Museum Prepares for Washington’s New Gun Law

In an election that saw conservatives celebrating the newly-red electoral map, a few less-than-wonderful referendums managed to find popularity with the public. The worst of all was probably Washington state’s Initiative 594, a sweeping gun control law that is already having some unintended consequences.

Case in point: the Lynden Pioneer Museum has decided to remove eleven World War II-era rifles from their featured exhibit because they might be in violation of the new law. The exhibit, “Over the Beach: The WWII Pacific Theater,” will go on without the displayed rifles. The rifles are being given back to their owners because I-594 requires background checks on all gun transfers, including those between two private citizens.

The museum’s website explained the decision:

The museum will be returning these guns to their owners because as of Dec 4th, we would be in violation of the law if we had loaned firearms that had not undergone the background check procedure. Nor would we be able to return those firearms unless the owners completed the back ground check procedure.

Advocates of the law are unlikely to be swayed by such a consequence, but it is the perfect illustration of how gun control measures have a remarkable capacity to overshoot their aims. Many times, unfortunately, the unintended realities of these laws create situations worse than those the laws were trying to fix.

Gun-free zones have turned into welcoming spaces for would-be mass shooters. After all, if you’re going to kill a bunch of people, you’re probably not going to be deterred by a federal gun charge. That’s what? Five years tacked on to your consecutive life sentences? Not much of a deterrent.

There’s a reason why the vast majority of gun control legislation is fiercely opposed by police officers. Out on the streets, confronting gun violence on a daily basis, they understand that stricter laws do not translate to safer cities. But you don’t have to be a police officer to see that. Take a trip to the South Side of Chicago and see what that city’s gun ban has done to eliminate violent crime and murder.

Gun control laws, in their peculiar way, are more similar to thought policing than they are to traditional laws against murder and rape and the rest. By attempting to criminalize the instrument in addition to the crime itself, lawmakers are double-dipping to give people a false sense of security.

It’s perhaps fitting that Washington’s new law would affect a World War II museum before anything else. In the 1940s, we took up arms to defend freedom. In 2014, we vote it away at the polling booth.


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  1. At least the authorities will get the guns back into the hands that will use them correctly, before museums are overrun and looted. Providing, of course that the OWNERS can pass background checks.

    • I think the original owners are grandfathered in, hence the reason for the museum giving them back before the ‘law’ kicks in

  2. Impeachments and High Treason and Murder games by Sharpton

    • I guarantee you, if there’s shit to be started, Not-so-sharpton and his Velcro headed buddies will be at the bottom of it all. But look at the “once famous” comedian. They all have shit hidden in their closet!…

    • Indictment & court martial to bo’s dereliction of duty violating his sworn oath ..! The same arrests for his supporting appointed crony administration’s violators of U.S. Laws …! Military court martial for treason is in order just for releasing 5 terrorists & opening U.S. Borders to illegals that are a threat to U.S. Security… !

      • words spoken like a true patriot, hell I’ll vote for you to. this tyrannical dictatorship is no different than what Hitler was with his cronies and look at what happen to most of them.trap door fell out or the poison pill they took and then some when to prison, to me that is to good for all of them. when you try to destroy a great nation that calls for swinging from the gallows.

  3. Obama is from Chicago. He knows the real truth behind gun bans. They are being scrutinized for his own political agenda, not for the public safety.


  5. I’ll bet he stays away for the south side of Shitcago. Oh he has mountains of body guards.

  6. Ah, and what did the men carry when storming Normandy? This is brain washing. This is re-writing history. Goebbels would be proud.

    • You are exactly right, they the Progressives, Liberals, Democrats, Communists, Terrorists and the Anti-Gun nimrods want to erase our History from the Schools, Historic Records, and even Obama is changing the History of our Country in many records by adding hid name to many of them which he did not participate in.

      • every dictator try’s to brain wash the young minds of the youth just like Hitler did, hell now there even teaching Oslama’s is the new way of life in middle schools. every dog has his day and this group of Keystone Cops will have there’s. Clint Eastwood said it best A legend in there own minds.

    • how right you are, Goebbels,Bormann,Goring,Hess,Himmler and Eichmann would all be proud but they are all DEAD where they should be. History will be re-wrote sooner than what these treasonous traders think.

    • This is bo’s creation & deceit to contribute to his muslim,commie wannabe tyranny dictatorship …!

  7. 2nd amendment is all that counts. I would never own a gun registered to anyone and never have,,,,you go along with this b.s. you deserve what you get…..Oh, I voted against that bill anyway…….

    • Amen! No State law can annul anything under the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights, which includes the 2nd Ammendment. Shabbat Shalom!

      • Correct in theory – but there are only about 3 states that don’t infringe on the second amendment. I know of Vermont, Arizona and Alaska – no permit required (constitutional carry). Feel free to let me know if there are more. We have let this go on for far too long

        • Right on! I am one of the many here in Texas that is trying to get the Texas Legislature to pass Constitutional Carry. I agree with Uncle Ted: “The 2nd Amendment IS my carry permit!”

        • Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Texas & Georgia come to mind-there may be more. In the late 90s, I bought handguns & rifles over the counter in Idaho-no waiting, either. Just needed to show an Idaho license.

          • Its good to know there are other states. Well over half of the states have blatently infringed on the 2nd amendment

    • here here patriot, keep on with those words. hell I’ll vote for you.

    • Register politicians, not guns! Ted Kennedy’s car has killed more people than my guns ever have!

