Muslim Cleric Defends Garland Terror Attack

One might wonder why Fox News and Sean Hannity continue to give airtime to ridiculous radical Muslims like Anjem Choudary, but the inevitable drama is apparently too juicy to resist. There were fireworks on Thursday night when Choudary appeared on Hannity’s show to debate Pamela Geller, the host of the Muslim cartoon contest that inspired the Garland terror attack last weekend. With Geller and Hannity on one side and Choudary on the other, it wasn’t long before the fur started to fly.

Hannity asked Choudary if he supported ISIS calling for Geller’s “slaughter.” Choudary hedged, saying that Geller knew what she was getting into when she chose to engage in blasphemy. He insisted that many Muslims considered blasphemy an offense worthy of death, leading Hannity to yell back, “You want her to die!”

Choudary didn’t exactly deny this. He said it was appropriate that Geller be brought up on charges and punished under sharia law. Geller said it was ridiculous to blame her for the shooting in Garland or for the fatwa that followed. Not much in the way of constructive conversation followed; the debate evolved into a shouting match, ending with Hannity deriding frequent guest Choudary as “evil.”

Choudary is as much a figure of spectacle as he is a true Islamic radical – if there is a Muslim equivalent of Al Sharpton, he might well fit the bill. But the truth is that his version of reality is not far off from what many Muslims believe. Scarier still, his idea that Geller is the one to condemn in the wake of the Garland incident is one that a great many liberals can get behind. More has been written in the last week about the limits of free speech than about the scourge of radical Islam.

Would the world be better off without deliberate attempts to stir up religious hostility? No doubt. But it’s worth remembering that it didn’t take a mocking cartoon to inspire Al Qaeda to fly planes into the World Trade Center. Blasphemy was not cited as an excuse for the bombing at the Boston Marathon. Were it not for these and other tragedies, would Pamela Geller be interested in a “Draw Mohammed” contest? Almost certainly not. These instances of mockery come as a result of radical jihad. To try and twist it around and pretend as though the cause is the result is to bury your head in the sand.

Free speech is a much more important value than tolerance. Sad to say, but not every idea is of equal worth. Not every lifestyle has to be accepted. There is a deep incompatibility between Islam and American democracy. Calling for the death of a “blasphemer” only widens the gap. If Islam’s leaders want the West to accept their religion, they are going to have to accept the West. Otherwise, this conflict will continue. And though the current administration is loathe to engage, Obama won’t be president forever.

The next guy might not be quite so tolerant.

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  1. If this is what he says islim is about the what he wants should be brought down on him and them.

  2. then I guess it is ok to declare open season on mudslims too. screw all of you friggin camel jockey’s. may your tent be filled with pit sh-t!!

  3. Kenneth Duncan

    And I defend terrorist being killed in Garland, Texas

  4. When are we going to learn that Islam is dangerous as a whole and not just the radicals.

    • as soon as someone removes the lying enemy muslim halfbreed out of the district of corruption

      • Carroll,
        While I do not disagree with you, too many others do not see what is taking place.

        • And THAT Branson is the tragedy. The “too many others” are the low information voters who not only are ignorant, they do not care. …until it’s too late.

          • The media is the lefts most powerful influencing tool right now. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC have formed a cabal that promotes socialism over all else.

            Traditional boycotts, like not watching, have not and will not work because you are correct, there are too many others being misinformed.

            I have created a web site that will level this playing field and rid the media of its bias.
            Please check it out and join.


          • Thanks for the invite. **** Why do you think the media swing to the left in political issues? It makes no sense to me. I would think journalism teaches its students to report the news as it is–not as they want it with a slant!!!! Today’s media baffles me. It is no longer’news if reported with an angle.

          • I believe journalistic integrity is dead. They have abandoned it to promote an ideology.

            The most egregious practice is using bias by omission, which the cabal uses nightly to omit stories and information that hurts their ideology and just as damning they sensationalize only stories and information the help their ideology. The result is a very one sided news program full of propaganda not news.

            I believe it all started with an agenda item. out of the book, “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen 1958, there is a list of 45 agenda items that the Soviet Union has been following to set up a socialist state in the United States.

            The two items pertaining to the press are:
            20. Infiltrate the press. Get control of book-review assignments, editorial writing, policy making positions.
            21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

            The book is available in digital form. The entire list has been adopted by the Democrats. Check it out, it is scary how far they have gotten. They now control key positions in the MEDIA, Schools, Unions, Courts, and both political parties.

          • marshmil,
            That is the tragedy of the liberal agenda to create voters out of ill informed people such as migrants.

          • And the uneducated (for the most part outcasts from Mexico) will be more low information voters out to get freebees.

          • marshmil,
            But of course. Remember all those kids who came here? They said they were out to collect on all the “freebies” we had to offer.

          • I hate to say this, but many of the low information voters are not really stupid. They are educated and intellectual. The problem is they are brain-washed.

        • you can’t fix stupid

        • Liberal Progressives have taken control of the Media, Schools, Unions, Courts, and both political parties.
          0bama, an Alinsky Radical, has hopscotched right over the useful idiots and placed the Muslims in control.
          While he hides behind the cover the media gives him his intent is only known to his innermost circles.
          I believe he wants credit for taking down “The Great Satan” within the muslim world.

          • MAHB001,
            Shall we take up a donation and buy him a mirror?

          • Unfortunately, he already knows. And that is pure evil.

          • MAHB001,
            Maybe he broke it. I would chip in a few bucks to get him a new one. Seriously, if he keeps it up we will have enough evidence for impeachment. as it stands we do not or at least no charges are forthcoming.

          • If a Republican was in office, impeachment would have been started years ago.

            0bama is the first President to stay in office without impeachment with the public KNOWING he is a liar. Clinton at least faced impeachment.

            Corruption and hypocrisy are the only reasons Impeachment hasn’t been started.

            I just don’t get it, we used to hold our Politicians to a higher standard.

            But, sure, I’ll chip in too. Couldn’t hurt!

          • MAHB001,
            President Jackson was he record holder as far as I know when it comes to resorting to executive orders. He was a Democrat. But his behavior led to the formation of the GOP.
            Well thanx. Now we have two cents in donations for a new mirror.

          • No, the reason that he is not being charged for treason is that there would be a race war of insurmountable preportions. And, right now, we cannot even get ammunition without having a fight, and the government goes after you if you horde ammunition, and buy a lot of guns. So technically, the only ones who will have guns are the ones who are defending Obama. And he has enough body bags and ammunition to put us all in the grave. Seriously, he is evil incarnate, and if I didn’t know for a fact that he cannot be satan, I would have assumed he was. But satan is a spiritual being, and I have seen one, so I know Obama is not one as yet. When we die, our souls and spirits go back to the original structure of the first earth age. And we are spiritual beings. Capable of inseminating a woman, and capable of eating the same food as a human being. But clearly not a flesh being.

      • carroll wood, my friend, l hate to be the bearer of bad news, but its to late for America,in fact, all nations we’ve been weighed on God’s righteous scales and found wanting.. obama is one of many signs for us.

        • I don’t like what you said, only because I believe it’s true, borne out in Revelation. Maybe, only thru grace, we will meet later. God bless and keep you and yours forever

          • God protects those who are HIS, who are HIS Elect, and who have a purpose in the end days. Do not despair. Remember, that we have to have it as bad as it was in Sodom and Gomorrah, for satan to come back and pretend to be Christ. He will be the great deceiver. Since you are capable of seeing things clearly with Obama, let us hope that you do not bow down to the first spiritual being who came here claiming to be CHrist. Because if you are able to pinch your flesh, then it is not Christ.

        • Stop being so damn over dramatic!! You sound like chicken little. “The sky is falling, the sky is falling ” You don’t get out much, do you? Smoke a joint, have a glass of wine or take a chill pill. It might help you to relax more & stop worrying about the world coming to an end. Maybe you could catch a few episodes of Family Guy. It might help you with your paranoia. LOL!!!

          • Faye Hayes .Laughing.. You definitely are mentioned in this bible, scoffer, mocker, the wicked can’t see the signs though the events are unfolding before their very eyes, you know what Faye, you will remember this conversation for eternity, where you’ll be at!!

          • Sorry Ana, but GOD will not be keeping them alive. God tells how He will destroy Satan in the OT, and in Ps 37 verse 20 it tells how God will destroy the wicked. They will be burned up in the Lake of FIre. And since God is a consuming Fire, they will be gone forever. The Revelations is misleading in that it was not properly interpreted. Those who did the interpretation admitted to their flaws. Those who can interpret the original writings, agree that the wording is slightly off in that those who are destroyed, are forever and ever destroyed. God would not have a happy camper if you could see Uncle Joe in the lake of fire burning and screaming. Now really, do you think He is going to have that as a reminder of the past? When He says that we shall no longer shed a tear, He is saying that we shall not remember the past. We shall only know the joy of being with HIM.

          • Drugs, booze and smoking grass are all that liberals want us to be on when they allow the take over of this country. Sorry, but God tells us to be watchmen in these last days, and to be wary of evil like you.

    • Cancers need to be exterminated before they grow larger. From what I have read, ALL muslims follow the perverted quran, whether they are active in terrorism, or whether they just approve with their silence, a wink and a nod. What follows are quotes from their quran and nods of approval from our
      “beloved” president…

      “Muslims must muster all weapons
      to terrorize the infidels.” Qur’an 8:60

      “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly
      direction” –Barack Hussein Obama, in his book, The Audacity of Hope, 2006

      “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Qur’an 9:123

      “The sweetest sound I know is the Muslim call to prayer” — Barack Hussein
      Obama, Cairo speech, 2008

      “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you catch them.” Qur’an

      “Barack Obama was steeped in Islam. He knew a lot about Islam from his
      childhood. But he knew very little about Christianity.” — Rev. Jeremiah
      Wright to author Ed Klein, 2012

      “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam” Qur’an 5:33

      “The future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam” – Barack
      Hussein Obama, United Nations speech, 2012

      “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Qur’an.”
      Qur’an 8:12

      If you think Imam Obama has the slightest intention of protecting America from
      Islam, you are delusional.

      • josetoyou,
        Having digested the Koran years ago I read what you have entered here. As with the Bible we have to be careful to not take something out of context. But when, as you have discovered, there are so many passages in the Koran that are anything but the proclamation of evil the message of evil comes through after awhile.

        • Their message of evil is not only written in the Koran, it’s demonstrated by the be-headings, the shootings, the burning alive of people, & they tell you, their doing it in the name of Islam. Now when it’s coming DIRECTLY from the people carrying out these wholesale murders, how long does it take a person with any intelligent s to figure out
          THEY’RE EVIL.

        • Jerry, the Qur’an is completely “undecipherable”, due to its complete lack of chronology and the many later “abrogations” (also undated), “revealed” and inserted at random through out that Holy Book. Even the learned Muslims are still debating what it reveals and does not reveal. They acknowledge the confusion and have published reams of other official materials attempting to clarify what it reveals and does not reveal. To fully understand Islam, I suggest you obtain and read the Muslim “approved”, “Reliance of the Traveller(sic); A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law”, translated by, N.H.M. Keller. It is printed in Arabic, with English “facings”, well-indexed and cross-referenced to the Qur’an and is not encumbered by chronological and abrogation issues. I find most all who read this manual come away far more informed as to what Islam and Sharia Law are all about—and even some learned Muslims agree that reading that manual is the only way of understanding Islam and Sharia Law. I have also found most all women who read this manual, clearly shy away form Islam, in that the manual clearly documents women’s inferior standing in the Muslim community.

