shot Robert Kennedy was a Palestinian Christian named Sirhan.

  31. Reform? There’s no reforming. Sharia law is part of their religion.

  32. The Moderate Muslim is a Myth. Every Muslim wants Islam to rule the world and anyone who thinks otherwise is gullible. All Muslims read from the same book!

  33. error, was Robert Kennedy, not JFK. Others-1972 Munich Olimpics, Muslims killed the Israeli athlics, 1972 & 73, Pam Am flights, 1979 US embassy IN Iran, 1980’S MUSLIMS killed many Americans in Lebanon,1983, marine barracks in Beirut-blown up be muslims, 1985-cruise ship achilli Lorro was hijacked and they killed on American in a wheelchair & threw him overboard. 1988-Pan Am bombed, 1993-world trade center bombed. 2001, 0n 9/11 world trade centers taken down by hijacked planes. 2002-war in Afganistan against Muslims.. 2002- reporter beheaded, 2013-Boston Marathon, and a lot more since then- ALL by Muslims,

  34. Shut the doors, NOW! And rid this country of CAIR, they are useless! Muslims cannot be trusted since their “Religion” tells them to LIE about anything that allows a foot hold! GET EM’ OUT, KEEP EM’ OUT!!

  35. kick muslims out along with obuma and the dimorats.

  36. People in the USA should be citizens first.

  37. CAIR is a terrorist organization that supports liberals and democrats. Hopefully it will be the end of both soon.

  38. Beeotchstewie the deplorable

    Islam is incompatible with ANY other free society. There is no use trying to reform it, its entire doctrine is one of hatred, murder, utter intolerance and rejection of basic human rights. It is only a murderous ideology that has one goal, complete domination of the earth, they will stop at nothing to achieve that goal. Time for the Crusades 2.0 to begin in earnest. We did it before and it seems inevitable it will have to be done again.

  39. Truth my friends. The word Muslim means to be in submission to God but in reality it means be in Submission to the man created way of life of Islam. This in no way has anything to do with what the One true God meant. God never intended for His followers to act and live as those of Islam. Full of hate and death to those that do not believe in the ways of their faith. Muslims that convert to Christianity are in truth no longer Muslims but Christians from wherever they were born. For instance, an Iranian Chriatian. True Muslims only follow and live by what the Qur’an teaches and in accordance with Sharia Law, a man made designation to control all aspects of life for Muslims.

  40. Islime and Sharia are not compatible with anything else. the prime directive is to subjugate nonmuslimes (kaffir), tax them , or enslave them. This is pure basic Islime 101. The only place in islimic teaching where you hear about coexistence is when islime is weal. it teachs that muslimes wait, grow and than take over when strong enough.
    The only course of action for non muslimes is to eradicate islime and its followers from the earth

  41. Name one other religion that is terrorizing the world, blowing up buildings, ramming trucks into crowds of innocent people – chopping off heads etc. If you find any ban them too.

  42. Ultimately, while not all Muslims are terrorists, all terrorists ARE Muslims.


  44. The problem is Mohammad and the Koran.You never know when someone from the Middle East or American starts believing what the Koran actually teaches.I know this is to hard for some to comprehend but history clearly shows 1400 years of the BUTCHERY OF SPREADING ISLAM BY THE SWORD. Now that’s evangelism.His servant Peter

  45. Islam is NOT a religion. It is a political ideology and definitely not in keeping with our Constitution! I consider them a cult much like the har krishnas, Heavens Gate, scientology and the rest of the dingbats that think they are gods, but are not! Their policies belie what their true agenda is, and it ain’t pretty, McGee! It is death and destruction for those that follow, say for instance, a thieving, murdering pedophile that supposedly fell off a rock and his followers made him a god! Yeah, he is a god alright. A g-ddamn poor excuse for a human! How much death has been caused by these cults. How many more will there be before we say STOP!

  46. lock and load. FEED ‘EM TO THE HOGS

  47. Islam is not compatible with either democracy or Christianity, therefore it has no place in America…period!

    • Too true. Their only intent is to take over America through immigration and population growth. Then they will negate the
      Constitution, and live under Sharia Law.
      At that point, it will be,”Convert, or die.”

      Already there are sections of some cities in
      Minnesota where non-Muslims, police,
      National Guard, and U. S. Gov’t officials are
      forcefully excluded with automatic weapons, etc. They claim the land as their own, and rule it under Sharia Law. What they are actually trying to do is to establish their own nation/state within the
      borders of the United States. Make no mistake. This is their openly stated intent.
      Do your due diligence, and you will find my
      words to be true. This is not xenophobic
      rhetoric. Remember that one of the major tenets of Islam is patience.
      Americans are too stupid to recognize this
      threat until, of course, it’s too late to do anything about it. Our own laws are being used against us in order to accomplish these goals. The current “Freedom of
      Religion” laws will no longer apply. You will only be free to follow Islam. The “beast within” is already within. Talk about “biting
      the hand…”.

      • Thanks for the info Jimbo! We are seeing similar activity in Northern California. Praying the Trump administration will embolden law enforcement to step up and nip this in the bud before We The People organize and clean house! You and I are in agreement that it isn’t a matter of “if” but “when” , because they are here and their intent is clear! Personally I am Islamaphobic, Homophobic and Liberalist Intolerant…right is right and wrong is wrong, and if you don’t know the difference then you are part of the problem! God first, last and always!

  48. Why not have a ban Muslim they are the one who want to kill us. it their religion that states kill westerns and non believers

  49. Those who practice faiths other than Islam must take care dealing with Muslims. In Islam there is a practice of appearing to deal in faith with Infidels, then when the Infidels become complacent going in and conquering them. Mohamed did it a number of times. For Islam there is only one end result, a total global Caliphate.

  50. We certainly can ban anybody from entering America and for any reason we decide. America does not belong to anybody but Americans. The U.N. has no right or authority to resettle anybody on America soil. The foolishness of the past 8 years was promoted and supported by democommies. Those are the people that should suffer the repercussions for their stupidity.

  51. Muslimes want to take over the world. Wise up ye liberal. Your head will be on the chopping block and your women will all wear burkas. There are no moderate muslimes. Banish them to countries where they can kill each other. Not us.

  52. The muslims are here to take over our culture and replace it with their third world lifestyle and evil religion. Christians have failed to…II Peter 3:8… but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity.

  53. The problem with Islam is that its followers’ duty is to lie, cheat and kill in the name of Allah to make Islam the Religion of the World. The “moderates” will try to beguile you into a false sense of security, and when they become a near-majority, they will take over and rule with an iron fist.

  54. Islam is a violent cult devoted to world conquest and domination. It is not now, nor has it ever been a religion. It only claims religion to gain political advantage while plotting the cults next conquest action.

    If you study the true history of muhammed and his purpose for forming this cult, you will understand the true purpose and intent of it.

    Do your own research, understand this violent cult. It has never been peaceful and never can be.

  55. There is NO Reason for a Damned Moslem Hadjii to be on American Soil! Oh Yeah, Conquest of America!! There’s One!

  56. IT WILL FAIL IN AMERICA! The Quoran teaches that anyone that does not worship Allah is an INFIDEL and all INFIDELS MUST BE KILLED. These are the words of their religious book, the ONLY RELIGIOUS BOOK THEY FOLLOW!

    Assimilating into our American CHRISTIAN Culture WILL NOT AND HAS NOT HAPPENED. They will pretend to obey our laws until one of their hot headed young muslim men visit the Middle east and.come back transformed into a walking American Killer Bomb. NO, MUSLIMS HAVE NO PLACE IN A COUNTRY BASED ON CHRISTIAN VALUES – for American’s Peace of Mind and our Country’s SECURITY, as well as our own loved one’s security, ALL Muslims must be removed and shipped back to their homelands OR AMERICA WILL NEVER EXPERIENCE PEACE AND SECURITY WE ONCE HAD.

    If psychologists have studied Islam and that is their scientific conclusions, WHY ARE LIBERALS FIGHTING THIS WHEN THEY THEMSELVES ARE “INFIDELS” IN THE EYES OF A MUSLIM AND CAN BE KILLED WITHOUT REMORSE NOR CARE? WAKE UP Liberals! You are placing the hangman’s rope around your own neck and the muslims have their hands on the hangman drop lever. But in your case, it won’t be a rope that snaps your neck but a bomb that.blows you to tiny pieces!

    • You’re right GF. There is no way to reform Islam without doing away with all the founding history of Islam and their false prophet. Groups like ISIS are following the Koran, Hadith and Sura to the T. Those “moderate” Muslims are not practicing Islam since they are ignoring many parts of the “religion”. That’s why ISIS treats them as apostates and kills them just like they kill we kafirs.

      • So Islam is a male dominated culture (NOT religion, but culture, way of life), and the U.S. has lots of muslims living here throughout our nation. What do we do about those muslims? Demand that they accept our Christian way of life? They are practicing muslims that go to the Mosque to worship 3 times a day, on their prayer rugs, facing East to the city of Mecca.

