Most Americans Think Today’s Democrats Only Stand For One Thing

A new ABC/Washington Post poll asked 1,000 Americans a simple question: “Do you think the Democratic Party currently stands for something, or just stands against Trump?” The responses, though not too terribly surprising, will probably not be welcomed in the halls of the DNC.

Only 37% of those surveyed said that they believed the Democrats actually stood for something while a whopping 52% said the party had become a force for the anti-Trump movement and little else. That kind of image might keep the ratings afloat in the Democrats’ favorite media outlets (like the two that conducted this poll) but it doesn’t bring people out to the voting booths. Certainly not in 2018, where Democrats have some pretty serious delusions about taking Congress back from the Republicans. And likely not in 2020, seeing as how Hillary Clinton ran on an anti-Trump message and completely fell flat on her face.

Speaking of voters, that gives the Democrats even worse news. When you narrow the poll’s results down to those who are registered, 35% think the party stands for something while 54% think they only stand as obstructionists to the Trump agenda.

Is anyone really going to go through the trouble to vote for candidates from a party that’s all about “We hate Trump” and nothing more? Probably not. They might flick over to MSNBC in the evenings for that kind of talk. They might eagerly read the latest op-ed in the New York Times. They might even renew their subscription to the left-wing magazine of their choice. But when it comes time to vote, people want to hear a message that speaks to them personally. How will this person improve MY life? If the message isn’t there, neither is the vote.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY) said the party was crafting a mission statement that could attract voters back to the ranks.

“That message is being worked on,” said Crowley, who is one of the top-ranking Democrats in the House. “We’re doing everything we can to simplify it, but at the same time provide the meat behind it as well. So that’s coming together now.”

Oh, we can’t wait!

Some analysts think the Democrats will still do just fine in the midterms; historically-speaking, the party in the White House tends to struggle when these elections come around. And yes, that may be the case next year, especially if Republicans keep bungling things like the Obamacare repeal effort. We’ll see.

But the fact remains that the Democratic Party is in ideological shambles, with their voters pulling the politicians in (at least) two directions. And that’s not even counting the hundreds of thousands of Rust Belt Democrats who decided last year that they’d had enough of the party altogether. Democrats are focusing on an anti-Trump message because it’s the one thing that unites most of their voters…but unity and motivation are two different things.

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  1. Many in Washington are sell-serving and became rich being in Congress; i.e., Feinstein, Polosi, Waters, Etc. Etc. Etc. We need Patriots in Congress, not the corrupt people we now have. GOD Save The Republic!

    • Yup, we also need those patriots to serve a term or two, then go home….

      • Yup, and they have to have the same health care plan, NO retirement plan unless they put their own money into it not ours, live by the same rules they saddle us with.

        • The very best health plans are enjoyed by politicians and bureaucrats,prisoners,illegals and “resettled refugees” and paid for by their subjects —– we citizens.

          • And why are they treated in Walter Reed and Bethesda Military Hospitals. These Hospitals are created for the best treatment for our Military. Hardly anyone in the Congress has ever served his/her Country. Keep them out of the Military Hospitals!

          • A-a-h, but they are the elite. They deserve better than their mere subjects. ( sarcasm)


        • They do not need a retirement plan. they benefit millions of dollars from inside knowledge when they pass laws.they know what that does to the stock market and trade on it.

      • That idea worked great until one day when they decided, in the dark
        of the closet, to change their pay from the States that elected them
        to letting the Federal Government pay them. At that point they
        ceased to work for the PEOPLE, and built their wealth by corruption
        and violation of the very laws that would have put the citizens in

        • GOOD POINT

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          • Sharonmpedersen

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        • Stephen Griffith

          Yes & we would be there along time.

        • Yes. One of those things is Medicare and Social Security. Both are Ponsi schemes. Congress created them and then renamed them. Neither one of these contracts are binding on our treasury. We pay extra for these above our taxes, then they become entitlements instead of insurance as described to us.


      • emido You are absolutely correct, & that would be a major step in draining the swamp. These no loads sticking around on the welfare roles for 35 years or more is ludicrous. Life time appointments to the SCOTUS is ludicrous also.

    • Great Post!!

    • We have the finest politicians money can buy.

    • Chuck, My Congressional House Rep. told me personally when elected that he would serve 2 terms and then return to private practice. He’s running for his 4th–go figure! Hard to get off the gravy train, ain’t it????

      • Malcolm Davidson

        Your congressman is a bser. They all are, and all they stand for is more perks and parties for themselves. There whole mission in life is to pull the wool over our eyes to get elected and re-elected without accomplishing a thing. This has to stop, but what will make them take notice? I am out of ideas.

    • We need Convention of States resetting Washington. So few in DC actually serve us, most serve themselves or ‘their machine’.

