Mueller Takes his Crooked Investigation to a Whole New Level

On Monday, Americans were asked to believe that even though Special Counsel Robert Mueller referred a criminal matter to the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York this week, the FBI raid against President Trump’s personal attorney actually had nothing directly to do with Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference. Perhaps we were treated to this absurd tale because Mueller – knowing that it is at the very least controversial to go rifling through the privileged communications between the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and his personal lawyer – wanted to put a little distance between himself and this absolute outrage.

Well, no one’s buying it. Not even the left. You can see it dripping from every story they run about this situation – they think that with the raid of Michael Cohen’s office and home, we are getting close to a huge bombshell in the Mueller investigation. Now exactly how could that be true if this is just about the Stormy Daniels situation? Hmm?

When the FBI is willing to go get a warrant to seize the private communication between a lawyer and his clients, things have been taken to a whole new level. At the very least, this indicates that Mueller and his team of Democrats are feeling the pressure from their deep state masters. Get something, they’re being told. Do whatever you have to do. We need to make sure we have some “dirt” on Trump before the midterms. If you have to bend the law a little to get to said dirt, well, you gotta do what you gotta do.

“Mueller and his gang have weaponized the criminalized justice system,” attorney Victoria Toensing said Monday on Lou Dobbs’ program.  “These no-knock raids that were done on his personal lawyer’s house and offices, those kind of tactics are reserved for dope dealers and terrorists.”

A couple of days ago, we talked about how Mark Levin was describing Robert Mueller as a “rogue prosecutor” who was out for blood. But the more we think about it, the more we disagree with Levin’s characterization. Because if that was the problem – if Mueller really was out there going rogue – there would be an easy remedy. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein could end the special counsel’s mandate and send Mueller home to write his book and make a few million dollars. The real problem is that, far from going “rogue,” Mueller seems to enjoy the full confidence of Rosenstein, the FBI, and nearly everyone sitting senator and congressman in both parties. So the reality is that it is WASHINGTON that has gone rogue in its efforts to destroy this president, if not democracy itself!

Well, if they think they’re going to win that battle, they’re in for a big surprise.

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