Most Democrats Want Hillary to Run Even if Indicted

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 71% of Democratic voters believe that Hillary Clinton should remain in the race for president even if she is indicted by the FBI. Clinton is currently under federal investigation related to her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

It’s hard to know what to say about this. Is this a sign of how drone-like Democrats are? They’ll vote for the Democratic nominee no matter what? Or is it a sign of how awful the media’s coverage of the email scandal has been? When the major newspapers and networks are treating this like another Big Republican Scheme, it’s little wonder that Democrats don’t take it seriously.

What it probably shows most of all is that no one really believes this is going to happen. Fully 65% of all registered voters believe that Hillary “likely” broke the law. But how many really believe that she’ll face any legal consequences for it? There’s this sense that she’ll skate by for political reasons. Worse, there’s this sense that “it’s just the way things are.” Well, yeah. If we treat this situation with cynical apathy, “the way things are” will never change.

This year, the media has had a field day talking about how Donald Trump has lowered the bar of political discourse in America. Why not spend a little time talking about the millions of Americans who would be just fine voting for a candidate under federal indictment? Not for tax evasion or hiring an illegal-immigrant maid, but for endangering national security! Richard Nixon became a figure of historical disgrace for much, much less.

It has already been proven that Hillary Clinton broke federal rules regarding the use of electronic communications. It’s already been proven that she was, at the very least, careless with classified information. It’s already been proven that she and her aides went out of their way to resist any efforts to be put on the official State Department system. And it’s already been proven that Hillary lied about these things repeatedly when questioned by the press.

But in 2016, it’s all good. As long as it keeps those terrible, no-good Republicans out of the White House, Democrats can forgive just about anything.

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