    • HOW TRUE

    • I believe they are called “FAT CATS” – people who made money off the sweat of others. Sure sounds like many of the Liberal Congressmen (and some Conservatives too) we know. If Term Limits aren’t passed to control these old fogie Fat Cats, they will ruin our Country and build their bank accounts at the same time.

      Ever wonder why they don’t vote for the things the people want? Why should they? They do not live in regular neighborhoods, nor do they shop at the malls nor drive the freeways. Their lives are completely different than the normal U.S. citizen. They truly do NOT care what happens as long as their own personal coffers keep filling with coins.

      So pressure your Representatives to pass Term Limits so we can kick people like Pelosi, Feinstein, etc. out on their ears and return our Country to the People, not the Fat Cats who do not care one bit about it!

    • Malcolm Davidson

      Chuck- I agree, but it isn’t just the Democratic Donkeys. There are a great many do nothing elephants grazing in the halls of congress looking for their next perk. I am beginning to think bot parties suck.

      • WE call them RINOS. They may as well walk across that isle and join the ranks of their “partners in crime”

    • Stephen Griffith

      Yes & so very sad indeed!!!!

    • we had a petition going before President Trump, needed 50k signatures, last I looked it was about 1700 short of reaching the goal, it was to set term limits for senators/legislators; I am not sure that the goal was met. However if it were not, if we could get the people together beforehand, you have only 7 days, get a large assembly going, and once you know you can reach your goal, start the signature drive, I believe the POTUS can use it in some way to force the hands of the people in the position to at least bring it up and possibly even make it law, I was reading how the POTUS is trying to make it law. Just a thought. You probably already know that, if so, my apologies. Have a Blessed day

      • TERM LIMITS assumes those in Washington are -not- doing the job we expect from them. And I fully agree there are FEW if ANY that do earn their money and benefits. If they are they are sure good at keeping low profiles.
        What Term Limits would do, in my view, is basically tell those we send to congress that they don’t have to impress anyone but they will still get their benefits; I think many of them look at that now and every time they are up for reelection the get a lot of greedy wealthy people and greedy media to buy them their position back into their same old job – – and in far to many cases they do get reelected.
        SO – who is at fault and why should Term Limits be in order?
        The American VOTERS are the ones at fault. We trusted the people we elected and sent to Washington once and then again and again but we keep sending them back into office. In spite of their performance – we let the big money politics influence the outcomes. (WITH EXCEPTION OF HILLARY CLINTONS CAMPAIGN AND HER BILLION DOLLAR BUDGET – good to see money does not buy everything!)
        So – what would be FAR MORE IMPORTANT is pressure on congress to make impeachment and recall easier; if we have some idiot drawing tax payers money and cannot show s/he has done their job up to NOW – don’t wait for next election – regardless if they have been in office a few months, several years – – if they are not doing their job – throw them out; just don’t let the party leaders protect them with their own formulated regulations and laws.
        Term limits would dump the good representatives right along with the bad ones. If we have some good ones we need to keep them – – they are to rare to be throwing out the door with the trash!

  2. Let us be clear! Neither political party has the best interests of America as a top priority. The top priority of the Demorats is permanent political rule. The top priority of the Republicans is maintaining the status quo. Nothing comes a close second. This will NEVER change until there are mandatory term limits. There is only one way to get that. An Article V Convention of States that proposes such a Constitutional Amendment, which is then ratified by the legislatures of 3/4 of the states. The entrenched powers that be will fight that tooth and nail.

    • How right you are excellent post. Let`s do it how do we start???


  3. Once again this Fake News has managed to manipulate true data in order to mislead Trump supporters.
    Note ,that these references date back to January 2017. Also note that there are no references to the =Democratic Party
    Associated Press
    14 JANUARY 2017 • 9:21AM
    “Donald Trump, the US president-elect, says he might scrap Obama’s sanctions if Russia works with the US on battling terrorists and achieving other goals.

    “If Russia is really helping us, why would anybody have sanctions?” he said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

    His statement came as it emerged that Mr Trump’s national security adviser and Russia’s ambassador to the US had been in frequent contact in recent weeks, including the day the Obama administration hit Moscow with sanctions in retaliation for election-related hacking, a senior US official said.”

    • You wouldn’t know the real news if it bit you on the A$$.

      • And You Do Skippy? Please give an example , or two, of what you view as REAL news.

        • Lizzie ; Typical liberal gullible moron and useful idiot.

        • Hey moron I’ve given it to you before. If it doesn’t come from the New York Slimes, CBS, ABC, NBC, Clinton News Network, or anything else like that, you call it fake news. You ignore the fact that most of them have been caught in some whoppers of lies.
          TTFN Mindless Liberal Drone!!!!!!!!