    • The festering cancer resides in our White House…

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he
      wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

      ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

      • My friend you have hit the nail on the head!

      • Marcus spoke the truth. Does he know Obama?

        • jlcham..Marcus is describing the heart of depraved humans..

          • Yes, depraved, that’s what I said, Obama.

          • jicama, Obama and his ilk are not depraved—they are well-schooled and know exactly what they are doing and every event is orchestrated, including their open microphone and TelePrompTer gaffs.

          • There are many people well-educated who are also very depraved.

          • Pamela Craghill

            The picture you have does make you look depraved, but not intelligent.

          • Yes, I have a daughter and son-in-law who are very intelligent and educated, yet, they do not know what is going on in this country. They take their knowledge of what is going on from their I-phone and obviously are only on liberal news feeds. And you cannot discuss politics with them, because for one thing, they lose their temper and secondly, they leave or walk away from you. The point is, they cannot discuss things, because they have no answer unless it is to say that you are uninformed and being misinformed. I kinda put her and him in God’s hands, cause I don’t see us ever being on the same side of eternity. I mean, all democrats are murderers, and they cannot stop being one. Once you vote for a democrat, you sign up for being a murderer.

          • I agree that Obama” is not stupid, as follows:

            There are eight levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important.

            1) Healthcare� Control healthcare and you control the people…done

            2) Poverty � Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live…done

            3) Debt � Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty…done

            4) Gun Control� Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state…they are trying

            5) Welfare � Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)…done

            6) Education � Take control of what people read and listen to � take control of what children learn in school…done

            7) Religion � Remove the belief in the God from the Government and schools…done

            8) Class Warfare � Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (Tax) the wealthy with the support of the poor…done

            Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States ?

            Alinsky merely simplified Vladimir Lenin’s original scheme for
            world conquest by communism, under Russian rule. Stalin described his converts as “Useful Idiots.” The Useful Idiots have destroyed every
            nation in which they have seized power and control. It is presently happening at an alarming rate in the U.S.

            If people can read this and still say everything is just fine� they are �useful idiots.

            “It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.”

            Prudent citizens are arming themselves and stocking up on ammo…be

          • History has shown that a very small handful are hiding in the shadows, waiting for the chance to ‘EXAULT’ themselves to be the Leaders over the LEAD!.
            FU-BARAK is the current mouthpiece for those that are hiding in the Shadows!.
            Hence, those of us that KNOW the facts need to keep the rest talking about it so they are at the least, ‘Informed’! and more likely to keep some of their eyes open.
            LOCK & LOAD!!!

          • Do you not realize that Obama is prepared for all of those who are stocking up? He has enough body bags for everyone in the country, and he has enough bullets that can go through steel to kill everry citizen at least three times over. He had this anarchy planned long before he got into the white house. And he is not going to leave.

        • Surely you jest jlcham. I would like to ask, Do you know Cicero?

      • Truer words have never been spoken, thank you for sharing, hope you don’t mind if I repost, and repost! This describes our government to a T…nothing new under the sun..

      • josetoyou,
        Deceit is one of the great evils in the world. The Bible has lots of references to that topic. I totally agree with what you quoted.

      • John Joseph Wilson

        I could not have said it better. Well done! Unfortunately we have at least eighteen months of his lack of leadership left.

        • And we can give our thanks to all those low information voters who supported him in return for promised trinkets every month. And we now see the weakest point in a democracy. The ill informed through the ballot box can put the most ineligible person at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Therein is the tragedy of democracy. In a lighter sense it is a comedy of errors.

          • Why is it okay to promise anything to a populace in order to get elected? It should be that the only thing a person can promise is to see to it that they protect the citizens, and keep the peace in this land. This president has done none of that, and seems like he wants us to run blood in the streets.

          • Now you’re being logical Dorie N. That’s something liberals cannot tolerate like Dracula cannot tolerate seeing a Christian cross. The Kenyan-born imposter in the White Mosque cares nothing about America because he is not an American nor does he have any interest in following the “rules” set forth in the Constitution. We’d likely be better off having Gotham’s “Joker” sitting in the Pentacle

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Unless an excellently trained sniper comes forward……

          • I really can’t understand why this “president” can’t be impeached, or tried for treason/war crimes. I don’t understand Michael why this country doesn’t wake up!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            It’s quite simple my dear woman. The POS started out with making sure staff and body guards were all mooselums. Then, as each one retired from the supreme court, the POS would see that their replacements were mooselums. Then he started replacing high ranking generals in our military WITH MOOSELUMS! Now, our new AG is a mooselum. And as it is, with all the repooplicans selling us out, and more involved in watching their bank accounts grow, THIS IS WHY nothing is being done! I still firmly believe that our only hope lies in a highly trained sniper!! GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY!

          • Yes, I can see your point! You are so right Michael, GOD HELP THIS COUNTRY!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            I just now Googled Loretta Lynch.. It brought up her history, her hopes of being AG, then a lengthy story on her BEING our new AG. And it also said that she knows Islam perfectly, AND FURTHER STATED THAT SHE IS A MOOSELUM!! Search it yourself.. lol

          • headonstraight

            According to you and your deranged and depraved state of mind, anyone who is favorably associated with the President is a “mooselum.” Loretta Lynch a Muslim? Prove it. Just saying it is so is meaningless, coming from a raving bigoted dingbat like you.

          • Ignore Dimwitz. He lost his mind a long time ago. He thinks in his delusional mind that all Muslims are out to get him

          • bobtherebuilder

            So then, anyone that disagrees with YOUR stupidity…and happens to know the true FACTS, is a “Dimwit”? Hmmmmm, you libs really have NO clue what the word Hypocrite means, and that YOU ARE the very definition of the word!!!!

          • And Faye if they found YOU, you’d be living a life like the Rolling Stone’s song “Under my thumb” because you wouldn’t have any rights whatsoever. And if you complained, will somebody might be using your head as a bowling ball in the desert.

          • Fay, keep “it” civil!. These are serious issues and there in insufficient time to be using profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talkl—from a lady, no less!

          • Islam is based on the notion that allah deliberately made, but still hates and sentences to “Death By Muslim!” all of the world’s non-muslims, simply for their “crime” of not being muslims. So YES, all muslims are out to get all the non-muslims in the world.

            There’s nothing delusional about reading that in the Qur’an.

          • bobtherebuilder


          • bobtherebuilder

            “He” is probly’ Malia, or Sasha just playin’ round wit da laptops we taxpayers payed for!!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You people must be replying to headuphisass and his lover faye. Two really twisted trolls. Glad I don’t have to read their rambling shit any longer! And hey, MAHB, google the AG’s name and check out what it says. Google can’t be wrong, eh? lol Type her name, then /muslim, and see what it says..

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Idiotic trolls won’t check out your “source!” If the dumbasses did, what would they have to dispute! On EVERY search engine I have utilized, they have all quoted facts – that she DEFINITELY IS A MOOSELUM!! Hmmm., guess all these search engines are left wing liberals, huh? ROFLMFAO

          • Google and Yahoo are definitely tools for the left.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            No sir, its head is anchored firmly in its ass…

          • OK, headupyourass, cause it’s not on straight, any response to Michael Dennewitz’s answer & his Google search, or is Google WRONG?

          • headonstraight

            Dimwitz SAID he had done a Google search and had discovered certain alleged facts, but he Dimwittedly did not provide even a single link. For all I know, the sites he relies on are wild-ass wacko nutjob sources. I will be pleased to respond to any information Dimwitz actually documents from any sites he cares to provide but he has provided NONE AT ALL and I do not respond to the kind of vagaries he is blithering up.

          • Hey Dipshitt DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH Typical Democrap let everybody else do the work While you run your YAP

          • headonstraight

            Will you tell me how I am expected to respond to information from the sources Dimwitz used if Dimwitz will not cite his sources? Google is not a source; Google is a search engine. It is YOU whose yap is running irrationally. You show yourself to be somewhere below the category of FOOL!

          • So you are incompetent to do your own search? Like my own daughter, you need someone to spoo-feed you before you will be willing to open your eyes. And then what? Because we know that you are already evil in that anyone who voted for the murder of innocents, is evil. Evil begats evil. The only way you will ever be able to be trusted is to fight against what you have swallowed for all your life. Do you really think you will abandon satan when he is in your mind from before you were born? Those who supported him in the first earth age are here now, ready to be tested when he comes again. And the same result is expected. Only this time, God knows who is for Him and who is not.

          • headonstraight

            Don’t be such a total smarmy ass, Dorie. Even if I did a Google search, it is virtually impossible that I would come up with the very same items Dimwitz is relying upon to attempt to make his case. There would be no common ground on which to debate. You are therefore irretrievably foolish in suggesting a vain and fruitless course of action. But what else could we expect from a person who holds the deranged notion that “satan” was in my mind before I was born?

          • There are one-third of the souls here today who have been created since man was first created. And one-third of all the souls that God created rebelled against God, following satan to defeat. And since God is fair, He will allow satan to again try to influence those whom he had influenced in the first earth age. I think if you are a liberal, you are very likely one of those who followed satan in the first earth age. If you were not, you certainly are now.

          • And YOU are a totally disordered nutjob cultist of some exotic and absurd species.

            “First earth age,” Dorie? You throw that unexplained earcane term into the discussion as though it were something commonplace and understood by everyone. Care to explain that particular cult term?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Dorie.. I can’t read the jackasses replies because I have him blocked in spam, but I can see who you’re debating with. To argue with a far left wing liberal is a total waste of time.. Relieve yourself of this demented troll or you’ll go crazy trying to reason…

          • “head…….”, I have no doubt Ms. Lynch has agreed to follow the administration’s “party line”, else she would not have been appointed. Also, the President’s failure to adhere to his “oath of Office” is clear grounds for impeachment. I believe that is now evident to most everyone, regardless of party affiliation. I am sure many organizations are looking for a way to impeach the President, without creating a riot or civil war—and I suspect that will eventually be accomplished, regardless of the political “costs”.

          • headonstraight

            Dream on. dondehoff. The wingnut sector has been anticipating an impeachment since about the first month of the Obama administration. That “regardless of party affiliation” fantasy of yours is purely laughable. Sure, every wackadoodle right wing organization is “looking” for ways to impeach the President of the United States, the Honorable Barack Hussein Obama. Well, they are, in the words of that great old song, “ridin’ hard to catch that herd, but they ain’t caught ’em yet,” and they ain’t gonna.

          • “head……..”, about 80% of both parties are good people—they are your neighbors, fellow workers, business associates, golf or bridge partners, fellow church members and on occasion, one’s spouse and siblings. Surely some will recognize this problem for what it is. And, if we approach several, we each might get a handful to support our problem. I am sure many of them are embarrassed. Also, this impeachment issue is not something to be taken lightly as I am sure it will cause riots by his followers and blood in the streets—but we have to “draw a line in the sand” and eventually take action.

