Most Americans Think “Animals” is a Perfect Way to Describe MS-13

According to a new poll from Harvard CAPS/Harris, Democrats are once again on the wrong side of a cultural touchstone involving Donald Trump. After the mainstream media spent several days last week lying and taking out of context the president as he spoke unkindly about the Central American gangsters who belong to the MS-13 group, the polls proves that most Americans think that it’s just fine for Trump to refer to these animals as, well, “animals.”

The controversy arose last week, when the president was hosting a roundtable discussion on California’s new sanctuary laws and how they were affecting law enforcement’s ability to keep their communities safer. A sheriff from Fresno County expressed her frustration that the new laws prevented her from taking action against MS-13 members because she could not report their apprehension to federal authorities.

President Trump, playing off the sheriff’s comments, said, “We are taking people out of the country, you wouldn’t believe how bad these people are. These aren’t people. These are animals, and we’re taking them out of the country at a rate that’s never happened before.”

The media rushed to push this quote to viewers, stripping it of all MS-13 context and instead conveying the lie that President Trump had been talking about all illegal immigrants when he used the pejorative. This is not unlike the way they slandered him over his campaign announcement speech, of course, when he referred to some illegal immigrants as “rapists.” By the end of that week in the summer of 2015, the media’s story was that he was not only referring to all illegals, but all Mexicans! Hell, there are leftists to this day who will insist that’s what Trump was saying.

But we digress.

It didn’t take long for conservative media, the White House, and Trump himself to correct the record about the “animals” remark…and, to be fair, there were even a few select members of the mainstream media who recognized that their colleagues were spreading the epitome of fake news. Not many, but they were out there, proving that all hope is not lost.

At that point, we got Democrats like Nancy Pelosi actually defending MS-13 themselves, giving speeches that referenced every human being’s “spark of divinity,” a hard pill to swallow coming from people who think there should be no restrictions on abortion, but there you go.

As the poll shows, though, most Americans do not mind the president using this kind of language to describe murderous gangstas. 56% of adults believe it is fair to compare the members of MS-13 to “animals,” while 44% believe the characterization is unfair.

To maintain our faith in humanity, we’re choosing to believe the 44% are actually standing up for the animal kingdom and not these Central American scumbags.


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