        How do we know if one of their offspring doesn’t transform into a terrorist after visiting Saudi Arabia and returning to the U.S.? That is what happened to everyone of the Muslims that killed Americans…they all went to Saudi Arabia the year before and when they returned, they were different, deadly, killers in the making…and then they killed Americans. My question to you is: How do you know that one of those supposed “Peaceful” Muslim families living in America doesn’t end up with a transformed son or daughter programed to kill as many Americans as possible? How can we find that “one transformed” person and neutralize him/her before they hurt anyone?

        This is why the psychologists say that muslims can NEVER accept our Christian Society but will always find a way to destroy it — they have no choice. Their religious book tells them to do this or they will never go to heaven with their 7 vestal virgins. Do you ever wonder what the female muslims are offered in Heaven by the Quoran? Maybe they get to be one of the vestal virgins, over and over again…lucky them. I’d opt out of that deal for sure!

        There honestly, realistically, is NO place in America for Islam and ALL of the worshipers of Islam need to go back to their own homelands — and fix their own countries — rid them of ISIS, HAMAS, Al Qaida, etc. so the native population can live in Peace in their own world that worships Allah and follows the traditions of Mohammed. This is being realistic, but unlikely. Until ALL of the Terrorist cells have been eliminated so the people can live in Peace, there is no place for the muslims in America to go…but they can’t stay here because they present an uncertain and dangerous future for America. What ideas do you have? I’m interested…

        • I think you have said it all. I agree with your assessment, as untasteful as it may be to some. I see no other way to ensure the safety of America other than to return them to their homelands.

  57. Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    ISLAM Ideology in the, (Quran & Sharia Law) has no room for peaceful understanding of any other religion. The historic documented fact show Islam to be a rouge, (cult-like entity) which has been interpreted by Muslims to be
    the only faith on earth. In fact, it’s a goal for Muslims to follow Muhammad’s instructions to kill infidels and make them slaves to Islamic Ideology. They are using USA as a breeding ground, (Like France) and when population numbers get larger… some Ayatollah will stir-their-hearts against our Western Civilization & Constitutional Laws.
    Knowing how radical (Islamic Teachings Are) it creates Muslim terrorists believing they are doing the work for a Dead Profit Muhammad. It’s sickening that Obama encouraged this race of miscreants into our society because they have no intention of changing. Only getting worst like France. Google: (Islam trouble in France 2017)

  58. It is not reasonable to expect the ‘moderate’ Muslims to step up and speak out about Islamic Terrorists and help stop them before they murder more non-Muslims. Why is is unreasonable? Because they have been raised in a Religious belief that trains them to believe and obey their Imam’s; you know, those men who interpret the Quran for them. They do not think for themselves, they obey the dictates of their leaders.

    • Moderate muslims interesting. There is only one group that actually fits that description. Zuhdi Yasser’s group of muslims here in the Phoenix valley. They profess a transformation and suggest shariah law is not compatible with their beliefs or the American Constitution. Furthermore, the many polls taken world wide states muslims support shariah law by over a 70% margin. Consequently, where are the moderate muslims.

      There is little doubt Islam is NOT a religion of peace in fact I suggest, it is neither a religion or even a cult, although it is close to a cult, what it is is an ideology of superiority, a way of life, a dictatorial system of government much like communism or fascism. It more emulates the KKK than a religion. In fact it is total and absolute control of everyone. Therefore it is worse, much worse if, in fact, that is possible. It is disguised as a religion in order to garner acceptance among the populations of the world as well as government(s) recognition and protections which allows it privileges it would not otherwise be afforded (Especially in the United States of America). It could be impossible to get farther from a religion than is Islam. Its objective is world dominance. Its objective is complete and total control of everything and everybody, by force if necessary, through a caliphate. It means to rule the world and those who cannot be converted to Islam must be “killed.” How does that sound like a religion? It is total control because it is seen as so superior nothing or no one is its equal in the minds of muslims. It is perhaps much worse then hitler’s Third Reich, or any barbaric dictator during the dark ages, and it is just as barbaric, probably more barbaric It also uses the make believe religious belief as leverage to keep members in line because of the fact it, (religiously) declares they be killed if they leave Islam. It preaches killing of non believers as well as is true about all other religions, including atheists and rewarding the murderers with virgins if they themselves are killed performing these brutal acts. This is not even close to a religion? Infidels (all infidels are inferior to its members).

      It is also a fact ISIS has declared their intention(s) is to embed terrorists into the refugees from Syria. obama knew it. But it was hillary who wanted to increase the number of refugees by 550 percent, one of the reasons, by the way, she was not elected but Donald Trump was. Which in itself saved American lives.

      Islam respects no other law or rules other then Islam (shariah law). Once again because it regards itself superior to everything and everyone. It is NOT compatible with the American constitution! A believer in Islam cannot assimilate into American society as well as any nation not ruled by shariah law, it is not allowed. It is punishable by death. The Qur’an displays the fact their prophet Mohammed was mentally ill and so were/are his followers. It motivates with fear and permeates hate and death not love as is normal for religions. There is no good within Islam. Islam in itself demonstrates perversion. Islam and its followers beliefs are in complete direct conflict with everything American. Absolutely everything. Individual freedoms are not allowed within Islam. It is recommended muslims lie to Christians in order to defeat and murder them to acquire total control over them.

      Islam’s prophet, Mohammad was beyond any doubt a mental case. More specifically a sexual pervert among many other mental problems. So he was evil in all ways not just religiously. Islam is the worshiping of evil. They mutilate females when they are very young. They stone to death women who are raped. They are more evil than Satanists. More and more people and nations are awaking to the (necessary) reason for the crusades. If things go on as is now happening a reply to Islam like the crusades will be necessary again. There is no reason to believe muslims will abandon their intentions. No reason at all. They are taught to hate from birth.

      The killing of non-believers is not the only crime perpetrated on humans once the women are sexually mutilated they use them as sex slaves. So that is a religion? Absolutely NOT! They are barbarians who have no morals or respect for another life. Females within Islam are considered less then human. Something to be used and beaten and forced to do mens will.

      The crusades ( have been criticized in modern times and even by president obama. Proving he is at the very least a muslim sympathizer. However, it is becoming obvious why there was a necessity for such action as the crusades. This war on the world started before 700 AD by Islam. The wholesale killing of muslims may very well become necessary again and very soon. If Christians as well as all other religions, and non believers are to survive it will become necessary to fight perhaps to the total and complete annihilation of Islam. Islam is determined to kill everyone in the world who thinks differently then they do. No group on earth has killed as many for as long as has Islam. Everyone who does not believe in Islam according to the Qur’an MUST be killed. That is a religion?

      Even those muslims who claim to dislike or not approve of jihad by their silence approve of the way of jihad if they worship via the Qur’an.

  59. It’s a global infestation. Hard to eradicate but a must.

  60. It is very disturbing that a great many people do not see the danger we are in. If you look at the human race as a single multi celled organism then you would have to conclude that the body has a cancer, Islam. Islam is a political ideology masquerading as a religion with one and only one goal, world domination, it is ruled by murder and fear. For 1400 years the body has fought this cancer, it would gain strength and invade and the body’s armies would beat it back, never enough to eradicate it, only enough to push it into remission for a few decades.
    Now in the 20th and 21st century the body has developed two new weaknesses, enlightened liberal ignorance or ELI, a mythological socialist mindset that totally ignores individual ambitions and desires and myopic view of reality, the second being an acute addiction to oil to run a modern society.
    Now strengthened by billions of petrodollars and the body numbed by ELI the cancer has broken out and is spreading unchecked. With greedy politicians willing to sell their souls granting inroads in every country it seems that the cancer might finally win, look at he mess Merkel has made in Germany, German citizens be ask to change their behavior to not offend the invaders. Here in the US you only need to say Dearborn, there are places there that even the police do not go and the Saudis are building madrasahs and Mosques and funding the push for common core to spread Islam into American schools, Obama is brought in thousands of Muslim invaders. Reported on 2/1/17, 751 no go Muslim places in France alone!
    Ah, I hear you saying Islam is the religion of peace and not all Muslims are bad, well the only time Islam is peaceful is when a country’s army is too strong to allow armed invasion, then it seeps in as immigration and refugees, then as their numbers rise the colonization begins and as cancer always does they begin feeding off of the good tissue and soaking up resources while growing exponentially, most of the Muslim immigrants are on public assistance and an imam just today called for Muslim women in America to have 20 children each and husbands to have 4 wives and while an individual Muslim may be a good person, as long as they adhere to the Quran you are an infidel, an enemy to be lied to and subdued and worse they form part of a ever expanding support network for colonization.
    They are in a never ending war to invade, subdue and colonize the rest of the world, they will never assimilate to your culture, they will never adhere to the constitution except were it can be used to restrain you.
    Now if you are unwilling or unable to see Islam as a threat, you will lose. If you are unwilling to do whatever is necessary to eradicate Islam, you will lose. If you are unwilling to see every mosque and every Quran wiped from the face of the earth you will lose. If you are unwilling to become as militant and violent as the cancer you are facing you will lose. By lose I mean your family, your country, your faith, your culture, your life, literally everything you value!