          • headonstraight.
            I have yet to see a real impeachment issue yet. There are certain rules for that. Nothing has been proved yet that is impeachable.

          • headonstraight

            Be patient. Before one or more Obamaphobes will smugly provide you with a list of fantasy “reasons.”

          • headonstright,
            Did you know that President Jackson far exceeded what Obama has done in terms of executive action and got away with it? So that precedent is still there.

          • The sooner the better. I say. Impeach 0bama before his next impeachable offense.

          • Open the records. I say his school records will prove that he is not a citizen of this country, and that we could have him arrested for fraud, and put in prison for treason and fraud. But without the proof, we have a chance for a war between the races. At the very least, we have the chance to prove that he lied in order to get elected. And it is proven that a communist from a foreign country would not want this country to do well. All blacks who are suffering in poverty are doing so because of his laws. He is keeping them down so that they will uprise against those who are not poor. It is how the communists got the poor in Russia and China to murder their neighbors, without thinking.

          • That would be an excellent start.
            0bama no longer deserves the benefit of doubt. He is a proven liar.

          • Do you really expect him to go without a war?

          • headonstraight,
            My turn. One does not have to be something to accept it or even acknowledge it.

          • “obama” has promoted record sales in guns and ammunition…

          • David C Kelder

            Was this a part of his stimulus package?

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Every one of my “military” friends have seriously gone in debt, buying whatever they can get their hands on. And most are buying plenty of the banana clips. I know my closet is super packed! The future sure does look “bloody!”

          • Because it loves to bath itself in Satan’s perversion and corruption, Yehovah has removed Himself and allowed Satan to rule. Islam is a Satanic religion. Shabbat shalom!

          • Close enough to agree with you, considering some of the others on here.

          • Mary, I too share your concerns. I suspect congress and the courts understand if they go forward with impeachment and criminal action, there will be blood in the streets, with the Muslims “stirring the pot”, to excite the President’s followers. My contention is, it is too late to prevent blood in the streets, but the longer congress waits, the more blood will flow. I say this as the Administration can do irreparable harm between now and the end of his term.

          • headonstraight

            The nutjob sector predicted total catastrophe if Obama got a second term. Only 20 months to go now in that second term and the nutjob prophets are still at it. I confidently predict that they will still be blithering that same old stuff until the Obamas depart the White House in January 2017.

          • I hope you are right that he will be leaving. But I would prefer to open his school records and prove that he is a Muslim from Kenya, and not a citizen of this country. And thus, would be a fraud in the white house. And we could have him arrested, and charged not just with fraud, but treason as well. He has deliberately kept the blacks in such poverty, in order to make them rise up against others. His goal is the same as the one from the communist countries, who used their poor to revolt. And he is aiming their revolt against whites.

          • headonstraight

            Your blithering take on those subjects tracks perfectly with the standard deluded wackadoodle mythology.

          • Because there are many Republicans who think that indicting him would lead to a race war. And possibly it might. But then, when you are raised to hate from birth, how do you think an individual would act? Read up on the Hatfields and McCoys. Their children grew up learning to hate one another, and it takes a strong willed child to resist that indoctrination. Not all blacks were indoctrinated, but those who were, seem to be able to eliminate those who were not, or at the very least make them cringe.

          • Michael, such comments will get your name on someone’s “list” and perhaps an “interview” and a reservation at a FEMA camp.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ummmm, are you going to be the mooselum informer in this site? Begging your pardon, the constitution has NOT been eradicated as of yet. Therefore, I DO enjoy the freedom of speech, freedom of opinion and freedom of thought! If no person’s NAME is mentioned, with a threat directly related to that person, I am in no way in violation. If that were the case, there’s a shitload of citizens that would be in trouble because millions would like to see his mooselum ass hanging!! Now finish your koolaid!!

          • Michael, your obnoxious language leaves a lot to be desired, and is counter productive to solving problems. I have over 3 thousand posts on the internet, mostly recorded on Disqus, and if you will take the time, you will find about 99% are very conservative and if I may say so, informed and authoritative. The other one percent is taking people like you to task. Your ignorance (meaning only you don’t have the facts) is showing, in that none of us have full freedom of speech, as there are reams of SCOTUS decisions that dictate what the First Amendment allows and does not allow. Many factors are considered; who said it, when, where, why, for what purpose, in private on in a public arena, and so forth. In short the constitution by itself does not prevail, it is what the SCOTUS decides—it has always been “that way”, else there would be many people (Iike you) stating what the constitution reveals and what it does not. And, the courts long ago, decreed that a specific name does not have to be mentioned, if logic, the overall discussion, reason and common sense dictates to who one is referring. And, if you used such language in a court room, you might get 30 days in the slammer. A good rule of thumb; “If you would not say “it” to your spouse, mother, grandmother or a judge, don’t be stupid and place in on the internet for the whole world to see you lack of upbringing and civility”.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.. And yadda, yadda, yadda, yadda! Geeze, I’m just sooooo impressed. Finish your koolaid, eh?

          • Michael, your humble acquiescence is accepted and appreciated!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            You’re starting to sound just like headuphisass. Not related to “it” are you??

          • Michael, “final score”: DeHoff—10, Michael—0. You don’t even know the meaning of “civility”. You are so wrapped up in your little game of “mental masturbation” that you don’t even realize this Muslim/Islamic issue is the gravest problem facing this great country since our Civil War. The panel moderators should “add you to their list”.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Ahhh. You see folks! Now he wants to get into the “score keeping” ideology and vacate the topic of discussion. That, or dig up some crude names to call someone, just like headuphisass or faye.. It must really suck when people run out of intelligence.. Who knows, maybe he was one of those gooks we were shooting at in Nam!!

          • Mike, this will be my last comment. You are either extremely ignorant or you are an administration “plant”, to take the readers’ focus off of the issues at hand–you are one of several that continues the off-subject, profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. As for “Nam”, I will hold my 100 combat support missions and their “load of air-medals”, with any of the good guys, especially those who “gave their all”—may they “RIP”. Bottom-line, is, you do not have any credibility on the issues at hand—-and note, I said all of that without one world of profanity, obnoxious nicknames or gutter talk. Continue your game of “mental masturbation” but go elsewhere to get your “kicks”. Goodbye!

          • Michael Dennewitz

            OMG!! Do you promise? Huh, huh? Really? Huh?
            Anddddd, another troll bites the dust, and…..

          • I can’t believe you are having a battle of the minds with an armed opponent, you need to challenge someone with a modicum of brains and have a fair fight. I was in Nam hanging iron and rockets on the Lead Sled F-100. thanks for your service, SIR. Msgt, USAF, Ret

          • Carroll, thanks for the comment. I have seen too many young kids hanging on “meat Hooks”, in the Morgues at our bases throughout “Nam”. I still hope the “pen is still mightier than the sword”, and use force only as a “court of last resort”. Keep in mind Muslims only know that which they have been taught, starting at a very early age, and continuing daily for the rest of their lives—and they have been taught to not even “question” any aspect of the Qur’an and Islam.—but then again, that Holy Book is completely undecipherable, due to its complete lack of chronology and its several undated later “abrogations” inserted at random. I have convinced a few Muslims of that shortcoming and while the “openly” remain Islamist, they now question much of that 7th Century very barbaric pseudo religion. Bottom line, without taking sides for or against any religion, it is generally accepted that an “All Knowing God” would not have to resort to a death penalty to make someone a “believer”—he would have all of the “tools” necessary to convince the “masses” to accept his “revelations”, and not have to rely upon “prophets” or threats of death—but that is a post in itself. And you say, “a fair fight”. Keep in mind we know there are tons of WMD in the Middle East, not to mention the “missing” 70 “suitcase” nuclear bombs from the Russian arsenal—and there are somewhere between 8-10 million Muslims in the U.S., as we speak and the great majority will respond to a “war call to “Jihad” if they are directed to do so. congress to address these issue and collectively they (we?) might come up with some solutions, short of war.

          • I think you meant “unarmed” opponent. Anyway, I kinda agree. If you can’t talk without losing your cool, then there is no real discussion. The only real way to have a discussion with someone who thinks they are always right is to just walk away.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Shut up pussy lips, just SHUT UP !!!

          • There is always hope, but then we would be forced to deal with “obana’s insurance policy called “biden”…

          • Biden is a fool, and would be put out the minute he took office.

          • Please let it happen. The fraud in chief needs to be removed

          • Oh please, the jerk needs to be exposed, not murdered. His schooling was paid for by benefits for foreign exchange students. If we could get into his records, he would be in jail. And all of his signed documents would be null and void.

      • How right you are josetoyou

      • America shall fall from within. 0bama wants to be the one to bring down what the muslims call “The great satin.”
        The problem is that 0bama will not enjoy his status long as he himself will be executed by sharia law. As muslims do not take kindly to gays, and 0bama does.

        • you truly are a moron.
          can you actually dress yourself or do you need help?

          the cons do not even respond to your loony posts.
          THAT is when you know you are over the top, bat shit crazy.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            RC, yer mommie have any kids that lived???

          • Is this a trick con question?

          • Michael, as some old sage said (paraphrased), you people are all “stepping on ants, while lions are leaping through the windows”. Many who comment like you are doing are “hired plants”, to take the reader’s focus off of the critical subjects of the day—does that describe you? If you are doing it out of pure ignorance, you still become “one of them”. Ciao

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Dude… Go back to drinking your koolaid, huh?? Dayuummm, where do they come from???

        • Obama is called ” The great satin ” ?? So, you would have to consider him a high quality piece of smooth glossy fabric?? WTF!! It’s spelled satan, you stupid ignorant fool!!

          • Thanks, typo police.

          • You’re welcome, MORON!! A typo? Nice try. If you look at your keyboard, do you notice how far away the A is from the I? That’s definitely no typo. Just admit that you are too stupid & didn’t care or bother to look up the proper spelling. I also noticed that you used the number 0 in place of the letter O to spell Obama. Was that a typo too?? DUMBASS!!!

          • You are right, I have an excuse but I do not like to use it. I am dyslexic. Everything comes out misspelled. Thank God for spell checkers.

            So, I am dumb…. But I get my point across, thanks again to spell checkers.

            I use the zero 0 to spell 0bama on purpose. That is my homage to the zero in office.

          • You enjoy picking on the handicapped?

          • TWO up posts!!!

          • She/he just isn’t “in” on the joke! cuz she worships the dirt he walks on.

          • “So, I am dumb.”
            Finally, we are getting somewhere.

          • No. The ‘0″ is on purpose as in ZERO. Any cuss words or name calling forth coming? You sure do have a filthy mouth(or mind) as you demon-straight on all your posts.

          • The reason the “0” might have been used instead of the letter ” O” is because Obama IS a “ZERO” as far as being a President.

          • No, Obama is referred to as the POTUS. Usually that would stand for “The President of the United States” for someone who is the President with EVERY-BODIES best interest at heart. When Obama is referenced as the “POTUS” it means ” P iece O f T horoughly
            U seless S HIT.