  4. You expect the American people to trust any side? Elected servants better get in line because the American people are fed up with the corruption… not until Barack Obama and his criminal empire are prosecuted and punished will President Trump be considered a great American… beware politicians because you are on the crux of violent revolution

    • Trump people need to stop trying to defend themselves and get down to business. The crap being dredged up has been quite bogus. Defending themselves just encourages the libs to keep putting up smoke.

      • That is exactly why the democrats keep this nonsense going. This serves as a distraction to keep the administration for going full force to accomplish Pres. Trump’s goals and gives the propaganda arm of the democrat party something else to focus on so they don’t have to report any success the administration achieves.


      • Point well taken. But some of them don`t have the backbone to do that.

      • Cutter guy, you are 110% right! Drain th e swamp!

      • And it keeps Congress from conducting REAL business. I’m sick of both parties.

    • Right a revolution like they have never seen before. Like you said the American people are tired of the corruption and are much smarter than they think we are and that`s a fact .

      • Well with Nancy she till thinks our president is George Bush , and she said Obama was OK to run for president , but she is a Drunk and a Democrat Socialist!

        • Do you think maybe one of Pelosi’s breast implants migrated to her brain?Might explain a few things!!

          • That is a Thought , Some old people still has a brain that works , but we wear out , need a cure for our joints.

          • I would agree except she doesn`t have a brain, she belongs with the walking dead.

        • Pelosi is just another money grabbing democrat who should be in a padded cell along with Shumer and the rest of the swamp rat`s. The all will pay when the next election comes and the more they talk the deeper the hole they will be buried in.

          • I would hope the Democratic party MEMEBERS stop letting the party leaders continue in their radical activities and force them out of office. It is important the nation has both parties in order to have an ability to look at problems from at least two opposing sides and then work together professionally and with honesty to work out the problems.
            When we have a party that works harder at blocking progress than in doing anything to help fix the problems the nation will without doubt move in the wrong direction or at least fail to see important opposing views; Obama care is the perfect example!
            Democrats MUST rid their party of those who have been a part of the party leadership over the past years. The criminal pattern set by the party leaders has damaged the party to a point they no longer seem to be capable of conducting any honest efforts or recognize national values and certainly fail to conduct the business we have elected them to do.

          • Your right however the democrats will not accept the fact the lost the election and could care less about our country or the people in it. With them it`s about power and all the money they can steal. But that will change and all the free meals will come to an end.

    • Don’t you know that these elected servants get protection at citizens expense. But hark, those body guards are citizens too. Wonder who side they are on? They think that a revolution is a non starter. How stupid they are as history tells us different.

  5. The “Republican Party” is In Shambles and if you will check, Just Who is making more money since coming into office??????

    • trump take no pay so that leaves obambie

      • bttrap – Mr T does NOT need to take any government pay, as he is MAKING MILLIONS off of the American Public with his “Family” Business. But yes, He is taking some government pay – He has to, it is required.

  6. Barbara Johnson

    The democrats better start praying because their party stands for nothing that is good for the people of America. Unless inactivity regarding health care and pathetic rhetoric counts for some thing. Also they seem to think that the tax payer should always foot the bill for their plans.

  7. Only thing I can ad is we need term limits and get rid of the dead wood we are forced to pay for the rest of their worthless lives. Two 2 year terms for a Congressman and 2 4 year terms for a Senator, no free health care for life and no pensions of any kind. If our law makers are public servants then they should understand this. Our politicians are so corrupt they don’t even hide it. To bad we will not be allowed to pick how long these worthless people spend in Washington they choose and that is unexceptable. WE ARE THE PEOPLE and should make this law.

    • I’m not so sure that term limits are the one and only solution. For example, we’ve had some GREAT people in office like FDR, Obama, Carter, Johnson, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Keith Elison, That said I do think we nee to make it easier for other parties and/or other candidates from the same party to get Public Funding of Elections so they have a fair shot at unseating them, and of course MUCH stronger regulations on Campaign Finance Reform!

      • AJT MiMg thanks for your reply to my post, but I have to stand with my post. You mentioned Obozo, Carter, Johnson, Sanders, Warren and Elison. You noticed I did not add FDR’s name with any of the people you mentioned as it would put President Roosevelt in bad light. The other’s are worthless, except for Carter he just got a bum rape with picking bad people. I have been a Democrat since I was 21 that is when I was allowed to vote and sorry to say I am one. I have not voted for a Democrat in the last 28 years as they have lost their way with their childish actions. I don’t see me voting for a Democrat anytime in the future either as there is not one worth my vote, not that it counts any longer. I think President Trump is a great President and if allowed by the corrupt politicians in Washington would work with him a lot more for the American people would get done.