  61. Our President has got the numbers on all of these radical Muslim’s that live within our borders. At last someone that calls a spade a spade. We have so many appointed Muslim’s, thanks to Obama, that has a seat in our government & they hate our country. Now, Mr President clean out the WH.

  62. You’re absolutely right. Ninety nine percent of the terrorist attacks throughout the world are conducted by radical Islamic terrorists. And they’re vicious, deadly, brutal attacks against, many times, people who are unable to protect themselves or their children. They’re the grossest kinds of attacks against humanity. And when they happen in the U.S., the Muslim community is silent. And silence here is not golden, it appears to me to be a grudging approval of such activity. And I, for one, don’t appreciate it.

  63. You can yammer on and on about this; it’s still a Muslim ban. Why are the countries where Pres Trump has financial interests in not included in this list? That is troublesome.

  64. Having problems with the Muslim’s ideologies is nothing new nor is it exclusive to this date and time.
    Historically many previous governments and peoples have had to confront and seriously deal with
    the same problems the western world is mired in today. Many wars and much blood has been spilt in
    bring peace back from the chaos brought on by the introduction of radical Muslims.
    The faces may have changed in who’s involved but the root cause has not. The teachings of the Quran
    and the following of their demonic leaders are not now, nor have they ever been in the past, compatible
    with a civilized world society. Blood and domination is all they understand and preach. Only when that philosophy turns on them will they return from whence they came. Not sooner!
    The expectation that the Muslim culture will internally change to that of peace from terrorism is a false expectation. Understand that the definition of Peace to the Muslim world is ,,,We win and you loose!

  65. CAIR, ACLU,SPLC, Muslim Brotherhood, Communists are all operatives of the Democrat Terrorist Organization.

    God Bless America “BLUE LIVES MATTER”

  66. Extermination will work. EIEI&O!!

  67. Richard Daugherty

    Muslims will never fit into America. President Trump knows this. President Trump has already told you all that it will be America first. I suggest that people take that at face value. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!!! GO PRESIDENT TRUMP!!

  68. Denying the truth of the so-called holy Quran which calls for the death of the infidel is the stupidest thing a non-muslim can do… Yet the liberal democrats has proven to even be below that level of intelligence. There is coming a war within our borders because of the liberals’ ignorance that will perhaps cost the lives of tens of thousands maybe even hundreds of thousands or more. The only thing that will perhaps prevent this is a nuclear war with China and Russia first….

  69. I don’t trust any of them. Deport them all. Why are we disobeying the 1952 McCarran act, a law that’s been on the books for 65 years? We didn’t have this problem a few years back. Now it’s a big problem. Lawless politicians are allowing these hate filled people into our country. Time to obey the law. Take this to the Supreme court. I want them gone this year. All of them. This is not about religious freedom. This is about them colonizing our country and implementing sharia law. Get them out of public office. Get them out of our schools. Get them out of our lives, forever.


    The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. Yes you can find this in
    USCIS web site. In Section 212 Chapter 2, Prohibits entry into America
    Aliens belonging to an organization seeking the unlawful overthrow of
    the federal government of the United States by force, violence and other
    unconstitutional means.

    Islamic immigration would be illegal under this law. Why? The Koran,
    Sharia Law and the Hadith all require complete submission to Islam. To
    which are against our values and violate the Constitution. Muslims who
    attest to the Koran in their life’s guiding principle subscribe to

  71. Simply put, our nation has been invaded. We must stop ALL IMMIGRATION from third world countries, that we have nothing in common.

    Every nation makes their laws according to their beliefs. Islam, muslims don’t fit in this nation.

    As the Scripture says, the serpent seed/satan will use four dynasties to control, destroy, in the latter days…..EDUCATION, POLITICS, ECONOMICS, RELIGION.

    For those that can see and hear, heed the warnings!

  72. Their Quran forbids it and tells them to kill all that won’t convert to Islam. They have no place in a civilized society.


  74. Muslims don’t and never have, “practiced their faith in peace. 1400 yrs of history have shown that.

  75. Very well put it is not all people but they have stop the ones that are

  76. It will never happen. They are all radical & they said so.

  77. Read the damn Qur’an and you will fathom that there is no moderate Islamic/Muslim. All it takes is an Imam who chastises his Islamic followers that if they do not live by the edicts of the Qur’an then they will become infidels with a death sentence on their heads and they will become the jihadists who attack Christian churches and burn all alive in them. The Qur’an instructs on jihad and the killing of infidels who refuse to convert to Islam. The last chapters of the Qur’an state that there will be no peace on earth until all are followers of Islam.

  78. It appears to me that after 16 years nothing has changed in the Islamic world, they still want to attack us and kill us, and the ones that are in the U.S. demand that we become like their culture, not the other way around. If they don’t like the U.S. the way we are, then go back to your country, this one is mine.

  79. They have no place in any civilized Society , period. Islam is the most intolerant faith and does NOT recognize the right of any others to exist. They may give lip service to peace and show a veneer of Tolerance when forced to by being minorities in Western Countries they have invaded. but they expand and their birth rate is 3 times Western societies and the order is to over time inundate us all , then establish murderous Sharia States World wide. If those who will not see TRUTH when it lies before their eyes do not wake up to the REALITY , they will be victimized by the FACT!

  80. They keep fucking around and they’ll find out what a true civilian militia can do.

  81. Mainstream Muslims are no more able to reform the angry and murderous factions of “Islamism” than mainstream Christianity is able to reform the bogus Christianity greedily promoted by the deplorable tribes of sleazy, fraudulent, money-grubbing “prosperity gospel” hucksters that have become so prevalent in our time.

  82. and if muslims in America act like those in the countries they came from, what then? SHowing their true colors to America would only further the issue which would be to get them out. But, as for Most MUSLIMS, they will hunker down and pretend VICTIM to ensure they have the *stupid people on their side for support while the MUSLIMS laugh and giggle because they are playing them…..its only a matter of time when we have car bombs and people spraying ak-s in the street….at those very stupid people giving the MUSLIMS the support….

  83. Like the Christian Church, the Muslim religion has radicals that hide behind the name of that particular religion. These radicals are no more representative of the Muslim faith than the “Prosperity Gospel” preachers and the Westboro Baptist Church is representative of the Christian faith. There was a wonderful story today about the worshipers in a Synagogue in a small Texas town offering the use of their Temple to the Muslim members of a Mosque that had burned down suspiciously. The two groups held up signs that said “Muslims and Jews, Stronger Together”. There is a lesson there. God is at work.

    • You don’t understand Islam at all. The so called radical Muslims are your true and faithful Muslims. The so called moderate Muslims are the back sliders. Every Muslim has Jihad in their heart and every Muslim wants Islam to rule the world. You are somewhat correct about the Westboro Baptist church being out of the Christian mainstream and maybe out of their minds too. There are different levels of radicals, the nuts in the WBC do not cut people’s heads off. Can Islam say that? Don’t lose your head loving them Muslims.

  84. According to their reading list of documents defining their religion the only way they bring peace to a country is for folks to submit to their religion. Anyone who can read has access to the information and should understand America has been sold out to defend Islam by OIL money.

  85. The moderate Muslim is a myth. They all get their instructions from the same book.

  86. Excellent analysis, the truth hurts and that is why the suicidal Leftist sycophants can’t take it!


    get all muslims out of the USA they are an evil people ,trying to destroy the USA

  88. “Moderate muslims” a very interesting declaration but not at all truthful especially if referring to CAIR. There is only one group that possibly fits that description. Zuhdi Yasser’s group of muslims here in the Phoenix valley. They profess a transformation and suggest shariah law is not compatible with either their beliefs or the American Constitution. They are, of course, correct. Furthermore, the many polls taken world wide states muslims support shariah law by over a 70% margin. Since there are said to be 1.6 billion in the world over a billion of them support shariah law and are therefore, not compatible with the American constitution. Which means they cannot and will not ever assimilate into Americas society or become useful citizens.