            PS: I’m looking at both MAHB001’s post & yours & unless my eyes deceive me, he said “the great SATAN” & you said it was spelled SATAN. Can you refer me to where he spelled it “satin”?

          • Are you blind? Read his statement above mine. He spelled satin, instead of satan. Your eyes are deceiving you or you are long overdue for your eye exam.

          • Dyslexic.

          • This is a cut & paste directly as it appears from MAHB001, which is above your comment. As far as I can SEE the spelling is “satan”,

            America shall fall from within. 0bama wants to be the one to bring down what the muslims call “The great satan.”
            problem is that 0bama will not enjoy his status long as he himself will
            be executed by sharia law. As muslims do not take kindly to gays, and
            0bama does.

          • It was edited after the spell check police warned of impending death if it was not retyped properly.

          • Fay, if you had to give up your gutter talk, you would be tongue-tied —and as I said before, from a lady no less! Please, keep it civil. I trust you know the Founding Fathers, the writers of the Constitution, The Federal Papers and most all judges, refrained from profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk. I am sure they intended to set the example for all serious discussions. If you used that language in a court room you would be exposing yourself to “30 days in the slammer”. Get back of the subject of the day!

          • They smell blood, there is no empathy with these two. They can not be swayed from their positions, they will NEVER admit they are wrong, and even though they have been proven wrong many times, they continue to lie and bring up the same misleading talking points.

            I don’t normally give up on people but these two Fay & Reality Check enjoy hurting others.

          • Not to disagree with your comments to Faye, but in those days, they actually resorted to gun fights wherein the loser was no longer able to retort your comments.

          • Faye, you are “stepping on ants while lions leap through the windows”—that is “mental masturbation” at its finest!—keep it civil. And, anyone that uses the “F” word” usually has no real concept of “making and sharing love”.

        • Do you think their Sharia Law will condemn him seeing that he has risen to such a high status? Will be interesting to watch developments.

          • Unfortunately, I think I will be dead if it ever gets that far.

            I think he will have elevated status until such a time as they no longer need him. Then he will suffer the same state that all the other useful idiots suffer.

          • Depending on how old you are, and how ill, you may just live to see Satan come into this world and begin to deceive the whole world. Since the inception of the state of Israel, these are the last days. And we shall see the leader of this country kissing up to satan, so who do you really want to see doing that? Certainly not a Republican.

          • Sharia law recognizes that a muslim must lie to their enemy in order to attain their goals. His goal was to get elelcted to the highest position in this country. And he has changed the makeup of this country and destroyed our cohession with one another. So I doubt he will be on their radar.

        • Do you not remember that Obama can lie like a dog, and that it is okay to lie for the Islamic faith? So he will just tell them that he did what he did to get elected. He has opened the flood gates to let them in here, so I do not think he will be on their hit list. More likely, people like you and me, and anyone who is military.

      • bobtherebuilder

        Very wise man…that Cicero…and very APPROPRIATE for you to post here…GOOD call Brother!!!!

      • It can survive “treason from within”. The cure is a public firing squad!

      • Pamela Craghill

        Josetoyou, what an outstanding comment. You have nailed it exactly as it is. Well said.

    • Bob Rottenfort

      When it is to late to do anything.

    • i agree completely – when has anyone heard barrys ” definition ” of a ” moderate ” muslim? all you have to do is listen to knuckleheads like choudray and other so called ” moderates ” in European countries and you quickly get the picture theres no difference – other than the ” moderates ‘ don’t actually carry the ” assault wepaons ” as in fully automatic and go around killing as many innocent people as possible or go around blowing themselves or innocent people up with explosives – They ALL ascribe to the same doctrine of world conquest and domination. Since day one the past 1400 years should provide a clear picture as to their true intent – This is who barry sides with..Have you heard him or anyone one of his minions denounce the wanton threats of psychopathic homicide ? Look at what it took to get those clowns to finally admit the Christian Iraqi Nun into this country.You can bet what retirement you may have been able to hang onto their ” determination ” reversal of course is nothing more than a PR stunt – Everywhere muslims go THIS IS WHAT THEY BRING WITH THEM – strife divisiveness discord violence – barry you like the sound of evening ” prayers ” ? get your worthless behind back to Indonesia where you belong –

      • I agree with your conclusions..and if you link that to another scenario that is playing, the intrusion into the email, text, etc that the govt wants to do but the court has decided it is illegal…I am not saying some americans prob need to be spied upon but it makes a lot more sense to shut the borders first, and ‘profile’ some of the illegals coming in and welcomed by the WH, rather than to intrude on the law abiding citizens of this country who simply express opinions..they are not terrorists or a threat to this country but those coming in have some who are a threat and will find ways to convert our youth to jihad…I also think a hard look needs to given to the universities who are advocating for the muslims only….this is a really big picture that is evolving and many of the pieces to the once hidden puzzle are now exposed…Most of the responses to this particular article are intelligent ones and shows we are evolving into a thinking people instead of ‘yassa’ followers on the Obama plantation, and I certainly don’t think Ms Clinton will be any different, nor Jeb, who seems to nod an ok at all Ob does…odd, because these are dems and repubs…

      • volksnut,
        You got it right.

    • I saw get rid of every stinking Muslim in our Armed Forces. Then get outr patriotic military to assist local police deparments around the country to help take back the ” NO GO ZONES” of our cities and communities. Shoot them if required because they are not following the U.S. Laws, city ordinances, etc. Infiltrate with informants all Mosques throughout the country. They spew their anti-American, anti-law bull s*it garbage big feces, shut that Mosque down and arrest the agitators. Enough is enough already with these friggin Muslims…we ca not let them over run our country with their Sharia Law B.S.! We need to put some real hurt on these people. “Religion of Peace” my ass!!

      • JuanTwo Tree,
        You are a little strong for my taste but not exactly wrong. We cannot tolerate anymore incidents as in Texas.

        • Jerry: No intentiions to offend anyone. I guess I am just so sick and tired and impatient with the Ft. Hood, Texas terrorists, The Garland, Texas terrorists, the 9/11 terrorists, the Boston Marathon terrorists, and on and on and on….just watched a full hour of letting in 100,000 more middle east that they are calling refugees and 98% are Muslims…The right decision is let them settle in their own regions throughout the middle east, have the 60+ coalolition partners put in money so they can live under the laws that they have created and belive in, Sharia Law. But first and foremost, all coalolition countries put boots on the ground, hit from the air/sea/ground and destroy ISIS and all known terrorist organizations in the middle east. No giving up until they are all estinguished!
          This Prez. Obongoloid is a terrible Muslim himself…turning his back on Christians and Israel…what a bone-head he is!

          • Juan Two Tree,
            No offense. I understand your frustration. We all tend to get impatient waiting for justice and it can drag on for a very long time.

        • Jerry: Have you seen this YouTube video? Listen to her…

          LOOK where your TAX DOLLARS are going ….

 Have you seen this YouTube?

    • keithbreedlove

      I think that it was a Pew Worldwide poll that showed that nearly 80% of all Muslims believe that apostates should be killed, and the numbers are similar for blasphemers and insulters of Islam. This means that the 99% of good Muslims that we hear about just don’t act on their beliefs themselves, although they’ll give alms for others to defend and avenge the faith.

      • keithbreedlove,
        Why do Christians believe in Heaven and an afterlife? Because that is what eh Bible teaches us that. Why do we know about evil and Satanic behavior? Because the Bible teaches us that. I would expect that if I was Muslim I might believe their teachings as well. But I can also think, having digested the Koran. I like the Christian teachings better. somehow peace and happiness and liberty appeal to me more than killing and hatred.

        • keithbreedlove

          My guess is that just as much of the Bible is not “real” to many Christians, the same is likely true with many Muslims. They’re not threatened in their daily lives because their micro-communities are homogeneous, so they’re not called to become raving maniacs and murderers.

          • keithbreedlove,
            Like many Christians in name only, the average Muslim is content with life around him and thus does not challenge anything in the “religion”. They know no other way of life. But the ones in the US do. However, they are a minority so they behave in a peaceful manner. But they continue to insert their beliefs through the “political correct” element of liberals.

          • I agree, and I had forgotten my final point. They may be moderate and peaceful, but an incredibly high percentage believe in death for a lot of people.

          • keithbreedlove,
            I believe they all believe in death for all infadels. They are not all in a situation where they can promote their beliefs in the free world.

          • keithbreedlove

            You’re right, and shari’a is incompatible with the Constitution and all western concepts of human rights, and it cannot be allowed to coexist here in the US.

          • keithbreedlove,
            Sharia law has no place in our system of government. We have a Second Amendment to back up our First Amendment. Coexist? Not a chance. Not for me at least.

          • keithbreedlove

            You’re preaching to the choir (which isn’t an Islamic concept).

          • keithbreedlove.
            I have to hope some who are read in the liberal camp will read both of us. Then we can respond to them and move them to our column.

        • Well, GOD has His Elect, who are well aware of His Plan of Salvation, and what will happen in the end days. They do not have the same FREE WILL, because they were those who supported God against Satan and his angels and the one-third that rebelled against GOD. Satan and his minions will lose just like they did in the first earth age. The difference is that now, GOD knows who will be on HIS SIDE. Those who are not His ELECT, do have FREE WILL, and have shown through their actions and their loyalty and their devotion, whether they are worthy to be with HIM in eternity. The two-thirds who did nothing, will have made a choice and will either live or die by their choice.

          • Dorie N,
            In the sense that Christians have made their choice and have submitted to the ways of the Holy Spirit, you could say we no longer have a choice. But we no longer seek any other choice. And yes, those who have not chosen Christ do still have that option up to the point of physical death. Therefore they still have free choice. Still, we have choices concerning our carnal lives that we have to make constantly. So the game is not over just yet.

          • Actually Jerry, some even have the option of being in the millennium if they are not taught about Christ or were taught wrong. I know many do not agree with me on this, but God is fair, and would not condemn any one who was not well informed or taught. Thus, many who were never taught about CHrist, and were brainwashed to believe in Islam, Hindu or other religions may well be in the millennium for training. And then at the end of the millennium, they will again be faced with satan and the choice to follow him or GOD. I like Christ much better than Mohammed, because He is fair and loving.

          • Dorie,
            Everyone who does not hear the gospel from someone will receive it at the time of death. I need to look up that passage. But that is the only situation under which one can be told the message of salvation after death. In today’s world the gospel in spread by TV over about every part of the world and few have not heard it. Christianity is gaining on that issue every day. In many ways even the Muslim world is told. Some accept Christ but not obviously not all.

    • Not true there is good and bad in all religion to say all Muslim is bad is ignorant you can say all catholic is child molester because of priests.Or you can say all Christian is bad they was responsible for slavery the hangings and torture of blacks .I have friends who are Muslims and they are hard working up standing citizen but truth be told nobody did more evil on this earth then the white race with it treatment of Indians, blacks , invasion of small country so who is the real terror .