  8. As the old saying goes, “From my cold, dead hands!” Nuf said…

    • how sweet that sounds to a old Jarhead, freedom and liberty or death with honor. but never give up the fight for liberty and freedom. Amen

      • Right with you, my brother Devil Dog! Semper Fi, Do or Die, Hang ’em High at 8th and I !! When I raised my hand and took the oath, I didn’t get an expiration date. THIS old Marine is the worst nightmare of ALL tyrants, both foreign and domestic. I have news for those who think they can just circumvent the Constitution. NOT going to happen as long as there are Marine vets around!

        • Semper Fi. like you said Do or Die. Dieing is the easy part, it is how you take your journey. the journey is what the treasonous traders should be worrying about, some times the journey is short and painless and other times its long and painful. these egg heads who sit back and squat to piss are the first to whine when they are shoved into a train car headed for a Fema camp. our dictator has a divest plan in store for the Americans who are against him and if anyone things not then let him fall first in the battle. urban fighting and jungle fighting is what Marines are best at. booby traps, ambushes and night attacks are what scares the Nazi’s. what the corrupt ones have to worry more about are the military who are patriots and will support the minute men in the bushes. like I have always said “freedom is not missed till it is gone” soon it will be time for men to stand up or fall by the way side. Semper Fi my Marine Corps . Brother.

  9. I have no doubt that these over-reaching Unconstitutional ‘Laws’ will eventually erupt somewhere in the country, and needless blood will be spilled. When that happens I wouldn’t want to be a congressman on either side of the isle. All of them deserve a fitting punishment for their treasonous acts right along with Odumbo and Holder

  10. Never let it be said that the left has a brain, the gave it away along with their
    freedom and lives when they voted for the left wing Socialist party and the
    Communist who rule them. They will be the first to whine and cry when they
    are fitted with Biden’s ankle bracelets and left off the the work farm.

    • This is going to harm these stupid Liberals as well as the law abiding citizens, but they don’t seem to get a grasp on what they are doing to them selves.

    • No they won’t! They will be praising the Dear Leader because they won’t have to be responsible for themselves. You see, regressives don’t want to have to think for themselves. They think the government knows best and will go along with any fascist program (or pogrom?) so as not to have to think, decide, or accept responsibility for themselves. These are the people who never leave Mom and Dad’s house and are still in their old room after they hit their 30s.

  11. The good citizens of Washington State were given a choice. Re that they voted for was a prime example of poor choice at times exercised by the citizenry. Act in haste, repent at leisure might ring a bell in the minds of some residents of Washington state. For others, people resident in other jurisdictions, pay close attention to the bright ideas offered by some.

  12. Now a days you can “print” a fully operational rifle or handgun form a print , a ghost gun if you will , how are the tight asses in Washington going to regulate them ??

  13. I think the days of regulation are pretty much over , I mean after the years of Obama’s oppression , I am sure America wants the Government out of our homes and business, and I for one would like to see the Patriot Act rescinded and never even thought of again …I figure someone in Congress will discover the actually have a pair and start deporting illegals ASAP !!

  14. What a bunch of idiots.

  15. I live in a place where they have gun control and it has done nothing to prevent crime. Criminals do not register their guns, nor do they get security checks, all this law will do is punish those who are law-a-biding citizens and who are responsible.
    I can’t express enough just how much you should protest this bill as it can be a step toward total control by a gov’t that is controlled by minority groups who have no clue about the conflict in hurting those responsible and law abiding.
    These bills do nothing but increase crime.

  16. I guantee that the manager of that museum is a Republican. He is trying to make a big issue out of nothing. All he has to do is take a background check of himself and put those firearms in his name. If he is considered a felon than he shouldn’t be in charge of that museum anyway. Background checks are only meant to keep firearms out of felons hands only. Anyone with common sense should be for it.

  17. Presumably the museums could display WWII era rifles that have been made impossible to fire — there must be plenty of them out there.

  18. These people are the ones who we should be afraid of, taking our History away from the people of the United States. Do they really think these gun will harm anyone? They can’t rid the country of all the criminals and the 38,000 thousand illegals the Obama Administration let out of prison on to the streets of this country. They think a few old guns will stop this, what a bunch of morons.


    They probably heard the drill Sargent saying this is my rifle this my gun 1 is for fighting 1 is for fun.

  20. this is what a dictatorship and a tyrannical regime does to the people. Al Sharpton has been and always will be a scumbag criminal, he was a drug dealer in Chicago and years ago had more indictments than a hooker with Johns on a Friday night. then we have the self proclaim Rev. Jesse Jackson who hung on the coat tail of Dr. King and claims he was in his enter circle, Rev. King saw him for the snake he was and no more said. taking guns out of Museums what kind of Nazi bull is this. keep fighting patriots and never stop the fight for freedom.

  21. SHARPTON/ALIAS DUMBTON should be crucified for all his Crimes planned, helped perpertrated andcarried out against Whities and other Races, during his rants ! When are we going to stop him and others like HIM! THERE are laws which are broken consistently by Him and others and they go unpunished! Start with Inciting Riots and responsible for Killings, Maimings,Rapes and other Brutalities commited against innocent Whites, ORIENTALS, & other nonblacks!

  22. Happy trails to you ….Yehosuafriend and Brain James………

  23. Isn’t that all part of the plan to indoctrinate and further trample the constitution? remove guns and remove or “spin” history….Isn’t this what Hitler did?

  24. When those liberals and others see our guns pointing at them….they will be running like rabbits.

  25. Washington State is now officially a satellite of California, with the influx of both white & Hispanic liberals over the past 30 years. Spokane may now consider itself more a part of Idaho, and rightfully so, IMHO

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