    There is little doubt Islam, in its present state, is NOT a religion of peace in fact I suggest, it is neither a religion or even a cult, although it is close to a cult, what it is is an ideology of superiority, a way of life, a dictatorial system of government much like communism or fascism. It more emulates the KKK than a religion. In fact it is total and absolute control of everyone. Therefore it is worse, much worse than communism or fascism, if in fact, that is possible. It is disguised as a religion in order to garner acceptance among the populations of the world as well as government(s) recognition and protections which allows it privileges it would not otherwise be afforded (Especially in the United States of America due to the first amendment). It could be impossible to get farther from a religion than is Islam. Its first or primary objective is world dominance. That objective is complete and total control of everything and everybody, by force if necessary even murder, through a caliphate. It means to rule the world and those who cannot be converted to Islam must be “killed.” How does that sound like a religion? It is total control because it is seen as so superior nothing or no one is its equal in the minds of muslims. It is perhaps much worse then hitler’s Third Reich, or any barbaric dictator during the dark ages, and it is just as barbaric, probably more barbaric. It also uses the make believe religious belief as leverage to keep members in line because of the fact it, (religiously) declares they be killed if they leave Islam. It preaches killing of non believers as well as is true about all other religions, including atheists and rewarding the murderers with virgins if they themselves are killed performing these brutal acts. That in itself describes its leader or originator Muhammad. Muhammad’s delusions are not and never will be a religion. This is not even close to a religion? Infidels (all infidels in a muslin’s eyes) are inferior to its members.

    Islam respects no other law or rules other then Islam (shariah law). Once again because it regards itself superior to everything and everyone. It is NOT compatible with the American constitution! A believer in Islam cannot assimilate into American society as well as any nation not ruled by shariah law, it is not allowed. It is punishable by death. The Qur’an displays the fact their prophet Mohammed was mentally ill and so were/are his followers. It motivates with fear and permeates hate and death not love as is normal for religions. There is no good within Islam. Islam in itself demonstrates perversion. Islam and its followers beliefs are in complete direct conflict with “everything American.” Absolutely everything. Individual freedoms are not allowed within Islam. It is recommended muslims lie to Christians in order to defeat and murder them to acquire total control over them.

    Islam’s prophet, Mohammad was, beyond any doubt, a mental case. More specifically a sexual pervert among many other mental problems. So he was evil in all ways not just religiously. Islam is the worshiping of evil. They sexually mutilate females when they are very young. They stone to death women who are raped. In other words they punish the victim not the perpetrator of the crime. They are more evil than Satanists. More and more people and nations are awaking to the (necessary) reason for the crusades. If things go on as is now happening a reply to Islam like the crusades will be necessary again. There is no reason to believe muslims will abandon their intentions. No reason at all. They are taught to hate from birth. Females among them are considered less then human beings and treated as such.

    The killing of non-believers is not the only crime perpetrated on humans once the women are sexually mutilated they use them as sex slaves. So that is a religion? Absolutely NOT! They are barbarians who have no morals or respect for anothers life or rights. Females within Islam are considered less then human. Something to be used and beaten and forced to do mens will.

    The crusades ( have been criticized in modern times and even by obama when he was president. Proving he is at the very least a muslim sympathizer. However, it is becoming obvious why there was a necessity for such action as the crusades. This war on the world started before 700 AD by Islam. The wholesale killing of muslims may very well become necessary again and very soon. If Christians as well as all other religions, and non believers are to survive it will become necessary to fight perhaps to the total and complete annihilation of Islam. Islam is determined to kill everyone in the world who thinks differently then they do. There is only one way to combat such acts! Total and complete annihilation. No group on earth has killed as many for as long as has Islam. Everyone who does not believe in Islam according to the Qur’an MUST be killed. That is a religion?

    Even those muslims who claim to dislike or not approve of jihad by their silence approve of the way of jihad if they worship via the Qur’an.

    In the final analysis however, how is it anyone in America cannot see the threat of Islam on the American constitution and the beloved God given freedoms it assures “we the people.” For Americans to accept Islam as an “acceptable religion” here in America it will take a fundamental transformation. Does that sound, in any way, familiar?

  89. Islam is a supremacist, totalutarian ideology (incompatible with the American Constitution) that masquerades as a religion.

  90. Yes I am islamaphobic,If I am to be cured of this common problem the valid fear of radical islamic terrorism must be quelled either by extreme vetting or deportation of those that would do American citizens harm. Cair does not care for anyone but protecting their own terrorist operatives.They should be removed from our country by force if necessary.

  91. Muslims are irate because the terrorist ban seems to include more “Muslims” than other groups! If these folks are truly upset, perhaps they should send a message to the “Muslim Brotherhood” and tell them to quit their terrorist activities! They should send a message to Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, ISIS, Hezbolla, and the countless other terrorist groups which are composed largely of followers of Mohammed and his writings contained in the Koran. These groups are using “refugee” programs to infiltrate this nation. Of course they’re going to complain against anyone who stands against their plan to convert America into a caliphate!

  92. How would anyone ever be able to determine whether a “moderate Muslim” or their offspring would never be a deadly threat to our lives, our freedom and everything non-Islamic in our culture of constitutional freedom? …. considering that the doctrine of Islam prevents the reform of Islam without bloody defeat of any effort at reformation and that unreformable doctrine tells Muslims to lie to the non-Muslim in order to advance Islam and replace non-Muslims as well as telling them that the surest way for a Muslim to enter Islamic heaven is to die while doing outer jihad, violent or non-violent.

    Any Muslim who considers themself to be a devout Muslim or a Muslim who has completed inner jihad or a Muslim who aspires to be a better Muslim or the offspring of a Muslim apostate, who wants to reclaim his Muslim heritage ….. any of these are likely to be mentally prepared to do violent jihad when needed to fulfil their inner motivation or the level of jihad called for by the iman of their local mosque. If more than one in a thousand U.S. Muslims would be willing to kill us or work to displace our freedom and culture thru non-violent or violent means …. that is too many.

  93. So if this is a “Terrorist” ban against “those countries who threaten America” why isn’t Saudi Arabia on the List??? They only killed about 2,000 people in NYC. Or is it because Mr T has “Business adventures” there???

  94. Here are some unsweetened and harsh truth on this entire issue with Muslims and Islam and terrorist organizations like ISIS, Hamas, Al- Queda and the list goes on.

    First of all, why are there not more terrorist attacks against these “moderate” and non-violent and American friendly Middle Eastern countries?

    Every one of them in one way or another, mostly indirectly support one or more of these groups and everyone of them have bought the “insurance” they need through that support.

    Does anyone with a brain have any reasonable doubt that if ISIS or any of these groups were really serious about maintaining the purity of Islam from the decadence of the Western societies that countries like Abu Dhabi and Dubai and Kuwait would not land high on the list of nations that have perverted Islam?

    Islam, any form of Islam is not a religion in Western terms. It is a method of conquest and domination wrapped in the garbs of the religions that were prevalent in that region of the world when this supposed “prophet” was on his reign of terror and conquest during the time of his great “revelation”.

    This al-Qur´an that is so sacred that people are beheaded for ripping a page of it or spilling tea on it is little more than a political system of bloodletting to gain submission, conquest and domination over what was then ignorant illiterate tribes, still a situation that to a certain level exists today in that Region of the world.

    Study the real history of it´s elaboration and how whenever this pedophile of a “prophet” needed a justification for something that he wanted to do but was not permitted by his own invention, well he just went to sleep and had a revelation where this putrid excuse of a god gave him permission to do it, all the way to taking a nine year old girl as a wife to cool his perverted appetites.

    Ever since the origination of Islam, additions for just about any vile and horrific act have been and are made by equally perverted and twisted men considered to be holy and messengers like the original perverted and twisted man who devised this al-Qur´an called fatwahs. New messages and interpretations of what their god allows, wants done or how they are supposed to act.

    So, just as the West has been deceived by the Muslim world throughout it´s history, most of those living under this book and foolishly equate it to the actual religions of the world end up living the hell that it actually sponsors and requires of any of its´ adherents or believers.

    Every Muslim of today has to deal with one overriding decision for their life–
    Do I accept Islam and thereby live according to it´s book. By that I am accepted, unthreatened and considered to be a follower ( of course depending on which sect I have the misfortune of being born into) and have a place in heaven when my mortal life ends or, by rejecting it totally or in any part, become condemned, hunted, outcast and forbidden entry into heaven along with every member of their family or their DNA.

    As part of the belief demanded of the al-Qur´an, all male members of a family have the obligation to ensure strict adherence to and indoctrination into 100% of the teachings and requirements of this book and the fatwahs that accompany it.

    What does that mean for the rest of us?

    If we follow the logic, it means that any Muslim could in reality have been sufficiently indoctrinated or ascribe fully to all the barbarous demands of Islam and see any non-Muslim as someone who has to either convert to Islam or be slaughtered.

    It also means that we have to be suspicious of even those who profess to have left Islam behind and integrated into our societies because that is also a part of the teachings and requirement of the followers. Hell, it even says that they should adapt the enemy´s ways, dress and customs as part of the deception to infiltrate into the society with the goal of conquering it, converting it and dominating it.

    Go to any one of those nations, find a mosque or a school run by the religious men and women of that nation and you will find indoctrination into not just these basics of life as a Muslim but, the horrific and vile acts that are to be used and perpetrated against non-Muslim and anyone who does not accept Islam.

    The Orlando killer´s wife was from one of these schools in Pakistan. She managed to enter the US on a visa that she should never have been granted and as the killers wife, she led him to where he ended up, a vicious, cold blooded killer. Something she was indoctrinated into by the school. By the way, everyone on Earth knew that school was an indoctrinating center for developing committed and very dangerous followers of Islam and as potential terrorists. But, someone missed that in the screening that was done on her.