        • I wish they would put the voteing age back to 21 the young people have no expirence in politics they also need to bring back the draft to get them off the streets

          • While I don’t necessarily disagree, I will observe that when I was a Marine in ‘Nam (I was 21 at the time) I served with a lot of 18 and 19 year olds whom I’d rather trust with the franchise than many folks I know who are considerably older.

          • I respect your opinion even tho it’s wrong

          • curmudgeon VN Veteran

            I agree and would make an exception for those serving in the military, Thanks for your service brother.

          • Back at ya, Curmudgeon!! Thanks for yours as well! Semper Fi!!

          • Why do you think they lowered the age to vote? More votes from kids that don’t know any thing about anything. That is how Obozo got elected.

        • Carter definitely belong on that list. My mother was a democrat all her life. But she would not vote for carter after the damage he did to Georgia. That was the first time in her life she vote republican. After that she never voted for a democrap.

        • As a staunch conservative, I’d like to add Truman’s name with FDR’s. I’ve always liked Truman & I’ve never thought of him as a “politician.” Maybe because I know he was a haberdasher originally. But I was just a kid when he was president & I lived many years in MO, so maybe I’m a little prejudiced.

        • Great People?? Those you named? MiMg? You’re out of your Rabid Azzed Mind!

        • Excellent post and I agree with everything except Carter who was a clueless coward who couldn`t find his way out of a closet. The bad people he picked was because he was a brainless fool who was in above his head you know what the old saying is birds of a feather flock together. He was as useless as tits on a bull.

      • The only problem is that your examples are the bottom of the barrel as examples for public servants. They are actually poster examples of why we need term limits.

      • Actually, the scum you named are all good arguments FOR term limits. The best arguments against term limits are (i) we already have them in the form of elections; and (ii) it effectively makes every official a lame duck as soon as they are elected the 2nd time (which means they can ignore their constituents totally after they lie their way to election.

      • YOU ARE NOT ONLY STUPID, YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • The best Democrat we had was Harry Truman !

      • I hope you are being sarcastic when you said great people.

      • What the “F–k” drugs are you on???? Obummer, “Peanut Boy”, Lets steal S.S. Johnson, Burned out Sanders, Wish I was an Indian Warren, Great People my A$$!! Total Screw the people and line my pocket jerks “YES”!! Great people, HELL :+%(&)#@(#_(&)_( NO!!! Lay off the drugs, step away from the bong!

      • curmudgeon VN Veteran

        You named a slate of crooks and Commies who need to spend their remaining days in GITMO at hard labor. It would be the first attempt at working rather than sucking the government teat.

      • If you think Obozo, Johnson, Snders, Warren and Elison are great people you are part of the problem.

    • Fully agree with eliminating perks and benefits. However, for the reasons in my response to MiMG (below) I ‘d be very careful about “term limits”. (BTW, a senate term is six years.)

  8. The only thing I can say is that the hate obama worked for the republicans, because that is all they stood for. So hating trump and the harm he does may be enough. Probably not, but hate is a great motivator.

  9. Many in the “Dump Trump” crowd are the same RINOs, led by McConnell and Ryan, who promised to stop Obama in the 2014 Mid-term Election. Instead, they gave him most of what he wanted. If they had kept their campaign promises and used as much determination to stop Obama as they are using against Trump, Obama would have had his political hands tied his last two years in office. They ignored their campaign promises and I hope they all lose next year.

    As much as I hate to say it, Senator Schumer was right on when he said that the Republican Party isn’t organized like the Democrats. How right he is. When a Democrat wins the nomination, the rest of the party put their differences aside and they all give support to the nominee. That support continues if the nominee wins the White House. That hasn’t happened in the Republican Party since Reagan. I was hoping the Republicans would finally unite. Now I wonder what they want to be when they grow up?

    I was hoping the Republican Party would unite and stop fighting against each other, and focus more on keeping control of the House and Senate and keeping a Republican in the White House. They need to go back to the conservative principals that has served them so well in the past. It is time for the Republican party to put their differences aside and get behind and support Trump. If McConnell and Ryan get their way that isn’t going to happen. I have more respect for cockroaches.

    • McConnell and Ryan are FAR from “RINOS”, they are anti minimum wage, anti gay, anti union, anti medicaid/medicare, anti social security, anti environment, anti minority, what else do you want out of them? They tow the Republican line pretty well…

    • “… Senator Schumer was right on when he said that the Republican Party isn’t organized like the Democrats.”
      You are correct, the democrat party is organized more like a criminal syndicate than public servants.

    • As you said, the GOP needs to put aside their differences & get to work! If we can get rid of Ryan & McConnell, maybe things will get done.

  10. sandraleesmith46

    Democratic party stands for 1 thing only: POWER, namely its own power! NOTHING else matters to any Dem pol, including his/her constituents! Pathetic really. They hate God, America and her citizens, the Constitution, and Trump; and don’t seem to LIKE anything but self-induced suicidal behaviors.