      • Donald,
        See, you do not get it. There is good and bad in every religion. Christianity makes sin a very distinct shortcoming. There is also good in all religions. Those are all based on individual behaviors at any given time. What I am trying to get across is that evil, which is an issue of any given belief system, which is ingrained and is an integral part of that religion’s behavior pattern is the real issue. Islam is naturally evil in its behavioral process. It encourages violence against anyone who is not Muslim. That is the Muslim state of being. That is not just an occasional bad attitude. It is a permanent behavior.

      • Donald, clearly you have issues with people of the past. But, no one came here intent on killing off the indians. The first encounter was a plesant one. And when the indians started dying from diseases that were brought here from the settlers, they went on the warpath. They also had issues about the permanance of the settlers. Most indians moved around and did not stay in one place. As for the blacks, they were captured and sold by other blacks, more likely Muslims. And they were sold to Americans as slaves, because that was acceptable at that time. Now it is not acceptable, but Muslims are still capturing women and selling them into sex slavery. Their plight is far worse than anything that may have happened to the slaves of the south. As for invasion, this world was not known, and our ancestors had every right to seek out a land where they could be free of tyranny. If you find it so insufferable, go by all means to any other country in this world, and let us know how they contrast. I have seen Mexico and Canada, and by far this is a better country, and better laws.

  5. take this pig out

  6. Bacon & Body Bags for YOU & Yours !!!!!

    • I know that You are aware of the reason for the removal of the Bust of Sir Winston Churchill, all over his outlook concerning ISLAM!.
      ” Islam in a man, is as dangerous as RABIES in a Dog! ”
      That says it all, And for those who are all too ready to jump on the ‘Defend the IDIOTS’ bandwagon, the facts are very simple, Sir Winston grew up during a time where a member of the British Army-Royal Marines, was being sent home for ‘Closed caskets’ burials. Hence the Man knew from that from which he spoke,!.
      LOCK & LOAD!!!

  7. Screw them damn Muslims. I would like to draw that picture they are wanting to kill for but the it always comes out looking like a donkeys ass.

  8. There is a good reason why prudent citizens have armed themselves, stocked up on lots of ammo, and ALWAYS CARRY.

  9. We need to quit pussyfooting around with those who claim this abomination as their religion, it is time to treat them just as they say we should be treated with summary execution for their refusal to believe our prophet and Savior Jesus as the only one. Now does not that sound like these nut cases and the things they continually verbalize, at least we should not allow people who say and believe this kind of rhetoric to be in our nation, it is bad enough that we have a President and his minions espousing racist rhetoric at every opportunity that will and is leading to anarchy.

    • The festering cancer resides in our WhiteHouse…

      “A nation can survive its fools, and even the
      ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is
      less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor
      moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through
      all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor
      appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he
      wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep
      in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and
      unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body
      politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.”

      ― Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • John Joseph Wilson

      If a Christian would go out and murder someone this way or attack like on 9-11, they would be fully prosecuted under the law. Well most Muslims are subject to the same rules we are subject to and should be prosecuted as criminals.

    • “Fol…..”, Let us keep in mind that Muslims are merely responding to that which they have been taught from a very early age. We have an estimated ten million Muslims here in the U.S, most who will respond to a call of “war Jihad”. First, we must try and convince them of the misinformation which they have been taught. See my earlier lengthy comment. I am a retired USAF officer and I can assure you, “war is hell”, and should only be “the court of last resort”—but at the same time let no one misunderstand or willingness to “sit down and talk”. Such a war would be a combination of a flood of continued terrorist activities and outright warfare, using WMD, such as the “missing” 70 or so, Russian “suitcase” nuclear weapons, or chemicals that are so abundant in the Middle East—-the very ones that Hassan “didn’t have”. Let us avoid the profanity, obnoxious nicknames and gutter talk as that is warlike to most all parties. Also, keep in mind, their Qur’an” is completely undecipherable due to its complete lack of chronology and its undated “abrogations”. If you want to understand the Muslim culture, Islam, and Sharia Law, obtain a copy of their “Approved”, “Reliance of the Traveller(sic): A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law”, translated by N.H.M. Keller, 1993 Edition, 2011 Printing. It is printed in Arabic, with English “facings”, well indexed as to subject matter and is not encumbered by chronology and “abrogation” issues—-a must document for anyone trying to educate themselves on Islam and its Sharia Law.

      • To which I must reply Horse Feathers, who cares how many Islamists,Muslims are in our nation even at 10 million they are still out numbered if it gets down to it. Although i will have to admit we probably no longer as a nation could find enough able bodied men to fight an all out war against any aggressor, it seems that most shall I dare to say men in this country in this day and age are only interested in two things 1st themselves 2nd and tied to #1 their immediate gratification. As to your assertion that war is hell of course it is but those of us that have been there know that and those who have not might learn what it means and what it takes to have a nation such as ours by defending it against those who would try to destroy it. And I ask why would we even be interested in trying to understand things written in the Quran we are supposed to be a nation of Christians although that is debatable as open to perversion as we have become today, If our beloved country falls into oblivion as it seems it will on our present course, then it makes no difference if from your mentioned 70 WMDs or whatever else. Our Lord tells us in his Bible what it will be like when civilization as we know it will be destroyed and in some ways it could be describing your worried about WMDs. I contend that we need to clean the abomination that is Islam,Muslim out of our beloved country ASAP. do not find me using any profanity in my comments so I do not understand your reference to that and gutter talk.

  10. Choudary should not be allowed to stay in the US if he feels someone who speaks ill of his religion should be murdered. He is a dissident and has issued a terrorist threat. He needs to go away now.

    • Where are the “stray” bullets when they could do so much good???

    • He should be locked up in a dark cell forever. He is an enemy of the State and should be delt with. G.W. would not have let this muslime be at large.

  11. You want to come here legally, I am fine with that but the minute you begin to try changing MY country into something that suits you but goes against everything I have been taught and believe in, that’s where I put my foot down and say, No More, go the hell back where they still believe in your primitive customs and leave America alone, or suffer the consequences….

    • That is the process the muslims employ. As their numbers increase, so do their demands to incorporate their laws and beliefs into our culture. They never assimilate, but instead create ghettos where only muslims are welcome.
      ALL of Europe is already doomed to become muslim states in but a few years, due to uncontrolled muslim immigration and the rate at which they reproduce relative to non-muslim couples.
      Google “muslim demographics” to view the documentary.

      • Your right and if we do not get a government who will stand up for America and it’s people we are doomed.

        • John Joseph Wilson


          Remember the Government is of the people and serves the people. As long as the people don’t allow the government to dilute its freedoms, we will survive through the will and help of God.

          • You are of course right but as I have said before the government people we elect to be our spokesperson have slowly, over the decades so as not to be so noticeable, given themselves, without the people they are supposed to be serving having any say, so much power that they feel they are now our bosses not the other way around, as it was meant to be. We must elect to office people we know will do the right thing for the people not to appease themselves or their party but WE their constituents. They are already diluting our freedoms. They have taken away our freedom of choice with the so called Affordable Care Act (Obama Care). This is not supposed to be the way America was to be, the government never was to have the right to tell us what we must do. We fought a war with England to get away from the few telling the many what they must do and God forbid we have to go that route again. I must agree with your statement that the government is of the people and serves the people, and this is what we must take back from those that have made a career out of governing those they are there to serve. I truly believe that term limits for all politicians at the Federal level, not just the president is called for as a way for the people to begin getting back the control they once had. We should begin by demanding it be placed on a ballot so the people can vote on it because if left up to the politicians it will never see the light of day…..

          • Do you wish to have social security payments made to you? There is where you sold your soul. Social security was created as the first step toward controlling the people. The tax system also became a control system. No person should have to pay more than ten percent of what they earn. And no person who is on government assistence should ever live better than someone who works. Clearly, all of these programs control and aide in gaining votes for the democrats. They use the programs to keep their voting base. The programs are just a way to keep you poor and provide a way to make you lazy and not willing to control your own life. If you do not save for the future, do you think a few hundred a month will make your life good in your old age? Social Security was designed to be a supplement for the widow who could not work, or for those who had not worked. It was a flub up of Roosevelts, and it is still a flub up. I already collected every penny I ever paid in in just four years. And no, I could never have lived on 500 dollars in a month. So I can see how so many are indeed looking for the handouts that they have become accostumed to seek. The problem is, GOD, does not want people who cannot take care of themselves. So the majority of these people will not make it into eternity just because they have opted to stay with a party that advocates murder. It is logical, that a lazy person will also be one who would agree to murder someone else in order to make their life easier. And since no murderer can have salvation in the flesh, there is no free pass from Christ for them.

          • I understand what you are, in fact, saying. Social Security was instituted before I was born and I have been retired for 11 years now and collecting Social Security for 9 of those years. Social Security was never meant to be a retirement but to aid in helping one with the money one had saved for retirement. A Democratic program that was at it’s inception beneficial to those who had lost their incomes. People, Democrats, have actually had the nerve to say to me, “If you don’t think SS is beneficial why not give up your monthly check”, I responded with “I would gladly give up MY monthly check as soon as the government gives me the $850,000 I feel I would have made by investing the money I and my company, was forced to give to the government for aiding me in my future”. They never seem to have a response to that.

          • You know, I never thought of that money that could have been earned had it been invested. I have a meager stock investment, but it could have been much larger, and my tax free pension would have been much more had I not put it into social security. So you are right, I could have had much more than these past four years. Social Security also is a pyramid scheme, and will collapse one of these days. I have a hope that Christ returns before it does collapse. I hate to see what my children will have to endure in the days ahead. The world is a very scary place.

          • You are again right Dorie, SS. is very much like a pyramid scheme, I worked to pay for my fathers SS, my children work to pay for mine and their children will work to pay for theirs and it will eventually collapse and like you I worry about my children, grandchildren and all those of future generations. I, as a Christian, and a veteran understand that, yes, the world is a very scary place but I have also lived in other nations and with other cultures and have come to understand that most people are very similar to us. They want what everyone wants, their children and loved ones to have a safe and productive life, either through their religious beliefs or just because they are humans with families and friends. It has seemed to me, over many, many years of being around, that people can get along, it is those in power, governments and such, that are the problem. We must elect to office people that want what everyone else wants not what they want because they think it is the thing to do. We have allowed government to get completely out of control over the decades past because of our trust of those we elected. We must begin by not voting for what a candidate says but we must study a candidates past, who he is what his beliefs are, how he was raised. We must never forget that they will say whatever it takes to get elected and later, with a straight face, deny they ever said that or that WE misunderstood what they said. We elect them to be OUR representatives and they have, over the decades, so as to not be so noticeable to the people, passed so many laws to protect themselves from us, the people they are in office to serve, that they now control us, not the other way around as the founders meant it to be, “A country of the people, by the people and for the people”. This will not be an easy fix because they are very powerful but I believe it can be done by getting in office, people that believe, as do I, that all that run for Congress, the Senate or any Federally elected official should be subject to term limits, not just the president. I always say that “Power corrupts, Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. They want to serve the people, fine, but to make it a career and then live, not only off the people but much better then we do, is not what being a politician was ever supposed to be. That’s the way I look at it. I have always felt America was a nation where the people were given the right to be productive and learn to take care of not only themselves but those that truly need the help of others. government is teaching people to now become dependent on government for their every need, this was never supposed to be what America was to be. We have allowed government to turn OUR country into what many have come here legally to get away from a country ruled and it’s people under the complete dominance of it’s officials. I must end by saying we have no one but ourselves to blame for allowing this to happen here.