    They have on one world view, it is Islam or death for everyone on the planet as they are taught and as it is demanded of them as Muslims. It is apocalyptic by it´s very founding, which means they are anxious for the end of the world because that is when they will be able to live the good life they are denied by Islam in this world and that forms the very basis of suicide bombers due to the promise this same pathetic excuse of a religion and holy book offers to anyone who will kill the enemy by suicide, a very special and highly rewarded act according to al-Qur´an.

    Name one true religion of the West that carries that kind of promise!

    Western Europe has for all intents and purposes been successfully invaded and every one of those nations and cultures are in the process of experiencing significant changes in the very fundamentals of what used to be. In some parts of some of these countries Shariah law is required for Muslims. They cannot be tried under the system of laws of the very nation they are living in.

    Get any book that deals with the truth on Islam and take the time to read it, you will begin to understand the danger it poses and the lie of a religion that it is.

    One of the best and most direct books I have read is Islam Dismantled by Das Sujit.

    In the 14th century a Spanish king and queen, Ferdinand and Isabella opened their eyes to what Islam threatened, over half of Spain was living under conquest and occupation by Muslims and most of the rest of Western Europe had been conquered. They went to war to drive the Muslims out and in 1492 the final battle was won and Spain was freed from the occupation and threat of total conquest.

    But, the lament of the defeated caliph carried the promise of a re-conquest and a world converted to and dominated by Muslims and the only faith being Islam.

    That is the driving force of every Muslim true believer since that time and forms the very root of what ISIS and the rest of these terrorists carry with them every day and in every encounter with any non-muslim and non-believer.

    Believe me, this is just a surface scratch on what is a very, very deep well of hate, violence, destruction, chaos and death– masquerading today as it did from its´ founding as– a religion of peace and tolerance.

    • I have found this website enlightening also. It is the Quran translated into English.

      Prophet of Doom is the best-documented, most comprehensive,
      presentation of Islam’s five oldest and most reliable scriptural
      sources. Ishaq’s Biography of Muhammad, Tabari’s History of Islam, and
      Bukhari’s and Muslim’s Hadith, were used to reorder the Qur’an
      chronologically and to set its surahs into the context of Muhammad’s
      life. When this evidence is evaluated systematically, the only rational
      conclusion is that Islam’s lone prophet was a ruthless terrorist, a
      mass-murderer, a thief, slave trader, rapist and pedophile.

      Good Luck.

  95. The problem is that the reformers are murdered by hard-line Muslims. So it’s tough to have a reform movement. But that is exactly what we need, the world needs, and the great majority of Muslims who are not hardline needs.

    All the great religions except Islam have one thing in common. They try to create converts by persuasion and education. Only Islam uses murder (the sword) as a fundamental tactic of growing the religion. Convert or die, this was the technique used by Muslims to extend the religion from Spain to Indonesia in less than 150 years. So it works. But there is something perpetually stupefying about a religion that turns first to violence and death.

  96. Muslims have been told, wrap yourself in the American flag and act American. Then when told, you will attack and do your worst damage. American women who protect Muslims, apparently see nothing wrong with female castration, which is supported by Sharia Law. Yet Indiana has elected a Democrat Muslim Congressman, and Sharia Law information is being passed out in public schools.
    Americans are cutting their own throats, thru stupidity.

  97. These people are not civilized enough to live here.
    If an civilization had a deadly disease they would be refused entry. Here you have a culture with an extremely deadly disease that is transferred through the generations and has little symptoms other than death and serious destruction of property. Only Muslims have this disease.

  98. The United Arab Emirates has declared CAIR to be a TERRORIST organization. Many countries in the Middle East and across North Africa have declared the Muslim Brotherhood to be a TERRORIST organization. Obama, when HE was President, brought CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood into our Government Agencies at high levels and EVEN into the White House as “advisors”. Sheesh!

  99. Insane to allow them entry as they add nothing but potential death, destruction and immense expense.I

  100. They don’t practice in peace and kill each other as two different sects of the same nasty Mohamel cult. Not a religion by any stretch of the imagination as was founded 1400 yrs. ago to murder, rape, honor kill, and pedophilia, especially if no female available, and females treated like chattel (slaves and used for procreation of more of the idiots), plus they are forced by the Qu’Ran to marry first cousins so for 1400 yrs. they are not mentally fit! They also kill deformed infants immediately after birth. Sorry, but get rid of all of them in this country as in some areas already pushing for sharia just like in England, and as far as I am concerned just waiting for the “call”, plus they have 35 terrorists camps near our military bases so why not get rid of them as they are far worse than Waco, Tx or any other cult. All muslim agencies must be disallowed to be on our soil, and there are several already, along with Khan the con pushing to bring more from his native Pakistan (you know the creep paid $25K by Hillary to talk about his son and our Constitution which he just was given a few minutes before his speech by a Hillary staff member), and never, ever do muslims allow wives to be seated next to them because that would mean “you’re dead”.

  101. Keep all those animals out….. leave them in the dirt humping goats where they belong

  102. The doors to Islamic immigration to Europe should have been permanently shut centuries ago and to America and other western nations when they were created. Islam has remained basically unchanged since it was invented (sic) by a failed merchant back in the 7th century. The Koran and Hadith remains the same document as when they were written as has the shariah. There is nothing in the history of Islam that would suggest it is peaceful or even capable of integrating into non Islamic society. In truth it stands for never ending war with its perceived enemies and with itself. It stands for never ending oppression of females, homosexuals, so called apostates, Christians, Jews and any other religious faith. During the times I have lived and worked in Islamic countries I accepted how I was required to live because I was in a country totally incapable of respecting my beliefs. Although there were instances where I had to intervene to protect the life of some poor woman or child I did so at great risk. When I see a woman on a street in America wearing Islamic clothing I feel insulted and sad that a nation that has such a strong history of freedom and liberty would countenance this symbol of total subservience and oppression. The world has been forced by the violent hand of Islam to make a decision. Do we continue down this politically correct path of appeasement allowing Islam to spread it’s evil ideology or we do say enough and recognize reality by fighting back on all levels. I have chosen the latter and will voice my opinion at every opportunity. When ignorance attempts to shout me down I will simply raise my voice and overcome. I fully support President Trumps efforts to stem the flow of Muslim immigration and hope he moves even further in that direction. If the entire world took this position there might be some hope of bringing Islam out of the 7th century and into the 21st.

  103. The Republican approach: Muslims stop and change to protect our people. The Democrat approach: Protect me and kill as many of our lowly people as you wish.

  104. I believe President Trump is doing the Right and Best thing For America!! Prayers are with him and this country as we do what’s Best For America!!!

  105. Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong, … Especially you, heads straight…!
    I give you two words to “Google” up and ponder.
    No. 1 – ” muruna ” which reveals the true ” modus operandi ” of ALL MUSLIMS.
    No. 2 – ” Wahhabism ” which describes in graphic detail how the Sunni Saudi Muslim ideology, from which Al-Qaeda, Osama bin Laden and ISIS have evolved, and The Shia Muslim ideology, which basically covers all other non-Saudi Mulims clash and conflict with one another.

    Read and learn my friends. They are all out to destroy ALL infidels of the western civilization. Each and every Muslim on the face of this planet, irrespective of what they will tell you to your face, without so much as a twitch of the eye, is obligated by the teachings of the Quran.

  106. Islam will not reform. Its aim is to take over the world. Convert to this pagan cult or die. Such is so ordered by the Qur’an. Time to consider it a subversive organization and deny it any protections as a “religion”, which it is not. Its so called God is nothing more than a pagan illusion and its founder was a mad, illiterate, misogynistic, murdering, pedophile. We had better get real about this movement or buy burkas for all out females. Bring no more “refugees” in. Encourage all muslimes here to go back to wherever they or their ancestors came from. Islam has no place in our representative republic.

    • Chuck. You nailed it if they were so civilized they wouldn’t be demanding beheading laws in other countries for people speaking against Islam and they’re pedo founder Mohammad. Everything Islamic should be eradicated

  107. They’ve had plenty of time to reform to our ways of life. We have been terrorized enough from these people. It’s time to send them home to fix there own country and quit trying g to change ours.

    • Billy Williams. Exactly I could not agree more, they’ve been at it for 1400 years and have no intention of changing

  108. Muslims must be irradicated from the face of the earth. It is the exact same scourge in who were defeated in Scicily during the Crusade wars between 700 And 800 AD, only then the primary force was Turkish.

  109. Can we go after jihad fomenters and not just the soldiers?

  110. I think it was Winston Churchill who once muttered the words … “History, when not learned from, is destined only to repeat itself”.

    Insanity is when one keeps doing the same thing, over and over again, while each time expecting a different outcome.