  11. davesnrakleberger

    why would anyone believe anything coming out that party of immature America haters?

  12. These morons are cutting their own throats and I am not complaining LOL…..

  13. Obstructionists!

  14. The Democrat Socialist party has long ago stopped standing for any thing except
    their own self interest and domination over the American People. They have
    lost their morals, value and ethics all in the quest for power and total control.
    This has happened since WW II was over and the Communist invaded our
    nation, our Universities and now our K-12 schools. They, along with the
    Unions, have turned from American Values, Morals and Ethics to the anti
    American rhetoric of Socialism and Communism. They have brainwashed the
    youth of our Nation, destroyed the morals and values of our Nation and the
    Youth of our Nation at the same time. They have one goal and only one
    goal and that is to destroy our Constitution and the values that made us the
    Greatest Nation on earth and reduce us to third world status by any means
    necessary. They crimes committed against the American People, the
    violation of our Constitution, our laws and the sanctity of our Nations borders
    is an act of sedition by those who were supposed to stand up for our morals
    and values to continue the legacy of our forefathers and those who sacrificed
    to build our nation.

    • The Nazi’s were socialist too – so was Castro and Hugo Chavez. The left wing loons want to be just like them. Yet they call conservatives Nazi’s? What a confused bunch of people they are.

      • complete morons. They can’t think for themselves. they have forgotten how to think for themselves because they have so brain washed by the ruling demo idiots, the communist teachers in our schools and the fake news issued by the liberal idiots newscasters.

        • I look at kids who are college age and have no interest in driving. Where I live you cannot get around very well without a car. It’s not like the big cities that have buses and subways every few minutes. But they heave their parents drive them everywhere. I see kids who have moved out of the house come home every weekend with their laundry – again their parents do it for them. If there is a problem with their apartment they have their parents call the landlord for them. These people will be totally lost when their parents cannot or will not do it for them anymore.

  15. THEY WANT US TO BECOME A COMMUNIST COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. It’s really hard for me to believe this many people are so “Brain dead” they can’t see, or understand, where the Democrat and Liberals agenda would lead America,

    When a person such a “Moron” as to not know that lies and fake news are destroying the country they live in and will destroy them as well,

    The only cure I know of is a bullet in the head.

  17. Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    The main thing that they stand for is anarchy and chaos!! Oh, I guess that is two things. LOL Their mission statement is clear, ” Let’s hate, hate, hate, and oh yes, hate some more”! College education is wasted on them,
    because all they “learn” comes from weirdos pretending to be professors. Their ideal heroes are Hollyweirds and rap stars! Not much to look up to there.The two favorite past times are yelling the f word to anyone who would listen, and burning the flag. Second only to blocking traffic and being a general nuisance. Yes, indeed the Democraps are a party of pathetic psychopaths!!!

  18. I tolerated a Muslim Communist for 8 years and hated him more each Day, I was relieved when Hillary was defeated , Wish we were rid of George Soros ! Just let’s give Trump a chance !

  19. Nice to see the truth in print. Proves that the giant sucking sound of liberals caught up in DNC trickery are hopelessly lost, bankrupt and suspect…but the libs that are true to principle are already backing far from this criminal lot.

  20. When President Trump said he wanted to make America great again – the Democrats were against it. When President Trump said he wanted to put America and Americans first – again they were against that. So far other than illegal immigration, open borders for terrorist and transvestites in the ladies room the only thing I see Democrats stand for – is against anything and everything President Trump says. They are against it before he can even finish saying what “it” is. They were all for firing James Comey for “costing” Hillary the election – then when President Trump fired Comey they screamed and whined about how unfair it was. A total bunch of whining losers is all they are. If they represent you – you have my pity.

    • Right on all points the democrats think the voters are stupid and don`t know what`s going on but the more they object to everything the deeper the hole they are digging the better. One day soon they won`t get any free lunches and it will be the voters time for pay back.

  21. Do the stupid DemoRats even know what they are fighting against or are they so use to fighting that they fight against anything. It’s time they come down off their high horse and ignorance and support our Country and our President as President Trump is who WE THE PEOPLE chose for our President or he wouldn’t be in the position he is. WORK WITH OUR PRESIDENT for he is doing what the American People voted him in for.
    No matter what side of the fence you are on….Republican or DemoRat….this isn’t about you. It is about this great Country and what is best for our Country. Not to fill your wallet with the green.

  22. Why are you surprised?

  23. Capitol Hill is largely a country club populated by self-deluded miscreants, most of them paid, professional liars (“politicians”). They’re a bunch of Demolicans and Republicrats, Demonrats and Rethugs, Democraps and Redoodoolickhands. After all, the “D” stands for Dinosaur while the “R” stands for Reptile.