      • Ah, but some countries are making them leave. They are exporting them out of their country. If they have any family, the families are forced to leave as well. This is true for those who have been in trouble with the law. If they murder someone, they are put in prison and their family is put out of the country. I just wish they believed in capital punishment.

  12. WHEN TF is someone going to stand up and “take” this F’er out and “set an Example” for the rest of the F’ing Muslim POS!!! It should be done … ASAP via anyway they want to … a Sniper – self or hired, don’t give a shit .. just get rid of the “No Good Piece Of Pig Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Maybe feed him some tainted .. pork but tell him it’s chicken!!!!!!!!!

  13. all the more reason all Americans of age should legally carry and be well trained in firearm safety

  14. If Muhammed is so powerful, why doesn’t he defend himself…

  15. EWe have a hollowed out mountain out in Nevada, it’s fill of spent nuclear fuel rods.
    There are about 6 zillion pounds of them.
    let’s set up a remote grinding operation, grinda couple of million pounds of them into small grainy pieces
    Buy up about a thousand old crop dusters.
    Warn all of the Muslims, if you support this we destroy you..
    When caught we spread the radioactive material over the country, border to border.
    6 months everything in the country is dead, costs us almost nothing.
    Then we ask, them if they understand what happens when they are caught.
    We may have to kill a billion or too, so what, not like they are people.

    • YOU are on sick son of a bitch!!

      • And you and the people;like you are responsible for the deaths of millions of people in our military and the victims of the soulless Muslims.
        The idea that the people in our military have to assume greater risks because people like you don’t want collateral damage.
        The ersatz life forms like you are the ones that still whine about the USA using the nuclear weapons on the Japanese, when the physical invasion of Japan would have cost 1 to 2 million American lives.
        Imperial Rome had a problem with a city-state called Carthage.
        After finally losing all patience, Rome invaded, burned it to the ground, killed every living thing in it, they plowed it under while sowing salt in the ground.
        Rome had no further problems of any kind with Carthage.
        The least some whiner like you can do is join the military and assume the risks that your whining cause our militray

      • Hey Genius… you misspelled “one”

        • It was a typo & I did correct it. Still doesn’t change the fact that your poems suck& you’re a freaking NUT JOB !!!

          • Hey Genius… word of advise… don’t ever piss off someone in the dot com business!

  16. disqus_CeZmTpgh9W

    The muslims move to this country and then try to turn it into the SAME shithole that they left


  18. The musim cult terrorist bastards put contracts out on U.S. Citizens that tell the truth about the islam crimes but the FBI & feds do not put bounties on these murdering gang enemy cults that are invading the U.S. ! This would rapidly eliminate their existence & threat to U.S. Citizens & National Security… bo is letting every illegal foreigner into the U.S. with his abuse of power E.O.’s being a violation of his POTUS sworn oath to protect the U.S. Constitution and laws ! These acts have a heavy stench of his wannabe dictator treason which our congress will not stop & being as criminally guilty of violating their sworn oath.. ! bo must go 2015 & all of his crony muslim commie administration.. !

  19. Use anything as an excuse is how they work. Why is it not the same when an ? artist put a crucifix in a cup of urine or covered a picture of the Blessed Virgin with elephant dung? 99% of these clerics are enthroned in their own type of greed and power. I don’t know of any other ?religion that sanctions the slaughter of anyone who won’t convert to theirs.

    • These muslims are not a religion by believeing in their koran, quran or what ever” ! Condoning murder which makes them a cult & enemy of the U.S. Citizens Constitutional Freedom & Rights ! They cannot get along in their own tribes that have proven they are an enemy to Free world humanity & have to be squelched as any war creating tyranny aggressor has been defeated or eliminated in past history .. !

  20. So, our free speech & actions are being concluded as blasphemy. I do not see this is a religious war, hell anyone in there right mind that actually believes in God or a superhuman being, knows that a living breathing human cannot be depicted as a God, the Holy Bible states you may never see God. I know religion has nothing to do with the attacks on us, our defenses have dropped, our borders opened up, an now we have an operation Jade Helm 15, and ISIS stating they have people in 15 States. So we are training in 15 States and they are present in 15 States, Put something out that doesn’t make me believe our Government is working with ISIS.
    Why are we trying to defend what we do in our country, we have or had free speech, why do we answer to these forms of socialism being brought upon us? Why are we wanting to support immigrants & hand out citizenships so freely at such a poor time in our society? Does it all boil down to votes, votes that will keep the trail to socialism alive? It is a shame that this is slowly being a way of our life. I am a true American & if there is any truth to the recent politics of our nation, I will stand as that American & the American way of life.

  21. Actually, guys, Choudary is very good to have around. By “allowing” him to continue to blather on about Sharia & such, it may finally wake up some of our leaders to what Islam is truly about.
    I don’t see these arguments getting anywhere, I’ve started turning O’Reilly & Hannity & others off when the discussion breaks down into chaos. I would, instead, like to have one of these guys have just Choudary on & ask of him specific questions, then give him the time to hang himself with his own words. This would include other “guests” as well, such as Geller.

    We could gain so much more from these “discussions” in this manner instead of the yelling & debased arguing.
    Examples of this abound – look how Obama & HillBilly hang themselves every chance they get to open their mouths (speaking, I mean… 🙂 )

  22. Why are we letting anymore Muslims into our country? Do we want the Netherlands, France or England. What more warning do we need, Forget the President, he seems to side in with them over us. They don’t want to know if they did something would be done about the world coming through Mexico. Our government stinks. We need a strong leader, like Truman, Eisenhower, and Reagan. I am for Huckaberry but Cruz is the toughest and smartest guy on the block right now.

    • Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr.

      Let’s face it, it’s either we’re just plain stupid, or we don’t care. But wait until you know what hits the fan, and then we all start to cry. By then, our fats in the fire. That poster of Obama with half his face, one color in the other half another, that was a good hint that he was two face.I can see a major conflict between the radical Muslims and the Christian community. and as for the moderate Muslims I tend to believe they will side with the radicals out of fear. The answer to all our problems is to enforce our Constitution, and Bill of Rights period.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      Denmark did it right! ROFL

    • That is Obama for you. He opened the door and won’t close it. We need to close the door to Muslims like we need to close the borders to our neighbors.

  23. This is why monotheistic religions must be ended. One true god with one true religion and a mandate to wipe out the competition. Judaism and Christianity both have taken their turns to commit genocide now it’s Islam’s. The difference is now there are weapons of mass destruction that can kill billions and a fanaticism that seems would prefer no life on earth at all over having people with religion convictions different from theirs.

    Most religions and their holy books are okay for moral guidance. It is when that is coupled with a god who says “It’s my way or death.” that we get this sort of crap. I’m sick of all sides in this debate. I am an apatheist. I think there may be a “central self” what people call god (that’s the theist part) but I just don’t care anymore (that’s that “apa” or apathy part). Until whatever there is dope slaps these people and hard I don’t care. Those claiming to believe in him/her/it are the major cause of all death and destruction. And it doesn’t matter if that religion is Christian, Islam, Judaism, environmentalism, socialism, Marxism, Hinduism or whatever. Ideologies and culture are not our friends. They are in place to serve those who run these various “ism’s”.

  24. This loon can spew his venom all over the networks, not a peep.
    The media gives HIM a platform because he is exercising free speech.
    PAM GELLER expresses her view of people like HIM and the pundits go bananas!!!

  25. ” Calling All Barbadians ” re; anjem choudary.. You hydrophobic monkey! So you think you think you’re going to treat Texan women like you treat yours! Think again! We’ll be waiting for you when you come for Pamela Geller! We will have a special bullet dipped in pork for you!! In fact its going to be a woman infidel that will send you to kingdom come!! How’d you like them cookies!

  26. I’m thinkin’ it’s about time to stop ALL muslim immigration.

    • AND stop ALL entrance to the USA except for a limited number of people who follow the law and rules and maybe become US Citizens appropriately. Illegal crossing into USA over borders should be met with very harsh consequences.

  27. Even the Muslims that come here for refuge, they still want to ignite Sharia Law and change our constitution to their liking. I say hell NO! And I will fight this and any other administration knuckle to knuckle if I have to.

  28. Choudary is not a “radical” Muslim. He is a practicing Muslim following the dictates of the Qur’an and Sharia Law. There is no such thing as ‘radical Islam’. Islam is Islam today as it was 1400 years ago. You have ‘Pure Islam’ and nothing more. There are practicing Muslims and non practicing people who identify with Islam but do not follow Sharia Law, some people call them moderates. A moderate in Islam is simply an Apostate of Islam. The penalty for Apostacy under Sharia law is Death No one has hijacked Islam, it was dangerous and full of hatred 1400 years ago and in 2015 it remains the same. “Kill Jews and Christians if they do not convert or pay JIzya tax” Qur’an, Sura 9:29 This is just one example of the violence and mayhem preached in this filthy tome. It is also permissible to lie to advance the cause; “Lie to strengthen Islam” Qur’an Suras 3:26, 9:3, 16:106, 40:28 (taqiyyah/deception). Wake up America, we are under attack both from without and within. CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood both have ready access to the White House and the Oval Office and there are Muslims within the administration. Let’s start at the top with the Muslim in Chief and his closest adviser, Valerie Jarrett, an Iranian Muslim.
    Turkish PM Erdogan has commented on the term ‘moderate Islam’ often used in the West to describe Muslims who aren’t terrorists. Erdogan said, “These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.”

    • So Islam and all of its disciples are the same. Therefore all Muslims are to be considered anti Jew, anti Christian and anti anything that does not suit the whims of Muslims as per their interpretation of Quran writings. Now we know. Thanks.

    • Islam ia a pile of stinking Dog Poop !! – Right?

  29. keithbreedlove

    Hannity, O’Reilly, Meghan, et al, have these guys (I include useful idiots like Fowler, Marc Lamont Hill and others) on so we can see and hear the nature of the enemy.

  30. headonstraight

    I think President Obama is a fine upright American and truly has the best interests of this Nation and its people as his highest priorities.

    Just a little much-needed balance for this Obamaphobic forum.

  31. Choudary, may the fleas of 1000 brethren, the bedbugs of their sleeping ticks, and the veneral disease of their goats infest you and trouble you the rest of your life.