  111. The freedom-loving Muslims must come the plate.

  112. CAIR needs to be booted out of the US. They support terrorism. They had their fingers in every aspect of the Obama Administration. Obama needs to be tried for treason since he supported an organization bent on destroying the US.

  113. F that moderate Muslim work with them reform it BS freakin BAN Islam they have no intention of changing it’s they’re way or die. Eliminate special privileges having 2 or more wives some have 20 kids breeding like roaches on welfare etc. Allowing Islam death cult to remain is suicide

    Islamic agenda for 1400 years and still going on it will never change
    1 We will take over and Islamize all countries
    2 You will convert to Islam or die
    3 You will live under sharia law
    4 We will take child brides
    5 Stone women accused of cheating to death
    6 Cut off hand of someone caught stealing. The list goes on

  114. I’m all for the ban. It wouldn’t bother me if we never let anothter one in. They would let me go ti any one of those 7 countries and then when I tried to impose my western values on them I would be murdered. I say don’t let another Muslim or Arab into our country. Yes that is racist and religious persecution. But it is safe.

  115. There are a whole lot of us good ole Americans (good ole boys if you will) who are ready to defend our country from the inside. If our government doesn’t stop the muslims now, we will when they attack! It seems those body bags will come in handy to ship their stinkin bodies to their sand box. We don’t want them buried on American soil! Share you’re support for this.

  116. Crap. All crap. First of all, it is a Muslim Ban. Rudy Giuliani said exactly that on TV. Secondly, the reason for the Ban is pure showmanship. If he were serious about it, it would include Saudi Arabia and Egypt. But guess what, Trump has business interests in those countries. Three, we are all much more likely to be murdered by someone we know or a fellow citizen than by an Islamic Terrorist. Where’s the outrage over that? It seems to me that you morons are fine with murder as long as it’s perpetrated by a “Christian”. I don’t see any of you whining when “Christians” commit murder or blow up women’s health centers.
    What we have here is an idiot in the White House and fewer and fewer idiots who support him. Those who still do are probably hateful and ill-informed and they’re definitely hypocrites.

  117. U do understand that hundreds of
    thousands of US citizens were on the no fly list 4 the past
    decade & they sure as hell were inconvenienced. Y no
    outrage in that. hypocrites.

    Again, how does a person keep from laughing at this
    nonsense?….. this is all LIBERAL media fueled BS …. its
    a temporary BAN 4 travelers from Countries which basically R
    lawless self-states , perpetual civil war sh*tholes &
    state sponsors of Terrorism ….. past administrations have
    done the same thing but the mind of the urban liberal moron
    forgets that …..yet another fact which these college
    educated geniuses R 2 stupid 2 C.

    There is a lot of Tribalism within the Middle Eastern
    Countries so that maybe Y they don’t want the
    refugees. They have 2 consider that Islam uses immigration
    as a scheme of conquest. Historically, that is what they
    have done & R still doing. That is Y I believe that
    people coming from Islamic Countries should B fewer, 2
    attempt assimilation. If they won’t assimilate, they
    should B denied access 2 this Country. No Country has &
    obligation 2 bring people within its borders that R a threat
    2 its existence.

    The issue here is one that seems 2 fly over people’s
    heads. Can anyone show me where we R required 2 let anyone
    in our Country. I’m not trying 2 say we should or
    shouldn’t but there is nothing, nada, that’s
    ”requires” us 2 let anyone in our Country. Our debt is
    out of control, we have numerous accounts where illegals
    have caused crime & death, & we just can’t afford
    anybody else at this point & probably won’t 4 yrs if
    ever. Let’s get our own house in order & clean up the
    last 8 yrs before we even think of letting people in. Y
    aren’t Middle Eastern Countries taking these people in? I
    know Y but that’s another story.

    The 120 day, get our act together fix the problem & make
    sure, 2 the best of our ability the people we let in R not
    Radical Islamic Terrorist. The order also names Syria only
    as a specific Country. The libbers don’t realize the other
    6 Countries come from their own fearless leaders: 8 U.S.C.
    1182(f), a federal law signed by Barack Obama & 8 U.S.C.
    1187(a)(12), also mentioned in the EO was initiated by Jimmy
    Carter. so Trump is doing NO wrong.

    Why not give Trump a chance, give him a year & then if you
    don’t like where he is leading this Country, then complain.
    Listen we Republicans & Independents just put up with your
    choice of Obama for the worse 8 yrs of a Presidency. We
    hated every year of it. But did we carry on like blubbering
    idiots NO.

  118. *I hope that the Trump administration is not only looking at
    the Terrorist threat within the refugee program, but also
    the cultural threat that these people pose. The importation
    of refugees from Islamic Countries needs 2 B slowed so that
    the people can assimilate. The USA is being bunbared by the
    masses of immigrants that R coming into this Country &
    replacing American Culture w/ Islamic Culture & Sharia.
    Sharia is incompatible w/ the U.S. Constitution & I
    don’t believe it is wise 2 import large numbers of people
    into this Country that want 2 impose Sharia on the homeland.
    If we don’t understand this & change our policies, we
    will B overrun like Europe.

    Oh the humanity! Oh the chaos! And what caused this uproar?
    Were Muslims being sent 2 internment camps? Were they being
    gassed? No. It was b/c a total of 11 people were detained at
    a airport b/c they came from some Countries that were banned
    due 2 Terrorism. These Countries R the same ones that were
    listed as Countries of Terrorism by President Obama.

    * I am tired of the faux outrage on the left over President
    Trump’s immigration policy. Where were they when President
    Obama had a 6 month ban on those coming from Iraq in 2011?
    This is not a Muslim ban. If it were, it would include
    India, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia,
    etc. These countries that R banned R specifically targeted
    b/c they R either war torn or have no working central Gov’t.
    Furthermore, when the Syrian embassy was taken over by the
    Radicals, they stole the equipment 2 make passports. This is
    how many terrorists R able 2 enter Europe & set off
    bombs. This policy needs 2 B refined 2 weed out the
    Terrorists from Non-Terrorists. I watched as the interpreter
    that was finally released from the airport was asked how he
    felt about President Trump &he said he LIKED him.
    No one has the right 2 come 2 this Country. It is a
    privilege. There will B inconveniences as the protocol gets
    worked out. This is not & earth shattering tragedy or
    the end of the World. Everyone needs STOP the hysteria &
    take a deep breath & put this in perspective. This is a
    small price 2 pay 4 Safety.
    Remember 9/11/01, how soon some people forget.

  119. The Qu’ran is so very different than the Bible. Read the differences in “Islam Unveiled.” It is a very brutal religion in that husbands are called upon to beat their wives into submission. I could go on and on…but everyone needs to educate themselves about what they truly believe. It goes against most of what we as Americans believe in. (Personally….I get upset every time I see a covered woman…why don’t the men go all covered up in the humid summer weather? How cruel! This is not modesty – it’s lunacy!)

  120. No such thing as moderate peaceful Muslim. Push come to shove anyone of them will stab, shoot or try to kill an American that is not Muslim. The Qu’ran is an evil book. Read chapter 12. They are no peace loving Muslims that live by the Qu’ran, sheriah law or believe in the cult leader Allah. Sadly Muslims have been brainwashed through the centuries. They use the word religion in order to slide through their evil agenda in America. Muslim is not a religion and Allah is NOT a god. The are a worthless cult.

  121. We see what is happening in Europe and the other parts of the world, why are we still trying to import more Muslims in to USA?

  122. Keep America safe

  123. When dealing with Muslim Radicals One must realize that They believe in lying to Infidels as We are fit only for One of Two things: Conversion to Islam or Death.
    Wake up in the minds of many the clock has been turned back to the Sixth Century.

  124. The Koran is a book that says one thing and one thing only… Kill all infidels. That includes not only Christian’s, but Jews, Hindus and any other religion that does not agree with theirs. It is time for All of Us to Wake Up and know the consequences that will come about if we do not. There were Crusade 1000s of years ago for a very good reason!! Anyone ready for a road trip…!

  125. I have just about had all I can stand of these sons of bitches killing and blowing up not only their own sons and daughters but also as many of us as they can take along with them. There is only one cure for this type of zealot!!! They want to play with the big boys then I say lets show them what it means to unleash the dogs of war and burn them with the bombs they want to use on us. My vote would be to destroy their ability to wage war! The danger of playing with fire is you will get burned. Drop a few nukes on them and show them the cost of poking a big dog with their little sticks. We have to show them what it costs to attack the great nation of our united states. Turn a few cities into glass parking lots. It worked as a way to prove to the japs in WWII that we could and would exterminate them. One way or another.

  126. The countries which have exported terrorism to the USA are not on the list. Saudi Arabia and Egypt. The list makes no sense. It makes as much sense to blame Muslims in general as it would be to say all christians are like Timothy Mcvey! More Americans are killed each year by children playing with guns than are killed by Muslims. People’s priorities are all messed up!! Of course we want to vet immigrants to keep out the bad guys. There were THOUSANDS of bad Cubans in the Castro-inspired boat lift. We do not want that again. Europe has problems because of poor vetting and illegal immigration. Our system works well. Don’t be crazy.