  24. In my opinion, Democrats stand for being against Republican policies–which are inhumane and for themselves and the rich. No compassion for the human race whatsoever—-just for the HAVES. The HAVE NOTS could just drop dead as far as they are concerned.

  25. The Democrats just do not understand the godly value of lying and pussy grabbing.

  26. Actually, we don’t think the Democrats stand for anything!

  27. James Higginbotham


  28. The article came out TWO MONTHS AGO!! Why are you rehashing OLD NEWS???

  29. Too late for communists to grab the 2018 and 2020 elections Even independent and democrat voters are now tilting to GOP candidates. DNC sucks!

  30. I have said it and this supports it; Democrats are very little different than Republicans; members of both parties want the best for America and the American people.
    The Democrats though are faced with a real problem; party leaders that have lost the respect of their party maily because they have turned away from American values. Party leaders leaidn up to the Clintn Trump elections became si fully dishnest, corput and laost from reality they failed to respect their voters objectives. When the democratic party leaders were caugt in theuir internal efforts to detory Benie Sanders and psuh Hillary Clinton to the forefront, they weer immdiatly forced to resign. They resigned withut ONE WORRDm they knew they were wrong and they knew they had no grounds to argue. The perty members saw it too. BUT, whne the Clinton campaign continues wit their near criminal efforts to ensure a Clinton win the corrupt antics did not improve; the party leadership wiht new leaders continues with their activities, activities not Democrats, Republicans or Independens see as being constructive or beneficial; they are a Major Part Of The Problem – no part of teh solution! ts could accept.
    The greatest portion of Americans respect and cherish our American values and put them above politics and the greed that stirs the efforts of much that goes on in Washington. The American people have very little control over what happens once we send a representative to Washington to manage the nations business and best interests of the nation and the American people. Very, very few of those we elect ever do as they promise us in election campaigns, very few do as they promise or as they allegedly work for their constituents!
    Our elected representatives are far to influenced and guided by party leaders who have too much control over the men and women We Elect and Expect to work for and support our interest.
    The Democratic party has seen the worst of party politics in the past years; even following the change of leadership following the sad results of the last few years. When the party had an opportunity to turn their failing leadership team around they ended up with another group just as inept and useless as the past ones. Schumer is a total joke; has no business being IN ANY Tax Payers Paid position. Pelosi has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the party leaders; between Schumer and Pelosi, the party is failing. The Democratic party members need to find honest and effective leaders who are ready to put fixing America’s problems as their number one objective.
    Their is no place in either party for personalities; only hard, positive work to fix the mess this nation is in!

  31. Sharrell Burcham

    It has gotten so that democrats cannot tell you what they stand for; only what they are against. They say we hate this, we hate that and tear it down. You never hear anything about improving and building anything.

  32. It would be great to form a real political party and get back to the basics of taking care of the people not the Politicians.

  33. The articles headline reads “most americans believe that democrats stand for one thing?”….well , I believe that democrats stand for EVERYTHING that Satan stands for and they are nothing more than agents of the darkness

  34. Term limits Is a must. I bet if we received the info on all Democrats and Republicans who seem to be very rich. I want to know how they made their money and what they did other than work in politics. All the perks they get comes out of our pockets.

  35. The correct answer is that the Democrats stand against lies, collusion, greed, bullying and divisiveness. Things that Trump and his cartel stand for.

  36. Malcolm Davidson

    I am not sure what the Democrats stand for these days, except to be the anti-Trump scream in the halls of congress. The Democrats as far as I am concerned appear to me to be the party of socialism- everything for everybody, and the heck with the cost, while the Republicans are the party of either socialism lite, or worse, let’s talk all day and accomplish nothing. Trump can’t do it all by himself.

    • I wonder if they even think of the cost If it sounds good is more like it Lots of ideas sound good till one looks into it more I dont think they finnish the thought pattern heheheh


  38. Where did we fail in teaching of grand kids

  39. It seams that the democrats really have no message or thought, just nothing other then an ideology to turn this country over to other countries to rule over us all, just so we can end up right back to the same place we started, which means giving up our sovereigns and becoming AS SUBJECTS AGAIN. They think it will be easier if a group of countries tell us where to spend our money, how much they expert from the American people and where it goes, including how much we cane use each year.. Our leaders will be appointed by the countries and we’ll be governed over by a figurer head or dictator.
    They are also bitching about all the things that Trump is getting done, for if he actually gets it all done there will be nothing left for them to promise to do when the elections comes around. If the people allow the Dem’s hatred of just one man isn’t enough they complain about how and what he gets done for the people, belittling and trying to stop every positive is the only way they have been able to hit at Trump’s policies and only because of his name, something that they were offended by or had their feelings hurt. Now they don’t even pretend their doing their jobs and don’t even pretend to read the bills, reports or ideas, they just vote against it because it was one of his promises and the Reps like it. They don’t care if it’s for the people anymore, just that it’d against him is what they are getting for not letting them happen, even if it was one of the things that the people thought was best idea ever or if every president since FDR wanted it, the Dems have been voting against the people most of the time now think that they might be wrong and not caring.
    They don’t care about the people, the country or the government all they are interested is the money and what they can get for it us and the land. The Dems give me the impression that as soon as the next one get in to the office this country will turn into one giant Jihadist Islamic Nation, for the liberals will turn the country over to the UN, as our defense is spread out into the NATO, where they will be told when, where and who the fight, but not why! The honor will be taken all out of our military and in essence our nation !
    This is from an ex-Marine vet and patriot American.