  32. check with obama,it was probably a work place incident,or they have been looking for work

  33. The Muslims insist their “Qur’an” is the “spoken word” of their God, Allah. The sad truth is all Holy Books, including the Bible, Torah and the Qur’an, were compiled and edited by groups of mere mortals, with someone in charge, also a mere mortal, that dictated what would and would not be included in the final products. As for Islam, history clearly reveals the Qur’an was compiled and edited by mere mortals, about 50 years after the death of Muhammad–which was before “printing presses”, and they had to rely upon very scant materials, several dialects and faulty memories of the aged, along with hundreds of thousands of ahadith, also in many dialects. That compiling and editing process clearly refutes the concept that the Qur’an (and other Holy Books) are the “spoken word” of a god. Also, an “All Knowing God” (AKG), who can do anything and everything, would not make any mistakes that would later have to be changed or altered in any way—the Qur’an is replete with such later undated “abrogations”. Also, such an all knowing entity, who can do anything and everything, would not have to rely upon “others”, to spread his “word”, as such a god would have the capability of communicating directly with the masses (and not have to rely upon mortal “prophets” to spread the gospel)—and surely would not use people of questionable character or integrity. Also, an “AKG”, would not have to resort to the threat of a death penalty to instill his “revelations” on the masses, as such a god would have the necessary “tools” to influence all unbelievers. And, such an “AKG” would present a very readable “final document” that contained no errors, or misleading revelations, and which would be readable and understood, by mere “little people”—and would not have used a language that contains quadruple the number of “characters” to form both letters and words, that would later modified, for various language readability issues. The Qur’an is completely devoid of chronology, and contains many “abrogations”, also undated and inserted at random, throughout the document—which results in a document that is completely undecipherable, even by learned Muslims. The “unchangeable” Qur’an also contains errors of fact. A prime example is Surah 18: paragraphs, 84, 85, 86, 89 and 90. where a “road” was provided, for an individual to walk to where the Sun “goes down” and then where the Sun “arises”, with an discussion of surrounding areas—it is approximately 24 thousand miles around the Earth–and the person “walked”?). This, along with several other revelations, clearly imply our Earth was (is?) “flat”. Another revelation states (paraphrased), “a male, upon receiving word that his wife has produced a “female” child , has the right to be angry and embarrassed”. The hard fact of life is medical science dictates the male chromosome dictates the female sex of a child—and there are dozens more “problem” areas—that would fill more than one book. Unfortunately, these Holy Book problems are also encountered in all Holy books and generates considerable “collateral damage” to all.

  34. The only good muslims are the dead ones as they cannot kill any more innocent people, or breed any more of the scum of the earth.

  35. I surely hope the next guy will tear down the “accepted” walls and let evil show itself for what it is!

  36. According to an email: Could it be true?


  37. Michael Dennewitz

    Hey choudery, you’re a mooselum piece of goat shit and your moohumid is a pedophile and a faggot! Deny that, asshole goat humper!!!


  39. Alexander Seredin

    Choudry is full of yellow stuff. There is nothing in Islam that justifies killing someone for anything other than self defense or defense of one’s family. Geller is a disgusting provocateur, but she is safe from Muslims. Those like Choudry who interpret Holy Quran to satisfy their own twisted ideology are the ones that should be punished

  40. Chris Robinette

    Over all America wants the pig humping Anjem Choudary’s head on a pole on the front lawn of the white house.

  41. Can anyone explain to me how, we as a nation founded on Judo-Christian ideals, with laws that have been enacted under our United States Constitution that have allowed us, all of us, to build a free and prosperous nation, can now even allow a fundamentally evil ideology such as Islam to reside within our nation? It is a historical fact that Muhammad, the so-called “Prophet” of Islam, was, in actual fact an insane criminal war lord, murderer, rapist and child molester. His “holy book”, the Koran or clearly describes the murderous and criminal ideology of Islam. Their Sharia law specifically allows the enslavement of women and anyone else who does not believe in Islam. That Sharia law also provides for the murder of any person who criticizes Islam and, in fact, allows any every Islamic adult male to beat or even murder his wife or his children for something as minimal as talking back to him. Our government, I should say “our elected politicians” has, for many years, even long before the Obama invasion, encouraged the importation of Islam into our country and they are now attempting to impose the Sharia law on the American people. Why? For what ungodly reason? Is it to further their attempts to force us into a one-world Communist government? Saudi Arabia has been building Muslim Mosques in every state in the United States for years. They even allegedly paid Harvard Law School over two million dollars to get Obama a law degree. What is going on folks? I really think that it is time to start holding our elected representatives personally accountable for the degraded state of our union. There is an abundance of public officials and their appointees who should be in prison, at the very least, including almost everyone in the Obama administration, and including Hillary Clinton for her Treasonous acts while supposedly serving our country as Secretary of State.
    Islam must be outlawed in this United States and any person who desires to be ruled by Islam should be deported to a country of his choice where Islam is embraced. I, for one, will never embrace Islam for any reason.

  42. Shofar threading

    I am really getting annoyed with Sean for airing the despicable, evil
    Choudary and his radical Islamic garbage time after time. I can’t count the
    times I’ve muted his talking.
    The article is correct in that this kind of
    so-called “debate” (more a monologue by Choudary who barely lets another’s word
    in edgewise) fans reactions. But whose? He should schedule Dr. Zuhdi Jasser, a
    gentle muslim representative who is not blinded by radical Islamists and who
    Sean has had as a guest. We need to see more of him instead of the
    rabble-rousing inciter whose rhetoric obviously warms up the U.S. traitors
    sitting in waiting. Not only “fair and balanced coverage”, Sean, journalistic integrity
    needed, not another play to the muslims. They are getting enough coverage.

  43. Fred Tramutola

    How about we defend our rights by slitting the Muslim terrorist throat then burying his useless remain under PIGS!

  44. Time to carpet bomb the Muzzie Nations ……and spread bacon strips on the steps of EVERY Stinking Mosque in the USA !! – Run them OUT of here !!!

  45. Again. more proof that the religion of Islam is to actually
    destroy ALL other religions. How does Allah want his followers to destroy the other religions? KILL THE INFIDELS! KILL? Right. These Jihadists have been trying
    this for a few years. After 9/11 with their killing nearly 4000
    Americans, they have tried to continue killing non Muslims.
    Fortunately, the good guys have prevented some of these
    Jihadist attacks by killing the attackers. Armed citizens
    would be a great HELP stopping this outrage. If all ?????
    Million gun owners were allowed to carry legally, there would be a very large group of armed citizens augmenting the
    Police. We would have to really control the criminal element
    and the mentally deranged. These Jihadists must be stopped and DESTROYED. Stopping and jailing them won’t work. Their Kill Switch has been welded in the ON position. This means, they will Kill at every opportunity. The Court telling them “NAUGHTY, NAUGHTY. You must stop this”. Then a slap on the wrist and the court room door opened and the Jihadist told to “Go And Do Crime
    No More” will never, ever work with the Muslims.
    Come on ALL 51 of Americas Governments, make
    laws that will allow All American Citizens the RIGHT to
    Carry Loaded Handguns at all times to protect themselves and DEFEND OUR NATION FROM THESE

  46. We must be tolerant and understanding, even as our heads are falling to the ground sans body. The camel is in the tent and it’s only a matter of time before he asks us to leave, or worse.

  47. Seems that chouder-head Choudary is even more effective than Pamela Geller at convincing people that Islam is an evil murderous death cult. That in itself is a good reason to have him on the air.

  48. The issue is not “radical Islam” it is what Mohammed taught and that Islamists hate all who do not believe as they do. They do not have a concept regarding freedom of choice, free speech, or simply the idea that if you don’t like it don’t do it and let others live as they please. The idea of individual freedom does not exist in Islam!

  49. Since Choudary is a believer of Sharia Law when our nation is governed by Constructional Law maybe he should return to that obvious cesspool he ran away from and that he seems so attached to – the slums of Mecca.

    He needs to also know that I for one detest some of the comments made by him and his allies, the libtards, but I would never forget I live in a country where my speech no matter how offensive to some is PROTECTED not by some fanatical religious code dreamed up by a pedophile but by brave men who lost much in the foundation of this Republic.

    And should he not know: there is no prohibition of religion in the constitution and no separation of church and state but the first amendment makes it quite clear that the government CANNOT establish any religion nor prohibit the people the free expression of religion and that goes for Muslims as well as my own religion or anyone else’s.

    Practice your EVIL cult and even call it a religion but you are warned that if you or your fanatical friends ever try to harm me or mine I will answer your threat without hesitation. GET IT, GOT IT, —-GOOD!

  50. Why Hannity/Fox air him is simple…so people can be educated to what these Muslims stand for (they all use the same ‘play’ book)….too many people are ignorant (as is illustrated by Americans going to be part of ISIS) as to what the ideology of Islam (notice I didn’t say religion) is all about. If more people understood the truth, Islam would have died with Mohammad….why do you think they attempt to stifle all “speech” about it.

  51. It’s hard to put into words the rage I feel for muslims, radical or otherwise. They, in my opinion, are cockroaches.

  52. I hardly watch Hannity any more. Between Sean and Billy O Riley I don’t know whose ego is bigger or who thinks they know more. They are both know it alls. I have no idea why they give them air time or give air time to other airheads like Jeraldo.

    • Michael Dennewitz

      I’m a Vietnam vet and I rent out spare bedrooms to make ends meet. People freak when I tell them NO CABLE TV, just internet.. I stopped watching TV over 20 years ago…

      • If someone does not come across as a decent human being, can ‘you say no to renting to them? I guess that is why I have not done the same. I would be too quick to say, sorry but you do not appear to be a decent human being.

        • Michael Dennewitz

          Well Dorie, I’m not looking for a slap on the back, but I actually have rented to some weirdos. Two “ladies,” one was a lesbo. They had both just paid their monthly rent and while I was in the shower, stole it from my pocket! When I began throwing their belongings into the canal, they moved fast. Then I had a lad from India. HA! They don’t use showers. They sit in the tub and use a glass to dump water all over themselves! He liked doing that twice daily. But when I found out that he was setting the dryer for 90 minutes each time he did his laundry, that’s what got him a new place to stay.. lol .. That’s only a couple of the many I’ve endured. Many want to bring their habits with them and refuse to adjust. They quickly forget that they’re living temporarily in YOUR home… Life has definitely been a good teacher…

          • Ah Michael, but you did not tell me if you just took one look at someone and said, sorry, but I cannot rent to you. Don’t like the way you look. See, that is what bothers me about renting to others. Some times, God lets me know to get away from someone and I miss the hardship of being hurt or murdered. I had someone work for me who robbed me, and even though I could not prove it, the police told me he was a felon and has been arrested for robbing people in the past. And they said that it does not take much for a person to cross that line from robbing to murder. A person should be allowed to use their intuition to make that decision and not be forced to rent to someone who might be dangerous.

          • Michael Dennewitz

            Well madam, my one roomie is a CSI detective, so we’re screening them pretty well now. lol

        • Michael Dennewitz

          I do things a little different dear. When I run the ad I explain that I’m taking inquiries and that within the month I will decide who I will accept for a room mate. Then I can run all the checks on them that I want, including background checks. I have a CSI detective renting the master BR, and he helps me do a ton of checking. lol

    • Billy O Riley is a blowhard that thinks he knows everything, but when it comes to the Bible he is as blind as a bat! Jeraldo is nothing but a trouble maker, that likes to make his own news by stirring up trouble so he can be in the limelight. Shabbat shalom!

  53. “why Fox News and Sean Hannity continue to give airtime to ridiculous radical Muslims like Anjem Choudary”

    Because they love dancing with devils!