  127. Any MUSLIM who reads the Quran and advocates for SHARIAH LAW should be put on a boat and sent back to where they came from. We can not live FREE under our CONSTITUTION and coexist with MUSLIMS as they can never KOW TOW to the CONSTITUTION and accept it’s rules to live under. This whole deal of spreading them all over the world is a start of a world wide JIHAD and they will rise up and conquer every nationality that brings them in. Already a city in Britain the MUSLIMS told the White Population that they have to assimilate to the MUSLIMS since they out number the Whites.

  128. Muslims are Monsters. Remember 9/11. Remember Benghazi. Death to all Muslims.



    • Lugh is not a word, stupid.

      I did not read past “lugh”, but as I was responding to you, I noticed that you’re TOO stupid TO discern to from too.high school.

      I’ll bet whatever jobs you have held during your ‘career’ can be mastered in a manner of days by an illegal Mexican or a high school dropout.


  130. Most religions you get punished in the “After Life” for killing someone. In the Muslim Religion you get rewarded. Why do we want people living here who believe their “God” tells them to murder people of different beliefs than theirs?

  131. Elizabeth Raynor Short

    Just get them out of USA. Incompatible! Immigration is a tactic of Muslim conquest. Always has been. Churchill: ” Islam in a man is as dangerous as hydrophobia [rabies] in a dog.” Some things never change. Islam and its doctrines of hate, violence, oppression and genocide never change no matter the face it chooses to show to its intended vctims. MAGA. And safe for citizens.

  132. Doesn’t their “book” say to lie to get their trust and them drop the hammer or should I say machete?How do /can we tell the difference?

  133. Islam is a stage 4 cancer and the only way to deal with it is to excise
    it from the body and in this case the body is the United States. Start
    in the mosques where the cancerous ideology is being taught and
    remove the teachers of satanic hate. We should deal with them the
    same way they dealt with the KKK and shut them down islam is the
    Nazi party on steroids.


  135. keep them all out and the ones that are here order them to leave or go live in California.

  136. If elected, Hillary was going to bring in at least and maybe more, than 65 thousand Quran reading, Sharia Law loving Muslims every year. But Hillary was going to have the Secret Service protect her, while Americans are on their own.
    Now a judge in Seattle has put a stop to Trump’s ban on allowing Muslims into the US, as being unconstitutional. Why are so many Americans intent on helping Muslims, destroy this country?

  137. Look at Sweden. This country is ruined. Is this what we want??


    Click link below for video

    This is Islam!! If you want to be sickened and understand the ignorance and true believes of the Muslims please watch this video! These are real Muslims in a Muslim country no trick photography here. This says it all for me!

    After billions of American tax dollars spent in Afghanistan to try to promote democracy and free them from tyranny, this is how these barbarians still live. This poor woman was stoned, mutilated, dragged through the streets and burned to death because of idiotic idealistic believes in a book, yes a book ( the Koran) written by men. It blows my mind how people believe in fairytales from a book and pray to a meteior in Mecca. REALLY.??? (But that’s just me)
    Turns out she was being a good Muslim and reporting the illegal activity of men selling condoms and Viagra inside a her mosque.

    I am not religious one bit whatsoever!! There is it this thing called evolution! It has been proven over and over again! But, with this being said I still believe in the Christian values that this country is based on. It’s a beautiful thing to live in harmony with your neighbors. So, what I choose to do is to practice the LAWS of the land and ASSIMILATE into the cultures surrounding me. ( unlike the Islamic culture in general ). If, for some reason I did not want to assimilate I COULD and SHOULD move elsewhere. I don’t!! I love America and would give my life for it if need be. If the Muslims are not happy here in America, GO AWAY! Go back to one of your ass backwards Islamic preaching countries and try to fix it yourselves. Fix your own goddamn country’s!!! Without my taxpaying dollars.

    I know for a fact, not all Muslim people are evil, but I have yet to see a Muslim person standing up and say this is not what we believe in, radical Islam is not what we believe in. They sit back and watch their cowardly comrades shoot, stab and blow themselves up in order to kill innocent people. For what! Just so we can look at them and say what a bunch of ignorant Islamic assholes! They are too ignorant to stand up for their own believes and present them in a proper forum.
    The liberal left wants more of this shit in our country?? Not in my America! I will vote, protest an fight this is Islamic bullshit however long it takes in order to restore and uphold the values of the of the Constitution of America. GOD ( lol..) BLESS AMERICA!

    You must watch this video.

  139. Got this from AFA, American Family Association. I was so glad to have this to combat Democrat bias and lack of knowledge.
    First, the charge that an immigration ban
    is unbiblical. Because of the immediate and implacable hostility of the
    people of Ammon and Moab when Israel came out of Egypt, God himself
    forbade the nation of Israel to accept any immigrants from either of
    these people groups to “the tenth generation” (Deuteronomy 23:3). Since a biblical generation is 40 years, this was in essence a permanent ban.

    So the benchmark established by God is
    this: if a people group manifests an unremitting hostility to another
    nation, that nation has the moral right to forbid entrance to immigrants
    from that people group in the interests of its own security and peace.
    Was God saying that every Ammonite and Moabite was evil beyond
    redemption? No, but since it was virtually impossible to tell which
    Ammonites or Moabites Israel needed to worry about and which ones they
    didn’t, God’s directive was to be careful with them all.

    Immigration exceptions were made for those
    who were properly and satisfactorily vetted. Ruth, for instance, was a
    Moabite but was not only allowed to enter Israel but to become a part of
    the line that led to the Savior of the world.

    It should be noted that Ruth was embraced
    as an immigrant because of her willingness to reject the religious
    practices of her native land and completely assimilate to her newly
    adopted homeland. “Your people shall be my people, and your God my God” (Ruth 1:17).

    Second, to the charge that Trump’s
    directive is unconstitutional. This assertion is categorically and
    resoundingly false. The Constitution grants to Congress unilateral and
    unquestioned authority to set whatever immigration restrictions it
    wishes, according to Article I, Section 9. According to that section of
    the Constitution, Congress is free to limit “migration” to persons that
    “it shall think proper to admit.”

    There is, you will note, not even a
    prohibition against the use of a “religious” test, which is nothing more
    than an ideological test. First Amendment guarantees apply only to
    legal American residents, not to people who have never set foot in the
    United States.

    If Congress thinks it is not “proper to
    admit” individuals whose religion orders them to “slay the idolaters
    wherever you find them” (Surah 9:5), it is perfectly free to do so. We
    have denied immigration to Communists since 1952 on the grounds that
    communist ideology is incompatible with American values. So is the
    ideology of Islam.

    There is absolutely no constitutional
    right whatsoever to immigrate to the United States. The U.S., like every
    other sovereign nation in the world, has the moral right to reserve
    immigration to those who will be an asset and refuse it to those who

    Congress restricted immigration to the
    Chinese for 10 years in the late 19th century in order to preserve
    demographic balance. In the 1920s, Congress established quotas based on
    national origin to preserve the diverse but harmonious unity we

    Third, as to the charge that Trump’s directive is illegal. As Andy McCarthy reminds us,

    Federal immigration law also includes
    Section 1182(f) which states: “Whenever the President finds that the
    entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States
    would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens
    or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the
    entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate”
    (emphasis added).

    This is the very section of the law that
    Trump cited in his directive. He applied it specifically to seven
    countries of particular jihadi unrest and danger: Iran, Iraq, Libya,
    Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. These are countries which have already
    been designated by the Obama administration as “countries of concern.”

    It’s worthy of note that this is NOT
    exactly a “Muslim ban,” since the directive does not apply to 87% of the
    Muslim world. Even some countries which ought to be on the list (Saudi
    Arabia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan) aren’t.

    It should not be forgotten for a moment
    that President Obama himself banned immigration from Iraq for six months
    in 2011 for national security reasons. Where were the howls of outrage
    about religious liberty and Islamophobia back then? And let’s remember
    that Democrat president Jimmy Carter completely banned immigration from
    Iran in 1980 during the hostage crisis. Where was the screeching then
    about the Constitution? The silence of the left was deafening on both

    McCarthy sums it up this way: “[T]here is
    no doubt that the executive order temporarily banning entry from
    specified Muslim-majority countries is both well within President
    Trump’s constitutional authority and consistent with statutory law.”

    So Trump’s directive is biblical,
    constitutional, legal, and designed to protect America’s security. There
    is nothing here for American citizens and patriots to dislike and
    everything to approve.

    (Unless otherwise noted, the opinions expressed are the author’s
    and do not necessarily reflect the views of the American Family
    Association or American Family Radio. Likewise no comments directed at
    the moderator(s) will be approved.)

  140. If we think we have problems with Muslims now, just let
    them keep entering the US. Their intentions are to rule us just as they have taken over parts of Western Europe, England & Scandinavia. It will be eventual demise for us all.
    How stupid can we all be?