  40. That’s a “WELL DUH” question!! Next time ask something hard!!! Like, why is there air or if a space ship traveling at the speed of light how long would it take to exit our galaxy?? SOMETHING HARD!!

  41. Shoelace Von Hitlerpants

    Yup – eight years of Republican “We Oppose 0bama!” worked SO WELL for them that Trump, an ‘outsider’, was able to snake in and LEGITIMATELY DEFEAT ALL SIXTEEN of the party’s “chosen hopefuls”!

    so… now the Dems are setting themselves up for VOTERS to want to take things back from party ‘elite’?

    Fine by me!

  42. I consider the Democratic party to be nothing more than a bunch of immature,narrow minded,idiotic ,uninformed bullies who have no message other than to obstruct Trump in any way they can thereby obstructing all of Trump’s followers and totally wasting precious time and taxpayers’ $$. Vote them OUT of office!!!!They are truly disgusting and need to be destroyed!!

  43. They also should not get perks such as their own insurance, hair cuts, allowances for incidentals. Term limits a must plus following the constitution. Most of all respect for the president we elected .

  44. The democrat’s are for only two things, 1) To confiscate as much wealth as possible to enrich their selves, and 2) To apply as much government force against the citizen’s as they can….That is the democrat & their RINO party in a nutshell!.

  45. While President Trump is pretty much maintaining his base (in spite of the collective effort by those progressive communist so called democrats to destroy him) the democrats are self-destructing themselves. It is obvious they have not accepted hillary’s lost well over eight months later. But is striking out and trying to destroy the opposing party the correct reaction to garner support for their cause? Whatever that cause may be. It certainly defies all logic.

    Democrats for vindictive reasons are committing political suicide. How is it possible that they could think they are improving their image and bringing people over to their side with riots like what happened in Berkeley California along with the influence peddling of people like James Comey and his buddy Mueller? And some others. Along with all these phony claims regarding Russia. Every claim they make seems to backfire on them.

    Once again the progressive communists so called democrats are trying to force someone to see things the way they do is somewhat like trying to force a spouse to love you after the love is gone Saying if you don’t love me I’ll kill you never garners the requested (or the hoped for) result. That is how stupid these claims are It is just plain impossible. In plain language “negative” motivations rarely ever work “positively.” Yet that is exactly what they seem to be attempting. Threats never garner support and nearly always create resistance and/or hatred. What will happen is more and more people will turn away from such actions and the democratic party . It just will not work because it cannot. Americans will not be forced into anything. Many see what is happening now as just that! Force. Never has worked never will! At least positively or even peacefully.

    These progressive communists who describe themselves as democrats seem to have lost the ability to reason. Corruption seems to be everywhere in the so called democratic party. The question is; are they committing political suicide? The answer seems to be, right now, yes!

    In the final analysis however, I guess obama did promise a fundamental transformation. It appears the demise of the progressive communistic so called democrats party will be that transformation. Just not as he proposed. However, if true they have brought it on themselves.

  46. Stephen Griffith

    Well what does the DNC stand for & what is their message? Do they have a plan? Will Hillary run again? We can Vote in 2018 & 2020 for better results. We do need more Patriots, both Men & Women to serve.

  47. Their stance proves that Democrats are loyal Americans standing against traitors. This is a great thing for the country. GET THE TREASONOUS REPUBLICANS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE

    • Do you guys really believe that just accusing everyone else of exactly what you’re doing fools anyone? All it really does is show what fools you are. Your post is embarrassing.

    • You must be senile, your post is typical of the democratic party ,stupid and if you believe all that B.S you posted you should lay off the Kool Aide and seek help.

  48. They’re doing everything they can to simplify it= We’re dumbing it down as much as we can so the idiots we’ve convinced to ‘resist’ reality will be able to understand it.

  49. Go back to the FDR party.

  50. Democrats stand for one thing: Making government so big it can buy votes from its hapless and sorry supporters who live off more and more “free stuff” from Uncle Sam. And this idiotic mindset has put our government in debt to the tune of $20,000,000,000,000, which will soon blow us to smithereens if not dealt with smartly. And allowing ILLEGALS to flow into this country is not smart! Hello?