    1Co 10:20 “Rather, that the things which the Gentiles sacrifice they sacrifice to demons and not to God, and I do not want you to have fellowship with demons. 21 You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons; you cannot partake of the Lord’s table and of the table of demons. 22 Or do we provoke the Lord to jealousy? Are we stronger than He? 23 All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful; all things are lawful for me, but not all things edify.” Shabbat shalom!

  54. As for a short selection of peaceful messages found in Quran:

    “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Qur’an 2:191

    “Make war on the infidels living in your neighborhood.” Qur’an 9:123

    “When opportunity arises, kill the infidels wherever you find them.” Qur’an 9:30

    “The Jews and the Christians are perverts;.” Qur’an 9:5

    “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Qur’an 3:85

    “Religion of peace” indeed – according to B. Hussein Obama – in the cemetery perhaps?

  55. muslim = vermin !

  56. Exact definitions of “Moderate Islam” and “Radical Islam”:

    A radical Muslim wants to behead you – or burn you alive;

    A moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to behead you – or burn you alive while praying Allah for “success”; he will also finance the buying of that yatagan, i.e., sword.

    Also – in case that radical Muslim is killed (Allah forbid!) – a moderate Muslim will readily replace him.

  57. As much as the islam trash is a threat to this country from abroad, and now within, a still greater one exists in the liberals with their intent to destroy this country from within by controlling freedom of speech, flooding this country with illegal immigrants and even flying them in free, banning guns and spending this country into the realm of the third world to give it all away to everyone but legal US citizens. They attack us through their mind control of our kids in schools at all ages, they incite total disrespect of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they deny the flying of our Nation’s Flag and promote the burning and stomping on it as “their freedom of speech”, and they promote the rights of islamic trash to control citizens through what is considered “PC” BS. They also promote the destruction of Christian values everywhere! There is the real danger. Unless we stop them and put them down, we will be forced into fighting terrorists in the streets while the liberals attack us from behind!

  58. Islam is a cult, just like David Karesh and Jim Jones who demanded their followers to die for them. It is about a man who had blood lust and was a known and admitted pedophile and misogynist. If I as a Christian have to live with the fact that the left calls insulting my religion just part of free speech so do you wackos.

  59. So, I guess means that the Christian vs. Islam war is on then! For the way Muslims treat Christians, they should be shot on site if you are comparing religious persecutions !! Fair is fair!

  60. bobtherebuilder

    The most important (and as yet UNanswered) question is….Exactly why is it that “More has been written in the last week about the limits of free speech, than about the scourge of RADICAL Islam”!!
    I DO believe this IS still America (or perhaps a dismal shadow of it’s FORMER glory), if that dirtbag radical Islamist wants sharia…go the hell back to the hell hole that follows that GARBAGE!!!!

  61. The Muslims have all too often, “gotten their way” or perhaps I should say, “Imposed their way” on several other countries and religions, and we have many citizens who through ignorance, are letting them get away with imposing their pseudo religion on Americans. There obviously are those in the administration who are actively supporting the Muslim effort and are advocating “gun control” as one of the means to permit it to happen.

    • bobtherebuilder

      Don’t ya’ just loooove that term “gun CONTROL”….I am so damn tired of hearing about it…we all know (even the “gun grabbin’ libs) that the key word there is CONTROL!!!!! We WILL “control” the senate, we WILL “control” congress, we WILL “control” the mass media, we WILL “control” your speech, we WILL “control” your “Right to keep, and bear arms”…..control, control, control control…..yo “control” freaks….”control” this!!!!!!

  62. As I watched this exchange I could have sworn that behind Anjem Choudary was a big red shadow with horns and a pitch fork smiling and nodding his head in agreement.

    • bobtherebuilder

      Wow…”King O” took time off his golf game to be there?! LMAO!!!!

    • When Satan comes, he will not have horns, or red underwear, or a pitch fork. He will look like Christ, and will proclaim himself to be Christ. The one way to know who he is: we will not be able to pinch flesh when Christ comes. So if you can still feel pain, then it is satan.

  63. Since when should a person living in this country & subject to the LAWS of the United States, be tried under Sharia law? Can this moron show anybody where in ANY of our Federal , state or any other governmental entities
    where Sharia law comes into play.
    If he wants to be governed under that law, why doesn’t he move to a country that is ruled that way? It’s strange that all these so called immigrants who come here to escape the kind of economic or social injustices that they just escaped from, want to establish the SAME kinds of things they just left, here in this country.
    You don’t see people migrating to other countries around the world in the numbers who try to come here. I wonder why.

  64. Muslims must not have heard of reciprocation.

  65. There was a time not too long ago, when people did nothing because it didn’t affect them or it seemed to be someone else’s problem; then a man named Hitler rose to power, and today you know the results of that part of history. All the talk about this and that which has been going on for, what, 6 years or more, and people still can’t see the trees for the forest? Discard and forget party affiliation, both are crooked. If patriots wait until a train comes to pick them up and no one is there to help them; will they then realize their fate is doom? Get rid of the rats before you get eaten. YOU, yes, you hold your own fate or demise in your own hands. As for belaboring the fate of your kids and/or grand kids, just what the hell do you think those children can do?

  66. Is this”Muslim Cleric” in this country? Is he a citizen by birth? If not, and if he is in this country, who is the idiot that allowed him entry, and seemingly allowed his continued residence here?

  67. Alleged Comment

    Moslems know when they come to this land that the Constitution is the SUPREME law of the land and not the Koran.
    So they must do an about face and LEAVE and not harass Americans with brouhaha, threats, and picking on women that have NEVER threatened them.

    BTW, why are they so afraid of women???

  68. Allah is satan’s other name!
    His two former disciples in Garland joined him in hell.
    Imams have reservations there too!

  69. This is a country for Americans,if the muslims don’t want to live by Americas laws go somewhere where you are welcome.DO NOT try to bring your antiquated laws here and try to shove them down our throats.I doesn’t matter what Obama thinks,he is just another intolerant muslim waiting to be impeached.

  70. Scott Campbell

    It is clear that the majority of muslims do indeed support terrorism. Muslims think their stupid religion is supreme . They think the child molester they worship is above the law. It is time they found out neither is true. Maybe it is time islam is banned in the United States. Now I know someone will point out the First Amendment. However , the First Amendment does not allow for a religion that breaks US law . This is what a fair majority of muslims are doing now.
    attempting to use sharia law in the US is illegal. Religion can not overrule the law of the land.

  71. Robbert Hoekstra Azusa

    Where ever Islam
    goes the curse of Islam follows. Islam is not a religion of GOD, it is an
    ideology of Arabs who want to impose their will on mankind. The slaughter of
    innocent men, women, children and babies in the name of Allah makes it a tool
    of the devil. Islam works with fear, intimidation and murder and gang mentality.
    The only thing Muslims understand is retaliation with equal force. An eye for
    an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Unfortunately America has a Muslim Arab leader who’d
    rather collaborate with his brother hoods of Islam than to retaliate.

  72. Christians are supposed to worship graven images. But the Muslim Prophet’s picture goes further than that.
    Perhaps wanted posters for murder and child molestation are the reason intent.
    The news, particularly MSNBC and NBC , keep saying that most Muslims are fine people who are peaceful and just want “respect.” Perhaps if the Muslim majority should take action to arrest and punish the radicals. If the majority is radical, it might become necessary for the non-Muslim nations to kill all the radical Muslims.
    It would be far better if Indonesia and other Muslim nations sent their armies to solve the radical problem that seems to get so much traction.

  73. Islam, radical moderate or whatever is going to take you over if you let it. Read what it says. Sure the radicals like choudary get the air time but are you really listening? The moderates don’t say much, why? BECASUE THEY AGRRE! Remember,silence is consent!

  74. Good to see so many know the truth, but it is the other half of the country who have been drinking the Kool Aid, taught by our Professor’s since the 1960’s that have taken them to a Utopia that we pay for. Ben Franklin gave us the answer to one big problem right now “Don’t make it too easy for people that don’t work”

  75. This is Proof the only good muzzie is a DEAD Muzzie They hate AMERICA

  76. Pamela Craghill

    Does Hannity or anybody else need to ask questions like, “Do you want her to die”. Of course he does. that is what their religion tells them to do. Kill all none believers. You have sold your country down the river, allowing them airtime. They should never have been given a voice and ousted out of America immediately. These people are dangerous and will not hesitate in killing none Muslims. You are sealing your fate by not putting these people in a dungeon and letting them rot. They breed like flies and pretty soon you will have thousands of Choudarys. Then when there is enogh of them, they will make the Twin Towers job they did, look minuscule. Take heed my friends, this is not a joke. My country, England, is riddled with them. We have no chance now. It would take a miracle to get them out of our country.

  77. Wilbert Jennings

    WE are cowards we cowtail too any minority. Allowing muslims to walk our streets with signs saying they are going to kill us and not allow a Christian to stand on a sidewalk and pass out a tract Is down right stupid. We are falling back into the dark ages with the current administration and its getting even worse.

    • Wil, I would like to have a mus-slime pig tell me they are going to kill me, because i’ll come back and blow that son of a bitch away real fast, this is MY country and I will not stand for some goat screwing pig to threaten me I my own country. I never heeded to threats in Viet Nam or anytime in my life, an I will not start now.

      • Wilbert Jennings

        You and I as vets along with many more are well trained and will do what vets did back in the thirties when a corrupt sheriff and other officials tried to rem rod the town.Obama wants our guns so he can declare martial law and we would be defenseless. He is behind all the civil unrest and will do anything to bring down America. He even has gone so far as to try to fulfill Christian Bible prophecy by insulting the Russians so they will attack America. Revelation speaks of the whore of Babylon and it is America the author speaks of. The Bible is spot on so far and the rest looks pretty intimidating but for those of us that have come up through the hard knocks and know the importance of trial and error will survive.


  79. Dittos Jerry Branson, Josetoyou, jlcham, Ana Edwards,

  80. You know how You can tell the difference’s between a Moderate and a Radical Muslim? The moderate will be the one Holding the Victim’s Feet while the Radical cuts Their head off!!! That is the only difference there is in that ideology!!!

  81. SCOTUS has ruled the you cannot shout fire in a crowded theater, is is a crime. So explain to me why a Cleric like this is able to state that he thinks it is ok to kill someone who is exercising Constitutionally protected speech? This is worse that inciting to riot! This guy, and any like him should be charged with incitement and “JAILED!” Then he can get a first hand look at Gay sex!

  82. If the cleric here mentioned thinks ths Sheria Law is so great, and if he happens to be in the U.S., nothing prevents him from going elsewhere.

  83. Cartoons are not a reason to murder someone. And until the people who profess to be a religious group who worship Allah, grow up, and understand that they are not worshipping a god, but instead are worshipping a man, then, there is no reason to honor their foolish ideology. If they claim that Mohammad was a son of GOD, and was in part like Jesus, then I would understand their claim that Mohammad was sacred. But he was not God in the flesh, and therefore, he deserves no protection or special honors.

  84. Dorie N. Glad to see others understand we cannot let the Progressives do anymore to hurt the country. They have been at it since Teddy Roosevelt and certainly got the job done, and political correctness worked best for them. Control the people first than the country “Saul Alinsky” idol of Obama and Hillary.

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