  141. I’m in total agreement. I cannot understand why muslims have not stepped up, you just don’t hear from them or the msm doesn’t want to hear from them.

  142. This is pure propaganda bullcrap. There are no moderate muslims. The author of this article has no conception of the mindset of muslims. The Quran dictates that a muslim either decide Jihad or is bound to support those that are, or suffer death at the hands of their brothers. I will never understand a religion that denegrates personal freedom, women, the family, accept as a male fascist state. A religion that openly denegrates others beliefs. Islam is a religion based on the arabic culture from the 12 century that worships death not life., a belief system that says it’s ok to pit family members against each other to the death, that places their possessions over their families, that honors lying to any infidel including different sects of your own religion. A religion that carries the seeds of human destruction.

  143. Contact your Representatives and Senators and demand that they support President Trump in is infinite wisdom! I want a safe America, a strong America, a prosperous America and a great America, greater than ever before! President Trump will give us all of these things but we must help him, we must shut down all Democrats like Chuck Schumer that blatantly stated he will oppose every move that President Trump make, a total idiot!

  144. Hillary Clinton risked America’s national security and let four brave Americans die in Benghazi while losing or stealing six billion dollars from the state department! This WPOS and poor excuse for a human being needs to go to prison for the rest of her life!

    To defeat terrorism we must use overwhelming, unrelenting force, there must be troops on the ground, not a few hundred or a few thousand but millions, tens of millions. We must hunt this vermin down wherever they are and eradicate it from the face of the earth!
    All of the good people in the world must unite and hunt the terrorist down and kill them as they kill. The good people of the world outnumber the terrorist by more than a million to one and we need to let the terrorist know that their days are numbered.
    Ending terrorism requires overwhelming, unrelenting force and troops on the ground, not thousands but millions the U.S. and our allies must unite as one!

    • Every American that cares about this country needs to write their Congress persons every day and demand that crooked Hillary be arrested, prosecuted and punished for her crimes against America and the American people!
      Copy and paste the message below and email to both of your senators and as many of you representatives as possible!
      I want to know why Hillary Clinton hasn’t been arrested for her crimes against the government and humanity. This woman has broken more laws than can be counted on both hands. If you think that Hillary what difference at this point does it make, that four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens died Clinton hasn’t broken the law and was a complete failure as Secretary of State you aren’t fit to be a member of Congress! I am an American citizen and I demand justice for all. Hillary Clinton is not above the law, she is a criminal and certainly not fit to hold any government position in the greatest country in the world!
      Hillary (Benghazi) Clinton belongs in prison!
      The Equal Protection Clause is part of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution. The clause, which took effect in 1868, provides that no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction “the equal protection of the laws”.
      Anyone with a functioning brain should understand that this means all criminals shall be held accountable for their crimes as well, aka protecting law abiding citizens from such criminal elements! I demand that Hillary Clinton return or replace the six billion dollars that went missing from the State Department when she was Secretary of State, that is taxpayer money and we want it! LOCK HER UP!

  145. Cair is an enemy of America and should be on the list of terrorist bastards that want to destroy our nation along with Omuslime a half breed bastard son of bi- sexual communist white trash whore and a free loading Musliim low life , who has done his dead level best to bring in more Musli slime to under cut our laws with their Sharia shit ,all Muslims brought in under Omuslime’s illegal time in office should be made to return to their country’s and apply legally because non of the goat humping slime have been vetted or approved by legal standards they were forced on us with out one question about whether or not if WE the people wanted to support the dreggs of the world just like the people that Australia refused to bring in to their country if they didn’t want them then why the hell should we allow their sorry ass’s in? Teh muslim communist bastard commited us just hours before he was put out he made a deal that should not be honored

  146. Let them move in with the Globlist tike Bush he has a big ranch the clintons they have plenty of room Obama the master mind who started the wars that sent them all over the world could take them into his house we have enough

  147. It was Obama who claimed that “WE ARE NO LONGER A CHRISTIAN NATION”. We the people, have always claimed our values to be based on ‘Christian Values’, not Muslim. Our Constitution was written with a ‘Christian Morality’…..We don’t want to loose our morals and values to Muslim doctrine.

  148. It is time for some unsweetened and harsh truth on this entire issue with Muslims and Islam and terrorist organizations like ISIS, Hamas, Al- Queda and the list goes on.

    First of all, why are there not more terrorist attacks against these “moderate” and non-violent and American friendly Middle Eastern countries?

    Where are the clerics of this peaceful and tolerant pseudo-religion to speak out against it, especially those in the West? How many of them preach and teach hatred for the West and Westerners in those mosques?

    Every one of the Muslim nations in one way or another, mostly indirectly support one or more of these groups and everyone of them have bought the “insurance” they need through that support.

    Does anyone with a brain have any reasonable doubt that if ISIS or any of these groups were really serious about maintaining the purity of Islam from the decadence of the Western societies that countries like Abu Dhabi and Dubai and Kuwait would not land high on the list of nations that have perverted Islam?

    Islam is a method of conquest and domination stealthily wrapped in the garbs of the hijacking of the various major religions that were prevalent in that region of the world when this supposed “prophet” was on his reign of terror and conquest during the time of his great “revelation”.

    Study the real history of how Islam was developed and how, whenever this pedophile of a “prophet” needed a justification for something that he wanted to do but was not permitted by the religious laws and requirements of his own invention, he just went to sleep and had a revelation in which this putrid excuse of a god that he invented gave him permission to do it. Murder, rape, robbery were all permitted for him through these revelations, all the way to his taking a nine year old girl as a wife to cool his perverted appetites.

    So, just as the West has been deceived by the Muslim world throughout history, most of those living under this book and foolishly equate it to the actual religions of the world end up living the hell that it actually sponsors and requires of any of its´ adherents or believers.

    Every Muslim of today has to deal with one overriding decision for their life–

    Do they accept Islam and thereby live according to its´ book. By that they are accepted, unthreatened and considered to be a follower ( of course depending on which sect they have the misfortune of being born into) and have a place in heaven when my mortal life ends or, by rejecting it totally or in any part, become condemned, hunted, outcast and forbidden entry into heaven.

    As part of the belief demanded of the al-Qur´an, all male members of a family have the obligation to ensure strict adherence to and indoctrination into 100% of the teachings and requirements of this book and the fatwahs that accompany it.

    What does that mean for the rest of us?

    If we follow the logic, it means that any Muslim could in reality have been sufficiently indoctrinated or ascribe fully to all the barbarous demands of Islam and see any non-Muslim as someone who has to either convert to Islam or be slaughtered.

    It also means that we have to be suspicious of even those who profess to have left Islam behind and integrated into our societies because that is also a part of the teachings and requirement of the followers. Hell, it even says that they should adapt the enemy´s ways, dress and customs as part of the deception to infiltrate into the society with the goal of conquering it, converting it and dominating it.

    Go to any one of those nations, find a mosque or a school run by the religious men and women of that nation and you will find indoctrination into not just these basics of life as a Muslim but, the horrific and vile acts that are to be used and perpetrated against non-Muslim and anyone who does not accept Islam.

    The Orlando killer´s wife was from one of these schools in Pakistan.

    Islam has a one world view, it is Islam or death for everyone on the planet as they are taught and as it is demanded of them as Muslims. It is apocalyptic by it´s very founding and even forms the very basis of suicide bombers due to the promise this same pathetic excuse of a religion and holy book offers to anyone who will kill the enemy by suicide.

    They are told that it is a very special and highly rewarded act according to al-Qur´an.

    Name one true religion of the West that carries that kind of promise!

    Get any book that deals with the truth on Islam and take the time to read it, you will begin to understand the danger it poses and the lie of a religion that it is.

    One of the best and most direct books I have read is “Islam Dismantled” by Das Sujit.

    In the 14th century a Spanish king and queen, Ferdinand and Isabella opened their eyes to what Islam threatened and defeated them at Granada and drove them out of Spain and Europe.
    But, the lament of the defeated caliph carried the promise of a re-conquest and a world converted to and dominated by Muslims and the only faith being Islam.

    That is the driving force required of every Muslim true believer since that time and forms the very root of what ISIS and the rest of these terrorists carry with them every day and in every encounter with any non-muslim and non-believer.

    If you want to see Islam in its´ pure form, ISIS is your guide and demonstrates the true underlying core of what Islam means to anyone that is not a “true believer and follower” of al-Qur´an and the murdering, thief, rapist and pedophile that is worshiped as the “prophet”.

    Believe me, this is just a surface scratch on what is a very, very deep well of hate, violence, destruction, chaos and death– masquerading today as it did from its´ founding as– a religion of peace and tolerance.


  150. So I guess nobody was as discussed as I was watching this video!! ???

  151. Every person living in America must sign an oath that they will follow the Constitution of the United States rather than the dictates of their individual Religion. If there is a conflict, the Constitution must win. Anyone choosing otherwise must be deported.