  51. Democrats stand for Pedophilia LGBT and anal sex they have no morals no love of America
    and would love to see every one on welfare. They are more communist than Trotsky or Karl Marx and Fred Engels.

  52. anthony j. manzo

    Yes they stand for HATE, VIOLANTE PROTEST, STUPIDITY, and their LEADERS for power to make THEMSELVES RICH, RICH, RICH, off the backs of the TAXPAYER, with utter disregard for the laws we obey. I almost forgot and LIE, LIE, LIE, FORGET, and take the fifth. WAKE UP AMERICA !!!!

  53. As a Democrat and I have not voted for a Democrat in a very long time, they have lost direction and think of power only not the people. The tax and spend they use to break the bank is out of control. They don’t care about Americans they only care about other countries and their people. They have no direction or agenda to mention except bringing in votes to keep in power. The don’t listen to the people they rep as they don’t care about us. There is not one Democrat in the wings that I would even consider voting for. We need a wall and to stop the influx of people coming into or country, most of all the one’s that wish to destroy our way of life. But Demo’s only see them as votes nothing more that is why they want to bring them in by the boat loads.

  54. The Democratic Party is on it’s last gasps of being a major Party. They have been destroyed by the Socialists who have taken it over, and the ones who may be true Americans in Congress, must follow the Part’s plans, and do nothing for the people. i grew up with my parents being Democrats as most working class was, I saw the writing on the wall with that Party, and became a Republican. John Kennedy would not even be a Democrat now days, The followers of the like of the Clinton’s, the Obama’s, the Pelosi’s et al, have destroyed any possibility of a comeback in the near future!

  55. sandraleesmith46

    Oh, that’s not true! They stand for infanticide; murder (see euthanasia); anarchy, communism, fascism, hate,theft, and a few other like things!

  56. The Democratic Party’s new slogans for 2018 are nothing but lies to dupe the dumbest voters on the planet.
    And their claims that they support American workers is such a GD lie, any Democrats who makes that claim should be impeached! Since 1965, the Democrats (i.e Socialists/Marxists/Communists/Fascists) have only been dedicated to replacing generational Americans with Third World Socialist Peasants and outsourcing jobs to Third World countries, their ultimate goal being to create a jobless economy and a citizen-less republic of economy slaves. And every Democrat who has been screaming for Trump’s impeachment have been aiding and abetting the illegal alien and Muslim invasion of the US, which should get every one of those traitors impeached themselves! It’s up to the voters to eliminate the worst Congressional Senators and Reps since Reconstruction following the Civil War! Sadly, the Left and the Establishment are so entrenched, it may take a Second American Civil War to eliminate them!

    • Excellent post .

    • Talking about LIES, you don’t even know Politics 101, there is NO COMPARISON between Democrats and Communism or Fascism, get an education

      • If you don’t realize that the Democrats not only totally believe in Socialism, Rep. Gutierrez of Illinois has declared that he and the Democrats are going to continue flooding Socialist voters into the US until they have enough to regain control of Congress. Since that’s their goal, the only way we can avoid having our Constitutional Republic transformed into a Socialist hellhole is by voting out enough Democrats in 2018 and 2020 so our immigration system can be reformed enough to stop the importation of undesirables and subversives who intend to overthrow our government.

  57. Phyllis Schultz

    If there are term limits and benefits stopped after the terms were up, the only people running for office would be those who really want to help the American people make America better.

  58. I am shocked that they have still fooled 37% of their followers. The only thing they stand for is keeping more and more people uneducated and unemployed so that they have more of our tax dollars to steal for themselves.

  59. It is not only the Dims who hate Trump, but both sides of the aisle. Why? Because he is trying to break up the good old boy country club. Simple as that.

  60. at times I think, do the democrats really believe all their lies??.. do they think the people are so stupid that their only goal is obstruction and charges without proof that it is ripping our country and waste of tax money for their only purpose of lies. the more the democrats continue with these stupidity, the more the people are turning for the President. Donald Trump has done much more in 6 months with all obstructions that Ovomit did in 8 years, besides the President works very hard for our country, and remember he doesn’t even take a salary, he gives it away. Democrats are doing the President a favor in continuing with their misery. Love the President

  61. I think the Republicans need to start a New party, call them what you want, but the majority of Repubs representing us, do not really represent us, so be it the new Independents, whatever, but SHOW the REPUBLICANS, THAT WE R BEHIND PRESIDENT TRUMP, NOT THEM, and not the Democrats, and in 2018, have some great people run, and we the people that elected POTUS, elect these new people, then the REPUBS, will know we are NOT playing around!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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